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Twitter: Shit Young People Say

Take a walk with us down Memory Lane as we recall some of the naive shit we used to say. A lot about this Twitter feed has not yet been defined, but here are some notes so far.

We haven't given up on this feed, just run out of ideas. If you have any, please contact the curator.
  1. This feed is curated by Glenn Campbell, aka the @BadDalaiLama. It was started May 28, 2012. This was our first tweet.

  2. We encourage your suggestions for tweets. You can send them to us by @ reply or DM.

  3. We follow back every human who follows us, just to make DM's possible. (We don't actually read the feed from this account. We only read @ mentions and DMs.)

  4. "Young People" is defined as anyone younger than you — preferable your own younger self! We publish tweets from all phases of youth!

  5. Tweets in this feed have be things that PEOPLE ACTUALLY SAY (as opposed to what they might be thinking). If you can't picture someone saying it with full earnestness, it probably doesn't belong here.

  6. It is hard to define what kind of tweets belong in this feed, but youth often involves naivete coupled with absurd self-confidence, untested by outside reality. Idealistic but narcissistic. Absolutely certain yet privately insecure. Young people insist they are grown-ups yet still cling to the illusions of childhood. Think about it a little and you can probably remember something you use to say that now makes you cringe. When that happens, send it to us!

  7. Ideally, tweets here should have a certain universal quality that applies to everyone at any period in history. However, we may also accept tweets the reflect modern naivete (like things people would say on social media).

  8. Most of these tweets include a logical fallacy or self-deception of some kind. See if you can spot it!

  9. If you send us a suggestion and we find it worthy, we will published it without attribution. (It would disrupt the flow of the feed if we tried to give people credit directly.) Instead, we will acknowledge your participation in the "Credits" section below.

  10. If you send us a suggestion via @ reply, we will acknowledge receiving it by "favoriting" it (starring it). This is an acknowledgment only and does not imply that we will publish the suggestion.

  11. There are NO REPEATS in this feed. (We will not knowingly repeat the same tweet twice.) However, we may repeat the same idea in slightly different words.

  12. Here is the FavStar Page for @ShitYoungPplSay, showing the most popular tweets.

  13. This feed draws inspiration from a long series of "shit... says" feeds starting with @shitmydadsays. We were also inspired by @shitgirlssay. Hopefully, our feed is a little deeper.
We are grateful to our readers for suggesting the following tweets. Clock on the tweet to see it on Twitter. Click on the contributor's name to see their reply tweet (if there is one).


29 May 12 I really just need to focus on my music. @AngrierFish
4 Jun 12 What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche & @Andreaof9
8 Jun 12 I'm studying entrepreneurship at college. Stina

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