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1: 2014-08-04: Advice for the Zombie Apocalypse: All the zombies live in New York and L.A., so stay out of New York and L.A. (Duh!)
2: 2013-12-23: Zombies. You can't reason with them because their brains don't work. You just have to get away. You can't ask them for permission.
3: 2013-12-21: New York City tourist advice: Get out now, while you still can, before they close the bridges and tunnels for the Zombie Apocalypse.
4: 2013-07-01: Support Zombies (Miami, this morning) + More photos from Miami & South Florida:
5: 2013-01-13: Martha Stewart for Zombies: Remove head. Place in oven at 375° for 2.5 hours. Let cool. Crack open. Enjoy! Dilemma: white wine or red?
6: 2012-12-17: RT @newscientist: Zombie horror infests the Large Hadron Collider <<movie made by students at CERN #Decay
7: 2012-06-04: The key to surviving a zombie apocalypse: lots and lots of hand sanitizer. And zombie repellent. Also zombie apocalypse insurance.
8: 2012-06-04: People obsess over a zombie apocalypse without preparing for an ordinary apocalypse. Zombies get all the press.
9: 2012-04-12: @ZombieFlores Si!
10: 2011-12-08: Where do vampires get their hair cut? For zombies and werewolves it's not an issue, but vampires always look so... well groomed!
11: 2011-11-03: Just heard "Zombie Zoo" by Tom Petty for the first time. How did I miss this? Soundtrack on via @TheLoveGuyOfTS
12: 2011-11-01: My ghoulish photos from the past: NYC Halloween Winnipeg Zombies Transylvania
13: 2011-10-02: "Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse!" My new advice video filmed today at Wesleyan University. (21:21)
14: 2011-07-01: Unless... the Portuguese were Zombies to begin with! Bwahaha!
15: 2011-07-01: I acknowledge losing the main argument: Legalizing hard drug use would not necessarily create a Zombie Apocalypse. It didn't in Portugal.
16: 2011-07-01: Just paid $80 to a zombie, a young friend who I know will probably use it for meth. Thin as a rail. So sad. So complicated.
17: 2011-07-01: You want a Zombie Apocalypse? Legalize hard drugs and see what happens.
18: 2011-07-01: Drug addicts are the closest thing to real zombies. They'll eat your brains to serve their primitive needs. So sad and so scary.
19: 2011-03-12: @krd_metalgirl "I will bite You while hugging, Its a trap ;)" <== I think you're really a human who's just PRETENDING to be a zombie.
20: 2011-03-12: @krd_metalgirl "The Zombie needs a Hug." <== Are you going to be a zombie or not? Zombies don't do hugs. That's a human thing!
21: 2011-02-22: Every zombie movie ever made... that's about love, isn't it? Watch as your friends are picked off one by one, invaded by the virus.
22: 2011-02-07: RT @krd_metalgirl: ¡No soy un Robot! ¡Soy un Zombie!
23: 2011-01-16: AD 2025—I am alone on this planet except for the zombies. The virus has killed everyone with a brain. Note to self: Buy shotgun at Walmart.
24: 2010-12-07: Where do vampires get their hair cut? For zombies and werewolves it's not an issue, but vampires always look so... well groomed!
25: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-24: New photo album: Winnipeg Zombie Walk 2010: - Zombies roam the streets of downtown in search of living brains!
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