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1: 2018-06-01: The child-free life: Why so many American women are deciding not to have kids | Wash Post
2: 2018-05-27: Elizabeth Holmes is a pioneering role model for women in Silicon Valley, proving they can be just as ruthless and sociopathic as men.
3: 2018-01-24: Man dies in GoPro incident. Women perishes taking waterfall selfie. Murderer implicates self in Facebook post. Social media can kill!
4: 2017-08-08: I'd like to take Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, wrap it around Donald Trump and see what happens. Bet he self-destructs.
5: 2017-08-06: I'd like to take Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, wrap it around Donald Trump and see what happens. Bet he self-destructs.
6: 2017-07-01: Sexism Alert: A wife-beater worn by woman is called a "tank top". Why not a "husband-beater"?
7: 2017-03-30: "If I were pretty young woman I'd have a million followers by now," I said, so I've become one on Instagram.
8: 2017-03-21: If I were pretty young woman I'd have a million followers by now. Just sayin'.
9: 2017-03-09: I have tremendous respect for women. You can't believe how much respect I have. I am the most respectful of women man you have ever met.
10: 2017-03-08: Today is the Day Without A Woman, or as they call it in industry, A Lot Of People Are Going To Be Fired Day.
11: 2017-03-08: Today is the Day Without A Woman. Not a big departure for me.
12: 2017-01-24: I'm not saying I'm gender biased, but Women's Marches around the world had almost no violence or vandalism for a simple reason: few men.
13: 2017-01-22: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Damental Rights" - Scene from Women's March on Washington. My 2 min video from yesterday:
14: 2016-10-20: Trump Dictionary: massagyny — the belief that women should be really great at giving massages.
15: 2016-09-29: When the woman you called fat 20 years ago comes back for revenge. #notnamingnames
16: 2016-04-22: RT @Peripatetia: Following a woman in a red hat in Old Quebec (2 days ago) @ Quebec, Quebec
17: 2015-07-19: Women who are pregnant, nursing or subject to peanut allergies should consult their physicians before using this Twitter feed.
18: 2015-06-20: Anticipating the first birth selfie, where baby takes photo of self while exiting the womb. Only problem: how to smuggle a phone in there.
19: 2015-05-01: @ThatsWright It didn’t it didn’t really pass the anti-Bechdel test either (two males talking about something other than a woman).
20: 2015-04-18: "Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat." ~ Hillary Clinton
21: 2015-03-17: I refuse to celebrate Women's History Month or Black History Month until there's a Men's History Month honoring misogynistic slaveowners.
22: 2015-02-22: One adult male produces enough sperm to inseminate every woman on Earth. Good to know in case of an apocalyptic male shortage.
23: 2014-12-20: A moment of silence, please, for all the brave young man and women of our country killed or wounded while performing for the GoPro camera.
24: 2014-11-07: 1968 gave us "2001" but also "Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women". How did we miss this gem? See it now!
25: 2014-09-06: Invading aliens in the 1950s were bound to ask: "Why do you Earth women scream so much?" and "How do you have such cone-shaped breasts?"
26: 2014-08-21: "About 60 million transistors were built in 2002 for each man, woman, and child on Earth."
27: 2014-08-13: She threw herself under the king’s horse to draw pubic attention to the injustice suffered by women trampled by the king's horse.
28: 2014-08-13: Suffragette martyr 1913: “She threw herself under the King’s horse to draw pubic attention to injustice suffered by women.” @theretronaut
29: 2014-07-16: To the woman on a TV ad eating yogurt in a field of daisies: I love you! #missedconnections #iknowshelovesmetoo
30: 2014-06-29: Men are 77% more likely than women to die in auto accidents. We must address this discrepancy by teaching girls to be more aggressive.
31: 2014-06-06: “Gender is a social construction that benefits men” said the feminist, using a gender construction benefiting women. (Re: @clairlemon)
32: 2014-06-06: RT @s8mb: Fascinating! Men / women's ages vs the age of the opposite sex that looks best to them:
33: 2014-05-28: Mystery of the week: What woman would marry the world’s fattest man? See: @MailOnline
34: 2014-05-13: Google, accused of being sexist in its Google Doodle, forced to dig up obscure women to honor.
35: 2014-05-07: Language Police: Say "women and men" not "men and women", to make up for centuries of male-dominated discrimination. #affirmativeaction
36: 2014-05-04: This woman in the Marienplatz in Munich attracted my camera. Then I realized she was an actress in a…
37: 2014-04-14: My excitement for the evening. An angry man hits a woman at the Munich train station. (full 37-second video)
38: 2014-04-14: A man hits a woman in front of the Munich train station (just now). @ München Hauptbahnhof
39: 2014-04-04: On Nov 30, 1996, ukuleleist Herbert Khaury suffered a fatal heart attack on stage before the Women's Club of Minneapolis, True or falsetto?
40: 2014-03-26: @MinnieGupta Billy Joel, "Always a Woman to Me" — apparently describing a psychopathic Borderline, and he's codependent.
41: 2014-03-20: She thought she could tame his womanizing ways.
42: 2014-02-16: My only Winter Olympics post: The USA Women's Ice Hockey Team skating backwards in training (Bedford MA, Nov 14) vid:
43: 2014-02-07: Full equality will be achieved when Women's Studies and Black History Month sound as absurd as Men's Studies and White History Month
44: 2014-01-30: Dressed as a woman in his younger years, he was poetry in motion. Now, much older, he is doggerel in drag.
45: 2014-01-06: This month in every woman's magazine: Miracle Weight Loss Secrets Revealed! And on page 67: Cupcakes!
46: 2014-01-05: What kind of woman was this, who did not care about her own image in a mirror? Another defiance of the laws of physics? #limbo
47: 2013-12-24: Peace On Earth, Good Will To Men... because women don't deserve any?
48: 2013-12-18: I want to join others in expressing my support for our brave men and women in uniform that has no relevance to what we were talking about.
49: 2013-12-05: RT @_Flor1daWoman: Florida Woman Attacks Husband For Not Explaining Why He Was Basting Thanksgiving Turkey |
50: 2013-11-28: RT @MailOnline: Males take double the number of selfies as women
51: 2013-11-16: RT @MailOnline: It's not just men! 50% of women regularly watch porn
52: 2013-11-14: USA Women's Ice Hockey Team, skating backwards. @ Edge Sports Center
53: 2013-09-25: She's a sociopathic bitch but "she's always a woman to me." ~ male masochists
54: 2013-09-11: baby hoarder — woman who refuses to stop having babies in spite of being unable to care for the children she already has.
55: 2013-08-20: Equality of opportunity is fine, but women wouldn't want to do everything men are doing because, seriously, men are idiots.
56: 2013-08-16: Read my lips. I am not a crook. Tear down this wall. Ich bin ein Berliner. I did not have sex with that woman.
57: 2013-08-16: RT @DailyMailUK: Never-before-seen mug shots of Victorian women criminals
58: 2013-06-04: I believe that a woman should take a man's last name when they get married because… Actually, I have no idea why you would do that.
59: 2013-05-22: If I were to propose marriage, I would do it in the most extravagant and public way possible, because women like being cornered like that.
60: 2013-05-01: A touching Mother's Day story: "For sand tiger sharks, a deadly, cannibalistic battle inside the womb"
61: 2013-04-26: RT @nytimes: Decades of breast cancer awareness may have made women less conscious of the facts:
62: 2013-04-15: RT @MailOnline: 'I saw my first execution at SEVEN': Young woman who fled North Korea reveals horrific details of her upbringing http:// ...
63: 2013-04-08: Equality is allowing women to be construction workers. Inequality is demanding that 50% of all construction workers be women.
64: 2013-02-13: Gypsy woman. ... More photos from Old Town Alexandria added to end of album:
65: 2013-01-29: RT @TheBosha: I'm all for women in combat. In fact I'm all for anything that keeps ME out of combat. #YouGoGirl
66: 2013-01-18: Must be difficult being a woman and not being able to evade the authorities by shaving or growing facial hair. Can't get away with anything!
67: 2013-01-15: The Mysterians: Invading Earth and Abducting Our Women! — Yes, please! ... More retro-future:
68: 2013-01-01: It's the law! Every issue of every women's magazine must have both weight loss secrets and recipes for rich desserts.
69: 2012-12-22: @siskonen Not my grandmom! In Middle America, nearly all older women are "pregnant".
70: 2012-11-12: There is no difference in the jealousy of men and women, only perhaps in the modes of its expression.
71: 2012-10-20: My preceding tweets yielded a spam following from BraveHeart Women, changing the world by "resonating" with each other.
72: 2012-10-19: I am woman. I am strong. I will prove it by forming an academic department to talk about it endlessly.
73: 2012-10-17: RT @ScottSaab: @BadDalaiLama Men chase women for exactly the same reasons. And like dogs, they never know what to do with them once they ...
74: 2012-09-05: Duh! ==> RT @MailOnline: Half of women delay starting a family because they don't want to give up their freedom
75: 2012-08-28: RT @rockerayanne: @BadDalaiLama Lol! My former neighbor is that woman. She took other peoples cats when she moved.
76: 2012-08-21: This woman told me about the history of the school, which was over 100 years old. (Fremont, Ohio, yesterday)
77: 2012-08-05: Pretty women, movie stars and elected officials often find themselves in a bubble where little accurate information gets through.
78: 2012-08-03: The Modern Woman ... and more photos shot today in Chicago (end of album)
79: 2012-07-24: The lady in the GPS may disagree with me ("Make a U-turn now.") but she never goes psycho bitch wacko about it. I admire that in a woman.
80: 2012-07-21: Women should have the same employment opportunities as men, but when you hire a pregnant executive, you wonder where her loyalties will lie.
81: 2012-07-17: Marketing idea: Add traces of food to generic beauty products, attach "Nourishing" to the name and charge double. Women love that shit!
82: 2012-05-19: @xtinewu One can only assume he's having children with the dumbest women in Tennessee. Not good for the gene pool!
83: 2012-05-14: Took my seat on Amtrak, could tell in 30 seconds woman beside me was an addict. Her phone calls confirmed it.
84: 2012-05-05: "Transgender woman killed in possible hate crime" <== Doesn't "killed" imply hate? Does it really matter what kind of hate it was?
85: 2012-05-04: Billy Joel's "Always a Woman" should be called "Ode to a Sociopath".
86: 2012-05-03: What women really want.
87: 2012-04-30: If the fat burning secrets in women's magazines really worked, why would they need NEW fat burning secrets in the next month's issue?
88: 2012-04-17: Japanese women wear the highest heels in the universe. The number of ankle injuries must be huge!
89: 2012-04-11: Man and woman behind me have already exchanged phone numbers. Addicts find it SO easy to connect.
90: 2012-04-11: Now the drug addicts behind me (a man and woman who just met) are sharing photos of their non-custodial children. Figures.
91: 2012-04-04: @ddianapril Forget the followers. Forget the stars. It's all about the tweets, woman!
92: 2012-03-15: Wouldn't be my first choice of method. How? ==> L.A. woman commits suicide with chainsaw, police say
93: 2012-03-11: Women are drawn to rakish, irresponsible men. #generalization #buttrue
94: 2012-03-10: Ladies: Men are who they are because women made them that way. You can't fault them for being cavemen if you find cavemanesque attractive.
95: 2012-03-09: RT @TIME: Listen up, men: What women really want in a relationship | (via @TIMEHealthland)
96: 2012-01-19: @xtinewu Free yourself of demon caffeine, wicked woman! Don't be Satan's tool!
97: 2012-01-01: One man, one woman, many babies, repeat... It got us to 7 billion, so why stop now?
98: 2011-11-16: @xtinewu A womb with a view!
99: 2011-11-04: RT @KrystelismS: You must separate the women from the bitches, the Audreys from the Marilyns
100: 2011-10-15: .@InjusticeFacts 20 years ago models weighed 6% less than the average woman, today they weigh 27% less <== Duh! Cuz "average" is bigger now!
101: 2011-10-14: Headline news from the Eastern Shore: Woman caught stealing receives the ultimate penalty: BANNED FROM WALMART!
102: 2011-09-28: The real fertility crisis: The women having children are least equipped to care for them. Slate: via @brainpicker
103: 2011-09-22: NEWS FLASH: Attractive men and women disable the rational part of the brain! Daily Mail:
104: 2011-09-15: RT @AbiAugello: @BadDalaiLama @ChefTariqHanna True. Fashion IS porn for women. But don't forget porn. Porn is also porn for women. #HowM ...
105: 2011-09-15: Fashion is porn for women.
106: 2011-08-23: On a bus in Mestre, Italy, an African woman carries her infant in a traditional sling. (Yesterday) #twitpic
107: 2011-07-10: Saturday night drag races, Terre Haute, Indiana. Where men are men and women are bored silly.
108: 2011-07-08: Dear Billy Joel: I know "she's always a woman to you" but to the rest of us she's a psycho. Spare us the details of your masochism.
109: 2011-07-01: "Doctor, my woman is coming back home late today. Can you maybe give me something?..." <== Listen, Barry, doc can't help with that.
110: 2011-06-28: @xtinewu "Fit as a Fiddle: The Women of Extreme Violining"
111: 2011-06-17: RT @BlondeDuJour: If a woman is single she assumes, too quickly, that every slight, every misery is related to that fact
112: 2011-04-30: Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior.
113: 2011-03-27: @KristenMissUSA @laurenahayes "lola!! What you doin woman?" <== Kristen, thank God you're here! She's trying to commit lolacide again!
114: 2011-03-21: Woman selling bird food in Istanbul (last month).
115: 2011-03-17: On My Bucket List: Abdicate the British throne for the woman I love. (Without telling her first. It will be a surprise!)
116: 2011-03-12: Men seek superior health and childbearing ability. Women seek a strong protector. These agendas are encoded in modern sexual preference.
117: 2011-03-12: Men are drawn to a pretty face and body, women to displayed dominance behaviors. Both are destined to disappointment in the long run.
118: 2011-03-12: Women are drawn to men with high self-confidence, openly and aggressively displayed—even if that self-confidence has little to back it up.
119: 2011-03-12: Women expect and demand a certain level of aggression in men. The sensitive and sensual ones don't attract. You made us what we are, ladies!
120: 2011-03-12: Exhibit A: Testosterone increases male dominance behaviors. Also: Women fall for that shit. Study: via @sciencedaily
121: 2011-03-11: The chief vanity of Woman is fighting whatever nature gave her.
122: 2011-03-10: Men blame women for the failure of love and vice-versa, but, honestly, in what other relationship do you have such unrealistic expectations?
123: 2011-03-02: If men are assholes, evolutionary selection by woman made them that way. Your maternal ancestors must have fallen for that shit.
124: 2011-03-02: Same old story: Women are intimidated by smart guys. If you want a girl, you got to play dumb, drink beer and pretend to like sports.
125: 2011-02-14: Today's Best Photo: Woman selling pigeon food outside the New Mosque in Istanbul.
126: 2011-02-13: Does a woman's nose ever lead her astray? Does the nose know all, or does it sometimes make mistakes? #pheromones
127: 2011-02-05: Men and women have different genetic predispositions. Don't pre-judge, but also don't be surprised if they choose different activities.
128: 2011-02-04: Less than 15% of the people collecting stupid sports statistics are women. How are we going to address this gender inequity?
129: 2011-02-01: World's Oldest Person is a contest with high turnover and no winners. ==> World's oldest woman dies at 115 in Texas
130: 2011-01-24: If women have been abused throughout history, so have men. I think we can agree in general terms that history sucked for almost everyone.
131: 2011-01-23: Men want women with some strategic lipid reserves to prove their fitness for childbearing—hence, the allure of the breasts.
132: 2011-01-20: Admirable qualities in a woman.
133: 2011-01-09: Women's Studies are a crock! Doesn't it just say, "We need to be treated differently"? How about Men's Studies for prissy male academics?
134: 2010-12-16: The 4th body of a strangled, nude young woman has been discovered in Philadelphia. "It is a suspicious death," said Police Commissioner.
135: 2010-09-25: Fashion is porn for women.
136: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-24: Peacocks have big feathers because that's what women want. Dumb chicks!
137: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-01: WARNING: Trepanation(tm) should not be used by pregnant women. Side effects may include bleeding and hair loss. See your local practitioner.
138: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-08: RIding the Metro in Athens, can't understand why so many Greek women want to be blonds. It's hopeless! It doesn't work and isn't necessary.
139: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-02: Listening to Billy Joel's "Always a Woman". The classic song of the psycho bitch enabler.
140: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-02: New Photo Album: Women's March and Rally, Downtown Seattle
141: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-15: Everyone has dreams. Hers is to become the world's fattest woman. via @Sheamus. There's a dietary identity for you!
142: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-28: Why do men walk with elbows turned outward while women walk with elbows inward? (Try it!)
143: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-26: Fashion is porn for women.
144: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-03: "When the illusion of prayer disappears we become men and women of action." @almightygod
145: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-20: Avatar: At least the shapely Na'Vi women have the decency to not go topless, in deference to our human sensitivities.
146: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-15: I want to take this opportunity to express my facile and irrelevant support for our brave military men and women stationed overseas.
147: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-01: "The capacity of women across cultures to dissolve relationships that aren’t working has been much underestimated.” NYT:
148: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-19: Fact checking District 9: How does "interspecies prostitution" work? What possible interest could the prawns have in our Earth women?
149: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-12: Do you take this man/woman as your lawfully wedded spouse, to clean up after, to make excuses for, to protect from reality, 'til death...?
150: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-30: It's really pathetic when southern European women try to turn blonde. It becomes a "muddy blonde" that just doesn't work.
151: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-23: The most obnoxious travelers I've met in hostels are young asian women who act like they're checking into the Hilton. High maintenance!
152: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-14: Let us never forget those millions of men and women who gave their lives, at starvation wages, to defend our Always Low Prices.
153: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: When aliens abduct hysterical women from their beds, they always bring them back - sadly.
154: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: The muumuu is the refuge of overweight women.
155: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-16: A redneck moment: Man and woman walking hand-in-hand into a discount cigarette store. So sweet! (Selma, North Carolina)
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