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1: 2018-04-23: Is it a complete witchhunt, a complete witch hunt or a complete witch-hunt? Which witch is which?
2: 2018-03-24: On My Bucket List: Form a Trump tribute band, the Blustering Blowhards, playing hits like “Lock Her Up”, “Build A Wall”, “Believe Me”, “Fake News” and “Witchhunt”.
3: 2017-11-17: Roy Moore is the victim of a vast right wing conspiracy against his right wing candidacy, because if there's anything Mitch McConnell hates it's more Republicans in the Senate. #fakenews #witchhunt #draintheswamp
4: 2017-10-31: "It was all just a big witch hunt," said the former President of the United States from his prison cell.
5: 2017-08-30: Is it a witchhunt, witch hunt or witch-hunt? Which witch is which?
6: 2016-09-14: One bite of the apple and the spell was broken. The witch had no power over the princess anymore.
7: 2016-03-14: I was always confused by the two Darrens. What kind of witchcraft was this? #myrerunchildhood
8: 2015-11-28: Steilneset Witch Trial Memorial in Vardø, Norway - my new 4-minute video with commentary on witch hunts.
9: 2015-08-10: Lessons of Salem: Asking if someone is uncomfortable makes them so. Others see the distress and feel the same way. Witchcraft confirmed.
10: 2015-05-13: I get it: evil witch, but what is the threat exactly? Free birth control?
11: 2015-03-12: The latest bombshell chapter in my "Witch-Hunt in Norway" document, filling in a missing piece of information.
12: 2014-08-24: We are trying to run a respectable witchhunt here. Please don't scream so loud as we burn you at the stake. You're upsetting the children.
13: 2014-05-21: When the Wicked Witch said, "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!" she was referring to a Cairn Terrier. #petfact
14: 2014-05-12: "Witch-Hunt in Norway: My Tiny Little War with United World College Red Cross Nordic"
15: 2014-04-12: The lesson of Salem: The more witches you execute, the more the "possessions" expand.
16: 2013-08-21: Voodoo, witchdoctor, clairvoyance, palmistry, faith healing, fortuneteller, social media expert, search engine optimization.
17: 2013-06-26: The Witch's Castle. Shot this morning.
18: 2012-05-22: I can look back and laugh at the Salem Witch Trials, but I'm still a little miffed about the Spanish Inquisition.
19: 2012-03-29: One of our best albums from the past two weeks: Salem, Massachusetts - Witch City Sample:
20: 2012-03-15: New photos from Salem, Massachusetts - "Witch City" Sample:
21: 2012-03-14: The original witch upon which all other witches are based (at least in my universe).
22: 2012-03-14: More witch shyte in Salem.
23: 2012-03-14: For the record, there never were any witches in Salem, only witch trials and shops selling witch shyte. [pic]:
24: 2011-11-14: @TheBosha No, say it ain't so! Turn back now! Witch's castle!
25: 2011-10-04: Law prides itself on being rational, but because it comes ultimately from the people, it is often just institutionalized witch burning.
26: 2011-07-08: Kansas. Toto. Wicked Witch of the West. Do I have to draw you a map?
27: 2011-05-09: As a New Englander, I bear the shame of the Salem Witch Trials. Also Hester Prynne, Arthur Dimmesdale and about 1,000 pedophile priests.
28: 2010-12-30: The witchdoctor gives people the illusion of control when they have none. He mixes a potion, says a few words, and the customer is relieved.
29: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-11: The Wicked Old Witch of the West and those flying monkeys were the scariest shit ever shown in the movies. No slasher film can compare.
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