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1: 2017-10-31: If I had $1.4 million to spend on men's fashion, I wouldn't spend it on men's fashion. I'd buy a Walmart wardrobe and pocket the change.
2: 2014-08-18: In the dystopian future, Amazon, Google and Walmart will consume everything. Oh wait, hasn't that already happened?
3: 2014-04-06: Online grocery delivery service: when you're just too fat to go to Walmart.
4: 2014-04-06: Rowell Walmart in 2009. One-stop shopping for all your alien needs. FB album:
5: 2014-01-29: Bigfoots from Arkansas parked in a handicap space at Walmart in Florida City.
6: 2013-12-25: And on the 359th day, Walmart rested, His windows dark, His work done.
7: 2013-12-22: Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the weather inside is even worse! @ Walmart Supercenter
8: 2013-12-15: In the Christmas Spirit, here is my 2008 classic: "A Walmart Christmas Carol" (sung to the tune of "Silver Bells")
9: 2013-12-08: Walmartania - my country! Amazing photos from the land of Always Low Prices.
10: 2013-09-11: @laurenahayes OMG, there she is at Walmart!
11: 2013-08-26: Burning Man — a counter-cultural festival in Nevada in which the entire contents of the Fernley Walmart are transported to a dry lake.
12: 2013-07-17: Patterns of Walmart.
13: 2013-07-10: @BadDalaiLama Well, I thought I had visited the southernmost Walmart in Hawaii until I discovered Walmart Argentina.
14: 2013-07-10: I have been to the northernmost, southernmost, easternmost and westernmost Walmarts (Fairbanks, Kona, St. John's, Kauai). Such a rich world!
15: 2013-07-03: Essential supplies for a 700-mile stretch without a Walmart.
16: 2013-07-02: On sale at Walmart, Anchorage.
17: 2013-07-02: Mosquito repellent section in Walmart, Anchorage, Alaska.
18: 2013-05-30: If you rush to Walmart to stock up on ammunition whenever anyone says "gun control"... You might be a Redneck.
19: 2013-05-10: Dark skies over Walmart. Grand Junction, Colorado.
20: 2013-04-17: If you buy a tool at Walmart, use it, then return it for a refund… you might be an urban redneck.
21: 2013-03-04: If you rush to Walmart to stock up on ammo whenever anyone says "gun control"... you might be a redneck.
22: 2013-02-04: Running low on ammo at Walmart in Bozeman, Montana.
23: 2013-01-22: Puerto Rico is the most exotic place you can go whilst still remaining within the comforting bosom of Walmartania.
24: 2013-01-10: The pre-Walmart mom-and-pop stores of small town America weren't all that great when Mom and Pop had a monopoly. Never Low Prices.
25: 2013-01-10: That's @bobbyislewis on about 50 screens at WalMart. We know that nerd from our Area 51 days. Nerd's the word!
26: 2012-12-25: Much feverish activity at this Dallas Walmart. I do not comprehend your primitive Earthling customs.
27: 2012-12-19: A Holiday Tradition! — My "Walmart Christmas Carol" from 2008. Sing it now! Tune of "Silver Bells"
28: 2012-12-15: This Walmart alone probably has enough ammo to kill 100,000. (cc @BadDalaiLama)
29: 2012-12-15: Cigarettes? No, the ammunition section at Walmart—actually a lot cheaper!
30: 2012-12-09: Strange But True: I'm alone in the beverage dept at Walmart when the planet Mars rolls by me and stops for beer.
31: 2012-12-09: "Beside Myself" - my 2011 green-screen test. (1 min) Budget: 4 hrs+$15 (for green sheet from Walmart) cc: @lawnrocket
32: 2012-11-21: Spy cameras, guns, exploding pens, amazing contraptions seen on TV. Walmart is my "Q".
33: 2012-11-21: Today's Walmart purchases are sponsored by the color Green.
34: 2012-11-15: The great spiritual journeys: Mecca, Jerusalem, The Vatican, Benares, Lhasa, World's Biggest Walmart in Albany, New York.
35: 2012-11-15: Produce Paradise! (@ World's Largest Walmart)
36: 2012-11-15: World's largest Walmart. I'm there! Right now! Aren't you jealous? (@ Walmart Supercenter) [pic]:
37: 2012-11-10: If you smoke, Walmart will sell you cigs. If you want to quit, they'll sell you aids. Only thing they can't sell you is self-control.
38: 2012-11-10: The Innocence of Retailers #2: Walmart sells many unhealthy and impractical products, but it rarely promotes them. It only "offers" them.
39: 2012-11-10: Don't blame Walmart for selling junk food. They are not the food police. The consumer chooses the menu; Walmart just displays the options.
40: 2012-10-21: It's Yin and Yang: Every visit to Whole Foods must be followed by a visit to Walmart to balance out the tensions.
41: 2012-08-31: Latest camping luxury: Instead of a $10 foam pad from Walmart, a $20 piece of shag carpet. Primo!
42: 2012-08-25: I have slept comfortably in a car in the Yukon in winter at -20°F. The secret: 3 cheap Walmart sleeping bags and 2 layers of long underwear.
43: 2012-08-05: Was walking across a Walmart parking lot in Reno when I stopped and ran back for my camera. This is what I saw.
44: 2012-07-09: @LadyFriday Duh! I shop at WALMART, don't I? .. My Times Square pix:
45: 2012-07-02: RT @TIME: 50 years ago today the first Walmart store opened in Rogers, Arkansas. Here, 10 ways Walmart has changed the world | http://t. ...
46: 2012-07-02: At Walmart in Pecos, Texas, this composition struck my eye.
47: 2012-07-01: Walmart Protest: What is the Point? (FB note)
48: 2012-07-01: First photos from the anti-Walmart protest in LA's Chinatown yesterday Sample:
49: 2012-07-01: "Rage Against Walmart" - My 12-min video of yesterday's protest in LA's Chinatown. Diving in all the way!
50: 2012-06-30: How are YOU saving the planet? I'M raging against Walmart! Right now!
51: 2012-06-29: @xtinewu You're protesting the new Walmart in Chinatown. It's just a little bitty Walmart, but it's the principle. Music! Banners! Action!
52: 2012-06-23: Back in the Eurozone—or as we call it, Almost Walmartania. (@ St. Christopher's Inn) [pic]:
53: 2012-05-28: In small towns where the cost of living is low, Walmart jobs can be highly respected, far better than what came before.
54: 2012-05-28: It's not like Walmart killed off Norman Rockwell. He died long ago. Rural shopping B.W. generally sucked.
55: 2012-05-20: Walmart may have decimated small town merchants, but in countless ways it has IMPROVED the quality of rural life.
56: 2012-05-18: The main reason people shop at Target is it's not Walmart.
57: 2012-05-17: So this guy's out buying mulch at Walmart for his marijuana plants when he gets bit by a rattlesnake. #onlyinamerica
58: 2012-05-06: Standing in South Walmartania looking across the DMZ at the oppressive Communist regime of North Walmartania.
59: 2012-05-02: @xtinewu Indeed, Walmartania can be horrifying at times, but it is MY COUNTRY! I'll defend to the death those Always Low Prices.
60: 2012-05-02: RT @xtinewu: That doritos display is horrifying! RT @BadDalaiLama Walmartania, my country!
61: 2012-05-02: Walmartania, my country!
62: 2012-04-23: Reconnecting with my native culture after a long overseas journey. (@ Walmart Supercenter w/ 2 others) [pic]:
63: 2012-04-23: Walmartania, my country! (@ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) w/ 129 others)
64: 2012-04-09: Walking into a Walmart restroom, this sign stopped me in my tracks. OMG, this can't be the men's room?!
65: 2012-04-04: The best dollar-fifty snack in Walmart! Sort of like smokeless cigarettes for nicotine addicts.
66: 2012-03-29: Chips aisle at Walmart - 360° panorama For the edification of our foreign friends.
67: 2012-03-01: For your viewing pleasure: Denver Greyhound Station - 360° panorama (Whose Walmart bag is that?)
68: 2012-03-01: @DefineYellow @letsgo2thebeach But my wings are clipped! I haven't been off the bloody continent in six months! It's just Walmartania now.
69: 2012-02-28: Who at Walmart comes up with these "facts"? Most Americans are overhydrated due to caffeine addiction. (Austin TX)
70: 2012-02-24: @xtinewu Those cute little Girl Scouts outside Walmart lured me lured me into a product I would never have bought inside. #soashamed
71: 2012-02-22: Morning at your neighborhood Walmart.
72: 2012-02-17: Now I'm no patriot, but it's kinda nice to be back in my own country, South Walmartania. (@ U.S. \ Canada Border)
73: 2012-02-14: I just experienced the biggest Walmart gap in North America—AND SURVIVED!
74: 2012-02-14: Fort St. John — First Walmart in 825 miles. That's how wild the Alaska Highway is! (@ Wal-Mart) [pic]:
75: 2012-02-10: Bright lights. Big city. Fast food. Walmart. Manhattan of the Yukon! (@ Whitehorse) [pic]:
76: 2012-02-08: Genuine Chinese-made Alaska souvenirs at Walmart.
77: 2012-01-12: Fresh new Walmart wardrobe. Not too shabby for $30!
78: 2012-01-07: @xtinewu Welcome back to Walmartania! We missed you!
79: 2011-12-28: Your morning Walmart moment: OCD illustrated (not only the TP but declining to remove it after use)
80: 2011-12-26: Your morning Walmart moment — Two exciting new magazines: Ground Beef and Comfort Food!
81: 2011-12-23: Would anyone care about Dom Perignon if it sold for $5 at Walmart? Of course not! That's the definition of a Verblen good.
82: 2011-12-23: @laurenahayes Saks is a ZOO <== God, yes! It's worse than Walmart!
83: 2011-12-21: In the checkout line at Walmart White Plains - partial panorama
84: 2011-12-21: Trapped in line in the Walmart from Hell, White Plains. Watching poor people buy shit. Tons and tons of advertised shit for Xmas. So sad.
85: 2011-12-13: RT @MJMcKean: If unions are so great, why don't they carry them at WalMart?
86: 2011-12-12: Unless you're some kind of crazy autistic who likes to collect such things, I've been to more Walmarts than you have. #justsaying #notcrazy
87: 2011-12-11: Your morning Walmart moment: Black is Back. (may cause gum disease and tooth loss)
88: 2011-12-11: ... Could have slept in the Everglades but chose the middle of a Walmart parking lot. Same refreshing tropical air but no mosquitoes.
89: 2011-12-07: Every Walmart is ever-so-slightly different, and therein lies the pleasure for the Walmart connoisseur.
90: 2011-12-07: No Walmart here. It's as primitive as Gilligan's Island! (@ Sanibel Island Lighthouse and Beach)
91: 2011-12-03: Podiatric solicitation in a Walmart restroom.
92: 2011-12-02: RT @Kyoks1: "@davidrock101: Wild infographic on Walmart:"☇ cc @BadDalaiLama
93: 2011-11-27: Everyone who loves Walmart, raise your hand!
94: 2011-11-27: People have their comfort zone, their home base, their touchstone. For me it is... Walmart! #seriously #youthinkimcrazy #travelinglife
95: 2011-11-23: I found Jesus in a Walmart restroom.
96: 2011-11-23: Walmart, El Reno, Oklahoma: Two pimply-faced teens, boy and girl, both wearing braces, smooching in front of the Trojan condom display.
97: 2011-11-20: Today is like Black Friday all over Walmartania. All the Walmart parking lots are full, so all must be right with the world.
98: 2011-11-20: Another Walmart-related fatality.
99: 2011-11-08: Weird discovery just now in a Walmart restroom in Bakersfield, California. (photo & text)
100: 2011-11-06: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... followed by Starbucks, Walmart, McDonalds... Whew! Long road ahead!
101: 2011-11-04: Sweetwater, Texas, 10:22am — First rockabilly rendition of "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer" heard in Walmart. The seasons are achangin'!
102: 2011-11-01: Good morning, Walmart. I love you!
103: 2011-10-29: Our recent tweet essays: Walmarts I Have Known Marriage Songwriting
104: 2011-10-26: Obesity rate in America: 33.8%. Obesity rate at a typical Walmart: 44.2%. Obesity rate at a typical Walmart in the South: 72.4%.
105: 2011-10-25: @xtinewu LOL! I see. Walmart people.
106: 2011-10-22: Many Walmarts make fine campgrounds, either in a vehicle or in grass nearby. See my patented Supercenter Camping Method
107: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #11: Exton, Pennsylvania - With an authentic grain silo.
108: 2011-10-22: Multiple story Walmarts have "cart escalators". (I've experienced them in Salt Lake City and Southern California)
109: 2011-10-22: The easternmost Walmart in North America is in St. John's, Newfoundland. (I've been there, but before the store.) Map:
110: 2011-10-22: The biggest Walmart on the planet is in Albany, NY (a notable oversight in my travels) - Check out the "cartscalator"
111: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #10: Windsor, Ontario - Offering this adorable family restroom:
112: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #9: Islip, New York - Please, only two boxes of ammunition per customer!
113: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #8: Salt Lake City, Utah - Both snow and seagulls in the parking lot.
114: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #7: Roswell, New Mexico. For all your extraterrestrial needs. Full album:
115: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #6: Kauai, Hawaii. Best selection of Chinese-made Hawaiian souvenirs!
116: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #5: Big Island, Hawaii. Southernmost Walmart in the USA.
117: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #4: Walmart of the Yukon! I've visited in both summer and winter.
118: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #3: Florida City, Florida. Southernmost Walmart in the continental US (excluding Hawaii).
119: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #2: Parkesburg, Pennsylvania offers covered parking for Amish buggies.
120: 2011-10-22: Walmarts I Have Known #1: Fairbanks, Alaska. The world's northernmost (and 2nd largest in floor area).
121: 2011-10-14: Headline news from the Eastern Shore: Woman caught stealing receives the ultimate penalty: BANNED FROM WALMART!
122: 2011-10-10: (Not to be confused with "Octopi Walmart". That would be cephalopodic!)
123: 2011-10-10: Occupy Walmart!
124: 2011-10-08: St. Robert, Missouri — Walmart provides free scooters to fat people so they can buy more food.
125: 2011-09-17: The brands upon which my lifestyle depends: Walmart, Motel 6, Golden Corral, Dollar Tree, Verizon, Apple, US Interstate Highway System.
126: 2011-08-04: On My Bucket List: Become so morbidly obese that I get to run around Walmart on those cool electric shopping scooters.
127: 2011-07-07: The shoes that took me to Egypt and back BUSTED after < 30 days. Should I take them back to Walmart and get my $14 back?
128: 2011-07-04: Camping equipment consists of a $10 Walmart sleeping bag on a $5 tarp. Both will be jettisoned in the morning.
129: 2011-07-03: Without the People of Walmart, how would our species propagate? No other population is more fecund.
130: 2011-06-25: I'm back in Walmartania—my country. Land of 24-Hour Savings and Always Low Prices.
131: 2011-05-15: A Walmart parking lot amenity you find only in Pennsylvania: a hitchin' post for your horse and buggy.
132: 2011-05-12: Trailer Trash Parenting 101: Your child is crying in Walmart, what to do? Whack him hard and tell him to shut up. That always works.
133: 2011-04-04: For harmony in polite social situations, it is best not to discuss politics, religion or Walmart.
134: 2011-04-02: Homeless Tip: Wherever you have Walmart, you have lodging. Buy a sleeping bag and tarp and camp in the field behind the store.
135: 2011-03-29: Compare Walmart's price for bread in Portland, Maine, to Big Save in Lihue, Kauai.
136: 2011-03-29: His Holiness travels from Walmart to Walmart, bringing a message of peace. This one: Portland, Maine (right now!)
137: 2011-03-19: Another pair of Walmart shoes sacrificed to Nature.
138: 2011-03-18: Traditional island life in Hawai'i revolves around three sacred sites: Walmart, Costco and Mcdonalds—the only places you can get a bargain!
139: 2011-03-17: .@GraceWelch "how much is a gallon of milk now?" <== $4.29 at Walmart. Probably much higher elsewhere. Even Walmart prices are depressing!
140: 2011-03-17: Lihue Walmart: your source for genuine Hawaiian souvenirs—made in China.
141: 2011-03-17: The Kauai bus system. This will serve my transportation needs tomorrow. 50 cents to Walmart. $2 to Hanalei!
142: 2011-03-12: Which is proper? (A) Walmart is a retailer. (American) or (B) Walmart are a retailer. (British) — If retailer is singular, why not Walmart?
143: 2011-03-11: This is so wrong! From the Walmart hunting dept: "Special Golden Estrus". Talk about your siren songs!
144: 2011-02-22: Shopping at Walmart may be wrong, since it draws on sweatshop labor, but is NOT shopping there any better—putting those people out of work?
145: 2011-02-20: Back in Walmartania now. I love my country and it's Always Low Prices! (patriotic FB photos)
146: 2011-01-31: Unique regional signage on the edge of the Walmart parking lot. Translation: Do not walk your little dog here!
147: 2011-01-31: Homeless Tip: Camping soap (Walmart sports dept) also works in salt water, so while swimming in the tropics you can also bathe.
148: 2011-01-26: Family restroom at Walmart.
149: 2011-01-25: Between Amarillo and Albuquerque is a 280-mile Walmart-free zone. I now understand the hardships the pioneers had to face.
150: 2011-01-16: AD 2025—I am alone on this planet except for the zombies. The virus has killed everyone with a brain. Note to self: Buy shotgun at Walmart.
151: 2011-01-15: So which is better: Venice, Italy; Venice, California or Venice, Florida? (Hint: Only one has a Walmart Supercenter.)
152: 2011-01-14: At Walmart I like to go in the Exit doors just to assert my individuality.
153: 2010-12-28: @GisforGangstaa "What do you expect at 4am? Let alone Walmart?" <== The source of nearly all my supplies, except food. 4am = jetlagged.
154: 2010-12-28: MACEDONIA, OHIO — Wandering Walmart at 4am in search of food. Alas, they only have "processed food product".
155: 2010-12-17: A holiday self-portrait. Walmart, Lumberton, NC.
156: KilroyCafe: 2011-01-05: At the peak of my fame (in the 1990s), I couldn't wear an Area 51 t-shirt or people would spot me in Walmart and tell me their UFO story.
157: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-21: Whitehorse resembles any town in the US Snowbelt, with Walmart and other big box stores and a Mayberry downtown. Population 20k!
158: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-24: help! pepsi tragedy! spilled on keyboard. can only type w on-screen keypad. need ext keyboard! pls pick up at walmart. send to me in zagreb
159: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-11: In the spirit of the season, here is my "Wal-Mart Christmas Carol" walmartxmas> - Sung to the tune of "Silver Bells"
160: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-26: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Never too early to flog my "Wal-Mart Christmas Carol" walmartxmas>
161: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-14: Did I hear you dissing Walmartania again? This is my country! We didn't fight those wars with K-Mart and Sears for nothing!
162: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-15: I am a citizen of Walmartania. Born and raised here. I'm not always proud of it, but it's my country.
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