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1: 2018-11-17: Life on the Texas Panhandle has never been easy... but we do have grillin’ (my 2010 video reposted today to Instagram)
2: 2018-11-03: A new YouTube playlist of my favorite "music videos" I have recorded around the world.
3: 2018-04-05: A spontaneous music video I filmed yesterday in a town square in Czechia.
4: 2017-07-27: When penguins ATTACK! in South Africa. My video from February:
5: 2017-06-13: A boy and his mom torment a giant tortoise in Addis Ababa - 3-min iphone video shot today
6: 2017-04-16: Finding little crabs on the beach in Bellingham, Washington. My new 1-min video shot in Feb. 2016, edited now.
7: 2017-04-14: Oxford University. My new 2.5 minute video, filmed in 2015 but edited only now.
8: 2017-04-11: 🇦🇲 "Visiting Mother Armenia in Yerevan" - my new travel video on YouTube (4 min) - shot in June 2016 but edited now
9: 2017-03-09: Addiction defined – clip from my latest YouTube video: " Addiction: Disease or Choice?" at
10: 2017-03-07: "Addiction: Disease or Choice?" - my new philosophy video released today. (26 min)
11: 2017-03-01: The Case Against Kids: The Liability of Childbirth (Baby Bomb Part 5) - My new video released today (13 min)
12: 2017-03-01: A key point from my new video, "The Case Against Kids: The Liability of Childbirth"
13: 2017-01-23: All my Instagram videos from the Inauguration protests in Washington.
14: 2017-01-22: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Damental Rights" - Scene from Women's March on Washington. My 2 min video from yesterday:
15: 2017-01-16: Now that Ringling Brothers is shutting down, there's no more need to inflate the protest elephant. (my 2011 video)
16: 2017-01-12: "The best video I have seen so far about anything of Kazakhstan" - My travel show from Almaty passes 5000 views.
17: 2016-11-16: Demographic Dilution: A Theory of Trump and Ultranationalism. My new 12-minute video, 2nd in a series.
18: 2016-11-08: "A Day at Mt. Olympus, Greece" - My new 8-minute travel video.
19: 2016-11-06: Still photos are so Last Year. If you are reporting something in the present, give us VIDEOS, people. #socialmedia
20: 2016-10-28: RT @Peripatetia: All of my Vines from 2013. Twitter is shutting down it's 6-second video service Vine today. I…
21: 2016-10-18: A new playlist of my 1-minute scenic "video postcards" from around the world:
22: 2016-09-30: I declare my independence from caffeine in this new 8-minute YouTube video shot today.
23: 2016-07-16: @ESellevold Explosive new video on the crisis at UWC Red Cross Nordic, released yesterday.
24: 2016-07-15: Coup attempt in Norway? My new 1-hour video released today: "Management Crisis at Red Cross Nordic"
25: 2016-05-28: My new philosophy video: "Sunk Cost Fallacy: Why People Don't Quit When They Should" (12 min)
26: 2016-05-21: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Kingston, Jamaica - Hope Road Spy Video
27: 2016-05-02: RT @Peripatetia: Cover page for my new video, "Why I don't need to go to Nordkapp". Now available on YouTub… https:…
28: 2016-04-24: RT @Peripatetia: "Visiting the Russia-Norway Border" - my new 4-minute video
29: 2016-04-22: RT @Peripatetia: Introduction to Northern Norway. This is the first segment of a video I am working on, hopefully…
30: 2016-04-22: RT @Peripatetia: Visiting the Russian border – Part 2 of my forthcoming travel video on Northern Norway (shot 1…
31: 2016-04-02: RT @Peripatetia: A video I took in Iceland in October has just gone viral on Instagram. Aurora borealis. https://t.…
32: 2016-02-28: My first #vibe - from videos taken at King Street Station, Seattle
33: 2016-02-13: Clip from my new video, "Glenn Campbell on Creativity: Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up"
34: 2016-02-13: "Glenn Campbell on Creativity: Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up" - My new 14-minute philosophy video:
35: 2016-02-13: Clip from my new 10-minute philosophy video: "Glenn Campbell on Change".
36: 2016-02-06: RT @Peripatetia: My first viral video, a silly 3-minute piece filmed near Area 51 in August, has just passe… https:…
37: 2016-02-03: RT @Peripatetia: My appearance on a new Area 51 video from PBS, just released. Find it on YouTube at "Good Stuff…
38: 2016-01-10: RT @Peripatetia: Speaking in my next philosophy video (now)
39: 2016-01-09: My new philosophy video: "Triagism #4: Every Decision is Relative" - 9-min video: - Series:
40: 2015-12-05: "Triagism #2: Laying the Foundation" - my new philosophy video released today.
41: 2015-11-30: "Introduction to Triagism - A New Philosophy of Life" - My new 15-minute video, released today.
42: 2015-11-28: Steilneset Witch Trial Memorial in Vardø, Norway - my new 4-minute video with commentary on witch hunts.
43: 2015-11-21: RT @Peripatetia: My new 2-minute video, "Namdaemun, Seoul - walking through a commercial district " -
44: 2015-11-11: My new update on the Area 51 Weather Stations a story (8 min video)
45: 2015-11-11: RT @Peripatetia: "A Stroll Down Penny Lane, Liverpool" - My new 7-minute travel video, released today.
46: 2015-11-03: My new video just released - Area 51 Weather Stations: What Are They Really For?
47: 2015-10-10: RT @Peripatetia: Tasting Reindeer Meat in Northern Norway - my new 2-minute video filmed a week ago in Fiinmark
48: 2015-09-04: My new How-To video: Turn your selfie stick into a Steadicam for only $3 (4 minutes)
49: 2015-08-27: RT @BadLamaArt: If you want to be a writer, write. If you want to be a filmmaker, make videos. If you're not doing it, you're just another …
50: 2015-08-26: RT @Peripatetia: Attacked by prairie dogs in Wyoming (June 2010) - part of a 2.5 minute video on YouTube:…
51: 2015-08-20: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "Understanding Las Vegas" (Glenn Campbell philosophy vide…
52: 2015-08-09: Joseph Stalin finds himself in a humiliating situation. 15-sec video: (August 2014)
53: 2015-08-08: RT @mrchicken1119: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Kingston, Jamaica - Hope Road Spy Video
54: 2015-08-05: An Introduction to Paranoia - my new 10-minute philosophy video: - Complete with tinfoil hat
55: 2015-08-01: Antisuperpredilectarianism: discrimination against those who do things well - My new 18-minute video on a new word:
56: 2015-07-28: My new 8-minute philosophy video on narcissism and Instagram:
57: 2015-07-26: To see Borderline Personality Disorder in action, watch this 3-minute video:
58: 2015-07-24: RT @Peripatetia: Dawn in Las Vegas. 15 minutes compressed into 25 seconds in this HD YouTube video shot this morning.…
59: 2015-07-18: His Badliness the Bad Dalai Lama now has his own YouTube channel, starting with this 5-minute video recorded today:
60: 2015-07-04: These kids totally capture the old people vibe. (1 minute video)
61: 2015-06-29: RT @Peripatetia: Lady Liberty in Seoul (now) video
62: 2015-06-26: RT @Peripatetia: Hong Kong skyline (last night) video
63: 2015-06-16: RT @Peripatetia: Camel wash at the oasis, United Arab Emirates (yesterday) - Part of a 30-second video on YouTube.
64: 2015-06-16: RT @Peripatetia: Snake charmer at work, Galle, Sri Lanka (today) video
65: 2015-05-29: My video of protest in Istanbul's Gezi Park in 2013 now appears in a Germany documentary.
66: 2015-05-14: RT @myjourneyto000: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Elementary Phase Shifting: How to Move Instantly Bet…
67: 2015-05-13: "Area 51", a movie I may appear in, will be released this Friday on video-on-demand. Trailer:
68: 2015-05-11: My best Instagram photos and videos from around the world.
69: 2015-05-10: RT @Peripatetia: Extraterrestrial Highway in Hyperlapse - 1-minute video: - NV highway just N of Area 51, driving a…
70: 2015-05-10: RT @Peripatetia: The biggest and scariest rockclimbing wall I have ever seen @ Reno, Nevada (now) 6x #Hyperlapse #video…
71: 2015-05-10: RT @Peripatetia: Hero shot (now) #video
72: 2015-04-26: RT @Peripatetia: Walking through a local marketplace in Kingston, Jamaica (yesterday) 6-minute spy video:
73: 2015-04-18: RT @Peripatetia: Huge UFO sighted over Mendocino, California (May 2013) #video
74: 2015-04-16: Heard about a protest at Harvard, so I stopped to check it out. Cool video shot with my iPhone.
75: 2015-04-11: Los Angeles landmarks menaced by Star Wars Imperial forces. Two minute video:
76: 2015-04-01: RT @Peripatetia: Lift off! @'Mall of America (now) 6x #Hyperlapse #video
77: 2015-03-30: RT @Peripatetia: My first to #slowmotion #video with #iPhone6: A guy doing backflips on a street corner in…
78: 2015-03-29: RT @Peripatetia: Window rock (now) 4x #Hyperlapse #video
79: 2015-03-17: RT @Peripatetia: Area 51 Alien Center and Brothel, Armagosa Junction, Nevada (now) 4x #Hyperlapse #video
80: 2015-03-14: RT @Peripatetia: A pelican almost gets me! @ Robbie's Marina, Islamorada, Florida (today) #video
81: 2015-03-08: Why antidisestablishmentarianism doesn't appear in the Meriam-Webster dictionary (2-min video)
82: 2015-02-26: RT @Peripatetia: Amazing ride on New York's Anti-Gravity Cargo System - 4-minute video shot yesterday
83: 2015-02-23: RT @Peripatetia: Dawn at Bud n' Mary's Marina on the Florida Keys. 5-minute video shot this morning. - Peaceful, eh?
84: 2015-02-23: RT @Peripatetia: Climbing the stairs of the Eiffel Tower. 2-minute Hyperlapse video (Feb 3) - From ground to first l…
85: 2015-02-13: RT @Peripatetia: This is my 1000th post on Instagram, including 100s of videos since June 2013.…
86: 2015-02-05: RT @Peripatetia: Ice skating on the Eiffel Tower. Lots of nice moments in this 4-minute video shot 2 days ago in Paris.…
87: 2015-02-02: RT @Peripatetia: Paris (now) #video
88: 2015-01-29: RT @Peripatetia: Great new video shot today: Popeye and Olive Oyl dancing at Popeye Village, Malta. - Shot with an …
89: 2015-01-27: RT @Peripatetia: Crossing the Rubicon—literally! @ Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy (now) 2x #hyperlapse #video
90: 2015-01-19: RT @Peripatetia: Pro-Ukraine Demonstration in Pisa, Italy - 30-second video (yesterday)
91: 2015-01-08: My photos/video of QweenAmor in the NYC subway:
92: 2015-01-08: A video of mine is censored on Instagram. Info: - Original video:
93: 2014-12-28: An unsolicited recommendation for one of my videos. - 1-minute video from Las Vegas:
94: 2014-12-01: RT @morgancap: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Bethlehem on Christmas Eve: The Bagpipes of Christmas
95: 2014-11-12: RT @TwistedSifter: The Fear That Everything Has Already Been Done #video
96: 2014-10-28: Old guy, now dead, claims to have worked with alien craft at Area 51. Video, article and comments.
97: 2014-10-21: RT @sbadsgood: Shocking Video Reveals Terrifying Reality Of Overconsumption -
98: 2014-10-09: RT @Peripatetia: In Kiev, a tomato protest at Ukraine Parliament (2 days ago) - 9-min video:
99: 2014-10-08: RT @Peripatetia: Chernobyl tour in Hyperlapse - 6-minute video shot & edited on iPhone today.
100: 2014-10-07: It's Putin's birthday. How are you celebrating? Here in Ukraine, we're enjoying this bizarre video.
101: 2014-09-27: RT @Peripatetia: Prague main square at night (now) - video
102: 2014-09-19: RT @Peripatetia: You want a piece of me? Huh, punk, do ya? (15 sec video, now)
103: 2014-09-10: RT @Peripatetia: George is trying to tell me something but I don't speak his language (15 sec video)
104: 2014-09-08: Good fences make good neighbors. Add razor wire, motion sensors, video cameras and a raked gravel No Man's land, depending on the neighbor.
105: 2014-08-28: A million UFO sightings—categorized, analyzed and documented on video—is worth less than a small sample of alien DNA.
106: 2014-08-21: Vladimir and I have a chat about Communism (12 sec video)
107: 2014-08-18: RT @lymerance: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Prairie Dogs ATTACK in Wyoming
108: 2014-08-16: RT @Peripatetia: Liard River Hot Spring on the Alaska Highway - spooky 3-minute video (Aug. 3)
109: 2014-08-15: Imagine if cute cat videos were weaponized and used in a terrorist attack. Whole populations could be subdued and mesmerized.
110: 2014-08-09: RT @joshmarte83: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "The Case Against Marriage" - Glenn Campbell summarizes…
111: 2014-08-02: Being mauled by a bear is bad, but even worse is being mauled by a bear and not having a video of it to upload to YouTube.
112: 2014-07-20: A huge new archive of Area 51 videos from the 1990s (my era) has just been digitalized and uploaded:
113: 2014-07-05: RT @Peripatetia: The pigeons of St. Marks Square, Venice. My most awesome video ever! (6.5 min in HD)…
114: 2014-07-02: RT @Peripatetia: Trying to game the system for another free sample (10-sec video, just now) @ Sam's Club Amarillo,TX
115: 2014-06-29: Many of us, but not everyone, contain Neanderthal DNA acquired by interbreeding in the Middle East — @nytimes video:
116: 2014-06-17: Where McNuggets come from: a surprisingly candid video from McDonalds Canada. - Answer: meat and skin, no bones.
117: 2014-06-07: Backing into South Station, Boston (15 sec video, yesterday)
118: 2014-06-05: Manhattan skyline and Statue of Liberty seen from New Jersey (15 sec video) @ Liberty State Park
119: 2014-06-04: Creepy lady at the airport. (15 sec video) @ Boston Logan International Airport
120: 2014-06-02: PSA: Save your meat drippings for the War Effort (WWII Disney cartoon): (3-min video)
121: 2014-05-31: RT @ravendon: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Prairie Dogs ATTACK in Wyoming
122: 2014-05-27: Lampreys in a fish ladder at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River (15 second video, with soundtrack)
123: 2014-05-25: Feed the prairie dogs in Wyoming - new 1.5 minute video (2 days ago):
124: 2014-05-24: First contact with prairie dogs (15 sec video)
125: 2014-05-24: Feeding the prairie dogs (15 sec video) Right now!
126: 2014-05-24: Selfie with a prairie dog in Wyoming. Just now! (15 sec video) @ Continental Divide
127: 2014-05-20: RT @nytimes: Why That Video Went Viral
128: 2014-05-12: Tracking failure (interesting outtake) near Grindelwald, Switzerland (April 18) - 12 sec video
129: 2014-05-12: Waiting for train to pass near Grindelwald, Switzerland (April 18) - 15 sec video
130: 2014-05-12: Tracking a train near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - cool 15 sec video (April 17)
131: 2014-05-07: My most popular videos on YouTube, including one with 100+k views and eight with over 10k.
132: 2014-05-07: Approaching the Sinclair Refinery at Hyperspeed. New video from Dec. 2013 (41 sec)
133: 2014-04-22: Search for the Matterhorn! A 17-minute iPhone video of the train to Zermatt and finding the mountain. (2 days ago)
134: 2014-04-21: The cows of Liechtenstein won't leave me alone! 1-minute video from two days ago.
135: 2014-04-14: My excitement for the evening. An angry man hits a woman at the Munich train station. (full 37-second video)
136: 2014-04-07: I've had several media requests lately for my Gezi Park protest videos from last June. A remarkable experience!
137: 2014-03-10: Detroit airport tram (15 sec video)
138: 2014-02-27: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Queens, New York from an Amtrak train
139: 2014-02-27: Flying over Queens on an Amtrak train. New iPhone video (2 days ago)
140: 2014-02-26: Old Jerusalem: A newly reedited video of my walk from the Damascus Gate to the Western Wall. Dec. 2010.
141: 2014-02-25: Crossing Queens on an Amtrak train, Manhattan in the distance (15 sec video)
142: 2014-02-23: It's that time of year again (15 sec video from Georgia)
143: 2014-02-09: @BadDalaiLama Here's a musical video to emphasize this point: "Eat It Don't Tweet It"
144: 2014-02-08: A fascinating team producing some amazing musical videos: @Antonius_Music and @Vijay_Nazareth of @AV_byte - Article:
145: 2014-02-07: Winthrop, Massachusetts flyover (15-sec video, 1 hour ago)
146: 2014-02-07: An essential airline safety video from Tripp & Tyler
147: 2014-02-07: If Facebook videos were honest:
148: 2014-02-06: The BEST Facebook "Look Back" video ever created! From Germany via the Netherlands. Only 7 seconds long.
149: 2014-02-05: RT @latimes: Facebook marks its 10th birthday by allowing you to create personalized "Look Back" videos
150: 2014-02-02: Psycho Chicken (Qu'est Que C'est?) - 1980 music video:
151: 2014-01-26: Harassing the wildlife on the Florida Keys (15 sec videos)
152: 2014-01-24: It's easy to find friends as long as you're willing to pay for them (15 second video)
153: 2014-01-24: Crashing through the clouds in Ft. Lauderdale (15 second video, yesterday)
154: 2014-01-23: If I die a fiery death, I hope it is recorded on video so I can become a YouTube sensation.
155: 2014-01-18: The Birds - stop-motion video (Baltimore, Jan 12)
156: 2014-01-13: Deicing in Baltimore (15 sec video, 2x speed, today)
157: 2014-01-12: Meaning business below deck (15 sec video) @ USCGC Taney (WHEC/WPG 37) - Historic Ships in Baltimore…
158: 2014-01-11: George Bush loves America cuz it's full of people. 15-second FB video: - From the best George of all: John Morgan
159: 2014-01-10: A man is rescued today from Baltimore Harbor after falling into the icy water (15 sec video, 2x speed)
160: 2014-01-10: Female toplessness is not illegal in New York City but this video suggests otherwise
161: 2014-01-08: Shadowed by Mystery Craft while landing in Atlanta (15 sec video) @ Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta…
162: 2014-01-04: Suburban Quincy Mass from a commuter train (15 sec video) @ Quincy, MA
163: 2014-01-04: Arriving at JFK UMass, Boston (15 sec video) @ MBTA JFK/UMass Station
164: 2014-01-02: RT @martinlighthous: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Old Jerusalem: Walking From Damascus Gate to the We…
165: 2014-01-01: Sunsets of 2013, as posted on Instagram (15 sec video)
166: 2013-12-26: Moving out! (15 sec video) @ Port Key West
167: 2013-12-26: Seven Mile Bridge on the Florida Keys (15 sec time-lapse video)
168: 2013-12-26: Sunrise on Lower Matecumbe Key (15 sec video) @ Coconuts $.50
169: 2013-12-25: @laurenahayes Holiday request: Impossibly cute Instagram video of Kingsley.
170: 2013-12-20: Hanging with the fishes (15 sec video) @ Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ)
171: 2013-12-20: Car wash, Sarasota, Florida (15 sec video) @ Shell
172: 2013-12-16: Windmills near Wingate, Texas (15 sec video)
173: 2013-12-12: Wall Street from the water (15 sec video) @ NY Waterway Ferry Terminal Wall Street / Pier 11
174: 2013-12-12: Ferry to Manhattan (15 sec video) @ NY Waterway Ferry Terminal Port Imperial
175: 2013-12-11: Today's science lesson: the alley gateur (15 sec video)
176: 2013-12-10: I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus—in a Christmas-themed porn video you really don't want to see.
177: 2013-12-09: Hyperspeed taxi to the gate (15 sec video) @ Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)
178: 2013-12-07: Driving in the snow on I-84 in Utah (15 min video = 2 min)
179: 2013-12-06: Approaching oil refinery at hyperspeed (15 sec video) @ Sinclair Wy
180: 2013-12-06: Oil refinery (15 sec video) @ Sinclair Refinery Main Complex
181: 2013-12-03: Hyperspeed takeoff from Seattle Airport before dawn this morning (15 sec timelapse video)
182: 2013-11-30: Hyperspeed journey through Tacoma (15 sec video) @ Tacoma, Washington
183: 2013-11-30: Bridge over the Columbia River (15 sec video) @ City of Vancouver, WA
184: 2013-11-30: How the Googleplex streams YouTube videos to you.
185: 2013-11-23: Arguing with myself—and losing! (15 sec video)
186: 2013-11-23: San Bernardino at Dawn - my first timelapse video shot just now (36 seconds)
187: 2013-11-18: Rob Ford replaces Van Damme in viral Volvo video.
188: 2013-11-11: Kafkaesque? Moving statues at the Kafka Museum (15 sec video) @ Franz Kafka Museum
189: 2013-11-10: New video from Prague: Climbing to the top of the Town Hall Clock Tower (8-minute iPhone video)
190: 2013-11-07: Jumbo jet take-off from a very small airport (15-sec video) @ Knuffingen Airport (Miniatur Wunderland)
191: 2013-10-28: The grand finale (Yakutian drummers in Warsaw) - 15 sec video @ Pałac Staszica
192: 2013-10-25: "I love you!" (15 sec video) - Queens, NYC @ Jackson Heights, NY
193: 2013-10-13: Colbert disses our nemesis @DalaiLama, quoting one of HHDL's nonsense tweets. Video:
194: 2013-10-11: Abandoned factory in CT: my 2011 video used as the basis of a new music video.
195: 2013-09-28: 6-second Vines are too fast for comfortable viewing. They make me queasy. 15-second Instagram videos are just right. What God intended.
196: 2013-09-20: Amazing new video technology. @ Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum
197: 2013-09-12: Anchorage Airport, July 2. 15-second Instagram video: Took a lot of planes to get it right!
198: 2013-09-07: Got time to waste? Check out my Instagram pics and videos. (I'm a newbie, so only 51 so far.)
199: 2013-09-07: A covered wagon passes at Burning Man. (15-second video)
200: 2013-09-07: Early morning rave at Burning Man (15-second video)
201: 2013-09-07: Ball pit at Burning Man (45-second video postcard, Aug. 29)
202: 2013-08-26: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "The Case Against Marriage" - Glenn Campbell summarizes h…
203: 2013-08-26: RT @nguyenivy: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama "Who Will Take Care of Me?" -- Glenn Campbell on a fallac…
204: 2013-08-17: Vine is, like, so six months ago. Switch to Instagram video and actually say something. cc: @MinnieGupta
205: 2013-08-15: "Who Will Take Care of Me?" — In my latest video, I address a common argument in favor of marriage. cc: @katebolick
206: 2013-08-13: @katebolick I need to record my own rebuttal video to this. Maybe in the next few days.
207: 2013-08-13: Roscoe terrorizes the waterfront. (15-second video) @ Round Valley Reservoir, yesterday
208: 2013-08-08: RT @washingtonpost: Instagram update allows "latergram" for videos
209: 2013-07-31: My most popular (and hated) video is about to pass 100,000 views. "Area 51 Exposed!"
210: 2013-07-29: RT @nofilmschool: Robert McIntosh is Back with Another Aerial @GoPro Video That Will Blow You Away
211: 2013-07-27: Racing a train in New Mexico. (15-second video) @ Fort Wingate Army Depot
212: 2013-07-16: Our Heroic Dead (video) @ Ladd, IL
213: 2013-07-16: War memorial (video) @ Ladd, IL
214: 2013-07-15: RT @brainpicker: "We can commit a single image to memory in a way that we cannot with video." Why photography is still king…
215: 2013-07-13: If you claim to be an actor, you should be able to point a video camera at yourself and act right there.
216: 2013-07-09: The littlest float in the Tok 4th of July parade. (Instagram Video)
217: 2013-07-07: Video Postcard: Liard River Hot Spring on the Alaska Highway (yesterday) 3-minute video at water level.
218: 2013-07-04: The sort of excitement expected today at the Tok 4th of July (video) @ Tok, AK
219: 2013-07-04: Driving the Glenn Highway approaching Glenallen. Alaska (yesterday) - video
220: 2013-07-03: RT @bobdeloyd: I liked a @YouTube video from @baddalailama Glenn Campbell Defines Existentialism
221: 2013-07-01: "I found this video when I needed it most. Thank you for posting this."—People Can Change But You Can't Change Them
222: 2013-06-28: My first tear gas experience in Istanbul (new standalone clip from an earlier video - June 15)
223: 2013-06-21: I have no idea what to do with Instagram video. @ Chillout Cengo Hostel
224: 2013-06-20: Istanbul Protests: Awesome time-lapse video of crowd being repelled by tear gas on Saturday night.
225: 2013-06-19: Turkish Woodstock! June 6 video tour of Taksim Square & Gezi Park while under control of the protesters #taksim #gezi
226: 2013-06-19: New video of June 15: Burger King standoff ends in tear gas for everyone. #taksim #gezi #geziparki #occupygezi
227: 2013-06-19: For my own personal teargas experience, go to this point in the video: - re: @BadDalaiLama
228: 2013-06-19: Taksim Square standoff ends in tear gas for everyone–including me! My new video shot at the June 15 crackdown.
229: 2013-06-19: I got my first taste of TEAR GAS in front of Burger King near Taksim Square on June 15. Video coming soon!
230: 2013-06-15: Must sleep now. Tomorrow a pro-government rally is planned in Taksim Square. Coming: my photos from the last day of Gezi Park and a video.
231: 2013-06-12: As Istanbul protests turn violent again, please see my June 6 photos & video from the scene &
232: 2013-06-09: Istanbul Protests - my 17-minute video tour of Taksim Square and Gezi Park just uploaded - What you won't see on CNN!
233: 2013-06-05: All my videos from Istanbul, including my first visit to Taksim Square YouTube @BadDalaiLama
234: 2013-06-04: Istanbul - my Feb. 2011 video of a protest by medical interns near Taksim Square: Diving right in!
235: 2013-06-01: Huge UFO seen over the California Coast!!! — Amazing 14-second video I took myself on May 28.
236: 2013-05-15: Walking through Jerusalem - my video from Christmas 2010.
237: 2013-05-13: My new video introduction to "The Case Against Marriage" - What is marriage anyway?
238: 2013-05-12: Stephen Colbert and Carrie Mulligan explore "The Great Gatsby" (video) - Wow! An actress who can actually act!
239: 2013-05-04: Former Minister of Defense of Canada says ETs are visiting Earth. Video — Sadly, just recycling the claims of others.
240: 2013-05-02: Evidently, aliens preferred to visit Earth in the mid-20th Century, after World War II but before cell phones and video cameras.
241: 2013-04-28: @BadDalaiLama A new video of the 1993 Bob Lazar UFO talk, uploaded today by another attendee.
242: 2013-04-23: Zoran Has Landed! — 10-second video. Our first motion tracking experiment in After Effects. Endless possibilities!
243: 2013-03-27: Reality is the best available video game.
244: 2013-03-21: Budweiser Bottling Plant, Jacksonville, Florida - 30-second video postcard shot 2 days ago. (An editing exercise.)
245: 2013-03-04: Koko Meets Mr. Rogers, 1999. Video: via @dw_meditation
246: 2013-03-03: "Magic Leaf" - 2-minute video shot in October, uploaded now to Vimeo with a new soundtrack.
247: 2013-03-01: "Working Girl on the Las Vegas Strip" - My new 1-minute video. Shot on Saturday, edited today.
248: 2013-02-10: @lawnrocket That's freaky. I guess video games have potential, but the core young male audience just wants to KILL ALIENS.
249: 2013-02-10: Movies, novels and songs can sometimes teach you about life, but has anyone ever learned anything from a video game?
250: 2013-02-10: Stunning music video wasted on a mediocre song via @edictive
251: 2013-02-08: Watching a video and saying, "That was clever!" isn't the same as saying it was useful, memorable or worthy of your time.
252: 2013-01-28: Vine is kind of intriguing because it is very restrictive: only 6 seconds of video. Watch new posts in real time here:
253: 2013-01-09: At least the aliens had the good sense to land only in the 1950s and 60s and not today when everyone has a video camera.
254: 2012-12-24: The sounds of Christmas in Bethlehem? Bagpipes! The proof: my video from 2010.
255: 2012-12-24: Christmas in Bethlehem — the REAL one! Photos & videos from 2010.
256: 2012-12-24: Two years ago, I spent Christmas in the most Christmasy place on Earth: Bethlehem, Palestine! My photos and videos:
257: 2012-12-13: "Area 51 Exposed!" My most popular YouTube video is also the most hated. Get a load of those comments! 226 thumbs down!
258: 2012-12-09: Teleportation is real! With practice, you can jump instantly across space and time. My 2011 video shows you how:
259: 2012-12-09: @BadDalaiLama Also see my playlist of video experiments, including an almost undetectable green-screen sample
260: 2012-12-09: @lawnrocket Moon looks fantastic! But perhaps a distraction. I'd like to banish you to Iowa. Just you, a video camera & a couple of actors.
261: 2012-12-05: @BadDalaiLama The 6 Essential Communication Skills are: tweeting, blogging, photography, video, public speaking and conversation.
262: 2012-11-24: Heading to Istanbul tomorrow. Here are my photos and videos from last year's visit.
263: 2012-10-31: Automated Beverage System, McDonalds, 3am. 30-second iPhone video: Am I the only one who finds this fascinating?
264: 2012-10-30: Surround me with free alcohol, drugs, television, video games & fine cuisine—I'll have no interest. Tempted only by travel and rich snacks.
265: 2012-10-28: If you watched all of my most popular videos on YouTube, you'd be sitting there for OVER 12 HOURS! So... get started!
266: 2012-10-28: Ben Stein: Don't pick stocks unless your last name is Buffett. (video) Attn: @laurenahayes
267: 2012-10-27: "Magic Floating Leaf" - One of the most mesmerizing videos I have ever made. Shot this morning in Nyack, NY.
268: 2012-10-23: Drummers in St. Joseph, Missouri - 48-second video shot 2 hours ago.
269: 2012-10-19: So long, Frys. You were swell, but I've found a new love. (@ B&H Photo Video w/ 8 others) [pic]:
270: 2012-10-01: Iranian Resistance demonstration in front of the US Capitol - 1-minute edited video shot yesterday.
271: 2012-09-04: Filming my Fujisan train ride video (April 19) ... The 19-minute video:
272: 2012-09-01: "There Will Be An Additional Charge For Extra Sauces" - A Study. 1-minute video recorded in the NM desert last night.
273: 2012-08-28: Introduction to Digital Computers - circa 1962 (video)
274: 2012-08-26: Unicyclist peddling uphill in Colorado. 30-second video of @1AcrossColorado shot 2 days ago.
275: 2012-08-22: Little fish nibble on my flesh in the Skunk River in Iowa - 1-minute video shot today.
276: 2012-08-21: "In the Woods of Ohio" - a 1-minute video stabilization exercise shot yesterday at Rutherford's house, Fremont, Ohio
277: 2012-08-17: Subscribe to our public Facebook feed for our latest photos and videos. Over 500 albums!
278: 2012-08-17: Can you pass the marshmallow temptation test? (video)
279: 2012-08-12: Roscoe likes to swim. Stupid pet video shot yesterday.
280: 2012-08-12: Of the 14 songs I have written, this is my only love song. Perhaps a bit obsessive. Demo on video.
281: 2012-08-09: My most popular YouTube video right now: Notting Hill Carnival 2011 - Probably cuz it's going on now!
282: 2012-08-09: Alien presence detected in caverns below Omaha! Scary 4-minute video shot yesterday
283: 2012-08-08: River walking in Nebraska - 2-minute edited video shot today - Watch out for piranhas!
284: 2012-08-07: Bizarre Alien Train observed last night in Cheyenne, Wyoming (3-minute video)
285: 2012-08-06: My most popular videos on YouTube, often for reasons I cannot fathom.
286: 2012-08-05: Prisons in America: the stunning statistics in a video via @brainpicker
287: 2012-07-31: Walking Through Boston's North End - Someone took my video from 2011 and turned it into a music video.
288: 2012-07-27: New Video: High Wheeler in Oregon 2-minute editing exercise, shot and edited this afternoon in under two hours.
289: 2012-07-26: Video: Bones in a Lava Field in Idaho (1-minute editing exercise, shot yesterday near Blackfoot, Idaho)
290: 2012-07-26: Video: Helicopter Crop Duster in Colorado (2-min editing exercise shot yesterday in Ft. Collins)
291: 2012-07-18: In the 21st Century, soft drinks will be dispensed by electronic machines with video controls. Also no war or poverty.
292: 2012-07-17: Bamboo! (video) - My 2-minute editing exercise shot 4 days ago in the El Yunque Rainforest of Puerto Rico.
293: 2012-07-16: "The average American watches almost five hours of video daily." <== I can't imagine this. When is there time for living?
294: 2012-07-15: Video postcard from Puerto Rico: Termite nest in the trees (Should have used my David Attenborough accent for this.)
295: 2012-07-14: Video postcard: Baño de Oro. Exploring an abandoned bathhouse in the El Yunque Rainforest (yesterday)
296: 2012-07-13: Video: Harassing an Innocent Iguana on St. Thomas (yesterday) (He did nothing to deserve my unwanted advances.)
297: 2012-07-06: Truth in advertising: After a hard day of watching TV and playing video games, a beer will make you feel less empty.
298: 2012-07-01: The hillbilly perspective on Universal Health Care. My Dec. 2010 philosophy video:
299: 2012-07-01: (A truly awesome video! Better than being there!)
300: 2012-07-01: "Rage Against Walmart" - My 12-min video of yesterday's protest in LA's Chinatown. Diving in all the way!
301: 2012-07-01: This random video from @MMkainu is a Rosetta Stone for me. It is telling me how video should work.
302: 2012-06-29: 10 minutes in Dubrovnik (unedited travel video, one week ago) Wandering the narrow streets of the Old City.
303: 2012-06-28: Intrigued by this new music video from Lauren Jenkins (@ljmusik)
304: 2012-06-21: Kayaking in Dubrovnik - 3-minute video shot today with a cheap waterproof camera.
305: 2012-06-10: True fact: At Google they don't even expect you to work. You can just eat free snacks and play video games all day.
306: 2012-06-03: My most popular videos on YouTube (often for reasons I don't understand)
307: 2012-06-03: Glenwood Canyon, Colorado - driving through the canyon. My dashboard video of a spectacular highway (1 week ago, 5 min)
308: 2012-05-27: You play a video game. It gives you pleasure. What's wrong with that? The only loss is the more meaningful things you could be doing.
309: 2012-05-27: "Secrets of Area 51 Revealed" - My most popular video, with over 47000 views.
310: 2012-05-24: Notting Hill Carnival, London, Aug, 2011 - My video and photos Sample:
311: 2012-05-11: "I Just Want Your Money" - My new original song. A tragic story of a man without a country. Video:
312: 2012-05-07: @Kyoks1 I wonder if you are looking at the right video. This is some kind of religious procession in Ueno Park, Toyko.
313: 2012-05-04: 44-second video of a procession I came upon in Tokyo two weeks ago. What's happening? You tell me!
314: 2012-05-02: When prairie dogs ATTACK in Wyoming. Our 2010 video. (2:30) Recommended by @LetsGo2TheBeach
315: 2012-04-25: Sure, I may be wasting my life on a delusion, a mere video game, but I've got Credits. I've achieved the Tenth Level. I can't leave now!
316: 2012-04-25: On My Bucket List: Learn the Argentine Tango. (video from @MinnieGupta)
317: 2012-04-24: RT @latimes: Viral video: Dutch girl ages 12 years in 2 minutes, 45 seconds via @latimestech
318: 2012-04-21: A walk down Electric Avenue (Akihabara, Tokyo) - 6-minute iPhone video
319: 2012-04-21: Tsukiji Outer Market, Tokyo - wandering through the marketplace (9-minute iPhone video from yesterday)
320: 2012-04-21: Running, running, but not getting anywhere. (30-second iPhone video)
321: 2012-04-20: Video postcard: By train to Mt. Fuji. 19 minute unedited iPhone video from the front cab of a narrow gauge rail car.
322: 2012-04-19: Now watching Japanese music videos. Everyone is young. Songs are bouncy. Big smiles!
323: 2012-04-19: I didn't actual climb Mt. Fuji, but I did watch a video presentation on climbing Mt. Fuji. [pic]:
324: 2012-04-16: Tokyo video postcard: Monster Koi at a Shinto shrine (iPhone video, 1:14)
325: 2012-04-15: Tokyo Video Postcard: Moving Noodles and Running Man 28-second iPhone video of no great significance.
326: 2012-03-29: Finally! All video visitation is now centralized! (@ Palm Beach County Central Video Visitation Facility) [pic]:
327: 2012-02-24: "I love this video, you really did a great job of capturing the essence of a Bosnian place" (Sarajevo marketplace)
328: 2012-02-23: Coldplay: "The Scientist" - Nice song, cool video!
329: 2012-02-23: "Marquis de Sade" - my new original song about the French Revolution. Video (1:41)
330: 2012-02-20: Where McDonalds gets their french fry oil. (10-second iPhone video)
331: 2012-01-30: "Dude what the fuck did you take before even having the thought of making this!" Re: our Tribal Elder video.
332: 2012-01-26: My video postcard from St. Peter's Basilica, The Vatican, one year ago. Cool soundtrack! 4 minutes.
333: 2012-01-25: Facebook/YouTube time bomb: collecting huge photo/video files that never go away, eating storage faster than technology advances.
334: 2012-01-24: You can't unsee a bad music video of a good song. It poisons you with explicitness.
335: 2012-01-23: Grand Central Station at Hyperspeed. 18-second experimental video from May 2011.
336: 2012-01-10: 26-second preview of my upcoming muckraking video: "Predator in Rent-a-Car"
337: 2011-12-30: This is what I used to do! The journey of checked baggage video via @brainpicker
338: 2011-12-27: One year ago, we spent Christmas in Jerusalem and Bethlehem (for real!) Check out are archived tweets, photos & videos:
339: 2011-12-21: Kim Jong Il's problem? Just lonely. PLUS special bonus video: blowing away Alec Baldwin!
340: 2011-12-16: Reality is like a video game but better designed, with more complexity levels and bigger rewards and risks. Caveat: You can die only once.
341: 2011-12-14: The whole female species NAILED in a 1-minute video! "Shit Girls Say" via @nainysahani Also see: @shitgirlssay
342: 2011-12-13: Reality is the ultimate video game. It has more levels of complexity, more unexpected twists than any game created by man.
343: 2011-12-08: A showcase of my best "character" videos on YouTube. (i.e. videos where I play someone else)
344: 2011-12-08: Stonehenge's Biggest Mystery. My video from August, shot just outside the fence at Stonehenge. (Uploaded today) 2 min
345: 2011-12-08: From Venice, Italy, I discuss the philosophy of my proposed travel show in this 7-minute video.
346: 2011-12-01: @xtinewu Pirouettes — iPhone video or it didn't happen.
347: 2011-11-27: RT @brainpicker: Interesting – @magisto_says algorithmically cuts any boring video into a snazzy highlight reel (HT ...
348: 2011-11-10: "Sacha Baron Cohen as Lord Monckton" - This video had me going. What is real? via @brainpicker
349: 2011-11-10: "Glenn Campbell Defines Existentialism", our 7-minute video from July, explains it all (kinda).
350: 2011-11-04: I can't believe this video is real: "Murmuration" A "flock" of birds is an understatement!
351: 2011-11-03: GIANT TEXAS CHICKEN caught on iPhone video. Worldwide exclusive, shot two hours ago!
352: 2011-11-03: BUT WAIT! I was walking thru the woods when I saw this ENORMOUS TEXAS CHICKEN! The thing was Huge! Caught it on iPhone video. Uploading now.
353: 2011-11-03: Check out our Google+ for a "best of" selection of photos, videos and philosophical works, current and past:
354: 2011-11-02: Video Postcard: "Surreal Ride on a New York Subway" (shorter, punchier version of the video posted yesterday).
355: 2011-11-02: Video Postcard: Subway Ride in Manhattan. A surreal 5-minute view out the side window (10 days ago)
356: 2011-10-24: Did the 21st Century let you down on the whole flying car thing? Check out this levitation video.
357: 2011-10-21: Video Postcard: On the platform of the 42nd Street subway station, New York. (2:04)
358: 2011-10-20: My philosophy video from Feb.: "What I Learned from Celebrity Impersonators" (12:25)
359: 2011-10-18: New philosophy video: "Understanding the Parameters of Sleep" (21:09) From Norfolk VA, 2 days ago. Kinda creepy.
360: 2011-10-13: Inflating the Protest Elephant (A video postcard from Boston)
361: 2011-10-12: New Video: An oral history of my airline career... and my free flight benefit. - My longest video ever! 1+ hour.
362: 2011-10-11: Video Postcard: Brazilian church procession in Framingham, MA (last night) - I heard the sound and followed it.
363: 2011-10-05: New video: Exploring an Abandoned Factory in Windsor Locks, CT - 36 minutes in HD, filmed in one continuous take.
364: 2011-10-03: Philosophy from the Yukon! An interesting video of mine from 1 year ago, newly stabilized. "Human Feedback Systems"
365: 2011-10-03: RT @Kyoks1: Las drogas-desde la cocaina hasta los videojuegos-son pseudoexperiencias toman el lugar d hacer cosas reales en el mundo via ...
366: 2011-10-03: It is hard to grasp how many videos I've produced in my 16-month YouTube career until I try to index them.
367: 2011-10-02: .@Mostlegendary "What do you consider drugs? Sugar? Caffeine?..." <== See my video:
368: 2011-10-02: Drugs—from cocaine to video games—are pseudo-experience, taking the place of doing real things in the world.
369: 2011-10-02: When someone you care about gets into hard drugs, there is little you can do to help them. My new video:
370: 2011-10-02: "Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse!" My new advice video filmed today at Wesleyan University. (21:21)
371: 2011-09-28: RT @ebertchicago: Actual videos of images captured from our minds by computers. Nothing is personal.
372: 2011-09-28: Newly edited video from Hawaii (shot in March): How to Beat High Food Prices on Kauai (1:11)
373: 2011-09-26: Communicating with a fellow passenger on a bus in Israel. 1-minute video from April.
374: 2011-09-25: .@xtinewu "Like a basket of 14 goats instead of PayPal" <== I'm thinking hamburger credits. My 2010 video explains:
375: 2011-09-24: Re our tweet about digital currency @ddscouser suggests we check out "bitcoins". See video: or
376: 2011-09-22: Just made public this 1-minute video of the "Jerusalem Subway" (May 2011)
377: 2011-09-22: Surprisingly, my most popular video on YouTube is this 30-second bit from Sarajevo last year: - Not sure why.
378: 2011-09-16: In Times Square, a black preacher argues against equal rights My newly stabilized video, filmed on the Rapture.
379: 2011-09-16: Glenn's new video sampler: - For a surreal experience, trying playing all videos at once!
380: 2011-09-14: Notting Hill Carnival - Final Edited Video All the debauchery from London two weeks ago.
381: 2011-09-14: Driving Across the Golden Gate Bridge - Video Postcard (2 minutes, 2 days ago) Photos:
382: 2011-09-11: Video Postcard: A Walk in Muir Woods 3 minutes in the Redwoods of Northern California (yesterday)
383: 2011-09-11: New Video: Elephant Seals: California's Party Animal (03:25, 2 days ago) Our first wildlife video!
384: 2011-09-08: Video Postcard: Welcome to California! (0:43) Crossing the Colorado River near Needles
385: 2011-09-08: Video Postcard: Passing Freight Train in New Mexico. - Local color, shot this morning iwith my iPhone.
386: 2011-09-07: Video: Message from a Tribal Elder in New Mexico (parody) — Filmed in 2010 in this geotagged location!
387: 2011-09-06: Video Postcard: Truck Fire in Arkansas (two days ago) 01:35
388: 2011-09-03: Notting Hill Carnival. New preview video of the debauchery in London last weekend. (2:39)
389: 2011-09-01: Follow our channeler on Google+ for a tasteful selection of our best photos and videos.
390: 2011-08-26: Video Postcard: Bobbies respond to an altercation in Shepherd's Bush Market, London, last night. (0:50)
391: 2011-08-21: Archive video: Feeding the very aggressive pigeons of St. Marks Square, Venice. (1 year ago)
392: 2011-08-21: Video Postcard: St. Marks Square, Venice from a passing Vaparetto. Today! 1 min. Awesome video from my iPhone!
393: 2011-08-11: Brilliant tutorial by Python alum Terry Gilliam on paper cutout animation (14 min video) via @brainpicker
394: 2011-07-31: Video Postcard: Sarajevo, Bosnia - walking through the marketplace: (10:48, July 2010 but newly published)
395: 2011-07-29: Video stabilization in the YouTube editor is pretty damn amazing. Check out our "Landing in Washington"
396: 2011-07-27: New philosophy video: "Autodidactism" (10 minutes)
397: 2011-07-22: Our new philosophy video: "Existentialism Defined" (6 minutes) From the woods of New England
398: 2011-07-22: Video postcard: In the airport in Glasgow, an absurd escalator safety warning. British nannyism run amok? (0:30)
399: 2011-07-14: Deactivate a cat? 30 second video shows how. via @oliverburkeman
400: 2011-07-11: Hitler Rants About the Closing of the 405 Freeway — ROFL! Video: via @xtinewu #Carmageddon
401: 2011-07-10: State of the art: 3 terabytes for $160. That would hold my life's work to date, including video.
402: 2011-07-09: I've just invented a new sport: "river walking" — Just pick a river and walk up the middle of it. Video from MO:
403: 2011-07-02: Books were the video game scourge of an earlier generation.
404: 2011-06-22: Video Postcard: Interviewing a camel named Moses at the Great Pyramids. Not a lot to say, this one. (40 seconds)
405: 2011-06-17: Eilat is the Israeli Riviera, a tiny beach on the Red Sea sandwiched between Egypt and Jordan. My video from April:
406: 2011-06-02: Video Postcard: Little drummer at Athens demonstration. 4-minute performance in Syntagma Square last night.
407: 2011-05-30: Video Postcard: View of the Acropolis from the balcony of my hostel room in Athens. 45 seconds
408: 2011-05-30: Arriving in Athens, this somewhat sinister 17-second video describes my first order of business:
409: 2011-05-26: Video Postcard: Cattle Call, Amarillo, Texas. 2-minute visit with hamburger-on-the-hoof at a massive feed lot.
410: 2011-05-25: the frame illusion — n. the viewer's assumption that whatever is cut off by the frame of a photo or video extends infinitely beyond it.
411: 2011-05-25: The main deception of photos and video is showing you a detail of something and leading you to believe it represents the whole.
412: 2011-05-24: Video Experiment: Grand Central Station at Hyperspeed 18 seconds. 2 days ago.
413: 2011-05-22: Video Postcard: End of the World in Times Square. 1:30 - Filmed just before the Apocalypse last night.
414: 2011-05-22: In New York City, honking a car horn is now illegal! For video I shot in Times Square, I'll need to go to Athens for appropriate sounds.
415: 2011-05-21: Video Experiment: Grand Central Station in Fast Forward. - 14-second video shot yesterday in Manhattan.
416: 2011-05-18: My new how-to video: "Elementary Phase Shifting: How to Move Instantly Between Parallel Universes" Easy as pie!
417: 2011-05-14: May 6 was my one year anniversary of making videos. My first uploaded video was "A Rooster Eats My Ice Cream" on FB:
418: 2011-05-09: New video: Canada Explained in Two Minutes! Shot 10 days ago in the boreal forest north of Lake Superior.
419: 2011-05-08: Here's an awesome 4-minute video showing how chroma key is used in the movies. It's so easy!
420: 2011-05-06: You can't become a movie director overnight, but you can pick up a video camera and use it, putting out the best product possible.
421: 2011-05-05: Raw Video: Masada Standups My on-site narration from Masada, Israel. (Part of a theoretical future video)
422: 2011-05-05: Video Postcard: Tel Aviv Waterfront (April 22) Scanning the resort area of Tel Aviv. 1:36
423: 2011-05-05: Video Postcard: On a bus in Israel Encounter with a fellow passenger on a bus from Eilat to Tel Aviv. April 21.
424: 2011-04-27: New philosophy video: "The Flawed Movie Hero and What He Teaches Us" Shot this morning in Alberta.
425: 2011-04-23: Video Postcard: Jerusalem Central Bus Station. (30 sec. 3 days ago) Typical chaos waiting for a bus to Masada.
426: 2011-04-21: Video Postcard: Eilat, Israel. The most densely packed beach I have ever visited! 1-minute iPhone video.
427: 2011-04-18: Video Postcard: Looking out over Jerusalem from the roof of my hostel. (30 seconds)
428: 2011-04-17: Early results of yesterday's video shoot in Old Jerusalem. (2-minute draft portion of a promo video)
429: 2011-04-16: Video Postcard: Old Jerusalem "Subway" - Many cities have subways, but this one is FREE and carries only 3 boys.
430: 2011-04-15: All our tweets, photos and videos from our last visit to Jerusalem in December:
431: 2011-04-09: New travel video: Pagosa Springs, Colorado - A two-minute introduction to the "Hot Spring Capital". 4 days ago.
432: 2011-04-09: Video Postcard: Oil Well in Oklahoma - 1 minute of pumpin' crude, shot two days ago. Edited for excitement!
433: 2011-04-07: I explain the fall of Rome in this video from outside the Roman Forum (May 2010)
434: 2011-04-06: New travel video from an abandoned grain elevator in Kansas. — Silly 4-minute video shot yesterday.
435: 2011-04-05: All our Christmas photos, videos and tweets from Bethlehem (West Bank) Jerusalem
436: 2011-04-05: Our video report from the Palestinian side of the West Bank barrier (like the Berlin Wall). {12/25 Christmas!}
437: 2011-04-03: Video Postcard: "Death Stalks Us All" - A 30-second graveyard experiment, Wytheville, VA, 6 hours ago.
438: 2011-04-01: The key the great photography and videomaking is to liberate yourself from the need to accurately record reality.
439: 2011-04-01: Our new video: "Investigating the House" - A one-minute suspense movie filmed and edited tonight in Orlando.
440: 2011-03-29: When kids find a movie or video they like, they play it over and over, ad nauseum. There must be some insight there about learning.
441: 2011-03-29: You're supposed to give your kids this video game to counteract the effects of other video games. Good luck!
442: 2011-03-27: Video Postcard: Rice fields near Sacramento, seen from the air. 30-second iPhone video. Landing at SMF.
443: 2011-03-26: See our new Kauai video - Our own exercise in autodidactism!
444: 2011-03-26: (Preceding Jungle video is a fully edited 5-minute version, unlike the earlier 2-minute preview. In Full HD!)
445: 2011-03-26: Jungle Journey to the Blue Hole, Kauai—Part 1 (5 days ago) - Our best video ever! Gnarly! (Part 2 coming soon!)
446: 2011-03-21: Our new video: "How to Beat High Food Prices on Kauai" — 50-sec preview of coming video. Check out the local "bargains"!
447: 2011-03-19: Packaged travel experiences gain you nothing. You'll come home the same person as you left. You could have stayed home and watched a video!
448: 2011-03-18: Video is not simply a series of still photos. It is a narrative to which images are attached.
449: 2011-03-18: Video Postcard: supermarket produce dept. in Houston (3 days ago) 40-second iPhone video. Pretty colors!
450: 2011-03-18: Glenn as a Siamese twin Experimenting with our new video editing software yields a monster! (30-seconds)
451: 2011-03-16: Here's a new HD version of the video posted 3 days ago: "How to Twitter (and How Not To)" (without distortion).
452: 2011-03-14: Our new philosophy video: "How to Twitter (and How Not To)" - The key is overcoming your own narcissism.
453: 2011-03-12: Exhibit B: "Adam and Eve: The Gay Version." 1-minute YouTube video: Funny rejected ad.
454: 2011-03-12: New edited video: "My Ikea Adventure in Cincinnati" An editing exercise. Shot last night with my iPhone.
455: 2011-03-12: disaster porn—the public preoccupation with the latest natural disaster for which video is available.
456: 2011-03-12: Video diary: 1am at a rest area in Kentucky. Desperate man calls upon me to save his family... and I refuse!
457: 2011-03-12: There is no such thing as a perfect video edit. There is only a adequate edit within the time you have available.
458: 2011-03-09: why do we get so few stars or views for this content? Just wondering. (We tweet a cute little animal video, and everyone looks!)
459: 2011-03-09: His Holiness tweets pix and video from some exotic places: Gibraltar, Morocco, the West Bank, Naples, Istanbul, Impersonators in Vegas...
460: 2011-03-09: Our first EDITED travel video, from the summit of Mt. Vesuvius in Naples, Italy: (shot 3 weeks ago, edited now)
461: 2011-03-09: Home video: My nephews reveal that there isn't any Santa Claus
462: 2011-03-04: Video postcard: Ectoplasmic ghostbusting vehicle in North Carolina (53 secs) (1 hour ago) Who yah gonna call?
463: 2011-03-04: Reality may be a video game, but no other offers so much depth and complexity—and so many challenge levels!
464: 2011-03-03: Essential communication skills of cyberspace: twittering, photography, blog writing, video making, speaking to a camera.
465: 2011-03-02: Video Postcard from Florida: "RV Madness" (40 seconds) — Because you can never have too much shit!
466: 2011-02-28: Our new philosophy video: "What I Learned from Celebrity Impersonators" - We are all impersonators!
467: 2011-02-27: Landing on Washington, D.C. (minutes ago!). Hi-def iPhone video.
468: 2011-02-22: Creativity is proven only by action. No book, video, class or seminar can give it to you. Either you talk about it, or you do it!
469: 2011-02-19: Video Postcard: Four minutes inside St. Peter's Basilica, The Vatican. (Mother church of the Catholic religion.)
470: 2011-02-19: Video Postcard: Three minutes in St. Peter's Square, the Vatican.
471: 2011-02-18: Video Postcard: Showing off my $20 hotel room in Rome—a very SMALL hotel room.
472: 2011-02-17: Funny airline safety video on my flight from Istanbul to Rome—given by kids!
473: 2011-02-11: Philosophy video from Istanbul: Too Much String Cheese! (Video #38)
474: 2011-02-10: Mammals have two modes of aggression: Attack to kill, and "just playing". (See Twitvid video.) The latter is practice, used with siblings.
475: 2011-02-10: Istanbul Travelogue, Part 1: Arriving in Taksim Square. (Video #36)
476: 2011-02-08: The best video is a dance between the cameraman and the talent. Static cameras suck!
477: 2011-02-08: Here's a short Lonely Planet video from the Egypt I didn't get to see:
478: 2011-02-07: Photographic index of all our 2011 videos:
479: 2011-02-06: Song #7: "Weekend Pirate" — Our own original sea shanty on part-time piracy. Song by the songwriter. (Video #35)
480: 2011-02-05: On the set of my upcoming music video, "Weekend Pirate". Argggh!
481: 2011-02-05: Britney Spears has nothing to do with a Britney Spears song except coming into the studio to sing it, then dancing in the video. #blasphemy
482: 2011-02-04: Consumer video has a low "dynamic range". Typically, part of the image is underexposed, part overexposed, with dark or washed out colors.
483: 2011-02-04: Consumer videos are TOO sharp! Both foreground and background are in focus, the image flat. That's because the sensor chip is so small.
484: 2011-02-04: "Cinematic feel" consists of: A) blurred background, B) rich colors & C) slower frame rate. That's why videos don't look as good as movies.
485: 2011-02-03: This is your brain on CNN — a tragic example of news overexposure. (our video from May)
486: 2011-01-30: One of the most realistic and plausible movies ever! Direct from Bollywood! Video: via @princeboucher
487: 2011-01-30: Caption of our earlier video should have read: "The most fun a CAT can have in 3.5 minutes!"
488: 2011-01-29: Live-tweeting my swim on the Florida Keys. Brutal! Water temp can't be more than 75 degrees. Video coming.
489: 2011-01-29: - Mini-Video: De-icing in Philadelphia (2 hours ago). Spacy cool! (0:44)
490: 2011-01-29: Song #6: "Flatland" - Our own original song, sung yesterday in the Central Valley of California (Video #34)
491: 2011-01-28: - Mini-Video: San Francisco cable car at Powell and Bush. (0:30)
492: 2011-01-28: New video of our old haunts. 15 years later, nothing has changed. RT @1080visual Student Podcast about Area 51
493: 2011-01-27: Flight for Life near Barstow. (Our first directly uploaded video.) 0:19
494: 2011-01-24: Some of our finest essays were written between May 2008 and March 2010: (Then we discovered video!)
495: 2011-01-24: Basic index of all our videos: video> - Our first video? "Rooster Eats My Ice Cream" on May 6, 2010.
496: 2011-01-24: His Holiness is a "peripatetic hyperprolific content generator"—photos from all over, videos, essays, even songs! So, yeah, expect links.
497: 2011-01-24: Our original song #11: "Blood on the Windshield" Injustice in the Deep South. Sung today in Oklahoma. Video #33
498: 2011-01-22: WASHINGTON—Our new video from the steps of the Capitol: "Political Hot Air" (Video #32) Filmed yesterday!
499: 2011-01-20: For once in my life, I'm legit! I have a photography permit at the US Capitol! (Scene of an upcoming video.)
500: 2011-01-17: Philosophy Video #31: "The Problem with Property" From the beach in Sarasota, Florida, yesterday.
501: 2011-01-16: Some oceanfront property in Sarasota, Florida, site of our next philosophy video. Should we buy?
502: 2011-01-13: Song #1: "Galaxy Queen" A Space Tragedy. OUR FIRST SONG! Sung by the songwriter this morning. (Video #30)
503: 2011-01-10: Existential Muppet Crisis! Kermit and Fozzie become aware of their foam and wire innards. Classic video: (@redditpics)
504: 2011-01-07: RT @DalaiLama: Photo of HHDL taking part in his first video conference with 3 prominent Chinese intellectuals on January 4, 2011. http:/ ...
505: 2011-01-06: HD Delusion #7: In video, as in real life, the brain retains only what happened, not the details of the scene, so HD is forgotten instantly.
506: 2011-01-05: Our best videos of 2010: Destruction Bay. Our first attempt at drama. (Oct.)
507: 2011-01-05: Hunting with a rifle isn't a sport any more than a video game is. A naked, starving man with a spear—now that's a sport!
508: 2011-01-04: Our best videos of 2010: Transylvania Promo for Operation Weekend.
509: 2011-01-03: Our best videos of 2010: The Pigeons of St. Marks Square, Venice. (July)
510: 2011-01-02: Our best videos from 2010: Please Gamble Responsibly (a message from a tribal elder in New Mexico) (July)
511: 2011-01-01: Our best videos from 2010: Prairie Dogs Attack! in Wyoming. (June)
512: 2010-12-31: Video #29: We propose a new world currency: hamburgers! From McDonalds, Deltona, Florida.
513: 2010-12-30: REPOST: Our inspirational Christmas message from Bethlehem, Palestine: GET OFF THE DAMN INTERNET! (Video #24)
514: 2010-12-29: Video #28: Who is buried in McKinley's Tomb? (And who really cares?) Canton, Ohio - Yesterday.
515: 2010-12-29: Video #27: Settlement protests in Jerusalem. I infiltrate two opposing demonstrations in Zion Square. (Dec. 23)
516: 2010-12-28: CANTON, OHIO — I have the power of God at my fingertips! (short but electrifying video shot today) (Video #26)
517: 2010-12-28: Video #25: Exploring an abandoned building in Jerusalem (on Christmas).
518: 2010-12-25: Video: Panoramic view of Old Jerusalem from the top of the Damascus Gate on Christmas morning. (Video #22)
519: 2010-12-25: Just returned to my Jerusalem hostel after a second visit to Bethlehem for Christmas. Videos and photos coming!
520: 2010-12-25: BETHLEHEM — Touring the Church of the Nativity, alleged site of Jesus' birth, on Christmas Eve! (Video #20)
521: 2010-12-24: BETHLEHEM — Bagpipes on Christmas Eve! TODAY!! Not the procession you'd expect at Jesus' birthplace. (Video #19)
522: 2010-12-23: Video #18: Jerusalem, Israel: Crossing the Old City. - Intro tour from Damascus Gate to the Western Wall. Today!
523: 2010-12-22: I'm in Jerusalem for Christmas, hoping to produce a few new videos for you. In the meantime, photos from my last visit:
524: 2010-12-21: Video #17: "The Problem with Love" From Utah (today). The risk of love is losing control over your own destiny.
525: 2010-12-20: On the edge of the Great Salt Lake — the setting of our upcoming inspirational video, "The Problem with Love"
526: 2010-12-20: Do you have profound questions for His Holiness? DM or @ them to us and HHBDL may answer with a short essay or video.
527: 2010-12-18: Video #16: "Universal Health Care: A Southern Perspective" - Funny and meaningful.
528: 2010-12-17: Archive Video: "Message from a Tribal Elder in New Mexico" Please gamble responsibly. (One of our first videos)
529: 2010-12-16: Video #15, from Chicago's Millennium Park: "Goals and How to Achieve Them" (not our most coherent)
530: 2010-12-15: Millennium Park in Chicago, site of our next inspirational video.
531: 2010-12-15: Video Essay #15: From the Harvard Museum of Natural History, "Quality and Deception" - With free museum tour!
532: 2010-12-14: Reality is like a video game but better designed, with more complexity levels and bigger rewards and risks. Caveat: You die only once.
533: 2010-12-13: Photos from Harvard University, setting of tonight's video essay, QUALITY & DECEPTION (coming soon)
534: 2010-12-13: Reality is the ultimate video game. It has more levels of complexity, more unexpected twists than any game created by man.
535: 2010-12-13: Video Essay #14: "In Defense of Secrecy" — From under a bridge in Lowell, Mass., our response to #wikileaks
536: 2010-12-12: Photos: Lowell, Massachusetts, site of today's video essay DEFENDING SECRECY (coming tonight):
537: 2010-12-11: Video Essay #13: In the Footsteps of Thoreau at Walden Pond - From Thoreau's cabin site in Concord, Mass. Today.
538: 2010-12-11: The Pigeons of St. Marks Square, Venice, Italy. Travel Video: (July 2010) - One of His Holiness' best!
539: 2010-12-11: Video Essay #12: People Can Change, But You Can't Change Them. - From the woods of Massachusetts
540: 2010-12-08: Video Essay #11: What is Truth? - From Ithaca, NY. Truth is pretty simple really.
541: 2010-12-07: The most vapid form of travel is the cruise. You can't find a more artificial environment outside of a video game.
542: 2010-12-03: Monty Python's Philosophers' Football Match (video) and new essay by HHBDL: "Just Hit the Ball!" (blog) So few will do it
543: 2010-11-30: You can't teach someone creative writing or film. Either they're inclined to pick up a pen or video camera or they're not.
544: 2010-11-25: Video Essay #10: Practice Makes Perfect... Idiocy! - Why rote practice is usually not the best use of your time.
545: 2010-11-24: Video Essay #9: Human Feedback Systems: - From an abandoned roadhouse in the Yukon Territory. Free tour at end!
546: 2010-11-22: Video Essay #8: "Drug Abuse: What Doesn't Work" - From the main courthouse in Las Vegas (two days ago).
547: 2010-11-18: Video Essay #7: "The Trauma of Childhood" Jackson, Mississippi. Moving out of the fantasyland of childhood.
548: 2010-11-14: Video Essay #6: "Stream of Consciousness" - Dragoon, Arizona. You can control the content of your consciousness.
549: 2010-11-14: Video Essay #5: "Understanding Las Vegas" - Direct from the Las Vegas Strip (this morning).
550: 2010-11-12: Philosophy Video #0: "Explaining the Fall of Rome" - From outside the Roman Forum, May 2010.
551: 2010-11-12: VIdeo Essay #4: "The Meaning of Life Explained" - From Miami Beach. The secrets of life revealed at last!
552: 2010-11-10: Video philosophy essay #3: "Triage" - Triage is the management of limited resources to achieve the maximum good.
553: 2010-11-09: Video philosophy essay: "You Can't Change Personality" - Our 2nd video from Miami Beach.
554: 2010-11-08: Our first VIDEO philosophy essay: "The Law of Diminishing Returns" - Filmed yesterday on Miami Beach.
555: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-08: New photos: Miami Beach: + Bonus iPhone Video snapshot: Hi-Tech Beachcomber:
556: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-08: RT @BadDalaiLama: Our first VIDEO philosophy essay: "The Law of Diminishing Returns" - Filmed yesterday on M ...
557: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-19: Video: Area 51 Exposed... in 45 seconds! Can you handle the truth?
558: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-18: Photos and videos don't merely record reality; they create it.
559: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-13: New video: Boreal Forest in Northern Minnesota:
560: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-19: Video: Explaining the Fall of Rome (from outside the Roman Forum) - It just got too damn big!
561: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-18: A 1992 news report on the siege of Sarajevo. Video: - My 2010 photos:
562: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-08: Video: Secrets of Area 51 Revealed! (in 44 seconds) (Back again!)
563: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-01: Video: Boarding a Train to Transylvania. (Belgrade, 3 days ago)
564: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-30: Video: Finding Happiness in Timisoara, Romania. - Changing trains on the way to Transylvania.
565: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-29: Sniper Alley, Sarajevo. Video: 27 seconds
566: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-26: Video: Buying my train ticket to Sarajevo. - 23 seconds
567: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-23: Video my first FOAM PARTY, Venice, Italy.
568: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-23: New video from St. Marks Square. Not so many pigeons this time. Just mingling with the tourists.
569: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-21: Video: The Pigeons of St. Marks Square, Venice: - Wall-to-wall pigeons... feeding on humans! Yesterday.
570: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-18: "Paranormal Activity" changed my life. ANYONE can make a compelling video with ANY equipment. All you need is a great idea.
571: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-12: Shocking Revelations! See me in last night's SyFy special here: video/pdlxzbonuerm> (I'm in the 2nd hour, re Area 51)
572: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-11: My video: "Message from a Tribal Elder in New Mexico" - Please gamble responsibly.
573: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-30: New video: Area 51 Exposed at Last! (0:44) - What the networks don't want you to know!
574: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-26: New video: Lost in the Redwoods - Whichever way I go, there's no way out!
575: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-24: New video: Visiting my Auntie in Eureka, California. - "I can't wait for you to meet her!"
576: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-16: New Video: Feeding the Prairie Dogs in Wyoming.
577: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-09: New Video: Climbing the steps of the Acropolis to the Parthenon in Athens. Facebook:
578: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-08: New videos from Athens: "Why the Greeks Built the Parthenon" "Rules of Acropolis"
579: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-05: New video: "Who Will Save the Majestic Wal-Mart?" Another environmental tragedy from the Gulf Coast?
580: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-04: I've created a new Tumblr page to highlight my best photos and videos: (Better than Facebook for some things)
581: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-01: New video from our sponsor in Paducah, Kentucky: Finkel's Fair Stores. 0:21
582: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-01: New video upload: Arriving at the Colosseum in Rome (May 16)
583: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-29: New video: "Searching for Intelligent Life at Vasquez Rocks" - Star Trek parody filmed yesterday.
584: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-27: New Video: "In Heaven, you get to listen to CNN... if you're very, very good!"
585: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-25: New Video: Message from a Tribal Elder in New Mexico. - 1:46 - "Remember who was here first." YouTube
586: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-24: New video: Life on the Texas Panhandle. - It can be hard, but here's how to address it.
587: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-23: Video: Stunning revelations from St. Louis. - Is the arch merely a monument or something more?
588: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-22: VIdeo: Undersea trials of my new pocket video camera. - Conducted at Motel 6, Akron, Ohio.
589: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-11: On my bucket list: Buy the box set of "America's Funniest Home Videos" and watch every single episode since the series began.
590: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-17: "Is it really 'self help' if it's some guy in a video telling you what to do?" @CynicalNihilist
591: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-30: A cool video on the subject of "beauty" "Dove Evolution" 1:15
592: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-04: Most people obsessed with fantasy adventures - scifi, video games, etc - would never consider real ones, like travel.
593: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-31: The most vapid form of travel is the cruise. You can't find a more artificial environment outside of a video game. People pay for this?
594: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-14: Big Brother is watching us, with video cameras everywhere. Trouble is: humans have to monitor those cameras, so BB is still blind.
595: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-11: NY Times (today) on "The Story of Stuff" 20-minute video on how Stuff is strangling our planet. Not so simple, though.
596: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-05: Is life real or a virtual reality video game? Doesn't matter. It's the only game there is, so you might as well play it.
597: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-01: Common addictions: drugs, alcohol, cigs, caffeine, TV, video games, music, shopping, sports, sex, porn, religion, travel, food, love...
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