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1: 2013-05-16: Travel Tip: If you dress for the tropics on the plane to the tropics, you'll freeze to death before you get there.
2: 2013-04-25: The usual dream of tropical paradise seems to involve copious amounts of alcohol, as if people needed to block it out once they got there.
3: 2013-01-22: Tropical car camping tips: 4) Bring a light airline blanket as nighttime temps could dip into the 70s. Brrrr! (re @BadDalaiLama)
4: 2013-01-22: Tropical car camping tips: 3) Prepare for rain, which almost always happens sometime before dawn. (re @BadDalaiLama)
5: 2013-01-21: Tropical car camping tips: 1) Don't park under a coconut tree. 2) Park near the shore so the breeze keeps the bugs at bay.
6: 2013-01-21: My office for today. Everything you need in an office: internet, quiet, shade, ocean surf, tropical breeze.
7: 2012-12-22: St. Thomas and Puerto Rico are next to each other, but St. Thomas is atrociously priced while PR is the same as the USA. Same tropical air!
8: 2012-10-02: Surfing on an iceberg is really quite dangerous, especially in the tropics.
9: 2012-07-13: Rule #1 in the tropics: Don't camp under a coconut tree! (My campsite on left, unlike damn fool oceanside on right.)
10: 2012-07-10: Spend a while on a tropical island and you see the seams. It becomes less magical, more ratty and isolated.
11: 2012-02-10: Destruction Bay, Yukon. A tropical port of call. I'm standing on it. The bay. Right now! 360° panorama.
12: 2011-12-11: ... Could have slept in the Everglades but chose the middle of a Walmart parking lot. Same refreshing tropical air but no mosquitoes.
13: 2011-12-10: On My Bucket List: Study the effects of tropical diseases by personally contracting them.
14: 2011-09-23: Pro travel tip: If you're heading for a tropical destination and dress like you're already there, you'll freeze your ass off on the plane.
15: 2011-07-04: The best term for the biome in the Eastern United States is "seasonal tropical rainforest".
16: 2011-03-17: Leaving Alamo now, as darkness falls. (And darkness falls quickly in the tropics.) First task: hide my bags and head to Wal-Mart!
17: 2011-03-09: RT @SemperAugustus The sun looks like fur in that photo! (amateur photo of the sun) <== Nice little tropical destination!
18: 2011-02-07: Tropical dreaming in Chicago.
19: 2011-01-31: Homeless Tip: Camping soap (Walmart sports dept) also works in salt water, so while swimming in the tropics you can also bathe.
20: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-10: From May to September, the whole eastern half of the U.S. is essentially a tropical rainforest. Rich with greenery, bugs, rain & humidity.
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