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1: 2018-12-01: My cancer treatment may be over. From death's door to full remission.
2: 2017-03-14: Love is not an addiction treatment program. It will not heal pre-existing dysfunctions, only give them a safe place to flourish.
3: 2014-03-01: There is hope for selfie addiction, but the first step is you have to want to change. Treatment can't begin if you don't see a problem.
4: 2014-02-10: Love is not an addiction treatment program. It will not heal the dysfunctions each partner had when they began.
5: 2014-02-06: America's de facto drug treatment program is prison. There is no evidence that actual drug treatment does any better.
6: 2014-01-02: You are responsible for managing your own moods and impulses. No drug or treatment will cure you. The answer is inside you, not outside you.
7: 2013-09-16: It's not just "jail"; it's "enforced inpatient drug treatment"—the only opportunity some addicts ever have to dry out, at least temporarily.
8: 2013-07-15: If someone gives you the VIP treatment when you visit and says, "Come back soon!" that doesn't necessarily mean you should.
9: 2013-05-23: "Phobia" - my new treatment for a short film. A man seeks a cure for his panic attacks.
10: 2013-01-22: @BadDalaiLama My current theory of treatment: any kind of greasy lotion to drown 'em and aspirin to systemically reduce the itch.
11: 2013-01-11: Artificial things that aren't so bad: contraception, medical care, indoor plumbing, sewage treatment, electronic communication, law.
12: 2012-12-13: "Inventacon: The Movie" - Just did some new fine-tuning on yesterday's movie treatment.
13: 2012-12-12: "Inventacon: The Movie" (my expanded treatment) A flamboyant con artist starts a religion.
14: 2012-12-11: External treatment cannot change an internal personality trait.
15: 2012-12-11: Divert the war on drugs to a war of treatment and you'd still have a drug problem as serious as today. Just less crime.
16: 2012-12-11: The war against drugs isn't working, but that doesn't imply treatment works either. Maybe nothing works except personal choice.
17: 2012-12-10: "Inventacon" - treatment for a short film written today An amateur inventor submits his idea.
18: 2012-07-05: Each new improvement in cancer treatment saves lives... and increases the cost of medical care so fewer people have access to it.
19: 2012-05-17: Things that DO help cure addiction: getting arrested for DUI, losing your kids, losing your job, etc... Better success than treatment!
20: 2012-05-17: .@JennyKens Taking ones kids away CAN change addiction, as can other hard consequences. It's the actual treatment that's ineffective.
21: 2012-05-17: RT @JennyKens: @BadDalaiLama That's not what I saw supervising visits w moms n kids at treatment centers. They know they fucked up.
22: 2012-05-17: Addiction treatment does not work. — Understand why and you'll have powerful insight into human behavior.
23: 2012-05-17: Addiction treatment does not work! In controlled studies, rarely any long term advantage over placebo.
24: 2012-05-17: Addiction treatment lets the addict say: "It's not my problem. It's their problem."
25: 2012-05-17: The paradox of addiction treatment is that gives the addict another excuse for not addressing the problem himself.
26: 2012-01-14: There is rarely any effective treatment for personality disorders, except when you detect them in yourself and decide to change on your own.
27: 2011-07-15: A treasured childhood can be as crippling as an abusive one. You're always expecting that special-for-who-you-are treatment.
28: 2011-07-03: There is no treatment for jerks, at least from the outside. You can only get away from them or manage them cautiously like wild animals.
29: 2011-07-02: My 1-page essay on the failure of drug treatment programs: "Words Don't Work" (2009)
30: 2011-07-02: Oh and one little aside on the drug issue: Drug treatment doesn't work! Statistically no better than a placebo program.
31: 2011-07-02: Brilliant idea: the US GOV'T could manufacture and sell hard drugs, using all the proceeds for drug treatment. What could possibly go wrong?
32: 2011-02-04: Dieting products, hair-loss treatment, male enhancement, consumer-marketed prescription medicines — the snake oil of our age!
33: 2010-11-18: The concept of drug treatment is inherently flawed. It only frees the addict of responsibility by placing his cure in someone else's hands.
34: 2010-11-17: There is nothing more ineffective in curing addiction than mandated drug treatment. As soon as supervision ends, so does the cure.
35: 2010-09-20: The best treatment for trauma is to thoroughly understand the thing that traumatized you. Only then can you leave it behind.
36: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-10: The best treatment for trauma is to thoroughly understand the thing that traumatized you. Only then can you leave it behind.
37: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-22: The fundamental dilemma of public healthcare is there's no limit to how much can be spent on it. When do you say, "No more treatment"?
38: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-15: Isn't addiction treatment just another form of addiction? Isn't it just shifting responsibility for the problem to someone else?
39: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-29: Oxymoron alert: "addiction treatment" (The implication is that addiction can be fixed by some outside force rather than the addict himself.)
40: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-04: #oxymorons: Addiction treatment.
41: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-08: In Borderline disorder, the most effective treatment is the patient directly experiencing the consequences of her own actions.
42: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-30: I have written a new philosophy essay on addiction: "In Defense of Placebos" (Kilroy Cafe #42) - Treatment doesn't work.
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