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1: 2014-06-11: True learning is a form of data compression, where you fit your knowledge of a topic into a more compact and organized form.
2: 2014-01-15: Tonight, our panel of journalists and academics will discuss the topic "Talk: When is Enough Enough?"
3: 2013-03-07: For a pleasant conversation, free of stress, figure our what your listener has already invested in and completely avoid that topic.
4: 2012-10-27: @LadyFriday Hmmm. I see religion.. not a rebellious topic. Sort of like Born Again bikers. The Milquetoast Rebels of Bayshore?
5: 2012-10-03: RT @KilroyCafe: The rarest and most valuable of all human abilities is being relevant to the topic at hand.
6: 2012-09-22: All that has changed in ufology in 20 years is that this fringe topic has become a mainstream one, aggressively promoted by the media.
7: 2012-06-15: Two new topical albums: Children Pretty Girls -
8: 2012-03-07: (Shifting topics. Done with "Hedonism and Mission". Onward to "Atonement".)
9: 2011-12-18: eduflatulance — n. college courses intended to endlessly discuss vague topics that don't really benefit from endless discussion.
10: 2011-12-11: .@JessOnCrack: "How do u come up with these topics?" <== They're a by-product of my thinking processes. I do a LOT of thinking.
11: 2011-11-25: @Olivia_Sarai: "I'd like you to write about science, you're brilliant in every topic" <== Indeed I am! But who would pay for such wisdom?
12: 2011-07-27: Autodidactism should not be confused with data collection. You can collect a lot of information on a certain topic and not learn anything.
13: 2011-05-13: RT @noahWG An expert has simply spent more time learning about one topic at the expense of all others.
14: 2011-04-14: Our custom-made tweet archive is the most sophisticated on the planet: Search by month, topic, essay & more!
15: 2010-12-10: Also follow @BadLamaDaily! This low-volume feed (1-2/day) lets us retweet HHBDL's past wisdom relevant to current topics.
16: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-26: The rarest and most valuable of all human abilities is being relevant to the topic at hand.
17: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-10: Sex is the world's most boring topic. If you don't happen to be in the mood, it's just stupid.
18: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: The printed book was the internet of its era. Now it's just another medium, useful only when you want to spend 10+ hours with one topic.
19: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-29: Passing through "Flatland" Nebraska on I-80. Here's my song on the topic from a few months ago:
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