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1: 2018-02-18: On My Bucket List: Implement an elaborate system to conceal my extramarital affairs with porn stars and Playboy playmates. (Related: Get married and get rich so I can have them.)
2: 2017-10-27: Keys to a healthy immune system: dog slobber, foreign toilets, regular contact with nature, exposure to mildly unsanitary environments.
3: 2017-07-06: I'm protecting the environment, defending my microbiome and supporting a strong immune system. I haven't showered in a week.
4: 2017-04-23: Support a healthy immune system: Revel in dirt.
5: 2016-12-14: Trump could be the nasty cold that American needs to get to prime its immune system and purge the extreme right. #positivethinking
6: 2016-12-13: Virtual reality breakthrough: 3-D 360° fully immersive experience. Powerful reward system. Smell, taste and touch included. Try Reality 1.0
7: 2015-07-20: She's still living in the Dewey Decimal System. #librarianinsults
8: 2015-03-29: When the system is corrupt, talented and responsible people are seen as the enemy.
9: 2015-02-26: RT @Peripatetia: Amazing ride on New York's Anti-Gravity Cargo System - 4-minute video shot yesterday
10: 2015-02-07: When having a nightmare, pull up the system console and type RESET to stop it. Warning: Never type PURGE MEMORY or you'll lose everything.
11: 2014-11-10: The M&M is a clinically effective chocolate delivery system. Allow each lozenge to dissolve slowly on the tongue. Side effects are mild.
12: 2014-11-08: A dog that barks at everything is useless as a security system.
13: 2014-10-26: The most valuable personality trait: conscientiousness — being "efficient, organized, neat, and systematic" @TIME
14: 2014-09-08: Families are a system for reenacting history, not always in a good way.
15: 2014-07-02: RT @Peripatetia: Trying to game the system for another free sample (10-sec video, just now) @ Sam's Club Amarillo,TX
16: 2014-05-15: Fully equality can be achieved only by a quota system that discriminates against people who are otherwise qualified for the job.
17: 2014-05-13: Prison is society's housing system for those who can't survive anywhere else. Re @nypost
18: 2014-04-27: Sex is wet and squishy. Best not to engage in it without a strong immune system.
19: 2014-03-19: This public transit system is "a piece of crap".
20: 2014-03-16: What's your delusional system? How will it collapse?
21: 2014-01-15: If a system is destined to fail, you aren't necessarily doing anyone any favors by propping it up for a while.
22: 2014-01-05: systems to protect the safety of the public vs. systems that discourage personal responsibility
23: 2013-12-18: Lauperology — the school of philosophy and system of rationalization contending, based on anecdotal evidence, that girls just wanna have fun
24: 2013-10-15: Regularly exercising your immune system is the best way to keep it healthy. Revel in dirt!
25: 2013-10-06: Youth is the time to get stupidity out of your system. Just hope it don't kill you.
26: 2013-09-13: Dysfunction isn't lonely. It is always part of a system.
27: 2013-09-10: Systems and patterns of behavior are resistant to change. If you do change them, they usually snap back to the way they were before.
28: 2013-09-06: hospital — n. a highly efficient system for the manufacture, refinement and distribution of antibiotic resistant bacteria.
29: 2013-08-21: Everyone needs firewalls — personal boundaries to protect the integrity of your own system and keep others from corrupting it.
30: 2013-08-21: An addict can hide the facts of his drug abuse, but he cannot hide the systemic damage to his body and relationships.
31: 2013-08-17: Good intentions + ignorance of the systems you're dealing with = bad results.
32: 2013-08-14: On My Bucket List: Take potshots at the political system without making any effort to change it.
33: 2013-07-30: Marriage is a shared delusional system where you adopt, defend and enable the dysfunction of your partner.
34: 2013-07-21: A healthy personal defense system should protect you from the problems of the outside world while still letting you know that they exist.
35: 2013-07-19: Zoran is gaining ever-greater power in the Thoraxian Supreme Council as he systematically neutralizes his opponents.
36: 2013-07-17: RT @TheEconomist: What is the difference between common law, found in places such as England, and the more widespread civil-law system? htt…
37: 2013-07-15: When people celebrate their millionth customer or fan, they usually fail to thank the most responsible party, the base 10 system.
38: 2013-06-28: Campbell's Personality Classification System, circa 1995
39: 2013-06-17: Despotcracy — nominal democracy where the power of the majority is used to suppress opposition and pervert the system in the leader's favor.
40: 2013-06-17: Often it is the "clever" things—where you think you have beaten the system—that turn into the dumbest decisions you have ever made.
41: 2013-05-20: The Sandstone Foundation for Community Systems Research — where all the love was free!
42: 2013-05-20: You'd think that people would have had enough of silly reproductive signaling systems. I look around me and I see it isn't so.
43: 2013-05-12: The purpose of a belief system is to help you make good decisions. If you make a lot of disastrous decisions, your beliefs probably suck.
44: 2013-05-10: prison – n. a penal system in which society deprives you of internet access for your misdeeds.
45: 2013-04-30: God, if He exists, builds systems and lets them run. He is not a big interventionist.
46: 2013-04-23: Style is a system of voluntary constraints that tell you what to do when faced with endless creative possibilities.
47: 2013-04-16: All that chewing gum you flushed down the toilet is gathering in the sewer system, massing, taking form, plotting its gummy revenge...
48: 2013-04-11: I am now completely gluten free! (except in my digestive system)
49: 2013-04-11: Proposing a new dietary measurement system: Happiness Per Calorie (HPC).
50: 2013-03-31: For a healthy immune system, avoid any product that claims to kill germs. That's your body's job. It won't work without regular exercise.
51: 2013-03-30: Misery is a control system assuring that people with euphoric tendencies live within their means.
52: 2013-03-29: Every dysfunction is part of a system. By "helping", you often cause a disequilibrium that makes things worse.
53: 2013-03-19: TGCTGS — Trans-Generational Childhood Trauma Generating System (i.e. "family")
54: 2013-02-25: "China hacked my computer system" is the new "Dog ate my homework."
55: 2013-02-23: The L.A. transit system is really quite easy. First step: Don't panic.
56: 2013-02-22: Instead of attempting some grand Utopian scheme, it is usually better to work with existing systems in a core area you understand well.
57: 2013-02-16: Pyramid of the Capitalist System - built on the backs of the proletariat.
58: 2013-02-14: Booty Slide: Hottest Butt Lifting Workout System. As Seen On TV.
59: 2013-01-30: RT @KilroyCafe: Television is the force-feeding of experiences, much faster than your emotional system can digest them.
60: 2013-01-23: If you can't address the system, don't treat the symptoms.
61: 2013-01-22: @BadDalaiLama My current theory of treatment: any kind of greasy lotion to drown 'em and aspirin to systemically reduce the itch.
62: 2013-01-17: Either you are a great artist or you are a support system for other artists. You can't be both.
63: 2013-01-16: The way you build a character—and a story—is you give him a delusional system and let it play itself out. (cc @lawnrocket)
64: 2013-01-15: Regret is so painful in humans that they usually rearrange their belief system to make it go away.
65: 2013-01-09: @EkDoTween Best way to boost your immune system: Live in India where it gets lots of exercise. What does not kill you makes you stronger!
66: 2013-01-07: On My Bucket List: Retire at 65 and mooch off the system for decades.
67: 2012-12-16: Being a great artist is not just producing one great work but having a unique system of processing that consistently produces great work.
68: 2012-12-13: Your belief system is like a mapping app for your iPhone. You choose the one that makes the most reliable predictions and ignore the rest.
69: 2012-12-13: It is futile to try to correct someone's deeply held belief system. Just worry about your own.
70: 2012-11-08: When you stop accepting responsibility for your own decisions, your whole intellectual system starts breaking down.
71: 2012-11-02: Wear your HazMat suit when handling hazardous waste or dysfunctional people. Maintain secure barriers so they don't pollute your own system.
72: 2012-10-31: Automated Beverage System, McDonalds, 3am. 30-second iPhone video: Am I the only one who finds this fascinating?
73: 2012-10-30: To me, this is rhe biggest Sandy news ==> New York's flooded subway system
74: 2012-10-29: RT @KilroyCafe: You may reduce the chance of robbery by installing a security system, but you'd reduce it even more by not owning anythi ...
75: 2012-10-28: Hypothesis: There is less hospital infection in countries like India with poorer hygiene standards (hence stronger immune systems).
76: 2012-10-28: Hypothesis: For a strong immune system and better health, use public restrooms, travel a lot and seek random human contact.
77: 2012-10-28: Hypothesis: People who are the most germophobic get sick more often and more severely because their immune system gets less practice.
78: 2012-10-28: Hypothesis: Hand sanitizer is the Devil's clever poison, WEAKENING your immune system and making you more susceptible to illness.
79: 2012-10-28: Fact: Kids who play in dirt have stronger immune systems. How do we square this with adult germophobia?
80: 2012-10-28: The paradox of sanitation: curbs the spread of disease but weakens the immune systems of individuals, since there is less germ exposure.
81: 2012-10-23: The risk in trying to reform a dysfunctional system is you become part of the system, making matters worse.
82: 2012-10-14: Our permanent tweet archive has now been outfitted with a fancy new menu system for easier access.
83: 2012-10-14: Just created a nifty new menu system on my home page. - My massive oeuvre made easily accessible!
84: 2012-09-16: A nihilistic anarchist wouldn't even bother to attack the system. He'd be like, "meh, whatever."
85: 2012-09-05: RT @TheEconomist: Democracy may have its faults but alternative systems have proved no more fiscally prudent
86: 2012-08-30: A little more debt, one more credit card purchase, may seem harmless, until the burden becomes unsupportable and the system collapses.
87: 2012-08-25: Tibetan monks are famous for sleeping in extreme cold with only the lightest covering. It's not just godliness but natural bodily systems.
88: 2012-08-25: "Brown fat" is a newly discovered system that helps keep the body warm by burning conventional fat for heat... but you got to exercise it!
89: 2012-08-20: Every complex system, man-made or organic, is shaped not just by the needs at hand but by parasitic threats that would hijack the system.
90: 2012-08-08: Adults who have spent their whole lives within a structured system can be as naive and ill-prepared for the world as youth.
91: 2012-08-02: The "psychological immune system" is an instinctive aversion to conditions that seem unsanitary. Sometimes it serves us and sometimes not.
92: 2012-07-16: In addiction, the enemy isn't chemistry but the twisted system of logic the addict uses to defend his addiction.
93: 2012-07-11: "No" is both a tragedy and an essential. Without using it liberally your whole system will collapse.
94: 2012-07-11: It is a characteristic flaw of youth to buy into movements and belief systems he doesn't understand just because the packaging looks good.
95: 2012-07-10: Germophobes get sick more often. For a healthy immune system, you have to exercise it!
96: 2012-07-05: Medical science SEEMS to be an improvement for humanity, until you consider the systemic effects.
97: 2012-06-17: People don't really want the best for themselves. They want what doesn't upset their system.
98: 2012-06-08: The human body is 50 trillion cells organized in 78 organs and 1000s of perfectly tuned systems ruled, in most cases, by an idiot.
99: 2012-06-02: What are the best supplements for a healthy immune system? Dirt! Germs! Revel in them!
100: 2012-06-02: Lysol is killing your immune system.
101: 2012-06-02: It seems that the people who are most paranoid about germs are sick the most. Their immune system is weak because it gets little exercise.
102: 2012-05-29: RT @ShitYoungPplSay: We have to change the system.
103: 2012-05-23: RT @KilroyCafe: Family: a shared delusional system by which dysfunction is passed from one generation to the next.
104: 2012-05-15: catastrophology — n. the study of how human systems collapse and the stupid things people do to hasten it.
105: 2012-05-14: RT @KilroyCafe: Each of us has an emotional immune system that attacks and destroys any new ideas that conflict with what we have alread ...
106: 2012-05-12: Humans have a "psychological immune system"—an instinctive fear of "germs" that may have saved our ancestors but can cripple us today.
107: 2012-05-09: Let's get over the delusion that a diet soft drink is "food". There's no food in it. It's a flavored drug delivery system.
108: 2012-05-07: A house consists of systems built upon systems. Owning and maintaining one can get so complex that it consumes ones entire life.
109: 2012-05-04: I know the jury system is basically sound, but nothing would terrify me so much as having my fate in the hands of twelve average Americans.
110: 2012-04-25: The Tokyo transit system is easy to figure out. Anyone can do it. (10 days ago)
111: 2012-04-16: 44 hours in Tokyo and I'm pretty much adjusted. Sleep levels okay. Food systems okay. Understand the transit system. Now what?
112: 2012-04-12: Anger is a mechanism to protect the ego and insulate fragile belief systems from rational argument.
113: 2012-04-12: People who have invested their lives in dubious belief systems will always say, "Don't criticize what you don't understand."
114: 2012-03-23: "If life's a game, money is how you keep score.” <== for people who let society establish the scoring system for them. cc @wiselqvist
115: 2012-03-20: My rental car office, equipped with internet, food and a wide-spectrum external light suppression system.
116: 2012-03-11: There isn't a teenager alive who hasn't tried to game the system. Trust but verify!
117: 2012-03-11: Healthy living is different from germophobia, which hurts your health by coddling your immune system.
118: 2012-03-07: A meaningful mission does not have to help people immediately. You can work on systems that you think will help later.
119: 2012-03-07: The court system attracts people who prefer stability, not crazy adventurers. The sameness here is both reassuring and frustrating.
120: 2012-03-05: If you need anger to do what is right, you have a weak moral system.
121: 2012-02-24: Music is a stimulation of the nervous system, like drugs. You wouldn't expect it to give your life meaning any more than drugs do.
122: 2012-01-27: A car can reveal the personality and value system of its owner. Sometimes, it tells you if they're an asshole.
123: 2012-01-22: Prehistoric database system on display at USC, Los Angeles - 360° panorama (Jan. 11)
124: 2012-01-08: Creativity isn't having a clever idea. It is having a system for generating clever ideas appropriate to the circumstances.
125: 2012-01-08: Creativity isn't having a clever idea. It is having a system for generating clever ideas.
126: 2011-12-27: The best way to "strengthen your immune system" is expose it to a variety of pathogens. Dirt! Germs! Revel in them!
127: 2011-12-27: To what do I attribute my excellent health? Different toilet seat every day. Helps strengthen my immune system!
128: 2011-12-18: tenure — n. a communistic system of guaranteed employment allowing a professor to slack off and stop trying once he receives it.
129: 2011-12-14: For learning about addiction, mental illness, personality and human delusional systems there is no finer laboratory than a failed romance.
130: 2011-12-13: family — n. a shared delusional system by which dysfunctions are transferred from one generation to the next.
131: 2011-12-11: If someone tells you he has found a fantastic way to beat the system, come back six months later to see if the system hasn't beaten him.
132: 2011-12-05: The main idea of suburban living is: "Let's see how many unnecessary systems we can pile on top of life."
133: 2011-12-04: .@TheLastVirgo Wherever an energy-producing system exists, parasites will arise to exploit it.
134: 2011-12-02: Flight delay? Missed connection? No problem. I know the system! (@ Charleston International Airport (CHS) w/ 6 others)
135: 2011-12-02: Unlike the rest of life, sports obey a well-defined system of rules, so they don't teach you much about creativity in real-world chaos.
136: 2011-12-01: Productive living is a process of "outsourcing", where you develop systems, test them, then pass them on to others.
137: 2011-11-13: Our support site has been updated to reflect our new systems and services, including our Lite™ account @BadLamaWisdom
138: 2011-11-05: RT @DanielleOlympia Occupy My Room because the whole system is messed up.
139: 2011-10-31: So sad to see the home-burdened lose their power in the Northeast. How are they going to run all their appliances and entertainment systems?
140: 2011-10-29: What is your preferred caffeine delivery system? Do you snort it, shoot it or smoke it? Oh, you DRINK it? That's different.
141: 2011-10-24: The best way to "boost" your immune system is to exercise it. Dirt. Germs. Bring it on!
142: 2011-10-19: The benefits of technology are immediate and obvious. The costs are systemic and cumulative and may not be apparent for years.
143: 2011-10-14: The "psychological immune system" is a system of internal censorship that neutralizes dissenting messages before they reach ones inner core.
144: 2011-10-12: Sleep is an integrative system that takes the complexities of the day and boils them down to what is important.
145: 2011-10-03: Philosophy from the Yukon! An interesting video of mine from 1 year ago, newly stabilized. "Human Feedback Systems"
146: 2011-09-24: Death row inmates these days have no respect for the system.
147: 2011-09-24: Future money will be an advanced electronic bartering system where labor is traded for goods without government-sponsored currency.
148: 2011-09-22: Childhood is the set-up, the whole system by which we process the rest of life.
149: 2011-09-17: RT @trevlutz: @BadDalaiLama Why stop there? Lets just go back to the barter system. What is the pig to chicken exchange rate today?
150: 2011-09-17: The brands upon which my lifestyle depends: Walmart, Motel 6, Golden Corral, Dollar Tree, Verizon, Apple, US Interstate Highway System.
151: 2011-09-16: In America, a university is a system of higher education designed to support a football team. (*he notes while passing Notre Dame)
152: 2011-08-10: The only training system for creativity is to use it.
153: 2011-07-27: Formal education is a system of outsourcing responsibility for your own education.
154: 2011-07-13: Even the very rich can become hoarders, collecting homes and possessions until the whole system collapses.
155: 2011-07-08: Healthy living can help you reach age 70. After that, all your systems start failing at once. No matter what you do, time is gonna get you!
156: 2011-07-05: @xtinewu "ALWAYS trust your gut." <== That's one amazing digestive system you have there! Hasn't it ever been wrong?
157: 2011-07-04: Google knows How to build search systems. It is mildly autistic regarding the human world.
158: 2011-06-27: Music evolved as a system of language learning. Humans basically sing to each other when they speak.
159: 2011-06-23: One advantage of visiting Egypt is you're bound to lose weight. Kindly bacteria will visit your digestive system and liquify the contents.
160: 2011-06-17: The "behavioral immune system" explains much irrational human behavior.
161: 2011-06-07: Childhood is a delusion, held up by an artificial system of supports that can't be maintained indefinitely.
162: 2011-04-29: The sadness of the superhero is you cannot save everyone. In the end, you have to worry about systems, not individuals.
163: 2011-04-27: Modern sanitation has the perverse effect of breeding people with weak immune systems.
164: 2011-04-18: Jerusalem is testament to the human willingness to believe in whatever system you were born into.
165: 2011-04-08: Every investor, like every gambler, thinks he is smarter than everyone else, that he can outwit the system, until he loses his shirt.
166: 2011-04-03: Wisdom is the systematic dispelling of the myths of childhood.
167: 2011-03-31: If the motivational systems are in place then the problem solves itself.
168: 2011-03-30: The only way to beat the system is to know the system.
169: 2011-03-26: @laurenahayes Google would be just as creative if it renamed itself "Internet Search Systems". A rose is a rose. What would be the loss?
170: 2011-03-26: Education replaces self-motivated learning with an artificial system of rewards and punishments.
171: 2011-03-18: The sun sets on the Kauai bus system.
172: 2011-03-17: The Kauai bus system. This will serve my transportation needs tomorrow. 50 cents to Walmart. $2 to Hanalei!
173: 2011-03-10: When appearances conflict with underlying systems, the systems always win in the end.
174: 2011-03-09: The natural human tendency is to evaluate something by its surface characteristics rather than the underlying systems that make it work.
175: 2011-03-08: The fate of the engineer is to design complex and carefully crafted systems to serve the goals of idiots and megalomaniacs.
176: 2011-03-08: Current human breeding trends suggest a bifurcated evolutionary system, where dumb breed with dumb and bright with bright. {ibid}
177: 2011-03-06: Low-level rescues should be replaced whenever possible with higher level systemic changes encouraging self-sufficiency.
178: 2011-03-01: The valedictorian (ibid) seems to be blaming "the system" for decisions that she herself has made (studying rather than exploring).
179: 2011-03-01: The idealism of youth is thinking the system can be changed, like realigning the axis of the Earth.
180: 2011-03-01: The secret of a strong immune system? Dirt. Germs. Revel in them!
181: 2011-02-28: I love you for your immune system.
182: 2011-02-22: Every system is flawed. Your job is to choose the least flawed one—the option that best serves your needs at minimal moral cost.
183: 2011-02-22: The brain has a powerful emotional immune system that prevents your dumbest mistakes from ever really sinking in.
184: 2011-02-17: Los Angeles is an incredibly sophisticated system for pandering to people's basest instincts.
185: 2011-02-16: Trenitalia agent wanted €59 for FCO to Naples. I declined. Took train to Termini (€14) then Regional to Naples (€10.50). System beaten!
186: 2011-02-08: RT @santhonythomas: Apparently by constantly having sex with my stalkers I'm "encouraging them". Why is the system so against the black ...
187: 2011-02-02: Rare is the individual who can see an opportunity and use it, without his social support system telling him what to do.
188: 2011-02-01: The human brain is a holistic processing system, seeking higher-level patterns in the data. Where computers see bytes, we hear music.
189: 2011-01-31: There is futility and danger in trying to change systems you don't fully understand.
190: 2011-01-31: World events are inherently unpredictable. These systems are so complex and chaotic that small perturbations can trigger big changes.
191: 2011-01-27: In every noble endeavor there are Malthusian systems present, potentially neutralizing your work.
192: 2011-01-27: FADE IN — His mind is a total blank, free of desires. Systems check. GPS kicks in and he determines his location. Then motivation boots up.
193: 2011-01-17: In a post-Singularity world humans will become slaves to a system none of them controls—just like today!
194: 2011-01-15: Capitalism sucks, but it's the best social control system we have. At least it gives our lives structure that we can build other things on.
195: 2011-01-14: Machiavelli had something right: Behind every human enterprise are hidden systems, separate from the noble sentiments people express.
196: 2011-01-12: Music has a dangerous hold on the nervous system. Instead of thinking real thoughts, you have an iPod pumping drugs into your brain.
197: 2011-01-10: His Holiness does not watch television, but catches glimpses in public places. Seems like an archaic system. What is it good for?
198: 2011-01-10: The genius of the two party system is it makes people believe they can only be one or the other. They can stop thinking for themselves!
199: 2011-01-09: Capitalist morality is a system of compensation. Exploit others, then give to charity. Sin, then repent. It all balances out, right?
200: 2011-01-05: Your life's work consists of the systems and structures you leave behind.
201: 2011-01-02: People who have lived stable lives under the protection of a benign system are usually philosophical simpletons who have little to say.
202: 2011-01-02: Many pretend to change the world by protesting and announcing their opinions. Only a few actually change things by learning the system.
203: 2011-01-01: An alternate monetary system: "Kilowatts Cards" Why pay in dollars when you can pay in electricity?
204: 2010-12-30: The trouble with viral marketing (like real viruses) is that the immune system adapts quickly and won't accept the same campaign twice.
205: 2010-12-26: If you don't want a flabby immune system, do you? Give it some exercise. Revel in dirt!
206: 2010-12-22: The brain is an analog system. Billions of connections but not one certainty.
207: 2010-12-18: For every new object or obligation one acquires, there must be a corresponding release of an existing burden or the system overloads.
208: 2010-12-13: For learning about philosophy, personality, mental illness and human delusional systems there is no finer laboratory than a failed romance.
209: 2010-12-13: family — n. a shared delusional system by which dysfunctions are transferred from one generation to the next.
210: 2010-12-08: If someone tells you he has found a fantastic way to beat the system, come back six months later to see if the system hasn't beaten him.
211: 2010-12-07: The Wisdom Archive has been updated at: - With a nifty new search system! Searching for love? Find it here!
212: 2010-11-29: Productive living is a process of "outsourcing", where you develop systems, test them out, then pass them on to others.
213: 2010-11-27: No one wants to kill pets, but if the shelter doesn't do it, the system will collapse and all the animals will suffer.
214: 2010-11-24: Video Essay #9: Human Feedback Systems: - From an abandoned roadhouse in the Yukon Territory. Free tour at end!
215: 2010-11-16: Religiosity is resilient. If one belief system is discredited, people will shift their faith to another.
216: 2010-11-15: You cannot police the belief systems of others, only your own.
217: 2010-11-05: You can't protect people from their own decisions. Any system that tries will fail, because it enables continued dysfunction.
218: 2010-11-05: The dangers of stimulants in any system are the risk of addiction and the crash when they are removed.
219: 2010-11-03: Sex is a delusional system that leads you to believe you are compatible with someone you would have nothing to do with otherwise.
220: 2010-11-01: To us, there is nothing natural about our body. It is merely the life support system we find ourselves inexplicably trapped in.
221: 2010-10-02: Sterile conditions weaken your immune system.
222: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-22: Sterile conditions weaken your immune system.
223: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-18: Television is the force-feeding of experiences, much faster than your emotional system can digest them.
224: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-18: The Afghan and Iraq wars were cleverly designed to support our VA hospital system and keep it supplied with patients for the next 50 years.
225: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-15: Given there are millions of "germs" on every surface, the real issue is the health of your immune system, not how much Lysol™ you use.
226: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-26: Each of us has an emotional immune system that attacks and destroys any new ideas that conflict with what we have already committed to.
227: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-23: The secret of good health: Wallow in dirt! Expose yourself to germs. Don't try to live in a bubble. That's how you build your immune system!
228: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-12: I'm watching the SyFy special right now, ROFL! Why won't the New York State Park system come clean?!
229: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-28: People of Wal-Mart are a distinct human race, like Neanderthals. They supply our prisons and child welfare system and breed prodigiously.
230: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-27: Wherever a system of rules is established, a predator class emerges to feed off the rule system itself and exploit its weaknesses.
231: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: sports — n. a system of artificial conflict intended to placate the masses, absorb their energy and keep them from any real accomplishment.
232: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-11: The fate of the engineer is to design complex and carefully crafted systems to serve the goals of megalomaniacs and buffoons.
233: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-28: The dangers of stimulants in any system are the risk of dependence and the risk of a crash when they are removed.
234: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-25: Sex is a delusional system that allows you to believe you are compatible with someone you would have nothing to do with otherwise.
235: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-20: There's nothing natural about our body. It's just the life support system we find ourselves trapped in.
236: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-23: Irony of insurance and public health care: less incentive for a healthy lifestyle. The system will protect you from obesity, smoking, etc.
237: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: Tenure is a system by which teachers and college professors no longer have to be accountable for their work.
238: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-25: You may reduce the chance of robbery by installing a security system, but you'd reduce it even more by not owning anything worth stealing.
239: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-12: The nature of the court system is to be obtuse and inaccessible. Help is available for those with money but not for those who need it most.
240: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-09: The human world is built on a web of lies and delusions. If you dispell one of them, the system will replace it with another.
241: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-01: Providence RI is the only bus system I know that gives change. (It is coded in the transfer card you get.)
242: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-25: Modern capitalism is not a system that makes investors rich. It makes management rich as they con investors out of their money.
243: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-25: How to build a strong immune system: Revel in dirt! Touch public toilet seats. Hang out with people with colds. I.e. — Forget about it!
244: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-25: The irony of being obsessive-compulsive is that your immune systems is probably weakened by lack of exposure to mild pathogens.
245: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-22: Law is an attempt to solve social problems by a system of written rules. The rules, alas, never quite work as intended.
246: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-10: Capitalism, as a rule, is not a system that makes investors rich. It makes management rich as they con investors out of their money.
247: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-20: On the bus system in Broward County, Florida, stops are announced in two languages: English and... Haitian Creole!
248: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-28: LA Times: "Kids watch more than a day of TV each week" - Wow! TV has become our national educational system!
249: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-11: LA Times: "Flawed county system lets children die invisibly" - Gives a good picture of child welfare.
250: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-23: Music has a hold on the nervous system that isn't always healthy. Instead of doing real things, you have an iPod in your ear.
251: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-23: "Parasites" are activities that take your energy and give nothing in return. Each may seem harmless, but too many and your system collapses.
252: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-17: "NO ASSING ROUGH" is the traditional motto of the Boston subway system. Can you figure out where it came from?
253: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-16: People who have lived all their lives under the protection of a stable system are dull, boring and have little to say.
254: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-14: Implied in every law is "may" -- that is, the option not to enforce it. Without this "implied may" our legal system would collapse.
255: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-09: I've just released a new Thing You Don't Need: HAND SANITIZERS: - You don't want a flabby immune system do you?
256: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-09: You don't want a flabby immune system, do you? Give it some exercise: Revel in dirt!
257: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-30: Family: a shared delusional system by which dysfunction is passed from one generation to the next.
258: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-26: Area 51 is a testing facility for secret aircraft and weapons systems that would be of little interest to the average person if he saw them.
259: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-23: "How the Food Makers Captured Our Brains" NY Times (6/23) - Sugar, fat and salt tap into the brain's reward system.
260: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-15: Your body has amazing heating and cooling capabilities, but if you live in climate-controlled comfort these systems will never activate.
261: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-14: When not just any caffeine delivery system will do, you need Pepsi Max "The first diet cola for men." Alas, it's totally gay!
262: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: "Family" - a shared delusional system by which dysfunctions are handed down from one generation to the next.
263: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-09: The goal of the Capitalist system is to get people addicted to things they don't need, so they can be milked for profit.
264: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-18: The Holocaust and the soft drink industry operate on the same system of distributed responsibility, differing only in scale.
265: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-16: Modern audio-visual entertainment overloads the emotional system, making people numb and passive. My old essay:
266: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-14: Fruit is a plant's seed distribution system. Animals eat the fruit and sh*t the seeds.... So how do you explain the avocado?
267: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-11: Cool word: "entropy" - Unless actively maintained, every ordered system tends fall into disorder and decay.
268: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-24: A POSITIVE FEEDBACK LOOP is when small changes feed back into a system to create catastrophic ones. e.g.economy, global warming. Not good!
269: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-21: Hangin' out in the Las Vegas court system -- for amusement.
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