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1: 2015-02-02: RT @Peripatetia: The lampshade hats are suspicious @ Marrakech (yesterday)
2: 2013-12-18: Warm and sincere holiday greetings are always suspicious when they come from an automated mailing program.
3: 2013-09-24: Intuitive information is useless for making decisions but can be very valuable in drawing your attention to something suspicious.
4: 2013-04-30: In a small town with little crime, police justify their existence by "finding" more crime and suspicious incidents than big city police.
5: 2012-12-25: Always suspicious when the automatic mailing program of a large corporation wishes me "Warmest Holiday Greetings".
6: 2012-11-25: "I wouldn't want to live anywhere else," is a suspicious assertion if you are already heavily invested there.
7: 2012-11-09: Tell me you care and I might believe you. Tell me you "truly care" and I start getting suspicious. What are you trying to sell me?
8: 2012-05-14: Evangelical suspicion of Mormonism has already killed Romney. Now we're just watching the train wreck unfold.
9: 2012-05-03: One should be deeply suspicious of any "scenic viewpoint" in Nebraska. (@ Scenic Viewpoint) [pic]:
10: 2012-04-09: If you work for NSA, you must have "REPORT ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS" drilled into you ten times a day. Today, I fit the bill. #baldterroristspy
11: 2011-03-13: It's always suspicious when the city/country/religion that one happens to have been born into turns out to be the greatest in the world.
12: 2011-01-09: ***BREAKING NEWS!*** We are Investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security for Suspicious iPhone Photography! TRUE STORY!
13: 2010-12-16: The 4th body of a strangled, nude young woman has been discovered in Philadelphia. "It is a suspicious death," said Police Commissioner.
14: 2010-12-12: @princeboucher "Did WikiLeaks release it?" <== No. Kinda suspicious, all this diplo traffic but no UFO data. WHEN WILL WIKILEAKS COME CLEAN?
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