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1: 2018-11-18: Camp Fire is a Stupid name for a fire. Every forest fire is a Camp Fire. California should get no more Federal Funds until it uses better names. POOR FIRE NAME MANAGEMENT! whole state is stupid. Didn’t vote for me so their Burning. #faketrumptweets
2: 2018-11-15: The stupidest greeting in a hospital is: "How are you?" Do you have an hour for me to explain it to you?
3: 2018-05-27: UPDATES TO MY TERMS OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY: Follow if you wish. Unfollow if you must. Opposition is welcomed but Trump support and other gross stupidity may get you blocked.
4: 2018-04-11: Stupid products manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility with superior quality control are still stupid products.
5: 2018-03-28: He has no loyalty. Won’t pay his bills. Won’t follow advice. Blames others for his own mistakes. Sadistic. Vengeful. Stupid. Impulsive. Won’t read. Can’t spell. Insists he is always right. Lies compulsively. Why would anyone competent work for him?
6: 2018-03-27: SPOILER ALERT - Murder on the Orient Express: They all did it. And they would’ve got away with it too if not for that meddling Belgian and his stupid mustache.
7: 2018-01-22: It is the moral obligation of every responsible politician to outwit and evade the stupidity of the voter.
8: 2017-11-25: Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.
9: 2017-08-04: "Polls show that only a third of American voters approve of the president's performance." Related: Stupidest 1/3 of Americans identified.
10: 2017-07-24: "low information voters" — delightful euphemism for stupid people.
11: 2017-06-30: Coming next week: the vain and stupid Trump meets the clever and Machiavellian Putin. What can go wrong? #taleoftwosociopaths
12: 2017-05-20: Youth is a story a fearless stupidity, the supreme exercise of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.
13: 2017-05-08: Stupid people re-think their vote for Trump. "He said he would be good," they say, "but he's really bad. It's sad. I'm mad."
14: 2017-04-08: If someone gets angry at your advice and says, "I'm not stupid," it usually means they are.
15: 2017-03-13: 13 Ways To Get People To Click On Stupid Viral Posts - #8 will blow you away!
16: 2017-03-06: Utopian dream: Give the stupid people in America their own country so they can self-destruct and the rest of us can move forward.
17: 2017-03-02: I've got an amazing Twitter account. The best the world has ever seen. Anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid. Total loser.
18: 2016-11-15: Git me my huntin' rifle and fire up ol' General Lee. I'm joinin' Trump's new Deportation Squad. #stupidwhitepeopletalk #gointocabellasfirst
19: 2016-11-12: Never underestimate the ability of stupid people to vote against their own best interests.
20: 2016-11-07: "Stupid White People" — Thanks to the ethnic exemption, I can use that phrase. They should all be deported to the countries they came from.
21: 2016-10-22: @40oz_n_a_glock Unfortunately, stupidity is growing in all races. It's not just a white problem.
22: 2016-10-22: If Trump loses in November, it's only a brief reprieve. The stupidity of voters is gaining market share. 📈🔜🃏
23: 2016-10-20: I never touched Mona Lisa. Believe me, she would not be my first choice. Don't know what da Vinci saw in her. Stupid smile. #trumpbookreport
24: 2016-10-20: The key to winning elections is not just appealing to stupid white males but to a broad spectrum of stupid people. #trumplessons
25: 2016-09-11: You may think I joined Starfleet to explore strange new worlds, but I really just wanted to get off this stupid planet.
26: 2016-05-31: Memorial Day is when we honor all the brave Americans who gave their lives in all the stupid wars our leaders got us into.
27: 2016-04-24: Prices are not usually set by rational market forces but by what the stupidest buyers are willing to pay. Others simply don't buy.
28: 2016-03-01: The first time you do something, you usually do it the stupid way, but least you're doing it and can begin to learn the better way.
29: 2015-12-12: Stupid people have a right to their opinions, but I also have a right to not associate with those people.
30: 2015-11-11: The key thing about intelligence that stupid people never get: it's all about managing your emotions and separating them from the facts.
31: 2015-04-14: Stupid thing people do when they get some money: buy something big and unnecessary and it owns them.
32: 2015-03-22: I regard George Mallory's bromide as specious. Lots of stupid things are "there" but that doesn't mean we do them.
33: 2015-03-13: Graphic wisdom of the @BadDalaiLama - "Stupidity is letting your emotions choose your path..."
34: 2015-03-13: Stupidity is letting your emotions choose your path without any meaningful adult supervision.
35: 2015-03-04: @the_anastasia But you're less energetic in your stupidity, which makes a difference.
36: 2015-01-01: Having money increases the range of stupid, self-destructive things you can do to yourself.
37: 2014-12-10: Facebook algorithm to detect human stupidity? @guardian
38: 2014-12-08: Stupidity afflicts all races, genders, ages and ethnicities. It is not discrimination to detect stupid people and avoid dealing with them.
39: 2014-11-24: Intelligence is a deliberate decision to aggressively explore the world, learn from your mistakes and limit your exposure to stupid people.
40: 2014-11-23: It is easier to feel sympathy for the weak than for the stupid.
41: 2014-11-22: It is possible to be both smart and stupid at the same time: smart in pursuit of your goals, stupid in your choice of them.
42: 2014-09-08: The most cherished demographic to advertisers is Stupid People With Money Who Are Highly Susceptible To Advertising.
43: 2014-09-08: I'm not saying he's stupid. He just has a small instruction set.
44: 2014-08-26: Someday at St. Peter's Gate, I will say, "And I would've got away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids and that stupid dog!"
45: 2014-07-22: RT @HLMenckenBot: Firmness in decision is often merely a form of stupidity. It indicates an inability to think the same thing out twice.
46: 2014-06-14: Technology gives humanity the power to do the same stupid things faster and more destructively.
47: 2014-05-10: And then God decreed that contraception was a sin and that the stupidest people would have the most babies.
48: 2014-05-08: A cornerstone of democracy is that stupid people get the same vote as smart people and there are more of them so we are all doomed.
49: 2014-03-24: Youthful "rebellion" in most cases consists of doing a lot of stupid things to yourself that the future you would never approve of.
50: 2014-03-22: Youth will do stupid things. That's a given. The only question is whether it will be fatal stupidity.
51: 2014-03-10: During most of human evolution, the penalty for stupidity was death and removal from the gene pool. I kinda miss those days!
52: 2014-03-02: You cannot save stupid people from themselves. Their stupidity is clever and will outwit your best efforts.
53: 2014-02-06: There is no reward without risk, but reward comes in taking smart risks not stupid ones.
54: 2014-01-29: RT @MrVinayPatil: Sarcasm is the body's natural defense against stupid.
55: 2014-01-28: Knowing what we now know about how stupid we were, it is a wonder any of us survived.
56: 2014-01-15: Advice of the Ages: Proms are something you will look back on and say, "That was really stupid. Why did I even go?"
57: 2014-01-04: Stupid Shit Gets Lots Of Likes #internetexplained
58: 2013-12-25: Throughout most of human history, stupidity was usually fatal. I kinda miss those days.
59: 2013-12-19: shitology — a branch of applied psychology, funded by American industry, studying the stupid shit people buy and how to make more of it
60: 2013-12-15: RT @trippteee: You only realise your own stupid decisions when you see someone make the same mistakes as you
61: 2013-11-12: There ought to be a holiday, Heterosexual Day, where we honor heteros and all the stupid mistakes they made to bring us into the world.
62: 2013-10-20: Doing something stupid = stupid.
63: 2013-10-17: Strong. Brave. Intellectually brilliant. Emotionally stupid. #youth
64: 2013-10-07: In today's news: @_FloridaMan, high on drugs, does something amazingly stupid, gets arrested quickly, goes to prison for a while.
65: 2013-10-06: Youth is the time to get stupidity out of your system. Just hope it don't kill you.
66: 2013-10-06: Just the thought of losing control of my brain, and the stupid things I could do, is enough to dissuade me if any psychoactive substance.
67: 2013-09-30: The tragedy of democracy: The stupidest members of society have the most votes.
68: 2013-09-25: No frustration is greater than trying to outwit the stupidity of someone you're trying to help.
69: 2013-09-08: Also seen hundreds of people do stupid, self-destructive things while drunk and/or high. (Any Saturday night.) re @BadDalaiLama
70: 2013-08-27: "Everybody's doing it" is a poor excuse for anything. Stupid times a million is still stupid.
71: 2013-06-09: Stupid people think they are smart. That's what makes them stupid.
72: 2013-06-08: Backpacking is stupid. Not the lifestyle but the luggage. A rolling suitcase is much easier.
73: 2013-05-23: How can someone so smart be so stupid?
74: 2013-05-19: Evolution used to be mercifully quick about putting the stupid out of their misery. Capitalism keeps them alive and gives them credit cards.
75: 2013-05-19: Real estate is stupid.
76: 2013-05-11: If you continually push the boundaries of courage, you risk breaking through to stupidity.
77: 2013-05-02: The Jamestown settlers would have gotten away with cannibalism, too, if it weren't for those meddling archaeologists and that stupid dog!
78: 2013-04-26: People get stuck on stupid and can't let it go.
79: 2013-04-16: If your opponent in any debate is an idiot, it is usually best to let him have the last word. Soon as he says something stupid, withdraw.
80: 2013-04-11: @RandomRomanov It's not that the tweets are stupid. There are just too many of them, so the best ones get buried. Is editing a sin?
81: 2013-04-10: Stupidity wrapped in genius is still stupidity.
82: 2013-03-31: Pure hedonists are the stupidest people on the planet. They are the world’s addicts, concerned only with getting their next fix.
83: 2013-03-30: As technology "advances", people will find ways to do the same stupid things they have always done.
84: 2013-02-22: @AMaskedAvenger Can one truly "fight evil, injustice and stupidity" with a review of Rayovac AA batteries?
85: 2013-02-22: You can't outwit stupidity. It will always win in the end.
86: 2013-02-17: The best service you can do for the stupid is not put them in situations where they can inflict even more damage on themselves.
87: 2013-02-16: Scientists are full of logic and reason, except in the conduct of their own lives where they are just as stupid as the rest of us.
88: 2013-02-14: Stay clear of stupid people, no matter how charming or vulnerable. Sooner or later they will misinterpret you and see you as a threat.
89: 2013-02-11: "It was all just a dream" is the stupidest way to end a movie—unless it happens to be true and you just woke up.
90: 2013-02-10: Clever can be a stupid use of your time.
91: 2013-02-10: "There's a fine line between clever and stupid." — Nigel Tufnel, Spinal Tap
92: 2013-01-22: Intelligence is a choice. Some adults are smart and others stupid mainly because they choose to be and arrange their life that way.
93: 2013-01-07: The Dunning–Kruger effect - Why stupid people don't realize they're stupid.
94: 2013-01-03: @piratehook3r As a sage once said, "Owning things is stupid."
95: 2012-12-30: Passive-aggressive chess usually ends with, "Fine, take my queen. I'm too stupid to play this game. Maybe I'll just kill myself."
96: 2012-12-14: ISS — It's the Story, Stupid!
97: 2012-11-21: The main stupidity of youth is following a self-centered theory without regard to facts.
98: 2012-11-12: Stupidity of youth: Young man hitchhikes across the Sahara with little preparation (This American Life, 1999, audio)
99: 2012-11-08: The core of stupidity is blaming others for problems that come from inside you.
100: 2012-11-08: I got a lot of sympathy for stupid people. They got a hard life. I just don't want their stupidity to spill into my world.
101: 2012-11-07: RT @SRQ2U: Darwin never anticipated a plethora of interventionist measures to keep the stupid ones alive.
102: 2012-10-19: Okay, classy ladies, let's see how high we can make those heels without you falling. It's worth it because you look so sexy*. [*stupid]
103: 2012-08-31: A List of Stupid Things I've Done keeps you humble, but the real problem is your List of Stupid Things I'm Currently Doing.
104: 2012-08-22: RT @Avestriel: You can't outsmart stupidity. #argument
105: 2012-08-13: Money in excess of ones needs can be a powerful tool for change. More often, though, it just enables stupidity.
106: 2012-08-13: "Never give up on your dreams" is stupid advice. Most dreams are egotistical and should be given up to make way for better goals.
107: 2012-08-12: Roscoe likes to swim. Stupid pet video shot yesterday.
108: 2012-07-24: Bicycle is a great way to tour a city but a stupid way to tour a country. You'll spend most of your time crossing the dullest regions.
109: 2012-07-07: .@Andreaof9 Stupid = emotionally immature
110: 2012-07-07: RT @Andreaof9: @BadDalaiLama This isn't limited to stupid people. Emotionally immature people do this as well.
111: 2012-07-07: Stupid people are not harmless. When they run up against something frustrating they don't understand, they often turn mean.
112: 2012-06-30: The main purpose of alcohol is to help people rationalize the stupid decisions they've made. It smooths over the inconsistencies.
113: 2012-06-19: Stupidity isn't making a mistake. It is defending the mistake and repeating it.
114: 2012-06-05: There are two kinds of stupid people: those who believe in impossible dreams and the predators who sell those dreams to them.
115: 2012-06-05: "Trust your feelings" is pretty much the definition of stupidity. Stupid people allow feelings to overrule facts.
116: 2012-05-25: .@AlannaChat No, it's just stupid. The implication of the song is the world owes you things (a rain-free wedding day).
117: 2012-05-25: The essence of stupidity is a belief in your own specialness—that the rules of the outside world don't apply to you.
118: 2012-05-24: Stupidity can't be cured. The best you can do is avoid those afflicted.
119: 2012-05-24: Stupid people can't make up for it by seeking advice, because they often choose bad advisors or give them poor information.
120: 2012-05-16: Stupidity isn't a lack of intellectual capacity but a willingness to let emotional impulses overrule reason.
121: 2012-05-16: Stupid often goes viral. Intelligence rarely does.
122: 2012-05-15: catastrophology — n. the study of how human systems collapse and the stupid things people do to hasten it.
123: 2012-05-12: Sometimes, when the stupidity becomes massive, you can only stand by in awe and say, "Wow! Darwin was right!"
124: 2012-05-07: Darwinian future: Stupid people will continue to mate and propagate uncontrollably, while smart people become more insular. Duel societies!
125: 2012-05-05: Stupidity is assuming the world exists for your benefit. Intelligence is recognizing the world's indifference.
126: 2012-04-22: Hour Two of vegging in front of stupid Japanese television BECAUSE IT'S WHAT I WANT TO DO. #noexcuses
127: 2012-04-09: People think they are SO clever when drunk, but in the morning whatever they produced just looks stupid.
128: 2012-03-27: Most of evolution—and human behavior—is wasted on stupid competitions that benefit no one in the long run.
129: 2012-03-10: Now playing in my head: "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer. Good song, stupid lyrics. It's an ode to passivity!
130: 2012-02-29: Legalizing pot may or may not be the best social policy, but don't expect me to rally to the cause or sign your petition. Stupid pothead!
131: 2012-01-30: @xtinewu I picture a school of really stupid fish (dum-bass).
132: 2012-01-10: Stupid male obsessions: sports, war, sex with mannequins.
133: 2011-11-04: "Trust the Force" is just about the stupidest advice Hollywood has given us. Talk about fatalism!
134: 2011-10-22: What you're doing may be stupid and self-destructive, but I defend your right to do it. On second thought, never mind, you're on your own.
135: 2011-10-20: RT @gr0gg0 Dude, what are you talking about? You're trying to fight stupidity everyday with your tweets. Are you giving up? ಠ_ಠ
136: 2011-10-20: RT @gr0gg0: @BadDalaiLama Dude, what are you talking about? You're trying to fight stupidity everyday with your tweets. Are you giving u ...
137: 2011-10-20: You can't fight stupidity. You can only get out of its way.
138: 2011-10-09: Any attempt to protect the stupid from themselves is destined to fail. Their stupidity will outwit your good intentions.
139: 2011-09-29: If you want to see how stupid sex is, try watching porn when you're not it the mood.
140: 2011-09-29: Intimacy is nice but sex is stupid. If there wasn't a drug reward at the end, you'd think it was factory work.
141: 2011-09-23: Reverse Darwin Awards should be given when the stupid mate with stupid to produce offspring, but we'd be giving it to most of the planet.
142: 2011-08-12: @the_anastasia Stupid is the normal background radiation of the universe.
143: 2011-07-15: Passive-aggressive chess usually ends with, "Fine, take my queen. I'm too stupid to play this game anyway."
144: 2011-07-10: Coyote believes in "No pain, no gain". Why else would he continue pursuing the Roadrunner in the same stupid ways?
145: 2011-05-04: A marriage is no smarter than the stupider partner.
146: 2011-04-20: You can't outwit stupidity. It always wins in the end.
147: 2011-04-17: Smart people: "I made a mistake. How can I change?" Stupid people: "A mistake was made. Who can I blame?"
148: 2011-04-17: The stupider a traveler is, the more outraged he becomes when things don't turn out as planned.
149: 2011-03-31: The essence of stupidity is over-preparing for risks that are highly unlikely while ignoring the ones that are right in front of you.
150: 2011-03-11: Stupidity is usually a chronic condition, unmitigated by age.
151: 2011-03-04: A jerk is distinguished from a mere idiot by his aggressive self-confidence. He isn't just stupid but actively imposes it on others.
152: 2011-02-07: Any joke can backfire. Sometimes funny comes out as creepy, stupid or offensive. Before you crack, understand your environment.
153: 2011-02-04: Less than 15% of the people collecting stupid sports statistics are women. How are we going to address this gender inequity?
154: 2011-01-21: There's a fine line between sexy and stupid.
155: 2011-01-21: "There's a fine line between clever and stupid."—Spinal Tap
156: 2011-01-08: It is illegal and immoral to discriminate by race, gender, age or ethnicity. Stupidity, however, is open game!
157: 2010-12-29: That an activity is legal doesn't make it wise. It only means the government isn't interfering in your Right to Stupidity.
158: 2010-12-16: .@laurenahayes "Fox News Makes You Stupid" <== The causal link is tenuous, as Fox viewers are already stupid.
159: 2010-12-14: ...or stated differently: Stupidity is as damaging to your health as smoking. SO STOP BEING STUPID. Just quit. You can do it!
160: 2010-11-18: It is okay to be polite to stupid people, but keep them at arm's length and never let them have any power over you.
161: 2010-11-18: Stupidity is the habitual condition of letting emotions overrule facts.
162: 2010-10-16: No matter how technologically complex the world may become, it will always be dominated by the stupid mistakes of human ego.
163: 2010-09-24: It's okay to be nice to stupid people, but never grant them any power over you.
164: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-13: You can't explain to an idiot what an idiot he's being. Stupidity, by its nature, is inaccessible to words.
165: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-13: Financial markets may be fairly rational, but the core engine of the American economy is exploitation of the stupid.
166: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-17: There's a fine line between sexy and stupid.
167: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-11: Local governments don't just want tourists but DUMB tourists, because the stupid ones spend far more money.
168: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-29: Doctor, lawyer, engineer, scientist, pilot — prestigious positions or stupid factory work? If you like being a small cog in a big machine...
169: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-28: Celebrities are PAID to endorse products, right? Everyone knows it. So why does the ruse work? Are people stupid? (Don't answer that!)
170: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-26: The depressing thing about advertising is that no matter how stupid it is, there must be someone falling for it or it wouldn't exist.
171: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-26: "There's no reward without risk." Maybe so, but risk alone isn't enough. It has to be a smart risk not a stupid one.
172: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: It's okay to be nice to stupid people, but you never want to be in a position where they have power over you.
173: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: State lotteries are essentially a tax on the stupid. Maybe the government should sell them drugs too.
174: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-10: Sex is the world's most boring topic. If you don't happen to be in the mood, it's just stupid.
175: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-25: The trouble with stupid people is they want to be stupid. There's no other explanation. Wisdom is all around them but they won't take it.
176: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-15: Stupid people aren't just boring but dangerous, because when under pressure they don't have the mental discipline to avoid paranoia.
177: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-23: "Never underestimate the importance of free speech. It would be much harder to spot the stupid among us without it." @DwainHenry
178: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-22: A deadly combination: stupid, egotistical and in a position of power. Think Barney Fife. Funny to watch but avoid at all costs!
179: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-08: State lotteries are essentially a tax on stupid people. How did government become the purveyor of such a scam?
180: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-17: There's no accounting for sexual chemistry. What is erotic to one person may seem stupid and incredibly tedious to someone else.
181: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-25: No matter how complex the world may become, it will always be dominated by the stupid mistakes of human ego.
182: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-22: Religion sucks! There's nothing like a visit to Jerusalem - the crossroads of religion - to renew my faith in the stupidity of ALL of them!
183: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-08: Intelligence or stupidity is almost always a matter of controlling or not controlling your emotions.
184: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-01: In Oregon and New Jersey, you can't pump your own gas. Attendants have to do it. It's the (stupid) law! AKA "socialism".
185: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-12: Luxury brands make you look stupid. If you waste money on them, you're going to feel foolish in the long run.
186: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-11: Essential to dealing with clients is making them believe thay are wise and in control no matter how stupid they have been.
187: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-02: Money is a cruel and stupid master but it gives society structure. It lends people purpose when they might otherwise have none.
188: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-25: All porn is ridiculous. Even if you're turned on by it, you have to admit, "This is stupid."
189: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-08: ...there's no end to the stupid dog tricks you can get people to perform. (Kilroy Cafe #3)
190: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-07: "There's a fine line between stupid and clever." -- Spinal Tap
191: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-07: There's a fine line between sexy and stupid.
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