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1: 2018-10-18: RT @AdviceToWriters: My teacher told me that the secret subject of any story worth telling is time, but you can never say its name.
2: 2018-04-05: Same old story: She wasn’t getting enough hits on YouTube, so she went postal at YouTube HQ. #violentwomen
3: 2017-07-26: It may mean the end of the world, but the Trump administration is riveting theater. I've never followed a news story or TV show so closely.
4: 2017-06-12: Shaken down for bribes by Nairobi police yesterday. My story on Facebook: #corruption #kenyacorruption
5: 2017-05-20: Youth is a story a fearless stupidity, the supreme exercise of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.
6: 2017-03-21: Personality is a story of investment. The more you invest in something, the more you believe in it, regardless of whether it's good for you.
7: 2016-04-24: Regret is the story of misspent resources, the retroactive realization you've squandered your limited capital on unproductive paths.
8: 2015-11-11: My new update on the Area 51 Weather Stations a story (8 min video)
9: 2015-05-09: A very short story on FB: A flyer asks to be upgraded to First Class.
10: 2015-05-06: Why do they keep making new porn? It's not like the storyline has changed. Why can't they recycle the old porn and save the environment?
11: 2015-03-15: RT @DaveBethke: @BadDalaiLama Politicians are professional propagandists, twisting the story in favor of themselves.
12: 2015-03-15: Lawyers are professional propagandists, twisting the story in favor of their client.
13: 2015-01-04: Youth is a story of overestimating your own abilities and underestimating risk.
14: 2014-12-22: There are two sides to every story, but that doesn't mean both sides are rational and sustainable.
15: 2014-09-20: Turkish hostages released. What, huh? That makes no sense. There must be a bigger story here. @TelegraphWorld
16: 2014-08-01: Tragic story of a lion tamer sticking his head in a lion's mouth and getting it bitten off. Tragic, but not surprising.
17: 2014-06-02: @wiselqvist @BrianDunning Wow! I wasn't aware of this. This is quite significant in understanding the whole Area 51 story.
18: 2014-05-18: My 1996 cover story on Area 51 in Hungarian UFO Magazine. Full text in comments:
19: 2014-03-31: Some people you just can't talk to or they'll tell you their whole life story. #garrulous #stfu
20: 2014-02-20: "Harper Junction" - my latest novel under construction. - The story of a very small place. Attn: @kittybrucknell
21: 2014-02-15: 20 years ago today: Groom Lake Desert Rat #3 - ~ Area 51 in Popular Science cover story; how to find road sensors
22: 2014-02-13: Original Story Idea: When all seems lost, team tries one last effort based on unproven theory. "That's crazy enough it just might work."
23: 2014-02-04: Original story idea: The fate of the world is in the balance and the clock is ticking down. Only one man can save them.
24: 2014-01-31: All your favorite storybook characters come to life… in storybooks! #fuckdisney
25: 2014-01-07: Wicked hag, plotting cannibalism, tempts Hansel and Gretel with confectionary abode. Big Bad Wolf walks in. "Sorry," he says. "Wrong story."
26: 2013-12-13: License to Sin—"You want to overindulge, so your mind creates a little story that says: I’ve worked hard, so I deserve it." @PsychologyTip
27: 2013-12-02: Love is a story of desperate compromises.
28: 2013-10-17: Parents explaining to their children how they met and fell in love: a mythical Genesis story bearing little relation to reality.
29: 2013-10-14: The REAL story of Christopher Columbus:
30: 2013-10-13: Tragic news story: a mother sleeping with her newborn infant rolls over and knocks her smartphone onto the floor, cracking the screen.
31: 2013-08-29: For every rags-to-riches story there is a riches-to-rags one—often the same person.
32: 2013-08-18: Whenever anyone says, "Long story short", you can expect to hear the long version.
33: 2013-08-12: Wealth is usually a tragic story of being crippled by all the unnecessary obligations that money lured you into.
34: 2013-08-05: Nudity in film is almost always pornography: inserted for a cheap thrill but adding nothing to the story.
35: 2013-07-18: In most countries today, Woodward and Bernstein would find themselves in prison, their story suppressed.
36: 2013-07-11: Storytelling 101: The situation may be absurd, but the actions of the characters must be consistent with what they would really do.
37: 2013-06-28: Young people making impulsive choices and paying for it with a lifetime of grief — the story of humanity.
38: 2013-05-12: Youth is the oft-repeated story of gaining the keys to a fast car, overestimating ones ability to control it and crashing.
39: 2013-05-12: "Leading Candidates Admit Government Impossible To Fix" (Onion news story we would like to see)
40: 2013-05-01: A touching Mother's Day story: "For sand tiger sharks, a deadly, cannibalistic battle inside the womb"
41: 2013-04-30: An illicit wedding photo in Porterville CA on April 27 earned me a lengthy interview with local police. The story:
42: 2013-04-28: Every movie pivots on words and actions that last only a few seconds. The rest of the story is built to give those points meaning.
43: 2013-04-20: Life of Pi — the poignant story of a young man's relationship with a digitally generated tiger on a green-screen soundstage.
44: 2013-04-15: @tipsfromkatee LOL! All of our tweets are intended to appeal to a diverse audience but many are "based on a true story".
45: 2013-04-15: Now here's a story that's going to be proven either true or false eventually.
46: 2013-04-12: Ebert wins! ==> RT @washingtonpost: A story that could make Roger Ebert look bad. Too soon?
47: 2013-03-30: When you leave a movie, you only remember the story and a few details. You don't remember most of what the filmmaker put on the screen.
48: 2013-03-14: Venice, Italy, November 1992 - My first art photo, taken with a 35mm film camera. The story:
49: 2013-03-14: RT @lawnrocket: Story basics list in the New Yorker blog:
50: 2013-03-02: The field of music is filled with people who can make pretty sounds but not many who can tell a story.
51: 2013-01-21: What's your cover story?
52: 2013-01-19: The trouble with Christians is they take the Bible as a bible, as though it was written by God and not a series of storytellers.
53: 2013-01-18: RT @KilroyCafe: The only trouble with 3-D is that no one remembers in 3-D. They only remember the story.
54: 2013-01-16: The way you build a character—and a story—is you give him a delusional system and let it play itself out. (cc @lawnrocket)
55: 2013-01-11: @lawnrocket Last minute advice: 1) Hit the ground running. 2) All the audience cares about is the story.
56: 2013-01-02: The Christian story is inspirational because it tells us anyone can be Jesus. You just have to be the Son of God.
57: 2012-12-28: The full story of the bridge photo re @BadDalaiLama
58: 2012-12-24: Getting drunk is not a legitimate news story—unless you're a politician who campaigned on claims of sobriety.
59: 2012-12-24: Like a pearl is formed around a grain of sand, every great story is built around an irony.
60: 2012-12-20: "The Panhandler"—my new original story for a short film, written today. An American success story!
61: 2012-12-18: "The Confession" (2008) - My most popular screen story - 2400+ hits. Rereading it, I can see why!
62: 2012-12-14: ISS — It's the Story, Stupid!
63: 2012-12-13: backfill artistry — n. artistic technique where you start with the most engaging part of your story and design the rest to get you there.
64: 2012-12-12: If you have a great story, there are countless ways to film it. If you don't have a great story, no technique will save you.
65: 2012-12-12: @liberance @lawnrocket Historical note: Paranormal Activity. No budget. No crew. No storyboard. Made millions.
66: 2012-12-12: Documentary filmmaker steps into a scene. Looks at his assets. Says, "This is what we're gonna do." Shoots it. Done. No storyboard.
67: 2012-12-12: @lawnrocket Your greatest skill—storyboarding—may also be your worst enemy. It keeps you from grabbing a camera and shooting.
68: 2012-12-12: The classic movies of the B+W era, like Casablanca, stay with us today because the story was great and technique stayed out of the way.
69: 2012-12-12: Filmmakers are easily distracted by the technical and visual artistry of film while all the audience remembers is the story and gags.
70: 2012-12-09: @lawnrocket Imagine a world... where you woke up with an idea, filmed it in the AM, edited in PM, uploaded, done! Storyboard in your mind!
71: 2012-12-03: Classic storytelling wisdom from @lawnrocket - 22 story basics:
72: 2012-11-17: Almost every human behavior is a covert operation. Our real motivation for doing it is different than the cover story we give to others.
73: 2012-11-12: Youth is a story of nice-sounding self-centered theories zealously applied to the real world without regard to consequences.
74: 2012-11-05: The hero of the story will prevail over adversity only by fundamentally changing his methods.
75: 2012-11-05: Every great story—fiction or nonfiction—is about personality change.
76: 2012-10-25: All your favorite storybook characters. Disney owns them. Every. Single. One.
77: 2012-10-25: The most satisfying character story is a hero recovering from his own foolish mistakes. (cc: @lawnrocket)
78: 2012-09-29: The real tragedy of The Master is what it could have been—the L. Ron Hubbard story. The reality: pointless scenes strung together.
79: 2012-08-03: Youth is a tragic story of resources we squandered because we thought they were infinite.
80: 2012-07-27: RT @EkDoTween: Story of Onoda, a WWII Japanese soldier who kept fighting in the jungle till 1974 for he didn't know the war was over. ht ...
81: 2012-07-19: My twitter crush these days: @lawnrocket — Everything I want to know about movie storytelling.
82: 2012-07-18: RT @brainpicker: The story of "the most far-flung, most organized, most brazen example of homosexual extortion in the nation's history" ...
83: 2012-07-16: Life is a story of addiction and recovery.
84: 2012-07-14: The basic existential storyline is this: The whole life you have been living so far has been a lie. Now what are you going to do?
85: 2012-07-07: Great advice on storytelling ==> RT @WSJ: School of Plotting: A storyboard artist on "Brave" tweets storytelling tips:
86: 2012-07-07: Sometimes it turns out you were not the hero of the story but the villain. Coming to grips with it makes you a hero again.
87: 2012-06-13: The story of my life.
88: 2012-05-27: What a person claims to be is only half their story.
89: 2012-05-11: Speaking a lot of languages doesn't make you a great storyteller. Technical skills are not the same as holistic ones.
90: 2012-05-11: "I Just Want Your Money" - My new original song. A tragic story of a man without a country. Video:
91: 2012-05-03: The hard part of lying is keeping you story straight, maintaining the edges of it so it doesn't clash with known reality.
92: 2012-03-01: Piddling semantic issue: Can a whole 3-story apartment building be called "lofts"? (@ Highland Bridge Lofts) [pic]:
93: 2012-01-10: In a dispute, weak people usually side with the person who is right in front of them, because that's the only story they're getting.
94: 2011-12-23: "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer"—a cynical story of power and influence. You're nobody until the big guy picks you, then everyone loves you.
95: 2011-11-20: "Practice makes perfect" isn't the whole story. Plenty of people practice a musical instrument without improving. What are they missing?
96: 2011-11-19: Same old story: The drunk zoo visitor climbed into the lion habitat and was eaten. Happens all the time. Move along please!
97: 2011-10-22: Multiple story Walmarts have "cart escalators". (I've experienced them in Salt Lake City and Southern California)
98: 2011-10-01: "True or false, I feel the Lazar story has enriched my life in many interesting ways." —Glenn Campbell
99: 2011-07-10: "The best way to teach people is by telling a story." —Kenneth Blanchard via @GreatestQuotes
100: 2011-05-14: Disney already owns all of your favorite storybook characters. Now they own "Seal Team Six".
101: 2011-05-11: Moviemaking is a negotiation with reality. You know the story you want to tell, but you have to adapt it to the tools available.
102: 2011-04-26: RT @latimes: Edward and Wallis: An enduring hate story
103: 2011-03-30: Megamind has the perfect archetypal story form: the flawed hero overcoming his own weakness. Could watch it again and again!
104: 2011-03-24: A movie is only as good as the story it's built around.
105: 2011-03-14: The news will always be obsessed with the biggest story out there, while ignoring the little ones—i.e. the ones you can do something about.
106: 2011-03-10: A great movie is great regardless of whether it's in B+W or color or 3-D. It's the story that counts, not the medium.
107: 2011-03-06: RT @ExpertNovice: I don't want to see your wedding photos until you've got your divorce photos to complete the story. I hate cliffhangers.
108: 2011-03-02: Same old story: Women are intimidated by smart guys. If you want a girl, you got to play dumb, drink beer and pretend to like sports.
109: 2011-02-12: True, Hannibal crossed the Alps with elephants in 218 BC, but that's only part of the story. Google it!
110: 2011-01-27: "Practice makes perfect" isn't the whole story. Some practice all their lives but don't improve. Others get it quickly. That's insight!
111: 2011-01-11: In a movie or novel, every detail is reverse engineered to serve the needs of the story.
112: 2011-01-09: ***BREAKING NEWS!*** We are Investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security for Suspicious iPhone Photography! TRUE STORY!
113: 2011-01-06: HD Delusion #4: If you remember a good movie with a compelling story, can you even remember if it was in 3D/2D, HiDef/LoDef, B+W/Color?
114: 2010-12-24: BETHLEHEM — There are multiple story lines in this photo.
115: 2010-12-18: Someone can be "smart" and "talented" but that's only part of the story. The rest is how they are emotionally invested.
116: 2010-12-17: "Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer"—a cynical story of power and influence. You're nobody until the big guy picks you, then everyone loves you.
117: 2010-12-07: Your favorite storybook characters come alive!... but you have to go to Disney World to see them because Disney owns every damn one.
118: 2010-11-01: A story is an outward projection of an inner journey.
119: 2010-10-04: RT @KilroyCafe: "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story." -- Orson Wells
120: KilroyCafe: 2011-01-05: At the peak of my fame (in the 1990s), I couldn't wear an Area 51 t-shirt or people would spot me in Walmart and tell me their UFO story.
121: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-26: It's the same ol' story in Alabama: The brand spankin' new Wal-Mart Supercenter put the po' lil' Piggly Wiggly outta bidnis.
122: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-16: RT: @WSJ This was our most-tweeted story over the weekend: How Power Affects Us
123: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-09: "Authorities are investigating" — just another convenient way to say, "You can turn away now," even though the story isn't over.
124: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-08: Evolution is a story of relentless personal self-interest. It turns out, however, that this often entails cooperation.
125: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-06: Most music fans are motivated by their artist's story and what it represents, not the actual quality of the music.
126: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-27: .@shitmydadsays is a story of empowerment, of taking control of your childhood circumstances and learning to separate yourself from them.
127: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-26: "Marriage is romantic story in which the hero dies in the first chapter!" @Abhiness
128: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-23: A novel is the ultimate low-budget film: no cast, crew, lighting or sound, just the story.
129: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-08: The only trouble with 3-D is that no one remembers in 3-D. They only remember the story.
130: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-29: "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story." -- Orson Wells
131: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-27: Avatar: 3-D was a hokey gimmick in the 1950s and it still is today. It only distracts from the story.
132: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-22: 20th Century History: Woodward & Bernstein were a composer/songwriter team who produced such classics as West Side Story and Sound of Music.
133: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-20: Movie special effects have no effect on me. All I care about is the story.
134: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-07: Why does everyone want to know about the actors? They would be lost without invisible writers creating the story and feeding them lines.
135: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-26: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: a story of discrimination. They love you only with the right nose and approval of The Man.
136: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-02: There's a fine line between the people who fight fires and those who set them. Local Las Vegas news story:
137: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-26: Someone can be "smart" and "talented" but that's only part of the story. The rest is how they are emotionally invested.
138: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-01: South Park doesn't really satirize the Joseph Smith story; it just recounts it. The story is self-satirizing!
139: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-11: NY Times (today) on "The Story of Stuff" 20-minute video on how Stuff is strangling our planet. Not so simple, though.
140: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-06: Airline safety is one government regulation success story. Airlines are cutting corners every way they can, yet planes rarely crash.
141: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-23: Easiest local TV news story in the world: Serial killer/bomber/terrorist/sex fiend in the national news HAS A LAS VEGAS CONNECTION! Duh!
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