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1: 2017-12-13: On My Bucket List: Ride my horse to the polling station wearing a cowboy hat to vote for myself. 🤠🐎
2: 2017-11-29: Breaking News: Garrison Keillor harassed me for almost 20 years by occupying my local public radio station for TWO FRICKING HOURS each week when I could have been listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.
3: 2016-02-28: My first #vibe - from videos taken at King Street Station, Seattle
4: 2015-12-01: RT @saftergood: An amusing probe of the odd "weather stations" around Nevada's Area 51 by the odd Glenn Campbell
5: 2015-11-16: @preciousveal I didn't know I was on TV in Utah. What was that about? On what station? Do you have a link?
6: 2015-11-11: My new update on the Area 51 Weather Stations a story (8 min video)
7: 2015-11-11: RT @ItsMeMehK: Hey @BadDalaiLama I loved your vídeo about the weather stations, please keep us updated with everything.
8: 2015-11-04: RT @Peripatetia: Intro from my new documentary released last night on YouTube. Search for "Area 51 Weather Stations" @…
9: 2015-11-03: My new video just released - Area 51 Weather Stations: What Are They Really For?
10: 2015-07-21: RT @Peripatetia: Playing in a fountain near Union Station, Denver (yesterday)
11: 2014-06-07: Backing into South Station, Boston (15 sec video, yesterday)
12: 2014-05-19: Watching the Gas Station Television Network – because America is a wonderful country!
13: 2014-04-14: My excitement for the evening. An angry man hits a woman at the Munich train station. (full 37-second video)
14: 2014-04-14: A man hits a woman in front of the Munich train station (just now). @ München Hauptbahnhof
15: 2014-03-23: Dancing for tips. Union Square subway station, Manhattan.
16: 2014-01-04: Arriving at JFK UMass, Boston (15 sec video) @ MBTA JFK/UMass Station
17: 2013-12-05: You get a far better selection of English-language music on European radio stations then you will ever find on any American station. #iTuner
18: 2013-12-05: Perfectly sensible: Driving in Missouri listening to Icelandic radio stations (via iTuner).
19: 2013-10-27: Central Station, Warsaw, Poland (today)
20: 2013-08-11: Elysium: Boring as hell. Not the movie but the space station. Nothing to do but garden parties and living forever. Earth looks way more fun!
21: 2013-08-04: Queen's Plaza Subway Station (this morning)
22: 2013-05-26: Newton Highlands MBTA Station - 360° panorama
23: 2013-05-09: Once the engagement ring is on the finger, the marriage train has left the station and no logic can stop it.
24: 2013-03-14: Milan Central Railway Station, Nov. 8, 1992... or any time in history! - More Europe 1992:
25: 2013-01-15: Motel 6 in Lantana FL pays for police protection: a cop stationed outside all night. Does that mean those who don't pay get less protection?
26: 2012-11-06: Wells, Maine, Amtrak Station - 360° panorama (2 days ago) Annotated for your convenience!
27: 2012-11-04: Beacon Hill - 360° panorama On Boston Common between the Mass. State House and Park St. Station.
28: 2012-10-20: Main Street Station, Richmond, Virginia - 360 panorama
29: 2012-10-20: Main Street Station, Richmond, Virginia (1 hour ago). ... More from Virginia:
30: 2012-10-05: 30th Street Station, Philadelphia - 360° panorama
31: 2012-10-05: In the belly of the beast. (@ 30th Street Station w/ 8 others) [pic]:
32: 2012-09-07: Helsinki Central Station - hi-res 360 panorama
33: 2012-08-11: Watching the Gas Station Television Network, because I don't have a choice apparently.
34: 2012-07-28: RT @MailOnline: Spectacular photographs show abandoned railway stations left to fall to pieces around the world
35: 2012-07-17: RT @brainpicker: A trip to the world's last underwater research station
36: 2012-07-03: In Texas, nearly all gas stations sell diesel. What else you gonna put in yer truck?
37: 2012-06-12: Amsterdam Centraal Station - 360° panorama (this morning)
38: 2012-06-12: I just endured 17 hours without internet. It was hell, but all better now. (@ Main Station Hostel) [pic]:
39: 2012-05-31: Queens, New York: under the 82nd Street subway station - 360° panorama
40: 2012-05-15: House of the Mouse. (@ Amtrak Station Orlando) [pic]:
41: 2012-05-15: Smoking break. (@ Jacksonville Amtrak Station w/ 2 others) [pic]:
42: 2012-05-15: My traveling companion just asked me for food. Says she lost all her money at the Phila. train station. Why am I not surprised? #addict
43: 2012-05-14: America's best train station. It's almost European! (Your tax dollars at work.) (@ Union Station w/ 30 others) [pic]:
44: 2012-05-13: The romance of travel in the Great Smoky Mountains. (@ Greyhound Bus Station) [pic]:
45: 2012-04-20: Outside Akihabara Station at night, Tokyo - 360 panorama (April 19)
46: 2012-04-18: Oops! Got off at the wrong station. One more station to go! 15 minute wait. (@ 富士山駅) [pic]:
47: 2012-04-14: Shinagawa Station concourse, Tokyo - 360° panorama My first experience changing trains in Japan, early Sunday morning.
48: 2012-04-11: Now switching to bipedal transport. 4 hours to perambulate 2 miles. (@ Amtrak Station Orlando) [pic]:
49: 2012-04-11: A bit startled to find myself here on a train from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando. (@ Tampa Union Station) [pic]:
50: 2012-03-27: Charleston Amtrak station kept open for one train a day, 23 passengers boarding now.
51: 2012-03-27: Tweeting live from my secret campsite near the Charleston train station. Catching the 5:06am southbound Silver Meteor.
52: 2012-03-26: Planning my escape from Charleston via this facility (@ Charleston Amtrak Station) [pic]:
53: 2012-03-23: Two hours in NYC with this guy holding me down. (@ New York Penn Station w/ 84 others) [pic]:
54: 2012-03-22: Getting limbered up for another cheap ride in a full bus. Training! Willpower! Perseverance! (@ Union Station) [pic]:
55: 2012-03-16: Fashion train wreck. Union Station, Washington (yesterday).
56: 2012-03-15: Best food in Union Station: Sbarro's buffet, $6.99/lb. (@ Sbarro) [pic]:
57: 2012-03-15: 11-hour ride in a nearly full bus? Piece of cake! I've trained for this. (@ Union Station w/ 38 others) [pic]:
58: 2012-03-10: This is a gas station, not a house of prostitution. (@ Kum & Go) [pic]:
59: 2012-03-01: Greyhound stations are very sentimental for me. (Really!) They remind me of Eastern European train stations.
60: 2012-03-01: For your viewing pleasure: Denver Greyhound Station - 360° panorama (Whose Walmart bag is that?)
61: 2012-02-03: Corner of 8th Ave & 31st St, New York City — 360° panorama (Madison Square Garden/Penn Station)
62: 2012-01-31: Hartford Union Station - two 360° panoramas: platform & waiting room
63: 2012-01-23: Grand Central Station at Hyperspeed. 18-second experimental video from May 2011.
64: 2012-01-22: Grand Central Station - Main Concourse - 360° panorama featuring "Miss Diaspora Model 2011-12"
65: 2012-01-22: Rugged safari on foot from Penn Station to Grand Central under the most primitive conditions.
66: 2012-01-22: My transportation nexus in the Northeast. (@ Union Station w/ 2 others)
67: 2012-01-22: A Capitol Breakfast, Union Station.
68: 2012-01-22: Megabus can charge less because it maintains no bus stations. It picks up and drops off on the street. (Atlanta)
69: 2012-01-21: Serious thunderstorms in Atlanta. Water everywhere, even in the covered Marta station where I am now.
70: 2012-01-06: Los Angeles Union Station, Main Hall - 360° panorama
71: 2011-12-19: Orlando Central Bus Station - 360° indoor panorama
72: 2011-12-19: Intermodal transfer. (@ Titusville Greyhound Gas Station) [pic]:
73: 2011-11-20: Checking out of D.C. — Onward! (@ Union Station w/ 12 others)
74: 2011-11-18: The high cost of addiction. - Washington Union Station (4 hour ago).
75: 2011-10-21: Video Postcard: On the platform of the 42nd Street subway station, New York. (2:04)
76: 2011-10-11: 360° panorama: Commuter Rail Station, Framingham, Mass.
77: 2011-10-10: Taking the train. How quaint! (@ Amtrak - Syracuse Station)
78: 2011-09-29: South Station, Boston. 360° panorama.
79: 2011-08-29: Switching hostels to be closer to Victoria Station. (@ Travel Joy hostels - Chelsea)
80: 2011-08-25: Paddington Station, London. 360° panorama.
81: 2011-08-07: Middle-of-nowhere road stop, Hampton Station, Oregon — 360° panorama:
82: 2011-07-08: Race is no longer a barrier to human breeding, but intelligence still is. We are still conscious of "marrying below ones station" in skills.
83: 2011-06-18: The biggest, ugliest and most fascinating bus station I've visited. Seen way too much of it! (@ Central Bus Station)
84: 2011-06-18: From where I sit. Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, waiting for a midnight bus to Eilat.
85: 2011-05-24: Video Experiment: Grand Central Station at Hyperspeed 18 seconds. 2 days ago.
86: 2011-05-21: Video Experiment: Grand Central Station in Fast Forward. - 14-second video shot yesterday in Manhattan.
87: 2011-04-23: Video Postcard: Jerusalem Central Bus Station. (30 sec. 3 days ago) Typical chaos waiting for a bus to Masada.
88: 2011-04-19: The alleged site of Jesus' crucifixion: This bus station.
89: 2011-04-05: Every bus station in Isreal is filled with teenagers in transit, acting like kids everywhere, but with green uniforms and really big guns.
90: 2011-01-20: Union Station, Washington.
91: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-21: "People suffer because they grasp and don't let go." — On a restroom wall in a gas station in Marathon, Ontario.
92: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-21: On my bucket list: Install a personal weather station behind my home and spend the rest of my life meticulously collecting readings from it.
93: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-15: I want to take this opportunity to express my facile and irrelevant support for our brave military men and women stationed overseas.
94: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-29: Travelers' essentials along any highway in America: gas stations, restaurants, motels, adult superstores, "Nude Girls - XXX".
95: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-13: Just had a filling meal from the free sample stations at Costco in Denver. This expired membership of mine is well worth the price!
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