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1: 2017-07-17: My spirit animal is a pigeon, an unromantic bird that can function just about anywhere. 🐦
2: 2016-12-23: My spirit plant is the palm tree 🌴 because if there's one nearby you know it's never going to snow.
3: 2016-10-27: Spirit of Tengri 2016 - Audience participation at a music festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan, 4 June 2016. 9 minutes
4: 2014-10-31: RT @Peripatetia: In the spirit of Halloween, my photos from Boo at the Zoo in Gainesville, Oct. 31, 2011
5: 2014-08-22: My spirit plant is kudzu, growing fast and thriving everywhere.
6: 2014-08-21: New Age spiritual advice is rarely free. You got to pay good money to get the best bullshit.
7: 2014-02-28: In the spirit of giving back to our community, this Twitter feed will donate 10% of its bandwidth to promoting selfie addiction awareness.
8: 2013-12-24: Believing in magic means a refusal to address your own problems and a crushed spirit when the magic doesn't come through.
9: 2013-12-15: In the Christmas Spirit, here is my 2008 classic: "A Walmart Christmas Carol" (sung to the tune of "Silver Bells")
10: 2013-08-18: Religiosity includes atheists assembling in groups to proselytize their absolute faith that no gods or spiritual forces exist.
11: 2013-05-01: Millions follow the Good @DalaiLama because then they can say, "See, I am spiritual!"
12: 2013-01-26: This week has been tough. No bed to sleep in. No heat. Forced to bathe in the ocean. Need a little Newark in January to lift my spirits.
13: 2013-01-25: My spirit animal is a dung beetle. ==> For dung beetles, Milky Way is guiding light
14: 2013-01-23: My spirit animal is a coyote... Wile E.
15: 2013-01-21: No free spirit survives without an element of curmudgeonly Machiavellianism.
16: 2012-12-24: Xmas Fact: St. Nicholas was thin as a rail, but Coca-Cola plumped him up and gave his cheeks a rosy glow in the spirit of refreshment.
17: 2012-11-15: The great spiritual journeys: Mecca, Jerusalem, The Vatican, Benares, Lhasa, World's Biggest Walmart in Albany, New York.
18: 2012-08-12: RT @Ruys: @BadDalaiLama I would add spirituality, which can be a twisted form of entertainment
19: 2012-05-12: My spirit animal is the mammal, because they're all adorable at birth with mothers who truly care for them. Then life gets harder.
20: 2012-05-02: My spirit animal is a coyote... Wile E. Coyote.
21: 2012-04-17: In the spirit of cultural tolerance, I believe we should respect other people's bonehead religions. — Bad Dalai Lama
22: 2012-02-18: Spiritual INTENTION CIRCLE now forming! I know it's spam, but I read the whole thing. Anthropologically fascinating!
23: 2012-01-05: Poverty in America is the result not so much of a lack of resources but of a broken spirit.
24: 2011-12-17: In the spirit of #occupy, I'm going to freeze my ass off in the Northern cold til there are some serious changes in society. #notreally
25: 2011-12-17: RT @SpiritOfMadison: R. Lee Ermey is that you? MT @BadDalaiLama
26: 2011-11-25: RT @TheLastVirgo: If you yawn, please ensure you also stretch simultaneously. Revel in the Spirit of Pandiculation. <== Learned a new word!
27: 2011-08-05: Both the @BadDalaiLama and the Good @DalaiLama are spiritual leaders conveying the wisdom that you don't really need spiritual leaders
28: 2011-06-16: RT @MikeShawTweet: @BadDalaiLama Advice: You are on target Bad Dalai. This time I see myself in what you say, so u r giving REAL spiritu ...
29: 2011-04-07: The life of an exiled spiritual leader: Rarely two nights in the same place. Few possessions. New environment every day. Heaven or Hell?
30: 2011-03-30: My Monty Python spirit animal is the larch.
31: 2011-03-23: Dr. Evil sound clips: - Our new spiritual master (as we come to look more like him!)
32: 2011-03-19: He's good. Doesn't tweet much. Won't offend anybody. We couldn't exist without him! #ff @DalaiLama You'll seem more spiritual if you do!
33: 2011-03-09: Some very nice people, who wouldn't hurt a fly, can still be a drain on your spirit, and you need to get away from them.
34: 2011-03-02: RT @georgiatriallaw: @BadDalailama is killing me this morning. Spiritual gemstones from the master. #winning
35: 2011-02-22: "Dorothy seeks 'over the rainbow' ...her spiritual quest." @AndyWarholla via @lolahayes <== But soon as she gets there she wants to go home!
36: 2011-02-01: .@michellenassau "How much does a spiritual leader get paid? I think I'll become one and spread love." <== Pay is low, but perks are nice!
37: 2011-01-31: Being an exiled spiritual leader ain't as bad as it sounds. You get to travel. No one expects you to run a country. Kinda sweet, actually!
38: 2011-01-20: My spirit animal is a pigeon. No pretense, can adapt to anything. Either that or a Norway rat. Beats your nearly extinct eagle or wolf!
39: 2011-01-08: Another tip from your exiled spiritual leader: Restrooms in the back of Wal-Mart are usually cleaner and less crowded than in the front.
40: 2011-01-07: Another moneysaving tip from your exiled spiritual leader: — Not the buffet (you'll burst). Buffet-by-the-pound.
41: 2010-12-03: In the spirit of the season, "A Wal-Mart Christmas Carol": - You don't have to pay for it now!
42: 2010-11-20: Helping others, while noble in spirit, often has the unintended effect of increasing their dependency.
43: 2010-11-05: The @BadDalaiLama has a new welcome page at - A spiritual awakening is close at hand!
44: 2010-10-27: "Conspicuous meditation" is when you publicly display how spiritually aware you are, by meditating in parks, wearing saffron robes, etc.
45: 2010-10-11: Many of the beliefs that are presented as spiritual are really a mask for mental illness.
46: 2010-10-07: It is good to be open to the spiritual and paranormal, but decisions must be based on the concrete and testable.
47: 2010-09-18: To be honest, the life of an exiled spiritual leader is far easier and more rewarding than actually running a country.
48: 2010-09-18: RT @DalaiLama: Unfortunate events, though potentially a source of anger and despair, have equal potential to be a source of spiritual gr ...
49: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-07: RT @BadDalaiLama: It is good to be open to the spiritual and paranormal, but decisions must be based on the concrete and testable.
50: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-26: On my bucket list: Join a Christian mega-church so my spiritual needs can be fulfilled with the greatest efficiency possible.
51: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-11: Pennsylvania, with its hills, tunnels and decrepit infrastructure that peaked around 1930, is the spiritual home of all model railroads.
52: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-11: In the spirit of the season, here is my "Wal-Mart Christmas Carol" - Sung to the tune of "Silver Bells"
53: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-11: Ah, the Christmas spirit! Yuletide traditions with family & friends! Gifts under the tree!... This is what I'm trying desperately to avoid.
54: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-10: "Conspicuous meditation" is when you publically display how spiritually aware you are, by meditating in parks, wearing tie-dyed shirts, etc.
55: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-09: Pop singers are seen as our spiritual and philosophical leaders, even if their only skill is singing someone else's words.
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