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1: 2017-07-25: If President Trump were to ever be hospitalized, I'm sure the world would send its thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Right?
2: 2017-04-04: Honest, officer, speeding isn't my fault. Obama made me do it.
3: 2017-01-15: Trump crippled by Twitter speed limit. Can only insult one person at a time.
4: 2016-02-22: I'm doing 80 mph in the fast lane in a 65 mph zone. Cop comes up behind me, flashes lights. I move. Cops speeds past. Love the #NJTurnpike!
5: 2014-08-18: If you see a police car ahead of you driving above the speed limit, you can cry "Injustice!" but the thing you don't want to do is pass him.
6: 2014-08-11: RT @Cmdr_Hadfield: At the speed of light, here's where our pop culture transmissions have reached, star by star ( ht…
7: 2014-05-09: On My Bucket List: Demonstrate first pass, single shot lethality against high speed maneuvering targets on land and at sea. (@DailyMailUS)
8: 2014-05-09: The speed limit on the New Jersey Turnpike is strictly enforced—by angry motorists flashing their headlights if you're going below it.
9: 2014-04-26: If police practiced "zero tolerance", every car going 1 mph over the speed limit would be pulled over and nothing would move.
10: 2014-03-25: Proposed events for 2018 Winter Games: solo and team selfies, freestyle Xbox, speed texting, viral tweeting, reality TV attention grabbing.
11: 2014-01-13: Deicing in Baltimore (15 sec video, 2x speed, today)
12: 2014-01-10: A man is rescued today from Baltimore Harbor after falling into the icy water (15 sec video, 2x speed)
13: 2013-10-07: Cartoon logic: Speedy Gonzalez, the fastest mouse in all of Mexico, can't be shown on American TV but does appear on Latin American TV.
14: 2013-07-23: @Kyoks1 Official speed limits: 80 MPH in TX. 75 MPH in NV. I plead the Fifth on actual.
15: 2013-06-30: RT @TheEconomist: Over the past few weeks, in one country after another, protesters have risen up with bewildering speed…
16: 2013-01-01: RT @speedprior: @BadDalaiLama fast-sinking ship: your opponent is impersonal catastrophe. Slow-sinking ship: your opponents are the othe ...
17: 2012-12-28: RT @speedprior: @BadDalaiLama a similar observation would stop 99.9% of political discussions.
18: 2012-11-15: RT @speedprior: @BadDalaiLama also you vomit a lot.
19: 2012-11-12: @BadDalaiLama Speed limit on the Interstate is 75mph, so 84mph seems like a good balance of benefit and risk.
20: 2012-11-12: You can speed in Nebraska at bargain rates.
21: 2012-10-24: RT @speedprior: @BadDalaiLama amended: start with small, low-stakes departures from home. Familiarity breeds grace.
22: 2012-10-23: Trying to lose weight without counting calories is like trying to obey the speed limit without a speedometer in your car.
23: 2012-09-11: RT @nytimes: Texas Raising Speed Limit for Title of Fastest in the Land
24: 2012-06-08: If the speed limit is 60 mph, cops don't ticket at 61. If they did, enforcement would become impossible.
25: 2012-06-08: .@spyropapaspyrou There is always some play in the rules—like when the posted speed limit is 60mph, but everyone goes faster.
26: 2012-06-01: RT @KilroyCafe: The notion of "slowing down" in your final years is absurb. You should be "speeding up" since there are so many things l ...
27: 2012-05-26: Knowledge is knowing the speed limit. Experience is knowing the enforced speed. Wisdom is going a prudent speed for the road conditions.
28: 2012-05-17: Lecturing drivers on the dangers of speeding won't change their behavior. Only a speeding ticket works. #addictionlesson
29: 2012-04-12: LOL! 2:20am on the campus of Univ of Florida, Megabus pulled over for speeding in a 20mph zone, moments after leaving bus stop.
30: 2012-03-07: There are only two highways in America with 80 mph speed limits: I-10 in West Texas and here.
31: 2012-02-02: Pulled over for speeding, both she and the officer were struck and seriously injured by a drunk substance abuse counselor. #truestory
32: 2012-01-21: Speed limits are a hard science. How fast you can actually go without getting a ticket—that's a fine art.
33: 2012-01-15: Having a radar detector in your car gives you the self-confidence to speed. No protection from modern radar guns, just self-confidence.
34: 2011-11-10: Cops write you tickets for speeding. Life hands you tickets for other mistakes, and the penalty could far exceed the offense.
35: 2011-08-14: Nothing is finer than speeding through Vegas in the predawn hours without stopping. (@ Vegas Baby Vegas!)
36: 2011-08-01: Why must people "slow down" in old age? Given the dwindling time, shouldn't you "speed up" to accomplish all you can?
37: 2011-05-08: The law tells you the speed limit. It doesn't tell you the speed where officers write tickets. That gap is where most of life is lived.
38: 2011-03-20: The speed that a relationship is changes bears no relation to the underlying value of the relationship.
39: 2011-03-14: @lolahayes Brain storage space may be unlimited, but CPU speed is not. Like a computer, unlimited memory doesn't mean unlimited processes.
40: 2011-03-04: Hypothesis: Drivers with radar detectors get more speeding tickets. If true, is it causation or correlation? Or are they just idiots?
41: 2011-03-04: RT @StephenAtHome: Charlie Sheen just set record for "fastest time to reach a million Twitter followers." Not his only speed record.
42: 2011-01-28: Hybrid taxis are deadly! They come at you at taxi speed, but NO SOUND!
43: 2010-12-17: If you doubt the potential speed of evolution, look at the many breeds of dogs, mostly created by human selection within historical times.
44: 2010-12-12: Police can always find more or less crime by adjusting their tolerance. "Speeding" can start at 5 mph above the limit or 15. They choose.
45: 2010-11-27: Full speed ahead, take no prisoners, never apologize, never look back, never stop believing in yourself... Sarah Palin!
46: 2010-11-12: Why should you "slow down" in your final years? Shouldn't you be "speeding up" since there are so many things left to do?
47: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-26: Freeway speed limit is 65, but no car is going < 70. Cops ticket at a certain speed but won't reveal it. All of life is a game like that.
48: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: I-10 in Texas: 879 miles. 80 mph speed limit. Piece of cake. Just don't try to do it all in one day. Also: Houston sucks.
49: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-26: The posted speed limit is shown by signs on the highway. The unposted limit is when cops actually start ticketing. That number is secret.
50: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-26: I'm on I-15 in the Mojave Desert, boxed in by traffic. The posted speed limit is 70 mph, but everyone around me is going 80. Road hogs!
51: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-26: On any open highway in America, there ain't nobody going below the speed limit. There's an unwritten buffer between rules and enforcement.
52: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-26: Do drivers who use radar detectors get fewer speeding tickets than those who don't? I think the opposite. Technology begets overconfidence!
53: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-31: Surreal experience: driving a lonely Texas highway at night with a freight train alongside going the exact same speed. A ghostly horizon!
54: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-27: The notion of "slowing down" in your final years is absurb. You should be "speeding up" since there are so many things left to do.
55: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-26: When the speed limit says "55 MPH", most cars are going between 56 and 64. That's the just-over-the-limit zone where most of us reside.
56: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-26: The spread between law and enforcement -- e.g. between the speed limit and speed of ticketing -- can be called "enforcement gap".
57: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-15: My speeding rules: No more than 9 mph above limit, except when traffic is faster, but don't be the fastest. In small towns, 4 mph faster.
58: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-10: Police can always find more or less crime by adjusting their tolerance. "Speeding" can start at 5 mph above the limit or 15. They choose.
59: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-08: Today you will probably break a dozen laws. Can you list them? You drove over the speed limit, walked on private property, etc.
60: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-08: In practice, police don't ticket drivers for 1 mph above the speed limit, only 10+ mph. This is the unwritten leniency the law must have.
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