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1: 2018-08-10: The official theme song for my new anxiety-free life. "All of the bad feelings have disappeared." (For real!)
2: 2018-07-02: The message of country music is “It's alright to be little bitty.” The aspirations of any song character are to hold a steady job, own a truck and raise a family. No one quests for a “higher love“. No one cares to leave the perfect small town where they grew up.
3: 2018-01-31: Another fantastic find: The Parody Project. This song is both funny and poignant. #trump
4: 2015-05-24: In the dystopian future, all geopolitical conflicts will be settled at the Eurovision song contest.
5: 2015-05-01: RT @colonelstewart: Unearthed documents reveal that the Hall was furious at being namechecked in a Beatles song: htt…
6: 2015-03-03: RT @BadLamaArt: A song doesn't have to mean anything. It just has to sound like it means something. People have to go crazy trying to figur…
7: 2015-02-23: RT @cracked: Obsession ... Over Absolutely Nothing. 5 Disturbing Messages That Show Up in Love Songs:…
8: 2014-11-05: A Kubrick mystery: After "Singing in the Rain" in A Clockwork Orange, how was he able to license the Mickey Mouse Club Song for FMJ?
9: 2014-07-02: RT @BadLamaArt: 29 original celebrity impressions in one original song. Awesome! via @TheLaurynPetrie
10: 2014-07-01: That Pharrell Williams "Happy" song creeps me out. Have we regressed to the 70s? Next we'll see a remix of "Up With People".
11: 2014-06-23: Next year I plan to watch the Eurosceptic song contest. I predict it will be bigger than ever.
12: 2014-04-08: Why do we worship celebrities for singing other people's songs and appearing in other people's movies?
13: 2014-01-06: As the songs say, breaking up is hard to do unless you're a totalitarian dictator and execute your exes.
14: 2013-12-22: It is a joyous holiday season of royalties for songs that are played in stores only this time of year.
15: 2013-12-18: @BadDalaiLama Whatever number you count in the song, you have to +1 to it, because it STARTS with "another" one biting the dust.
16: 2013-09-25: Love songs seem to come in two varieties: "I've found the perfect love," and "You screwed me over." It's Yin and Yang, baby!
17: 2013-09-12: This might be the first Country song I like: Miranda Lambert - "Mama's Broken Heart"
18: 2013-04-21: Live performance of a popular song is an inferior reproduction of the studio version solely for the purpose of making money.
19: 2013-02-10: Movies, novels and songs can sometimes teach you about life, but has anyone ever learned anything from a video game?
20: 2013-02-10: Stunning music video wasted on a mediocre song via @edictive
21: 2013-02-09: Once a song has been recorded, the musician's ego is so attached to it that the only thing you can say to them is, "Great song!"
22: 2013-01-30: @BadDalaiLama Certainly the quantity of music has increased but not the number of songs people remember and sing to themselves.
23: 2012-12-27: Theme song of Canadian serial killers: "Stalking in a Winter Wonderland".
24: 2012-11-16: RT @lawnrocket: For those of you still waiting to see Skyfall - the REAL theme song for Quantum of Solace
25: 2012-11-07: If you sing a song about your new lover's supernatural powers, expect to sing another one later about how they let you down.
26: 2012-10-15: I remember this TV show where the Jackson Five met the Osmond Brothers at Disneyland and each sang their hit songs. Changed my life forever.
27: 2012-08-24: @lawnrocket Beg to differ—Twice is often sufficient to establish pattern. See standard song structure: AB-AB-Bridge. Thrice may be overkill.
28: 2012-08-13: Today's pleasure: "Miriam" - new song by Norah Jones. Catchy tune, but too explicit to be fun. Just misogynistic.
29: 2012-08-12: Of the 14 songs I have written, this is my only love song. Perhaps a bit obsessive. Demo on video.
30: 2012-08-09: Movie mysteries: After Kubrick deflowered "Singing in the Rain" in CO, how did he obtain the rights to the Mickey Mouse Club song in FMJ?
31: 2012-08-08: @ljmusik Now you're cookin'! Stated differently, that might make an interesting song. Dysfunction is far more interesting than function.
32: 2012-08-06: Art usually involves fixed restraints on duration. (e.g. 3m song, 90m movie, 140ch tweet) This tells the audience what to expect.
33: 2012-07-27: Songs Since 2000 That Don't Suck: "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay.
34: 2012-07-27: Songs Since 2000 That Don't Suck: "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Goyte
35: 2012-07-10: RT @ShitYoungPplSay: This song is an expression of my true inner voice. If you don't like it, that's your problem.
36: 2012-07-09: You are in deep trouble as a songwriter if you believe your own lyrics are sacred. - "I made that, so it must be perfect!"
37: 2012-07-05: RT @tanjabulatovic: @BadDalaiLama Like John Lennon's 'Imagine' song. "Imagine no possessions..., it's easy if you try", filmed in their ...
38: 2012-07-05: John Lennon wrote some nice songs, but what exactly did he want? Anarchy?
39: 2012-07-05: All the great songs have some absurdism to them—powerful images that don't make sense.
40: 2012-06-11: RT @LIFECOACHERS: Write a poem. Sing songs. Dance in the rain. Whatever you do, make it authentically yours, dipshit poem-writing, rain- ...
41: 2012-06-03: @OneFaithLove I mean rewrite Plath for this particular song. She won't object.
42: 2012-05-30: "Goldfinger" is awesome! Not the movie so much as the theme song. Pretty girls, beware of his Midas touch...
43: 2012-05-25: "Isn't It Ironic" is a song for alcoholics. It expresses their general philosophy: "Life sucks, so I have a right to abuse myself."
44: 2012-05-25: .@AlannaChat No, it's just stupid. The implication of the song is the world owes you things (a rain-free wedding day).
45: 2012-05-23: "Blood on the Windshield" - my original song written in Louisiana in 2009. Rerecorded today.
46: 2012-05-11: "I Just Want Your Money" - My new original song. A tragic story of a man without a country. Video:
47: 2012-05-01: Every great song or work of art has a mythology the artist didn't put there. The best thing the artist can do is shut up about it.
48: 2012-04-27: You know that Beatles song about the serial killer? Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Appalling. There should be more songs like that.
49: 2012-04-27: A great song isn't just about the music but about the words and what they mean. This is where most musicians are clueless.
50: 2012-04-26: Now playing in my head: "Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley. Awesome beat, perfect social commentary. A song with purpose!
51: 2012-04-19: Now watching Japanese music videos. Everyone is young. Songs are bouncy. Big smiles!
52: 2012-04-12: A song succeeds or fails primarily based on whether it fulfills the intent that it declared in the first few seconds.
53: 2012-04-12: @SteveSeaquist Since when has a recording company purchased an ad for a song or album? I've never seen any. Must be stealth advertising.
54: 2012-04-12: @SteveSeaquist Since when has a talk show booked a songwriter?
55: 2012-04-12: Every song must stand on its own, without the songwriter being present to declare what category it should be placed in.
56: 2012-04-10: "Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" was a good song, but "Can't Trust This Feeling Anymore" would have been more interesting and realistic.
57: 2012-04-03: Writing music can be an exercise in apophenia. You listen to the noises in your head, pull out imaginary patterns and soon you have a song.
58: 2012-03-13: The lead singer of the band gets all the attention, but when the band breaks up you usually discover that it wasn't him who made the songs.
59: 2012-03-10: Now playing in my head: "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer. Good song, stupid lyrics. It's an ode to passivity!
60: 2012-03-06: My playlist starts with Stephen Foster but doesn't really take off until I was, like, born. #songsinmyhead
61: 2012-03-06: Who needs an iPod or radio? I have 10,000 songs I can instantly access IN MY MIND! I'm a wonder!
62: 2012-03-06: @iNibbana I don't need to know. A song is what you make of it.
63: 2012-03-03: Every song must stand alone without its parents. If you have to explain where it comes from and what it means then the song has failed.
64: 2012-03-03: Every song must stand alone without its parents.
65: 2012-03-02: Nice song: "Today is a Good Day" by Anna Ternheim Just what I like: complex and conflicted.
66: 2012-02-23: Why do I hum the theme song from "Gilligan's Island" every time I embark on these nautical adventures? [pic]:
67: 2012-02-23: Coldplay: "The Scientist" - Nice song, cool video!
68: 2012-02-23: "Marquis de Sade" - my new original song about the French Revolution. Video (1:41)
69: 2012-02-15: Just in time for the holiday (in this time zone): my 50-second "Valentine Song" composed near Edmonton.
70: 2012-02-14: The best songs are little riddles you feel compelled to try to figure out, but you can never quite do it.
71: 2012-02-05: I hadn't heard this 2000 Coldplay song until now: "Yellow." Nice!
72: 2012-01-24: You can't unsee a bad music video of a good song. It poisons you with explicitness.
73: 2012-01-23: The standard song format (ABAB-bridge-AB) is robust because it presents the right balance of repetition and novelty.
74: 2012-01-19: Love songs are boring. I'd rather listen to a dysfunctional voice sing something twisted and subversive.
75: 2012-01-15: Imagine aliens landing on Earth, doing a song and dance, then getting back in their spaceship and leaving. That's what most charity is.
76: 2012-01-14: Love songs come in two varieties: "You rescued me," and "You treated me like shit." They are the two natural ends of the same relationship.
77: 2012-01-14: The implied delusion of many a love song is: "I don't have to solve my own problems because love will solve them for me."
78: 2012-01-12: New song fragment, composed today in Los Angeles: "Taken It Too Deep"
79: 2012-01-11: @xtinewu You could write a song about that!
80: 2012-01-03: Maybe in 2012, I'll tweet only song fragments. Today's original song: "Graduation Day" (chorus only)
81: 2011-12-29: No amount of musical training can teach you to write an interesting song everyone is compelled to listen to.
82: 2011-12-26: Songwriting is moviemaking on a very small budget.
83: 2011-12-23: People praise the singer for what the songwriter did and treat the actor like he made the movie. The real creator usually goes unnoticed.
84: 2011-12-18: Science predicts whether a song will be a chart hit — But a "classic hit" is predicted only by "Is it good?"
85: 2011-12-16: Music is the subcarrier of language. Before an infant knows any words, he learns the song of his parents speaking.
86: 2011-12-03: There's nothing more pathetic than famous rock stars singing Christmas songs. Someone must burn those records!
87: 2011-12-01: Love songs that go, "I was lost 'til you found me," don't record the heartbreak that follows. Truth is, only you can find you!
88: 2011-11-30: Most of those "You screwed me over" songs really should be "How did I put myself in this situation?" songs.
89: 2011-11-26: Writing and recording a song is a creative process. Performing it live is a religious one. People are worshipping the gods who made it.
90: 2011-11-21: Movies and TV shows may be influential, but for viral infection of the human soul, nothing matches a song.
91: 2011-11-19: RT @TheLastVirgo: Some of the most beautiful songs are composed by the most tormented souls.
92: 2011-11-15: The lyrics and melody aren't the whole song, but they form the backbone from which everything else is hung—like a movie script.
93: 2011-11-15: To become a Classic Hit, a song must pass the "ringtone test"—that is, does the main theme make a compelling ringtone.
94: 2011-11-15: Now playing in my head: "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M. A song couldn't get simpler or more powerful.
95: 2011-11-12: It is silly to review a 3-minute song. You either like it or you don't. Don't mess it up with words.
96: 2011-11-12: "Viva la Vida" (2008) — An exception to my earlier claim, "No memorable song has been released in the past 4 years,"
97: 2011-11-12: Now playing in my head: "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay. Awesome song!
98: 2011-11-06: Has the music died? Is there even one song released in the past four years that they'll still be playing 20 years from now? Name it!
99: 2011-11-02: A great filmmaker can make a compelling film with an iPhone. A great photographer can work with any camera. A songwriter needs only a voice.
100: 2011-11-02: You can't claim you need funding to write a great song. For the words and tune, the budget is trivial. It's all up to you.
101: 2011-11-02: Songwriting is moviemaking on a smaller budget.
102: 2011-10-30: As the song indicates, once you start thinking, you're doomed. Stop it, stop it this minute!
103: 2011-10-30: Can't Stop Thinkin' - New recording of my 2009 love song, shot this morning in a motel room in Virginia.
104: 2011-10-29: My first love song (albeit a bit obsessive): "Can't Stop Thinkin" - (2009)
105: 2011-10-29: The Beatles more or less invented musical irony. Before them, popular songs mainly expressed trite, conventional emotions.
106: 2011-10-29: My favorite song you've probably never heard: "Houdini's Box" by Jill Sobule. Simple and haunting.
107: 2011-10-29: You can't sing the same song over and over with real feeling. Only the first few times are genuine. After that, it's acting.
108: 2011-10-29: Our recent tweet essays: Walmarts I Have Known Marriage Songwriting
109: 2011-10-29: All the best songs are enigmas that the listener is drawn to decode. Hotel California. Miss American Pie.
110: 2011-10-29: All the best songs are built around verbal absurdities.
111: 2011-10-29: (So what does that mean? Who knows! It's a verbal enigma that makes you think and the energy source that powers the song.)
112: 2011-10-28: I have an iPod... IN MY HEAD! 10,000 songs instantly available for free. Only problem: Can't turn it off. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!
113: 2011-10-27: If you're going to have love songs, you got to expect "you screwed me over" songs at the other end. It's Yin and Yang.
114: 2011-10-27: RT @cottonmouth1: @BadDalaiLama ...nice song choice, Mr. Bad.
115: 2011-10-25: Songs don't write themselves—although sometimes they do!
116: 2011-10-23: A great song is great regardless of who sings it, but when one artist nails it all the rest seem like fakers.
117: 2011-10-23: Songwriting today is charity work. You do it because it needs to be done, not because you expect payment. Perhaps this is as it should be.
118: 2011-10-23: Live audiences don't care about new songs. They want to hear the old ones played over and over. For a new song, they go "Huh?"
119: 2011-10-23: The sad thing about music today is you have tour to make money. Recording in the studio won't do it. New songs won't do it.
120: 2011-10-23: Elton John is the epitome of old school has-been. Hasn't written a good song in years. Lavish lifestyle, touring often enough to support it.
121: 2011-10-23: The life of your standard Rock legend is lazy luxury punctuated by occasional tours to re-milk their old songs.
122: 2011-10-23: The main art of music is creating new songs, not re-performing old ones.
123: 2011-10-18: I have written 12 songs—some satirical, some serious. All are linked to this photo album:
124: 2011-10-18: The best song I have ever written is about PIRATES. Arrrrg! "Weekend Pirate" (2009)
125: 2011-10-14: Many a hapless sailor has been lured to his demise by the siren song of the ocean resort: "All U Can Eat!"
126: 2011-07-09: If some cowboy tells you he'll "love you forever" in a country music song, BUYER BEWARE! Them good ol' boys got a pretty bad track record.
127: 2011-06-30: The most trite and pandering song ever recorded? I nominate "Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston. Is there any cliché NOT in it?
128: 2011-06-18: The expedition theme song: "Walk Like an Egyptian" by The Bangles.
129: 2011-05-20: Songs for Borderlines: Please Don't Leave Me, by Pink. Hot N Cold by Katy Perry.
130: 2011-05-07: You're cruising the FM dial and you hear a song you haven't heard before and it sounds kinda nice until you realize, "Eww, it's Christian!"
131: 2011-05-06: If you would be a songwriter, then write songs! Whether anyone sings them has no bearing on the quality of the product.
132: 2011-05-04: Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs—like McCartney in his stoner years.
133: 2011-04-07: RT @danonchalant1: @BadDalaiLama that song is in MY head...thanks!
134: 2011-04-07: Now playing IN MY HEAD: "Yakety Sax" (the Benny Hill theme song). Make it stop!
135: 2011-03-29: What would the world be like if everyone sang other people's songs and no one ever wrote any?
136: 2011-03-20: Meaningful: a song that captures something important about life. Meaningless: a symphony with no words.
137: 2011-03-20: On My Bucket List: Attain instant worldwide fame for the awfulness of my song.
138: 2011-03-14: "You're losing all your highs and lows. Ain't it funny how the feeling goes away." (Probably the best existential song ever!)
139: 2011-03-11: This is so wrong! From the Walmart hunting dept: "Special Golden Estrus". Talk about your siren songs!
140: 2011-03-11: When your ship is sinking, it doesn't matter what song the band is playing.
141: 2011-02-22: Being a surviving Beatle means you can never go anywhere without hearing your own songs, usually turned into hideous elevator music.
142: 2011-02-08: On Our Favorites List: The greatest song ever written! "The Lumberjack Song" by Monty Python. ♫
143: 2011-02-06: Song #7: "Weekend Pirate" — Our own original sea shanty on part-time piracy. Song by the songwriter. (Video #35)
144: 2011-02-05: Britney Spears has nothing to do with a Britney Spears song except coming into the studio to sing it, then dancing in the video. #blasphemy
145: 2011-02-01: Many play in the band. Few will ever write the song.
146: 2011-01-29: Song #6: "Flatland" - Our own original song, sung yesterday in the Central Valley of California (Video #34)
147: 2011-01-24: His Holiness is a "peripatetic hyperprolific content generator"—photos from all over, videos, essays, even songs! So, yeah, expect links.
148: 2011-01-24: ...All my songs need is a singer, an arranger, a band, music... I can't sing well myself, but I'm doing my best, just to demo the song.
149: 2011-01-24: Our original song #11: "Blood on the Windshield" Injustice in the Deep South. Sung today in Oklahoma. Video #33
150: 2011-01-13: Song #1: "Galaxy Queen" A Space Tragedy. OUR FIRST SONG! Sung by the songwriter this morning. (Video #30)
151: 2011-01-12: Music is all around us, in everything we say and do. That's different, however, than pumping the same songs into your ears, over and over.
152: 2011-01-07: Once the definitive version of a song has been recorded, what's the sense in 100 other bands doing inferior renditions of it?
153: 2011-01-07: How does hearing a song "live", with cheering fans and poor acoustics, make it better? That's a religious experience, not a musical one.
154: 2011-01-07: Songs can be inspirational, when they capture a meaningful idea, or merely religious, when you dwell on the priests and what they are doing.
155: 2011-01-06: Now playing IN MY MIND: Just A Song Before I Go / Crosby, Stills & Nash ♫
156: 2011-01-04: One of our Top Ten fav songs: "Building a Mystery" by Sarah McLachlan. ♫
157: 2011-01-02: "Classic hits" gained this status for one reason only: They're great songs! Compare to current hits, based on promotion, that won't last.
158: 2010-12-29: Simple, haunting song that's a fav of His Holiness: Houdini's Box – Jill Sobule ♫
159: 2010-12-29: @LolaHayes Welcome, Lola! You already have your own theme song: "Lola" by the Kinks. ♫
160: 2010-12-22: Probably the best song you've never heard: "Houdini's Box" by Jill Sobule. Check it out!
161: 2010-12-22: Darn near the best existential song ever written: "Desperado" by the Eagles.
162: 2010-12-21: On My Bucket List: Listen to an entire country song from start to finish and take its advice to heart.
163: 2010-12-15: Photos: 1000 Greeks singing Beatles songs. Athens, June 21, 2009.
164: 2010-12-15: Music is the subcarrier of language. Before an infant knows any words, he learns the song of his language.
165: 2010-11-26: The most hideous musical form is the "cover", where one singer repeats the famous song of another. It only proves their bankrupt creativity.
166: 2010-11-17: Aboard the Titanic, you can't stop the ship from sinking by ordering the band to play a different song.
167: 2010-10-26: A director would not repeat the same movie, or the author the same book. Why, then, would a singer sing the same song?
168: KilroyCafe: 2010-12-06: I can drive 2000 miles and never turn on the radio. If I want a song, I play it in my head, nearly the same as an iPod. Is this normal?
169: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-26: Anyone can play Guitar Hero. Few can write decent songs that others want to sing.
170: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-08: A song isn't officially a classic until @alyankovic parodies it.
171: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-27: Elvis supposedly changed music, but he wrote none of his own songs, so didn't the writers actually change music? Wasn't Elvis a fraud?
172: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-27: Before you worship a singer for how their song touched you, shouldn't you ask if they actually wrote the song?
173: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-19: There's no great song that can't be murdered by Muzak.
174: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-14: Elvis: He could sing a song. He seemed to have sex appeal. Did he have any talent otherwise? A religious figure mainly. Our Fatima.
175: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-02: Listening to Billy Joel's "Always a Woman". The classic song of the psycho bitch enabler.
176: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-28: On my bucket list: Listen to an entire country song from start to finish and take its advice to heart.
177: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-02: You can grasp a song without hearing it, a movie without seeing it and a language without speaking it, if you understand it's structure.
178: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-27: A great movie (or book or song or life experience) is one that you wake up at night thinking about, years after you saw it.
179: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-22: 20th Century History: Woodward & Bernstein were a composer/songwriter team who produced such classics as West Side Story and Sound of Music.
180: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-17: Definition of the word "colitas" in the song "Hotel California" (The Straight Dope)
181: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-10: Anyone can play "Guitar Hero". Almost no one can write decent songs that others want to sing.
182: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-26: When the Edmund Fitzgerald set sail, the crew could never have imagined their journey would result in one of the longest songs on Earth.
183: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-24: We may remember Madonna's bustier or KISS' face paint, but whether we sing the song to ourselves 10 years later depends only on the sound.
184: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-24: An unhealthy diet of music is playing the same songs over and over. A better mix is the ambient music all around you that you don't control.
185: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-24: I have just released my first love song (albeit a bit obsessive): "Can't Stop Thinkin" -
186: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-22: Some of the most trite and empty song lyrics come from @johncmayer - although they sound good at first.
187: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-21: A song consists of lyrics sung by the human voice. Instrumental music is only a supporting character.
188: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-16: Good songs are 3 minutes long. Longer, and they sound repetitive. Shorter, and the listener feels cheated.
189: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-26: If a sentimental dipshit like Manilow can write the songs, I can too!
190: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-15: Think of "Sound of Silence" by S&G. Simple, word-driven song. You don't need a band or agent. The song stands on its own.
191: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-09: Michael, Elvis, Whitney, Britney, Madonna - they must be deep and wise because their songs are good. Get real!
192: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-21: 2000 Greeks singing a Beatles song in unison.
193: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: A great song is great after only a single recorded performance. Once it's been nailed, there's no creative purpose in performing it again.
194: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: There is only one reason an artist would perform the same song over and over: money. Otherwise, they should be creating new songs.
195: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: The Beatles invented musical irony. Before that, popular songs expressed only bland, conventional emotions.
196: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-06: Everyone worships the singer who sang the song and the actor who starred in the movie, while the person who wrote their words is forgotten.
197: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-03: Music is the subcarrier of language. Before an infant knows any words, he learns the song of his language. Music is a side effect.
198: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-01: A tragic country music song (yet to be written): Already belong to someone else when the right one comes along.
199: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: Boundaries are the subject of one of my songs: "This is Where I Begin" No you can't come over this side.
200: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: I've just released a new original song, "BLOOD ON THE WINDSHIELD" Concerns a miscarriage of justice in Louisiana.
201: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: My favorite song you've probably never heard: "Houdini's Box" by Jill Sobule - Simple and haunting.
202: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: #1 best existential song: "Desperado" by the Eagles. Lyrics:
203: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: #2 best existential song: "Let It Be" by the Beatles. The philosophy can be misused, but still a powerful three words.
204: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: #3 best existential song: "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel. Lyrics: One of many "emptiness" songs by Simon.
205: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-20: The restriction on Twitter is 140 characters. On songs, it is 3-4 minutes. That's your message space.
206: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-20: You can't sing the same song over and over with real feeling. Only the first few times are genuine; it's acting after that.
207: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-20: Why do singer-songwriters perform at all? They need the money! Committed artists would be creating new material, not rehashing the old.
208: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-29: Passing through "Flatland" Nebraska on I-80. Here's my song on the topic from a few months ago: songs/flatland>
209: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-29: Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold" song isn't talking about Bipolar Disorder. Instead she's describing Borderline Personality Disorder.
210: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-27: Glenn Campbell's Greatest Hits: "WEEKEND PIRATE" - A upbeat song of pillaging, plundering, etc.
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