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1: 2018-09-30: On My Bucket List: Visit the Valley of the Jolly Hohoho Green Giant. (I think it’s in Hawaii somewhere.)
2: 2015-05-22: Holding my iPhone in my hand, I desperately search the car for my iPhone. It must be around here somewhere!
3: 2013-10-14: The "official" Aryan Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary somewhere north of the Alps.
4: 2013-08-22: Git N' Split, somewhere in Nebraska (8/18)
5: 2013-04-19: Somewhere in the universe is a planet like Earth with just as many lurid disasters. Are we missing anything by not knowing about them?
6: 2013-04-03: "The Balloon Effect: pushing down on drug production in one region causes it to bulge somewhere else."
7: 2013-02-06: "The way our bodies metabolize food is stuck somewhere in the Stone Age..." (quote found in an in-flight magazine)
8: 2012-10-11: Somewhere in Maine: Decay has turned this house Escheresque.
9: 2012-07-09: The narcissistic twitterer: Just because I did something or went somewhere, it is important and everyone wants to hear about it.
10: 2012-05-21: Somewhere between a million and a billion the numbers blur and turn into play money.
11: 2012-04-13: I could be the Mayor of somewhere on Foursquare, but I'm not an administrator. I don't think I could handle the politics.
12: 2012-04-09: There is no "free energy" in the human brain. Any chemical enhancement of mood results in a loss somewhere else.
13: 2012-02-10: RT @notatooter: #FF @BadDalaiLama ...Somewhere on a mountaintop: Worth a visit if you haven't yet traveled that way.
14: 2012-01-03: Doing my Ed Gein impersonation somewhere in Texas.
15: 2011-10-24: Bridges don't always take you where you think they will, but at least they take you somewhere.
16: 2011-07-18: Six hours ago, was heading to Green Bay, Wisconsin. Sudden change of plans and I'm going somewhere else. Hint: rain, rain and more rain.
17: 2011-04-01: God intended pee to be dark golden yellow, not pale and clear. (It's in the Bible somewhere.)
18: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-16: If you think you're doomed at romance because you're an idiot, don't despair. Somewhere out there is the perfect idiot just for you!
19: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-01: In the world of vapid pseudo-news, weather is the most reliable. It's always happening somewhere!
20: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-11: New photo album: "Somewhere in Wyoming"
21: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-08: "Consume or Be Consumed!" Photo taken yesterday, somewhere in America: - It's all there: America in a nutshell!
22: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-04: My new photo album: "Somewhere in New Mexico" - including White Sands National Monument
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