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1: 2018-10-20: Conscientiousness is when someone takes actions now to prevent problems in the future, instead of waiting for the problems to happen first. Only a fraction of humanity is capable of this.
2: 2018-06-14: You meet someone who is lively, friendly and funny, then you realize they’re drunk and they don’t really see you at all.
3: 2018-04-22: Naked man opens fire with AR-15 at Tennessee Waffle House. Tape surfaces of President of the United States lying about his net worth while pretending to be someone else. #justanotherdayinamerica
4: 2017-11-26: Trump has awarded himself Time magazine’s Person of the Year for the second year in a row. No need to wait for Time to do it. Of course, if Time now gives it to someone else, it will be liberal retribution and #fakenews.
5: 2017-09-03: Lessons of travel: Speaking many languages or visiting many countries does not prove that someone is wise.
6: 2017-07-25: Legal Q: When someone gets ill, everyone sends their thoughts and prayers, but if you don't send them and that person dies, is it murder?
7: 2017-07-15: Schadenfreude is what you try not to feel when someone who voted for Trump has their life destroyed by Trump's policies.
8: 2017-04-21: I'd like to see Hollywood make a more realistic horror movie, like one where someone has too many bills AND NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY THEM!
9: 2017-04-14: It's easier to change someone from outside a relationship than inside. Once you are committed, you have lost your negotiating position.
10: 2017-04-08: If someone gets angry at your advice and says, "I'm not stupid," it usually means they are.
11: 2017-03-25: Rule #1 of Trumpism: When something goes wrong, blame someone else.
12: 2017-03-18: Here is someone who can never apologize or admit fault, who is incapable of being gracious or conciliatory. How will he self-destruct?
13: 2017-03-06: Evade your problem by blaming someone else and creating a diversion. It may work for a while but it won't solve the underlying problem.
14: 2017-01-16: We should dispel ourselves of the notion that if someone is old they are wise. A more likely characteristic is "entrenched".
15: 2016-11-23: Don't ask someone "How are you?" unless you are prepared to hear the real answer.
16: 2016-11-09: Now the question is, how is someone with no experience in government going to figure out how to govern?
17: 2016-10-28: Words are weak weapons for addressing someone's personality flaws. Only hard experience has a chance of changing them.
18: 2016-10-27: @madelinedenise @krqe This is a familiar script. What would be news is someone in victim's family arguing for leniency.
19: 2016-10-13: If you give someone an expensive gift they didn't earn, they are more likely to abuse you for it than thank you.
20: 2016-10-01: For someone my age, I'm pretty hip, but there are some things about modern culture I just don't understand. For example: Kardashians.
21: 2016-08-31: Helping someone achieve their goals isn't necessarily doing them a service. It depends on the goals and whether they are sustainable.
22: 2016-06-25: RT @KarlreMarks: As someone pointed out, only the two-state solution can guarantee peace between Leavia and Remainia.
23: 2015-12-15: You got to be someone without anyone before you can be something with somebody.
24: 2015-12-08: If someone has a troubled background, you cannot help them from within a romantic relationship. They will reproduce the past with you.
25: 2015-08-10: Lessons of Salem: Asking if someone is uncomfortable makes them so. Others see the distress and feel the same way. Witchcraft confirmed.
26: 2015-07-24: sanitary exploitation — when someone taking advantage of someone else can't see the victim and isn't directly aware of his suffering.
27: 2015-05-29: If you accuse someone of corruption in a corrupt regime, you the accuser will be charged with corruption.
28: 2015-05-25: Borderline Disorder is not taking responsibility for your own emotions. You instantly blame someone else for any bad feelings you have.
29: 2015-05-24: There is no such thing as "crazy but harmless". The fact that you cannot reason with someone makes them potentially dangerous.
30: 2015-05-18: An actor should not be confused with an acter. Someone who pretends to be someone else is not the same as someone who takes action.
31: 2015-05-09: What you see of someone else's personality is determined by your own.
32: 2015-05-04: I object to freezing embryos. Shouldn't someone put little jackets on them?
33: 2015-04-19: projection—ascribing ones own unacceptable feelings and actions to someone else. Countries do it, too! @TheEconomist
34: 2015-03-21: Word of the Day: incontrovertible — full of shit. e.g. "I have incontrovertible evidence UFOs are real." = Someone saw a light in the sky.
35: 2015-03-20: RT @BadLamaArt: Novels are like movies for blind people. Instead of watching a screen you're sitting in the dark listening to someone descr…
36: 2015-03-09: Compassion and generosity, practiced on someone who does not appreciate the effort, only makes them more demanding and abusive.
37: 2015-02-12: If you give someone the key to your heart, just be sure you've made another copy first.
38: 2015-02-11: A Hate Crime is when you kill someone because of Hate, not just hate. It's a bigger kind of Hate making them a Deader kind of dead.
39: 2015-01-29: It's easy to exploit someone you can't see.
40: 2014-12-29: The bigger the house someone lives in, the less empathy you can expect from them, simply because of their physical separation from others.
41: 2014-12-29: Don't assume someone is sane until you see them under stress. That's when the crazy comes.
42: 2014-12-17: Someone needs to teach North Korea about the Streisand Effect. #TheInterview
43: 2014-12-11: RT @KilroyCafe: "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotatio…
44: 2014-12-09: Anyone who would take a one-way trip to Mars is not someone you would want on a one-way trip to Mars. Re @nytimes
45: 2014-12-07: Life seems more real when we have a witness: someone to see what we are doing and acknowledge it.
46: 2014-12-07: People invent God because they need a witness—someone to see what they are doing and pass judgment on it.
47: 2014-12-01: Paranoia: When you haven't got time for the shame, it gives you someone to blame.
48: 2014-11-22: If you're good at something, someone who isn't will always try to stop you. #antisuperpredilectarianism
49: 2014-11-03: Never accept an opinion on foreign affairs from someone who doesn't have a passport.
50: 2014-10-26: Incompetence is when a job is assigned to someone who can't handle it. They aren't necessarily a bad person, just misplaced.
51: 2014-10-25: A parent is someone who is in over their head.
52: 2014-10-16: You can't expect to change the people you meet. You can only judge them: "Is this someone I want to engage with?"
53: 2014-10-14: Someone needs to call the SPCA about Schrodinger.
54: 2014-09-21: Celebrity product endorsements prove people are idiots. Here is someone you know is being paid to read a script, but you still believe him.
55: 2014-09-10: No matter how bad your life is going or how bad you feel, when someone asks "How are you today?" You're supposed to reply, "Fine."
56: 2014-09-02: RT @BadLamaArt: You can't write anything meaningful without offending someone, but offending people doesn't imply your writing is meaningfu…
57: 2014-09-01: Killing someone is not the same as declining to save them.
58: 2014-08-29: Within a romantic relationship, someone is usually jealous. On the outside, of course, we'll pretend otherwise.
59: 2014-08-29: “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” ~ George Orwell
60: 2014-08-28: Marriage means being responsible not just for your own mistakes but someone else's too.
61: 2014-08-27: All the monsters of horror movies cannot compare to the terror of someone you once loved turning against you.
62: 2014-08-26: Codependency is giving someone a warm, caring environment where they can safely go psycho.
63: 2014-08-21: Don't fight for the rights of someone who doesn't want them.
64: 2014-08-13: You can pull someone away from the precipice, but you cannot fix, from the outside, the internal processes that lead them there.
65: 2014-07-22: Propaganda Tip: Conspiracy theories are excellent devices for shifting blame onto someone else.
66: 2014-07-17: RT @Peripatetia: Maybe I've gone soft, but I prefer to visit countries where when you lose something valuable someone will try to find you …
67: 2014-06-20: Someone I don't know actually read my first novel "Limbo" and liked it! On Kindle:
68: 2014-06-10: "Do not allow yourself to become an unwanted occupant of someone’s time." ~ @mentalexotica
69: 2014-05-21: Whether someone is "creepy" is more a reflection of the feelings of the creepee than any measurable quality of the creeper.
70: 2014-05-20: Anyone who gets mad at inanimate objects or things they can't change is someone to avoid, because they will lash out at you next.
71: 2014-05-19: Great-Grandpa's advice on social media: "I don't need no goddamn telephone! If I want to talk to someone I just go over and talk to 'em!"
72: 2014-05-19: The enabler provides a warm, nurturing environment where someone else can safely go psycho.
73: 2014-05-13: If you convince someone to donate to one worthy cause, aren't you stealing that money from all the others they could be donating to?
74: 2014-04-08: You can't "get someone help" for their behavioral issues. It rarely works. They can only help themselves or suffer the consequences.
75: 2014-04-05: You have "Columboed" someone when you trip them up in their own lies just by asking innocent, courteous and persistent questions.
76: 2014-03-29: "Work" is when you supply someone with a specialized product or service that you can provide more efficiently than they can.
77: 2014-03-28: Committing yourself to a prison with someone is not the same as showing love.
78: 2014-03-20: Drug abuse is a battle with shame. Once shame about past behavior takes someone over, the drugs win.
79: 2014-03-16: The political position of the proletariat: "Someone who is smarter than us should take care of us."
80: 2014-03-14: Human Politics 101: When someone gets married or has a baby, you're supposed to say "Congratulations!" not "Are you insane?"
81: 2014-03-14: Diplomacy is the art of delicately dancing around someone else's bullshit.
82: 2014-03-02: RT @DolbyLama: Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you need the right gloves fo…
83: 2014-03-01: RT @MingjueChen: Guy rejects the modern world and our silly definitions of haves and have nots. But would still like someone to fund his li…
84: 2014-01-29: If you love someone, make an explicit declaration of intent at the first opportunity. #loveadvice
85: 2014-01-27: You don't want to appear as the magical solution to someone's problems, because then they will stop solving their own.
86: 2014-01-22: Rescue someone and you feel good. Rescue them for the fifth time from the same danger and you wonder if your time is better spent elsewhere.
87: 2014-01-14: The Valentine Principle: If you love someone, buy them things to make them fat, then no one else will want them and they're yours forever.
88: 2014-01-13: If you give someone the power of God over others, pretty soon they begin to act like it.
89: 2014-01-13: The Advice Dilemma: If you give someone advice, you are also accepting liability if following it gets them into trouble.
90: 2014-01-13: The clearest motivation for not helping someone is knowing your help isn't helping.
91: 2014-01-08: "To be completely blunt if someone is hell-bent on stealing your ferrets there is a strong possibility they will succeed."
92: 2013-12-31: "I'm a celebrity, and someone is paying me to promote this product." - What more reason do you need to buy it?
93: 2013-12-29: If you have told a lie, to others or yourself, you don't want it to go public because someone will fact-check it and you will be caught.
94: 2013-12-22: @BadDalaiLama Evidently, someone's ego is wrapped up in there being a big local sex trafficking problem that talk and billboards can help.
95: 2013-12-19: It is nearly impossible to help someone who won't help themselves.
96: 2013-12-18: It is unfair to judge someone on their race, gender, age or ethnicity. Being an idiot, however, is fair game.
97: 2013-12-16: The most important thing to know about someone: Do their predictions about their own behavior match their actual behavior?
98: 2013-12-15: RT @trippteee: You only realise your own stupid decisions when you see someone make the same mistakes as you
99: 2013-12-14: Diplomacy can be a form of tyranny where truth cannot be spoken for fear of offending someone.
100: 2013-12-10: You can't talk someone out of their delusions. Delusions are too clever for that!
101: 2013-12-07: RT @VyeOne: The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People | Alternet A MUST READ We all know someone like this @theb55
102: 2013-12-05: RT @badbanana: You or someone you know may be suffering from Hobbit fatigue.
103: 2013-12-05: Romantic distortion: seeing someone as more than what they actually are.
104: 2013-12-04: "We are proud to receive this award we paid someone to give us." —Advertiser
105: 2013-12-04: In the Balkans, you can't even say the name of a city or the country it's in without someone getting offended by your use of words.
106: 2013-12-01: If someone knows that someone else will take care of them, they inevitably need more care.
107: 2013-11-27: When you advocate for someone's wishes, you aren't necessarily working for their best interests.
108: 2013-11-25: Fact: Whenever someone starts a statement with "Fact", it's probably a lie.
109: 2013-11-24: Addiction is like someone secretly stealing money from you then using some of it to buy you lavish gifts.
110: 2013-11-23: If you want to help someone you can offer them options, but you cannot give them solutions.
111: 2013-11-16: If someone wants something, don't just give it to them. It is an energy source to be harnessed for useful work.
112: 2013-11-12: In the never-ending office, the phone rings. I answer it. Someone is speaking German...
113: 2013-10-28: Being in love is holding someone to a different set of standards and expectations than you normally would—usually impossible ones.
114: 2013-10-24: AdSpeak: "You asked. We listened." = We did what we wanted then found someone who asked for it.
115: 2013-10-22: If you want to know if someone is an addict (to any substance or behavior), just ask them. If they bite your head off, it's probably true.
116: 2013-10-18: If you solve someone's problems for them, they might just repeat those problems, knowing you will solve them.
117: 2013-10-17: A pundit is someone who says the same things everyone else is saying, but with more credentials.
118: 2013-10-16: If someone gambles and wins, that does not prove their actions were wise.
119: 2013-10-12: The dilemma of loyalty: How much of your own freedom should you give up for someone else?
120: 2013-10-08: Don't tell someone "Maybe" when you really mean "No."
121: 2013-10-01: Addiction is like someone secretly stealing money from you then using some of it to buy you lavish gifts.
122: 2013-09-28: Paranoia can give you a face-saving explanation for any personal mistake you have made. You didn't sabotage your life; someone else did.
123: 2013-09-28: You can sleep with someone, but sleep itself is still a private experience.
124: 2013-09-25: The best predictor of someone's future behavior is their past behavior.
125: 2013-09-25: No frustration is greater than trying to outwit the stupidity of someone you're trying to help.
126: 2013-09-25: @PraveenSawh @PramathMalik My sadness at being unfollowed by someone I never heard of for reasons I cannot fathom is inconsolable.
127: 2013-09-24: Lie detection starts with knowing how humans work, how they react to things, so you can sense when someone's behavior is a little off.
128: 2013-09-24: When your Sixth Sense tells you not to trust someone, it may be wrong, but you should still pay attention to where the sense is pointing.
129: 2013-09-21: The hazard of good intentions: You think you're doing someone a favor, but you're really just giving them a gun to shoot themselves with.
130: 2013-09-21: The Smokescreen Defense: When you are ashamed of yourself, lash out at someone else.
131: 2013-09-15: An advertiser's worst nightmare: someone who already knows what he wants and who can't be swayed by pretty words or images.
132: 2013-09-15: Romance is expecting someone else to supply your needs. Independence is doing it yourself, cutting out the middle man.
133: 2013-09-11: If someone of low self-esteem finds themselves in a situation better than what they think they deserve, they will find a way to sabotage it.
134: 2013-08-19: Someone's personal "credit rating" is whether, in the past, they have done what they say they're going to do, reliably and on time.
135: 2013-08-18: You can challenge someone's religion, but you can't change their religiosity. If they need to believe in an unseen power, they will.
136: 2013-08-16: Love is blind! For every dipshit you want nothing to do with, there is someone who finds him or her charming and attractive.
137: 2013-08-15: Having someone to protect you means you're less likely to make the compromises and hard choices necessary to protect yourself.
138: 2013-08-15: Having someone to take care of them encourages people to be more childish and dependent and less responsible for their own needs.
139: 2013-08-15: You cannot negotiate with someone you are handcuffed to. You can only negotiate when you have the credible freedom to withdraw.
140: 2013-08-13: RT @katebolick: For @dishfeed, someone asked me WHAT IF YOU'RE SINGLE AND GET SICK?, and I answered:
141: 2013-08-12: Language Police: Don't call someone "dead". This is insensitive to religions that believe in an afterlife. Use "not currently interactive".
142: 2013-08-12: Television, movies, music and news are ways to crowd out your own thoughts with someone else's. To hear your own thoughts, limit the others.
143: 2013-08-10: You see someone's art or business failing. You know what they're doing wrong but can't tell them because their ego won't let the message in.
144: 2013-08-07: The first thing to judge about someone is how well they respect their own self-interest, because their respect for you will be similar.
145: 2013-08-05: The Martha Mitchell Effect — thinking someone is delusional when they were actually accurate. re @psychoBOBlogy
146: 2013-08-01: Gifts have a powerful addictive quality. As soon as someone starts receiving them, they start expecting them.
147: 2013-07-26: A gift is a solution for your own life designed by someone else. If you must accept it, thank them profusely then quietly set it aside.
148: 2013-07-15: If someone gives you the VIP treatment when you visit and says, "Come back soon!" that doesn't necessarily mean you should.
149: 2013-07-13: "He's incredibly sharp for someone his age." = He has no obvious signs of dementia but is stuck in his ways.
150: 2013-06-04: The cruelest way to murder someone is make them die of old age.
151: 2013-05-23: How can someone so smart be so stupid?
152: 2013-05-13: If someone tweets a lot of alcohol, it's a good bet they drink a lot of alcohol.
153: 2013-05-11: Being rejected by someone you tried to help is the world's greatest blessing. It means their problems are no longer yours.
154: 2013-05-09: "High maintenance" is not someone you need to be maintaining.
155: 2013-05-06: Once someone has been in prison for a while, you can unlock the door and they will still stay inside.
156: 2013-05-04: "Call to Authority" – The flawed argument that an assertion is true because it is supported by someone with prestige or credentials.
157: 2013-04-28: The less someone has, the more paranoid they are about protecting it.
158: 2013-04-24: If someone tells a lie often enough, even they believe it.
159: 2013-04-21: No matter what someone has done, they will find a way to defend it.
160: 2013-04-19: When someone gets fixated on marriage or childbirth as the answer to their problems, there's little you can say to change them.
161: 2013-04-17: Want to destroy someone slowly and painfully? Give them fame and fortune they did not earn.
162: 2013-04-16: The depth of your love for someone is generally proportional to your willingness to make excuses for their bad behavior.
163: 2013-04-06: Give someone a safety net and they will probably use it to avoid their own difficult decisions.
164: 2013-04-06: By trying to solve someone else's problems, you may be blocking them from solving these problems themselves.
165: 2013-04-05: @BadDalaiLama What if I summon ten UFOs. Will I get $5000? And what if someone else claims they did it? How do I prove I'm the summoner?
166: 2013-04-04: Once someone is emotionally invested in a choice, no logic will change them. Only catastrophe will change them.
167: 2013-03-29: Someone suffers a traumatic event. Later, grappling with the effects, they commit suicide. Did the traumatic event do it, or did they?
168: 2013-03-14: Whatever good fortune befalls someone, they will build their life upon it, setting the stage for catastrophe when the gift is withdrawn.
169: 2013-03-07: You know someone's interest has become an unhealthy obsession when you suggest that to them and they get mad.
170: 2013-03-04: Be fair to everyone. Give them a chance. But once you know someone is an idiot, stay the hell away!
171: 2013-03-04: Almost anyone can see someone cry and know they're unhappy. Not everyone can predict it or grasp the factors that made it happen.
172: 2013-03-04: On Twitter, you laugh at the character someone has created, then shudder at the thought that it might not be a character.
173: 2013-03-03: The mob takes to the streets, tearing down the symbols of the old order, demanding, "Someone must take care of us!"
174: 2013-02-19: RT @KilroyCafe: In any creative field, there's always a chance that someone will steal your work. Don't weep over it. You can make more, ...
175: 2013-02-04: A connoisseur is someone who cares about the surface of things, not the function underneath.
176: 2013-01-24: If you love someone, why would you want to take away discretion? Isn't your love strong enough to stand on its own?
177: 2013-01-24: "A baby laughs when he learns something new. An adult may feel good when someone they care about solves a problem." re @BadDalaiLama
178: 2013-01-21: Want to destroy someone? Give them fame and fortune they didn't fairly earn. They'll usually self-destruct. Works especially well with kids.
179: 2013-01-20: Admiring someone doesn't mean you should follow in their footsteps. The woods have changed and that path isn't there anymore.
180: 2013-01-17: Diplomacy is figuring out what someone has already invested in and carefully tiptoeing around it.
181: 2013-01-14: It can be hard to separate love from paranoia. Does someone really care about you the way you think they do, or is it all in your mind?
182: 2013-01-06: Being kind and generous to someone in the moment is different than committing your future time to them. There you must be stingy.
183: 2013-01-04: In the Paris Metro in 2009, I found someone else's hand in my pocket. I responded with my camera.
184: 2013-01-04: You can help someone with their current crisis, but there isn't much you can do to change their pattern of behavior that lead to it.
185: 2013-01-01: When you see someone talking to their clipboard, smiling and blowing kisses to it, you realize, "The future is here!"
186: 2012-12-30: The core demand of most protests is: "Someone must fix this problem. Not us, but someone else."
187: 2012-12-28: Every mediocre talent has a great idea they expect someone else to implement. The great creators do it themselves. (cc @lawnrocket)
188: 2012-12-23: Your generosity could be just the boost someone needs—or the crutch preventing them from solving their own problems.
189: 2012-12-22: Love can be an invitation to dysfunction, a debilitating delusion that says, "Someone else will save me."
190: 2012-12-19: If someone asks you to marry them with some grand gesture like a billboard, get the hell out! Run!
191: 2012-12-19: Just because someone is doing something clever doesn't mean it is worth your time to watch.
192: 2012-12-13: It is futile to try to correct someone's deeply held belief system. Just worry about your own.
193: 2012-12-12: RT @trainwreckluv: Are you in love with her or are you in love with someone you created when you met her? Terry D.
194: 2012-12-07: The Advice Dilemma: If you give someone advice and it gets them in trouble, you're to blame.
195: 2012-11-17: Someone in love is the perfect propagandist, trumpeting the positive aspects of their choice while obscuring the negative.
196: 2012-11-17: Infidelity may be unhealthy, but so is fidelity to someone who isn't good for you.
197: 2012-11-12: Attention married people: Anyone who would have an affair with a married person is someone you don't want to have an affair with.
198: 2012-11-11: Trying to help someone with their addiction, you usually become their enabler, and you become addicted to helping.
199: 2012-11-11: Whenever you talk about changing someone, you are probably already handcuffed to them and your negotiating position is weak.
200: 2012-11-07: The audience acts so shocked when someone engaged in a death-defying sport actually dies. Gimme a break! Why else were you watching?
201: 2012-11-05: Knowing someone's personality flaw that is sabotaging their goals doesn't mean you can tell them about it. They'll only get defensive.
202: 2012-10-26: RT @KilroyCafe: If you support someone unconditionally, they will take advantage of you unconditionally. They will use your support to a ...
203: 2012-10-24: A rare and critical life skill is giving clear directions. It requires stepping out of your own shoes and into those of someone else.
204: 2012-10-02: Never shoot heroin. You have to have someone for the hero to rescue.
205: 2012-09-28: If someone is selling an historic bridge to you stone by stone, they probably need the money for drugs. Also: They don't really own it.
206: 2012-09-24: In my opinion, the North should have let the South go. If someone wants a divorce you can't force them to stay. #butwholistenstome
207: 2012-09-19: Hubris is when someone rolls the dice, happens to win and thinks thereafter that he can't lose.
208: 2012-09-17: The tragic side of love is being attached to someone of limited capacity who is holding back your own growth.
209: 2012-09-13: Bright colors usually mean someone is trying to sell something.
210: 2012-09-02: RT @KilroyCafe: You can judge a lot about someone's character by seeing how they respond to some small delay or frustration. It is a har ...
211: 2012-08-19: RT @KilroyCafe: The risk in giving advice is that if someone follows it and gets in trouble, you are responsible. Call it the "Advice Di ...
212: 2012-08-18: It is silly to call someone an "aspiring" writer or artist. Either you do it now with the tools you have or it's empty talk.
213: 2012-08-09: RT @lawnrocket: Whether someone hires you or not, that's not under your control. PRACTICING your craft is wholly under your control, and ...
214: 2012-08-09: Actors are people who want to be famous but who expect someone else to provide the script.
215: 2012-08-03: RT @KilroyCafe: The preferred "solution" to problems in our society is whatever drug, gadget or service someone can advertise and make m ...
216: 2012-07-31: Walking Through Boston's North End - Someone took my video from 2011 and turned it into a music video.
217: 2012-07-19: If you are reacting with anger to something someone said, it may be a hint that you should be listening.
218: 2012-07-18: When someone is at war with themselves, stand clear or you'll get caught in the crossfire.
219: 2012-07-17: A smirk is a smile not to be trusted. It comes from someone who is privately ashamed of what he is doing.
220: 2012-07-16: Never get in an argument with someone who doesn't respect the rules of argument. You'll lose!
221: 2012-07-15: Superhero Law: When you rescue someone, they should pay a price. It has to be painful and awkward for them or they'll expect it again.
222: 2012-07-14: There's nothing so frustrating as trying to divert someone you care about from their own self-destructive impulses.
223: 2012-07-07: Someone who will give you the shirt off his back has poor personal boundaries.
224: 2012-07-05: We sympathize with someone held down by others, less so for someone who perpetuates his own problems, yet the distinction is rarely clean.
225: 2012-07-05: If you know a pothead, you probably know him as someone who lacks initiative (except to legalize pot).
226: 2012-07-03: If someone is walking on the railing of a bridge, you can try to save him but you risk pushing him off. Then you're to blame for his fall.
227: 2012-07-03: Whenever you try to help someone who is self-destructing, you run the risk of enabling them. Now they can blame you.
228: 2012-07-02: You cannot support someone unconditionally without in some way enabling their addictions.
229: 2012-07-02: There's no accounting for sexual attraction. What lights someone's fire could look like a loaf of bread to the rest of us.
230: 2012-07-01: Every food deed has an addiction factor. If you help someone, will they come to expect it and stop helping themselves?
231: 2012-07-01: RT @KilroyCafe: The "health care crisis" is ultimately unsolvable because when someone is dying there is no limit to the amount that can ...
232: 2012-06-28: It is nearly impossible to explain to someone how their own behavior is hurting them. Only the world can teach that lesson.
233: 2012-06-14: Only in romance are people expecting someone else to save them from themselves.
234: 2012-06-11: RT @SRQ2U: Most couples want kids until they get them and then they spend the next 18+ years trying to find someone else to take care of ...
235: 2012-06-08: If someone asks to marry you with some grand gesture like a billboard, by all means, get the hell out! Run!
236: 2012-06-08: Why would you ask someone to marry you? Shouldn't it be a decision you arrive at mutually after long negotiation?
237: 2012-06-08: A jerk is someone with low self-confidence pretending he has high self-confidence.
238: 2012-06-07: The main challenge of love: How do you love someone without enabling their dysfunctions?
239: 2012-06-06: Non-narcissism is giving someone a birthday gift that is precisely tailored to their needs, not yours.
240: 2012-06-06: Narcissism is giving someone a birthday gift of an autographed photo of yourself.
241: 2012-06-06: You don't really know someone until you see how they treat you when they know you can't escape.
242: 2012-06-05: You can't explain someone's personality flaws to them. Their defenses will intercept the message and neutralize it before it gets through.
243: 2012-06-05: Don't get angry with someone for not doing what they have never been capable of. Expectations must match the person, not your needs.
244: 2012-06-04: Facebook is equivalent to being invited into someone's home. It is not the place to express controversial opinions. Save that for Twitter.
245: 2012-06-04: If someone is willing to pay $20 for a $5 chicken, thinking it can fly, you can't really blame the chicken. (a Facebook parable)
246: 2012-06-04: BANNED BY @SCHMOODLES! (at @SchmoodlesLite) A feather in our cap, actually. First time someone has blocked one of out accounts (we know of).
247: 2012-05-31: If someone is expecting to be cheated, he will seize upon and emphasize any evidence that seems to prove it.
248: 2012-05-30: Abandoned supplies. Someone else will pick them up (or you can follow this geotag and take them yourself).
249: 2012-05-28: If you try to talk someone out of a bad habit, expect anger and little effect. It's YOU who has the problem.
250: 2012-05-28: Language is handy for conveying concrete facts but virtually useless for changing someone's habits or beliefs.
251: 2012-05-27: When you see someone sabotage themselves time after time, you know they're in pain. There's just little you can do.
252: 2012-05-27: .@HalfJewHalfMisc "Baring your soul" to someone doesn't make you honest. You have to share with the right person for the right reasons.
253: 2012-05-26: Positive reinforcement alone won't change someone's bad habits. Sooner or later, something has to hurt.
254: 2012-05-26: Romance 101: Anything is possible if you're in sync with someone. Nothing is possible if you're fighting.
255: 2012-05-24: You can figure out someone's inner fears from what he thinks others are saying about him.
256: 2012-05-24: When someone says they prefer a meaningless existence, there's not a lot you can say to convince them otherwise.
257: 2012-05-23: If I call you a shit-rolling dung beetle, that doesn't mean I don't respect you. Someone has to roll it!
258: 2012-05-22: RT @DalyaElMaghraby: If someone goes to the gym and doesn't tweet about it, does it count?
259: 2012-05-20: If someone can see only black and white, prepare for Borderline Disorder. Expect to be adored then demonized.
260: 2012-05-17: Only parents have a modest chance of changing someone's personality. The rest of us can only enforce boundaries.
261: 2012-05-17: If you have ever loved someone, you have tried to change them but with mixed success at best.
262: 2012-05-17: Once someone is in the mood to change, beaten down by the consequences, a forestry program would be as effective as AA. #addiction
263: 2012-05-17: You can't save someone who won't save themselves.
264: 2012-05-17: You see someone careening toward a cliff, and you say, "There's a cliff!" and they say, "Selfish liar!" and then they go over it usually.
265: 2012-05-15: The only legitimate grounds for judging someone is their personality—their persistent attitudes and patterns of behavior.
266: 2012-05-13: Someone sticks a bowl of tasty but unhealthy snacks in front of you. Can you resist? That is one of the major recurring challenges of life.
267: 2012-05-12: When trying to help someone out of their own predicament, the most you can do is offer them a bridge. It's up to them to cross it.
268: 2012-05-10: It's unfair to judge someone on their race, gender, age or sexual orientation. But capacity of their little pea brain? That's fair game!
269: 2012-05-09: Once upon a time, when someone had a heart attack or cancer, they died. Now we keep them alive at huge cost.
270: 2012-05-07: There is no innocent word or act that can't be interpreted as a threat by someone in a paranoid state of mind.
271: 2012-05-06: Criticism is useful only when it is specific and actionable. If you only harangue someone for their character flaws, you'll change nothing.
272: 2012-05-02: Someone in their 20s can have some fantastic skills, but balance real-world wisdom isn't in their portfolio yet. #Zuckerberg
273: 2012-05-02: "Live and let live" seems to be Bugs Bunny's motto, but when someone tries to shoot you or steal your brain you have to do something.
274: 2012-05-02: .@vintagedamage Bugs breaks down sometimes, but mostly it's someone sticking a gun in his rabbit hole and he's just defending himself.
275: 2012-05-01: Give someone a fresh start in a new environment and he'll usually reconstruct the same dysfunctions he had before.
276: 2012-04-27: Acting is the ultimate exercise in empty glory. Someone hands you a script and you get all the credit.
277: 2012-04-26: The most important skill in any artistic medium is being able to see your own work from afar, as though it was someone else's.
278: 2012-04-20: Never question someone's religion (or religiously held beliefs). They cannot tolerate doubt and will act to eliminate you if you persist.
279: 2012-04-12: You can't talk someone out of an absurd belief. They'll get mad at you and cut off the conversation before you get even close.
280: 2012-04-12: You cannot argue with someone's personality. It is entrenched and impervious to external logic.
281: 2012-04-09: Someone morally suspect is offering you heaps of cash to do something you are not comfortable with. Can you resist?
282: 2012-04-09: Acting is a reasonable career choice for those who want to spend the rest of their lives pretending to be someone else.
283: 2012-04-09: Whenever someone says, "Intense!" there's only one proper response: "Repo Man's always intense."
284: 2012-04-07: The best way to shut down communication with someone is to get angry with them.
285: 2012-04-05: Letting someone else handle your travel arrangements is like putting them in charge of your love life. You can't expect a good match.
286: 2012-03-31: There's no sense in arguing with someone when they're paranoid. Everything you say will be construed as a threat. You can only step away.
287: 2012-03-31: When someone is totally focussed on a competition, they don't have time to ask, "Does this make sense?"
288: 2012-03-22: RT @JennyKens: @BadDalaiLama what about if I tell someone to Eff off and die? Not very Zen of me, but definitely an honest opinion at t ...
289: 2012-03-21: "Raising awareness" about a social issue isn't the same as doing something. It assumes someone else will do something.
290: 2012-03-21: On My Bucket List: Learn how to hunt, fish, play golf and shoot pool (as soon as someone explains to me why).
291: 2012-03-14: "It's all fun and games until someone steals your boyfriend's blood." Discuss.
292: 2012-03-13: Isn't it ironic that Frank Sinatra's "My Way" was written by someone else?
293: 2012-03-13: The surest way to destroy someone is give them instant fame and fortune they don't deserve.
294: 2012-03-10: When you know the easy way to do something, it is painful to watch someone do it the hard way.
295: 2012-03-09: @LetsGo2TheBeach What's the astrological sign for someone who doesn't believe in them? Crab? I already KNOW I have too much negative energy.
296: 2012-03-09: "Once you hate someone everything they do is offensive." via @MinnieGupta
297: 2012-03-08: Anyone who falls in the category of "high maintenance" is someone you don't need. Tell them soothing words and gently ease away.
298: 2012-03-08: A courtroom is one place on Earth where you can make a subtle but important intellectual point with a good chance someone will get it.
299: 2012-03-08: It's okay to feel guilty when you've hurt someone. Compensation may be appropriate. But atonement is different and not always good.
300: 2012-03-08: If you hold a gun to someone's head and say "Apologize now!" they will do it! But they won't feel it and the receiver won't believe it.
301: 2012-03-08: Forcing someone to apologize is absurd. If an apology is coerced it is not authentically felt.
302: 2012-03-07: Case Study: You caused an accident. Someone was killed. Should you ring the family's doorbell and apologize? It may not always be best.
303: 2012-03-07: If you know you have wronged someone, you may want to "make up for it" by doing something nice for them. That's atonement.
304: 2012-03-07: Self-flagellation would be a lot easier if I could hire someone to self-flagellate for me.
305: 2012-03-07: RT @JennyKens: @BadDalaiLama watching someone close to you waste their life on it can make that clear as well.
306: 2012-03-05: To forgive someone doesn't mean you're letting them off the hook for their crimes. It only means you are releasing the animosity inside you.
307: 2012-03-05: Anger expects someone else to fix your problems for you.
308: 2012-03-05: As soon as you drop the anger bomb on someone, you've run out of ammunition.
309: 2012-03-05: As soon as you get angry at someone, they go into self-protection mode and stop being open with you. You've lost a data source.
310: 2012-03-05: A frequently angry person is someone you must escape from. If you don't, you're either trapped or codependent.
311: 2012-03-05: Do you have covered parking? Valet parking? Then you must be someone really special. #LAculture
312: 2012-03-05: There is no well-intentioned action that can't be interpreted as a threat by someone in a paranoid frame of mind.
313: 2012-03-03: A "Stuart Smalley" is someone who tries so hard to show how connected and functional he is that he only proves the opposite.
314: 2012-02-27: Giving someone an extravagant gift probably won't help them in the long run. It may destroy them instead.
315: 2012-02-25: An excellent test of character is to give someone a surplus of time or money and see what they do with them.
316: 2012-02-19: You are unlikely to change someone who is already entrenched in their lifestyle and commitments. You can only tip-toe around them.
317: 2012-01-27: "Asshole" is a popular term for sociopath, someone who is full of himself and doesn't mind imposing it on others.
318: 2012-01-25: "Raising awareness" about a social problem isn't the same as actually doing something. It assumes that someone else will do something.
319: 2012-01-21: FF note: If you think we should follow someone, don't just tell us. Show us by retweeting their best stuff.
320: 2012-01-20: Nothing makes you so uneasy as lavish praise from someone who doesn't have a clue where you're coming from.
321: 2012-01-19: The trouble with seeking perfection is the stiff competition. There will always be someone more perfect than you.
322: 2012-01-15: I don't mind being penalized for my own mistakes. It's when I'm penalized for someone else's that I become recalcitrant.
323: 2012-01-14: At 2% of the population, chances are you know someone with Borderline Disorder. Here's the description. Who fits?
324: 2012-01-10: An emotional block is when someone has confounded himself with his own twisted logic.
325: 2012-01-07: It is a lot easier to rescue someone from an external threat than to rescue them from themselves.
326: 2012-01-05: When is someone going to diagnose Cookie Monster's hypoglycemia and obvious ADD and prescribe some meds for that dude?
327: 2011-12-30: Vines have it too good. Instead of growing their own trunks, they can just gob onto someone else's. #parasites #plantoutrage
328: 2011-12-28: RT @xtinewu: Damn its true!! RT @Danni_G Of course someone will preach "leave the past in the past" if they're the one who fucked up....
329: 2011-12-27: @xtinewu You had to buy your own Snuggie? I thought someone gave it to you.
330: 2011-12-23: @xtinewu "Veblen good" — What you give to someone when you want to impress them in stereotypical way.
331: 2011-12-22: RT @SexCigarsBooze: How can you tell when someone is about to be a dick?
332: 2011-12-19: When someone seems bent on self-destruction, your first priority is to assure they don't take you with them.
333: 2011-12-15: The opposite of freedom is entrusting your fate to someone else.
334: 2011-12-13: When I hear that someone has caught the "acting bug" I despair. Not as bad as cocaine but almost.
335: 2011-12-12: When a truck is careening toward someone, it's easy to convince them, "Move or die!" Not so easy with a creeping threat like drugs.
336: 2011-12-11: If someone tells you he has found a fantastic way to beat the system, come back six months later to see if the system hasn't beaten him.
337: 2011-12-10: It is not your place to argue someone out of their irrational beliefs.
338: 2011-12-09: .@xtinewu Television production seems quite ordinary til someone says, "6 million watched the show" and you wonder, "Who are these people?"
339: 2011-12-08: It is silly to call someone a "hero" when they merely fought to survive.
340: 2011-12-08: A showcase of my best "character" videos on YouTube. (i.e. videos where I play someone else)
341: 2011-12-07: Talking "at" someone is not the same as talking "with" them. The difference is whether there is any listening going on.
342: 2011-12-06: When you marry someone, you are not just marrying their assets but their liabilities. You become responsible for their bad decisions.
343: 2011-12-06: The main fallacy of romance is thinking someone else can give your life meaning when you can't find it yourself.
344: 2011-12-05: It is impossible to communicate with someone who is totally happy.
345: 2011-12-05: You can't change someone's personality. You can only decide whether and how to interact with them.
346: 2011-12-05: What makes someone "old" is not aging of the body but an accumulation of investments that makes them unwilling to change.
347: 2011-12-04: Nothing makes you so uneasy as lavish praise from someone who doesn't understand you.
348: 2011-12-03: There's nothing more pathetic than famous rock stars singing Christmas songs. Someone must burn those records!
349: 2011-12-02: There are two kinds of public protests: 1) "We want freedom!" and 2) "Someone must protect us!" So which is it?
350: 2011-12-01: Boundaries. Gotta gave 'em! When someone intrudes into your space and steps on your toe, say "Ouch!" and push back!
351: 2011-11-27: The cool thing about modern conspiracies is someone is always going to break. A conspiracy is only as strong as its weakest member. #dsk
352: 2011-11-26: If someone freaks out over life's minor frustrations (traffic jams, lost luggage), you definitely don't want them around for the big crises.
353: 2011-11-22: When someone is engaged shameful pursuits, there is a danger they'll lash out at you to hide their shame. This is the root of violence.
354: 2011-11-22: If you choose someone for the fantasy and the fantasy turns into a fraud, you can't really blame the fraud for being who he is.
355: 2011-11-19: To determine if someone is trustworthy, you must conduct a "virtual drug test" to look for addiction.
356: 2011-11-19: In skills that aren't important, there will always be someone better than you. Just make sure there's no one better in the important skills.
357: 2011-11-15: That you sympathize with someone's suffering does not necessarily mean you can or should do something about it.
358: 2011-11-03: Having someone worship you is dangerous. It can quickly turn to violence when you fail to deliver the supernatural things they expect.
359: 2011-11-03: If you grew up in a paper mill town, the smell of wet paper would remind you of home and you'd probably marry someone who smelled like that.
360: 2011-10-28: Just because you love someone doesn't mean you should share property with them. Maybe that's the WORST thing you can do to show your love!
361: 2011-10-27: If someone says "please", I'll probably do it. If they say "please, please, PLEASE", I am wary. Too needy.
362: 2011-10-25: Tell someone how shameful they are for what they have done and they'll say, "I know, I know," and do it again. That's the nature of shame.
363: 2011-10-25: Before you rescue someone or give them gifts, make sure you're not creating the expectation of the same in the future.
364: 2011-10-17: It is hard the grieve for someone who dies while engaged in a death-defying sport. Can't get more Karma than that!
365: 2011-10-17: You can't help someone without them taking action to help themselves.
366: 2011-10-16: SOMEONE must correct unfairness and punish those who have been bad. Okay, so how should this be done?
367: 2011-10-16: The message of the protesters: SOMEONE must solve these problems! SOMEONE must take care of us!
368: 2011-10-16: What the Occupy protesters need now is a charismatic leader, someone to turn their economic frustrations into a totalitarian regime. #hitler
369: 2011-10-11: When someone is self-destructive, don't think, "How can I help them?" Think: "How can I protect myself from going down with them?"
370: 2011-10-02: When someone you care about gets into hard drugs, there is little you can do to help them. My new video:
371: 2011-09-29: It is hard to imagine, when you first have sex with someone, what a chore it can become when you're locked into it.
372: 2011-09-29: Uncomplicated sex is a myth. Try as you might to make it casual, someone is going to take it seriously.
373: 2011-09-25: You never really know someone until you see them crack under stress. Then the mask comes off and the underlying animal shows through.
374: 2011-09-09: Romance raises the question: How much do you really want to be entwined in someone else's psychology?
375: 2011-09-05: The best test of someone's personality is how they respond to stress.
376: 2011-09-05: If you try to change someone's dysfunctional habits, you'll find them cleverly evading whatever strategy you attempt.
377: 2011-08-17: When someone abuses you, there are two risks: that you don't react at all and the abuse continues, or you overreact and create new problems.
378: 2011-08-12: For the best chance of a smooth voyage, never let someone else make your travel arrangements.
379: 2011-08-04: When someone turns paranoid, they become hard and cold, wiping out any reason you once had for liking them.
380: 2011-08-03: If you want to destroy someone in the long run, hand them success they don't deserve.
381: 2011-08-01: "Parasocial attachment" is an imagined relationship with someone who doesn't know you exist. via @quippdPsych
382: 2011-07-29: You can't permanently own a home. Eventually you will have to sell the delusion to someone else.
383: 2011-07-29: The greatest disservice you can do to someone is elevate them to a position beyond their true abilities.
384: 2011-07-24: Do you love someone because they are best for you or because you have already invested so much that you have no choice?
385: 2011-07-15: If someone is being a jerk, there is nothing you can say to change them. Just let them have the last word then withdraw.
386: 2011-07-14: RT @CrankyPappy: We all want someone to tell us what is right, what is wrong & what matters. Grow up. That person is you.
387: 2011-07-11: It is not your place to correct someone's delusions or mental disorders. Your only goal is to change the behavior getting in your way.
388: 2011-07-11: The main purpose of human interaction is not to change someone's attitudes or beliefs but to get the behavior you want from them.
389: 2011-07-05: Paranoia is exacerbated by poor intellectual discipline. If someone has trouble processing logic when calm, they'll do worse when angry.
390: 2011-07-03: Someone who expects to be cheated responds to the world in such a way that their prediction usually comes true. #paranoia
391: 2011-07-03: The opposite of a jerk is someone with "no ego" who acknowledges the needs of others and doesn't bulldoze over them.
392: 2011-07-03: RT @kellyoxford: I prefer to learn from someone else's mistakes.
393: 2011-07-02: You never really know someone until they feel secure in your presence and their REAL self emerges.
394: 2011-07-02: Hypothesis: You learn more and retain it better if you graze for info as needed instead of taking it in sequentially on someone else's plan.
395: 2011-07-02: When you read a book you're being controlled by someone else's thoughts. If you spend the time just thinking, you may accomplish a lot more.
396: 2011-07-02: If someone is inherently paranoid, you must be careful about the information you give him, because it could be used against you.
397: 2011-07-02: When someone is paranoid, diplomacy will only get you so far. You can give it a shot, but they'll likely see threat in every noble gesture.
398: 2011-07-01: Fact: If someone starts a tweet with "Fact:" it is almost certainly a lie.
399: 2011-06-26: Actor gets a big break. Stars in a hit movie written and directed by someone else. Becomes a prima donna. Thinks he did it all himself.
400: 2011-06-12: Much of what we call romance is the attempt to outsource responsibility for our own life. Someone else will save us.
401: 2011-05-25: Is it proper to mourn someone you didn't care about when they were alive?
402: 2011-05-24: Just because someone has a "Q" clearance doesn't mean they're not a bullshitter. #area51
403: 2011-05-12: If someone throws something at you and you duck, that's not initiative; that's reaction. Most human behavior is like that.
404: 2011-05-12: The test of someone's independent initiative is what they do with their spare time.
405: 2011-05-06: On My Bucket List: Become the enabler of someone else's addiction (again).
406: 2011-05-06: It is easier to deal with someone who has been seasoned by a few solid failures, and young people haven't had the chance.
407: 2011-04-29: Any mundane ability is a superpower to someone who can't do it.
408: 2011-04-19: I can think of nothing more depressing than growing old with someone. Have you seen what those people have to put up with?
409: 2011-04-09: No logical argument can dissuade someone of their faith.
410: 2011-04-08: If someone has truly found a way to make money, he is unlikely to let you in on it.
411: 2011-04-08: You make money reliably only in fields you know personally and intimately yourself, where you aren't relying on someone else's knowledge.
412: 2011-04-08: If you have money, the dumbest thing you can do with it is to give it to someone with a brilliant idea.
413: 2011-04-04: You can't outwit someone else's paranoia. They will see right through your best intentions.
414: 2011-04-03: There's no arguing with someone on the rising arc of their career. They have things all worked out and can't conceive of any downside.
415: 2011-04-03: Someone can speak a dozen languages and still not have a clue about people. They have technical skills but not meta-skills.
416: 2011-04-02: When someone uses straw man against you, there's really no defense. They've gone paranoid, and all you can do is withdraw.
417: 2011-04-02: The straw man, in a personal conflict, is when someone distorts your words into the worst possible connotation then attacks that version.
418: 2011-04-01: RT @HisHoliness: If you rely on someone who has lower qualities than yourself, that will lead to your degeneration.
419: 2011-03-28: When someone insists on a clean knife for slitting their wrists, you understand why they're suicidal. No perspective.
420: 2011-03-27: Don't expect useful advice on creativity from someone who doesn't display any in their own life.
421: 2011-03-22: Young newlyweds leaving Kauai are all lovey-dovey. I hate to tell them that, statistically, their marriage is doomed, but someone has to!
422: 2011-03-22: Travel isn't as easy as it seems. It's like someone putting a blank piece of paper in front of you and saying, "Write something!"
423: 2011-03-17: RT @kellyoxford: When someone says "Just act natural" I think "I'm so screwed"
424: 2011-03-17: Someone should do blind, scientifically controlled taste tests on all those "World's Best" food claims.
425: 2011-03-15: If someone leaves no trace on the Internet, do they truly exist? (More precisely, does their mind exist?)
426: 2011-03-14: "Oh it's sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along." #existentialsonglyrics
427: 2011-03-13: You can't talk someone out of their addictions or out of their emotionally driven goals. Same thing, really!
428: 2011-03-13: Someone's "base delusion" is the main one that drives their life. (e.g. seeking fame) It is usually immune to any rational discussion.
429: 2011-03-13: Even on twitter, we can see someone's life go awry. We DM them and get only anger and defensiveness. That's all you can do in RL, too!
430: 2011-03-13: It can be painfully obvious to us how someone is heading down a bad path, but we can't tell them because they don't want to hear it.
431: 2011-03-12: When relationships go bad, it is not because someone changed. Instead, defects we chose to ignore during courtship come back to haunt us.
432: 2011-03-10: Uncomplicated sex is a myth. Sooner or later, someone's going to take it seriously.
433: 2011-03-09: Whenever something or someone seems perfect, you need to ask yourself, "What's wrong with this picture?"
434: 2011-03-09: One of life's burdens is seeing plainly how someone is sabotaging themselves and not being able to tell them, knowing they'll only get mad.
435: 2011-03-09: Even in 140 characters it's quite possible to gauge someone's personality, especially if you can test and interact with them.
436: 2011-03-08: When we say someone has a "big ego" we really mean the opposite: their ego is so weak they have to over-assert the pretense of it.
437: 2011-03-06: If someone knows you will rescue them, they will be less inclined to protect themselves. They could even become addicted to rescue!
438: 2011-03-06: If you support someone unconditionally, they will take advantage of you unconditionally. They will use your support to avoid responsibility.
439: 2011-03-03: To correct the defects of your childhood, you must become your own parent. Someone has to set boundaries and goals, and that must be you!
440: 2011-03-01: If you Google someone, you may understand the box that they live in, but you won't understand who they are within that box.
441: 2011-03-01: You understand something (or someone) if you can accurately predict its behavior in the future.
442: 2011-02-25: If you meet someone with many homes, a private jet, sports cars, yachts, you may see a rich man. I see a sucker imprisoned by his wealth.
443: 2011-02-24: The value of someone's "stock" is not what they say but what they've done.
444: 2011-02-18: Every exotic travel location is someone else's boring, nothing-ever-happens-here home.
445: 2011-02-16: RT @kellyoxford: Taking notes in a small notebook when someone asked in shock “What are you doing?” 2011: When handwriting became suspic ...
446: 2011-02-10: A hostel is about halfway between a hotel and staying in someone's home. It can be a little strange sometimes.
447: 2011-02-04: Learned a new word today! (Now must use it in casual conversation.) ==> RT @Krystelisms Apodyopsis—n. the act of mentally undressing someone
448: 2011-02-02: A good thing can be a bad thing to someone who is already committed to something (or someone) else.
449: 2011-02-01: Wisdom is recognizing how little you know while at the same time knowing when you know more than someone else.
450: 2011-01-31: Facebook is just like real life. You've friended everyone you know, so now you can't do anything without upsetting someone.
451: 2011-01-28: You can't give motivation to someone who can't find it on their own.
452: 2011-01-26: No argument can change someone's personality. Only they can change themselves, or catastrophe can force change upon them.
453: 2011-01-17: To understand someone, first listen to what he says about himself. It may not be true, but it tells you what he thinks is important in life.
454: 2011-01-06: Predictions for 2011: You or someone you know will suffer from a serious disease or life-threatening accident.
455: 2011-01-04: The detachment of the internet means you can blow someone off or run them over and never feel it yourself. It's only electrons!
456: 2011-01-04: A rare thing in the modern world: gratitude. You go out of your way to help someone (online or in person) then hear nothing back. Nada!
457: 2010-12-30: Show me a pot legalization advocate and I'll show you someone trying to justify his own use. Concern for humanity has little to do with it.
458: 2010-12-18: Someone can be "smart" and "talented" but that's only part of the story. The rest is how they are emotionally invested.
459: 2010-12-17: Casual sex is impossible. Sooner or later, someone is going to take it seriously.
460: 2010-12-17: Just because someone holds a high position in society doesn't make them wise. It only means they're crafty.
461: 2010-12-16: In childhood, there was someone looking out for us. In adulthood there isn't. Between the two is a difficult and painful transition.
462: 2010-12-14: The opposite of freedom is entrusting your fate to someone else.
463: 2010-12-10: Long #ff lists are annoying and not very useful. If someone is good, don't tell us but show us by retweeting their best stuff.
464: 2010-12-09: "It's sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along." — That's existential regret!
465: 2010-12-08: If someone tells you he has found a fantastic way to beat the system, come back six months later to see if the system hasn't beaten him.
466: 2010-12-06: The main fallacy of romance is thinking someone else can give your life meaning when you can't find it yourself.
467: 2010-12-04: You can't change someone's personality. You can only decide how and whether to interact with them and how much of yourself to expose.
468: 2010-12-04: Nothing makes you so uneasy as lavish praise from someone who doesn't understand you.
469: 2010-12-02: “Our faith is faith in someone else's faith." ~ William James via @philo_quotes
470: 2010-11-30: You can't teach someone creative writing or film. Either they're inclined to pick up a pen or video camera or they're not.
471: 2010-11-27: Who is the best romantic partner? Sadly, it is someone just like you in personality. Only a clone can really know you.
472: 2010-11-25: If someone freaks out over life's minor frustrations (traffic jams, lost luggage), you definitely don't want them around for the big crises.
473: 2010-11-25: Schadenfreude may seem justified when someone's own ego led to their misfortune, but what other kind of misfortune is there?
474: 2010-11-25: “Love is when you find someone better, yet you stay with the same person you promised to spend forever with.” @TheQuoteWhore - Disturbing?
475: 2010-11-21: When choosing a romantic partner, let it be someone you'll still want on your friends list after the break-up.
476: 2010-11-21: An actor is someone who can recite a writer's words, follow a director's instructions and then say, "I made this!"
477: 2010-11-18: Whenever someone speaks of an "economic miracle", the listener should prepare for the economic dark ages that follow.
478: 2010-11-18: The concept of drug treatment is inherently flawed. It only frees the addict of responsibility by placing his cure in someone else's hands.
479: 2010-11-14: You can't reason with the gambler, the addict or someone in love. They may agree with your logic, but it won't change their behavior.
480: 2010-11-11: There is no sense in arguing with someone who has already invested his life in the opinion he holds.
481: 2010-11-08: WARNING: Any adult regarded as "high maintenance" is someone you don't need in your life. Anything you do for them will be used against you.
482: 2010-11-08: Humility is admirable, but it is also important to recognize when your judgment is better than someone else's.
483: 2010-11-03: Sex is a delusional system that leads you to believe you are compatible with someone you would have nothing to do with otherwise.
484: 2010-10-30: The best predictor of someone's future behavior is their past behavior.
485: 2010-10-28: Internal inconsistency is the precursor of violence. When someone is at war with themselves, they will soon be at war with others.
486: 2010-10-27: The conundrum of romance is that once you are committed to someone, you're also imprisoned with them.
487: 2010-10-19: A relationship is a shared history. It means that when you talk to someone you already have a language in common.
488: 2010-10-16: Just because you love someone doesn't mean you can live with them.
489: 2010-10-14: The liability of giving advice is that someone may follow it and get in trouble. Then you are responsible.
490: 2010-10-13: Schadenfreude may be justified when someone who actively courts fame or wild animals gets bitten by same.
491: 2010-10-10: The risk in rescuing someone is they come to expect it and get themselves in the same mess again.
492: 2010-10-05: Falling in love with someone is the best guarantee that you won't be able to change them.
493: 2010-10-05: To change someone's behavior, you have to have the ability and willingness to say "no".
494: 2010-09-30: The more words someone produces with their mouth, the less action you can expect from their body.
495: 2010-09-25: The most romantic gesture is not flowers or a kiss but a word that shows someone understands you.
496: 2010-09-21: If you support someone unconditionally, they will use you to avoid their own responsibility.
497: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-07: We don't need your #ff's! If someone is funny or should be followed, retweet their best work and let us decide.
498: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-21: RT @BadDalaiLama: If you support someone unconditionally, they will use you to avoid their own responsibility.
499: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-19: The most effective form of censorship is when you talk directly at someone but they just don't hear.
500: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-19: An actor is a professional faker — and probably a personal one too. Don't expect much fidelity from someone who's job is to be someone else.
501: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-17: To destroy someone you don't need guns or knives. Just give him instant fame or a large sum of money and watch him destroy himself.
502: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-15: Isn't it pointless to charge someone with capital murder but put him on suicide watch if he tries to kill himself?
503: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-19: If you're going to kill someone, be sure to leave a complete record via texts, Facebook, Twitter: via @HuffingtonPost
504: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-14: The preferred "solution" to problems in our society is whatever drug, gadget or service someone can advertise and make money from.
505: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-10: "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." — Oscar Wilde
506: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-05: Want to destroy someone? You don't need guns or blackmail. Just give him instant fame or a huge amount of money and watch him self-destruct.
507: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-01: Sex is fun and all, but sooner or later someone's going to take it seriously and think it means something.
508: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-30: Someone whose home is a museum is not really living life, merely curating it.
509: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-17: When we say someone has a "big ego" we really mean the opposite: their ego is so weak that they can accept no contrary information.
510: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-03: If you support someone unconditionally, they will take advantage of you unconditionally. They will use your support to avoid responsibility.
511: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-25: Sex is a delusional system that allows you to believe you are compatible with someone you would have nothing to do with otherwise.
512: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-10: Given the choice between solving your own problems and expecting someone to rescue you, rescue seems easier but is more costly in the end.
513: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-30: Someone needs to explain this to me: what love is and how you know when you're in or out of it.
514: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-30: That someone can play an instrument does not imply they know anything about music. It only means they can follow someones else's notes.
515: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-26: The depressing thing about advertising is that no matter how stupid it is, there must be someone falling for it or it wouldn't exist.
516: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-15: The less someone has, the more jealous he is of guarding it, down to the homeless guy who will kill you to protect his tin cans.
517: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-05: The worst thing about being an actor is that you're playing to someone else's script. You control the nuances but not the big picture.
518: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-04: Most employers want workers who will come in and do the same job, day after day, year after year — not someone with ambition.
519: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-27: Human Etiquette 101: When someone says, "How are you?" you are supposed to say, "Fine, thanks!" No one expects you to truthfully answer.
520: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-15: Isn't addiction treatment just another form of addiction? Isn't it just shifting responsibility for the problem to someone else?
521: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: Harsh sentencing may actually encourage murder. If you rape someone you might as well kill them because the punishment isn't much different.
522: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: Success for the wrong reasons — for fakery and luck — is the worst thing that can happen to someone. He will use it to self-destruct.
523: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: You can judge a lot about someone's character by seeing how they respond to some small delay or frustration. It is a harbinger!
524: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: Education can teach only politically correct knowledge. It rarely includes the biased wisdom of someone who has worked in the field.
525: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-10: Wisdom involves knowing how unwise you are but also recognizing when your judgment is better than someone else's.
526: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-09: The risk in rescuing someone is they come to expect it and get themselves in the same mess again.
527: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-03: Schadenfreude may be justified when someone who actively courts fame or wild animals gets bitten by same. It cuts both ways, buddy!
528: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-01: You can't change someone's bad habits with words alone, there must also be actual consequences.
529: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-28: You never want to marry someone who worships you as a god, because your powers of rescue will never match their expectations of it.
530: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-27: The most romantic gesture is not flowers or kisses but a word that shows someone understands you.
531: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-27: Someone who gets mad at inanimate objects and things that can't be changed will eventually blame you for his own problems.
532: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-26: Someone who gets mad at inanimate objects is not someone you should be involved with in any intimate way.
533: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: It is amazing how college students will blindly accept instruction from someone who has had no substantial experience in the outside world.
534: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-15: Porn star claims Tiger Woods got her pregnant - twice. Shouldn't someone teach those innocent porn stars about contraception?
535: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-15: The only sure way to change someone's behavior is to let them experience the direct consequences of it. Alas, they may die in the process.
536: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-15: When someone is paranoid, they are inherently dangerous, because they can easily turn against you in "self defense".
537: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-14: If someone is drug or alcohol addicted, and they are still financially solvent, then there must be an enabler propping them up.
538: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-04: In politics, someone has to defend the concept: "Government that governs the best governs the least." Without this voice, we're doomed!
539: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-04: Correcting Howard Zinn: Small acts, multiplied by millions of people, are blown out of the water by one act by someone in power.
540: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-31: A "relationship" is a shared history. It means that when you interact with someone, you already speak some of their unique language.
541: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-31: Pity the poor actor, forever a phony. Instead of accomplishing real things himself, he pretends to do them as someone else.
542: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-29: In any creative field, there's always a chance that someone will steal your work. Don't weep over it. You can make more, but they can't!
543: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-25: When someone says, "How are you?" you are supposed to reply, "Fine, thanks." No one really wants to know about your problems.
544: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-22: "Work" is a deal you make with someone else to provide your services in exchange for their money. It is submission to the goals of another.
545: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-11: The difference between friending someone and being friended is that the one who friends you has a stake in the relationship.
546: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-11: I may follow someone because they're funny, but funny alone won't keep them on the list. Once you know their shtick, the jokes get tired.
547: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-04: "Loving someone and treating them well are two completely separate things. One is no guarantee of the other." MRT @debihope
548: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-21: Whenever someone makes a fool of himself, his first inclination is to blame you for whatever mistake he made.
549: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-17: There's no accounting for sexual chemistry. What is erotic to one person may seem stupid and incredibly tedious to someone else.
550: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-11: "Threshhold of intervention" is the point at which you choose to use your resources to address someone else's problems. It must be high!
551: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-09: Falling in love with someone is the best guarantee that you won't be able to change them.
552: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-09: To have influence over someone's personality, you have to retain negotiating power -- that is, the ability and willingness to say "no".
553: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-25: After someone announces a big decision - marriage, baby, etc - you can only offer congratulations. The wisdom of the choice is moot.
554: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-25: If you think you see what's wrong with someone's life, there's usually no way to tell them. Such habits are impervious to words.
555: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-06: The liability of giving advice is that someone may follow it and get in trouble. Then you are responsible.
556: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-12: Crimes are prosecuted only when they cross the bow of law enforcement or when someone has something to gain by prosecution.
557: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-29: The best predictor of someone's future behavior is their past behavior.
558: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-20: Internal inconsistency is the precursor of violence. When someone is at war with themselves, they will soon be at war with others.
559: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-05: The connundrum of romance is that once you are committed to someone, you're also imprisoned with them.
560: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-27: It may seem lonely being single, but the discomfort pales compared to being attached to someone you are out of sync with.
561: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-18: You can't say someone's sexual orientation is determined by brain chemistry but also claim it hasn't affected other parts of their behavior.
562: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-11: I've taken a lot of airline flights, but the times I've sat beside someone lively and interesting have been rare. There aren't many!
563: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-09: One of the cruelest forms of child abuse is making someone a child star. It virtually guarantees drug abuse and a screwed up self-image.
564: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-08: The "health care crisis" is ultimately unsolvable because when someone is dying there is no limit to the amount that can be spent on them.
565: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-08: Often, the most dangerous gift you can give someone is good fortune. It can disrupt their equilibrium and set the stage for disaster.
566: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-28: The risk in giving advice is that if someone follows it and gets in trouble, you are responsible. Call it the "Advice Dilemma".
567: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-11: It's a good bet: If you give someone extra resources, he will use them to dig himself a deeper hole.
568: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-09: Pop singers are seen as our spiritual and philosophical leaders, even if their only skill is singing someone else's words.
569: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-26: Someone can be "smart" and "talented" but that's only part of the story. The rest is how they are emotionally invested.
570: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-25: One of the highest compliments you can pay someone is to say they have "no ego", although you are really saying the opposite.
571: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-25: When you have something someone else wants, you have the ability - indeed, the obligation - to make them earn it.
572: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-21: In childhood, there was someone looking out for us. In adulthood there isn't. It's a difficult and painful transition.
573: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-20: There is liability in giving advice: You're responsible if someone follows it and gets in trouble.
574: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-19: I can think of no more humiliating career than "Actor". What dignity is there in pretending to be someone else?
575: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-14: Unless it's your job, you should never install or "fix" anything on someone else's computer, even if they ask you to. It's a boundary issue.
576: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-08: It is okay to quietly break the law as long as a "threshhold of damage" is not crossed where you hurt someone or run the risk of doing so.
577: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-05: For a witness to be emotionally satisfying he must be superhuman to us. We feel alive only when acknowledged by someone higher.
578: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-01: A tragic country music song (yet to be written): Already belong to someone else when the right one comes along.
579: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-23: When we hurt someone else it's called guilt. When we hurt ourselves it's regret. Same thing really.
580: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: No matter how intimate you may be with someone, you must define and actively defend your boundaries. "This is the line you can't cross."
581: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: Someone living in bad faith survives only by becoming more and more isolated from the world around him. Then he retires to Florida.
582: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-08: The pretty-boy anchor on the evening news shouldn't be called a "journalist." He's an actor reading someone else's lines.
583: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-08: Most celebrities are empty figureheads, having accomplished little more than following someone else's script.
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