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1: 2018-05-28: Trump Memorial Day is when we remember all the Losers who weren’t smart enough to get out of the way of the bullets being fired at them. Sad.
2: 2017-07-16: Some are endowed with extraordinary courage to power through any obstacle, even if the smarter move was to turn away. Courage is not wisdom.
3: 2017-05-11: Donald Trump eloquently explaining his positions to the public: "It's bad. So bad. It's sad how bad it is. I'll fix it. I'm really smart."
4: 2017-04-23: You have to be naïve and foolish before you can be smart and wise.
5: 2016-12-26: Fertility Catch-22: If you're smart enough to deserve children then you're too smart to have them.
6: 2016-09-16: The general trend of history: We thought we were so smart. We were wrong.
7: 2015-08-20: In retrospect, I was never as smart as I thought I was.
8: 2015-03-14: Humanity is doomed because the smartest people have no interest in procreating.
9: 2015-03-04: RT @the_anastasia: Just because you're older, doesn't mean you're smarter.
10: 2014-11-22: To call humans "intelligent" is a form of racism. You've got some smart ones but also some real idiots. It is biased to lump them together.
11: 2014-11-22: It is possible to be both smart and stupid at the same time: smart in pursuit of your goals, stupid in your choice of them.
12: 2014-10-18: The difference between efficient and effective (or smart and wise) via @TIME
13: 2014-09-21: In retrospect, I wasn't as smart as I thought I was.
14: 2014-09-05: RT @cracked: Most of the detainees are smart and educated. The 5 Most Unexpected Things About Life at Guantanamo Bay -…
15: 2014-07-31: On Planet Earth, the dumb ones make the babies while the smart ones watch in horror.
16: 2014-06-22: Yogi, had he been a real bear, would have been put down long ago. In real life, being "smarter than your average bear" just gets you killed.
17: 2014-05-21: Only dumb people buy Smart Water.
18: 2014-05-08: A cornerstone of democracy is that stupid people get the same vote as smart people and there are more of them so we are all doomed.
19: 2014-04-23: Just because you speak multiple languages doesn't mean you're smart. Europe has plenty of polyglot idiots.
20: 2014-03-16: The political position of the proletariat: "Someone who is smarter than us should take care of us."
21: 2014-02-13: Only the smartest get into Harvard and the smartest come out, but that doesn't prove Harvard made them smarter. #selectionbias
22: 2014-02-13: You can't prove college makes people more successful, because those who go are already smarter and more motivated. #selectionbias re @WSJ
23: 2014-02-06: There is no reward without risk, but reward comes in taking smart risks not stupid ones.
24: 2014-01-09: Dung beetles are smart little poop collectors, navigating by both sun and stars, via @noahWG
25: 2014-01-05: "Ha! Weren't expecting that, were you? Not part of your precious plan. What you gonna do now, smartie pants?" — me, talking to my GPS
26: 2013-12-03: Our love is like my smartphone pairing with your Bluetooth device.
27: 2013-12-02: Clever isn't the same as smart. Clever solves a problem. Smart solves the right problem.
28: 2013-11-11: SSA = Smartphone Separation Anxiety.
29: 2013-10-13: Tragic news story: a mother sleeping with her newborn infant rolls over and knocks her smartphone onto the floor, cracking the screen.
30: 2013-10-09: Smart is making the right moves to achieve your goals. Wise is having the right goals.
31: 2013-10-09: Buying SmartWater is proof that you're not.
32: 2013-09-26: You can be brilliant at solving a problem aboard ship while not being smart about where your ship is headed.
33: 2013-09-12: Stock market investing is based on the assumption that you're smarter or luckier than other investors — aka "gambling".
34: 2013-08-13: You were never as smart as you thought you were.
35: 2013-08-06: History always reveals that you weren't as smart as you thought you were.
36: 2013-07-18: Smart in the microscopic does not imply smart in the macroscopic.
37: 2013-06-17: Democracy Fact: Society has more dumb people than smart people. If you get the dumb ones to vote for you, you don't need the smart ones.
38: 2013-06-09: Stupid people think they are smart. That's what makes them stupid.
39: 2013-05-23: How can someone so smart be so stupid?
40: 2013-05-01: If Einstein was alive and on Twitter, millions would follow him to appear to be smart.
41: 2013-04-26: People are more attracted to the familiar than to the smart or wise.
42: 2013-04-25: There are plenty of dumb people doing dumb things with their lives, but the real tragedy is smart people doing dumb things.
43: 2013-04-16: I blatantly engage in racial profiling—of dogs. Yellow labs: smart and attentive. Little dogs: yappy and unreliable. Pit bulls: stay clear!
44: 2013-03-15: RT @TheLastVirgo: Being braver and stronger is not enough if you haven't turned smarter.
45: 2013-02-18: Selection bias: People who went to Harvard are smarter than those who didn't, but only the smartest get in, so maybe Harvard did nothing.
46: 2013-01-22: Intelligence is a choice. Some adults are smart and others stupid mainly because they choose to be and arrange their life that way.
47: 2013-01-13: Humility is knowing that no matter how smart you feel right now your future self will call you an idiot.
48: 2013-01-09: You can be both smart and foolish at the same time: clever in pursuit of your goals but deluded in your choice of them.
49: 2012-11-19: RT @KilroyCafe: While it is sometimes wise to break the rules, it is not usually smart to broadcast that you are breaking them.
50: 2012-11-12: Humanity may be getting dumber due to lack of natural selection, but smart people will still mate and produce islands of intellect.
51: 2012-11-04: RT @TelegraphWorld: The Real Mitt Romney - smart, ruthless, brilliant and always focused on becoming president
52: 2012-09-04: A dog is smart enough to stop eating when he's no longer hungry. Humans generally aren't.
53: 2012-08-22: @noahWG Only Very Smart People know who is conscious and who isn't because, you know, diplomas and shit.
54: 2012-07-05: Luke is no much to look at but he's the smartest dog on the planet.
55: 2012-07-05: Technology can be a powerful tool in the hands of a smart, well-motivated operator. To others, it is just new forms of distraction.
56: 2012-06-10: You were awfully clever in getting what you wanted. Now you find what you wanted wasn't all that smart.
57: 2012-06-08: There are smart people and dumb people. Every person is valuable, but only a few are worth investing your time in.
58: 2012-06-07: Make a mistake and life slaps you for it. Smart people learn from the experience. Dumb people come back for more.
59: 2012-05-07: Darwinian future: Stupid people will continue to mate and propagate uncontrollably, while smart people become more insular. Duel societies!
60: 2012-04-12: RT @bybeautydamned: For some reason Mensa members aren't smart enough to know how annoying it is to announce that you're smarter than ev ...
61: 2012-03-20: Technology provides more data, but it does not make people smarter or bring them more wisdom.
62: 2012-03-19: You're too smart for you're own good when you find clever ways to persist in a path you should have abandoned long ago.
63: 2012-03-11: Smart desserts.
64: 2012-03-08: Only a vengeful God would demand pain for every pain inflicted. A smart one would say, "It's okay, I forgive you, BUT DON'T DO IT AGAIN."
65: 2012-02-20: Only in L.A. will bums ask you for spare change while texting in their smartphones. (@ Metro Blue Line)
66: 2011-12-25: Travel is always teaching you humility and that you're never as smart as you think you are.
67: 2011-12-23: Your purchase of SmartWater only proves the opposite. Sucker! Everyone knows smart people get their water from Fiji.
68: 2011-12-13: Upbringing certainly has something to do with dog personality, but some dogs are smart and well-behaved in spite of their no-good owners.
69: 2011-12-09: Our "Spinach" list is where His Badliness gets his daily inspiration. Lots of smart, pretty ladies! #FF
70: 2011-12-04: Sad Darwinian fact of rural life: The smart and ambitious move to the city. The dim and feckless stay behind. Then those suckers breed.
71: 2011-11-25: "Smart" doesn't always mean "wise". One can be smart in pursuit of ones goals but unwise in the choice of them.
72: 2011-11-09: In retrospect, I was never as smart as I thought I was.
73: 2011-10-29: RT @washingtonpost: A romantic dinner for two: you and your smartphone...
74: 2011-07-12: Was going through some family heirlooms and look what I found: My first smartphone! Isn't it quaint?
75: 2011-07-07: Human evolution has not ended. It has simply bifurcated, with smart lineages getting smarter and dumb ones getting dumber.
76: 2011-07-07: Smart people still breed and are increasingly selective, so rest assured there will always be a master race to control the dumb ones.
77: 2011-07-07: If dumb people breed more prodigiously than smart people, has human evolution stopped? Not necessarily. ...
78: 2011-06-28: Accurate assessment of our past self: so smart about some things, so dumb about others.
79: 2011-06-17: One can be smart without being wise. Being clever in solving a problem is not the same as choosing the right problem to solve.
80: 2011-05-07: Maximum downsizing leaves you with a laptop, smartphone, camera and passport. Everything else can be acquired temporarily as you need it.
81: 2011-05-04: A marriage is no smarter than the stupider partner.
82: 2011-04-22: RT @trevlutz: #FF @BadDalaiLama because he's smarter and prettier than you.
83: 2011-04-17: Smart people: "I made a mistake. How can I change?" Stupid people: "A mistake was made. Who can I blame?"
84: 2011-04-13: idiot savant — n. one who is smart in some ways but dumb in the things that matter most.
85: 2011-04-08: Every investor, like every gambler, thinks he is smarter than everyone else, that he can outwit the system, until he loses his shirt.
86: 2011-04-05: "Too clever for your own good" means you have the smarts to succeed in what turns out to be an unwise endeavor.
87: 2011-03-29: The world is filled with idiot savants—smart in some ways, but dumb in the things that matter.
88: 2011-03-24: Students graduate from college smarter and wiser than when they went in. The reason is simple: age! {9/30}
89: 2011-03-02: Same old story: Women are intimidated by smart guys. If you want a girl, you got to play dumb, drink beer and pretend to like sports.
90: 2011-02-07: Thanks to smartphones, we can now kill time more efficiently than ever before. Time doesn't stand a chance!
91: 2011-01-24: Oklahoma has a idiot breeding program. Works like this: Oklahomans breed. Smart kids move out. Dumb ones stay, then they breed. Repeat.
92: 2010-12-18: Someone can be "smart" and "talented" but that's only part of the story. The rest is how they are emotionally invested.
93: 2010-12-17: .@URGodAlso "Where are the smart people? I thought they ran companies & bought politicians..." <== You call that smart? (smart = wise)
94: 2010-12-17: Smart people have little power in our society because they're immune to advertising, don't buy much and are a tiny minority of voters.
95: 2010-12-17: While discrimination by race or gender is deplorable, little attention has been paid to our society's marginalization of smart people.
96: 2010-12-17: Language Police: "smart" has connotations of elitism and superiority. Use "idiocy challenged".
97: 2010-12-16: In an intellectually bifurcated society, the smart get smarter while the dumb get dumber. Then those dumb suckers breed!
98: 2010-11-24: "Smart" doesn't always mean "wise". One can be smart in pursuit of ones goals but unwise in the choice of them.
99: 2010-11-20: @laurenahayes "Owners are only as smart as their dogs." --> You are only as smart as your dumbest obligations.
100: 2010-11-18: Blog entry: "The Crisis of Human Evolution" - While the dumb get dumber, the smart get smarter.
101: 2010-11-17: A good heart is worthless without smart strategies to protect it.
102: 2010-11-05: "Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose." —Bill Gates
103: 2010-10-30: Success isn't just a matter of working hard, but working smart.
104: 2010-09-30: Students graduate from college smarter and wiser than when they went in. The reason is simple: age.
105: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-12: Essentials of Life: 1) food 2) safe place to sleep 3) medical plan 4) smartphone 5) laptop computer 6) Internet 7) power 8) place to sit.
106: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-30: RT @BadDalaiLama: Students graduate from college smarter and wiser than when they went in. The reason is simple: age.
107: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-10: In modern life, you need a laptop, a smartphone, a camera and a passport. Everything else can be acquired as needed and discarded after.
108: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-27: Some of the smartest people are also the dumbest. Smart, it turns out, doesn't always mean wise, especially concerning ones own limitations.
109: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-02: Never buy any product with "smart" in the title (e.g. SmartWater). Falling for that ploy just proves you're not.
110: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-26: "There's no reward without risk." Maybe so, but risk alone isn't enough. It has to be a smart risk not a stupid one.
111: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-10: "Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can`t lose." — Bill Gates via @tweetsayings
112: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-27: Wisdom is smart enough to know how fragile it is.
113: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: Students graduate from college much smarter and wiser than when they went in. The reason is simple: age.
114: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-18: While it is sometimes wise to break the rules, it is not usually smart to broadcast that you are breaking them.
115: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-26: Those who urge us to "follow your dreams" fail to take into account how many dreams end in disaster. They have to be SMART dreams.
116: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-04: #oxymorons: Smartwater.
117: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-12: Oxymoron Alert: "Smart Water". Photo: - Six bottles for only $5.75. You gotta be an idiot to fall for this!
118: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-26: Someone can be "smart" and "talented" but that's only part of the story. The rest is how they are emotionally invested.
119: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-07: There are always easier/faster/smarter ways to do things, but you have to be open to them. Most people prefer the hard/slow/dumb ways.
120: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-24: I've just released a new short screenplay: "The Smartest Chimp in the World."
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