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1: 2018-06-01: On My Bucket List: Take a selfie in front of a famous tourist attraction.
2: 2018-05-05: narcissism = selfies / total posts
3: 2018-01-24: Man dies in GoPro incident. Women perishes taking waterfall selfie. Murderer implicates self in Facebook post. Social media can kill!
4: 2017-08-23: My selfies are better than yours. Check them out on Instagram:
5: 2016-10-27: Edvard Munch to Frida Kahlo: "Not another selfie, Frida! Nooooooooo!" 😱
6: 2016-10-24: On My Bucket List: Break the Internet with my provocative selfies.
7: 2016-05-21: RT @caitlinh99: Selfie-takers tend to overestimate their attractiveness, study finds via @PsyPost
8: 2016-05-02: RT @Peripatetia: Selfie in my hostel room in Mexico City (1 May 2010). #hostelamigo #mexicoDF #mexicocity
9: 2016-03-03: RT @Peripatetia: Elephant selfie, DeForest, Wisconsin (now) #gopro #pinkelephant
10: 2015-10-15: RT @Peripatetia: Selfie at Gullfoss, Iceland (now) @ Gullfoss
11: 2015-09-04: My new How-To video: Turn your selfie stick into a Steadicam for only $3 (4 minutes)
12: 2015-08-09: RT @Peripatetia: I have read that a pro-Communist group in Russia is calling for selfies with Lenin, so I a… http:/…
13: 2015-07-09: Death by Selfie.
14: 2015-06-20: Anticipating the first birth selfie, where baby takes photo of self while exiting the womb. Only problem: how to smuggle a phone in there.
15: 2015-05-25: Kids these days! Why, when I was a kid we had to draw our own selfies in #2 pencil while looking in the mirror—and we liked it that way!
16: 2015-04-17: Standard female Instagram account: selfie, selfie, food, selfie with friends, flower, selfie, food, selfie, airplane wing, selfie on beach.
17: 2015-02-12: Selfie Quotient — ratio of selfies to other content in a social media stream. Tracks closely with narcissism.
18: 2015-02-04: Another tragic selfie-related accident: @TIME
19: 2015-01-22: The new tourist credo: Take nothing but selfies; leave nothing but reviews.
20: 2015-01-05: Standing at the top of the waterfall, I use my selfie stick to record my rapid and unexpected descent to the bottom. #finalselfie
21: 2014-12-22: RT @Peripatetia: Lazy, narcissistic kids! Why, when I was a kid we had to draw our own selfies with no. 2... http://…
22: 2014-11-27: Dear Instagram girl: Your selfies and food shots do not impress us. Give us some content please!
23: 2014-11-21: Instagram tip: 100% selfies = spam.
24: 2014-11-21: Easy gauge of narcissism on Instagram: ratio of selfies to outward-looking photos.
25: 2014-11-05: Yet another tragic selfie accident as predicted by @BadDalaiLama
26: 2014-10-27: Selfies taken from high places a little too close to the edge often turn into selfieeeeeeeeeeeeeees...... [thud!]
27: 2014-10-26: Edvard Munch to Frida Kahlo: "Not another selfie, Frida! Nooooooooo!"
28: 2014-10-22: Dear selfie addict: Try turning the camera around and see what you find. There's an amazing world out there!
29: 2014-10-13: RT @Peripatetia: Chernobyl selfie (Oct 8)
30: 2014-09-10: If you must post a selfie, please make it interesting. Ask yourself: "Would this photo be compelling if it wasn't me?"
31: 2014-07-31: The Betty Ford Clinic For Selfie Addiction — if it existed, I could recommend some clients.
32: 2014-07-24: The selfie is an essential tool in discovering and refining one's identity.
33: 2014-05-24: Selfie with a prairie dog in Wyoming. Just now! (15 sec video) @ Continental Divide
34: 2014-04-01: The new rage: Dalai Lama selfies
35: 2014-03-31: RT @sadmonsters: Pretty soon non-selfie pics will be called otheries.
36: 2014-03-31: On My Bucket List: My accidental naked selfie gone viral!
37: 2014-03-25: Proposed events for 2018 Winter Games: solo and team selfies, freestyle Xbox, speed texting, viral tweeting, reality TV attention grabbing.
38: 2014-03-21: Her whole career was one giant selfie. "Everybody look at me!" it said.
39: 2014-03-19: Dear selfie addicts: Turn the camera around. Point it at the world. See what you find.
40: 2014-03-08: Selfie acid test: Would this photo be interesting if it showed a total stranger?
41: 2014-03-01: @MinnieGupta There is help for selfie addiction but you have to want to change.
42: 2014-03-01: There is hope for selfie addiction, but the first step is you have to want to change. Treatment can't begin if you don't see a problem.
43: 2014-02-28: In the spirit of giving back to our community, this Twitter feed will donate 10% of its bandwidth to promoting selfie addiction awareness.
44: 2014-02-27: The Good @DalaiLama is now on Instagram. 100% selfies. No food shots.
45: 2014-02-27: The Law of Instagram: Selfies and food shots shall not exceed 2% of total output. #listenupladies
46: 2014-02-18: "Instagram users are overwhelmingly young, wealthy and female"... and taking a lot of selfies and food shots. (re @vindugoel)
47: 2014-02-11: She was found frozen to death in the mall parking lot, still clutching her iPhone. Police checked it for her last text and final selfie.
48: 2013-11-28: RT @MailOnline: Males take double the number of selfies as women
49: 2013-11-27: Why, when I was a kid we had to draw our own selfies with No. 2 lead pencils, and we liked it that way.
50: 2013-11-19: RT @GeorgieLeeBooks: Are these the world's oldest selfies? via @DailyMailUS
51: 2013-11-19: @BadDalaiLama Or the selfie was invented by a drunk Aussie.
52: 2013-11-19: The selfie was invented by Frida Kahlo.
53: 2013-11-09: Prague selfie
54: 2013-10-14: There's healthy selfies, then there's selfie addiction. Even if you're a supermodel, you don't want mediocre shots diluting your best ones.
55: 2013-09-20: Promo selfie for The Case Against Marriage
56: 2013-07-23: On My Bucket List: Post a shirtless selfie.
57: 2013-07-07: Selfie from behind the falls at Liard River Hot Spring (yesterday) + more Alaska Highway
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