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1: 2018-04-29: The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight
2: 2017-04-23: "This Land is Your Land" at the March for Science in New York City, yesterday. The Liberty Singers (4 min)
3: 2017-04-23: March for Science, New York City, yesterday. The Liberty Singers (2 min)
4: 2017-03-18: In a bizarre alternate universe, Donald Trump apologizes for a mistake he made, stops "doubling down" on previous mistakes. #sciencefiction
5: 2017-03-17: Many a scientist, lawyer and journalist, using their brain for a living, checks it at the door when they go home to their private life.
6: 2017-03-13: It's easy to apply detached rules of logic and observation to a scientific problem. It's not so easy to apply the same rules to yourself.
7: 2016-09-13: RT @NewYorker: A @BorowitzReport from the archive: Scientists Say Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans…
8: 2015-04-10: RT @MailOnline: Scientists pinpoint part of brain that's responsible for sarcasm. How exciting.
9: 2015-04-04: RT @sciam: Why economic inequality is far worse than you think: #science #Economics
10: 2015-02-16: RT @SilverJacket: Happy V Day! Do opposites attract, or do birds of a feather flock together? Let's see what science has to say: http://t.c…
11: 2014-11-10: Oxymoron Alert: creation science
12: 2014-11-04: RT @cracked: You physically can't feel happiness for very long. 5 Scientific Reasons Your Idea of Happiness Is Wrong -…
13: 2014-08-16: RT @cracked: Lampshade + Ping Pong Balls = UFO. 15 Famous 'Paranormal' Photos (Explained by Science) - | http://t.…
14: 2014-07-04: RT @psychoBOBlogy: Scientists Accidentally Discover The Brain's Consciousness "Off Switch"
15: 2014-06-03: Suggesting a new science of Guilt Allocation. See @guardian
16: 2014-05-30: RT @nytimes: Scientists report they were able to reliably teleport data
17: 2014-05-04: Nutrition "science" is a pit of snake oil salesmen. Any advice they give is bound to be reversed a few years later.
18: 2014-05-03: RT @WSJ: Are butter, cheese and steak really bad for you? The dubious science behind the anti-fat crusade:
19: 2014-05-01: On My Bucket List: Become a Creation scientist, proving by scientific means that the earth is less than 6000 years old.
20: 2014-04-30: RT @TIME: 9 science-backed secrets for a longer life
21: 2014-04-08: She Columboed me with science.
22: 2014-03-20: Religiosity is impervious to science, technology or reason. It will always find a way to believe.
23: 2014-03-17: Is science a religion? How Science Mimics Faith, Scientific American via @PsychologyTip
24: 2014-03-09: Pure science is a religious pursuit based on unquestioning faith—the faith that what we find will improve our lives and not blow us up.
25: 2014-03-08: Science keeps itself employed. It helps us build bombs—nuclear bombs, population bombs, environmental bombs—then it helps us defuse them.
26: 2014-02-15: 20 years ago today: Groom Lake Desert Rat #3 - ~ Area 51 in Popular Science cover story; how to find road sensors
27: 2014-02-11: The aim of pure science is to let genies out of bottles.
28: 2014-02-11: Every scientist, if given his wishes, would want all of society's resources devoted to his field of research.
29: 2014-02-11: The main work of today's science is to try to undo the damage of yesterday's science.
30: 2014-01-20: RT @Telegraph: Brains of elderly only appear to slow because they know so much, scientists believe
31: 2013-12-11: Today's science lesson: the alley gateur (15 sec video)
32: 2013-11-19: RT @latimes: Scientists define brain network behind attention, daydreaming
33: 2013-10-07: Scientist Outraged That Science Fiction Film Isn't Factually Accurate ~ re @TIME
34: 2013-10-02: Scientists @ Griffith Observatory
35: 2013-08-16: RT @TIME: With age comes wisdom. It's science | (via @TIMEIdeas)
36: 2013-07-29: RT @ScienceDaily: Intent to harm: Willful acts seem more damaging: How harmful we perceive an act to be depends on whether we se... http://…
37: 2013-07-21: On My Bucket List: Prove, through the power of science, that the Earth is only as old as the Bible says it is.
38: 2013-07-13: Science has finally solved the problem of people who don't know how to set the time on their VCRs: No more VCRs!
39: 2013-07-07: Scientists claiming to be scientific, journalists claiming to be fair, lawyers upholding the law... are some of the biggest jerks around!
40: 2013-06-28: Wine-tasting: it's junk science
41: 2013-06-21: "We may think we’re being scientists, but we’re actually being lawyers" - The Science of Denial
42: 2013-05-06: RT @MailOnline: A cure for grey hair? Scientists say they will soon able to REVERSE change without surgery or dyes
43: 2013-05-02: With infinite mysteries and limitless lines of inquiry, science is the human politics of what gets investigated first.
44: 2013-05-01: Science is useless if you don't also apply it to yourself and your own life.
45: 2013-04-16: Scientists are scientific only regarding science. In their personal lives, they are as irrational as the rest of us.
46: 2013-03-21: scientificism — religious belief that all problems can be solved with more knowledge and that "clearly more research is needed."
47: 2013-02-24: "Crazy Horse III—Awarded Best Strip Club In The West!" ... Who gives out these awards? The Academy of Adult Entertainment Arts and Sciences?
48: 2013-02-21: California Science Center, Sept. 3, 2006 - newly uploaded album
49: 2013-02-21: OMG! I know that science officer! She was in my Starfleet graduating class! That's roughly 50% of @TrekkieGirls!
50: 2013-02-16: Scientists are full of logic and reason, except in the conduct of their own lives where they are just as stupid as the rest of us.
51: 2013-02-10: RT @dramapad: In science, you check things out to see if they're true. In religion, you don't.
52: 2013-01-30: RT @MailOnline: Just a couple of BITES of chocolate are as tasty as a whole bar, claim scientists
53: 2013-01-19: Fun with Scientology via @xtinewu
54: 2013-01-16: I know science doesn't back me up, but I still blame Ringo Starr for the extinction of the dinosaurs.
55: 2013-01-07: RT @wahyuwei: The Strange & Surprising Science of Sleep
56: 2012-12-06: @noahWG if you test a different drink every night, it's science not alcoholism, right?
57: 2012-11-10: Homeopathy claims that scientifically insignificant traces of a substance can change health. Many consumer delusions are like that. #organic
58: 2012-11-10: Consumers don't ask for scientific evidence to support their delusions, and retailers are careful not to provide any.
59: 2012-10-25: serendipitology — n. the science of taking advantage of unexpected opportunities.
60: 2012-10-04: RT @MailOnline: Scientists find bald men are perceived as better leaders (and even appear taller)
61: 2012-09-24: Northeast traffic science: This is my fancy-pants route from Boston to Washington, avoiding most tolls and traffic.
62: 2012-09-03: RT @MailOnline: Organic no better than produce grown with pesticides, say Stanford University scientists
63: 2012-08-23: RT @ScienceDaily: Roots of human self-awareness: New study points to a complex, diffuse patchwork of brain pathways: A research te... ht ...
64: 2012-08-22: Science says you'll never see a full moon and crescent moon on the same night UNLESS YOU'RE ON ANOTHER PLANET—OMG, NO!... wait, streetlight.
65: 2012-07-06: RT @MailOnline: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce: Scientologists urge followers to take action against negative reports ...
66: 2012-07-06: Science can give you only microscopic answers to specific questions. Integrating all the factors in your life is an art not a science.
67: 2012-07-05: If any scientist tells you his research might solve world hunger, he doesn't understand world hunger.
68: 2012-07-05: Pure science is an infinite pursuit that will absorb whatever funding you give it. At what point do you cut it off?
69: 2012-07-05: Science is more rational in its methods than religion, but its motivation is still an assumption taken on faith: More knowledge is better.
70: 2012-07-05: Theoretical scientists like to see their pursuit as "pure" because they aren't personally making weapons out of their discoveries.
71: 2012-07-05: How can scientists continue to subdivide the atom knowing there are predators right behind them ready to weaponize and exploit it?
72: 2012-07-05: RT @mntstguy: @BadDalaiLama Technically the cost increase isn't science itself fault,it's greed of people behind the discoveries,semanti ...
73: 2012-07-05: An argument can be made for environment science, where we are trying to undo the damage caused by previous scientific "advances".
74: 2012-07-05: Medical science SEEMS to be an improvement for humanity, until you consider the systemic effects.
75: 2012-07-05: .@Sthetica Let me rephrase the question: Name one scientific discovery that has improved life on Earth.
76: 2012-07-05: Birth control is one scientific advance that should have saved the world. Why, then, is the world population still exploding?
77: 2012-07-05: .@nipath11 Good one! Birth control is the only scientific advance that seems unquestionably good for mankind.
78: 2012-07-05: Science is the modern Pandora, releasing problems from the box with no responsibility for the outcome.
79: 2012-07-05: After the scientists make their discoveries, the exploiters come along to start using it for evil.
80: 2012-07-05: Can you name one development in science that has been unquestionably good for mankind?
81: 2012-07-05: The Higgs boson, now that it has been confirmed, will be the starting point of still more puzzles for autistic scientists to solve.
82: 2012-07-05: Science is the infinite peeling away of the layers of the onion to reveal... still more onion!
83: 2012-07-05: Scientists always dwell on how their research could help mankind. They rarely discuss how it could destroy us.
84: 2012-07-05: Scientific "progress" will not stop until it gives everyone on Earth to power to build atomic bombs and breed lethal germs.
85: 2012-07-05: Science is a religion based on the unproven assumption that more knowledge is always good.
86: 2012-07-03: With Travolta and Cruise in trouble, Scientology needs to recruit new celebs to improve its image. How about Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen?
87: 2012-07-03: Join Scientology! Either that or send your bank account information to Nigerians offering you Ten Million United States Dollars by email.
88: 2012-07-03: On My Bucket List: Join the Church of Scientology and gay-marry Tom Cruise.
89: 2012-07-03: RT @Telegraph: Tom Cruise: a loose cannon for Scientology?, by @holysmoke
90: 2012-07-01: Medical science is always coming up with clever new ways to keep people alive at huge cost. At some point, no economy can support it.
91: 2012-06-29: RT @brianjaystanley: Scientists seek cures for every disease, but if they succeed, our grandchildren will seek cures for overpopulation. ...
92: 2012-05-09: As science comes up with ever more expensive ways to keep people alive, the cost to treat everyone becomes unsupportable by any society.
93: 2012-05-02: RT @sciencedaily: Large-scale analysis finds majority of clinical trials don't provide meaningful evidence: The largest comprehens... ht ...
94: 2012-05-01: The place for people who really love fire. (@ Fire Science Academy)
95: 2012-04-29: Gazing upon her ancestors. (National Museum of Science, Tokyo, 6 days ago). Album: -
96: 2012-04-22: A man on the street in Toyko just introduced me to Happy Science and the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa
97: 2012-03-31: RT @TheEconomist: James Cameron's plunge into the Challenger Deep made a splash, but it was not very successful on the scientific front ...
98: 2012-03-22: RT @Telegraph: Aardman's The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!, review
99: 2012-03-08: RT @MailOnline: Bees have personalities too, say scientists
100: 2012-03-08: RT @MailOnline: Good news if you're middle-aged! You're at evolution's peak, according to scientists
101: 2012-02-23: Coldplay: "The Scientist" - Nice song, cool video!
102: 2012-02-14: RT @washingtonpost: The science of falling in love:
103: 2012-01-21: Speed limits are a hard science. How fast you can actually go without getting a ticket—that's a fine art.
104: 2011-12-18: Science predicts whether a song will be a chart hit — But a "classic hit" is predicted only by "Is it good?"
105: 2011-12-06: How many starving people were on Earth in 1900? How many today? On the whole, has science really improved anything?
106: 2011-12-06: On the whole, scientific knowledge does not reduce the problems of Man. It merely rearranges them.
107: 2011-12-01: After age 70, people stay alive mainly through medical science—at huge cost. Everyone deserves to live, but who is going to pay for it?
108: 2011-11-25: RT @MailOnline: 'A very compelling case for life': Scientists in a frenzy after discovery of planet just like Earth
109: 2011-11-25: @Olivia_Sarai: "I'd like you to write about science, you're brilliant in every topic" <== Indeed I am! But who would pay for such wisdom?
110: 2011-11-24: Scientists are as religious as any fundamentalists, believing without proof that science will cure all ills.
111: 2011-11-24: For any benefit you claim from science (atomic energy, diseases cured) I can show you a comparable cost (atomic bombs, overpopulation).
112: 2011-11-24: Science is an infinite onion. Every layer of mystery you peel away just reveals more mystery, with rarely any net benefit for mankind.
113: 2011-11-11: Has anyone scientifically studied the relationship of body fat ratio to ambient country music? Correlation or causation?
114: 2011-10-19: #### END live-tweeted essay: "Science Skepticism"
115: 2011-10-19: Science is a Pandora's Box. Once you learn something, you can never put things back the way they were.
116: 2011-10-19: There is no compelling logic that says basic discoveries in science should be made now instead of later.
117: 2011-10-19: If you judge success by total suffering on Earth, the net effect of medical science has been far more destructive than constructive.
118: 2011-10-19: Of all the religious beliefs, the most pervasive and unquestioned is faith in science to solve the world's problems.
119: 2011-09-29: Memories flow at a "framerate" of about 8 per second. via @sciencedaily
120: 2011-07-16: RT @ebertchicago: Gay scientists isolate Christian gene. (rt)
121: 2011-07-07: Musicians tend to breed with other musicians, scientists with other scientists. Over time, this will yield many distinct human sub-species.
122: 2011-07-01: I'm thinking of joining the Scientologists on this one. L. Ron and I are thinking along the same lines!
123: 2011-05-25: Absolutely everything in Oklahoma is named after Will Rogers. I know this from scientific observation.
124: 2011-05-05: RT @Olivia_Sarai: @BadDalaiLama Processing scientific data!! my neuronal network is working hard, so hard!
125: 2011-05-05: "There are aspects of personality that others know about us that we don't know ourselves." Science Daily
126: 2011-04-01: Science fact: Any water coming into the body has to leave in identical quantity, either by evaporation or urination.
127: 2011-03-31: RT @sciencedaily: Hands-free electronic water faucets found to be hindrance in infection control; Manual faucets work better, stud... ht ...
128: 2011-03-23: In the interests of science, I have tested how long one can go without bathing. Odor aside, 4-5 days is the max. After that, you get rashes.
129: 2011-03-17: Someone should do blind, scientifically controlled taste tests on all those "World's Best" food claims.
130: 2011-03-13: Ambrosia, the perfect food of the gods, has been decoded by science! It's now available for retail purchase as the Nacho Cheese Dorito.
131: 2011-03-12: RT @motorfingerzach: @BadDalaiLama I've been thinking about that alot lately, and trying to find some science to back it up. Thanks!
132: 2011-03-12: Exhibit A: Testosterone increases male dominance behaviors. Also: Women fall for that shit. Study: via @sciencedaily
133: 2011-03-09: Scientific research is a religious pursuit, not a rational one. It is based on blind, unproven faith that more knowledge is always better.
134: 2011-03-08: RT @grandmasterzo: @BadDalaiLama has the 140 character art form down to a science. Great stuff!
135: 2011-03-04: Wow! Science gets a little too close to the truth! "Why the joy of parenthood is a fantasy" Daily Mail:
136: 2011-02-21: RT @NewMindMirror Why Innocent Suspects May Confess to a Crime - ScienceDaily
137: 2011-02-19: Science is an infinite quest in all directions. At some point you have to ask, "Is this really worth my time?"
138: 2011-02-19: @MsLauraShields "Science is a lot like sex..." <== So why DO we do science? (Is it always the best use of our resources?)
139: 2011-02-04: On My Bucket List: Dedicate my life to science... or medicine, or music, or animals, or God, or the Amazon rainforest... or SOMETHING!
140: 2011-01-25: Four of the world's greatest scientists at your fingertips.
141: 2011-01-18: Feeling much more refined because my Wendy's fries are now salted with SEA SALT. (Still queasy though!) Junkfood Science:
142: 2011-01-11: Science gives you only microscopic answers to macroscopic questions. The big picture—integrating all the factors—is an art not a science.
143: 2011-01-09: Science Is a religion that believes all knowledge is good. It neglects that every advance creates new hazards and detracts from other goals.
144: 2011-01-07: RT @sciencedaily: Lice DNA study shows humans first wore clothes 170,000 years ago: A new study following the evolution of lice sh... ht ...
145: 2011-01-05: Free will is believing you have a choice when all science and logic say you have none.
146: 2010-11-27: "We don't go about life as scientists, but as talk radio hosts, concocting arguments that feel persuasive."
147: 2010-11-12: Science can explain our body and brain but not how our consciousness became enmeshed in this machine.
148: 2010-10-08: RT @DrkIntellectual: Many remain apathetic about politics but claim to care strongly about people; politics is the science of managing p ...
149: 2010-09-22: Neither can the Catholic Church! RT @TelegraphNews: Pope says science cannot explain meaning of life
150: 2010-09-21: Scientists are driven by the blind religious faith that more knowledge is always better, a belief not supported by human history.
151: 2010-09-21: There is no compelling argument that basic discoveries in science should be made now rather than later. Every "advance" carries a cost.
152: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-21: RT @BadDalaiLama: Scientists are driven by the blind religious faith that more knowledge is always better, a belief not supported by hum ...
153: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-21: RT @BadDalaiLama: There is no compelling argument that basic discoveries in science should be made now rather than later. Every "advance ...
154: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: While science, math and engineering are useful at times, they are inept at the essential question: Why should we do this?
155: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: There is no compelling argument that basic discoveries in science should be made now rather than later. Every "advance" carries a cost.
156: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: Behind every scientist is the blind religious faith that more knowledge is better, a belief that is not proven by human history.
157: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-29: Doctor, lawyer, engineer, scientist, pilot — prestigious positions or stupid factory work? If you like being a small cog in a big machine...
158: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-10: Is porn good for us? As use of porn increases, sex crime goes down. The Scientist via @Sheamus
159: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-06: Doctors, lawyers, engineers and scientists must be properly trained and certified, but any idiot elected by dunces can tell them what to do.
160: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-27: The progress of medical science is amazing! If I were alive a century ago, I'd probably be dead!
161: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-26: DSM, the mental illness bible, is being revised. LA Times - Always fascinating reading. More fun than Scientology!
162: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-20: “Science is what you know, philosophy is what you don't know.” -- Bertrand Russell (via @linkibol)
163: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-12: Photos: I get all emo over emu and manic over monotremes at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.
164: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-05: After years of scientific study, I have determined that WORK SUCKS! My new essay: (Kilroy Cafe #45)
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