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1: 2018-11-19: “Little Adam Schitt,” says Trump. “That’s a good one,” says Schiff, which is the only thing I can imagine saying in his shoes. 😲 We have all been forced to return to 6th Grade. Sad.
2: 2018-10-20: 🇬🇷🛌 June 2013 — Scenes from one of my favorite hostels of all time, Youth Hostel Oia on the island of Santorini, Greece. I stayed here for a week in 2013. Sadly, it is now closed.
3: 2018-05-28: Trump Memorial Day is when we remember all the Losers who weren’t smart enough to get out of the way of the bullets being fired at them. Sad.
4: 2018-03-28: He has no loyalty. Won’t pay his bills. Won’t follow advice. Blames others for his own mistakes. Sadistic. Vengeful. Stupid. Impulsive. Won’t read. Can’t spell. Insists he is always right. Lies compulsively. Why would anyone competent work for him?
5: 2018-01-22: ⏱☠️ Every time I visit a shopping mall in America, they get sadder and emptier. Retail Apocalypse is coming!
6: 2017-08-13: In their special place in Hell, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam and Vlad Tepis can't believe what an idiot Trump is. He's giving evil a bad name.
7: 2017-06-12: There are 3 million people in Nairobi and probably 2 million very sad stories. It is painful to get to know people too well.
8: 2017-05-11: Donald Trump eloquently explaining his positions to the public: "It's bad. So bad. It's sad how bad it is. I'll fix it. I'm really smart."
9: 2017-05-08: Stupid people re-think their vote for Trump. "He said he would be good," they say, "but he's really bad. It's sad. I'm mad."
10: 2017-03-19: I'm very sad when my iPhone has to go through the x-ray machine at the airport. We shouldn't have to be separated for so long. 😥
11: 2016-04-19: When one sperm gets through, the wall of the egg changes so no others can penetrate. Kind of sad. She'll never know what might have been.
12: 2016-02-18: Saddle River, New Jersey (24 Mar 2012) (animation)
13: 2015-10-29: RT @sadmonsters: Caution: Ninja turtles will try to slice you in half with credit cards.
14: 2015-05-26: The sad plight of people with money: They acquire things they don't need and spend the rest of their lives maintaining them.
15: 2015-02-12: For the past 30 years, I have been running into old people—hobbled, fatalistic and given up on change—who were born after I was. So sad!
16: 2014-10-30: How did actors become our royalty? It is sad that people who pretend to do things are held above those who actually do them.
17: 2014-09-19: The Arab Spring had a pretty sad outcome. You throw out the thugs so even worse thugs can step in.
18: 2014-09-11: RT @GuardianUS: The sad legacy of 9/11 is that Isis and al-Qaida are stronger than ever via @Ali_H_Soufan http://t.c…
19: 2014-08-13: Sadie has an existential meltdown realizing her baby brother might grow up and she will die at 100.
20: 2014-07-19: “Putin’s Approval Rating Reaches Record High in Russia” — NOT an Onion article — so sad. See:
21: 2014-03-31: RT @sadmonsters: Pretty soon non-selfie pics will be called otheries.
22: 2014-03-01: My ancestors may be saddened to learn that our family tree will end abruptly with me. No more genetic mutations!
23: 2014-01-05: A sad fact of life is that people have to fail, painfully and catastrophically, or there is no incentive to succeed or protect oneself.
24: 2013-12-20: Some sad Christmas news: Beloved singer Bing Crosby is dead at 110. He was also dead at 74, but he's still dead now.
25: 2013-12-01: RT @sadmonsters: I envy the turkey. It only had to spend one day with my family.
26: 2013-11-17: Visiting a spectacular home makes me feel sad for the occupants. The home owns them.
27: 2013-11-15: RT @crston7: I'll be honest my body is super attracted to your body but when you speak my brain just gets sad, and more than a little angry…
28: 2013-10-07: You can Instagram your meals, vacations and friends but not your dreams and imagination. So sad. All those dreams wasted!
29: 2013-09-28: It's so sad to watch my contemporaries fall one by one into rigor mortis. They're not dead, just not moving anymore.
30: 2013-09-25: @PraveenSawh @PramathMalik My sadness at being unfollowed by someone I never heard of for reasons I cannot fathom is inconsolable.
31: 2013-09-11: RT @sadmonsters: I hope this porn shutdown doesn't force any porn stars into having sex with strangers for money.
32: 2013-08-15: For sadistic fun, I program my GPS with a destination I have no intention of visiting then listen to her desperate pleas to change course.
33: 2013-07-12: Watched Game of Thrones episode one. Sex. Sadistic violence. High production values. No reason to watch again.
34: 2013-05-24: It's sad that Assad is a sod.
35: 2013-05-04: Former Minister of Defense of Canada says ETs are visiting Earth. Video, just recycling the claims of others.
36: 2013-04-25: @MinnieGupta So sad that she's come to this.
37: 2013-01-22: Puerto Rico is full of sad little doggies with no home. This one stayed outside my car all night.
38: 2013-01-21: Happyfruit... or sadfruit?
39: 2013-01-16: @lawnrocket Kinda sad, the ravages of time.
40: 2013-01-13: The only thing sadder than divorce is a failed marriage that does not end. @BadDalaiLama
41: 2012-12-24: Steve Jobs' saddest and most un-Jobsian legacy: a superyacht, now impounded via @TIME
42: 2012-11-21: Sometimes I wish I was a girl so I could wear shoes like these. Makes me sad. :(
43: 2012-11-10: RT @HypnoticYogi: The saddest thing I can imagine is to get used to luxury. -Chaplin, Charlie
44: 2012-10-24: It is sad to see homeless people on the street. Society did this to them, but that doesn't mean society can save them.
45: 2012-10-16: The sad thing about Colombia is that every place you mention brings up memories of a violent drug cartel.
46: 2012-09-11: @aristosophy It brings me sadness to note your recent passing. On a positive note, you're proving Tipler right!
47: 2012-08-16: When the new iPhone 5 comes out, we should all donate our old iPhone 4's to the underprivileged children who don't have them. So sad!
48: 2012-07-05: So sad to watch people sabotage themselves. You want to say, "Stop it!" but that only makes them angry.
49: 2012-07-03: Sadly, the only revolution that worked as advertised was the American Revolution of 1775. Nearly every one since then has been messy.
50: 2012-07-03: A tragic and preventable medical condition: IWPADASWD (injured while pulling a dumb ass stunt while drunk). So sad!
51: 2012-06-10: Urban sadness. Tokyo. (April 17)
52: 2012-05-28: @xtinewu So sad! No Monday Morning Mimosa! :-/
53: 2012-05-28: If you joke about the bad things you're doing to yourself, it usually means you're not doing anything about them. It's more sad than funny.
54: 2012-05-22: Some places of your youth you can come back to years later and nothing has changed. So sad. Those people must really like repetition.
55: 2012-05-22: @xtinewu Aw, so sad! If he had played his cards right, he could have had Wu for lunch.
56: 2012-05-15: Making jokes about your addiction that allow you to continue it is just sad.
57: 2012-05-13: Nothing saddens me so much as the way cheap internet porn has decimated the adult entertainment industry. Have we lost our values?
58: 2012-04-26: Jokes made about your own addiction are sad and don't change the fact that you're wasting your resources.
59: 2012-04-17: So sad! The Japanese are texting their lives away. Oh, wait, I guess the rest of us are, too!
60: 2012-04-04: It's sad Catholicism can't tolerate homosexuality, birth control, etc., but get over it. What about "religion" do you not understand?
61: 2012-03-24: Political statement, Saddle River, New Jersey.
62: 2012-03-14: @xtinewu That sounds so sad, Wu! Only one pillow in First Class. :'(
63: 2012-03-12: @xtinewu Such a sad parting! You must be a very nervous parent.
64: 2012-03-02: "Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!" usually carries a bit of sadness and regret.
65: 2012-02-27: The addict loves his drug with a romantic passion that displaces all other romance. So sad!
66: 2012-02-24: So sad! Some poor elephant had to die to provide tusks for this topiary pachyderm.
67: 2012-02-23: "Marquis de Sade" - my new original song about the French Revolution. Video (1:41)
68: 2012-02-18: The world has entered a sad phase when the Americans and Europeans say, "Maybe the Chinese and Brazilians will save us."
69: 2012-02-05: My perfect campsite on Honeymoon Beach (sadly, just for one).
70: 2012-01-27: Buffoon, jerk, asshole and sadist are different degrees of mean on the continuum of assholiness.
71: 2012-01-17: @the_anastasia If you tweet sad tweets, you'll think sad thoughts and tweet more sad tweets. It's a cycle.
72: 2012-01-07: When you get divorced, your friends say either "Congrats!" or "So sad to hear that!" It all depends on their own investments.
73: 2011-12-25: My Christmas is so sad and lonely. No family or holiday cheer. Swimming in the warm Caribbean at sunrise in Key West.
74: 2011-12-21: Trapped in line in the Walmart from Hell, White Plains. Watching poor people buy shit. Tons and tons of advertised shit for Xmas. So sad.
75: 2011-12-07: I'm homeless, living out of a suitcase, and you're living in a comfortable house in the suburbs. I feel so sad for you!
76: 2011-12-04: Sad Darwinian fact of rural life: The smart and ambitious move to the city. The dim and feckless stay behind. Then those suckers breed.
77: 2011-11-29: It is sad to watch a friend descend into addiction and almost as sad to see them bury themselves in possessions and obligations.
78: 2011-11-28: Whenever I see a new movie with a fresh child star, I think: "There's another life ruined!" My sadness for them overpowers the movie itself.
79: 2011-11-15: The saddest form of travel is Paris Hilton's, moving from one luxury venue to another with no opportunity to experience the world directly.
80: 2011-10-31: So sad to see the home-burdened lose their power in the Northeast. How are they going to run all their appliances and entertainment systems?
81: 2011-10-27: The only thing sadder than divorce is a failed marriage that does not end.
82: 2011-10-23: .@PraveenSawh: "Why is [touring] a sad thing?” <== Because touring is merely re-performing, not creating.
83: 2011-10-23: The sad thing about music today is you have tour to make money. Recording in the studio won't do it. New songs won't do it.
84: 2011-10-02: RT @TheIlluminati: No matter how hard you try, you can't buy respect. The closest you'll get is envy. If you need envy, you're in sad, s ...
85: 2011-09-20: Some "honesty" is just sadism in disguise.
86: 2011-07-10: "Tweet like a model" means report every meal, photo shoot and gym workout and say "OMG, so sad!" for every natural disaster.
87: 2011-07-01: Just paid $80 to a zombie, a young friend who I know will probably use it for meth. Thin as a rail. So sad. So complicated.
88: 2011-07-01: Drug addicts are the closest thing to real zombies. They'll eat your brains to serve their primitive needs. So sad and so scary.
89: 2011-06-10: The Paris Hilton tragedy: poor ratings for her new reality show. OMG, so sad! via @MailOnline
90: 2011-04-29: The sadness of the superhero is you cannot save everyone. In the end, you have to worry about systems, not individuals.
91: 2011-04-08: RT @KimKardashian: Just turned on the news, and saw that there was another earthquake in Japan. So sad, my prayers go out to everyone in ...
92: 2011-03-26: Epidemiology is concerned with the health of whole populations, not individuals. Sadly, that health may depend on the weak dying.
93: 2011-03-20: RT @MotherCatt: @BadDalaiLama Although I can agree with some of your sentiment, it sounds somewhat robotic..........and sad......
94: 2011-03-20: .@MotherCatt " sounds somewhat robotic... and sad..." <== What's robotic and sad is seeking sensation and forgetting purpose.
95: 2011-03-14: "Nobody knows what it's like to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes." #existentialsonglyrics
96: 2011-03-14: "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad. If it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad?" #existentialsonglyrics
97: 2011-03-14: "Oh it's sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along." #existentialsonglyrics
98: 2011-03-13: So sad to watch a friend get sucked into a relationship you know isn't good for them. It's madness and addiction you can do little about.
99: 2011-03-13: RT @DalaiLama: His Holiness the Dalai Lama Expresses His Sadness Over the Recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
100: 2011-03-13: Thinking of starting a prototype model/celebrity twitter: Worked out today! Here's a new photo of me! Praying for Japan—so sad!
101: 2011-03-05: .@akierig "You want to do it?" <== The sad thing is that NO ONE has accused me of fathering their love child—even once! I feel left out!
102: 2011-03-05: No one seems to care how the internet has devastated the porn industry. Actors, producers, mom-and-pop store owners—out of work. Sad. :'(
103: 2011-01-23: Although a milkshake may bring all the boys to the yard, not all the boys will get the milkshake. Them's just the sad facts of life!
104: 2011-01-06: Predictions for 2011: Many famous people will die—in fact 1-2% of the famous people out there! Mostly older ones. Many fans will be sad.
105: 2010-12-30: A sad passing: Kodachrome (the film but not the metaphor) My own Kodachrome moment:
106: 2010-12-27: There is nothing sadder than a suburban life dedicated to recycling.
107: 2010-12-12: Whenever a member of a legacy rock group gets a degree in astrophysics, it makes me sad. They had so much more impact with their music.
108: 2010-12-12: Classic paranoiacs: Ted Kaczynski, Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon, Hitler, Saddam, conspiracists, cult leaders, you, me.
109: 2010-12-11: Sadists and serial killers are seeking acknowledgment. Turns out, people will pay more attention to you if you're killing them.
110: 2010-12-09: "It's sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along." — That's existential regret!
111: 2010-12-08: One of the saddest experiences is when a fantastic opportunity comes your way but can't take it due to prior commitments.
112: 2010-11-28: It is sad to watch a friend descend into addiction and almost as sad to see them bury themselves in possessions and obligations.
113: 2010-11-27: Who is the best romantic partner? Sadly, it is someone just like you in personality. Only a clone can really know you.
114: 2010-11-06: The saddest fact of life is how much there is to do and how little we can actually do.
115: 2010-11-05: RT @HisHoliness: It is very wrong for people to feel deeply sad when they lose money, yet when they waste the precious moments of their ...
116: 2010-09-28: There is nothing sadder than a lifetime wasted on the maintenance and protection of one possessions.
117: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-13: Trying to be funny is a sad business. Better to be meaningful and let funny happen as it may.
118: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-20: It's sad when you squander your final days on Earth looking for life on other planets.
119: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-19: There's nothing as sad and tragic as a suburban life dedicated to recycling.
120: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-31: Sadly, the things that society appreciates you for (and is willing to pay you for) aren't usually the most important things to be doing.
121: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-28: The sadness of life is how much there is to do and how little of it we can actually do.
122: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-18: There is nothing sadder than a lifetime wasted in the maintenance and protection of one possessions.
123: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: Mistakes are a necessary part of learning. Unfortunately, some of those mistakes can kill you or suck up decades of your life. Sad lesson.
124: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-07: Best lyrics of the century (so far): "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad. If it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad?"
125: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-03: "Blessed are the pathologically greedy: for they shall inherit the earth." @bytErrant - Sad but true!
126: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-28: Sad travel fact: The dullest places have the nicest tourist information offices.
127: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-30: A sad fact about rural life: The brightest young people move to the city, leaving behind the dumbest. Then those suckers breed!
128: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-16: Those who manufacture comedy can be some of the saddest people on Earth.
129: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-14: Sadly, the concept of "nude" is usually more exciting in theory than in reality.
130: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: When aliens abduct hysterical women from their beds, they always bring them back - sadly.
131: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-10: Classic paranoiacs: Ted Kaczynski, Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon, Hitler, Saddam, conspiracists, cult leaders, you, me...
132: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-06: Some people know how to bake a good pie while others know how to serve it. Sadly, the servers usually get all the glory.
133: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-05: Sadists and serial killers are seeking acknowledgment. People WILL pay attention to you if you're killing them!
134: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-15: Famous sociopaths: Hitler, Saddam, Ted Bundy, Bernie Madoff. Many are in jail, but most are not. They live among us!
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