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1: 2018-12-24: Big Money is now threatened by Trump’s erratic actions. Now we will see how much political power Big Money really has. If they are truly powerful, calls will be made, and Trump will be removed.
2: 2018-11-24: Truth is not a popularity contest. It doesn’t matter what people believe or how many believe it. Reality will choose its own path.
3: 2018-08-10: The official theme song for my new anxiety-free life. "All of the bad feelings have disappeared." (For real!)
4: 2018-06-14: You meet someone who is lively, friendly and funny, then you realize they’re drunk and they don’t really see you at all.
5: 2018-06-04: My first visit to the "real" Africa. Less than 16 months ago but seems like ages.
6: 2018-04-17: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... and ends when you realize it’s way faster to fly.
7: 2018-02-28: RT @SethMacFarlane: Trump: “I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon."
8: 2018-02-01: RT @realDonaldTrump: The State Of The Union speech was one of the most boring, rambling and non-substantive I have heard in a long time. Ne…
9: 2017-12-08: You have just been talking with a narcissist if you walk out of the meeting realizing they haven’t ask you a single question. (5 Things Psychopaths and Narcissists Do in Conversation)
10: 2017-12-06: My company fired me for inappropriate conduct, then it hired me back, because I realized I can’t get along without me.
11: 2017-11-11: I have two mommies. One is my real mommy. The other is a supermodel my mommy picked out of a catalog.
12: 2017-08-11: North Korea better watch out! If they don't stop their nuclear program, our President is going to tweet at them REAL BAD.
13: 2017-07-24: The paradox of @realDonaldTrump: compulsive lies with child-like transparency. The whole world knows what concerns him by who he attacks.
14: 2017-07-18: Journalists visiting rural America to find out what Trump voters really think. The answer: not much.
15: 2017-06-30: This Twitter account automatically reformats Trump's tweets as official White House press releases: @RealPressSecBot
16: 2017-06-15: Does anybody know the time? Here in Ethiopia it can be really confusing. 8 AM on my iPhone is 2 o'clock to them.
17: 2017-05-11: Donald Trump eloquently explaining his positions to the public: "It's bad. So bad. It's sad how bad it is. I'll fix it. I'm really smart."
18: 2017-05-08: Stupid people re-think their vote for Trump. "He said he would be good," they say, "but he's really bad. It's sad. I'm mad."
19: 2017-04-25: "Happiness equals reality minus expectations."
20: 2017-04-21: I'd like to see Hollywood make a more realistic horror movie, like one where someone has too many bills AND NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY THEM!
21: 2017-04-06: All reality is virtual, but some realities hurt more than others.
22: 2017-03-24: With anyone you are pinning your hopes on, there's a risk you'll see them as you want them to be rather than as they really are.
23: 2017-03-11: I went on denying it and pretending it wasn't true. Then one day I stood up and announced who I really was. Turns out nobody gives a shit.
24: 2017-02-28: I was born male but I identify as not really identifying with anything. My body was just the luck of the draw.
25: 2017-02-22: Travel is the process of turning your exotic, idealized vision of a place into a routine and boring reality.
26: 2017-01-23: The real question Captain Kirk asked the evil robot to burn out all its logic circuits: "What do you expect from the Trump Administration?"
27: 2017-01-09: On My Bucket List: Become the subject of a tweet by @realDonaldTrump
28: 2016-12-13: Virtual reality breakthrough: 3-D 360° fully immersive experience. Powerful reward system. Smell, taste and touch included. Try Reality 1.0
29: 2016-12-12: "Nobody knows if gravity is real," says Trump. "It's just a theory."
30: 2016-12-01: A world of possibilities always ends in one reality which is never quite what the fantasies predicted.
31: 2016-11-27: All those bad things he said about everybody. All those hideous things he threatened to do. He didn't really mean it.
32: 2016-11-23: Don't ask someone "How are you?" unless you are prepared to hear the real answer.
33: 2016-11-23: There is a difference between tolerating dissent and providing the real estate for it.
34: 2016-11-14: 🎵 Oh the weather outside is frightful & the fire is so delightful & since there's really no place to go let's stay in and talk about Trump.
35: 2016-11-10: "Idiocracy and Natural Selection - The Real Reason Trump Won" - My 7-minute election explainer, filmed yesterday.
36: 2016-10-20: Trump Dictionary: massagyny — the belief that women should be really great at giving massages.
37: 2016-10-08: All reality is virtual, but does it matter? You have to work with the best reality you have.
38: 2016-09-11: You may think I joined Starfleet to explore strange new worlds, but I really just wanted to get off this stupid planet.
39: 2016-09-08: If you had a nice motorcycle you were really proud of, you wouldn't throw sand in the oil just to see what would happen. #drugs
40: 2016-06-24: RT @nypost: The #Brexit vote to leave may not really be that final or dramatic
41: 2016-05-25: RT @Peripatetia: Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia. A real photo I actually took myself, not a… https:…
42: 2016-05-18: Being the oldest person in the world may sound cool until you realize there's a younger competitor ready take your place in a few days.
43: 2016-04-24: Regret is the story of misspent resources, the retroactive realization you've squandered your limited capital on unproductive paths.
44: 2016-01-02: @Dunebat No, no, it really is that bad!
45: 2015-11-26: Experience distills all your fantasies and theories into one concrete reality.
46: 2015-11-26: Experience distills your fantasies into one concrete reality.
47: 2015-11-14: "Breaking news" consist mainly of experts telling news anchors: "We really don't know much right now."
48: 2015-11-11: Democracy is fine up to the point where you realize that most of the people voting are idiots.
49: 2015-11-03: My new video just released - Area 51 Weather Stations: What Are They Really For?
50: 2015-10-21: RT @Peripatetia: The real Hogwarts! The Great Hall at Christ Church College, Oxford University (today) @ Christ…
51: 2015-08-09: It is hard to think outside the box if you have already bought real estate inside.
52: 2015-07-25: didactic pizza — pizza that describes itself as pizza without having the foggiest idea what pizza really is.
53: 2015-07-14: Plankton is obsessed with obtaining the Crabby Patty formula, not realizing it's the fry cook who makes the Crabby Patty what it is.
54: 2015-05-28: I have no need for horror movies. Real life offers nightmares enough.
55: 2015-05-24: Before you rally against something, be sure you understand what you are going to replace it with and how it will work in real life.
56: 2015-05-24: Reality TV is like Schrödinger's cat: The act of broadcasting real life on television destroys it.
57: 2015-05-01: @ThatsWright It didn’t it didn’t really pass the anti-Bechdel test either (two males talking about something other than a woman).
58: 2015-04-22: RT @Peripatetia: Jamaica mystique > Jamaica reality
59: 2015-04-14: "One of the great ironies of filming reality TV is that, as fake as it is,some amazing real stuff happens to the crews filming it." @cracked
60: 2015-04-14: RT @cracked: 4 Lies Reality Shows Rely On (That Are Worse Than You Think) -
61: 2015-04-14: Nightmares are learning experiences, a chance to work out the potential crises of the real world without any real penalties.
62: 2015-04-07: "Rather than me forgiving your sins, I would really prefer you didn't sin to begin with." ~ God
63: 2015-04-04: Being wealthy allows you to indulge your self destructive delusions with less intrusions from reality.
64: 2015-03-21: Word of the Day: incontrovertible — full of shit. e.g. "I have incontrovertible evidence UFOs are real." = Someone saw a light in the sky.
65: 2015-03-17: New mental illness of the 21st Century: PDSD — Post Dramatic Stress Disorder, or the trauma induced by participating in a reality TV show.
66: 2015-03-04: RT @HLMenckenBot: College teachers are commonly second-raters, for a man who really knows a subject is seldom content to spend his lifetime…
67: 2015-02-23: When I look back on my youth, I realize how incredibly naïve I was back in my 30s and 40s.
68: 2015-02-20: My dream reality show: Put Bill O'Reilly, Alec Baldwin, Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen on an island and let them decide who the leader is.
69: 2015-02-19: People congratulate each other for having babies like it was some great accomplishment. Really, you just had sex and threw away caution.
70: 2015-01-08: The world, in spite of its rhetoric, does not really want quality. It seeks, in its actions, reliable and low-risk mediocrity.
71: 2015-01-04: RT @crston8: You’ll worry a lot less about what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they actually do
72: 2015-01-04: Reality crushes our delusions. That's its job!
73: 2014-12-12: RT @Peripatetia: Both the parrot and the peg leg are real! Pirates in Paradise Festival, Key West (Dec 2008) http://…
74: 2014-12-12: RT @motherboard: Travelers found a really strange planet—it's called Iceland:
75: 2014-12-07: Life seems more real when we have a witness: someone to see what we are doing and acknowledge it.
76: 2014-11-25: It is silly to criticize movies for being factually inaccurate. All fiction, by definition, is something that couldn't happen in real life.
77: 2014-11-22: To call humans "intelligent" is a form of racism. You've got some smart ones but also some real idiots. It is biased to lump them together.
78: 2014-11-21: Nursery rhyme fraud! Jack and Jill would never go up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Real wells are close to the water table, not on hills.
79: 2014-11-20: You really should start taking care of your body before you're almost dead anyway.
80: 2014-11-07: "Made with Real Cheese" is meaningless without a quantity. It could be homeopathic doses of Real Cheese.
81: 2014-11-04: "Too clever for your own good" is a real disease. It keeps you working on a project that really should fail.
82: 2014-11-04: “Turns out he wasn’t kidding. He really couldn’t remember last week’s puzzler.” @washingtonpost
83: 2014-10-21: RT @sbadsgood: Shocking Video Reveals Terrifying Reality Of Overconsumption -
84: 2014-10-20: North Korea on Instagram. It's impossible to tell whether this is the real thing or a parody account. You decide.
85: 2014-09-25: RT @Peripatetia: In a Czech supermarket. Not really sure which cheese is best for me.
86: 2014-09-08: Instant reading glasses. It really works! via @cracked
87: 2014-09-02: To see how many people are REALLY reading your tweets, visit Settings > Twitter Ads > Analytics on the desktop version of Twitter. Wow!
88: 2014-08-29: All online data takes up physical space on a storage device. That real estate costs money, and if you never delete data, the rent will grow.
89: 2014-08-27: Each generation invents its own perpetual motion machines, thinking it's the first, realizing too late that energy isn't really free.
90: 2014-08-24: Vines are the sociopaths of the plant kingdom. They move in quietly on the branches you created, smother you and steal your real estate.
91: 2014-08-21: Does development aid to poor countries really help? See @TheEconomist
92: 2014-08-15: RT @cracked: Skyfall: The abandoned city is real & really evil. 5 Mind-Blowing True Stories Behind Famous Movie Locations -…
93: 2014-08-14: Apple tech took my iPhone. Said 30 minutes to change the battery. I walked out into the mall then realized I HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG THAT IS!
94: 2014-08-13: Sadie has an existential meltdown realizing her baby brother might grow up and she will die at 100.
95: 2014-08-11: What people seem to really want from life is to be trapped, which is why they do it to themselves all the time.
96: 2014-08-04: When an ad tells you "9 out of 10 doctors surveyed" recommend something, you really want to talk to that 10th doctor.
97: 2014-07-24: RT @bybeautydamned: Promises are stories that we tell each other to make the future appear certain. They're not real. What we do right now …
98: 2014-07-05: 20 years ago today: Groom Lake Desert Rat #10: ~ First encounter with reality TV
99: 2014-06-28: Go ahead, blame the fire codes, we all know who the real culprit was: Mrs. O'Leary's cow.
100: 2014-06-24: "Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed" — Do thumbtacks really need this kind of warning?
101: 2014-06-22: Yogi, had he been a real bear, would have been put down long ago. In real life, being "smarter than your average bear" just gets you killed.
102: 2014-06-13: An atheist who gets married isn't really an atheist.
103: 2014-06-11: RT @MailOnline: The remains of real life 'Dracula,' Vlad the Impaler, may have been found in Italy
104: 2014-06-08: Columbus never really crossed the Atlantic. It was all faked on a soundstage in Lisbon.
105: 2014-06-02: When planning your post-apocalyptic road trip, realize that you'll have to do it without gasoline.
106: 2014-06-02: Art meets reality, Bergen, Norway (April 9)
107: 2014-06-01: RT @TIME: Teleportation is real, and here's why it matters
108: 2014-05-28: Although mass shootings and random violence make the news, they are not a reflection of the real risks you face in the world.
109: 2014-05-27: To get any respect from the English Literature Department, you really need to be dead.
110: 2014-05-26: Man is so obese he can’t leave his room. The question then: Who is feeding him? Isn’t that person the real problem? Re: @nypost
111: 2014-05-13: Does any city really want Alec Baldwin? LA? Chicago? He's just lucky that New York City will take him. Re: @PageSix
112: 2014-05-11: Don't really know why you need a lighthouse at 6700 feet. To warn the airships I guess. @BadDalaiLama
113: 2014-05-04: This woman in the Marienplatz in Munich attracted my camera. Then I realized she was an actress in a…
114: 2014-05-04: A freaky information booth at the Munich airport. You press a button on the console and talk to a real
115: 2014-05-03: RT @WSJ: Are butter, cheese and steak really bad for you? The dubious science behind the anti-fat crusade:
116: 2014-04-30: Every country has its conservatives, demanding a return to traditional values that never really existed while invoking God in their support.
117: 2014-04-19: There really is no reason to come to Liechtenstein except to get your passport stamped and take a…
118: 2014-04-03: We must stop judging people on their race, age, gender and orientation and focus on what really matters: whether or not they're an idiot.
119: 2014-03-30: Are you a romantic or a realist? See @PsychologyTip
120: 2014-03-25: Proposed events for 2018 Winter Games: solo and team selfies, freestyle Xbox, speed texting, viral tweeting, reality TV attention grabbing.
121: 2014-03-14: Narcissistic self-pity = "Woe is me! There's no point in trying because the world is against me." Reality: The world doesn't care that much.
122: 2014-03-08: Addiction is waking up in a moment of clarity, realizing how badly you have screwed up your life, then going back to drugs in despair.
123: 2014-03-03: @bybeautydamned Furthermore, they can vote, and there are more of them than there are of us. #reallyscared
124: 2014-03-02: RT @DolbyLama: Warm-heartedness gives rise to the self-confidence and inner strength that makes bitches really hot for you.
125: 2014-02-21: Not beautiful. Scary. They're all like, "Okay, now I'm really in trouble!"
126: 2014-02-16: It was God's will. ==> Snake-handling reality show preacher dies from snakebite via @TIME
127: 2014-02-07: The greatest moment in education is realizing, "I could have learned this on my own!"
128: 2014-01-31: Does it really make you happy, or did it used to make you happy and now you have no choice?
129: 2014-01-31: The feel-good ad for that product really makes me feel good—but not inclined to buy the product.
130: 2014-01-28: The dream is always perfect. Only reality is flawed.
131: 2014-01-27: Showing off for the lady, but she's really not interested.
132: 2014-01-26: Someday I'll be a real man—follow sports, learn to fish, kill things in a manly way. For now, I can only dream.
133: 2014-01-19: In seemingly normal suburbia, a hidden terror lurks. An all-too-real horror movie that could happen to YOU... The House That Ate Its Owner
134: 2014-01-15: Advice of the Ages: Proms are something you will look back on and say, "That was really stupid. Why did I even go?"
135: 2014-01-11: @GottaGo Actually, I think there's a transition point where you really need to be holding two rungs. Good policy to avoid falling.
136: 2014-01-06: Bigfoot FOR REAL this time, but no one believes the Boy Who Cried Wolf.
137: 2013-12-25: Christmas in Bethlehem (the real one) 2010
138: 2013-12-25: The main effect on me of this claim is I really want to hear what that 10th doctor has to say.
139: 2013-12-24: Time and again, reality disproves Occam's razor. Truth is not necessarily simple but the product of negotiation with the rest of the world.
140: 2013-12-22: Sex trafficking is a really big problem in this Philadelphia suburb, but you can improve things through dining.
141: 2013-12-15: RT @trippteee: You only realise your own stupid decisions when you see someone make the same mistakes as you
142: 2013-12-14: I would never lie. I merely Photoshop reality.
143: 2013-12-11: Most of the supposedly joyous moments in people's lives are really steps in their imprisonment.
144: 2013-12-10: reality tv ∉ reality
145: 2013-12-10: I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus—in a Christmas-themed porn video you really don't want to see.
146: 2013-12-07: Lesson from Kubrick: Reshoot every major scene in your life 127 times until you really are that psycho you are supposed be portraying.
147: 2013-12-05: Fantasy collides with reality. Chaos and hilarity ensue.
148: 2013-11-30: RT @TheBosha: If you or I didn't find Bigfoot, ghosts or aliens as often as these reality shows don't find Bigfoot, ghosts or aliens we'd l…
149: 2013-11-27: Airfare Tip: Make liberal use of 24-hour free cancellation. If you see a great airfare, buy it, then decide if you really want it.
150: 2013-11-24: I will be staying here soon. I'm really excited!
151: 2013-11-23: "Defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological strategies to manipulate deny or distort reality to avoid anxiety."
152: 2013-11-19: News Flash: "Reality" TV may not be real. via @latimes
153: 2013-11-15: "The map is not the territory." People confuse models with the real objects they represent. via @h0mfr0g
154: 2013-11-14: Went fishing today over Paris and caught this fine specimen. (For real!)
155: 2013-10-17: Parents explaining to their children how they met and fell in love: a mythical Genesis story bearing little relation to reality.
156: 2013-10-14: The REAL story of Christopher Columbus:
157: 2013-10-08: Don't tell someone "Maybe" when you really mean "No."
158: 2013-10-06: Your secret wishes fulfilled—but are you really ready?
159: 2013-10-06: The real Sherlock Holmes: I can see from the mud on your shoes that you need new shoes.
160: 2013-09-30: If reality could talk, it would say: “You have to play by my rules or I’m going to smack you!” ...
161: 2013-09-30: "What is Reality?" - sample chapter from The Meaning of Life, my book under construction.
162: 2013-09-29: The simplest fact of life is often the hardest to accept: Reality won’t adapt to us; we have to adapt to it.
163: 2013-09-25: RT @MrVinayPatil: growing up is realizing that every single one of your problems is caused by you being a fucking idiot
164: 2013-09-24: A jerk in real life is usually a jerk online too. Their bits and bytes just cry out, "Jerk!"
165: 2013-09-21: The hazard of good intentions: You think you're doing someone a favor, but you're really just giving them a gun to shoot themselves with.
166: 2013-09-08: If you had a nice motorcycle you were really proud of, you wouldn't throw sand in the oil just to see what would happen.
167: 2013-09-07: Before your "come out" about your secret life, ask yourself, "Does anybody really need to know?"
168: 2013-08-31: Burning Man: Exhausting mainly. Too overwhelming to really be "fun".
169: 2013-08-23: Big John really ain't all that big on the Bonneville Salt Flats (yesterday)
170: 2013-08-19: The real Bethlehem on Christmas – my photos:
171: 2013-08-18: "What is Reality? - sample chapter from The Meaning of Life (my book under construction)
172: 2013-08-15: In the arts, "style" is a shortcut you use to avoid having to do any real work.
173: 2013-08-13: @katebolick Good question, wrong answer! The real answer has to do with the cost of mutual aid.
174: 2013-08-13: If reality could talk, it would say: “You have to play by my rules, or I’m going to smack you."
175: 2013-08-12: The fetid earth of Elysium is real ==> This ballooning refugee camp is now Jordan's fourth biggest city
176: 2013-08-12: Sooner or later, we have to lose our innocence and start accepting reality for what it is, not what we want it to be.
177: 2013-08-12: The simplest fact of life is often the hardest to accept: Reality won’t adapt to us; we have to adapt to it.
178: 2013-08-11: The children of Elysium are the unexpected victims, detached from reality and unable to function anywhere else.
179: 2013-08-05: On My Bucket List: Learn to golf, because I really have nothing better to do in my remaining days on Earth.
180: 2013-08-04: RT @nytimes: This latest Hollywood blockbuster vows that it's different, and you'll like it. Really.
181: 2013-08-02: One benefit of maturity is not worrying about the petty embarrassments that obsessed you in youth. You now know what real catastrophe is.
182: 2013-07-29: Kant's Dilemma: Almost no action is possible in the real world if you apply it as a universal principle.
183: 2013-07-27: RT @MailOnline: REVEALED: The REAL killer doctor who inspired cannibal Hannibal Lecter
184: 2013-07-26: UFOs and psychic phenomena may indeed be real, but that does not mean pursuing them is the best use of your limited time on Earth.
185: 2013-07-18: How to delete tourists from your travel photos in Photoshop — really useful! (via @sheephogan)
186: 2013-07-11: Storytelling 101: The situation may be absurd, but the actions of the characters must be consistent with what they would really do.
187: 2013-07-04: The main existential challenge of life is the transition from protected childhood to the indifferent real world.
188: 2013-06-27: DISCLAIMER: My photos are usually *better* than real life thanks to selective vision and liberal Photoshopping.
189: 2013-06-25: This is not a real museum, even if it looks like one. @ Havre De Grace Decoy Museum
190: 2013-06-24: @laurenahayes Funny, but hard to tell whether it is real or fake. Drunk *and* dressed in red.
191: 2013-06-16: A feed of real-time news blurbs on Turkish protests. (Reliability is unknown.)
192: 2013-06-15: To emphasize: I am not placing myself in any risk. Holed up in the hostel now. The main weapon is teargas. No real bullets. @BadDalaiLama
193: 2013-06-05: My favorite place to stay in New York, even if I could afford a real hotel. (@ New York Loft Hostel) [pic]:
194: 2013-06-04: If you don't have "Verified" on your Twitter or Facebook account, how do you know you're a real person?
195: 2013-06-03: The secret of great photography is to ignore reality and see only what is in the viewfinder.
196: 2013-06-01: No loner really walks alone. There’s always conversation with others going on inside him.
197: 2013-05-30: I'm a white bread man. Nothing tops that pure, wholesome, gluteny goodness—except real butter!
198: 2013-05-30: The little packet said "DONUT EAT!" so I ate it. Now I realize my error.
199: 2013-05-24: Is it really worth living to 114 if all you're do is watch Wheel of Fortune?
200: 2013-05-22: RT @BrianCrouch: Can this be right? Does it really cost 2 cents to make a penny, and ten cents to produce a nickel?
201: 2013-05-22: The artist lies to you by showing you a restricted and distorted version of reality. Sometimes this is the best way to tell the truth.
202: 2013-05-19: Real estate is stupid.
203: 2013-05-16: RT @DostoevskyDaily: "Is it really not possible to touch the gaming table without being instantly infected by superstition?" ~ Dostoevsky, …
204: 2013-05-14: "The King of Queens" was a popular television sitcom airing between 1998 and 2007, but only now did I realize there's a pun in the name.
205: 2013-05-10: "The Nature of Reality" - my new book chapter in The Meaning of Life, completed today.
206: 2013-05-08: @BadDalaiLama I really like this composition. One of my best!
207: 2013-05-07: The job of reality is to crush delusion.
208: 2013-05-07: The Achilles' heel of every superhero, real or fictional, is to spend his superpowers to their limit until they do not work anymore.
209: 2013-05-01: Isn't a prom really just a practice wedding?
210: 2013-04-26: Facebook has given us a new class of relationships: "Friends I don't really like."
211: 2013-04-26: On My Bucket List: Explore the limits of oversharing on the Internet, telling people far more about me than they really want to know.
212: 2013-04-25: There are plenty of dumb people doing dumb things with their lives, but the real tragedy is smart people doing dumb things.
213: 2013-04-23: Movies are dreams made real. To understand their flow, study the internal rules of dreaming.
214: 2013-04-21: "A truthful and realistic look at marriage." Another five-star review of our book on Amazon
215: 2013-04-10: One should avoid Near Death Experiences because some of them turn into Real Death Experiences.
216: 2013-04-09: @BadDalaiLama Except that I really like #freshandeasy. Cool store. A shame it doesn't make money.
217: 2013-04-07: If you claim to have "zero interest" in something, doesn't it really mean less than zero?
218: 2013-04-05: Sometimes when a feed goes silent you really feel something. Gonna miss @ebertchicago
219: 2013-04-03: RT @MarketWatch: There really is a strong argument that China is in for a downturn. But the bubble refuses to burst
220: 2013-03-27: Reality is the best available video game.
221: 2013-03-25: An authentic taste of the real Africa. (@ Kalahari Indoor Waterpark w/ 3 others) [pic]:
222: 2013-03-22: When people ask, “What is the meaning of life?” what they really want to know is, “Who am I, and where should I be heading?”
223: 2013-03-19: The mistake people make when looking for meaning is they try to find it “out there” in the universe at large, when it is really inside them.
224: 2013-03-01: And they all lived happily never after. (How most fairytales end in real life.)
225: 2013-02-27: The real culprit in the horsemeat scandal: DNA testing! I mean, what right do these people have telling us what's in our Mystery Meat?
226: 2013-02-26: The eventual cure for delusion is a hard smackdown by reality.
227: 2013-02-26: Typical fantasy football score: Fantasy 53, Reality 0.
228: 2013-02-23: Thinking you know what you need is different than having experience and knowing what really works.
229: 2013-02-23: The L.A. transit system is really quite easy. First step: Don't panic.
230: 2013-02-22: @lawnrocket Ay Chihuahua! So many stages! Stage 4: Who are these "people" you speak of? Will they ever understand? Do you really need them?
231: 2013-02-21: @HumanBeam Meh! The photos are usually better than what you see in real life. (I know cuz I take the photos.)
232: 2013-02-20: "Superhero Fantasy Meets Reality" - sample chapter of a book under construction
233: 2013-02-19: TV series pitch: "Reality Court" — Judge Judy-type show where reality show producers are tried for liberties taken with real reality.
234: 2013-02-13: Who needs The Onion when you have @_FloridaMan and it's all real?
235: 2013-02-09: Sometimes the sky really is falling, in which case Henny Penny would be best advised to short-sell the market rather than telling everyone.
236: 2013-02-09: RT @Avestriel: It might look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm really quite busy.
237: 2013-02-08: Nightmares are when visions of reality creep into your brain. No one likes that.
238: 2013-02-07: Who killed Laura Palmer? 20+ years later, here is the real Twin Peaks (my photos from 2009)
239: 2013-01-30: When rental car companies refuse to rent to people under 25, it tells you something about the real boundaries of childhood.
240: 2013-01-29: RT @MailOnline: Tweetping: Map tracks each of the world's Twitter posts in realtime
241: 2013-01-28: Vine is kind of intriguing because it is very restrictive: only 6 seconds of video. Watch new posts in real time here:
242: 2013-01-27: Success is not real if it commits you to repeating the same success in the future.
243: 2013-01-27: Dreams can give you useful connections but they can't give you more real-world data than you already have.
244: 2013-01-27: @DalyaElMaghraby Really? You leaving now?
245: 2013-01-24: Q: If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to see, does it really fall? A: It does not fall in a meaningful way.
246: 2013-01-23: Law is an idealistic theory that must be fine-tuned for the real world by conscientious evasion and discreet disobedience.
247: 2013-01-22: What we often take for symbiosis is really just parasite and host, and vice versa.
248: 2013-01-20: In real life, as in the movies, the hero and villain are evenly matched because if they weren't there wouldn't be a conflict.
249: 2013-01-20: True acting is putting yourself in a position where when you smile you are really feeling it.
250: 2013-01-20: There is a difference between laughing and pretending to laugh, a real smile and a fake one, and your audience knows it.
251: 2013-01-19: Episcopalians are my people! No confessionals or loud declarations of faith. Just keep it real and avoid asking too many questions.
252: 2013-01-19: Augmented reality. When real reality just isn't enough.
253: 2013-01-18: Breaking bad, really really bad ==> Cross-dressing meth priest liked sex in rectory
254: 2013-01-18: Latitude is really weird. As soon as you get north of Georgia, you don't even need air conditioning!
255: 2013-01-18: There are two ways you can respond to your problems: the way your past has programmed you or the way that really works.
256: 2013-01-17: You will get ahead in life only when you make the hard choice to jettison things you are emotionally attached to but don't really need.
257: 2013-01-16: A delusion is a belief that serves an emotional purpose in the believer but does not match the data provided by reality. @BadDalaiLama
258: 2013-01-15: It takes a while to see our parents for who they really are: not gods but kids like us who got in over their heads.
259: 2013-01-14: Insight is grasping the real reasons for your own behavior,
260: 2013-01-14: The way the world keeps interrupting my Zen really pisses me off.
261: 2013-01-14: It can be hard to separate love from paranoia. Does someone really care about you the way you think they do, or is it all in your mind?
262: 2013-01-10: RT @KilroyCafe: World's most powerful metaphor: Do you take the red pill and see things as they really are or the blue pill and go back ...
263: 2013-01-09: Drugs are for amateurs. Reality is for pros. (cc @HumanBeam)
264: 2013-01-09: In the Amazing World of Tomorrow, everyone will be the star of their own embarrassing reality TV show, broadcast on social media.
265: 2013-01-08: RT @HLMenckenBot: College teachers are commonly second-raters, for a man who really knows a subject is seldom content to spend his lifet ...
266: 2013-01-07: The Dunning–Kruger effect - Why stupid people don't realize they're stupid.
267: 2013-01-03: RT @KilroyCafe: You never know what a person is really like until after the honeymoon.
268: 2013-01-02: In retrospect the legacy of the Bush Administration is a mixed bag. Some policies sucked and some of them REALLY sucked. Re @washingtonpost
269: 2013-01-01: Is there really such a thing as a "cruelty-free product"?
270: 2013-01-01: When you see someone talking to their clipboard, smiling and blowing kisses to it, you realize, "The future is here!"
271: 2012-12-29: It is not "real" flying unless it's (a) a transoceanic flight of 9 hours or more or (b) a plane with propellers.
272: 2012-12-29: Don't be a victim of your own cleverness—finding ingenious ways to sustain a relationship that really should end.
273: 2012-12-24: Christmas in Bethlehem — the REAL one! Photos & videos from 2010.
274: 2012-12-24: Babe in a manger. Christians thrown to the lions. Once you see these places and know the real history, you can't retain the same mythology.
275: 2012-12-24: The real Bethlehem at Christmas: no snow, no chill in the air. Thin people in Santa suits. American-style Christmas decorations.
276: 2012-12-24: Xmas Fact: While St. Nicholas was real, the Santa Claus we know was created in the early 20th Century by Coca-Cola.
277: 2012-12-23: The higher the academic degree, the longer one has been sequestered from the real world.
278: 2012-12-21: RT @KilroyCafe: Life is full of "Duh!" moments when you realize, "Things would have been so much easier had I only known that before!"
279: 2012-12-21: First you have a theory about what to do, then you hold negotiations with reality to determine what you actually do.
280: 2012-12-18: Is it really news, or is it disaster porn?
281: 2012-12-16: Lord of the Rings felt completely real to me. The Hobbit felt artificial. Maybe it's not The Hobbit's fault, maybe just my own evolution.
282: 2012-12-12: Really excited about 12:12:12 on 12/12/12! This hasn't happened since... last year and the year before that and the year before that and...
283: 2012-12-12: To pay for a vital tool I really use (and keep them off my ass) I donate $10/month to Wikipedia. You? #keepitfree
284: 2012-12-12: If one fat person marries another, they'll both get REALLY fat. Same with any other mutual defect.
285: 2012-12-10: Improbable chase scenes seem real because that's how we position the villain in our own nightmares: within reach but giving us space to run.
286: 2012-12-09: The main thing people are hiding when they jealously guard their privacy is just how boring their lives really are. @KilroyCafe
287: 2012-12-09: @MinnieGupta OMG! For real?!?!
288: 2012-12-09: Teleportation is real! With practice, you can jump instantly across space and time. My 2011 video shows you how:
289: 2012-12-04: "If a dead bear can realize his dreams, so can you."
290: 2012-12-04: The cat-human deal: We shelter them; they catch mice. The reality: We feed them; mice do what they want. Where did this marriage go wrong?
291: 2012-11-30: RT @KilroyCafe: You have matured in social media when you accept an essential truth: No one really wants to know what you are doing. The ...
292: 2012-11-23: Material success in youth is usually tinged with the fear that you are really a fake, that you didn't really earn it.
293: 2012-11-17: Almost every human behavior is a covert operation. Our real motivation for doing it is different than the cover story we give to others.
294: 2012-11-16: RT @lawnrocket: For those of you still waiting to see Skyfall - the REAL theme song for Quantum of Solace
295: 2012-11-15: RT @KilroyCafe: Kant really should be spelled "Can't" because if you followed his rules nothing would get done.
296: 2012-11-12: Youth is a story of nice-sounding self-centered theories zealously applied to the real world without regard to consequences.
297: 2012-11-11: Is "Bond Girl" really a good career move? After the movie, do those chicks fare any better than the villain's disposable henchmen?
298: 2012-11-11: Receiving an email from Nigeria offering $1 million, the narcissist is predisposed to believe it, while rejecting more realistic offers.
299: 2012-11-07: RT @KilroyCafe: A raised voice is sometimes useful to get things done, but real anger almost always makes matters worse.
300: 2012-11-07: Whenever I see "Hand Cooked Potato Chips", I think "Wow, dipping them in hot oil must be really painful!" (Probably Chinese labor.)
301: 2012-11-07: Regardless of the results of the election, now is the time for all of us to pull together—to ridicule @realDonaldTrump
302: 2012-11-05: @lawnrocket Keep it real, Lawnie. There are better things to do with the time (and more useful languages).
303: 2012-11-04: RT @TelegraphWorld: The Real Mitt Romney - smart, ruthless, brilliant and always focused on becoming president
304: 2012-11-04: "Discrimination!" is a convenient complaint to help you avoid a harder reality: You're just not good enough.
305: 2012-11-02: RT @KilroyCafe: The real measure of wealth is not how much money you make but the freedom you have left after expenses.
306: 2012-10-30: Somebody needs to check the reality-show celebrity streams to see how many "thoughts and prayers" are going out tonight.
307: 2012-10-28: If you have an iPhone, today is the day to download the free NOAA Hi-Def Radar App. Watch the storm in real time!
308: 2012-10-27: It was hard enough choosing between Franken Berry and Count Chocula, then they came out with Boo Berry and life got really complicated.
309: 2012-10-25: Khrushchev barred from Disneyland: What was the REAL reason? Only the Mouse knows!
310: 2012-10-24: Suburban Liberalism: loads of compassion and good intentions but completely detached from real-world economics.
311: 2012-10-23: If you have ever been a BS, you know this can't be real. Boy Scouts come in Troops. Cub Scouts come in Packs!
312: 2012-10-23: "The Matrix Revealed" - my 2007 philosophy essay The Matrix is real and we're in it!
313: 2012-10-06: This is for real, not Disney. (@ Quidi Vidi Village) [pic]:
314: 2012-10-03: My Super Spam Attractor caught these 3 fake followers, promoting plastic surgery but buried in real-looking accounts.
315: 2012-10-03: Exercise and nutrition have little effect on weight loss. All that really matters is the calories consumed.
316: 2012-10-02: When Eskimos sit around and chew the fat, it's not really clear what they are doing.
317: 2012-10-02: Iceberg real estate is among the cheapest in the world. You could have your own if you wanted it.
318: 2012-10-02: Surfing on an iceberg is really quite dangerous, especially in the tropics.
319: 2012-09-29: Is a product really "green" when it costs twice as much? You could do a lot of other worthy things with that money. #imlookingatyouprius
320: 2012-09-29: The real tragedy of The Master is what it could have been—the L. Ron Hubbard story. The reality: pointless scenes strung together.
321: 2012-09-28: If someone is selling an historic bridge to you stone by stone, they probably need the money for drugs. Also: They don't really own it.
322: 2012-09-25: The Green Eggs And Ham Principle: You can't really know 'til you honestly try.
323: 2012-09-23: Americans get all excited about going "camping," not realizing most of the world population lives like this 365 days a year. #withoutREI!
324: 2012-09-20: Youthful self-confidence is usually fake. You don't really know who you are or what you want but pretend that you do.
325: 2012-09-20: Real self-confidence is thoroughly understanding yourself and your environment. You don't have to fake anything.
326: 2012-09-19: Delivering the sacrificial lambs to be slaughtered upon the alter of Television. #realityshowcasting
327: 2012-09-17: The fantasy of love—two superheroes joining forces—is rarely the reality.
328: 2012-09-11: My auto-biography for the Turkish edition of my work. Is this real or a bizarre dream?
329: 2012-09-11: RT @HLMenckenBot: A man full of faith is one who has lost (or never had) the capacity for clear, realistic thought. He is not a mere ass ...
330: 2012-09-08: Essential human truth: People want predictions but don't really care if they are accurate.
331: 2012-09-08: If you feed the hungry without curbing population growth, have you really saved anyone?
332: 2012-09-07: Photographic reality and "real" reality are completely different. Don't expect photos to tell you what it was like to be there.
333: 2012-09-04: They spoke to each other in code, which protected them from really having to deal with each other.
334: 2012-08-31: A List of Stupid Things I've Done keeps you humble, but the real problem is your List of Stupid Things I'm Currently Doing.
335: 2012-08-25: The meaning of your life derives from "proactive hedonism"—planning ahead for the complex sensations that really make you happy over time.
336: 2012-08-25: Staring up at the night sky and all those billions and billions of stars and realizing I just don't give a shit.
337: 2012-08-25: If you're not shivering, you're not really cold.
338: 2012-08-23: The fantasy of parenthood is you'll have things under control. The reality is you're in way over your head.
339: 2012-08-17: In the 21st Century, real food raised on farms will be replaced by synthetic food made in laboratories by giant corporations.
340: 2012-08-11: When a food product claims to be "made with REAL CHEESE" there's a word to describe the actual cheese content: homeopathy.
341: 2012-08-10: RT @KilroyCafe: The main thing people are hiding when they jealously guard their privacy is just how boring their lives really are.
342: 2012-08-06: RT @navanax: Depression is a sure sign that you grasp the realities of this world.
343: 2012-08-06: You really have to be dead to get any respect on this planet.
344: 2012-08-05: "Our House" by Crosby, Stills & Nash — An insidious little piece of pro-real estate propaganda, spawning countless unsupportable mortgages.
345: 2012-08-05: RT @KilroyCafe: The law doesn't really solve problems, merely redistributes them. Only human judgment, rooted in the moment, can solve p ...
346: 2012-07-29: RT @Fuliginosus: @BadDalaiLama It works both ways. The person who manages an organization may be clueless about the fundamental realitie ...
347: 2012-07-27: @MinnieGupta Fake Minnie must want you to create a Real Minnie page. Otherwise, she'll win!
348: 2012-07-23: Every new idea carries a hidden cost. You can't fully grasp what that burden will be until you test the idea in the real world.
349: 2012-07-22: I can really only eat about 25 cents worth of a $2 watermelon (even flavored with diesel fuel).
350: 2012-07-22: Free will may be an illusion, but as long as it seems real, you might as well use it.
351: 2012-07-21: No exercise of principle is possible without concession to actual conditions and real reactions.
352: 2012-07-20: RT @jonathan_katz: I would like to live in the 1870's as long as I could have my iPhone4s and really good cell service.
353: 2012-07-19: This museum really "drills home" the fact we're running out of oil. (@ Permian Basin Petroleum Museum) [pic]:
354: 2012-07-17: RT @KilroyCafe: Failed romances are one of life's great classrooms. You learn how people really work and how fantasy differs from fact.
355: 2012-07-17: On My Bucket List: Share intimate details of my personal life with dozens of strangers who don't really care.
356: 2012-07-16: "I really need a baby to make my life whole." — Not the purest of motivations, but it got you here didn't it?
357: 2012-07-13: The early Tarzan movies realistically portray life in the jungle, with vines you can swing on and a chimp who won't eat your face off.
358: 2012-07-13: Reality sets in ==> Digg is sold for $500,000—after turning down an offer from Google for $200million 4 years ago
359: 2012-07-12: The reality doesn't quite match the satellite image, but this will do for the night. Morning swim?
360: 2012-07-08: The flaw of every character—real or fictional—is his pattern of past behavior. To become a hero, he has to change it.
361: 2012-07-06: The real psychos are people who can't process shame or acknowledge error, who must project their own flaws onto others. Watch out!
362: 2012-07-06: Any sentimentality you may have for "the common man" fades quickly when you realize most of these folks are idiots.
363: 2012-07-05: Einstein seemed like a really nice guy, but he gave us Hiroshima and Nagasaki and is helping Iran build bombs today.
364: 2012-07-02: Given the fig's relationship with the wasp that pollinates it, you're really eating Fig And Wasp Newtons. #ewwwww!
365: 2012-06-30: RT @Erekosse: "Comprar un producto que pretende solucionar tus problemas suele ser una distracción para no cambiar realmente tu vida" @B ...
366: 2012-06-30: Orange County — Of all the cultures I've visited in the past 3 weeks, this is the most insane. Suburbia totally cut off from the real world.
367: 2012-06-26: RT @piratehook3r @kneedull you know you never really hear about dinosaur sex <== Must have happened, but how?
368: 2012-06-26: RT @KilroyCafe: If you're gonna sell shit, it has to be new shit, not old shit. No one wants old shit, unless it's really, really old hi ...
369: 2012-06-18: I'm not ashamed of my race, but historically my people rarely see the sun. Exposed to it nonstop, we White folk prune up real fast.
370: 2012-06-17: People don't really want the best for themselves. They want what doesn't upset their system.
371: 2012-06-17: For the record, I may visit places that sound dangerous, but I never visit real war zones or take chances with my safety.
372: 2012-06-14: One real effect of Greece's crisis: ALL international train service out of Thessaloniki has been suspended. Kinda trapped here!
373: 2012-06-14: RT @KilroyCafe: academia—n. a community of educated people united by their lack of experience in the real world.
374: 2012-06-14: A "drug" is defined not by its chemical composition but by the way you abuse it to avoid any real change in your life.
375: 2012-06-13: You can concoct a justification for any hobby. The real question, though, is whether this is the best thing you can do with your life.
376: 2012-06-08: The internet can give you the rules. Only real life can teach you how the rules are applied.
377: 2012-06-08: The premise of many a Hitchcockian thriller—and countless real-life ones—is how your partner changes after you are married.
378: 2012-06-08: Real self-confidence is different than a theatrical show of self-confidence, which usually makes you look like a jerk.
379: 2012-06-08: Social media will falter when more people realize the awful truth: "Hey, no one is looking at my page!"
380: 2012-06-06: The tragedy of paranoia is that responding to imaginary threats and enemies creates real threats and enemies.
381: 2012-06-06: Narcissists are more often the victims of cons than perpetrators. They think the Nigerian scammer really want to give them USD 3,750,000.
382: 2012-06-06: Shades of things to come? My first McDonald's ad on Twitter. (It's kind of reassuring really.)
383: 2012-06-06: You don't really know someone until you see how they treat you when they know you can't escape.
384: 2012-06-05: Any "therapy" prescribed by an individual for himself is usually just an excuse to avoid any real change.
385: 2012-06-04: If someone is willing to pay $20 for a $5 chicken, thinking it can fly, you can't really blame the chicken. (a Facebook parable)
386: 2012-06-02: When seduced by dreams of unlimited success and perfect love, you miss the real opportunities right in front of you.
387: 2012-06-02: Fame is poisonous if you don't respect the audience or the accomplishments you are famous for aren't really your own.
388: 2012-06-01: I don't own a television, but this magazine makes me realize what I'm missing.
389: 2012-06-01: Twitter narcissism: Does this person tweet like a reality star, with useless details of their life, or do they curate useful content?
390: 2012-05-30: RT @ShitYoungPplSay: The real problem is gender stereotypes perpetuated by the mainstream media.
391: 2012-05-28: Simply giving to the needy is not necessarily effective charity. The real question is what the long-term effects will be.
392: 2012-05-28: If you're wasting away again in Margaritaville because it's your own damn fault, then you haven't really learned anything.
393: 2012-05-28: "Insight" is when you realize how you have been lying to yourself.
394: 2012-05-28: People always have explanations for their own behavior, those are not usually the real reasons.
395: 2012-05-26: You're not really respected unless you're still respected after you leave the room.
396: 2012-05-26: It takes a committed relationship with a caring partner to make you realize how boring and irrelevant sex can be.
397: 2012-05-25: RT @LIFECOACHERS: Always be willing to find the ray of sunshine on a cloudy day because people really hate it when you do that.
398: 2012-05-24: The cows of Chick-fil-A are real! (@ Chick-fil-A) [pic]:
399: 2012-05-24: Most realistic crime show ever: "Jerk Detective". Cop is brilliant at solving crimes but his ego alienates everyone. New partner every week.
400: 2012-05-22: Some places of your youth you can come back to years later and nothing has changed. So sad. Those people must really like repetition.
401: 2012-05-22: RT @KilroyCafe: What we often take for symbiosis is really just parasite and host.
402: 2012-05-21: Today is the day Facebook starts trading for real, not propped up by its investment banks.
403: 2012-05-16: Alimony. (Yes, that's her real name!)
404: 2012-05-16: Inaccessible romantic partners are the most attractive because you don't have reality messing up the fantasy.
405: 2012-05-12: Social Work 101: What seems like a dysfunctional relationship to you may be, for these people, the best option realistically possible.
406: 2012-05-10: Real prosperity is different than bubble prosperity, which lasts only a few years and is funded by liens on the future.
407: 2012-05-09: Discrimination can be real, but it can also be a convenient excuse for your own failings. ("They fired me because I'm _____.")
408: 2012-05-09: Economic realities can be brutal and unfair, but there is a limit to how much protection government can provide without succumbing itself.
409: 2012-05-08: When a corporation says, "Help us save the environment," they really mean, "Help us save money so we can make more profit."
410: 2012-05-07: When an American says, "How are you?" the only proper response is, "Good, thanks!" No one really wants to hear your problems.
411: 2012-05-07: I'm a real "supper star".
412: 2012-05-07: People use "cover stories" to hide the real reasons for their behavior. These stories sound plausible but were invented after the fact.
413: 2012-05-07: "Insight" is grasping the real reasons for your own behavior, which are usually different than the reasons you initially claim.
414: 2012-05-07: There's nothing more dangerous than good intentions untested by reality.
415: 2012-05-06: .@piratehook3r In the end "expanding consciousness" isn't important. What matters is how accurately you perceive and process the real world.
416: 2012-05-06: Ideally we should realize what a jerk we have been before we burn all our bridges. Alas, burning our bridges is usually part of the process.
417: 2012-05-06: Gravity is only a theory until you go out and test it, at which point it becomes a solid and potentially painful reality.
418: 2012-05-06: Reality can be anything you want as long as you sit at home and don't test it.
419: 2012-05-06: After an extended period of furious bailing, you may finally realize that you must let the ship sink.
420: 2012-05-05: "Transgender woman killed in possible hate crime" <== Doesn't "killed" imply hate? Does it really matter what kind of hate it was?
421: 2012-05-05: News media have to fill their channel every day, so when there's no news they take non-news and pretend it's real news, and people buy it.
422: 2012-05-04: Whatever reality is, it has a structure all its own, independent of our wishes. We must adapt to reality because it won't adapt to us.
423: 2012-05-03: Telling the truth has little maintenance cost because you know it will always mesh with reality.
424: 2012-05-03: The hard part of lying is keeping you story straight, maintaining the edges of it so it doesn't clash with known reality.
425: 2012-05-03: RT @LucianaGdeleon: @BadDalaiLama you must be really popular among the ladies...
426: 2012-05-03: What women really want.
427: 2012-05-02: The world is full of endless time-consuming hobbies, but most of them look frivolous when you realize how precious your time really is.
428: 2012-05-02: Someone in their 20s can have some fantastic skills, but balance real-world wisdom isn't in their portfolio yet. #Zuckerberg
429: 2012-05-02: RT @bprabawabr: @BadDalaiLama u realize the difference between bugsie and a psychopath is the 'his rights' part :D psychos can be calm & ...
430: 2012-05-01: The place for people who really love fire. (@ Fire Science Academy)
431: 2012-04-30: If the fat burning secrets in women's magazines really worked, why would they need NEW fat burning secrets in the next month's issue?
432: 2012-04-27: Real life is a dance with depression, anxiety, addiction and post traumatic stress. Live with it!
433: 2012-04-25: @nilayasabnis @xtinewu Oh, wow! This is really good! ==> Thelonious Monk's list of advice for musicians:
434: 2012-04-18: "selection bias" — Harvard grads are more successful, but Harvard chooses only the best applicants, so did Harvard really do anything?
435: 2012-04-17: Positive: Legendary Japanese courtesy and deference. Negative: It can be very difficult to deduce what people really think and feel.
436: 2012-04-17: "Tour Group 463" <== I really like this photo of mine from yesterday.
437: 2012-04-10: "Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" was a good song, but "Can't Trust This Feeling Anymore" would have been more interesting and realistic.
438: 2012-04-09: UFOs may or may not be real, but thinking they are worth your precious time on Earth is totally delusional.
439: 2012-04-09: A solution is not real if it merely displaces a problem into the future.
440: 2012-04-04: If you're considering becoming a parent and think you're committed to "only" 18-21 years, think again! This thing never really ends.
441: 2012-04-03: When I take a photo of a chaotic scene, I compose and crop in such a way that it seems to have meaning. It may not be real but it works.
442: 2012-04-03: When I look up at the clouds, I see figures that I know aren't real, but those images can shake me up and give me new ideas.
443: 2012-04-03: In the midst of a crisis, people often find God. This God may not be real, but the soothing effects are.
444: 2012-04-03: If you are struck by a random disaster, your job is to find meaning in the chaos. It may be imaginary meaning at first, but it becomes real.
445: 2012-04-03: Sometimes you create meaning by seeing meaning that isn't really there.
446: 2012-04-03: The really dangerous part of manic-depression is the mania, when you feel overconfident and take on more commitments than you can handle.
447: 2012-04-02: If a hotel offers FREE wifi and FREE breakfast but their rate is $60 more than the competitor, is it really free?
448: 2012-03-31: For every pleasure, there comes a satiation point where you tell yourself it's pleasurable but it really isn't.
449: 2012-03-30: Childhood starts to go bad when the kid begins to realize he's not the center of a perfect universe like he was lead to believe.
450: 2012-03-29: Parents are heroes. Where would we be without them? Still, if you have the choice yourself, better think twice. Is this really wise?
451: 2012-03-28: @RealSophieRose I am follower No. 6 of six million. Amazing voice, kid!
452: 2012-03-28: RT @Toledowni: La vida real sucede en los vacios que hay entre las reglas
453: 2012-03-23: I bet he's lying and doesn't really need the money for weed. He's probably buying food with it. (Times Square)
454: 2012-03-22: .@JennyKens It's not an honest opinion if you don't really want them to die.
455: 2012-03-20: Hey, let's get a dog! What kind? How about the most dangerous breed there is, because they are really sweet inside, just misunderstood.
456: 2012-03-19: RT @Kyoks1: Adultez es cuando los sueños infinitos de la infancia se reducen a unas cuantas duras realidades. via @BadDalaiLama
457: 2012-03-19: Don't fight for something you don't really want.
458: 2012-03-19: As you might suspect, BDL's intensity often freaks people out in Real Life.
459: 2012-03-19: Adulthood is when the infinite dreams of childhood boil down to a few harsh realities.
460: 2012-03-18: The pathetic hedonist spends most of his life trying desperately to regain earlier pleasures, not realizing it was a one-shot deal.
461: 2012-03-17: Real life is conducted in the gaps between the rules.
462: 2012-03-12: It's a miracle how Jesus comes when summoned, helping people through dark times. I'm not saying He's real, just that He appears when needed.
463: 2012-03-10: Oops! 4sq photo was wrong! This is the real Reagan Boyhood Home.
464: 2012-03-09: RT @TIME: Listen up, men: What women really want in a relationship | (via @TIMEHealthland)
465: 2012-03-09: If you say something that no one can disagree with, have you really said anything at all?
466: 2012-03-08: If you can only eat a special kind of food, wash with a special soap and live with special comforts, you're really a prisoner.
467: 2012-03-08: Remember when your mom said, "Now apologize to your brother!" looming over you with threat of punishment. We're you ever really repentant?
468: 2012-03-07: An example of atonement gone awry is showering your victim with expensive gifts that don't really help him or reverse the damage.
469: 2012-03-07: Something "free" isn't really free if it takes up your time or isn't healthy for you.
470: 2012-03-06: You don't really understand life until you understand the mechanisms and psychology of Family Court.
471: 2012-03-06: "Don't trust people you meet on the internet," says your mom, but you often have far better information on them than "real life" people.
472: 2012-03-06: @TrekkieGirls It's those "real life" people you need to worry about!
473: 2012-03-06: Stepping out into the real world (if you can call Vegas that)...
474: 2012-03-06: According to Zuckerberg, you're only supposed to friend people you know in "real life". That would have eliminated some of my best friends.
475: 2012-03-06: Some of the things you fight for, in retrospect, aren't really worth it. If you can step aside, better things are waiting.
476: 2012-03-06: My playlist starts with Stephen Foster but doesn't really take off until I was, like, born. #songsinmyhead
477: 2012-03-05: Do you have covered parking? Valet parking? Then you must be someone really special. #LAculture
478: 2012-03-05: The natural hazard of love is codependency—one partner expecting the other to solve problems that are really their own.
479: 2012-03-04: @LetsGo2TheBeach Three real ones and two fake ones.
480: 2012-03-01: Greyhound stations are very sentimental for me. (Really!) They remind me of Eastern European train stations.
481: 2012-02-28: First relationships are mainly for training purposes, to help you discover what's really important.
482: 2012-02-26: Your best asset in romance is to not really need it.
483: 2012-02-26: Initiative and inertia have little to do with how busy people are. Many active looking people take no real initiative in their lives.
484: 2012-02-25: Sometimes love is really, really embarrassing.
485: 2012-02-24: "I love this video, you really did a great job of capturing the essence of a Bosnian place" (Sarajevo marketplace)
486: 2012-02-19: Einstein's really branching out! (@ Einstein's Oilery) [pic]:
487: 2012-02-18: Ego depletion is a myth, but attention depletion is real. There is a limit to how much you can attend to in a day.
488: 2012-02-17: Explaining, "No, really, I AM the Messiah," to the Disciplinary Board. #jesusincollege
489: 2012-02-15: Quite spectacular, really! A slow-motion light show. Photographing what I can. #aurora
490: 2012-02-12: Heading out from Whitehorse to Edmonton. Hostel manager warns "This is a really dangerous time"—temps near freezing.
491: 2012-02-12: Sherlock Holmes logic says you can deduce the whole from the tiniest detail. Alas, reality has too many dimensions and often fools you.
492: 2012-02-11: Something of a disjoint between image and reality.
493: 2012-02-06: The trouble with superheroes in real life is they fly into a problem expecting to save people but end up becoming part of the problem.
494: 2012-02-05: For some really crazy hyperrealistic sculptures, check out Mueck & Piccinini.
495: 2012-02-02: Jesus will give your life meaning when reality is too hard to accept.
496: 2012-01-31: .@pixieinthedark is my guilty pleasure. Alan scoffs. "All bubbles, zero calories." Yes, but with real cola taste!
497: 2012-01-31: Success isn't really success if it brings a loss of self.
498: 2012-01-31: RT @MailOnline: Dementiaville: £17m village in Switzerland will keep sufferers in fake reality
499: 2012-01-30: A "Dorothy moment" is when you realize your whole complicated quest was unnecessary. You didn't need Oz. The power was yours all along!
500: 2012-01-30: @xtinewu I picture a school of really stupid fish (dum-bass).
501: 2012-01-28: RT @wwicaksono: Reality is only as real as our delusion allows
502: 2012-01-27: RT @The_Symposium26: When the #FacebookIPO is unleaded people would do good to remember #Tulipmania. How much is Facebook really worth, ...
503: 2012-01-26: "For A Limited Time Only" sounds tragic until you realize it applies to everything.
504: 2012-01-26: Crashes are all the same. In the midst of a boom, people start believing in anti-gravity, but real gravity always wins in the end.
505: 2012-01-26: You can study a human problem from afar, but you can only really know it by going there and seeing the dynamic for yourself.
506: 2012-01-25: If you are a celebrity spokesperson drawing attention to a certain charitable cause, aren't you really stealing from every other cause?
507: 2012-01-24: Such a tease she was, but inept. Driving by the boys on the bus she flashed her tits, not realizing they were a gay theatre troupe.
508: 2012-01-23: RT @latimes: 'Citizen Kane' to screen at Hearst Castle. No, really
509: 2012-01-23: A lot of detailed knowledge can be a bad thing if it distracts you from what's really important.
510: 2012-01-22: RT @TIME: Do seniors really deserve a senior discount? | (via @TIMEMoneyland)
511: 2012-01-21: Chicken tortilla soup from Chick-fil-A tastes really good and warms me up. #unsolicitedendorsement
512: 2012-01-16: Nudity is always sexier in the imagination than in real life. That's why bikinis are better than nothing at all.
513: 2012-01-16: You only realize how far you've gone when you turn to head back.
514: 2012-01-16: The thing they don't tell you about nude beaches: There are NO entry requirements. Most of those naked bodies you really don't want to see.
515: 2012-01-15: RT @AncientProverbs: A mere friend will agree with you, but a real friend will argue. -Russian Proverb
516: 2012-01-15: You tell me that you've changed, but a real decision us measured by action not words.
517: 2012-01-15: "Santa Claus" charities parachute into poor neighborhoods, give out presents to everyone and leave. Santa feels good, but no real change.
518: 2012-01-14: History tends to praise whatever figurehead was at the bow of the ship as it turned, neglecting the currents that really moved it.
519: 2012-01-13: What people say and how they really feel are two different things. Part of an intimate relationship is being able to read both.
520: 2012-01-10: You're falling in love, falling, falling, until you realize in a panic, "OMG, I'm drowning!"
521: 2012-01-10: Jogging is really easy on the beach in 70° weather.
522: 2012-01-08: One advantage of visiting wealthy, isolated towns is protection from petty crime. Economic realities filter out the low-level druggies.
523: 2012-01-08: Most people say "I really should..." but they never do.
524: 2012-01-08: "Sure, I have a job, but all I really want to do is surf."—California
525: 2012-01-07: Life™—innovative educational program taking students out of the classroom and placing them in real situations where they learn on their own.
526: 2012-01-05: @xtinewu Hope they're not really Somali pirates in disguise!
527: 2012-01-02: RT @brainpicker: "Sex differences in the brain are real and clinically important but often grossly distorted in popular discourse." http ...
528: 2011-12-29: Isn't "self-help book" an oxymoron? If you are really going to help yourself, why do you need the book?
529: 2011-12-27: One year ago, we spent Christmas in Jerusalem and Bethlehem (for real!) Check out are archived tweets, photos & videos:
530: 2011-12-27: "Just because the voices aren't real, doesn't mean they don't have good ideas." @LetsGo2TheBeach
531: 2011-12-27: When a bum asks, "Can you help out the homeless?" what he really means is, "Can you help out the self-destructive?"
532: 2011-12-25: You thought Greece was a crisis? Wait for China! ==> We all have a stake in China’s real estate bubble
533: 2011-12-25: The key to success is practice, we are told, but some people practice for years and never improve. The real key is getting better.
534: 2011-12-23: People praise the singer for what the songwriter did and treat the actor like he made the movie. The real creator usually goes unnoticed.
535: 2011-12-18: semester — n. the academic cycle in which students are moved in and out of a professor's class before they can realize he's full of shit.
536: 2011-12-18: eduegotism — n. the sense of entitlement and superiority expressed by college professors who have never experienced the real world directly.
537: 2011-12-18: eduflatulance — n. college courses intended to endlessly discuss vague topics that don't really benefit from endless discussion.
538: 2011-12-18: eduholic — n. a student who uses ongoing formal education as a way to avoid the real world.
539: 2011-12-18: edutopia — n. a well-funded institution of higher learning, pleasant to attend but completely detached from real life.
540: 2011-12-17: "Sooner or later you will realize it's not about you. It never was." —@nainysahani
541: 2011-12-16: Reality is like a video game but better designed, with more complexity levels and bigger rewards and risks. Caveat: You can die only once.
542: 2011-12-15: Pro Tip: When people ask, "How are you?" they don't really mean it. If you can't be positive, no one wants to hear it.
543: 2011-12-15: It is better to be real than perfect.
544: 2011-12-14: (Real Men don't exert themselves unnecessarily. You can be fat and drink beer and still kill things.)
545: 2011-12-14: This is how Real Men hunt in Texas. Set up this friendly deer feeder, then snipe at them from the tower. Sporting!
546: 2011-12-14: The value of any activity in cyberspace ultimately derives from concrete actions in the real world.
547: 2011-12-14: Social media, without an anchor in the real world, is just another addiction.
548: 2011-12-13: Luke is not much to look at but a really good dog. Attentive and mild-mannered. Listens well and comes when called.
549: 2011-12-13: Music is a software problem. The singer gets all the glory, but the real credit should go to the programmer who wrote the notes and words.
550: 2011-12-13: Reality is the ultimate video game. It has more levels of complexity, more unexpected twists than any game created by man.
551: 2011-12-12: If a relationship needs alcohol to lubricate, then it's not a real relationship but a pretend one.
552: 2011-12-11: My hippocampus really hurts! Time to despacialize.
553: 2011-12-11: I've also been to the REAL Naples.
554: 2011-12-09: One can't merely "follow" His Badliness. It's a lifestyle commitment. For a lower volume feed (and less real-world noise) try @BadLamaWisdom
555: 2011-12-09: In romance, it can be hard to distinguish what's really there from what we desperately want to be there.
556: 2011-12-06: This sunset brought to you by the Sanibel Island Tourist Board. (For real! 15 minutes ago.)
557: 2011-12-06: How many starving people were on Earth in 1900? How many today? On the whole, has science really improved anything?
558: 2011-12-06: RT @TheLastVirgo: In real life, the greatest deeds mainly come from small, often-forgotten favors.
559: 2011-12-04: A relationship cannot truly grow unless there is the realistic option to withdraw and renegotiate.
560: 2011-12-02: Data is an aid to real-world actions, not an end in itself.
561: 2011-12-02: Virtual reality is pure addiction — the crack cocaine of the 21st Century.
562: 2011-12-02: Once upon a time, people went places and did things. They learned directly from reality, not electronic simulations. They had a life!
563: 2011-12-02: Unlike the rest of life, sports obey a well-defined system of rules, so they don't teach you much about creativity in real-world chaos.
564: 2011-12-02: Boy toys are all angles and mechanics. Girl toys are curves and feelings. Toy makers didn't invent this. It's what they really want.
565: 2011-12-01: With showbiz people, you always got to ask: Do they really love the art or just covet the applause?
566: 2011-12-01: From your own weakness and insecurity, no rescue is really possible.
567: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: Never friend anyone you wouldn't want to meet in real life.
568: 2011-12-01: Reality has its own structure, independent of our theories or wishes. The only way to know it is to test it.
569: 2011-11-30: Don't believe any Area 51 show you see on television - especially if I'm in it! There's no evidence of aliens there, just bad reality TV.
570: 2011-11-30: Most of those "You screwed me over" songs really should be "How did I put myself in this situation?" songs.
571: 2011-11-30: RT @ThaRealDavidson: I prefer fake celebrs over real ones: see @BadDalaiLama and @ChuckNeinas. But for real celebrities, the best is @B ...
572: 2011-11-30: If slogans really change human behavior, then we should erect signs every few feet along the highway: "Always Drive Safely!"
573: 2011-11-30: @xtinewu "Really FB: People you may know-Kim Jung Il" <== That's cuz he's a friend of mine! Don't pre-judge. He's cool!
574: 2011-11-29: No matter how complex a virtual model may become, it can't compete with the richness, consistency and unexpected twists of reality.
575: 2011-11-28: Some of the most crippled people are those who have never had a real disaster in their life, never had a forest fire to clear the brush.
576: 2011-11-28: People buy real estate in a scenic location to try to expropriate its identity to bolster their own.
577: 2011-11-28: The online world is place to plan and analyze activities of the real world, not a replacement for them.
578: 2011-11-27: People like to invent restrictions for themselves—lists of things they won't do—because it helps them avoid making real decisions.
579: 2011-11-27: Reality is the assassin of delusion.
580: 2011-11-26: Real estate advice: Never buy property in a desert development with "Paradise" in the name.
581: 2011-11-26: Entertainment seems like harmless fun until you realize all the meaningful things you're giving up to pursue it.
582: 2011-11-24: The REAL Cookie Monster: If a cookie is sitting in front of you, can you resist its temptations?
583: 2011-11-24: OMFG! My friend, Lady Gaga impersonator @KittyBrucknell, gets hugged by the REAL Lady Gaga on British TV. LMFAO!
584: 2011-11-24: Creativity is looking past conventions and preconceptions to what really works.
585: 2011-11-24: Humans are horrible at risk management. They obsess over highly unlikely risks while ignoring the ones that really get them.
586: 2011-11-22: If you choose someone for the fantasy and the fantasy turns into a fraud, you can't really blame the fraud for being who he is.
587: 2011-11-19: I didn't realize it at the time, but I snapped a photo this morning of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.
588: 2011-11-16: Years ago, a crabby co-worker committed suicide after being diagnosed with treatable cancer. We said he was "sorely missed" but not really.
589: 2011-11-15: A delusion of luxury is that you're getting a better product. Fact is, you're usually getting a worse one, less suited to the real need.
590: 2011-11-15: My main complaint about Texas is it's too small. If it was 1800 miles wide instead of 880, I could get some real thinking done.
591: 2011-11-13: A lion is a known predator. If you present yourself to the lion and you get eaten, is it really the lion's fault?
592: 2011-11-13: If you're stopping to take pictures at every roadside attraction, isn't that photographic hoarding? Shouldn't it be a reality show?
593: 2011-11-11: Tweet stealing is a crime punishable by people not believing your best tweets are really yours.
594: 2011-11-11: Hangin' with the real people, enjoyin' the Early Bird Special. (@ Country Folks Restaurant)
595: 2011-11-10: "Sacha Baron Cohen as Lord Monckton" - This video had me going. What is real? via @brainpicker
596: 2011-11-05: Life is too short to be a gourmet or connoisseur. Whatever you focus on is going to take you away from what's really important.
597: 2011-11-04: The REAL Stonehenge! (@ Stonehenge Replica at UTPB)
598: 2011-11-04: I can't believe this video is real: "Murmuration" A "flock" of birds is an understatement!
599: 2011-11-04: Forget PTSD. The real terror is when you break into a panic 2-3 times a day: "OMG! Where's my iPhone?!?!"
600: 2011-11-03: The real stuff from Texas!... Sure, it costs more, but I'm worth it!™
601: 2011-10-29: You can't sing the same song over and over with real feeling. Only the first few times are genuine. After that, it's acting.
602: 2011-10-28: The key to a successful romantic relationship is well-defined boundaries. Marriage removes this boundaries in the financial realm.
603: 2011-10-28: You have to get divorced to grasp what marriage really is: a financial contract where two individuals are replaced by a corporation.
604: 2011-10-27: As a groupie, you get a front row seat on just how vapid and depraved these people really are.
605: 2011-10-27: In romance, we don't see what's really there but what we want to be there.
606: 2011-10-27: The main thing standing between an artist and his best work is his own ego, which prevents him from seeing what's really there.
607: 2011-10-27: A revelation is when you discover that two things you thought were different are really the same. Suddenly the world makes a lot more sense.
608: 2011-10-25: RT @laurenahayes: George Costanza was called by Israel to help bring peace to the Middle East. Really.
609: 2011-10-23: Even Top 40 listeners don't really want new music. They're buying a familiar product—Britney or Beyonce—and don't care what they produce.
610: 2011-10-23: Music is the ultimate comfort food. No one really wants anything new. They want the old and comfortable.
611: 2011-10-23: Personal growth isn't moving from Point A to Point B. It is realizing that B isn't relevant anymore and Point C is better.
612: 2011-10-23: The real test of your creative drive is whether you keep doing it after you're fat and happy.
613: 2011-10-20: Faith in God is really just faith that other people know more about God than you do.
614: 2011-10-19: Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera - Seems like a toy until you realize all the (sneaky) things you can use it for.
615: 2011-10-18: Shouldn't there be a Reality Show Dysmorphic Disorder (RSDD) in the DSM? A special Axis-IV classification for reality show participants?
616: 2011-10-11: I'm sorry, but any Avengers movie that doesn't involve Mrs. Peel is not a real Avengers movie.
617: 2011-10-09: .@MinnieGupta "And there is also a Miami in Ohio." + Wyoming & Oregon... meaning Ohio has no real identity of its
618: 2011-10-08: "People don’t really want to be cured. They want is relief. A cure is painful.” — @inquestioner
619: 2011-10-08: "Loneliness isn't cured by company but by contact with reality.“ — @inquestioner
620: 2011-10-05: "...and then my doctor told me about Abilify"... a medication so unproven to real doctors that it has to be advertised on TV.
621: 2011-10-04: Theory is useful, but reality hands you plenty of things theory can't prepare you for. You can only know reality by testing it.
622: 2011-10-03: RT @Kyoks1: Las drogas-desde la cocaina hasta los videojuegos-son pseudoexperiencias toman el lugar d hacer cosas reales en el mundo via ...
623: 2011-10-02: Drugs—from cocaine to video games—are pseudo-experience, taking the place of doing real things in the world.
624: 2011-10-01: The secret _____ sellers don't want you to know: You don't really need _____.
625: 2011-10-01: The secret real estate agents don't want you to know: You don't need a place to live, only a place to sleep.
626: 2011-09-28: The real fertility crisis: The women having children are least equipped to care for them. Slate: via @brainpicker
627: 2011-09-25: You never really know someone until you see them crack under stress. Then the mask comes off and the underlying animal shows through.
628: 2011-09-24: Hollywood armageddon involves alien invasion, viral infection or nuclear war, but the real apocalypse will be economic.
629: 2011-09-23: Drinking the Pepsi Throwup Edition—made with REAL sugar. Because I like my junk food pure.
630: 2011-09-22: The real drain on society is married people. Singles are more productive.
631: 2011-09-20: The real enemy: In the 1930s, America planned to wage war on Britain. Daily Mail:
632: 2011-09-16: "Never give up on your dreams!" — deluded thinking that traps people in futile pursuits, blocking sight of real opportunities around them.
633: 2011-09-14: "Guaranteed Fresh" isn't really a valid selection criteria for a chemical product such as Diet Coke or Hostess Cakes.
634: 2011-09-09: Romance raises the question: How much do you really want to be entwined in someone else's psychology?
635: 2011-09-05: What really killed Steve Irwin was his need for attention. It propelled him forward until SOME animal got him.
636: 2011-09-05: People can lie, act and project a false public image, but in the long run they can't hide their real personality.
637: 2011-09-05: The paradox of love is that it blinds us to who the other person really is. Wishful thinking replaces testing and observation.
638: 2011-09-03: Luxury is a swindle that draws you away from what really works.
639: 2011-09-01: The paradox of good parenting is it protects kids from the harsher realities of life, thus increasing their trauma when facing them later.
640: 2011-08-24: I'm one of the monkeys! (but I really wanted to be a Monkee) (@ Monkeys In The Trees)
641: 2011-08-21: Venice, Italy: Yes, this is for real, and no, Disney didn't make it up.
642: 2011-08-14: Alamo, Nevada, home of the real West.
643: 2011-08-14: Totally lame attraction. It's a neon thermometer, not a real one (@ World's Tallest Thermometer)
644: 2011-08-13: RT @jonlancelot: sensing UFO's eh? <== No, I just really like mashed potatoes.
645: 2011-08-13: All humor is "real". A joke tells you something about what the author is thinking about and what he regards as important.
646: 2011-08-13: If you choose to work with wild animals and one of them eats you, it's not really the animal's fault. You put yourself in that position.
647: 2011-08-05: Both the @BadDalaiLama and the Good @DalaiLama are spiritual leaders conveying the wisdom that you don't really need spiritual leaders
648: 2011-08-05: The more beautiful and appealing a photo is, the more detached it usually is from real life.
649: 2011-08-05: Well-composed photos always look better than real life.
650: 2011-08-05: Taste is an illusion. It is the promise of something that can never really be achieved.
651: 2011-08-04: If recycling helps the environment, the real question is whether the benefit gained is worth the personal effort put into it.
652: 2011-08-04: Instead of making real changes in their own lives, people would rather take trivial actions on a global scale, where control is an illusion.
653: 2011-08-04: "Every little bit helps!" is the delusion of weak people who have given up on making any real changes in their lives.
654: 2011-08-03: The joy of falling in love is mitigated by the realization that you are now constrained and trapped by this person.
655: 2011-07-27: You can read books, look at photos and study maps of a place, but you can never really know it until you go there.
656: 2011-07-27: There is a big difference between realizing, "Hey, I can learn this on my own!" and actually doing it.
657: 2011-07-24: You will always be living in two worlds: the things you know to be true and the simpler position you can realistically express to others.
658: 2011-07-23: MRT @maleger: You can only deny reality for so long until it bites you in the ass.
659: 2011-07-22: Fame is poisonous if you take it seriously. You start believing the hype and forget who you really are.
660: 2011-07-17: On My Bucket List: Own the pony I never had as a child (and never really wanted).
661: 2011-07-16: "A picture is a fact."—Wittgenstein <== Not exactly. A picture is a highly restricted and carefully selected view of reality.
662: 2011-07-16: A delusion is a belief that serves our emotional needs but does not match the real-world data.
663: 2011-07-11: @nainysahani I really like your twitter avi. Don't change it!
664: 2011-07-11: RT @xtinewu: Just realized I retweeted the @DalaiLama and retweeted by @BadDalaiLama all in the same 5 minutes. Ha!
665: 2011-07-10: Maybe the Coyote unconsciously WANTS to fail, because in catching the Roadrunner he would have to acknowledge how empty his life really is.
666: 2011-07-10: Behind your specific goals are meta-goals—the things you really want from life. Obsessing over one goal, you may miss your real calling.
667: 2011-07-10: "Love, compassion and concern for others are real sources of happiness." <== Latest from the @DalaiLama Automatic Tweet Generator.
668: 2011-07-09: RT @exurban I just realized the core of your observations is the human inability to be objective. <== That's the core of most of my tweets!
669: 2011-07-09: RT @exurban: @BadDalaiLama I just realized the core of your observations is the human inability to be objective.
670: 2011-07-05: Reality requires complex negotiation. You don't know the solution from the start. You experiment, fail and adjust your path accordingly.
671: 2011-07-04: Is the door really locked? Check again. Is the door really locked? Check again. Is the door really locked? Check again. #OCD
672: 2011-07-02: You never really know someone until they feel secure in your presence and their REAL self emerges.
673: 2011-07-02: However good a novel may be, you're trapped in a simulation—a virtual reality—that is never going to exceed the experience of the author.
674: 2011-07-02: In the 20 hours it takes to read a book, think of all you could accomplish in the real world.
675: 2011-07-02: You don't realize until you are lying on the ground how difficult it can be to tell a firefly from a meteor.
676: 2011-07-01: Plant a tree and watch it grow. It used to sound fun. Then you realize, "My God, these things have to be maintained!"
677: 2011-07-01: Drug addicts are the closest thing to real zombies. They'll eat your brains to serve their primitive needs. So sad and so scary.
678: 2011-07-01: RT @algekalipso: @BadDalaiLama @MikeShawTweet Thanks.Really interesting that active placebos are as good. So the fact that you feel some ...
679: 2011-07-01: The solution to depression—the only one that really works over time—is YOU taking control of your own life.
680: 2011-06-30: If you aren't flirting with depression then you aren't really living. Finding strategies to deal with it is one of life's great challenges.
681: 2011-06-29: Each of us is a nest of invented restrictions: "I can't do ___ because I'm ___." Fact is, we've never really pushed ourselves.
682: 2011-06-28: The REAL Parthenon, not that crumbly old Athens thing. Nashville.
683: 2011-06-26: Gay marriage will inevitably lead to an epidemic of gay divorce and the mass realization: "I can't believe I fell for that!"
684: 2011-06-25: I had no fear of violence on the streets of Cairo but a real fear of death by vehicle or falling object.
685: 2011-06-24: Paranoia is the delusion that the world really cares.
686: 2011-06-21: Forget "Walk Like an Egyptian". If you can "Bargain Like an Egyptian" you have a real skill.
687: 2011-06-16: RT @ispeakfemale: This is how we get hurt: We start believing it really could last forever.
688: 2011-06-16: RT @MikeShawTweet: @BadDalaiLama Advice: You are on target Bad Dalai. This time I see myself in what you say, so u r giving REAL spiritu ...
689: 2011-06-15: RT @annielederman: My birth control pills have completely destroyed my libido. Man, those things really work!
690: 2011-06-15: The trouble with being a celebrity is everyone wants you for their own purposes and no one sees you for who you really are.
691: 2011-06-12: A nightmare is as valuable as any real experience. If you learn to handle it in your sleep then you're better equipped for the real world.
692: 2011-06-12: To know who people really are, pay regard to what they do, rather than what they say. {MRT Descartes}
693: 2011-06-10: The Paris Hilton tragedy: poor ratings for her new reality show. OMG, so sad! via @MailOnline
694: 2011-06-07: 13-second test of chromakey. I'm actually in a motel room in Texas. Now you'll never know what's real!
695: 2011-06-04: Technically, "I'm going to have to ask you to leave," isn't really asking anything. Right?
696: 2011-06-01: The benefit of age, if you're lucky, is seeing things for what they really are.
697: 2011-05-31: RT @danywino: Me encanta el pelón @BadDalaiLama es genial en su crudeza. Realmente será gringo, o ése es su disfraz?
698: 2011-05-25: Photography will always show you the most dramatic portion of the most dramatic event, which may completely misrepresent the whole reality.
699: 2011-05-25: For real!? I think they're just a little oversensitive. The likelihood of another tornado in the same place seems slim.
700: 2011-05-18: The promisoholic wants to please others—hence the promises—but makes so many they cannot all be realized.
701: 2011-05-17: "Real estate is the one investment that always appreciates, never depreciates." — One of our friends during the housing boom.
702: 2011-05-14: A manly man's place for real men. Better than any strip club!
703: 2011-05-12: A college town (like Madison) is a society that never grows up, never has to deal with reality. Especially the adults.
704: 2011-05-12: Advice to Nigerian scammers: Real Americans rarely use honorifics (Mr, Mrs, Dr). That, and they have spellcheck on their computers.
705: 2011-05-11: Moviemaking is a negotiation with reality. You know the story you want to tell, but you have to adapt it to the tools available.
706: 2011-05-08: If you can outwit the monsters in your nightmares you'll be better equipped to deal with them in real life.
707: 2011-05-08: Dreams are a training ground for reality.
708: 2011-05-08: Non-creative people see a rule or barrier and take it at face value. Creative people will push that boundary to see what it really means.
709: 2011-05-07: You're cruising the FM dial and you hear a song you haven't heard before and it sounds kinda nice until you realize, "Eww, it's Christian!"
710: 2011-05-05: With all the situations I've dealt with in the past, I really need a Situation Room. How do I get one of those?
711: 2011-05-05: How many people really know how to think? Only a tiny portion of the human population. The rest merely react to their environment.
712: 2011-05-01: RT @CeLeStIaLPhEnYx: I retweet the @BadDalaiLama more than the real Dalai Lama. I either need to stay up to see the Dalai Lama's tweets, ...
713: 2011-04-30: Many theories of parenting and social service fall flat in real life. Theory is trumped by what actually works.
714: 2011-04-29: Superheroes get a lot of press for saving those in peril, but the real accomplishment is disabling the peril so no rescue is needed.
715: 2011-04-29: Achieving the impossible means seeing beyond your immediate goal to what you REALLY want.
716: 2011-04-29: A change of attitude can change everything. It doesn't change objective reality, but it gives you new tools to work with.
717: 2011-04-29: The greatest superpower is being able to separate your ego from the objective reality outside you.
718: 2011-04-29: The most useful superpower is being able to see yourself as you really are and modifying your own behavior based on that vision.
719: 2011-04-28: The aim of the game of life is "self-realization"—accomplishing all you are capable of.
720: 2011-04-19: Inside Jesus' tomb... not much to see really. Just this sign indicating he has stepped out.
721: 2011-04-17: RT @trevlutz People say the want to travel around the world, when they really mean they want to travel around the world in first class.
722: 2011-04-15: It is amazing how many people will freely admit: "I like my house, my TV and my current routine. I really have no ambitions beyond that."
723: 2011-04-14: "Our House" by Crosby, Stills and Nash <== Pro-real estate propaganda! How many have been suckered by that one?
724: 2011-04-13: So many things would be easy if you could turn off your own ego and see what's really there.
725: 2011-04-12: When is the last time you saw a real investigation in print?
726: 2011-04-11: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." —Walt Disney <== Disney pap! They have to be realistic dreams.
727: 2011-04-10: **SOME** lamas only give you positive affirmations. We give you realistic warnings so you don't toast your own ass.
728: 2011-04-08: On My Bucket List: Make money "flipping" houses in an irrationally exuberant real estate market.
729: 2011-04-08: In investing, there are winners and losers. The question is whether winners really outnumber losers in the long run.
730: 2011-04-07: The real test of success is not how you gain it but how you use it once you do.
731: 2011-04-07: This place really sucks! (@ Vacuum Cleaner Museum)
732: 2011-04-06: You can collect a lot of nice data about a place you've never been, but you can only really know it by going there.
733: 2011-04-05: Every bus station in Isreal is filled with teenagers in transit, acting like kids everywhere, but with green uniforms and really big guns.
734: 2011-04-04: RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: How complicated and unpredictable the machinery of life really is.
735: 2011-04-03: Reality doesn't suck, but it's not on your side either. It is what it is, and it's your responsibility to adapt.
736: 2011-04-03: Wisdom is the willingness to experiment and investigate to determine the structure of reality for yourself.
737: 2011-04-03: Wisdom is seeing yourself, other people and the world around you for what they really are.
738: 2011-04-03: It is a rare and valuable skill to see reality for what it really is, not for what you want it to be.
739: 2011-04-03: Reality has its own structure, independent of our wishes. It is what it is and doesn't care what we want.
740: 2011-04-03: We all start with a childhood delusion that reality will conform to our desires. If we want something, we only need to wish for it.
741: 2011-04-03: The essential skills of wisdom are knowing your limitations, recognizing reality as an independent entity and seeing the needs of others.
742: 2011-04-03: The most important thing about reality is that it has no regard for your wishes. It takes a long time and many failures to learn this fact.
743: 2011-04-03: Meta-skills involve understanding how reality works, even if it is a reality you have never encountered before.
744: 2011-04-02: When someone uses straw man against you, there's really no defense. They've gone paranoid, and all you can do is withdraw.
745: 2011-04-01: RT @WWIIHeadsOState: @BadDalaiLama What is your life dedicated to? Boredom? You could go for world domination if you had real sociopath ...
746: 2011-04-01: Kids are fun but incredibly labor intensive. If you choose to raise them, you must realize it will be your main career!
747: 2011-04-01: The key the great photography and videomaking is to liberate yourself from the need to accurately record reality.
748: 2011-04-01: "Obey Your Thirst!" in a soft drink ad really means, "Obey Your Caffeine Craving!"
749: 2011-03-30: Once you're dead, no one can get to know you. They may worship your image, but they won't see you for who you really were.
750: 2011-03-29: It's great that you're retweeting the best work of others. That's a useful service! But what are you really contributing to the world?
751: 2011-03-29: Tragic delusion: New Yorkers vacation in Maine, find it quaint and charming. Move here, discover an alternate reality.
752: 2011-03-29: The Seduction of First Impressions—thinking you have things all worked out, then finding yourself trapped in an alternate reality.
753: 2011-03-27: Self-motivated learning, tested by real life, usually does a better job than any education program.
754: 2011-03-27: When you're in class, bored silly, and you realize, "Hey, I could have learned this faster on my own!" then the job of education is over.
755: 2011-03-27: Real Andy Griffith self-confidence should not be confused with Barney Fife pseudo self-confidence.
756: 2011-03-27: Many talk about creativity, but when the opportunity for it arises in real life, most will fall back on convention.
757: 2011-03-26: @laurenahayes Of course, this isn't a democracy. You're just soliciting feedback. What really matters is who you want to be.
758: 2011-03-26: Anything that can be learned from classes can be learned on your own, but you also need real experience to test that learning.
759: 2011-03-25: People tend to value their possessions and relationships according to how much they paid for then, not how much they're really worth.
760: 2011-03-24: Reality has no respect for our predictions. It does what it wants.
761: 2011-03-24: @lolahayes "I come in peace" <== I've heard that one before and I'm not buying it. What do you REALLY want?
762: 2011-03-22: Ambitious travel plans made on the internet tend to fall apart in the chaos of a real place, 99% of which isn't on the Internet.
763: 2011-03-22: Each of us is born into a set of assumptions about what in life is necessary. Travel crushes some of them, leaving only what is real.
764: 2011-03-22: Ambitious plans made on the internet tend to fall apart in the chaos of a real place, 99% of which isn't on the Internet.
765: 2011-03-19: Most documentaries today are shot out-of-sequence (not in the order portrayed), meaning that it's basically "reality-based fiction".
766: 2011-03-19: "Oh, you're going to ___? You really must stop at ___ and try their ___!" Bullshit! That's just consumerism, not productive travel.
767: 2011-03-19: The REAL Hawaiian adventure is to go flume riding through this irrigation tunnel, which passes through a mountain.
768: 2011-03-17: .@TheBosha "Watch out for wild boar. For real." <== I know all about wild bores. I just unfollow them!
769: 2011-03-16: Narcissism on Twitter (and real life): "My opinion is important just because it's mine."
770: 2011-03-16: The REAL seat of power in America—where the Freemasons direct the New World Order. (Alexandria, VA. Jan. 20)
771: 2011-03-15: Facebook is the place for happy thoughts and non-controversial postings—obviously because everyone you know in real life is on it.
772: 2011-03-15: RT @worldpolice: Being a realist is hard <== Cartoon comparing realists to idealists.
773: 2011-03-15: Steve Irwin was one of the earliest victims of reality TV. Once you catch the spotlight, you can't give it up.
774: 2011-03-14: If news doesn't affect you personally, why do you have to watch it in real time? Can't you just read up on it later on Wikipedia?
775: 2011-03-14: In a world or unlimited news, you could spend unlimited time following it, but all that really matters is news affecting your own behavior.
776: 2011-03-13: Few of us really listen to reality. We try to impose our will upon it, but reality always wins in the end.
777: 2011-03-13: In place of delusion is a life tied to reality. You seek out accurate feedback and modify your goals and action steps accordingly.
778: 2011-03-13: You can't talk someone out of their addictions or out of their emotionally driven goals. Same thing, really!
779: 2011-03-12: @krd_metalgirl "I will bite You while hugging, Its a trap ;)" <== I think you're really a human who's just PRETENDING to be a zombie.
780: 2011-03-11: The key to being a good driver is realizing just how close to death you really are.
781: 2011-03-10: academia—n. a community of educated people united by their lack of experience in the real world.
782: 2011-03-10: In the movies, boy meets girl; they overcome some difficulties, fall in love, kiss, end of movie. But that's not really the end of conflict.
783: 2011-03-09: At first, we see our parents as gods, then we rebel. Only later do we see who they really are: kids themselves who got in over their head.
784: 2011-03-09: To be appreciated fully, you really need to be dead.
785: 2011-03-08: When we say someone has a "big ego" we really mean the opposite: their ego is so weak they have to over-assert the pretense of it.
786: 2011-03-08: Dreams come in a million flavors. Then reality dashes them and gives you only one. {9/22}
787: 2011-03-07: Synchronicity may or may not be real, but if it seems to happen, we should take heed and use it to our advantage.
788: 2011-03-07: See the funny cartoon on reality TV on the home page of @EntitiesRUs -
789: 2011-03-07: Personality has so many dimensions that it is often best conveyed by example rather than category. (e.g. He's a real @CharlieSheen.)
790: 2011-03-06: The risk of any utopian idea is that it turns anti-utopian under the pressures of the real world.
791: 2011-03-06: "Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over."
792: 2011-03-05: It's unfortunate that children have access to porn, but is it really hurting them? The reaction of most: "Ewwww, gross!"
793: 2011-03-04: People want solutions to their problems but without disrupting their existing emotional investments. So... no real solutions!
794: 2011-03-04: Reality may be a video game, but no other offers so much depth and complexity—and so many challenge levels!
795: 2011-03-03: The world imposes real boundaries on you, but they are usually less than the imaginary barriers you impose upon yourself.
796: 2011-03-03: The greatest joy of reality is the surprises! Things can come together in ways you'd never expect yet make perfect sense in the end.
797: 2011-03-03: There are two ways to respond to the world: the way your past has set you up for, and the way that really works.
798: 2011-03-03: Don't blame your parents for what you are doing now. It's your responsibility to adjust to the real world, not theirs.
799: 2011-03-03: Our parents fed us so much bullshit! But that was their job. You can't handle reality all at once, so fairy tales are the intermediate step.
800: 2011-03-03: Adjusting to the demands of real world is traumatic for everyone, regardless of their upbringing.
801: 2011-03-03: The trouble with an online identity is that it becomes binding over time, just like a real-life one.
802: 2011-03-02: The risk of marketing yourself as an image is that people will start seeing you only as that image and not for who you really are.
803: 2011-03-01: RT @SethMacFarlane: Really want this to happen sometime:
804: 2011-03-01: "A mere friend will agree with you, but a real friend will argue."
805: 2011-03-01: The idealism of youth is thinking the system can be changed, like realigning the axis of the Earth.
806: 2011-02-28: For the marketer, the advantage of a crap product over a real one is the higher markup. This funds more advertising, which sells more crap.
807: 2011-02-28: Fakery persists because it works. Given the right signals, people will purchase the illusion of quality instead of the real thing.
808: 2011-02-23: People are swayed by brand names (Gucci, Harvard, Kardashian) because it's easier than making real decisions about the underlying product.
809: 2011-02-23: Reality is full of surprises—things you never would have expected from afar. Only direct experience will show you these things.
810: 2011-02-22: The brain has a powerful emotional immune system that prevents your dumbest mistakes from ever really sinking in.
811: 2011-02-22: Real-time news is like a diet of junk food. You get only superficial flavors with little nutrition... sensations without understanding.
812: 2011-02-21: Counterfeit designer goods are a rip-off of a rip-off! The real con is gullible fools paying hundreds for a label.
813: 2011-02-21: RT @Krystelisms If you can define yourself as Republican or Democrat, you really have no clue
814: 2011-02-21: A party is a celebration among friends. It only has meaning if it is relatively rare and there's really something to celebrate.
815: 2011-02-20: "Trust the Force" may have worked for Luke Skywalker but in real life that kind of passivity usually just gets you into deeper shit.
816: 2011-02-20: RT @DOGENZEN: Hope: in reality it is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of Man ~ Nietzche
817: 2011-02-19: Science is an infinite quest in all directions. At some point you have to ask, "Is this really worth my time?"
818: 2011-02-19: Whatever reality is, it has a structure all its own, independent of our consciousness. We must adapt to reality, not the other way around.
819: 2011-02-16: Reality is the feedback you actually receive from the world when you submit your theories to it.
820: 2011-02-15: television — n. the distribution of pseudo-experiences to those without the initiative to seek real ones.
821: 2011-02-14: Sometimes you say, "No problem," when it really is a problem but you just don't want to rock the boat.
822: 2011-02-07: Chicago reality.
823: 2011-02-06: A pirate at the Key West Pirate Festival in Dec. 2008. Both the parrot and the peg leg are real!
824: 2011-02-03: You don't want to be a hard-driving entrepreneur working toward a meaningless goal. Is success really worth the price you paid?
825: 2011-02-02: Many barriers in theory turn out to not be problems in real life. You have to actually test reality to find out.
826: 2011-02-02: Did the REAL homeless thing last night, sleeping in the grass at FLL. Couldn't be more comfortable! (Of course, 70F and no rain.)
827: 2011-02-02: Even if paranormal phenomena are real, they should never be used as the basis for decision making. They are too easily corrupted by feeling.
828: 2011-02-01: RT @AncientProverbs: A mere friend will agree with you, but a real friend will argue. -Russian Proverb
829: 2011-01-31: Nice to voice your support for Eqypt, but the real issue is what happens next. Revolutions have a poor track record of restoring democracy.
830: 2011-01-31: Facebook is just like real life. You've friended everyone you know, so now you can't do anything without upsetting someone.
831: 2011-01-30: One of the most realistic and plausible movies ever! Direct from Bollywood! Video: via @princeboucher
832: 2011-01-29: Being God must really suck. No matter what you do, people get hurt.
833: 2011-01-29: So far, I have only invested $15 in the Egyptian visa. I can accept the loss if there is real risk involved.
834: 2011-01-26: (The real source of the "FB" bumper sticker was "Folly Beach, SC", but it had me going for a while.)
835: 2011-01-26: A life without entertainment doesn't mean a life without fun. It means having fun doing real things instead of pseudo-fun doing fake things.
836: 2011-01-26: @lolahayes "Joining the Lepidopterists' Society" <== Is that really the way you choose to live—to preserve beauty by killing it?
837: 2011-01-26: Art, beauty, joy, pleasure — Are these things really valid goals in themselves, separate from accomplishment or learning?
838: 2011-01-25: You can lie in a tweet—It's easy enough.—but you can't fake your personality over time. The real person will show through!
839: 2011-01-25: The Sherlock Holmes Delusion is that you can deduce the whole from a few isolated details. Reality has too many dimensions for that.
840: 2011-01-24: Another term for entertainment is "pseudo experience". When you are "being entertained" you aren't doing real things in the real world.
841: 2011-01-24: @hjamess "It doesn't happen often, but you're wrong about entertainment BadDalai." <== How so? It's real experience vs fake experience.
842: 2011-01-24: Trauma is like being beaten with a block of ice. Eventually the ice melts and vanishes, and all you know is you hurt really bad.
843: 2011-01-22: Many pointless family arguments start, "I don't like your attitude!" but all that really matters is: "Did you do what you said you would?"
844: 2011-01-22: Which bubble will burst first: China's real estate or Facebook's valuation? Justify your answer.
845: 2011-01-21: Most secrets aren't really secrets, just things you don't say to avoid upsetting those with fragile egos.
846: 2011-01-20: @MotherCatt "You realize, of course, that now everyone knows where you live, right?" <== His Holiness lives nowhere and everywhere.
847: 2011-01-20: We remember what presidents said, but did they really say it, or did their speechwriters?
848: 2011-01-20: The main distraction of music is... the music! What really matters is the words and tune. The rest of the music is secondary.
849: 2011-01-19: No one who you think is having fun is really having as much fun as you think they are.
850: 2011-01-17: The law consists not just of what is written but how courts have interpreted those words—called case law. That's where the real wisdom lies.
851: 2011-01-17: .@Zylaw Indeed, in real life, the Prime Directive is unworkable. You violate it just by living.
852: 2011-01-17: Marriage is the most effective Redpill you can take. In a few weeks you'll start seeing your partner for who they really are.
853: 2011-01-16: Most freedom is sacrificed in the delusional pursuit of safety in areas where no safety is really possible.
854: 2011-01-16: Money in liquid form is a valuable asset to your freedom. Money in solid form (real estate, possessions) is more a liability.
855: 2011-01-16: If you got rid of all the sacred icons you own and kept only the things you really need, you could live comfortably in a 10x10-foot box.
856: 2011-01-15: When you think about it, every product is "Real". So "Real Cola Taste, Zero Calories" is perfectly legal.
857: 2011-01-14: What we all really want is not money but Whuffie. via @princeboucher (The only trouble is defining it.)
858: 2011-01-14: Most of what people call "luxuries" are really just expensive forms of imprisonment. The 2nd home, the boat, the sports car... shackles!
859: 2011-01-12: Fun 1950s TV fact: When Ralph Kramden says, "One of these day, Alice... Pow, right to the moon!" he's really threatening domestic violence.
860: 2011-01-12: College is a halfway house between home and real life. It keeps students occupied while they grow their final layer of brain cells.
861: 2011-01-12: Emotional security sounds nice. The question is whether it is really possible.
862: 2011-01-12: .@The_Scrutiniser "What makes you think 'real thoughts' are so valuable?" <== Is your life worth doing something with?
863: 2011-01-12: Music has a dangerous hold on the nervous system. Instead of thinking real thoughts, you have an iPod pumping drugs into your brain.
864: 2011-01-11: Never forget: It was "analysts" and "experts" who sold us real estate, based on "trends" they saw in the "data".
865: 2011-01-11: ...and real snow!
866: 2011-01-09: Academia is the ultimate bluepill society—an artificial environment supported from the outside and isolated from redpill reality.
867: 2011-01-09: For a real-time feed of our most popular tweets (starred by others) monitor our FavStar page at:
868: 2011-01-08: Barney Fife is funny until you realize he's an inept, insecure cop hired by nepotism and no one in Mayberry objects. Family values, my ass!
869: 2011-01-08: Life is full of "Duh!" moments when you realize the solution was right in front of you all along. Only your own blindness kept it from you.
870: 2011-01-07: Just because a TV show is called a "documentary" doesn't mean it bears any relation to reality. More like "truth-based fiction" for ratings.
871: 2011-01-07: The only thing about music that has to be "real" is the human voice. Everything else can be computer generated.
872: 2011-01-06: Really, now, how many different types of gas do you need? FB photo: (Tampa)
873: 2011-01-06: The best thing Spinal Tap could have done is kept making music. All music starts out as parody, but then the magic kicks in and its real!
874: 2011-01-06: HD Delusion #7: In video, as in real life, the brain retains only what happened, not the details of the scene, so HD is forgotten instantly.
875: 2011-01-04: Note on human protocol: "How are you?" is intended as an idiomatic greeting only. No one really wants to hear about your problems.
876: 2011-01-04: In the real world, there is no such thing as exponential growth or a straight-line graph. Every trend will peak eventually.
877: 2011-01-03: Childbirth is justified by circular logic that masks the real reason: to serve the selfish desires of the parents.
878: 2011-01-03: RT @mmufti: @BadDalaiLama friend really likes your comments.he contemplates on them when he is high..
879: 2011-01-02: Old may seem wise until you realize that most of those old people are stuck in their ways and don't do a damn thing!
880: 2011-01-02: We buy crappy products (and make crappy life choices) because we mistake the superficial symbols of quality for the real thing.
881: 2011-01-01: Bah! The only REAL holidays are the equinoxes, solstices and eclipses. All our values went mushy with the end of human sacrifice.
882: 2011-01-01: RT @alexiswi: For all the fun snark that @BadDalaiLama offers, a lot of his tweets ARE really good advice.
883: 2010-12-30: The trouble with viral marketing (like real viruses) is that the immune system adapts quickly and won't accept the same campaign twice.
884: 2010-12-29: Israeli airport security is overrated. Are they really incompetent or just pretending to be? That must be the security!
885: 2010-12-29: Video #28: Who is buried in McKinley's Tomb? (And who really cares?) Canton, Ohio - Yesterday.
886: 2010-12-28: Life is a negotiation with reality. You arrive on this strange planet with its own rules and start bargaining to fulfill your needs.
887: 2010-12-24: Relationships are damaging when they disrupt the individual's direct negotiation with outside reality.
888: 2010-12-22: ...(Unless you get a free phone. But then again, is it really free?.. And a 2-year commitment, tops! Read the fine print before you sign.)
889: 2010-12-21: What most people take for "thirst" is really an addict's craving for caffeine. Bodily fluid levels are fine.
890: 2010-12-21: You can never really know another person's thoughts, because the act of reporting the thoughts destroys them—like Heisenberg.
891: 2010-12-20: Cool beauty is perfect geometry, detached and inaccessible. Warm beauty is a smile, imperfect but real, that engages the viewer personally.
892: 2010-12-20: A degree proves only that you can follow instructions, not your ability to think for yourself or solve real-world problems.
893: 2010-12-20: Art is the process of reducing reality to its simplest symbolic form.
894: 2010-12-19: RT @Pokersoul: I will leave you now. Apparently the real world is real and some of the other accounts demand food.
895: 2010-12-19: Paranoia creates new enemies—real ones—where none previously existed.
896: 2010-12-17: RT @ederguillermo: Sigan a @BadDalaiLama si quieren ver la cruda, realidad.
897: 2010-12-17: When a product promises to "kill 99.9% of germs", it is really breeding stronger germs (the 0.1% that survive).
898: 2010-12-15: In Ireland, most language on the street that you think is Gaelic is really just English, all slurred up by a few too many!
899: 2010-12-14: Pro Tip: When people ask, "How are you?" they don't really mean it. If you can't be positive, no one wants to hear it.
900: 2010-12-14: It is better to be real than perfect.
901: 2010-12-14: Reality is like a video game but better designed, with more complexity levels and bigger rewards and risks. Caveat: You die only once.
902: 2010-12-14: Real estate is so 20th Century.
903: 2010-12-13: Music is a software problem. The singer gets all the glory, but the real credit should go to the programmer who wrote the notes and words.
904: 2010-12-13: Social media, without an anchor in the real world, is merely addiction.
905: 2010-12-13: Reality is the ultimate video game. It has more levels of complexity, more unexpected twists than any game created by man.
906: 2010-12-13: Virtual reality is not reality. The value of all actions in cyberspace ultimately derives from concrete actions in the real world.
907: 2010-12-08: Video Essay #11: What is Truth? - From Ithaca, NY. Truth is pretty simple really.
908: 2010-12-08: In romance, it can be hard to distinguish what's really there from what we desperately want to be there.
909: 2010-12-06: Any idiot can be an anarchist. It takes brains and wisdom to build real workable solutions.
910: 2010-12-06: Coming to TV: "Reality Diplomacy". Cameras follow US diplomats, broadcast their strategy meetings and personal feelings during world crises.
911: 2010-12-05: No theory alone can adequately prepare you for reality. You have to experiment and make some mistakes before you fully understand.
912: 2010-12-04: A relationship cannot truly grow unless there is the realistic option to withdraw and renegotiate.
913: 2010-12-03: Is it really "green" to spend twice as much for a hybrid car that uses only slightly less gas? You could plant trees with that money!
914: 2010-12-02: Kodachrome: Real life is never as good as the pictures or our nostalgic memories. (MRT Paul Simon)
915: 2010-12-01: Is global warming real? Yes. Can it be stopped? Probably not. Politics demand action, but most of us have better things to worry about.
916: 2010-12-01: Once upon a time, people went places and did things. They learned directly from reality, not electronic simulations. They had a life!
917: 2010-12-01: Virtual reality is pure addiction — the crack cocaine of the 21st Century.
918: 2010-11-30: Reality has its own structure, independent of our theories or wishes. The only way to know it is to test it.
919: 2010-11-29: If slogans really change human behavior, then we should erect signs every mile along the highway: "Always Drive Safely!"
920: 2010-11-28: The online world is place to analyze activities of the real world, not a replacement for them.
921: 2010-11-28: Reality. Live with it.
922: 2010-11-28: No matter how complex a virtual model may become, it can't compete with the richness, consistency and unexpected twists of reality.
923: 2010-11-28: No matter how sexy data may seem, the ultimate coin of existence is still concrete actions in the real world.
924: 2010-11-27: Who is the best romantic partner? Sadly, it is someone just like you in personality. Only a clone can really know you.
925: 2010-11-27: Those who unfollow you if you unfollow them had no real interest in your communication anyway.
926: 2010-11-27: People like to invent restrictions for themselves—lists of things they won't do—because it helps them avoid making real decisions.
927: 2010-11-26: Reality is the crusher of delusion.
928: 2010-11-26: Running a race and winning isn't necessarily creative. Creativity is bypassing the race altogether to find what really matters.
929: 2010-11-24: All the best stories—in fiction, movies and real life—are about a character facing his fears and overcoming his own inertia.
930: 2010-11-23: Beauty strikes the eye only on its first appearance. After that, all that matters is what really works.
931: 2010-11-23: Creativity is looking past conventions and preconceptions to what really works.
932: 2010-11-22: You'll never really know who you married until the honeymoon is over.
933: 2010-11-19: The most degrading and exploitative form of reality TV is called "news". How do people watch this stuff?
934: 2010-11-12: What most people call "boredom" is really the withdrawal symptoms of a stimulation addiction.
935: 2010-11-10: Theory looks at a problem from only a few angles. Reality sees it from every angle.
936: 2010-11-09: The key to great art, in any medium, is restriction. You don't want "hi-def" but "low-def", painting reality with as few pixels as possible.
937: 2010-11-09: The difference between dreams and reality is reality is still there when you wake up.
938: 2010-11-07: Pain is real and reproducible. Pleasure, however, is in the eye of the beholder and may not work the second time around.
939: 2010-11-06: The most difficult skill of perception is seeing the world as it really is, not as you want it to be.
940: 2010-11-06: If you aren't flirting with depression, you should question whether you're really alive.
941: 2010-11-04: The main thing people are hiding when they jealously guard their privacy is how uninteresting their lives really are.
942: 2010-11-04: “You can never get enough of what you don’t really need." —Eric Hoffe
943: 2010-11-03: RT @ederguillermo: @BadDalaiLama thanks master, you have the truth of life. I really Can't belive so few people follows you.
944: 2010-11-03: To have real negotiating power, you must retain the ability to say "no"—which must be exercised from time to time to prove your point.
945: 2010-11-01: The main challenge of both fiction and real life is overcoming ones own inertia. The protagonist has to change his pattern of behavior.
946: 2010-10-29: Many barriers that seem insurmountable in theory turn out not to be a problem in real life. You have to test them to find out!
947: 2010-10-29: Reality is rich and subtle and puts all theories about it to shame.
948: 2010-10-27: The world is full of crap because crap has a higher profit margin than things you really need.
949: 2010-10-26: If psychic phenomena are real, they are unreliable tools for interacting with the world. They are too easily confused with wishful thinking.
950: 2010-10-26: Photos can lie! They distort reality by showing only a restricted view. They can't capture the big picture the way words can.
951: 2010-10-25: .@TeaDrinker3000: "Really wish @DalaiLama would follow back :(” — The @BadDalaiLama does!
952: 2010-10-20: The real measure of wealth is having the freedom to do what you want with minimal obligations.
953: 2010-10-16: Anything promising permanent security is really just a prison in disguise.
954: 2010-10-16: Anyone can surround themselves with the tools and technical skills of an artistic medium, but few are capable of real creativity.
955: 2010-10-11: Many of the beliefs that are presented as spiritual are really a mask for mental illness.
956: 2010-10-10: Real security lies not in locks or guns but in knowledge of your surroundings.
957: 2010-10-10: UFOs may be real, but they're not relevant.
958: 2010-10-07: Life is full of "Duh!" moments when you realize you've been doing things the hard way all along.
959: 2010-10-06: Celebrity is our society's celebration of those who perform but don't really accomplish anything.
960: 2010-10-05: The real measure of wealth is not how much money you make but the freedom you have left after expenses.
961: 2010-10-03: You never know what a person is really like until after the honeymoon.
962: 2010-10-02: There is no easy childhood. Either you are traumatized by reality too early or blindsided by it later.
963: 2010-10-01: When a man buys real estate he starts building his own tomb.
964: 2010-09-29: Pain is real, but pleasure is in the eye of the beholder.
965: 2010-09-26: Hubris is thinking, when a roll of the dice favors you, that the dice really care.
966: 2010-09-26: The real coin of life is not money but time.
967: 2010-09-26: There will always be a difference between theory and reality, and only experience can tell you what it is.
968: 2010-09-24: What's really inside the secret Vatican archives? Bullshit! Century after century of utter bullshit.
969: 2010-09-24: The real measure of wealth is not your income but how much freedom you have left after expenses.
970: 2010-09-24: The trouble with superheroes in real life is they fly into a problem expecting to save people but end up becoming part of the problem.
971: 2010-09-22: Dreams come in a million flavors. Then reality dashes them and gives you only one.
972: 2010-09-20: One of life's biggest puzzles is figuring out the family we grew up in and what was really going on.
973: 2010-09-15: Utopias, in the real world, almost always turn into prisons.
974: 2010-09-15: You can't own real estate. It owns you.
975: KilroyCafe: 2011-01-02: I LOVE turbulence! Gives you the feeling of really flying. I also love watching other people freak out.
976: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-08: academia—n. a community of educated people united by their lack of experience in the real world.
977: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-24: The key to being a good driver is realizing how close to death you are.
978: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-24: RT @BadDalaiLama: The trouble with superheroes in real life is they fly into a problem expecting to save people but end up becoming part ...
979: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-20: RT @BadDalaiLama: One of life's biggest puzzles is figuring out the family we grew up in and what was really going on.
980: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-18: Photos and videos don't merely record reality; they create it.
981: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-14: A raised voice is sometimes useful to get things done, but real anger almost always makes matters worse.
982: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-13: Too many pointless family arguments start, "I don't like your attitude." All that really matters is: "Did you do what you said you would?"
983: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-10: The trouble with most people my age is they've gotten really, really old. They've gone from "Anything is possible" to "Nothing is possible."
984: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-08: NEW! At your supermarket now! Junk Food Throwback Editions. Made with REAL sugar, REAL fat and REAL salt!
985: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-29: Kant really should be spelled "Can't" because if you followed his rules nothing would get done.
986: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-27: Utopias, in the real world, almost always turn into prisons.
987: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-26: What we often take for symbiosis is really just parasite and host.
988: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-26: Do you realize that if Elvis were alive today he'd probably be dead?
989: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: "Consumer confidence" should not be confused with happiness, which may improve as people realize, "Hey, we don't need this stuff anyway!"
990: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: You can make a pseudo-life by monitoring the news and commenting on it online, but that's not the same as having a real life of your own.
991: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-24: Life, in fact, may be a holographic projection, but since it's the best reality we have, we must live it as though it was real.
992: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-15: There will always be a difference between theory and reality. Plans never turn out quite as expected. The wise can adjust. The unwise can't.
993: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-15: Given there are millions of "germs" on every surface, the real issue is the health of your immune system, not how much Lysol™ you use.
994: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-14: Married couples are conjoined in two major areas — real estate and child rearing — both of which are easily conducted without marriage.
995: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-14: You can't own real estate. It owns you.
996: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-12: A person's explanation for their own behavior is usually a sham, being concocted after the fact because the real reason is unacceptable.
997: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-11: The Mighty Oz must have realized that the people want an infallible mystical being to tell them what to do, hence the smoke and flames.
998: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-19: The law doesn't really solve problems, merely redistributes them. Only human judgment, rooted in the moment, can solve problems.
999: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-15: Failed romances are one of life's great classrooms. You learn how people really work and how fantasy differs from fact.
1000: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-12: RT @davesniadak: Hey @kilroycafe, I felt the program w/ Lester Holt was really well done. Congrats! Keep up the good work (& don't cross ...
1001: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-09: World's most powerful metaphor: Do you take the red pill and see things as they really are or the blue pill and go back to your delusion?
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