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1: 2016-02-28: RT @Peripatetia: Playing chicken with a train at a railroad crossing in Montana
2: 2015-07-01: If I had a black hat and a curlycue mustache, I'd tie young ladies to the railroad tracks and say, "Are you sure you won't marry me?"
3: 2014-08-25: Too bad we can't see ourselves as others see us, what we're doing to ourselves, how we're running off the rails.
4: 2014-05-26: Out behind the railroad tracks in Chiggiogna (April 23)
5: 2014-01-08: Dastardly black-clad villain with curlicue moustache tying heroine to railroad tracks: "I would never hurt you explicitly."
6: 2013-12-01: Seattle light rail yard (yesterday)
7: 2013-08-19: Worker grievances along the railroad tracks in Council Bluffs (yesterday)
8: 2013-03-14: Milan Central Railway Station, Nov. 8, 1992... or any time in history! - More Europe 1992:
9: 2013-03-10: Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland (2011) looking into a luxury rail car. More from the Highlands:
10: 2012-12-24: Xmas Fact: St. Nicholas was thin as a rail, but Coca-Cola plumped him up and gave his cheeks a rosy glow in the spirit of refreshment.
11: 2012-10-22: Greeley Model Railroad - new photo album shot yesterday. American life in miniature.
12: 2012-07-28: RT @MailOnline: Spectacular photographs show abandoned railway stations left to fall to pieces around the world
13: 2012-07-03: If someone is walking on the railing of a bridge, you can try to save him but you risk pushing him off. Then you're to blame for his fall.
14: 2012-05-10: Norfolk Southern rail yards, Bluefield, West Virginia - 360° panorama
15: 2012-04-20: Video postcard: By train to Mt. Fuji. 19 minute unedited iPhone video from the front cab of a narrow gauge rail car.
16: 2012-04-18: Changing trains in the mountains, to a little two-car private railroad. (@ 大月駅 (Ōtsuki Sta.) w/ 2 others) [pic]:
17: 2012-03-15: With the spread of the telegraph and expansion of railroad networks, I fear the pace of change is too rapid for our feeble minds.—BDL, 1898
18: 2011-11-12: A sinister name and a spooky Star Trek landscape. (@ Dragoon Rail Crossing)
19: 2011-10-11: 360° panorama: Commuter Rail Station, Framingham, Mass.
20: 2011-07-08: Beware of grown men who build tiny railroads in their basements.
21: 2011-07-01: Just paid $80 to a zombie, a young friend who I know will probably use it for meth. Thin as a rail. So sad. So complicated.
22: 2011-05-06: Life is like a railway network without a schedule. Sooner or later a train will pass by going in your direction, but you have to jump on!
23: 2011-03-31: Casablanca dreaming... on such a winter's day! rail: lodging: air:
24: 2011-03-10: model railroading—the creation of perfect miniature worlds to avoid dealing with the imperfect full-scale one.
25: 2011-03-03: When dealing with a teenager, only actions matter, not attitude. Let him rail at you however he wants, as long as he gets the job done.
26: 2011-02-26: You want more? Here's what the strange rail car does when it is not levitating.
27: 2011-02-26: Bizarre train levitation near Clovis, NM, earlier today: - You saw it here, a rail car lifted off its tracks!
28: 2011-01-11: WWWD—What Would Warren Do? At the peak of the financial crisis, he bought a railroad. How many shares of Facebook do you suppose he owns?
29: 2011-01-11: Investment advice for the new Graduate: plastics!... also: railroads, airlines, bathroom fixtures. Leave Tech to the gamblers.
30: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-11: Pennsylvania, with its hills, tunnels and decrepit infrastructure that peaked around 1930, is the spiritual home of all model railroads.
31: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-11: Two handy sites for planning rail trips in Europe:> and
32: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-07: Overheard on the light rail in Phoenix: "In the the future, if you are going to write one of those emails, send it to me first."
33: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-31: Pan Am has been reincarnated as "Pan Am World Railways", a clunky railroad in the Northeast. Saw the name and logo on a boxcar and went HUH?
34: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: "Note to damsels: stay away from men with handlebar moustaches; I am so sick of having to untie you from railroad tracks." @michaelianblack
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