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1: 2017-11-11: Tonight's SNL sketch has just been written. Putin assures Trump: "No, Donald, I would never meddle in elections." (evil smirk)
2: 2017-07-19: "Trump and Putin had second undisclosed meeting" — Facepalm! 🤦‍♂️ You'd think he'd at least TRY not to seem like Putin's puppet.
3: 2017-07-16: As US media attention turns to Russian money laundering, this may be a good time for Mr. Putin to create a new distraction. Watch for it!
4: 2017-07-09: Trump asks Putin about election hacking. That's a liar asking another liar if he lied. That liar says "No", and the first liar believes him.
5: 2017-06-30: Coming next week: the vain and stupid Trump meets the clever and Machiavellian Putin. What can go wrong? #taleoftwosociopaths
6: 2016-11-05: Steven Seagal, Gérard Depardieu — dickheads! Putin can keep 'em. He can have Burt Gurney too.
7: 2015-12-18: RT @nypost: Putin called Trump an "absolute front-runner" in the presidential race and a "bright and talented person"…
8: 2015-12-03: "Putin vs. Erdegon" would be a cool supervillain movie except that it involves NATO, World War III and possible planetary annihilation.
9: 2015-08-13: Russia has no strategic vision. It's just waiting on Putin.
10: 2015-04-18: Putin rewriting Russian history to say nothing bad ever happened.
11: 2015-03-19: Vladimir Putin’s absence proves chaos will be his only successor (Reuters opinion)
12: 2015-03-16: Putin brushes off rumors.
13: 2015-03-16: Is there a slow motion coup under way in Russia? #PutinMissing
14: 2015-03-16: RT @KiritRadia: On Monday #PutinMissing goes away or blows up. If he attends his mtg/looks normal, maybe it was just flu. If not check if S…
15: 2015-03-15: RT @MailOnline: Putin has been 'neutralised' by stealthy coup as rumours about his health continue
16: 2015-03-11: Putin gets double duty from the Nemtsov murder: he loses an enemy and he gets to frame a “murderer” @TIME
17: 2015-03-01: RT @TIME: Why the Kremlin is blaming Putin critic's murder on a 'provocation'
18: 2014-12-22: Vladimir Putin vs. Angela Merkel @guardian
19: 2014-12-05: RT @TIME: Putin’s rambling state of the nation speech unnerves Russia’s elites
20: 2014-11-26: Merkel hits diplomatic dead-end with Putin
21: 2014-11-19: Putinism – the skill of blaming everyone else for problems you created.
22: 2014-10-15: Putin's Kleptocracy. Forbes:
23: 2014-10-07: It's Putin's birthday. How are you celebrating? Here in Ukraine, we're enjoying this bizarre video.
24: 2014-09-27: Putin is doing everything he can to assure Europe's eventual non-dependence on Russian gas. Capitalism will win again!
25: 2014-09-08: RT @nypost: Vladimir Putin has even managed to piss off the Dalai Lama
26: 2014-09-08: Every morning I wake up and check the newsfeeds. What has Putin done today?
27: 2014-09-01: Putin got it wrong. Powerful countries can't unilaterally "correct mistakes of history". Only Israel is allowed to do that.
28: 2014-08-31: RT @MiriamElder: Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine. Silly to think his troublemaking will stop there
29: 2014-08-23: In Syria, Putin was right all along. Don't you hate that?See @washingtonpost
30: 2014-08-19: RT @NewYorker: Masha Lipman asks: Will Putin’s ban on food imports hurt Russia?
31: 2014-08-07: Maybe they deserve him ==> Putin’s popularity soars to 87% in the face of adversity @TIME
32: 2014-07-19: “Putin’s Approval Rating Reaches Record High in Russia” — NOT an Onion article — so sad. See:
33: 2014-03-16: RT @garciaruize: Masha Gessen's sobering piece on why Putin is winning in Russia
34: 2014-03-14: I have just Unliked Vladimir Putin on Facebook. Now it's personal.
35: 2014-03-10: For Putin's next annexation, how about here? Abused and ignored by the central government. Many Russian speakers.
36: 2014-03-10: Cameron and Merkel warn of even harsher words if Putin keeps it up. @Telegraph
37: 2014-03-09: "EU leaders agreed to be jolly annoyed about Putin’s annexation of Crimea," but America has a gas weapon.
38: 2014-03-04: RT @davidhorsey: #Putin may pay for his #ukraineinvasion, if history is a guide. Read me:
39: 2014-03-04: Crimea conspiracy theory: Putin invaded to HELP Ukrainians gain sympathy and $$$€€€ from the West.
40: 2014-03-04: RT @TIME: 4 reasons why Putin is already losing in Ukraine
41: 2014-03-03: "To defeat Putin, turn Ukraine into an economic winner" - Good overview of the Ukraine situation:
42: 2014-03-03: EU opts for general discussion of possible bi-lateral G8 measures to express condemnation so do what you want Vladimir Putin.
43: 2014-02-25: Foreplay wasn't enough for the Russian girl. "Putin!" she cried.
44: 2013-12-22: Like Putin, my political hegemony is reinforced by control of the news media. Nothing happens on my Facebook or Twitter without my approval.
45: 2013-11-18: On My Bucket List: Chop wood, hunt bears and ride horseback shirtlessly with Vladimir Putin.
46: 2013-07-01: On My Bucket List: Put my fate in Vladimir Putin's hands.
47: 2013-06-18: @BadDalaiLama Should it be despotcracy or despotocracy? Examples: Erdogan, Putin, Mubarak.
48: 2013-01-05: Depardick. ==> "Gerard Depardieu arrives in Russia to collect his passport from Putin" re @Telegraph
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