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1: 2017-12-08: You have just been talking with a narcissist if you walk out of the meeting realizing they haven’t ask you a single question. (5 Things Psychopaths and Narcissists Do in Conversation)
2: 2017-08-03: When he loses his White House job, Stephen Miller could have a bright career in Hollywood playing a psychopathic killers.
3: 2016-09-28: Racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, psychopathic narcissist. #notnamingnames #justsaying
4: 2016-05-18: RT @PsychologyTip: How To Spot The 3 Types Of Personality Disorder
5: 2015-08-13: RT @PsychologyTip: Can the Planet Support 11 Billion People?
6: 2015-02-22: Dubious psychic convicted of fraud. Standard headline: "He Should Have Seen It Coming."
7: 2014-10-17: The enabler provides a warm, caring environment where their partner can safely go psycho.
8: 2014-08-26: Codependency is giving someone a warm, caring environment where they can safely go psycho.
9: 2014-08-24: RT @cracked: 6 Bullshit Facts About Psychology That Everyone Believes -
10: 2014-07-23: Learn to use your psychic ability! If you snap your fingers, traffic lights will change. You just have to figure out when to snap them.
11: 2014-07-04: RT @psychoBOBlogy: Scientists Accidentally Discover The Brain's Consciousness "Off Switch"
12: 2014-05-19: The enabler provides a warm, nurturing environment where someone else can safely go psycho.
13: 2014-05-10: It may be sexist, derogatory and stigmatizing, but I reserve the right to call a psycho bitch a psycho bitch if her behavior justifies it.
14: 2014-05-09: 20 years ago today: Groom Lake Desert Rat #8: ~ Psychospy bonds with NSA.
15: 2014-04-28: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
16: 2014-04-06: RT @Telegraph: Psychopaths: how can you spot one?
17: 2014-03-30: Are you a romantic or a realist? See @PsychologyTip
18: 2014-03-30: Humans are terrible lie detectors: @PsychologyTip
19: 2014-03-26: @MinnieGupta Billy Joel, "Always a Woman to Me" — apparently describing a psychopathic Borderline, and he's codependent.
20: 2014-03-21: Which professions have the most psychopaths?
21: 2014-03-17: Is science a religion? How Science Mimics Faith, Scientific American via @PsychologyTip
22: 2014-02-02: Psycho Chicken (Qu'est Que C'est?) - 1980 music video:
23: 2013-12-25: Psychotherapists are fine as long as they tell you what you want. When they start questioning your motives, it's time to cut them loose.
24: 2013-12-19: shitology — a branch of applied psychology, funded by American industry, studying the stupid shit people buy and how to make more of it
25: 2013-12-13: License to Sin—"You want to overindulge, so your mind creates a little story that says: I’ve worked hard, so I deserve it." @PsychologyTip
26: 2013-12-07: Lesson from Kubrick: Reshoot every major scene in your life 127 times until you really are that psycho you are supposed be portraying.
27: 2013-12-04: She's a scratch n' sniff card. You scratch, sniff and it smells like psycho.
28: 2013-11-23: "Defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological strategies to manipulate deny or distort reality to avoid anxiety."
29: 2013-10-12: Psychic accused of bamboozling followers. Say it ain't so! re @paleofuture
30: 2013-10-06: Just the thought of losing control of my brain, and the stupid things I could do, is enough to dissuade me if any psychoactive substance.
31: 2013-09-25: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
32: 2013-09-12: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
33: 2013-08-06: Your choice: psycho ward, prison or Canada.
34: 2013-08-05: The Martha Mitchell Effect — thinking someone is delusional when they were actually accurate. re @psychoBOBlogy
35: 2013-07-26: UFOs and psychic phenomena may indeed be real, but that does not mean pursuing them is the best use of your limited time on Earth.
36: 2013-06-23: Psychological effects of Facebook: envy, stress, addiction.
37: 2013-05-31: Prison psychologist falls in love with prisoner. Tries to help him escape. Goes to prison herself. That's Tragicomedy!
38: 2013-05-20: I can psychically predict that whenever a psychic hotline goes out of business, comedians will say, "They should have seen it coming!"
39: 2013-05-13: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
40: 2013-05-07: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case Against Marriage:
41: 2013-05-07: Introduction to my book "The Case Against Marriage" reprinted by Psychology Tomorrow Magazine:
42: 2013-05-06: RT @Psych2morrowmag: The Case against #Marriage: An Introduction by @BadDalaiLama - | | #Divo…
43: 2013-03-03: RT @WSJ: Psychologists have found it can actually be good for kids to have low self-esteem, at least temporarily.
44: 2013-02-24: Cats open doors psychically: by staring at them and meowing. If it works, they think they understand doors.
45: 2013-01-24: Now it can be told: Hitchcock was a psycho. Who would have guessed?
46: 2013-01-03: RT @jaydixit: What can a professional pickpocket teach psychologists about the nature of attention? @NewYorker #psy ...
47: 2012-12-15: "Psychotherapy" - my first lesbian short film (in written form). Completed today.
48: 2012-12-13: God, aliens and psychic phenomena, if they exist, are keeping a low profile. Until they come out, we have to conduct our lives without them.
49: 2012-12-11: .@DSLikesIt Psychiatrists know it, but not the rest of the world. Everyone wants to treat their partner or the downtrodden.
50: 2012-12-11: On My Bucket List: Become a Freudian psychotherapist and earn huge sums of money just for saying, "I see. Tell me more."
51: 2012-12-11: Psychiatric truth no one wants to admit: Personality disorders are not treatable.
52: 2012-11-12: RT @GeneV318: @BadDalaiLama in the end every affair is with a psycho bitch from hell
53: 2012-11-12: Petraeus might have survived had he a) informed the CIA's own counsel of the affair and b) not done it with a psycho bitch.
54: 2012-11-10: Thinking of changing my career to some unverifiable paranormal field, like Psychic Advisor, Natural Healer or Social Media Expert.
55: 2012-10-18: Go ahead, honk your horn at the traffic you're stuck in. It raises the tension level so maybe some road-rage psycho will take you out.
56: 2012-10-09: This is the kind of psycho-communists Canadians are: First you pump, THEN you pay. #canadiandepravity
57: 2012-10-06: RT @jaydixit: Psychologist Paul Ekman on how to spot a liar. #lying #lietome
58: 2012-09-08: Girl from Ipanema: psycho bitch! You don't know that because you've never even talked to her.
59: 2012-08-27: Fear of abandonment is the motivating force of paranoid psychos everywhere.
60: 2012-08-02: The "psychological immune system" is an instinctive aversion to conditions that seem unsanitary. Sometimes it serves us and sometimes not.
61: 2012-07-24: The lady in the GPS may disagree with me ("Make a U-turn now.") but she never goes psycho bitch wacko about it. I admire that in a woman.
62: 2012-07-14: Where chemistry, marketing and psychological engineering come together, you have "food" from the Frito-Lay Corporation.
63: 2012-07-06: The real psychos are people who can't process shame or acknowledge error, who must project their own flaws onto others. Watch out!
64: 2012-06-01: No matter what psychological issues may be keeping you awake, your problems can be solved by a new mattress (say mattress companies).
65: 2012-05-18: RT @girlweena: When TV psychics channel kids they hear "Ring Around the Rosy". When I channel kids I hear "Jingle bells, Batman smells, ...
66: 2012-05-12: Humans have a "psychological immune system"—an instinctive fear of "germs" that may have saved our ancestors but can cripple us today.
67: 2012-05-03: The greatest cost of a lie is not the moral damage or risk of getting caught but the huge psychological energy required to maintain it.
68: 2012-05-02: RT @bprabawabr: @BadDalaiLama u realize the difference between bugsie and a psychopath is the 'his rights' part :D psychos can be calm & ...
69: 2012-05-02: RT @vintagedamage: @BadDalaiLama Bugs has a tendency toward psychotic breaks and delusions of granduer
70: 2012-04-09: Mood stabilizers and anti-psychotic drugs are a boon to mankind. Antidepressants and mood enhancers are different—more voodoo than medicine.
71: 2012-03-14: A comprehensive medical analysis of Lois Lane. (I'm waiting for a psychological analysis. Lois has dependency issues.)
72: 2012-03-06: You don't really understand life until you understand the mechanisms and psychology of Family Court.
73: 2012-02-14: RT @quippdPsych: RT @sorintranca If you're not sure s/he likes you, try yawning #psychology #goodnight
74: 2012-02-04: Freud's greatest contribution to psychology was the Defense Mechanisms. Here is a list of them:
75: 2012-02-04: Music is a psychology experiment: How do you tickle the neurons of the listener in such a way as to bring them back for more?
76: 2012-01-29: Every meaningful relationship is a form of psychotherapy where both parties come out of it different than when they went in.
77: 2012-01-08: Finally!... a reputable psychic, registered with the Better Business Bureau.
78: 2012-01-03: RT @brainpicker: Situations Matter – Tufts psychologist Sam Sommers on the myth of stable character and how context changes us http://t. ...
79: 2011-12-02: The psychology of nakedness. - A little flesh can vastly change perceptions, via @NoahWG
80: 2011-10-27: Totally psyched for Puss N Boots, opening tomorrow. He's such a scoundrel! Trailer:
81: 2011-10-14: The "psychological immune system" is a system of internal censorship that neutralizes dissenting messages before they reach ones inner core.
82: 2011-10-09: @the_anastasia Dour! This is your "psychotic spinster" persona. A little more life affirmation, please—or at least life observation.
83: 2011-10-04: RT @the_anastasia: With all my education in psychology I'll still never know what goes through the minds of people who buy $3 water.
84: 2011-10-04: @the_anastasia That, my dear, is what psychology is all about!
85: 2011-09-17: RT @brainpicker: Why Americans love chain stores – a psychological perspective
86: 2011-09-09: Romance raises the question: How much do you really want to be entwined in someone else's psychology?
87: 2011-07-24: In January, we made some psychic predictions for 2011. Look how many have already come true!
88: 2011-07-24: BDL Psychic Prediction: Negotiations will reach an impasse, but an agreement will be worked out in the nick of time. #duh
89: 2011-07-24: BDL Psychic Prediction: A prominent politician will be found to have been leading a secret life at odds with his rhetoric. #duh
90: 2011-07-24: BDL Psychic Prediction: A celebrity marriage will disintegrate into a bitter custody battle. #duh
91: 2011-07-24: BDL Psychic Prediction: Terrorism will strike where it is least expected. #duh
92: 2011-07-24: BDL Psychic Prediction: A rising star will soon fall from grace. #duh
93: 2011-07-24: BDL Psychic Prediction: Within the next few months, there will be a major disaster, killing hundreds if not thousands. #duh
94: 2011-07-08: Dear Billy Joel: I know "she's always a woman to you" but to the rest of us she's a psycho. Spare us the details of your masochism.
95: 2011-07-06: RT @quippdPsych: RT @matthiasrascher Why couples look more alike as time passes. #psychology
96: 2011-07-01: The solution to depression is psychotherapy, say psychotherapists.
97: 2011-04-12: RT @NewMindMirror: The Older You Get, the Harder it Is to Multitask - @psychcentral #aging #brain #seniors
98: 2011-04-07: Cambridge University psychopathologist says a lack of empathy is the root of all evil. via @ebertchicago
99: 2011-03-30: Pop psychology focuses on pursuing your dreams and never giving up. Little attention is paid to quitting and cutting your losses.
100: 2011-03-07: .@nihiofkdi "In 'pop' psychiatry." <== LOL! The DSM is not "pop" psychiatry!
101: 2011-03-07: .@nihiofkdi "Narcissism is sexual obsession with the self." <== Not true, at least in psychiatry. See Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
102: 2011-01-18: Divorce is the psychological equivalent of having a limb amputated, except that you'll eventually grow it back.
103: 2011-01-12: You want to psych out cats? Change their names! They're all like, "What? Huh? Well I'm not responding to that one either."
104: 2011-01-07: RT @SocialPsych: ESP Study Published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
105: 2011-01-05: Where chemistry, marketing and psychological engineering come together, you have "food" from the Frito-Lay Corporation.
106: 2011-01-02: The cost of a lie includes not just the moral damage but the huge psychological energy required to maintain it.
107: 2010-12-11: If you believe in willpower, you'll have it. If you don't, you won't. Psychology Today: via @laurenahayes and @abmarkman
108: 2010-12-04: RT @NewMindMirror: Researcher has 10 controversial ideas about evolutionary psychology #psychology #evolution
109: 2010-11-20: The dirty little secret of psychiatry is that cognitive therapy doesn't work. You can't change behavior by talking about it.
110: 2010-11-14: The best thing about ghosts, gods, UFOs and psychic phenomena is they keep a low profile. They mostly leave us alone to live our own lives.
111: 2010-10-26: If psychic phenomena are real, they are unreliable tools for interacting with the world. They are too easily confused with wishful thinking.
112: KilroyCafe: 2011-02-22: Thinking of starting a mail-order university to certify psychics, ghost hunters and UFO researchers. Also social media experts.
113: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-11: RT @TweetSmarter: r/t Twitter: 10 Psychological Insights:
114: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-02: Listening to Billy Joel's "Always a Woman". The classic song of the psycho bitch enabler.
115: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-28: On my bucket list: Put my entire life savings into an unregulated investment that a psychic assures me "can't lose."
116: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-14: Each individual mammal has his own unique personality. Every dog is different: shy, bold, playful, defensive. Each cow has her psychology.
117: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-05: My new Homeless by Choice blog entry: "The Psychology of Keeping Warm"
118: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-04: If you are distressed by the circumstances of your life, psychology and psychiatry won't help you much. That's when you need philosophy.
119: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-27: Psychic phenomena may be real, but they're not reliable. They are too easy to confuse with wishful thinking.
120: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-05: If psychic phenomena are real, it is clear they are an unreliable tool for interacting with the world.
121: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-17: The cost of a lie includes not just the moral damage but the huge psychological energy required to maintain it.
122: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-04: Real hunger comes from a drop in blood sugar. False hunger is a psychological desire for food without the drop. You have to distinguish.
123: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-27: The Psychology of Boom and Bust. LA Times (5/17) "Financial loss can be as traumatic as terminal illness."
124: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: Cats and dogs have an amazing psychic ability. They can open doors by staring at them and whimpering.
125: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-04: I haven't done many drugs, but I can't imagine any psychedelic high that compares to ordinary dreaming. A new adventure every night!
126: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-29: WSJ: "The Psychology of Overeating" - We want sugar, salt and fat, and the food industry is eager to sell it to us.
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