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1: 2017-01-23: All my Instagram videos from the Inauguration protests in Washington.
2: 2017-01-16: Now that Ringling Brothers is shutting down, there's no more need to inflate the protest elephant. (my 2011 video)
3: 2015-05-29: My video of protest in Istanbul's Gezi Park in 2013 now appears in a Germany documentary.
4: 2015-04-16: Heard about a protest at Harvard, so I stopped to check it out. Cool video shot with my iPhone.
5: 2015-01-20: RT @syndicalisms: #Kenya: Police tear gas children protesting the sale of their playground #OccupyPlayGround http://…
6: 2014-10-09: RT @Peripatetia: In Kiev, a tomato protest at Ukraine Parliament (2 days ago) - 9-min video:
7: 2014-05-31: RT @TIME: PHOTOS: Police tear gas protestors on Taksim Square anniversary
8: 2014-05-04: RT @sbadsgood: How Russia deals with protesters.
9: 2014-04-08: Some of my Istanbul Gezi Park protest footage from June has been used in this new German documentary.
10: 2014-04-07: I've had several media requests lately for my Gezi Park protest videos from last June. A remarkable experience!
11: 2014-03-21: @antonio_ares Or Shakespeare: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
12: 2014-03-02: RT @AdamBlickstein: To protest Russian aggression, will be changing all retweet "RT's" to "Freedom" & only using Thousand Island instead of…
13: 2014-02-24: Protesting the oppressive regime of the Other Guy: @DalaiLamaTruth
14: 2013-07-22: Live-tweeting some past tours and events: Kosovo, Cairo, Balkans, Istanbul Protests, Santorini, etc. Facebook album:
15: 2013-06-30: RT @TheEconomist: Technology gives protesters the upper hand, though what they do with it is another question
16: 2013-06-30: RT @TheEconomist: Over the past few weeks, in one country after another, protesters have risen up with bewildering speed…
17: 2013-06-27: RT @TheEconomist: This week's cover preview: The march of protest. June 29th – July 5th 2013
18: 2013-06-25: RT @TelegraphWorld: EU delays Turkish membership talks amid protests
19: 2013-06-24: Kitty Convention (June 22) + more non-protest photos from Istanbul:
20: 2013-06-23: RT @TIME: Erdogan's crisis: How protests undermined the Turkish leader's legacy | (via @TIMEWorld)
21: 2013-06-23: NY Times: Turkish Capital Heats Up as Protests Subside in Istanbul
22: 2013-06-23: Just concluded my dream vacation in Santorini & Istanbul. Paradise, protests and teargas! Satisfying and meaningful.
23: 2013-06-23: Turkey protests — an English-language feed of current news.
24: 2013-06-20: Istanbul Protests: Awesome time-lapse video of crowd being repelled by tear gas on Saturday night.
25: 2013-06-20: Boy outside my hostel, yesterday. + More non-protest photos from Istanbul: -
26: 2013-06-19: Turkish Woodstock! June 6 video tour of Taksim Square & Gezi Park while under control of the protesters #taksim #gezi
27: 2013-06-19: RT @washingtonpost: Turkey protesters' new approach: Standing still
28: 2013-06-18: RT @nytimes: Turkey Arrests Dozens in Crackdown on Protests
29: 2013-06-18: An innovative approach to protesting: Just stand there! - Followup: police arrest protesters:
30: 2013-06-18: RT @washingtonpost: Erdogan's deputy: Government is prepared to use the armed forces against protesters
31: 2013-06-17: protest fatigue — the point where the smell of teargas and reports of thousands gathering nearby just doesn't excite you anymore.
32: 2013-06-16: A feed of real-time news blurbs on Turkish protests. (Reliability is unknown.)
33: 2013-06-16: RT @GabbyStern1: Erdogan tries to inflict 'decisive blow' against protesters before Sunday pro-govt rally: @wsjemre
34: 2013-06-15: Istanbul: Just back from the Saturday night protests. Saw the water cannon. Felt the teargas. It was cool!
35: 2013-06-13: An Uneasy Calm in Istanbul as Protests Continue at Taksim Square
36: 2013-06-12: My eyewitness report on the Istanbul Protests. (new blog entry)
37: 2013-06-12: As Istanbul protests turn violent again, please see my June 6 photos & video from the scene &
38: 2013-06-09: Istanbul Protests - my 17-minute video tour of Taksim Square and Gezi Park just uploaded - What you won't see on CNN!
39: 2013-06-08: The Hug Brigade seen yesterday at the Istanbul protests. - Full album:
40: 2013-06-08: RT @TIME: As Turkey’s protests continue, attention falls on failures of the nation’s media | (via @TIMEWorld)
41: 2013-06-08: RT @TelegraphNews: #Turkey protests: Recep Tayyip Erdogan accuses the EU of double standards
42: 2013-06-08: RT @WSJ: Survey: More than half of the protesters in Turkey have never taken part in a mass demonstration before.
43: 2013-06-08: RT @TIME: Penguins trump protests in Turkish media | (via @TIME_World)
44: 2013-06-07: Now in Syntagma Square, site of many protests and a faux Beatles concert in happier days. My photos:
45: 2013-06-07: Istanbul Protests 2013 - photo album from yesterday now complete!
46: 2013-06-06: The fashion in Istanbul this year + tons of more great photos from today's protests:
47: 2013-06-06: My best relationship shot from today's protests. ... More from Taksim Square, Istanbul:
48: 2013-06-06: Istanbul Taksim Square Protests - my new photos shot 2 hours ago!
49: 2013-06-06: 10-bed dorm all to myself. Heading out to the protests now! (@ Chillout Cengo Hostel) [pic]:
50: 2013-06-05: My flight plan over the next 72 hours, including a day in Istanbul (booked before the current protests).
51: 2013-06-04: Taksim Square protests: 2 killed, hundreds injured or arrested. That's still pretty safe for demonstrations of 100,000+! re @BadDalaiLama
52: 2013-06-04: Istanbul - my Feb. 2011 video of a protest by medical interns near Taksim Square: Diving right in!
53: 2013-06-04: Taksim Square in Istanbul, site of the current protests. (My photo of routine protest in Dec. 2) re @BadDalaiLama
54: 2013-06-04: Istanbul Protests: Here are my photos from some low-level protests in December:
55: 2013-05-27: Anti-gay marriage protesters make a powerful statement.., in favor of whatever they are rallying against!
56: 2013-05-12: I respect your beliefs, no matter what they are. If you believe 2 + 2 = 5, I won't protest. In fact, I'll happily do business with you!
57: 2013-04-19: @MinnieGupta I see you're taking sides on the status of Northern Ireland. Look at all the Protestants you have offended!
58: 2013-03-18: The message of the protesters: "We want stuff but we don't want to pay for it!"
59: 2012-12-30: The greatest danger of a popular protest is the protestors get exactly what they want without considering the damaging consequences.
60: 2012-12-30: The core demand of most protests is: "Someone must fix this problem. Not us, but someone else."
61: 2012-12-03: Che Guevara lives... at Starbucks! ... More protest photos from Istanbul (yesterday):
62: 2012-11-12: Protests on Wall Street - photo album from 2008, featuring the Rev. Jesse Jackson
63: 2012-11-07: Madrid Student Protests, Nov. 2008 - newly uploaded hi-res photos Sample:
64: 2012-10-16: Contrary to the protests of some, failing to take your child to Disney World does NOT constitute child abuse. (*in 49 states except Florida)
65: 2012-10-15: Contrary to the protests of some, failing to take your child to Disney World is NOT child abuse.
66: 2012-07-02: The silent subtext of protests everywhere: "Somebody must take care of us."
67: 2012-07-01: Walmart Protest: What is the Point? (FB note)
68: 2012-07-01: First photos from the anti-Walmart protest in LA's Chinatown yesterday Sample:
69: 2012-07-01: "Rage Against Walmart" - My 12-min video of yesterday's protest in LA's Chinatown. Diving in all the way!
70: 2012-06-29: @xtinewu You're protesting the new Walmart in Chinatown. It's just a little bitty Walmart, but it's the principle. Music! Banners! Action!
71: 2012-06-29: @xtinewu Walstock tomorrow in Chinatown. Get out there and protest!
72: 2012-05-21: My fondest memory of Athens is stumbling on a concert of Beatles music in Syntagma Square. Today, it is Protest Square.
73: 2012-04-08: RT @washingtonpost: Roman "gladiators" climb Colosseum to protest crackdown on snapshots with tourists:
74: 2012-03-29: I assume the anti-abortion protesters who insist adoption is the answer have adopted a lot of children themselves, right?
75: 2011-12-19: It is a lot easier to protest against something than for something, especially if you can't decide what you want.
76: 2011-12-02: There are two kinds of public protests: 1) "We want freedom!" and 2) "Someone must protect us!" So which is it?
77: 2011-11-28: It is one thing to protest a rigged election, quite another to riot over a cut in pay.
78: 2011-11-17: RT @laurenahayes: 99% of the 99%ers at #OWS cannot formulate one coherent sentence to articulate what they're protesting @zerohedge @Gre ...
79: 2011-11-14: ...This Occupy Under The Bed protest failed because it lacked coherent goals.
80: 2011-10-17: RT @MailOnline: Occupy London: 'Anti-capitalist' protesters who aren't averse to Coca Cola or Tesco
81: 2011-10-17: The first step in a street protest is provocation: Keep throwing rocks at the police, and when they finally respond, cry, "Oppression!"
82: 2011-10-16: Protesting in the street is like a dog chasing cars. He doesn't have clue what he would do if he caught one.
83: 2011-10-16: Protests are good for tearing things down. A protest never built anything.
84: 2011-10-16: The message of the protesters: SOMEONE must solve these problems! SOMEONE must take care of us!
85: 2011-10-16: Protesting an economic crisis is about as effective as protesting an earthquake after it has happened.
86: 2011-10-16: What the Occupy protesters need now is a charismatic leader, someone to turn their economic frustrations into a totalitarian regime. #hitler
87: 2011-10-15: It is silly to protest in the streets if you don't have a coherent goal. The Egyptians and Libyans had a goal. Economic protestors don't.
88: 2011-10-13: Inflating the Protest Elephant (A video postcard from Boston)
89: 2011-10-11: History will remember this time as the golden era of ineffective street protests.
90: 2011-07-11: Geo Fact: Gibraltar is British, which Spain has long protested, but Spain has a similar outpost in Africa, Ceuta, which Morocco protests.
91: 2011-02-13: - Enjoying a fine protest in Istanbul. (8 minutes of local disgruntlement)
92: 2011-01-02: Many pretend to change the world by protesting and announcing their opinions. Only a few actually change things by learning the system.
93: 2010-12-29: Video #27: Settlement protests in Jerusalem. I infiltrate two opposing demonstrations in Zion Square. (Dec. 23)
94: 2010-11-26: It is one thing to protest a rigged election, quite another to riot over a cut in pay. That's more like a child's temper tantrum.
95: 2010-11-09: The purpose of protests is to allow people to vent and think they're changing something when in fact they're changing nothing.
96: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-04: The purpose of protests is to allow people to vent and think they're changing something when in fact they're changing nothing.
97: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-14: Photo: A vegetarian protest outside a McDonalds in downtown Boston. (a week ago)
98: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-14: Student protests are about as effective in changing the world as goldfish going on hunger strike inside their fishbowl.
99: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: Hey, students, if the state is cutting your college's budget, get out there and protest! It will make no difference, but you'll feel better.
100: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-17: New Photo Album: "Student Protest at San Diego State University" - F*ck the Budget Cuts!
101: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-12: "Street Protests in Madrid" - my photo album from last year:
102: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-10: I am protesting Frito Lay's human rights policies in [insert location here]. Those are blood chips!
103: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-23: There is no problem in the world that will be resolved by creating a Facebook page for it. Virtual protest is worth nothing.
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