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1: 2018-12-24: Big Money is now threatened by Trump’s erratic actions. Now we will see how much political power Big Money really has. If they are truly powerful, calls will be made, and Trump will be removed.
2: 2018-03-24: Weekend political forecast: Stormy.
3: 2018-03-17: Paying hush money to a porn star to cover up an extramarital affair? No problem. We’re evangelical Christians. We’ll forgive anyone it’s politically convenient to forgive.
4: 2018-03-08: Today’s political forecast: Stormy.
5: 2018-01-22: It is the moral obligation of every responsible politician to outwit and evade the stupidity of the voter.
6: 2018-01-20: Politics favors hindsight.
7: 2017-11-30: Intern to powerful politician: “If you refuse my sexual advances, I will accuse you of sexual harassment.” Can it happen?
8: 2017-08-01: RT @RobbieGramer: Almost a year ago today, @mollymotoole interviewed Gen. John Kelly, who warned generals to stay away from politics. https…
9: 2017-07-14: In love, employment and politics, people do not choose the best qualified candidate but the one who least threatens existing investments.
10: 2017-05-09: Politics aside, I think John McCain and Lindsey Graham are the cutest little Senators that ever was.
11: 2017-04-29: In a bizarre anti-dystopian future, the President of the U.S. is sane and responsible and politicians work together for the common good.
12: 2016-11-21: RT @guardian: How do we fight the loudmouth politics of authoritarian populism? | Paul Mason
13: 2016-11-09: Last night's Colbert was the first shot in the Comedy Civil War of 2016-20. It's comedians vs politicians. You know who'll win the ratings.
14: 2016-11-09: To govern, a politician needs the support of the people but also some respect from the Comedy-Entertainment-Journalism Complex.
15: 2016-11-05: You have the right to express any political opinion you want, but I also have the right to judge you by it.
16: 2016-06-27: @MiriamElder Obviously you would make a poor politician.
17: 2015-09-28: Current world politics, in one photo.
18: 2015-03-15: RT @DaveBethke: @BadDalaiLama Politicians are professional propagandists, twisting the story in favor of themselves.
19: 2014-05-24: "Retroactive activism" is when you join a formerly controversial political movement after it has already become successful.
20: 2014-04-02: Loudly announcing one's political opinions is not the same as having something to say.
21: 2014-03-20: Political statement (source unknown)
22: 2014-03-16: The political position of the proletariat: "Someone who is smarter than us should take care of us."
23: 2014-03-14: Human Politics 101: When someone gets married or has a baby, you're supposed to say "Congratulations!" not "Are you insane?"
24: 2014-01-22: My new poem Ode to a Disgraced Politician... "Did he know what he knew when he knew it?"
25: 2014-01-02: Human Politics 101: They can criticize their own family members, but you can't criticize them.
26: 2013-12-27: Where there are humans there is politics. You can't just say what you think. You have to gauge local sensitivities.
27: 2013-12-22: Like Putin, my political hegemony is reinforced by control of the news media. Nothing happens on my Facebook or Twitter without my approval.
28: 2013-12-15: Politics is the art of managing information so that people are not distracted from the most important goals.
29: 2013-12-15: Politics involves curbing your tongue in favor of getting the behavior you want.
30: 2013-12-10: The main part of human politics is choosing what information to reveal and what to withhold.
31: 2013-12-06: [Insert joke about politician's sex or drug scandal. Use double entendre if possible]
32: 2013-12-06: [Insert political opinion on current government dysfunction]
33: 2013-12-01: The most important politics of all is managing yourself and your own weaknesses.
34: 2013-09-11: Am I the only one still rooting for Wiener and Spitzer? Who else has done more to raise national awareness of New York politics? @freddoso
35: 2013-08-26: In every country, populist politicians preach a return to traditional values—at any cost to civil rights—and the dumb rednecks follow.
36: 2013-08-19: On My Bucket List: Declare my allegiance to a political party.
37: 2013-08-14: On My Bucket List: Take potshots at the political system without making any effort to change it.
38: 2013-07-31: Statutes are the political response to the hysteria of the moment passed by legislators who won't experience the effects of their actions.
39: 2013-07-25: I don't care what a politician does in private as long as it's consistent with his public declarations.
40: 2013-07-23: Dear Eliot: You could have just faded away, but no, you had to get back into politics. That means your past is open game! Re @nypost
41: 2013-07-23: @BadDalaiLama The app is free but extorts huge sums from you to not post tweets that could get you fired or kill your political career.
42: 2013-06-27: On My Bucket List: Master the fine art of empty political rhetoric.
43: 2013-05-27: The root of world hunger is overpopulation and political dysfunction, so any technological solution is bound to fail. (Re @TIME)
44: 2013-05-07: Often it is those who claim liberal politics who have the most bigoted and narrow-minded opinions.
45: 2013-05-02: With infinite mysteries and limitless lines of inquiry, science is the human politics of what gets investigated first.
46: 2013-03-28: On My Bucket List: Change my avatar to show my support for the political fad of the moment.
47: 2013-03-23: RT @washingtonpost: The scary politics of the euro zone
48: 2013-02-11: @girlweena I don't think you're cut out for politics. Exhibit A: You have a Twitter, which every other Pope contestant will use against you.
49: 2013-01-20: I believe no one should be persecuted for their sexual preference, religious beliefs or political affiliations. They are all equally insane!
50: 2012-12-31: Politics is a minefield of words.
51: 2012-12-31: When Al Franken became Senator, discretion kicked in and he stopped being funny. That is the price of politics.
52: 2012-12-28: RT @speedprior: @BadDalaiLama a similar observation would stop 99.9% of political discussions.
53: 2012-12-24: Getting drunk is not a legitimate news story—unless you're a politician who campaigned on claims of sobriety.
54: 2012-12-16: The more ineffectual a person is in their own life, the more time they spend arguing about national politics.
55: 2012-11-17: My Facebook page is not the place for political comments!
56: 2012-11-08: This election map sums up American politics: hicks vs city slickers! Hicks have more land, but slicks got more votes.
57: 2012-09-28: RT @henkpfister: We may not dig his politics, but you have to love the symmetry of Uncle Bibi's e-mail address:
58: 2012-08-31: @Kyoks1 Political mostly.
59: 2012-08-29: On My Bucket List: Join a political party.
60: 2012-08-25: If money alone was enough to soothe the ego, we wouldn't have politicians.
61: 2012-08-20: On My Bucket List: Seek political asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy.
62: 2012-08-13: A contemporary political statement... but wrong car! (Manassas, Virginia, yesterday)
63: 2012-06-25: Europe has a lot of nasty history where people died for their political beliefs. The worst America had was McCarthyism and the Bush era.
64: 2012-06-09: I dream of joining Starfleet so I can help tame rogue planets through a combination of economic sanctions and empty political rhetoric.
65: 2012-05-27: My political affiliation is chartreuse.
66: 2012-05-08: RT @TheEconomist: Even the most sophisticated economic models rarely account for politics, and almost never account for ideology http:// ...
67: 2012-04-13: I could be the Mayor of somewhere on Foursquare, but I'm not an administrator. I don't think I could handle the politics.
68: 2012-03-26: Sexual politics is as old as sex itself. There is always a competition, some carefully guarded secrets and a risk of deception.
69: 2012-03-24: Political statement, Saddle River, New Jersey.
70: 2012-01-27: On My Bucket List: Join Starfleet so I can tame rogue planets through a combination of economic sanctions and empty political rhetoric.
71: 2012-01-20: Regardless of his politics, I will always admire Al Franken. It's easy to snipe from the sidelines. It takes courage to play the game.
72: 2011-12-06: Look at how Earth has handled global warming or the economic crisis and you can imagine the political paralysis if aliens landed.
73: 2011-12-01: On My Bucket List: Have casual sex with a Ghanaian hotel maid in complete disregard of my political career.
74: 2011-10-16: Technology may have exploded in our lifetime, but human politics and behavior have not changed since Roman times.
75: 2011-10-11: RT @MailOnline: Monty Python star Terry Jones: Life of Brian 'couldn't be made today' because of political correctness and relig... http ...
76: 2011-10-08: The world doesn't need your political opinions. If something is within your power to change, do it; otherwise, your words are empty.
77: 2011-07-24: BDL Psychic Prediction: A prominent politician will be found to have been leading a secret life at odds with his rhetoric. #duh
78: 2011-07-08: Eugenics, as a formal program, is politically impossible, but that doesn't prevent couples from practicing it on their own.
79: 2011-07-03: There is wisdom in not revealing your intent until you have to. It avoids unnecessary politics and preserves more options for the future.
80: 2011-06-17: Starting a new political movement: "Protect Gays From Marriage!" Don't fight for a right that makes no rational sense to begin with.
81: 2011-06-17: In a totalitarian regime, government can dictate a "one child policy", but in a democracy it is politically impossible.
82: 2011-06-16: On My Bucket List: Become the subject of a political scandal to which the suffix "-gate" is applied.
83: 2011-06-11: On My Bucket List: Sabotage my own political career through indiscreet postings on Twitter.... Oh, wait, I've already done that!
84: 2011-05-30: A political rally I encountered in Athens a few hours ago... if only I knew what for! 1:42 Syntagma Square.
85: 2011-05-07: "Liberal vs. Conservative" is as old as politics itself. Give either too much power and they'll destroy society.
86: 2011-04-15: Local politics. Just outside the walls of Old Jerusalem: "Free Palestine"
87: 2011-04-05: The average citizen holds political opinions of the greatest perfection—untainted by knowledge or experience.
88: 2011-04-04: For harmony in polite social situations, it is best not to discuss politics, religion or Walmart.
89: 2011-03-26: Once a new technology exists to keep people alive, it is politically unacceptable to not use it.
90: 2011-03-12: Disasters offer the TV viewer colorful entertainment without the complication of human politics.
91: 2011-02-28: Facebook and Twitter are like schoolgirl politics: Certain people get all the friends, while others feel inferior and develop skills.
92: 2011-01-31: Twitter tip: Follow everyone who follows you, allowing DMs, but read from private lists no one sees but you. Less politics that way.
93: 2011-01-22: WASHINGTON—Our new video from the steps of the Capitol: "Political Hot Air" (Video #32) Filmed yesterday!
94: 2011-01-12: Political opinions? The air is full of 'em, as cheap as the breath they're made of.
95: 2011-01-10: Most of what passes for politics is loudly expressing ones opinion while accomplishing nothing with it.
96: 2011-01-06: Predictions for 2011: Certain celebrities and politicians will become ensnared in scandal. It will be revealed that they were very foolish.
97: 2011-01-03: As a rule, celebrities, politicians and people in power are very passive. They won't make decisions or respond to requests unless forced to.
98: 2010-12-30: @ValdemarLethin "Wow, who's not burdened by politics?" (re: pot) <== Oops! Did we stumble into politics there? Sorry, won't happen again!
99: 2010-12-23: There's a certain freedom in not speaking a word of the local language. You can claim ignorance of local politics.
100: 2010-12-17: .@URGodAlso "Where are the smart people? I thought they ran companies & bought politicians..." <== You call that smart? (smart = wise)
101: 2010-12-15: You gotta admire Al Franken, regardless of his politics. Instead of sniping from the outside like most, he moved from talk to action.
102: 2010-12-07: The only legitimate debate in politics is government power and how and when it should be used.
103: 2010-12-07: If all the empty, ineffective words expended on national politics were converted to action in local politics, something might get done!
104: 2010-12-07: We would be happy to hear your political opinions if you are running for public office and plan to use them. Otherwise, it's just hot air.
105: 2010-12-06: The Liberal/Conservative debate is as old as politics itself, with rational arguments on both sides. Emotional convenience makes the choice.
106: 2010-12-06: Spectator politics is jeering from the stands but not joining the game. It gives passive, sedentary people the illusion of action.
107: 2010-12-01: Is global warming real? Yes. Can it be stopped? Probably not. Politics demand action, but most of us have better things to worry about.
108: 2010-11-28: Music, television, web surfing, shopping, sports, political debate... All are a mask for the fact that you haven't done a damn thing.
109: 2010-10-28: No one should be discriminated against for his sexual preferences, religious beliefs or political affiliations. They are all equally insane!
110: 2010-10-21: Lying is costly and should be avoided, but that doesn't mean you should reveal everything you know. Human politics demand discretion.
111: 2010-10-08: RT @DrkIntellectual: Many remain apathetic about politics but claim to care strongly about people; politics is the science of managing p ...
112: 2010-10-06: RT @KilroyCafe: Dog shows, talent contests, beauty pageants — there's nothing unbiased about them! The winner is chosen by the politics ...
113: 2010-09-20: The greatest wasters of human potential are poverty, war, political repression, drugs and spectator sports.
114: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-20: RT @BadDalaiLama: The greatest wasters of human potential are poverty, war, political repression, drugs and spectator sports.
115: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-10: The politics of society require us to live a dual life: what we say in public and what we privately know to be true.
116: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: Education can teach only politically correct knowledge. It rarely includes the biased wisdom of someone who has worked in the field.
117: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-06: Dog shows, talent contests, beauty pageants — there's nothing unbiased about them! The winner is chosen by the politics of the moment.
118: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-26: "Zero Tolerance" is a nice political slogan, but in practice it's impossible. You'd end up throwing everyone in jail!
119: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-04: In politics, someone has to defend the concept: "Government that governs the best governs the least." Without this voice, we're doomed!
120: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-27: "You cannot adopt politics as a profession and remain honest." -Ambrose Bierce via @henryjennings - It's the nature of the beast!
121: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-23: Throughout human political history, most "bold initiatives" have lead to deep shit.
122: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-11: The political circus of Liberal v. Conservative masks a more basic government problem: intervene or leave alone? The answer: Whatever works!
123: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-20: The only lasting solution to the world's social ills is politically impossible: the restriction and licensing of childbirth.
124: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-23: The politics of love: Everyone wants the "best" romantic partner but, more importantly, one who won't threaten one's ego.
125: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-26: I believe no one should be persecuted for his sexual preferences, religious beliefs or political affiliations. They're all equally insane!
126: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-25: Political opinions? The air is full of 'em, as cheap as the breath they're made of. I see no great use in adding mine or even in having any.
127: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-08: The easy way to deal with Sarah Palin is give her her own TV talk show. She'll be happy, out of politics and those who want to tune in, can.
128: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-27: Those health warnings on cigarettes and liquor are completely ineffective in changing behavior. The effort is purely political.
129: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-15: All conspiracy theories are confounded by human politics, in that it's hard to get evil conspirators to agree on anything.
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