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1: 2018-01-16: The bank robber, caught with the cash in his hands, told police, “Believe me, I am the least criminal person you have ever met in your entire life.“
2: 2017-11-14: Police officer: "I clocked you doing 87 in a 55 zone."
3: 2017-06-12: Shaken down for bribes by Nairobi police yesterday. My story on Facebook: #corruption #kenyacorruption
4: 2017-03-18: Language Police: It's time for Playboy to end its sexism. It should change its name to Playperson and cater to all genders. ♂♀⚥⚦⚧⚲⚤⚣⚢☿
5: 2017-03-05: Language Police: "crocodile tears" is discriminatory and prejudicial, not only to crocodiles but all reptiles. Use "Bogorad's syndrome".
6: 2015-03-06: “moralizing high gods (MHGs) helped societies outgrow their limited ability to police, by threatening freeloaders with retribution” @sciam
7: 2015-01-20: RT @syndicalisms: #Kenya: Police tear gas children protesting the sale of their playground #OccupyPlayGround http://…
8: 2014-08-28: Dispose of your enemies easily: Hack into their computer, deposit child porn there and tip off the police. How many have been framed?
9: 2014-08-18: If you see a police car ahead of you driving above the speed limit, you can cry "Injustice!" but the thing you don't want to do is pass him.
10: 2014-05-31: RT @TIME: PHOTOS: Police tear gas protestors on Taksim Square anniversary
11: 2014-05-07: Language Police: Say "women and men" not "men and women", to make up for centuries of male-dominated discrimination. #affirmativeaction
12: 2014-04-26: If police practiced "zero tolerance", every car going 1 mph over the speed limit would be pulled over and nothing would move.
13: 2014-02-11: She was found frozen to death in the mall parking lot, still clutching her iPhone. Police checked it for her last text and final selfie.
14: 2014-01-06: Language Police: Don't call them "books". That makes them sound dusty, irrelevant and wasteful of trees. Use "legacy media".
15: 2013-12-03: RT @MailOnline: Police in Iceland offer condolences after shooting criminal dead
16: 2013-10-13: Language Police: Stores don't hold "sales" anymore. They have "savings events".
17: 2013-09-10: Language Police: Don't call them "poor". They are "coping with an inadequate revenue stream".
18: 2013-08-28: Language Police:
19: 2013-08-14: Language Police: Don't call them "idiots". That's derogatory. They are Persons Of Limited Intellectual Capacity Exercised (POLICE).
20: 2013-08-12: Language Police: Don't call someone "dead". This is insensitive to religions that believe in an afterlife. Use "not currently interactive".
21: 2013-07-16: RT @nytimes: Turkish Police Detain 30 in Crackdown on Demonstrators
22: 2013-06-21: Istanbul: Armored police vehicle outside my window. @ Chillout Cengo Hostel
23: 2013-06-18: An innovative approach to protesting: Just stand there! - Followup: police arrest protesters:
24: 2013-06-16: Teargas in the air. It is starting again! Riot police rush past the hostel.
25: 2013-06-16: Taksim Update: All quiet. Police are holding the square and park. Crowds gone home–for now. Pro-government rally will be far away.
26: 2013-06-16: Preaching peace from on top of a police car, yesterday in Taksim Square before the crackdown.
27: 2013-06-16: Co-written by a guy at my hostel ==> RT @latimes: Turkish riot police clear demonstrators from Istanbul park
28: 2013-06-15: Gezi park has been cleared by police.
29: 2013-06-15: Best riot police photo, taken a few minutes ago. @BadDalaiLama
30: 2013-06-15: Riot police move into Taksim Square - new photo album uploading now from the scene - Come back soon for more!
31: 2013-06-15: Me and the riot police earlier today.
32: 2013-06-15: Riot police directly outside my window. @BadDalaiLama
33: 2013-06-15: Police below me. @BadDalaiLama
34: 2013-06-15: I'm holed up in my third floor hostel with 20 others, windows closed and dark, watching police action below. @BadDalaiLama
35: 2013-06-15: Police shoot teargas outside my hostel. Right now! @BadDalaiLama
36: 2013-06-15: @BadDalaiLama Correction: not cool! Police have pushed far beyond Taksim. A teargas shell went off outside my hostel, far from Taksim.
37: 2013-05-07: Both liberalism and conservatism, left unchecked, would lead to a police state. Perhaps we need them to expend energy on each other.
38: 2013-04-30: "If you see something, say something!" – Instead of deterring terrorism, slogans like this may simply overwhelm police with trivial reports.
39: 2013-04-30: In a small town with little crime, police justify their existence by "finding" more crime and suspicious incidents than big city police.
40: 2013-04-30: An illicit wedding photo in Porterville CA on April 27 earned me a lengthy interview with local police. The story:
41: 2013-03-24: "Police watchdog probe death of man..." <== Kooky British grammar that considers "watchdog" a plural. re @MailOnline
42: 2013-02-27: Police action in Riverside (earlier this evening)
43: 2013-01-25: @BobBlahBlawg We need a Federal Caloric Police Force to visit all restaurants to make sure all dishes have been properly assayed.
44: 2013-01-15: Motel 6 in Lantana FL pays for police protection: a cop stationed outside all night. Does that mean those who don't pay get less protection?
45: 2013-01-13: On My Bucket List: Police the Internet, drawing public attention to all instances of inaccuracy or fraud.
46: 2012-12-10: RT @MailOnline: Australian police warn Apple maps 'could kill' after users looking for city are directed to barren outback ...
47: 2012-11-10: Don't blame Walmart for selling junk food. They are not the food police. The consumer chooses the menu; Walmart just displays the options.
48: 2012-04-09: NSA police accompanied me back to my car so they could run my plates. "Standard procedure."
49: 2012-04-08: The BEST EVER cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" sung by a drunk in the back of a police car. via @Andreaof9
50: 2012-03-15: Wouldn't be my first choice of method. How? ==> L.A. woman commits suicide with chainsaw, police say
51: 2012-01-26: Language Police: "skunk" is derogatory and odorist. The preferred term is "polecat" (and they're good eatin' if you fix 'em right).
52: 2012-01-04: A bad marriage is the ultimate police state, with Big Brother watching your every move for signs of disloyalty.
53: 2011-12-23: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" describes the ultimate police state. Big Brother sees and knows all. Even pouting gets you in trouble!
54: 2011-12-04: Both liberalism and conservatism, allowed to proceed unchecked, will end in a police state.
55: 2011-12-01: Language Police: Don't call it "retreat". It's "strategic regressive reposturing".
56: 2011-11-04: Language Police: The terms "cowboy" and "cowgirl" are sexist and belittling. Use "cowperson" or "cattle management professional".
57: 2011-11-03: So what will happen in a few weeks when Greece can't pay its police and army and its government ceases to function? This is unfathomable!
58: 2011-10-17: The first step in a street protest is provocation: Keep throwing rocks at the police, and when they finally respond, cry, "Oppression!"
59: 2011-08-12: Rome's gladiators arrested by police <== I met those guys last summer!
60: 2011-07-17: Language Police: The feminine form of "douche bag" is "douche baguette", not "slut". Douchebagism does not necessarily imply sluttiness.
61: 2011-05-25: I saw downed trees and power lines, but the streets are open. Lots of police cars, and I turned back when one seemed to block the road.
62: 2011-04-02: Language Police: "cowboy" is sexist to both human and animal. Use "cattleperson" or "cattle management professional".
63: 2011-03-28: "The emperor has no clothes!" cried the boy, at which point the secret police took him away and he was never heard from again.
64: 2011-03-10: Language Police: You don't call them "fatties" anymore. That's derogatory. They're Obese Americans. {1/29}
65: 2011-03-02: The purpose, ego and funding of the police derives from fighting crime. This gives them a bias to find crime—whether or not it exists.
66: 2011-02-21: You would confess to a crime you didn't commit if you believe the police hold all the cards and you'll get worse punishment if you don't.
67: 2010-12-28: As deceptive as advertising may be, it would be even more offensive for the government to police claims that are merely implied, not stated.
68: 2010-12-20: Language Police: They aren't "Gypsies" anymore. They're "Romani people". Also: "Bohemians" are now "employment challenged".
69: 2010-12-19: Language Police: "topless" has risqué and pornographic connotations. Use "topfree".
70: 2010-12-18: Language Police: "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are sexist and belittling. Use "personfriend". Thank you for your cooperation.
71: 2010-12-17: Language Police: "smart" has connotations of elitism and superiority. Use "idiocy challenged".
72: 2010-12-17: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" describes the ultimate police state. Big Brother sees and knows all. Even pouting gets you in trouble!
73: 2010-12-16: The 4th body of a strangled, nude young woman has been discovered in Philadelphia. "It is a suspicious death," said Police Commissioner.
74: 2010-12-16: Language Police: "dinosaur" is derogatory, implying something inefficient, overgrown and destined for oblivion. Use "jurassic reptile".
75: 2010-12-15: Language Police: "cowboy" and "cowgirl" are sexist and belittling. From now on: "cowperson". Thank you for your cooperation.
76: 2010-12-14: FACEBOOK CRIMEWAVE! Facebook crimes up 540% in 3 years. Police chiefs sound the alarm. (Duh! Who was on FB 3 yrs ago?)
77: 2010-12-12: Police can always find more or less crime by adjusting their tolerance. "Speeding" can start at 5 mph above the limit or 15. They choose.
78: 2010-12-12: Police owe their existence—and ego—to crime. If they can't find it, they are nobody. Find it, and they become powerful. That's the bias.
79: 2010-12-04: Both liberalism and conservatism, allowed to proceed unchecked, will end in a police state.
80: 2010-11-15: You cannot police the belief systems of others, only your own.
81: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: Language Police: "dinosaur" is a derogatory term implying something inefficient, overgrown and destined for oblivion. Use "Jurassic reptile"
82: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-06: Language Police: They aren't "Gypsies" anymore. They're "Roman Peoples".
83: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-12: Language Police: "cowboy" and "cowgirl" are sexist and discriminatory. From now on: "cowperson". Thank you for your cooperation.
84: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-12: Language Police: "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are sexist and discriminatory. Use "personfriend". Thank you for your cooperation.
85: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-22: World's dumbest airport security announcement: "The Seattle police and fire departments are here to serve you. In an emergency dial 911."
86: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-10: Police owe their existence - and ego - to crime. If they don't find it they are nobody. Find it, and they become powerful.
87: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-10: Police can always find more or less crime by adjusting their tolerance. "Speeding" can start at 5 mph above the limit or 15. They choose.
88: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-08: In practice, police don't ticket drivers for 1 mph above the speed limit, only 10+ mph. This is the unwritten leniency the law must have.
89: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-03: Marriage was living with the Thought Police. I got in trouble for what I said, what I thought and what I might say or think in the future.
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