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1: 2018-01-16: The bank robber, caught with the cash in his hands, told police, “Believe me, I am the least criminal person you have ever met in your entire life.“
2: 2017-12-04: Robert Mueller will be Time’s Person of the Year, because I won’t do it. Time begged me but I said no.
3: 2017-12-01: I love humans. They can be delightful. Some of my best friends are humans. I’m just not so keen on interacting with them in person on a daily basis.
4: 2017-11-26: Trump has awarded himself Time magazine’s Person of the Year for the second year in a row. No need to wait for Time to do it. Of course, if Time now gives it to someone else, it will be liberal retribution and #fakenews.
5: 2017-11-11: "Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference," said Aristotle, proving he was a douche.
6: 2017-07-25: Personal perspective starts with being able to look in the mirror and seeing what everyone else is seeing.
7: 2017-07-25: Legal Q: When someone gets ill, everyone sends their thoughts and prayers, but if you don't send them and that person dies, is it murder?
8: 2017-05-19: The FBI just named me a "person of interest". That's a good thing, right? They think I'm interesting.
9: 2017-05-19: RT @BadDalaiLama: On My Bucket List: Become a Person of Interest.
10: 2017-03-22: I throw all my friends under the bus. It's nothing personal. It's your fault for trusting me.
11: 2017-03-22: Facial hair, tattoos, fashion, fragrance or jewelry are not a substitute for personality.
12: 2017-03-21: Personality is a story of investment. The more you invest in something, the more you believe in it, regardless of whether it's good for you.
13: 2017-03-18: Proposed personality metric: "integrative complexity" — How deeply has a person thought things through?
14: 2017-03-13: RT @rabihalameddine: Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.
15: 2017-01-15: Trump crippled by Twitter speed limit. Can only insult one person at a time.
16: 2016-11-02: RT @preciosatt: I wish that I could fall asleep and wake up on November 9 with the right person as President and all of this would have bee…
17: 2016-11-01: Donald Trump is the least racist person, says Donald Trump. Clip from #fullfrontal with #samanthabee - #trumpracist #trumpbookreport #trump
18: 2016-10-28: Words are weak weapons for addressing someone's personality flaws. Only hard experience has a chance of changing them.
19: 2016-07-31: RT @Peripatetia: For those of us who haven't yet had a chance to be personally insulted by Donald Trump, Ti… https:…
20: 2016-05-18: RT @PsychologyTip: How To Spot The 3 Types Of Personality Disorder
21: 2016-05-18: Being the oldest person in the world may sound cool until you realize there's a younger competitor ready take your place in a few days.
22: 2015-12-18: RT @nypost: Putin called Trump an "absolute front-runner" in the presidential race and a "bright and talented person"…
23: 2015-09-18: The risk of any intimate relationship is that you become the scapegoat for the other person's insecurities.
24: 2015-08-10: RT @audipenny: person: go for it, what's the worst that could happen
25: 2015-07-26: To see Borderline Personality Disorder in action, watch this 3-minute video:
26: 2015-07-26: Small towns are proud to be the birthplace of a famous person, but he found fame only because he escaped, and he probably wouldn't go back.
27: 2015-06-20: The flip side of love: Any attention devoted to one person is disengaged from the rest of the world.
28: 2015-05-29: On My Bucket List: Become a Person of Interest.
29: 2015-05-14: May is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month. We need to raise awareness that the rest of us should stay away from these people.
30: 2015-05-09: What you see of someone else's personality is determined by your own.
31: 2015-05-07: You, personally, cannot to change another adult's personality, but you may come to see a different side of it.
32: 2015-02-22: I was injured in an accident while distracted by a brightly lit billboard for a personal injury attorney. Who should I sue?
33: 2015-02-04: RT @guardian: Believing that life is fair makes you a terrible person | Oliver Burkeman
34: 2015-01-22: Give the average person a million dollars and he'll buy a million-dollar house and be broke all over again.
35: 2015-01-19: Personal development proceeds through a series of unforeseeable stages, each of which seems to be the final stage at the time.
36: 2014-12-25: Integrity is a person acting as though history were watching,
37: 2014-11-18: stuffoholic — person addicted to the acquisition, maintenance and protection of stuff. Defined by possessions, they have no other identity.
38: 2014-11-12: RT @cracked: Do your actions benefits society? 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person -
39: 2014-10-26: The most valuable personality trait: conscientiousness — being "efficient, organized, neat, and systematic" @TIME
40: 2014-10-26: Incompetence is when a job is assigned to someone who can't handle it. They aren't necessarily a bad person, just misplaced.
41: 2014-10-22: RT @nypost: "10 reasons I'm a better person because my parents are divorced" by @lizabeth_kiefer via @TeenVogue
42: 2014-08-28: Most wars are explained less by economic and social factors than by the ego and personal sensitivities of the aggressor country's leader.
43: 2014-08-22: RT @cracked: We can smell people's personalities and emotions. The 5 Weirdest Sixth Senses Humans Have (Without Knowing It) -…
44: 2014-08-11: @HumanBeam Lady Gaga is a marketing concept, not a person, like Betty Crocker.
45: 2014-07-30: Personality defined by behavior is more powerful than anything etched on the skin or declared by a uniform.
46: 2014-07-10: Beloved actor Andy Griffith dies, which is fine for him. Personally, I'd die of embarrassment if I died "beloved".
47: 2014-06-29: RT @Peripatetia: My new overview of my Instagram account, including live links to my personal hashtags.
48: 2014-06-10: Personal mistakes + rationalization to defend those mistakes = evil
49: 2014-05-27: "Overshare" is revealing too much. "Undershare" is revealing too little, jealously guarding every personal detail. Both can be narcissistic.
50: 2014-05-26: Man is so obese he can’t leave his room. The question then: Who is feeding him? Isn’t that person the real problem? Re: @nypost
51: 2014-05-06: I think we need a word to describe the discrimination and stereotypes regularly suffered by persons like myself. Antiwhitemiddleagemaleism?
52: 2014-05-03: The person most hurt by religious fundamentalism is the fundamentalist, who is inevitably drawn into bad personal decisions based on faith.
53: 2014-05-01: Personality is an individual's habitual style of information processing, exhibited across a wide variety of circumstances.
54: 2014-03-16: The past you is a different person. You don't have to defend them. You only have to accept them.
55: 2014-03-14: I have just Unliked Vladimir Putin on Facebook. Now it's personal.
56: 2014-02-28: The Statute of Limitations on personal life mistakes is 5 years, unless they involve procreation in which case your liability is unlimited.
57: 2014-02-05: RT @latimes: Facebook marks its 10th birthday by allowing you to create personalized "Look Back" videos
58: 2014-01-12: Novel idea: Unusual detective with amusing personality quirks investigating a murder among a cast of colorful characters.
59: 2014-01-12: The social world runs on unwritten rules. Just one person who doesn't get them can totally disrupt any environment.
60: 2014-01-05: systems to protect the safety of the public vs. systems that discourage personal responsibility
61: 2013-12-24: Suicide is less a personal solution than an attempt to manipulate others or express your grudge against the universe.
62: 2013-12-24: Personally, I think Santa with a reindeer hat is Christmas Imagery Overload (Petersburg, VA, today)
63: 2013-12-21: Someday, I want to become a put-ideas-into-words person. I know there's a better word for that, but I can't think of it.
64: 2013-12-14: RT @rigobertomeza: Me apenan las sabias decisiones que el destino ha tomado por mi y que yo personalmente debí haber tomado hace muchos año…
65: 2013-12-12: I like to keep a little souvenir of each person I have enjoyed. A finger, a toe. They don't take up much space in my Suitcase of Horrors.
66: 2013-12-06: [Insert personal recollections of famous person who just died]
67: 2013-12-04: Marijuana is your guarantee that personal growth and change are over. Look around you, Mellow Dude. Whatever you see, that's it.
68: 2013-12-01: The benefits of being "good" are personal and practical and do not require a God looking over your shoulder.
69: 2013-11-17: When you can't change the person, change the subject.
70: 2013-11-16: People are enslaved less by outside oppressors than by their own personality.
71: 2013-11-16: Personality is a pattern of behavior and style of thinking repeated consistently in a variety of circumstances.
72: 2013-10-20: Layers are good in a person. Layers of deception are not.
73: 2013-10-09: Human relations is the study and management of individual personalities—like a zookeeper knowing his animals. Pet the koala, not the tiger.
74: 2013-09-28: Paranoia can give you a face-saving explanation for any personal mistake you have made. You didn't sabotage your life; someone else did.
75: 2013-09-03: For every noble volunteer effort, a community united for a common cause, there usually ends up being one person doing most of the work.
76: 2013-08-29: For every rags-to-riches story there is a riches-to-rags one—often the same person.
77: 2013-08-21: Everyone needs firewalls — personal boundaries to protect the integrity of your own system and keep others from corrupting it.
78: 2013-08-19: Someone's personal "credit rating" is whether, in the past, they have done what they say they're going to do, reliably and on time.
79: 2013-08-14: Language Police: Don't call them "idiots". That's derogatory. They are Persons Of Limited Intellectual Capacity Exercised (POLICE).
80: 2013-08-08: You don't improve a relationship by handcuffing yourself to the person you love.
81: 2013-07-27: RT @Telegraph: Beware 'night owls': Study finds people who stay up late tend to have more evil personality traits
82: 2013-07-26: Assange and Snowden seem to have stimulated a legitimate public policy debate in spite of their disability of being personally fucked up.
83: 2013-07-21: A healthy personal defense system should protect you from the problems of the outside world while still letting you know that they exist.
84: 2013-06-28: Campbell's Personality Classification System, circa 1995
85: 2013-06-19: For my own personal teargas experience, go to this point in the video: - re: @BadDalaiLama
86: 2013-06-13: Integrity is a person acting consistently with what he claims to be.
87: 2013-06-04: If you don't have "Verified" on your Twitter or Facebook account, how do you know you're a real person?
88: 2013-05-15: There is no person on Earth who has not, in some sense, been scarred and crippled by their childhood.
89: 2013-05-10: Love is an emotional condition in which you accept and defend the delusions and hypocrisies of another person.
90: 2013-05-07: Manic-depressive cycle of life: exuberance leading to a debilitating crash. Every person and generation must experience it for themselves.
91: 2013-04-16: Scientists are scientific only regarding science. In their personal lives, they are as irrational as the rest of us.
92: 2013-04-09: Yooper — n. a person raised in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. (Do you know why?)
93: 2013-03-28: Marriage is the end of personal growth outside the narrow range predefined by the relationship.
94: 2013-03-14: Bad personal choices transcend all socioeconomic classes. Whatever opportunities one has, they will probably be squandered.
95: 2013-02-24: Once upon a time, I was a Mac person.
96: 2013-02-23: Paranoia may protect you from some dangers but it also blocks personal growth, so the life you're protecting isn't worth much.
97: 2013-02-15: Do I want a personalized shopping experience? How about I tell you what I want and you give me a price. Is that personal enough?
98: 2013-02-15: Actually, I would rather not have a personalized shopping experience.
99: 2013-01-30: Every movie character needs a personality disorder—some dysfunctional mode of behavior that seems rational to them but looks loony to us.
100: 2013-01-30: @theslowcentury An interview is only as intelligent as the person doing the interviewing.
101: 2013-01-25: Success, for most, is the end of personal growth.
102: 2013-01-16: William Goldman (writer of Butch Cassidy etc) in new interview via @lawnrocket 1.5 hours. Mostly his personal history.
103: 2013-01-13: Romantic relationships are successful only when power is relatively equal and each person remains responsible for their own problems.
104: 2013-01-12: RT @bybeautydamned: A person who hates himself will never be able to respect the person who loves him.
105: 2013-01-10: How come Google doesn't know about "tum jacket"? Am I the only person who still has one?
106: 2013-01-09: When we fall in love we usually fall also into the futile exercise of trying to change our partner's personality.
107: 2013-01-03: Each person is drawn to their own form of eroticism. Personally, I'd like to see Hugh Hefner's prenuptial agreements. They must be awesome!
108: 2013-01-03: RT @KilroyCafe: You never know what a person is really like until after the honeymoon.
109: 2012-12-18: There are 7 billion on the planet. If you grieve personally for every tragedy, disaster and injustice, you will get very very tired.
110: 2012-12-17: Personal growth: Take a car, improve its features one by one, and soon you have an entirely different car, even though it feels the same.
111: 2012-12-16: The more ineffectual a person is in their own life, the more time they spend arguing about national politics.
112: 2012-12-12: If one fat person marries another, they'll both get REALLY fat. Same with any other mutual defect.
113: 2012-12-11: Suicide is not caused by misfortune but by an inflexible personality. If one misfortune doesn't trigger an attempt, another one will.
114: 2012-12-11: Psychiatric truth no one wants to admit: Personality disorders are not treatable.
115: 2012-12-11: External treatment cannot change an internal personality trait.
116: 2012-12-11: The war against drugs isn't working, but that doesn't imply treatment works either. Maybe nothing works except personal choice.
117: 2012-12-09: Personal Ethics 101: Just because something is legal doesn't make it prudent, moral or wise.
118: 2012-12-08: Personal disasters from theft and malicious intent by others: 1%. Personal disasters arising from my own foolish mistakes: 99%.
119: 2012-11-25: Personal growth is the progressive journey out of childhood narcissism.
120: 2012-11-25: One thing I am hiding from my personal timeline is my stripper past. I am okay with it, but some people wouldn't understand.
121: 2012-11-25: On My Bucket List: Record every trivial detail of my personal life on social media, because I know people are dying to know.
122: 2012-11-21: The Internet can give you ample facts about a place, person or process, but you can't know how the facts fit together without being there.
123: 2012-11-21: Little incremental changes in your personality add up over the years until you find you're a completely different person.
124: 2012-11-12: Attention married people: Anyone who would have an affair with a married person is someone you don't want to have an affair with.
125: 2012-11-12: Twitter: my personal guarantee that I will never hold public office.
126: 2012-11-11: Rare is the person who knows his own capacities and can accurately predict his own behavior.
127: 2012-11-11: The only thing that has a chance of changing personality is swift and painful consequences. Words are not enough.
128: 2012-11-11: Words are weak weapons in changing personality. Anything you say will be twisted around to suit the delusions of the person receiving them.
129: 2012-11-06: Personal Boundaries 101: If you give and give and give, others will take and take and take.
130: 2012-11-05: Every great story—fiction or nonfiction—is about personality change.
131: 2012-11-05: The most valuable personality trait is actively seeking out and assimilating views that conflict with your own.
132: 2012-11-05: Mistakes can be corrected, but personality traits are deeply held and are rarely changed from the outside.
133: 2012-11-05: Knowing someone's personality flaw that is sabotaging their goals doesn't mean you can tell them about it. They'll only get defensive.
134: 2012-11-05: Explain color to the colorblind or empathy to the autistic: can't be done. No words can describe what a person is incapable of seeing.
135: 2012-10-28: Hypothesis: Sanitation may be good for others (when you have a cold) but it is bad for you personally, since it weakens your defenses.
136: 2012-10-18: @TheBosha Don't blame the discharge person for doing her job: regulating your discharges.
137: 2012-09-26: @Emma_Jakeways We all must cope with personal tragedy in our own way. #ptsd
138: 2012-09-22: "Personal Growth and the Threshold of Pain" - my new philosophy essay written this morning.
139: 2012-09-19: Beauty is not virtue, but it is fair to discriminate based on "self-maintenance"—how well a person takes care of the body they have.
140: 2012-09-09: Everyone who does bad things is a nice person inside. Unfortunately, you have to respond to the overt behavior.
141: 2012-09-03: RT @KilroyCafe: Each person has built his life on a platform of delusion. It is not your role to pull it out from under him.
142: 2012-09-01: You are the person you choose to be. Others may not recognize it but that doesn't prevent you from being it.
143: 2012-08-29: RT @KilroyCafe: Before the GPS, people navigated by the stars, compass, paper maps, road signs and the nagging complaints of the person ...
144: 2012-08-25: Personal meaning is derived from how your body responds to the world. You want to sustain good feelings and reduce bad ones over time.
145: 2012-08-20: Just because an injustice touched you personally doesn't make it the best cause to fight for. You still have to use your resources wisely.
146: 2012-08-14: RT @KilroyCafe: A person's most obvious self-destructive trait is exactly the thing you can't talk to them about. You'll only get anger, ...
147: 2012-08-08: RT @LIFECOACHERS: Self-administered orgasms are a wise choice for the budget conscious person.
148: 2012-08-01: It is easy to fixate on an object or person that will supposedly solve all our problems. Only when we obtain it do we see our delusion.
149: 2012-07-31: RT @domesticH: if you’ve never yelled “I’M NOT YOUR PERSONAL GOOGLE SEARCH!” you probably don’t have kids.
150: 2012-07-29: RT @Fuliginosus: @BadDalaiLama It works both ways. The person who manages an organization may be clueless about the fundamental realitie ...
151: 2012-07-22: The downside of romantic loyalty: Once you "lock in" your attachment to one person, you lock out all the better partners you could have had.
152: 2012-07-17: You admire a young person with a disability who still lives a full life. They don't just give up. Why should an aging body be any different?
153: 2012-07-17: On My Bucket List: Share intimate details of my personal life with dozens of strangers who don't really care.
154: 2012-07-10: The manic person is usually quick to anger. He has little patience for your claims that his schemes make no sense.
155: 2012-07-10: You can't tell a manic person they're manic. They'll either ignore you or bite your head off.
156: 2012-07-09: Intervention sometimes works, but only when there is a significant buy-in from the person being helped.
157: 2012-07-07: Someone who will give you the shirt off his back has poor personal boundaries.
158: 2012-07-05: In the end, the only person you can depend on to use their intelligence is you.
159: 2012-07-05: Theoretical scientists like to see their pursuit as "pure" because they aren't personally making weapons out of their discoveries.
160: 2012-07-04: You can learn a lot about a person's inner geography by observing what inputs generate anger.
161: 2012-07-02: Sexual fantasies are usually shattered as soon as the object of your desire speaks freely and reveals their true personality.
162: 2012-06-27: The highest attribute of an individual is being one integrated, self-consistent person and not multiple personalities sabotaging each other.
163: 2012-06-27: RT @KilroyCafe: Personality is not open to reason, negotiation or gentle persuasion. Only extended pain has a chance of changing it.
164: 2012-06-27: Love leads you to overestimate the other person's capabilities. If they disappoint you, the fault lies not in them but in you.
165: 2012-06-14: Personally, I like a ♀ who's not all ♀♀ as that would make a ♂ like me irrelevant.
166: 2012-06-11: RT @RowdyPrimate: I just hope the owners of social networks appreciate how useless my personal information is. Go ahead, mine this fool' ...
167: 2012-06-08: There are smart people and dumb people. Every person is valuable, but only a few are worth investing your time in.
168: 2012-06-06: narcitweet — n. a Twitter post of personal information of little value to others. (e.g. ones routine activities and location)
169: 2012-06-06: narcitweeter — n. a Twitter user who posts endless personal details about himself of little value to others.
170: 2012-06-05: You can't explain someone's personality flaws to them. Their defenses will intercept the message and neutralize it before it gets through.
171: 2012-06-05: Don't get angry with someone for not doing what they have never been capable of. Expectations must match the person, not your needs.
172: 2012-06-01: Ancient humans survived by following the mystical rituals of their elders. They didn't have to personally think ahead.
173: 2012-06-01: Twitter narcissism: Does this person tweet like a reality star, with useless details of their life, or do they curate useful content?
174: 2012-05-29: Delusions of Youth #5a: Love can heal any addiction or personality problem and can overcome any structural defect in a relationship.
175: 2012-05-28: Microscopic charity is trying to help one person. Macroscopic is trying to help the whole world. You can't do one without knowing the other.
176: 2012-05-28: The fact that a person had a horrible childhood may earn them some sympathy but no leniency.
177: 2012-05-27: .@HalfJewHalfMisc "Baring your soul" to someone doesn't make you honest. You have to share with the right person for the right reasons.
178: 2012-05-27: What a person claims to be is only half their story.
179: 2012-05-25: Narcissistic irony is when something confounds your personal plans. True irony is something contrary to everyone's common assumptions.
180: 2012-05-25: The person making the accusations is usually the one causing the problems.
181: 2012-05-24: Every workplace favors certain personality traits. If people weren't like that, they wouldn't be working there.
182: 2012-05-21: Wherever you find an extremely obese person confined to his bed there must also be an equally dysfunctional person feeding him.
183: 2012-05-17: Only parents have a modest chance of changing someone's personality. The rest of us can only enforce boundaries.
184: 2012-05-15: The only legitimate grounds for judging someone is their personality—their persistent attitudes and patterns of behavior.
185: 2012-05-15: RT @falafail: Relationships go sour when you start feeling like the only reason you're even talking to the other person is out of obliga ...
186: 2012-05-10: Comments about the weather, in casual conversation, say more about the person making the comment than about the weather itself.
187: 2012-05-09: A person's emotional maturity is inversely related to the density of "fuck" in their speech.
188: 2012-05-06: The paradox of personality: People can change, but you can't change them.
189: 2012-05-01: @nilayasabnis One should always connect with ones lobstah on a personal level before eating him.
190: 2012-04-29: "Splitting" is when you see a person or thing as all good or all bad depending on your mood at the moment.
191: 2012-04-27: Statistically, what is the best way to turn a young person into a substance abuser? Make him a child star.
192: 2012-04-27: Personal growth slows in adulthood not for any biological reason but because adults become entrapped on their own emotional investments.
193: 2012-04-22: TokyoFact 4: No one will cheat or hustle you in Tokyo. If you lose something, the person who finds it will try to get it back to you.
194: 2012-04-19: A fake theatrical smile is easy to tell from a genuine personal smile, so why does a fake one still work to sell things?
195: 2012-04-15: Why bother taking photos you can find on the web? Boring! Take photos only of unique discoveries you are personally implicated in.
196: 2012-04-12: Living with an abusive person, you delude yourself into thinking you can predict and control the abuse cycle through diplomacy. You can't.
197: 2012-04-12: You cannot argue with someone's personality. It is entrenched and impervious to external logic.
198: 2012-04-10: Sometimes whole armies can't do what one person can who is close to the situation and understands it.
199: 2012-04-09: Perception is deeply emotional and personal. No data is neutral.
200: 2012-04-05: Like it or not, Facebook is part of your personal presentation to the world. If your page looks disorganized and unoriginal then you do too.
201: 2012-04-04: RT @noemiruth: @BadDalaiLama or, how a person talks about others.
202: 2012-04-04: How a person speaks tells you more about their personality than what they say about themselves.
203: 2012-04-01: RT @TheLastVirgo: Every person wants to explain themselves & to be remembered;
204: 2012-03-29: Every live birth runs a substantial risk of birth defects. What rational person would spin that roulette wheel?
205: 2012-03-27: This is how bureaucracies work: One person has a problem, so you create a new rule and everyone else suffers for it.
206: 2012-03-22: It's a good sign you've lost an argument when you start arguing about the other person's "right" to say what they just did.
207: 2012-03-22: @the_anastasia Each person must decide how he or she should feel. My humble role is merely to offer an honest reaction.
208: 2012-03-13: @xtinewu The gov't luvs U, Wu! (But from personal experience, baggage handlers love you even more. We THROW the bags!)
209: 2012-03-09: @LetsGo2TheBeach The root of my personal problems is I'm on the cusp and I don't even KNOW my sign. Depends on the newspaper.
210: 2012-03-08: RT @MailOnline: Bees have personalities too, say scientists
211: 2012-03-08: "High maintenance" is a sort of vampire personality who will suck all life from you if you give them the chance.
212: 2012-03-08: "High maintenance" means you will be doing the maintaining if you get too close to this person.
213: 2012-03-08: My first and last advice if I were your Personal Life Coach: YOUR LIFE IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY, DICKHEAD!!! (Here's my bill.)
214: 2012-03-08: My main barrier to becoming your Personal Life Coach is I think you're a dork for hiring a Personal Life Coach.
215: 2012-03-08: On My Bucket List: Become a Relationship Coach and Personal Life Coach because I've reached perfection myself and want to help you.
216: 2012-03-08: Guilt is yours to bear. Self-inflicted pain won't change it. You can only incorporate it into your personality and future behavior.
217: 2012-03-07: An apology is a form of atonement. You're trying to relieve your guilt and relieve tensions with the other person. But it isn't always wise.
218: 2012-03-06: Family Court Guy returns to his roots. Probably the only person who ENJOYS being here! (@ Family Court) [pic]:
219: 2012-03-06: Paranoia assures that your personal life choices will never exceed your inner self-esteem.
220: 2012-03-05: A frequently angry person is someone you must escape from. If you don't, you're either trapped or codependent.
221: 2012-03-05: "Enabling" is an attempt to help another person in a way that actually reinforces and perpetuates their problem.
222: 2012-03-05: Romantic love is a partnership, not a charity. You're not there to repair the other person or protect them from themselves.
223: 2012-03-02: Religion helps you cope with a life of deep regrets and little personal growth.
224: 2012-02-23: New photo album: "The Squirrels of San Onofre - Up Close and Personal" (yesterday) Sample...
225: 2012-02-18: Intimacy can be defined by how much of your private thoughts you feel safe sharing with another person.
226: 2012-02-17: The last thing a religious person wants to investigate is the history of their religion.
227: 2012-02-08: serendipitology — n. the study and exploitation of unexpected events as tools of creativity and personal growth. (Word I invented just now!)
228: 2012-01-27: A car can reveal the personality and value system of its owner. Sometimes, it tells you if they're an asshole.
229: 2012-01-25: The first thing drugs burn out is your personal initiative circuits, so you have no motivation to help yourself.
230: 2012-01-25: No outward change will remove jealousy. It is a flaw in the jealous person, and there will always be something to trigger it.
231: 2012-01-25: Never underestimate the power of one creative person to cut through the bullshit that defeats whole armies. #jobs #zuck cc @laurenahayes
232: 2012-01-24: I have updated my personal Social Media Policy - How all my accounts fit together.
233: 2012-01-16: If a relationship fails, it is YOUR responsibility. You chose it. You can't blame the other person for being who they were all along.
234: 2012-01-15: RT @annieology: Award for first person to use the word "recalcitrant" in my timeline goes to @BadDalaiLama
235: 2012-01-14: There is rarely any effective treatment for personality disorders, except when you detect them in yourself and decide to change on your own.
236: 2012-01-14: To understand human behavior—and your own—you have to understand the Personality Disorders. They are a part of each of us.
237: 2012-01-14: The BDL is mainly concerned with the Big Picture. He tries to see things from the highest altitude possible (and often in the third person).
238: 2012-01-10: On My Bucket List: Air my personal dispute on Judge Judy.
239: 2012-01-10: In a dispute, weak people usually side with the person who is right in front of them, because that's the only story they're getting.
240: 2012-01-08: RT @ThatsWright: You can figure out a person's age just by what old TV show they can quote the most from.
241: 2011-12-30: Drug crime is marked by the need for immediate cash and the willingness to take risks no "sane" person would accept.
242: 2011-12-14: For learning about addiction, mental illness, personality and human delusional systems there is no finer laboratory than a failed romance.
243: 2011-12-13: Upbringing certainly has something to do with dog personality, but some dogs are smart and well-behaved in spite of their no-good owners.
244: 2011-12-13: Every dog has his unique personality, his own operating style, just like people. You can't assume anything until you test him.
245: 2011-12-12: The paradox of jealousy is that it drives away the person you are jealous about.
246: 2011-12-10: On My Bucket List: Study the effects of tropical diseases by personally contracting them.
247: 2011-12-09: The Personality Paradox: (A) Yes, people can change, but (B) No, you can't change them.
248: 2011-12-07: RT @MinnieGupta I once told a man he had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He didn't know what it was, but he was flattered.
249: 2011-12-05: You can't change someone's personality. You can only decide whether and how to interact with them.
250: 2011-12-05: The worst prison is being handcuffed to a person of lesser ability.
251: 2011-12-02: The root of most personal disasters is euphoria, where we think we can do anything and commit to more than we are capable of.
252: 2011-12-02: Personal boundaries are when you say, "This far and no closer."
253: 2011-11-25: For many, love is a creative asset, for others, the end of personal growth.
254: 2011-11-21: You don't have to wait for an evil act to judge a person evil. Their attitude alone justifies staying away from them.
255: 2011-11-17: Narcissism is defined not by self-interest but by an unwillingness to get inside another person's head to understand what they want.
256: 2011-11-16: As machines become more complex, they take on personalities. Some programs are nice and others are bitches you don't want to deal with.
257: 2011-11-14: Photo of the Grand Canyon: boring. Photo of a tiny person looking out over the Grand Canyon: interesting.
258: 2011-11-11: I have updated my own personal Social Media Policy.
259: 2011-11-09: You hear people cry about injustice mainly when it affects them personally and then the definition of "injustice" gets pretty broad.
260: 2011-11-07: Personal growth starts with leaving your comfort zone. That's easy when disaster kicks you out. It's not so easy to leave on your own.
261: 2011-11-07: A person creates his own test of character: whether he is who he says he is and does what he says he will.
262: 2011-11-06: A person creates his own test of character: whether he is who he says he is and does what he says he will.
263: 2011-11-01: In any social interaction, the person with the higher status uses I-words less. via @brainpicker
264: 2011-10-26: There are three kinds of obesity: dietary obesity, possession obesity and entertainment obesity. Frequently they coexist in the same person.
265: 2011-10-25: As a field guide to the humans, pick up the DSM. Understand the personality disorders and you'll know a lot about how people work.
266: 2011-10-23: Personal growth isn't moving from Point A to Point B. It is realizing that B isn't relevant anymore and Point C is better.
267: 2011-10-22: @xtinewu One can assume that she did not personally obtain it. Did you smuggle out a sample for analysis?
268: 2011-10-21: Approximately the same view seen this morning on Google Earth, but now in person. FB photo: (See earlier tweet.)
269: 2011-10-19: You can't tell a person by their avatar... Well, actually you can! Is it bland or interesting? Did they put some thought into it?
270: 2011-10-19: A person's most obvious dysfunctions are exactly the things you can't talk to them about. They won't listen.
271: 2011-10-16: Your own personal freedom is the core tool through which all other things are accomplished.
272: 2011-10-14: It is not your place to help another adult out of addiction or try to change their personality. You can only defend your own rights.
273: 2011-10-09: @the_anastasia Dour! This is your "psychotic spinster" persona. A little more life affirmation, please—or at least life observation.
274: 2011-10-09: Life is a personal struggle with fatalism.
275: 2011-10-02: I have updated my own personal Social Media Policy at - defining the difference between Twitter, Facebook and Google+
276: 2011-09-29: Whole Foods is all about pandering to each customer's personal form of culinary insanity. (@ Whole Foods Market)
277: 2011-09-29: RT @zamancuvali serial one-night-stands with a same person is a myth then <== Correct.
278: 2011-09-28: RT @ebertchicago: Actual videos of images captured from our minds by computers. Nothing is personal.
279: 2011-09-19: The easy way to tell a nice person from a mean one is how you feel after you have interacted with them.
280: 2011-09-19: The best way to deal with a mean person is to minimize your contact with them. Get away if you can!
281: 2011-09-17: Each person is limited by their own imaginary list of things they must have or can't do.
282: 2011-09-15: RT @ExpertPrimate: I think a person should be able to marry whatever person or thing they love more than anything. It would cure them of ...
283: 2011-09-07: While there is plenty of evil and injustice in the world, you choose your own enemies. They reflect your personality and priorities.
284: 2011-09-05: #### End of live-tweeted essay: "Personality"
285: 2011-09-05: People can hide their personality and true intentions only in carefully controlled circumstances where they know the questions beforehand.
286: 2011-09-05: People can lie, act and project a false public image, but in the long run they can't hide their real personality.
287: 2011-09-05: The best test of someone's personality is how they respond to stress.
288: 2011-09-05: The paradox of love is that it blinds us to who the other person really is. Wishful thinking replaces testing and observation.
289: 2011-09-05: When we fall in love, we usually fall into the game of trying to change to our partner's personality, which doesn't work.
290: 2011-09-05: Addiction is a personality disorder, and personality is an addiction disorder.
291: 2011-09-05: Personality cannot be changed from without, only from within.
292: 2011-09-05: The best strategy for dealing with another person is to assume that their personality, as presented in the past, will not change.
293: 2011-09-05: The primary axis of personality is degree of fatalism—a person's evaluation of their own ability or inability to change.
294: 2011-09-05: It is usually true that the older a person gets the more entrenched their personality, but acceptance of this is a personality trait itself.
295: 2011-09-05: Personality is a natural form of addiction.
296: 2011-09-05: Personality is what remains when you completely change a person's environment and see how they behave.
297: 2011-09-05: Personality is the sum of ones investments.
298: 2011-09-05: The first skill of human relations is testing and evaluating personalities, determining what an individual can do what what they can't.
299: 2011-09-02: RT @SirRocket: @BadDalaiLama Kind of disappointed "supersizers" didn't catch on. But "persons of size" is almost equally excellent.
300: 2011-09-02: Don't call them "fat". They are "persons of size". See this Southwest Airlines policy.
301: 2011-08-31: If you are preoccupied with your own personal comfort and taste then your life on the whole is probably going nowhere.
302: 2011-08-24: My own personal "Penny Lane" — Uxbridge Road in Shepherd's Bush, London. Today's FB album:
303: 2011-08-06: Rare are the people who aren't working against themselves, who are who they claim to be and who exhibit only one personality, not multiple.
304: 2011-08-04: If recycling helps the environment, the real question is whether the benefit gained is worth the personal effort put into it.
305: 2011-08-03: The joy of falling in love is mitigated by the realization that you are now constrained and trapped by this person.
306: 2011-07-28: I think I've worked out how Google+ fits into my personal social media plan. G+ essay:
307: 2011-07-27: Personal growth isn't picking a goal and following a straight line there. It's heading in a certain direction and looking for opportunities.
308: 2011-07-24: Personality disorders cannot be treated. (At least YOU cannot treat them.) All you can do is quietly move these people out of your life.
309: 2011-07-24: Histrionic personality disorder defined. Yup, know her well! Everything is a crisis. Definitely high maintenance.
310: 2011-07-14: RT @CrankyPappy: We all want someone to tell us what is right, what is wrong & what matters. Grow up. That person is you.
311: 2011-07-13: The main burden of the mentally ill homeless is not their personal presence but all the junk they collect around them.
312: 2011-07-12: It is fine to deal with dysfunction for a living (as a social worker, etc.) but don't accept it in your personal life.
313: 2011-07-11: When talking to even the closest friend, no sane person would blurt out everything they are thinking.
314: 2011-07-08: Autism and Borderline Disorder are the two main axes of human personality. One is logic without emotion, the other emotion without logic.
315: 2011-07-05: What makes the paranoid person so dangerous is that he feels completely justified in his aggressive actions.
316: 2011-07-05: When a paranoid person tips into violence or aggressive anger, anything you say or do will only make them angrier. Just get out!
317: 2011-07-02: Paranoia can rise and fall but is chiefly a function of personality. It is a factor we must evaluate in everyone we deal with.
318: 2011-07-02: Paranoia is a mechanism that assures a person's success in the outside world does nor rise above his inner self-esteem.
319: 2011-06-26: "Boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are sexist, diminutive and pry into sexual orientation. Use "personfriend". #languagepolice
320: 2011-06-26: RT @GreatestQuotes: "A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it." —Albert Einstein
321: 2011-06-22: Histrionic Personality Disorder—aka "a drama queen". DSM: Treatable? Not if you're in love with one! Just get away fast!
322: 2011-06-16: The primary purpose of advice is to serve the needs of the person giving it.
323: 2011-06-13: Drugs are the closest thing to Darth Vader evil. They'll take a good person and turn them to the dark side, until you can only run away.
324: 2011-06-13: @princeboucher "bellarusian princess, entrepreneur, artist, and simply just an amazing person @NinelleEfremova” <== Good catch! A keeper!
325: 2011-05-28: If there is nothing so close to true evil on Planet Earth as drugs. They take a good person and turn them to the dark side.
326: 2011-05-20: Each person you meet helps you understand the next person you meet.
327: 2011-05-17: Maybe marriage wasn't the thing? We were amused by the Wikipedia entry on actress Sarah Polley. (See "Personal Life")
328: 2011-05-13: The best way to know a person is to spend years with them. Barring that, you must infer their whole character from smaller clues.
329: 2011-05-06: The downside of love is the outsourcing of personal responsibility.
330: 2011-05-05: If you're not engaged in any meaningful personal project, then extra thinking time won't help you. You'll merely be bored.
331: 2011-05-05: If you are engaged in a meaningful personal project, the more time you spend thinking about it, the more creative solutions you'll find.
332: 2011-05-05: "There are aspects of personality that others know about us that we don't know ourselves." Science Daily
333: 2011-05-03: The benchmark of a person's character is his addictions.
334: 2011-05-01: Evil is something that invades the soul, replicates itself and spreads from person to person like an alien virus.
335: 2011-04-28: When you have "plateaued", your personal development isn't going any farther because you have fenced yourself in with your own investments.
336: 2011-04-16: If you are religious, then no matter how mundane and restricted your life may be, you can feel superior, because God knows you personally.
337: 2011-04-14: Our new philosophy essay: "Bandwidth in Personal Relationships"
338: 2011-04-12: The measure of a person's character is how they deal with dissent.
339: 2011-04-08: The best place for your money is missions that are personally meaningful to you, in fields you know, where profit isn't everything.
340: 2011-04-08: You don't make money by listening to a pitch and giving money to the person with the sweetest presentation.
341: 2011-04-08: You make money reliably only in fields you know personally and intimately yourself, where you aren't relying on someone else's knowledge.
342: 2011-04-07: RT @danywino: @BadDalaiLama El estilo de una persona, esta fuertemente enraizado, no se puede cambiar con pláticas o negociaciones.
343: 2011-04-07: A person's basic style of behavior is deeply engrained and cannot be changed by talk or negotiation.
344: 2011-04-06: RT @trevlutz: @BadDalaiLama Having experience does not necessarily mean that a person isn't talking out of their ass. Not talking about ...
345: 2011-04-06: Unlike SOME lamas, all of HHBDL's tweets are his own original work, the product of his personal meditations, usually broadcast the same day.
346: 2011-04-06: FYI: His Holiness the Bad Dalai Lama does not speak out of his ass! He has personal experience in most of the human folly he talks about.
347: 2011-04-03: You can tell a lot about a person from the car they drive—for example, how frivolous, vain or arrogant they are and how prone to waste.
348: 2011-04-02: The straw man, in a personal conflict, is when someone distorts your words into the worst possible connotation then attacks that version.
349: 2011-04-01: Peeing too much is medically harmless but a personall inconvenience. You're pissing away your life with all those bathroom breaks!
350: 2011-03-29: It's not that the person you loved has changed but that you've seen through your own delusions to who they were all along.
351: 2011-03-28: When you talk with a suicidal person about their problems, every attempt at reason is headed off. Soon, you'll want to kill them first!
352: 2011-03-28: .@trevlutz Technology certainly benefits me personally, but as I look around, I don't see it benefiting society.
353: 2011-03-28: For every person liberated by technology, another is enslaved by it.
354: 2011-03-26: Sometimes you're not the best person to judge your own assets. You need to listen to people who can see you from a distance.
355: 2011-03-19: Packaged travel experiences gain you nothing. You'll come home the same person as you left. You could have stayed home and watched a video!
356: 2011-03-14: If news doesn't affect you personally, why do you have to watch it in real time? Can't you just read up on it later on Wikipedia?
357: 2011-03-13: People prefer to follow authority rather than think for themselves—be it the authority of a person or a magical goal.
358: 2011-03-12: Personal growth is the process of identifying the things you once assumed to be essential that you actually don't need.
359: 2011-03-12: Never argue with a British person about whether an organization is singular or plural. They'll burn out their logic circuits!
360: 2011-03-11: RT @Kyoks1: Vamos en nuestro Titanic personal, obsesionados con los detalles en cubierta, mientras olvidamos lo que le pasa al barco via ...
361: 2011-03-11: We are all riding our own personal Titanic, obsessing over details on board while missing what's happening to the whole ship
362: 2011-03-09: The hardest personalities to understand, apart from your own, are the parents who raised you.
363: 2011-03-09: RT @Kyoks1: Algunas personas súper religiosas son las + narcisistas. No entienden q otros puedan tener opiniones diferentes a ellos via ...
364: 2011-03-09: RT @Kyoks1: La religión es el refugio de los narcisistas. Nada valida + el sentirse "especial", q creer q Dios te conoce personalmentevi ...
365: 2011-03-09: Personal longitudinal studies can be quite enlightening—watching friends and family make investments then seeing the results years later.
366: 2011-03-09: The main thing that prevents us from understanding other people's personalities is our own.
367: 2011-03-09: Even in 140 characters it's quite possible to gauge someone's personality, especially if you can test and interact with them.
368: 2011-03-09: Most personal decisions seem to be based on the assumption that one's lifespan is unlimited.
369: 2011-03-07: .@nihiofkdi "Narcissism is sexual obsession with the self." <== Not true, at least in psychiatry. See Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
370: 2011-03-07: Religion is the refuge of the narcissist. There's no better support for your specialness than thinking God knows you personally.
371: 2011-03-07: Narcissism is an axis of personality. This is the (inverse) ability to appreciate the viewpoint and needs of others.
372: 2011-03-07: One axis of personality is paranoia: some more than others. But that doesn't explain their world view or where their paranoia comes from.
373: 2011-03-07: A personality is self-reinforcing. Your emotional style affects your perception, so you see only things that support your assumptions.
374: 2011-03-07: Personality has so many dimensions that it is often best conveyed by example rather than category. (e.g. He's a real @CharlieSheen.)
375: 2011-03-07: INFJ, ENFP, INTP, ESFJ... What's the personality type for "Doesn't have much faith in personality tests"?
376: 2011-03-06: Ultimately, each person must save themselves.
377: 2011-03-04: The men who shape technology—from Edison to Zuckerburg—are retards personally. We can use their tools, but we don't need to be like them.
378: 2011-03-02: The value of a promise rests on the track record of the person making it.
379: 2011-03-02: "Multiple personality" is the norm for most people. What they do contradicts what they did or said ten minutes ago.
380: 2011-03-01: RT @SethMacFarlane: Actually, I kinda know how Charlie Sheen feels. I personally hate the fucking asshole who created Family Guy.
381: 2011-02-28: You don't fall in love with a person but with an image of them which is partly a fiction in your own mind.
382: 2011-02-26: Just drove a Jaguar for a man with two personal jets. Don't envy him in the slightest. Such a complicated life!
383: 2011-02-25: You can't change the world merely by willing it, but you can change your own habits and personality that way.
384: 2011-02-25: RT @dope_friend: Be exactly who you want to be. Your personality can be altered and shaped by your conscious decision to do so.
385: 2011-02-25: Each person's character is a puzzle. It may take a while to figure it it, but once you do, you'll know their behavior in any circumstance.
386: 2011-02-24: Any of us can sit in an audience and accurately evaluate the person on stage. This detachment evaporates when it's us on stage.
387: 2011-02-20: Your most fundamental human right—and responsibility—is to regulate your own personal economy.
388: 2011-02-14: Easy success is poisonous to ones personal development, stopping it dead in its tracks.
389: 2011-02-13: Our personality is the habits and beliefs we have already committed to. It is the foundation we build upon and the chains holding us down.
390: 2011-02-03: What usually stands between us and our romantic fantasies is the other person, who keeps saying and doing things to disrupt the fantasy.
391: 2011-02-03: "The purpose of romantic love is to serve your own needs, not those of the person you love."
392: 2011-02-02: Conundrums and inconsistencies in your own personality do more to hold you down than any outside force.
393: 2011-02-02: A person isn't driven to suicide by their problems but by their own personality. Others with the same problems don't take that route.
394: 2011-02-01: Looking for love? What a person does is a lot more important than who they are. Beauty and position fade. Only behavior remains.
395: 2011-02-01: World's Oldest Person is a contest with high turnover and no winners. ==> World's oldest woman dies at 115 in Texas
396: 2011-01-26: No argument can change someone's personality. Only they can change themselves, or catastrophe can force change upon them.
397: 2011-01-25: You can lie in a tweet—It's easy enough.—but you can't fake your personality over time. The real person will show through!
398: 2011-01-25: Every tweet has its personality, reflecting the personality of its author. It is a Rorschach of how that person operates.
399: 2011-01-23: Happiness, in the long term, is a personality trait you either have or you don't. Circumstances are largely irrelevant.
400: 2011-01-16: Do not assume a person who is successful in one area has any skills in another. Often that success came at the cost of everything else.
401: 2011-01-16: The spoken word is much more subtle and powerful than anything written, especially if you are talking to just one person in front of you.
402: 2011-01-14: Facebook is one layer of your public persona. It is a place for photos and public announcements but not for conversation or collaboration.
403: 2011-01-13: Even when they look the same, every cat or dog is different, responding to the world in different ways. That's personality!
404: 2011-01-12: One person's erotica is another's tedium.
405: 2011-01-07: RT @SocialPsych: ESP Study Published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
406: 2011-01-05: RT @oliverburkeman: Are you suffering from an undiagnosed Personal Branding Disorder?
407: 2011-01-05: Each person we deal with must be tested for intellect, ego and emotional control, with interactions adjusted accordingly.
408: 2011-01-04: A rare thing in the modern world: gratitude. You go out of your way to help someone (online or in person) then hear nothing back. Nada!
409: 2011-01-03: You don't understand people until you understand Borderline Personality Disorder. In a way, it afflicts us all, just some more extremely.
410: 2011-01-01: If a relationship fails, it is YOUR responsibility. You chose it. You can't blame the other person for being who they were all along.
411: 2010-12-29: A person's beliefs are dictated by their existing investments, with reasons backfilled later to support the chosen beliefs.
412: 2010-12-26: There are no greater barriers to personal growth than money and social success. Why would you leave that comfortable bubble?
413: 2010-12-21: You can never really know another person's thoughts, because the act of reporting the thoughts destroys them—like Heisenberg.
414: 2010-12-20: Cool beauty is perfect geometry, detached and inaccessible. Warm beauty is a smile, imperfect but real, that engages the viewer personally.
415: 2010-12-18: If you give the average person extra resources, he will only use them to dig himself a deeper hole.
416: 2010-12-18: Language Police: "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are sexist and belittling. Use "personfriend". Thank you for your cooperation.
417: 2010-12-13: For learning about philosophy, personality, mental illness and human delusional systems there is no finer laboratory than a failed romance.
418: 2010-12-10: The paradox of jealousy is that it drives away the person you are jealous about.
419: 2010-12-08: The Personality Paradox: (A) Yes, people can change, but (B) No, you can't change them.
420: 2010-12-06: Coming to TV: "Reality Diplomacy". Cameras follow US diplomats, broadcast their strategy meetings and personal feelings during world crises.
421: 2010-12-05: What makes a person "old" is not the deterioration of the body but an accumulation of investments that makes them unwilling to change.
422: 2010-12-04: The worst prison is being handcuffed to a person of lesser ability.
423: 2010-12-04: You can't change someone's personality. You can only decide how and whether to interact with them and how much of yourself to expose.
424: 2010-12-04: Doctors, lawyers & engineers are some of the most imprisoned workers—personal growth frozen by their educational investment and high salary.
425: 2010-12-01: The root of most personal disasters is euphoria, where we think we can do anything and commit to more than we are capable of.
426: 2010-12-01: Personal boundaries are when you say, "This far and no closer."
427: 2010-11-27: Who is the best romantic partner? Sadly, it is someone just like you in personality. Only a clone can really know you.
428: 2010-11-25: “Love is when you find someone better, yet you stay with the same person you promised to spend forever with.” @TheQuoteWhore - Disturbing?
429: 2010-11-22: Romance is driven not just by sex but by a hunger for meaning that we falsely believe the other person will fulfill.
430: 2010-11-19: Investments are future commitments to an object, idea, person or activity. They make us who we are—and are the main block to our growth.
431: 2010-11-19: Any help you give will be devalued and abused unless the person you are helping decides he wants it and is willing to pay a price for it.
432: 2010-11-13: The human body is only the physical avatar of ones virtual personality.
433: 2010-11-11: Intelligence is not a quality of the brain but a personal decision to follow reason over convenience.
434: 2010-11-09: Video philosophy essay: "You Can't Change Personality" - Our 2nd video from Miami Beach.
435: 2010-11-02: The pillars of religion are narcissism and paranoia—that an all-powerful being cherishes me personally and is watching my every move.
436: 2010-10-25: The competence of a professional will never exceed the instructions of the person who hires him.
437: 2010-10-23: The greatest barrier to personal growth is a steady, well-paying job.
438: 2010-10-14: Most of the wars, feuds and violence of this planet originate with one person blaming others for his own failures.
439: 2010-10-13: Part of our personal growth is learning to consider options we previously weren't willing to accept.
440: 2010-10-06: The habits of personality cannot be changed by words or education, only by enforcement.
441: 2010-10-03: You never know what a person is really like until after the honeymoon.
442: 2010-10-02: Adult personality cannot be changed from the outside, especially within the scope of romance. Change may happen, but only after you're gone.
443: 2010-09-30: One person's erotica is another's tedium.
444: 2010-09-27: The ugly side of romance is co-dependence, where you enable each others' addictions and personality flaws.
445: 2010-09-26: A person's most obvious self-destructive trait is exactly the thing you can't talk to them about. They will only get angry.
446: 2010-09-18: Your weakest negotiating position is when you are handcuffed to the person you are negotiating with.
447: KilroyCafe: 2011-01-02: Personal grooming tip for men: If you learn to use a cordless electric razor, your travel and lifestyle options increase greatly.
448: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-11: RT @BadDalaiLama: Intelligence is not a quality of the brain but a personal decision to follow reason over convenience.
449: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-18: RT @BadDalaiLama: Your weakest negotiating position is when you are handcuffed to the person you are negotiating with.
450: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-09: If one has been wronged, one wants to cause equal pain to the person who did it, but this can't change what has already happened.
451: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-30: Personal growth evolves naturally toward greater wisdom and understanding... until it is blocked by investment.
452: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: You can't tell people their own personality flaws. They'll either become defensive and angry or claim they're too old or weak to change.
453: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-19: An actor is a professional faker — and probably a personal one too. Don't expect much fidelity from someone who's job is to be someone else.
454: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-17: The true test of human character is how a person behaves when he has power over others and no accountability.
455: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-14: Marriage means loss of personal control and negotiating power. Suddenly, love isn't a choice but an obligation.
456: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-12: The more emotionally trapped a person is, the more repetitive and ritualized his activities. He'll "explore" only within a narrow range.
457: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-12: A person's explanation for their own behavior is usually a sham, being concocted after the fact because the real reason is unacceptable.
458: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-09: Whether you have a hundred fans, a thousand or a million, it can never fill the personal void of needing fans at all.
459: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-28: Curiosity is avoided because it carries a cost: It runs the risk of revealing that your own personal investments are in error.
460: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-26: Personality is not open to reason, negotiation or gentle persuasion. Only extended pain has a chance of changing it.
461: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-26: Drug abuse is a personality disorder. It is an expression of not just a chemical addiction but a certain philosophy of life.
462: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-24: In Heaven, baggage is strictly limited to one carry-on and one personal item, which means most of you people won't be going there.
463: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-23: Before the GPS, people navigated by the stars, compass, paper maps, road signs and the nagging complaints of the person beside them.
464: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-17: One person's erotica is another's tedium.
465: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-12: Most personal decisions are based on the false assumption that one's lifespan is unlimited.
466: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-24: How interesting a person is in real life is inversely proportional to the number of Facebook privacy features they have turned on.
467: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-09: There's no limit to the atrocities a person of faith can commit, being as they don't have a moral compass of their own.
468: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-08: Should is really be called a PDA or more properly a PED — Personal Enslavement Device?
469: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-23: Good health, to a large extent, is a personal choice. There will always be diseases and accidents you have no control over but most you do.
470: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-16: Personality, like addiction, is impervious to reason. It construes the world in such a way that no other personality is possible.
471: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-14: Each individual mammal has his own unique personality. Every dog is different: shy, bold, playful, defensive. Each cow has her psychology.
472: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-14: Personality may help you explain other people's behavior. It is not, however, an excuse for your own.
473: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-11: A person's most obvious self-destructive trait is exactly the thing you can't talk to them about. You'll only get anger, not reason.
474: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-04: The competence of a professional will never exceed the instructions of the person who hires him.
475: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-01: Can you be too famous, rich or beautiful? Yes! For each, there is a tipping point where the personal cost outweighs the benefit.
476: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-28: The advice a person most needs is the same advice he is unable to accept.
477: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-27: Kilroy Cafe #66: "Life is Logarithmic... Not Linear!" A statistical oddity may help you make better personal decisions.
478: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-21: On my bucket list: Install a personal weather station behind my home and spend the rest of my life meticulously collecting readings from it.
479: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-21: On my bucket list: Become a personal injury lawyer and portray myself on billboards and TV ads as a 30-foot giant protecting the little guy.
480: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-12: Language Police: "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are sexist and discriminatory. Use "personfriend". Thank you for your cooperation.
481: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-12: One person's eroticism is another's tedium.
482: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-12: Your own personal freedom is the core tool through which all other things are accomplished.
483: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: You can judge a person's impulsivity by how they use a room thermostat. Do they adjust it only slightly, or do they cycle between extremes?
484: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-08: Evolution is a story of relentless personal self-interest. It turns out, however, that this often entails cooperation.
485: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-05: Morality is different from self-denial. You don't become a moral person simply by creating barriers for yourself.
486: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-03: Adult personality cannot be changed from the outside, especially within the scope of romance. Change may happen, but only after you're gone.
487: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-03: You never know what a person is really like until after the honeymoon.
488: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-31: There's a lot you can tell about a person online: their intelligence, their degree of narcissism, their respect for boundaries, their humor.
489: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-24: In the future, personal liberties will be protected -- as long as they don't conflict with the needs of Wal-Mart, Exxon, Philip Morris...
490: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-11: A paranoid person may be extremely violent and aggressive but does not perceive himself as such. He thinks he is simply defending himself.
491: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-08: A person's wisdom in choosing a mate is only as good as the dartboard they're throwing at.
492: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-07: One person's erotica is another's tedium.
493: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-06: Personal factoid: In all of 2009, I watched only two television shows all the way through, both silly UFO shows that I happened to be in.
494: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-22: The most pervasive form of censorship is that of a married person defending their spouse. The facade collapses just prior to divorce.
495: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-17: There's no accounting for sexual chemistry. What is erotic to one person may seem stupid and incredibly tedious to someone else.
496: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-16: You killed that tree! You didn't do it personally, but it died for you. Is that the kind of Christmas you practice -- a Christmas of DEATH?!
497: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-13: The young person's excuse: "I've got plenty of time. I'll do it later." The old person's excuse: "It's too late for me. I can't change now."
498: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-12: The habits of personality cannot be changed by words or education, only by enforcement.
499: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-09: To have influence over someone's personality, you have to retain negotiating power -- that is, the ability and willingness to say "no".
500: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-06: Defense mechanisms are the logical fallacies a person adopts to protect their ego and avoid responsibility for their own failings.
501: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-16: The current budget crises are the beginning of the end of in-person education. For better or worse, most future education will be virtual.
502: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-07: Most of the wars, feuds and violence of this planet can be explained by one person blaming another for his own failures.
503: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-07: Part of our personal growth is learning to consider options we previously weren't willing to accept.
504: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-02: L'ennui est un défaut de personnalité, pas un état du monde.‬
505: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-08: LA Times: "Borderline personality disorder grows as healthcare concern" - Almost 6% of the US population!
506: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-29: Let's get our priorities straight: The human body is only the physical avatar of ones online personality.
507: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-27: My worst personal crisis turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. It freed me to live again.
508: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-26: Photo Tip #2: SEPARATION OF ELEMENTS. Each person or other subject should be distinct from its surroundings. Move to make that happen!
509: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-22: Air traveler advice: NEVER put any personal belonging in the seat-back pocket. You'll forget it!
510: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-15: Why must people be referred to as "persons" on transit signs? ("Yield this seat to elderly persons.") It seems dehumanizing.
511: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-13: Whenever possible, responsibilities should be pushed back on the person who owns them.
512: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-07: War is good for the economy! Without so many personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan, unemployment would be far worse. Thank you, George Bush!
513: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-24: The trouble with public advice of any kind (health, travel, legal, etc.) is that it has to be addressed to the dumbest person out there.
514: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-21: Each person has built his life on a platform of delusion. It is not your role to pull it out from under him.
515: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-19: The town of Beaverlodge accepts no liability for injuries to persons climbing the giant beaver. Please do not mount the beaver!
516: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-10: Most of the personal investments people make seem to be based on the assumption that they're going to live forever.
517: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-26: Area 51 is a testing facility for secret aircraft and weapons systems that would be of little interest to the average person if he saw them.
518: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: If a million dollars would make you happy, would 2 million make you twice as happy? No! There is no personal benefit in excess.
519: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-10: "Paranoid aggression" is an outwardly aggressive act (assault, etc) that is seen as purely defensive by the person taking it.
520: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-06: Everyone worships the singer who sang the song and the actor who starred in the movie, while the person who wrote their words is forgotten.
521: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-04: The paradox of jealousy is that it drives away the person you are jealous about.
522: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-27: The law, by its nature, suppresses creativity. Every new rule makes it more difficult for people to find unique personal solutions.
523: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-24: For most people, the early 20s are the prime of ones personal freedom, but with an overwhelming pressure to give it up.
524: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-11: Americans' obsession with Stuff may harm the planet, but the real damage is internal - how all this excess weight drags you down personally.
525: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-06: What makes a person "old" and inflexible is not so much the passage of time but the weight of prior investments accumulated around him.
526: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-29: Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold" song isn't talking about Bipolar Disorder. Instead she's describing Borderline Personality Disorder.
527: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-25: I have now hidden my Facebook™ friends list from all of my Facebook™ friends. It has to do with personal boundaries.
528: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-22: Dropped by the Clark County Commission yesterday and witnessed the most corrupt action I have personally seen:
529: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-20: Asking: Are you the sort of person who sorts his M-and-M's by color before consuming? ....But you can't reply because this is Twitter™.
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