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1: 2018-11-24: Truth is not a popularity contest. It doesn’t matter what people believe or how many believe it. Reality will choose its own path.
2: 2018-11-20: RT @fi_bateman_: The Finnish people have taken to their rakes en masse this weekend! Click on #haravointi (raking) to see their posts!
3: 2018-06-11: Germans are the wurst people. 🌭
4: 2018-04-28: It is a measure of our society that we idolize not the people who write and direct the movies but the actors who recite the lines given to them.
5: 2018-02-15: On My Bucket List: Sell people things they don’t need and can’t afford.
6: 2018-02-02: During my colonoscopy, I declined sedation and watched the whole procedure on a monitor in front of me. In the future, if people accuse me of having my head up my ass, I can say, “Not now, but I’ve been there!“
7: 2018-01-31: I have a sixth sense that allows me to go to a foreign country, listen to people talk to each other and without knowing a word of the language identify who is being a jerk.
8: 2018-01-16: I have departed from countries and cities saying, “What a shithole!” That is different than implying that everyone who lives there or who wants to leave are shithole people who deserve no better.
9: 2017-12-02: Somebody should call the motor pool. With all these people thrown under the bus, we’re going to need more buses!
10: 2017-11-30: RT @DemographicDoom: We're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads | Zeynep Tufekci
11: 2017-11-28: People who disagree with you are more likely to respond to a verbal argument then a written one. Washington Post.
12: 2017-07-24: "low information voters" — delightful euphemism for stupid people.
13: 2017-07-14: In love, employment and politics, people do not choose the best qualified candidate but the one who least threatens existing investments.
14: 2017-07-03: You can study dysfunctional people from afar, as an anthropologist would, but don't get too close lest you be sucked into their dysfunction.
15: 2017-06-12: There are 3 million people in Nairobi and probably 2 million very sad stories. It is painful to get to know people too well.
16: 2017-05-08: Stupid people re-think their vote for Trump. "He said he would be good," they say, "but he's really bad. It's sad. I'm mad."
17: 2017-04-14: When you see people in love, you think "isn't that nice," but there are things you don't know about: tensions, jealousies, dysfunctions.
18: 2017-04-03: One of the most common mistakes of good people is thinking that some adult without moral precepts is going to become moral in the future.
19: 2017-03-27: RT @Peripatetia: People watching in Kiev. Collection of 10 photos on Instagram.
20: 2017-03-24: Some people can be taken at their word. Some can't. Much of your own success depends on telling the difference and acting on that knowledge.
21: 2017-03-23: Some people can't be dealt with through negotiation, only by boundaries and enforcement.
22: 2017-03-17: If anyone knew the sheer terror of parenthood, they'd never do it. Sensible people take the plunge only because they're drunk on love.
23: 2017-03-14: People love who they need to love to protect their own ego.
24: 2017-03-14: People are cruel mainly to those who love them, because they're the only people who will stick around and take that shit.
25: 2017-03-13: 13 Ways To Get People To Click On Stupid Viral Posts - #8 will blow you away!
26: 2017-03-08: Today is the Day Without A Woman, or as they call it in industry, A Lot Of People Are Going To Be Fired Day.
27: 2017-03-06: Utopian dream: Give the stupid people in America their own country so they can self-destruct and the rest of us can move forward.
28: 2017-03-05: On My Bucket List: Lie to the American people.
29: 2017-03-05: Manipulative techniques of toxic people, applying perfectly to Mr. Trump (but written before he was elected)
30: 2017-03-01: Believe me, folks, these are bad people. Bad, bad people. I'm mad, mad, mad about the bad, bad, bad people.
31: 2017-02-24: RT @Peripatetia: "The people were so warm and generous" is said about almost every country. It has more to do with the traveler's attitude…
32: 2017-02-15: Travel in the Third World is stressful. When you know the people you meet are desperately poor, it's hard to know how much to do for them.
33: 2017-01-20: In romance, people aren't looking for the "best" candidate but the one who is the least threat to their ego.
34: 2017-01-17: President Trump's inauguration sends an inspiring message to our young people: No matter who you are, any billionaire can become President.
35: 2016-11-24: You are only bitchy with the people you love who you know will be there for you anyway.
36: 2016-11-12: Never underestimate the ability of stupid people to vote against their own best interests.
37: 2016-11-11: White People Suck
38: 2016-11-09: To govern, a politician needs the support of the people but also some respect from the Comedy-Entertainment-Journalism Complex.
39: 2016-11-07: "Stupid White People" — Thanks to the ethnic exemption, I can use that phrase. They should all be deported to the countries they came from.
40: 2016-11-06: Still photos are so Last Year. If you are reporting something in the present, give us VIDEOS, people. #socialmedia
41: 2016-10-31: People are cruel mainly to those who love them, because those are the only people who will stick around and take that shit.
42: 2016-10-20: The key to winning elections is not just appealing to stupid white males but to a broad spectrum of stupid people. #trumplessons
43: 2016-09-19: What people seek in love is not compatibility or virtue but endorsement of the investments they have already made.
45: 2016-05-28: My new philosophy video: "Sunk Cost Fallacy: Why People Don't Quit When They Should" (12 min)
46: 2016-05-16: Only bald people are allowed to tell bald people jokes. I could take advantage of that ethnic exemption. I just don't happen to have any.
47: 2016-03-04: RT @Peripatetia: Some people are always missing the point. (via @vintagerotica)
48: 2015-12-12: Stupid people have a right to their opinions, but I also have a right to not associate with those people.
49: 2015-11-20: Mean people never see themselves as mean. They think they are defending themselves or the rigid morals they believe in.
50: 2015-11-19: To see what people are made of, watch how they respond to an airline delay. This is the same way they will respond to any stress.
51: 2015-11-11: The key thing about intelligence that stupid people never get: it's all about managing your emotions and separating them from the facts.
52: 2015-11-11: Democracy is fine up to the point where you realize that most of the people voting are idiots.
53: 2015-11-06: Drugs turn nice people evil.
54: 2015-11-02: In Turkey, the people just voted to have themselves enslaved.
55: 2015-08-13: RT @PsychologyTip: Can the Planet Support 11 Billion People?
56: 2015-08-12: Evil is good people, motivated by fear, who failed to respect the rules of evidence.
57: 2015-07-22: I believe children are our future. And dead people are our past. And crippled people are pretty lame.
58: 2015-07-12: The universal risk in every government is that it devolves over time into simply protecting the egos and positions of the people running it.
59: 2015-07-11: 1 out of 5 people who follow this feed think it's worth following. The rest are dead or just 'bots out for a spin.
60: 2015-07-06: "Germany taught us before WWII that when a country can't pay its debts, you can't just keep punishing its people forever." #greecereferendum
61: 2015-07-04: If you give crazy people the opportunity to be crazy without consequences, they will be even crazier.
62: 2015-07-04: These kids totally capture the old people vibe. (1 minute video)
63: 2015-06-29: Linguistic confession: I often say "See you later!" to people even when I know I never will.
64: 2015-06-29: Japan's Orwellian future: too many old people.
65: 2015-06-20: RT @CackleClub: people are gonna steal your ideas, your words, your tweets, but do nothing. it's good to feed the starving bc your food sup…
66: 2015-05-26: The sad plight of people with money: They acquire things they don't need and spend the rest of their lives maintaining them.
67: 2015-05-14: May is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month. We need to raise awareness that the rest of us should stay away from these people.
68: 2015-05-12: True fact about aliens: They would never abduct any of those people who claim to have been abducted. They have higher standards than that.
69: 2015-04-30: An effective leader speaks the language of his people while at the same time recognizing that most of them are idiots.
70: 2015-04-14: Stupid thing people do when they get some money: buy something big and unnecessary and it owns them.
71: 2015-04-06: RT @WSJ: Study: People who frame events in their lives, even negative ones, in positive ways have better mental health.…
72: 2015-04-01: Confirmation Bias and the Primacy Effect largely determine how people perceive you. via @MissiJarrar #logicalfallacy
73: 2015-03-29: When the system is corrupt, talented and responsible people are seen as the enemy.
74: 2015-03-26: Cruel people always think they are doing good. That's what makes them so dangerous.
75: 2015-03-20: RT @BadLamaArt: Novels are like movies for blind people. Instead of watching a screen you're sitting in the dark listening to someone descr…
76: 2015-03-20: Evil can be perpetuated without evil people. All that is necessary is for good people to give in to paranoia.
77: 2015-03-18: "I've lived in this town my entire life," people say, as though it were something to be proud of.
78: 2015-03-14: Humanity is doomed because the smartest people have no interest in procreating.
79: 2015-03-13: Marketing alone can create hits, but it can’t create Classic Hits that people play over and over for decades.
80: 2015-03-12: Beware of people who get mad at inanimate objects because you will probably be their next target.
81: 2015-03-08: The world is awash with mean, insecure people who would suck every ounce of joy out of your life if they could.
82: 2015-03-03: RT @BadLamaArt: A song doesn't have to mean anything. It just has to sound like it means something. People have to go crazy trying to figur…
83: 2015-02-23: People spend the first half of their lives charging ahead blindly and the second half wondering what went wrong.
84: 2015-02-20: "I didn't hit anyone!" said Vladimir, still holding the stick he was hitting people with.
85: 2015-02-19: People congratulate each other for having babies like it was some great accomplishment. Really, you just had sex and threw away caution.
86: 2015-02-18: Drugs turn people into animals. Your first priority when dealing with them is to assure your own safety.
87: 2015-02-16: Trapped in Siberia, cold and unemployment, the people watched TV and celebrated the triumphs of Mother Russia.
88: 2015-02-12: For the past 30 years, I have been running into old people—hobbled, fatalistic and given up on change—who were born after I was. So sad!
89: 2015-02-09: We need to raise awareness of all the people raising awareness of all the awarenesses that need raising.
90: 2015-01-04: RT @crston8: You’ll worry a lot less about what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they actually do
91: 2014-12-28: "The news in Moscow is that everyone has a new television and some people have a new car, but no one has any money."
92: 2014-12-11: RT @KilroyCafe: "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotatio…
93: 2014-12-08: Stupidity afflicts all races, genders, ages and ethnicities. It is not discrimination to detect stupid people and avoid dealing with them.
94: 2014-12-07: People invent God because they need a witness—someone to see what they are doing and pass judgment on it.
95: 2014-12-01: The intelligence of an enterprise is inversely related to the number of people involved in it.
96: 2014-11-26: People are more inclined to do the right thing when they know others are watching.
97: 2014-11-24: Intelligence is a deliberate decision to aggressively explore the world, learn from your mistakes and limit your exposure to stupid people.
98: 2014-11-06: RT @VeryShortStory: I am lonely. I make paper people out of old newspapers. We sit and talk. We start to bicker. They throw me out, bundled…
99: 2014-11-05: By trying to help people, you sometimes enable them to continue their dysfunction. Will your help be a bridge or a crutch?
100: 2014-11-03: Sanctions on Russian may not matter. The people are living in Soviet conditions anyway.
101: 2014-11-02: Give people a little freedom and most will turn it into eternal servitude.
102: 2014-10-30: The most treasured demographic to advertisers is People With Money Who Are Dumb Enough To Listen To Advertisers.
103: 2014-10-30: How did actors become our royalty? It is sad that people who pretend to do things are held above those who actually do them.
104: 2014-10-19: Love is a mechanism that helps you put up with dysfunctional people you couldn't tolerate otherwise.
105: 2014-10-19: When people claim to be lonely, lack of companionship isn't the problem but lack of direction, which others are expected to provide.
106: 2014-10-16: You can't expect to change the people you meet. You can only judge them: "Is this someone I want to engage with?"
107: 2014-09-30: RT @thescienceofus: People who feel insecure about their relationships tend to post about them more on Facebook
108: 2014-09-21: Celebrity product endorsements prove people are idiots. Here is someone you know is being paid to read a script, but you still believe him.
109: 2014-09-19: RT @AdviceToWriters: Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throat…
110: 2014-09-09: People are more willing to accept their chains if they put them on themselves.
111: 2014-09-08: The most cherished demographic to advertisers is Stupid People With Money Who Are Highly Susceptible To Advertising.
112: 2014-09-08: America was built on the eternal optimism of the people being fleeced.
113: 2014-09-03: RT @TIME: EXCLUSIVE: Creative people move more, according to new data on MacArthur geniuses
114: 2014-09-02: RT @BadLamaArt: You can't write anything meaningful without offending someone, but offending people doesn't imply your writing is meaningfu…
115: 2014-09-02: To see how many people are REALLY reading your tweets, visit Settings > Twitter Ads > Analytics on the desktop version of Twitter. Wow!
116: 2014-09-01: Thankfully, America has a social safety net for dysfunctional and mentally ill people—called prison.
117: 2014-08-29: Facebook is a great company with a great product supported by great people with vision, but the stock price is still fantasy.
118: 2014-08-28: Photos of people on meth probably do more to discourage use than any law ever did.
119: 2014-08-28: Most people belong on a farm, living life the way their parents did. Take them off the farm and they only self-destruct.
120: 2014-08-24: Choose your poison: tyranny of the elites or tyranny of the people?
121: 2014-08-24: We all know people who are troubled, dysfunctional, sabotaging themselves at every turn. Then they become parents.
122: 2014-08-22: Truth is not a popularity contest. Even if you had a billion people voting against the law of gravity, gravity would still win.
123: 2014-08-22: RT @cracked: We can smell people's personalities and emotions. The 5 Weirdest Sixth Senses Humans Have (Without Knowing It) -…
124: 2014-08-21: You can't tell dysfunctional people they're dysfunctional. That's part of their dysfunction.
125: 2014-08-20: RT @BadLamaArt: The people who make the movie are not the ones who edit the trailer, because creators quickly lose their vision for first i…
126: 2014-08-17: antisuperpredilectarianism — n. discrimination against people who do things well (word I invented just now)
127: 2014-08-11: What people seem to really want from life is to be trapped, which is why they do it to themselves all the time.
128: 2014-08-11: Some people like to wake up and do the same things every day. God love 'em! It should be on their tombstone: "Did the same thing every day."
129: 2014-07-26: The Safety Net Paradox: If you offer people any kind of safety net, they will come to rely on it and act less safety.
130: 2014-07-05: Sometimes people die, and when they're doing it to themselves, sometimes you have to let them.
131: 2014-07-03: People hate being alone with their own thoughts. See: @washingtonpost
132: 2014-07-01: Being good at what you do inevitably gets you in trouble with people who aren't.
133: 2014-07-01: That Pharrell Williams "Happy" song creeps me out. Have we regressed to the 70s? Next we'll see a remix of "Up With People".
134: 2014-07-01: When you offer people solutions, you often become the problem.
135: 2014-06-26: “We are driven to buy, wear, and use products from the very people who are disrespectful to us.” See @TIME
136: 2014-06-17: If people don't obey your signs, you won't increase compliance by erecting more of them.
137: 2014-06-17: There is a fine line between "helping" and becoming the crutch people use to avoid facing their own problems.
138: 2014-06-10: Good people + good intentions + paranoia = evil actions
139: 2014-06-10: Study suggests losing your job and not being able to pay your bills makes people unhappy. See: @latimes
140: 2014-06-07: Anti-homeless people studs in London: @Ziya_Meral - Nothing a few sheets of cardboard won't fix.
141: 2014-06-06: "Family" are the people who you are allowed to criticize but no one else is.
142: 2014-05-21: Only dumb people buy Smart Water.
143: 2014-05-15: Fully equality can be achieved only by a quota system that discriminates against people who are otherwise qualified for the job.
144: 2014-05-14: Paranoia makes good people do evil things.
145: 2014-05-13: Starting an online petition to raise awareness about people raising awareness through online petitions. (along with @msjenjenjen)
146: 2014-05-10: And then God decreed that contraception was a sin and that the stupidest people would have the most babies.
147: 2014-05-08: A cornerstone of democracy is that stupid people get the same vote as smart people and there are more of them so we are all doomed.
148: 2014-05-06: Disease of Success: people fighting for the life they want, getting it, not being happy but not changing because of all they have invested.
149: 2014-05-06: Young people these days have no respect for Twitter and Facebook. They want instant gratification with WhatsApp and Snapchat.
150: 2014-05-05: Marketing advice: Sell people "solutions" that make matters worse. Then you'll always have a market.
151: 2014-05-03: RT @MailOnline: People think meals taste better if they're expensive
152: 2014-05-01: I have little in common with people my age except we all lived through the same news stories. I'm still moving but most are pretty turgid.
153: 2014-04-30: "Each hour people spent sitting and watching TV after age 25 deducted 22 minutes from their overall life expectancy." @TIME
154: 2014-04-27: The Swiss and Scandinavians are tunnel-obsessed people. You could almost call them... boring!
155: 2014-04-20: The main attraction in Switzerland is not the mountains but all the ingenious ways people deal with the mountains.
156: 2014-04-08: Why do we worship celebrities for singing other people's songs and appearing in other people's movies?
157: 2014-04-05: TV viewers are sick people to tolerate this form of “entertainment”: @TIME
158: 2014-04-03: We must stop judging people on their race, age, gender and orientation and focus on what really matters: whether or not they're an idiot.
159: 2014-03-31: Some people you just can't talk to or they'll tell you their whole life story. #garrulous #stfu
160: 2014-03-29: People who commit suicide are inflexible in their thinking and hate inconvenience so are easily outwitted by engineers. @washingtonpost
161: 2014-03-27: Don't let dysfunctional people enter your castle. Defend your boundaries. You can send aid packages out, but don't let them in.
162: 2014-03-26: Some people were meant to be peasants working the fields. Surround them with all the choices of civilization and they just self-destruct.
163: 2014-03-26: You can help dysfunctional people you care about, but know your budget for helping and maintain a secure firewall between you and them.
164: 2014-03-26: Before and after photos of drug addicts. I wish I didn't know people like this but I do: @DailyMailUS
165: 2014-03-25: People love who they need to love to preserve their own ego.
166: 2014-03-20: In the year 2114, earthquakes, floods and pestilence swept the planet, and the people wondered what they had done to offend Lord Google.
167: 2014-03-20: Breaking news on television consists of people saying "We just don't know yet," but with much more authority than the rest of us.
168: 2014-03-08: You've hit rock bottom when the people who believed in you, through thick and thin, no longer believe in you.
169: 2014-03-06: On My Bucket List: Establish a puppet regime in Crimea, nominally at the behest of the Crimean people.
170: 2014-03-05: RT @TIME: 8 things the world’s most successful people have in common
171: 2014-03-04: More people are killed each year by falling coconuts than by shark attacks, which only emphasizes the vicious nature of the coconut.
172: 2014-03-02: RT @bybeautydamned: The dumbest, most ill-natured people on planet earth are breeding right now and there's nothing we can do to stop it. S…
173: 2014-03-02: RT @DolbyLama: If you are honest, truthful, and transparent, people take advantage of you.
174: 2014-03-02: You cannot save stupid people from themselves. Their stupidity is clever and will outwit your best efforts.
175: 2014-03-02: Russia takes Russian-speaking Crimea, apparently with majority support of the Crimean people. I'm not going to miss Crimea. Will you?
176: 2014-03-01: My ancient family tree doesn't interest me. Gilligan and the Skipper were my family more than those dead people ever were.
177: 2014-02-27: US Civil War tourism usually boils down to "This is where a lot of people died," with nothing to show for it but some fields or woods.
178: 2014-02-24: It is the people who distrust everyone who are most likely to get conned. Everyone has to trust somebody, and when they do they do it badly.
179: 2014-02-18: RT @HumanBeam: My talking Tinder. This is what the internet was made for, people.
180: 2014-02-15: Full equality will be achieved when a prominent entertainer comes out as gay and people say, "Why are you telling us this?"
181: 2014-02-13: You can't prove college makes people more successful, because those who go are already smarter and more motivated. #selectionbias re @WSJ
182: 2014-02-04: "I am gonna goddamn frame your tweet about moving dysfunctional people out of our worlds." - re: @BadDalaiLama
183: 2014-02-01: Medical studies confirm football damages the brain, deadens the senses and shortens the lifespan of millions of people watching it on TV.
184: 2014-01-29: Good to know people remember me and still care.
185: 2014-01-27: People have problems not so much because the world oppresses them but because they can't overcome their own dysfunction.
186: 2014-01-26: Anyone can paint themselves into a corner, and most people do.
187: 2014-01-25: People praise freedom in principle, but in practice it causes them anxiety and they will act quickly to make it go away.
188: 2014-01-21: People who have made investments are always trying to manipulate you into making the same investments.
189: 2014-01-19: People with the smallest property have the biggest "No Trespassing" signs.
190: 2014-01-18: Steer a wide course around dysfunctional people. Like rocks along the coast, you don't want your ship anywhere near them.
191: 2014-01-18: "Trusting yourself actually does involve two people — a present you and a future you. Future-you cannot always be trusted." Re @nytimes
192: 2014-01-17: People build their own cages, place themselves inside, lock the door and throw away the key then complain about their lot in life.
193: 2014-01-11: George Bush loves America cuz it's full of people. 15-second FB video: - From the best George of all: John Morgan
194: 2014-01-11: Dysfunctional people think it is other people's fault, which is the main thing that makes them dysfunctional.
195: 2014-01-09: Always try to reason with people. Give it a shot. If that doesn't work, let expediency guide your actions.
196: 2014-01-05: A buffet is the house of worship of the fat people.
197: 2014-01-05: Having a safety net, knowing it is there, encourages people to behave less safely.
198: 2014-01-05: people who need a little help to move beyond a barrier vs. people entrenched in their own dysfunction
199: 2014-01-05: The tragic irony of food stamps is that most of the people on them are obese.
200: 2014-01-05: @AndrewBober No, that would be fatal. People don't learn much from fatal consequences. Learning must be sub-fatal to be effective.
201: 2014-01-05: A sad fact of life is that people have to fail, painfully and catastrophically, or there is no incentive to succeed or protect oneself.
202: 2014-01-05: The danger of any safety net is people come to rely on it routinely instead of making the hard choices to protect themselves.
203: 2013-12-31: Just because you're rich, famous or powerful doesn't mean you're free. People create prisons for themselves regardless of their resources.
204: 2013-12-31: People can change, but the best predictor of their future behavior is still their past behavior.
205: 2013-12-28: I'm thinking about getting a PhD in talking about other people doing things.
206: 2013-12-27: Guns don't kill people.
207: 2013-12-24: If people who had no business having children had no children, there'd be no children.
208: 2013-12-19: shitology — a branch of applied psychology, funded by American industry, studying the stupid shit people buy and how to make more of it
209: 2013-12-18: RT @Neuro_Skeptic: Cold but good beats warmly evil: people value moral character over "warmth" when evaluating others
210: 2013-12-17: Advice for young people:
211: 2013-12-16: Who maintains the monuments to all the wars we are not supposed to forget when all the people who remember them have died?
212: 2013-12-16: Young people are boneheads. All of them! The best we can hope for is they don't screw up their lives too badly before maturity kicks in.
213: 2013-12-15: Politics is the art of managing information so that people are not distracted from the most important goals.
214: 2013-12-11: Most of the supposedly joyous moments in people's lives are really steps in their imprisonment.
215: 2013-12-11: More people are killed by falling coconuts than by shark attacks, which only proves the vicious and unpredictable nature of the coconut.
216: 2013-12-11: The most interesting experience in foreign travel is being able to size people up without knowing their language. Nonverbal cues are enough.
217: 2013-12-11: God's biggest problem is all the people on earth who claim to be acting on His behalf.
218: 2013-12-10: Money is a delusion that works as a form of exchange only when other people have the same delusion.
219: 2013-12-07: RT @VyeOne: The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People | Alternet A MUST READ We all know someone like this @theb55 …
220: 2013-12-07: On My Bucket List: Promote my product with stock images of happy people enjoying the good life.
221: 2013-12-04: RT @crston7: There are two kinds of people who don't say much: those who are quiet and those who talk a lot
222: 2013-12-04: When actors die, it is more important than when ordinary people do.
223: 2013-12-02: People build monuments to the disasters we are not supposed to forget. The monuments remain, but the disasters are forgotten anyway.
224: 2013-12-02: I don't see the point in researching my ancestors. Gilligan and the Skipper are more my family than those dead people ever were.
225: 2013-11-26: I'm not saying there isn't any God. I'm just saying if there wasn't a God, people would have to make one up to serve their emotional needs.
226: 2013-11-26: "I believe children are our future in the same way I believe dead people are our past."
227: 2013-11-16: People are enslaved less by outside oppressors than by their own personality.
228: 2013-11-16: What people tell you in the first moments of contact may not fairly represent them, but it cannot be ignored either.
229: 2013-11-15: "The map is not the territory." People confuse models with the real objects they represent. via @h0mfr0g
230: 2013-10-26: RT @TheEconomist: Giving money directly to poor people works surprisingly well. But it cannot deal with the deeper causes of poverty http:/…
231: 2013-10-25: Some people shouldn't be anthropomorphized.
232: 2013-10-22: Don't panic! That just makes matters worse. Or panic. It's up to you. Nothing makes people panic more than telling them not to panic.
233: 2013-10-19: "Social Needs" - my new chapter in The Meaning of Life - 3-page PDF: - People are like dogs.
234: 2013-10-19: I want to thank my family, my colleagues and the people gave me this award for the opportunity to stand here and humble-brag about.
235: 2013-10-18: With some people, there is a whole iceberg below the surface that you don't see, and it's not a nice iceberg.
236: 2013-10-17: Most people just want to be in a marching band, with a clear definition of who they are and what they should do.
237: 2013-10-13: People are controlled by the box they put themselves in.
238: 2013-10-12: You can offer people resources, but avoid trying to solve their problems for them. They must find their own solutions.
239: 2013-10-08: Dysfunctional people deserve your compassion but not your time or attention. Just move them out of your world quickly and humanely.
240: 2013-10-08: RT @WSJ: People who often say "I" are less self-confident than those who say the word infrequently, study finds
241: 2013-10-08: Some people were meant to live on a farm, with few choices, following simple routines. Bring them to the city and they self-destruct.
242: 2013-10-06: The world relies on people with steady jobs, stable homes and children, but that doesn't mean you have to go there yourself.
243: 2013-10-06: The dentist makes most of his money on people with bad teeth, so whatever advice he gives you, do the opposite. #paranoia
244: 2013-10-03: RT @neiltyson: If you need to invoke your academic pedigree or job title for people to believe what you say, then you need a better argument
245: 2013-10-01: You gotta admire how those British people think they have their own independent culture separate from America's. So quaint and charming!
246: 2013-09-30: People blame causality for everything.
247: 2013-09-27: When people face a crisis they often become paranoid, which may become the greatest barrier to solving their problem.
248: 2013-09-27: One of the biggest mistakes people make in their lives is permanently committing themselves to a temporary pleasure.
249: 2013-09-26: Don't rush to rescue people from problems they themselves have created. Getting off too easily may just encourage them to do it again.
250: 2013-09-26: Wants to be loved but doesn't understand how his own behavior is pushing people away. #somedogsandpeople
251: 2013-09-25: People can change. It sometimes happens. But if you must wager your own life on one outcome, expect past behavior to continue.
252: 2013-09-25: All social relations depend on sizing people up, so you know how much to trust them and how to communicate with them.
253: 2013-09-19: Why do seniors deserve a discount? Statistically, they are the richest people in society.
254: 2013-09-17: The people most paranoid about their privacy are those with the least interesting lives.
255: 2013-09-13: What appears as dysfunction to us seems like rational and justified behavior to the people perpetuating it.
256: 2013-09-13: It is easy to see dysfunction in others, much harder to see it in ourselves and the people we are close to.
257: 2013-09-11: Lesson of 9-11: People who die tragically with a lot of press coverage are worth more remembrance than people who die tragically without it.
258: 2013-09-11: People should be growing and getting more productive their entire lives, but most don't, because they get trapped in their past investments.
259: 2013-09-08: Also seen hundreds of people do stupid, self-destructive things while drunk and/or high. (Any Saturday night.) re @BadDalaiLama
260: 2013-08-31: How do you tell people you don't drink without seeming like a Mormon?
261: 2013-08-28: People protected from the consequences of their actions will usually accomplish little.
262: 2013-08-28: Being a bit scared does wonders for ones motivation. You don't want to take that away from people.
263: 2013-08-28: People throw out food if it tastes bad, but you should also do it if it tastes good. That may be the only way to stop eating it.
264: 2013-08-27: Dear sociopaths: You don't have to care about people. Just don't eat or alienate your service providers.
265: 2013-08-25: The main aim of human relations is not to change people's attitudes or beliefs but merely to get the behavior you want from them.
266: 2013-08-23: Most people aren't cut out for independence. Without a social structure, even an absurd one, they will self-destruct.
267: 2013-08-22: On My Bucket List: Become so famous and well-respected that I can produce any kind of crap and people will buy it.
268: 2013-08-20: The young people you most want to help are those with creativity, initiative and a strong work ethic... but they don't need your help!
269: 2013-08-19: People are judged by others based on standards that they themselves create.
270: 2013-08-15: I love having people younger than me tell me they're too old to change now.
271: 2013-08-15: Having someone to take care of them encourages people to be more childish and dependent and less responsible for their own needs.
272: 2013-08-14: Furries — people who dress as animals. Not creepy at all. @DailyMailUS
273: 2013-08-12: You can't tell people how to live their lives. You can only control the boundary where their lifestyle impinges on yours.
274: 2013-08-11: I would never belong to a club that would have these people as members. Via; @MailOnline
275: 2013-08-08: @MinnieGupta "Tax break" Is how people justify a lot of bad investments.
276: 2013-08-08: Stay away from people who are suicidal. Their circular logic will make you suicidal.
277: 2013-08-05: It is not McDonalds' fault if the only food people want to buy is the unhealthy stuff. (re @DailyMailUS)
278: 2013-08-02: Some people shouldn't control room thermostats. They turn them all the way up or down based on how they feel then they freeze or cook later.
279: 2013-07-31: People will not change their habitual behavior until the consequences become hard and painful. Until then, words have little effect.
280: 2013-07-30: Canadians. A proud people. A noble culture. Not at all ashamed of getting the runt end of North America.
281: 2013-07-27: RT @Telegraph: Beware 'night owls': Study finds people who stay up late tend to have more evil personality traits
282: 2013-07-27: If you offer people a safety net, they will eventually come to expect it and will stop looking out for their own safety.
283: 2013-07-27: When two people vow to take care of each other, there is more "taking care of" to do.
284: 2013-07-25: Silicon Valley is not a classless society. There are people with Priuses and people without.
285: 2013-07-22: I have never had caviar, but I question: Do people value it because it tastes good or merely because it is expensive and hard to get?
286: 2013-07-21: The Meaning of Life, Assumption #9: "I care what other people think of me." (1-page pdf)
287: 2013-07-21: If you protect people from their own dysfunction, they will just get more dysfunctional.
288: 2013-07-17: As soon as you say self-destructive behavior is a "disease" you're giving people permission to do whatever they want.
289: 2013-07-15: When people celebrate their millionth customer or fan, they usually fail to thank the most responsible party, the base 10 system.
290: 2013-07-15: The dumbest people are those who think they know everything.
291: 2013-07-13: Science has finally solved the problem of people who don't know how to set the time on their VCRs: No more VCRs!
292: 2013-07-01: A whole lot of dead people here! Zoom in to count them:
293: 2013-07-01: "I found this video when I needed it most. Thank you for posting this."—People Can Change But You Can't Change Them
294: 2013-06-29: "People who receive frequent news updates on their investments earn lower returns than those who get no news."
295: 2013-06-28: RT @fujiwiryani: Yknow what people.. If you haven't follow @BadDalaiLama. You better do it now. His tweets way better than that Coelho guy.…
296: 2013-06-28: Young people making impulsive choices and paying for it with a lifetime of grief — the story of humanity.
297: 2013-06-27: family members — creepy clone people who look and sound disturbingly like you but are not like you at all.
298: 2013-06-27: Snowden—You're playing with the big boys now. These people don't mess around. They can kill you or worse. They can take away your Internet!
299: 2013-06-27: Bacharach/David hits no longer resonate with young people. "Do You Know the Way To San Jose?" Seriously, dude, just Google it!
300: 2013-06-27: People like to invent restrictions for themselves because adhering to the restrictions gives their lives the illusion of substance.
301: 2013-06-26: Over half of Americans do not have a passport, but frankly we wouldn't want those people traveling anyway.
302: 2013-06-22: People are more willing to accept imprisonment when they paid a lot to get it.
303: 2013-06-20: You can give people advice but you can't give them good judgment.
304: 2013-06-20: Give people a race to run and they will run it without questioning why.
305: 2013-06-19: RT @WSJ: Forget brainstorming: People are most innovative working within constraints of what they already know.
306: 2013-06-18: RT @TheBosha: The only reason to ask meaningful questions at a beauty pageant is to make ugly people feel better.
307: 2013-06-17: Democracy Fact: Society has more dumb people than smart people. If you get the dumb ones to vote for you, you don't need the smart ones.
308: 2013-06-09: Stupid people think they are smart. That's what makes them stupid.
309: 2013-06-08: Oia Sunset, Greek Islands - photos of people taking photos. New album shot tonight:
310: 2013-06-08: Just took 700+ photos of a sunset... or more precisely people taking photos of a sunset.
311: 2013-05-29: Instead of studying how famous people became successful, it is more useful to understand how they sabotaged themselves afterwards.
312: 2013-05-29: People say, "I am willing to change, but only within the plan I have already committed to." So... no change!
313: 2013-05-29: Ego and prior commitment prevent people from seeing the opportunities right in front of them.
314: 2013-05-28: People who have already invested in a certain lifestyle want you to join them, because it helps relieve doubts about their own choice.
315: 2013-05-28: Most people won't make painful changes unless forced to. If you become their supportive therapist, you may just be delaying that change.
316: 2013-05-28: In love, people expect a dedicated therapist with endless time and attention, who charges no fee and demands no change.
317: 2013-05-26: When some people think outside the box, you want to tell them, "Get back in the box!"
318: 2013-05-26: MRT @VestaTot: Some people need to think inside the box. Others need to build a smaller box inside the box and think in there.
319: 2013-05-21: Many young people burn brightly with creativity then grow dim, trapped in their own conundrums. Not many emit light all their lives.
320: 2013-05-20: You'd think that people would have had enough of silly reproductive signaling systems. I look around me and I see it isn't so.
321: 2013-05-15: People look to romance to save them the same way actors hope to be "discovered". They want recognition but also a script.
322: 2013-05-15: "Literacy" is a four-letter word to some people.
323: 2013-05-13: People don't want new ideas. New ideas are scary! They want old ideas with new gift wrapping.
324: 2013-05-08: RT @latimes: College is a bad financial investment for a fair number of people, a new study says
325: 2013-05-08: People plan for their passions as though they were permanent. The passions fade and change, but the plan remains.
326: 2013-05-07: Prosperity kills! It lures people into unnecessary commitments that drown them when the prosperity ends.
327: 2013-05-07: People are prisoners of their own investments.
328: 2013-05-06: As cruel as the world of work may be, most people aren't going to do a damn thing unless thusly motivated.
329: 2013-05-06: UFO Researchers – a community of people confidently repeating what others have said but with no new data. See also Religion.
330: 2013-05-05: Is it illegal to take photos of people without asking?
331: 2013-04-30: No one at Homeland Security seems to be addressing the potential for radical Canadian terrorism. These people could get away with anything!
332: 2013-04-28: Urging people to "Get out and vote!" just draws more uninformed voters to the polls, so we get more inept leaders.
333: 2013-04-27: The main reason to have a plan is so people don't freak out that you don't have a plan.
334: 2013-04-26: The Good @DalaiLama teaches us a powerful lesson: People want platitudes, not truth.
335: 2013-04-26: People are more attracted to the familiar than to the smart or wise.
336: 2013-04-26: People get stuck on stupid and can't let it go.
337: 2013-04-26: On My Bucket List: Explore the limits of oversharing on the Internet, telling people far more about me than they really want to know.
338: 2013-04-25: There are plenty of dumb people doing dumb things with their lives, but the real tragedy is smart people doing dumb things.
339: 2013-04-25: The usual dream of tropical paradise seems to involve copious amounts of alcohol, as if people needed to block it out once they got there.
340: 2013-04-23: RT @ScottSaab: But it can do a great job encouraging & creating new ones! RT @BadDalaiLama: No advertising campaign can divert people f…
341: 2013-04-23: No advertising campaign can divert people from a bad habit.
342: 2013-04-23: If you don't expect your art to change people, what is the point in doing it?
343: 2013-04-22: Wealth does not improve people's lives as much as it enables new forms of laziness.
344: 2013-04-21: People praise freedom in theory but neutralize it as quickly as they can in their own lives.
345: 2013-04-21: People are crippled less by outside forces than by their own voluntary commitments.
346: 2013-04-20: RT @DostoevskyDaily: "Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most." - Fyodor Dostoevsky
347: 2013-04-20: Do people with high-bandwidth Internet connections suffer from data obesity? Too much of a good thing?
348: 2013-04-19: My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of [insert current disaster zone here].
349: 2013-04-17: Motoring down Main Street at 5mph. People smile and wave. Parade follows behind me. Driver squeezes by and shouts, "What is wrong with you!"
350: 2013-04-16: With every upgrade to Facebook: Features will be added. New bugs will be introduced. People will be upset. People will get used to it.
351: 2013-04-14: Computers improve the productivity only of people are productive to begin with.
352: 2013-04-14: Showing people a little bit of your best work is better than showing them a lot of your work.
353: 2013-04-12: People don't care about you. They care about what you produce that is useful to them. What is wrong with that?
354: 2013-04-12: RT @tipsfromkatee: can you believe that in the old times people posted thousands of tweets at a time and printed them out and then sold ...
355: 2013-04-11: CHECK YOUR FACEBOOK TIMELINE for the latest medical issues, pregnancy news, pet photos and maintenance activities of people you hardly know.
356: 2013-04-07: People are bound by invisible fences. If they wander a little too far, a zap of anxiety pushes them back to their comfort zone.
357: 2013-04-06: The theory of capitalism: Let people be miserable but give them options.
358: 2013-04-06: RT @sweetg35: Too many people undervalue what they are, and overvalue what they are not.
359: 2013-04-03: People tend to value that which others tell them is valuable. Few can judge value on their own.
360: 2013-04-02: People are empowered by their failures and imprisoned by their successes.
361: 2013-03-31: People are bound by invisible fences. Wander a little too far and a zap of anxiety pushes you back to your comfort zone.
362: 2013-03-31: Pure hedonists are the stupidest people on the planet. They are the world’s addicts, concerned only with getting their next fix.
363: 2013-03-30: Misery is a control system assuring that people with euphoric tendencies live within their means.
364: 2013-03-30: The kind of people who play lotteries are exactly the ones who will squander the money and self-destruct if they win.
365: 2013-03-30: As technology "advances", people will find ways to do the same stupid things they have always done.
366: 2013-03-27: "I can't believe people are dumb enough to fall for this crap." — Marketers, to each other.
367: 2013-03-22: When people ask, “What is the meaning of life?” what they really want to know is, “Who am I, and where should I be heading?”
368: 2013-03-21: Revelations of childhood: People are naked under their clothes. Cities have dirt under their concrete. Adults are just larger children.
369: 2013-03-19: The mistake people make when looking for meaning is they try to find it “out there” in the universe at large, when it is really inside them.
370: 2013-03-19: Ineptitude is inherent in the term "parent". These people don't have a clue what they're getting themselves into.
371: 2013-03-15: Celebrity gets a rare disease, becomes spokesman for it, takes attention and funding away from diseases that kill more people.
372: 2013-03-15: RT @edictive: How to tell with Google Maps where the rich people live:
373: 2013-03-13: People like rules. They don't care where the rules came from or whether they make sense. They just like the structure.
374: 2013-03-12: Given a reliable routine and a modicum of comfort, people stop growing.
375: 2013-03-11: Everywhere you go, small museums are dying because the people who knew what the museums were about are also dying. E.g. Jimmy Stewart Museum
376: 2013-03-10: Whatever your religion, the architecture must be epic, to show the people the power of your God.
377: 2013-03-07: I hate people in my dreams pointing out that I'm not wearing any pants. This is my dream, so I'll wear what I want!
378: 2013-03-06: A safety net has to at least be painful or people will use it to avoid making changes in their own behavior.
379: 2013-03-04: RT @KimKierkegaard: Weary of people, weary of myself, so weary that I need an eternity to rest. That's why I always carry a pillow when ...
380: 2013-03-04: Mirror neurons: critters in the brain that help you track the thoughts and feelings of others. Some people have 'em, some don't.
381: 2013-03-02: The field of music is filled with people who can make pretty sounds but not many who can tell a story.
382: 2013-02-27: RT @RandomRomanov Intelligent people don't volunteer as much.
383: 2013-02-27: The real culprit in the horsemeat scandal: DNA testing! I mean, what right do these people have telling us what's in our Mystery Meat?
384: 2013-02-22: @lawnrocket Ay Chihuahua! So many stages! Stage 4: Who are these "people" you speak of? Will they ever understand? Do you really need them?
385: 2013-02-20: The people most in need of advice are least likely to accept it.
386: 2013-02-19: The fog of adolescence lifts only slightly in the early 20s. It can be hard to reason with those people.
387: 2013-02-19: RT @MissiJarrar: " Time... is the only coin you careful lest you let other people spend it for you. " Carl Sandburg
388: 2013-02-18: Selection bias: People who went to Harvard are smarter than those who didn't, but only the smartest get in, so maybe Harvard did nothing.
389: 2013-02-17: People choose their beliefs to minimize cognitive dissonance with the emotional commitments they have already made.
390: 2013-02-14: On cognitive dissonance ==> Why married people are smug and singles so carefree via @TIME
391: 2013-02-14: Stay clear of stupid people, no matter how charming or vulnerable. Sooner or later they will misinterpret you and see you as a threat.
392: 2013-02-12: "Followers" is a delusional figure bearing no relation to how many people actually read your stuff.
393: 2013-02-10: People with excess resources will invent new restrictions for themselves to absorb them.
394: 2013-02-10: RT @dramapad: Sex between people who love each other is kind of boring. That why it doesn't have a porn category.
395: 2013-01-30: @BadDalaiLama Certainly the quantity of music has increased but not the number of songs people remember and sing to themselves.
396: 2013-01-30: When rental car companies refuse to rent to people under 25, it tells you something about the real boundaries of childhood.
397: 2013-01-25: Young people are driven less by the need for accomplishment than by the need to appear accomplished to others.
398: 2013-01-23: RT @KilroyCafe: Poverty sucks, and this must always be so. Otherwise people will not be motivated to escape it.
399: 2013-01-20: If you go through the motions some people may be fooled, even you, but history will know you were going through the motions.
400: 2013-01-20: The trouble with emotionally needy people is they'll always be needy no matter how much you give them.
401: 2013-01-19: Episcopalians are my people! No confessionals or loud declarations of faith. Just keep it real and avoid asking too many questions.
402: 2013-01-19: On My Bucket List: Change the world by annoying people with signs and slogans.
403: 2013-01-19: Most people see with their minds. They don't know how to see with their eyes.
404: 2013-01-17: The advantage in paying people when they would work for free is the exchange is over and you don't owe them anything.
405: 2013-01-17: Superman's problem isn't rescuing people. It's deciding who not to rescue.
406: 2013-01-13: The problem with any safety net: If you offer it to people they will probably use it, but not for the life-and-death safety you envisioned.
407: 2013-01-13: Capitalism may be brutal, but without a need for money most people wouldn't do a damn thing.
408: 2013-01-12: The kind of people who play lotteries will spend themselves into debt no matter how much they win.
409: 2013-01-11: If you know only a little of a language, it is unwise to try to speak it. When you say "Hello" people think you know their whole language.
410: 2013-01-11: Being surrounded by talented people can draw you away from things you should be doing yourself.
411: 2013-01-10: People tend to confuse having a lot of obligations with having a meaningful life, so they pile on the obligations.
412: 2013-01-10: Everything I know about current TV shows I learned from Wikipedia. I admire the stamina of you people for actually watching.
413: 2013-01-07: The Dunning–Kruger effect - Why stupid people don't realize they're stupid.
414: 2013-01-07: RT @WSJ: Most people are calm and cooperative, and most animals are as well. Beware exceptions across species:
415: 2013-01-03: Crazy, insane justice. People can hunt, but a zoo director can't put an injured animal out of its misery. re @washingtonpost
416: 2013-01-03: People who are cool need to stick together with others who are cool and avoid the uncool like the plague. It's us against them!
417: 2013-01-02: RT @MailOnline: Dreading your diet? Don't worry...plump people live LONGER than their skinnier counterparts
418: 2013-01-01: @BadDalaiLama If the weight loss secrets were effective and people stopped eating the desserts, there would be no need for future issues!
419: 2012-12-31: Detecting when discretion is needed is a never-ending social challenge, especially among people you don't know very well.
420: 2012-12-30: Exciting new 3D technology would allow people to actually GO OUT AND DO THINGS. Unfortunately, liability concerns have kept it in the lab.
421: 2012-12-27: Snoring observation at hostels worldwide: It's mainly when people sleep on their back. Change your sleep position! (Others: Bring earplugs!)
422: 2012-12-26: People in love are not sane. They are the worst people to be making fateful choices about lifetime commitments. @BadDalaiLama
423: 2012-12-24: The real Bethlehem at Christmas: no snow, no chill in the air. Thin people in Santa suits. American-style Christmas decorations.
424: 2012-12-23: People with degrees have proven neither their intellect nor their creativity, only their tolerance of formal education.
425: 2012-12-22: What is useful, beautiful, worthy of your time? Most people look to others to make these judgments for them.
426: 2012-12-22: The most important creative skill is being able to judge the value of something without other people telling you.
427: 2012-12-21: "These people shouldn't be in the same room let alone on the same team—and that is the definition of family."—Joss Whedon on The Avengers
428: 2012-12-19: Some people are heat sinks: You pour energy into them, cause no chemical change and get no energy out.
429: 2012-12-19: YouTube is millions of people saying, "Look at me, Mommy, look at me!"
430: 2012-12-18: People have problems, but they only want solutions that won't disrupt their existing emotional investments, so the problems persist.
431: 2012-12-16: news — n. an entertainment device designed to get people to argue meaninglessly about global issues instead of solving their own problems.
432: 2012-12-15: West Virginians — A proud people! Larger than life. Testing how much adipose tissue can be attached to the human frame.
433: 2012-12-14: People solving their own problems imperfectly is better than us trying to solve their problems for them.
434: 2012-12-12: Christmas Wisdom: Giving expensive gifts to people weaker than you usually hurts them in the long run, disrupting their own incentives.
435: 2012-12-11: @mariarfin Some people believe they have more of it, so they do!
436: 2012-12-11: .@mariarfin One can believe in free will for oneself while not trusting it in other people.
437: 2012-12-11: You can't give people self-confidence. They can only earn it through their own actions.
438: 2012-12-09: Mean people always have an excuse, and nice people are often making excuses for them. That's one flaw of nice people. @BadDalaiLama
439: 2012-12-09: The main thing people are hiding when they jealously guard their privacy is just how boring their lives really are. @KilroyCafe
440: 2012-12-08: People can change, but the best predictor of their future actions is still their past actions.
441: 2012-11-28: The most embarrassing thing about travel is the clueless, narcissistic Americans you run into. Some people should never leave the country.
442: 2012-11-25: When people first gain freedom, they usually indulge in it to excess and make themselves sick.
443: 2012-11-25: One thing I am hiding from my personal timeline is my stripper past. I am okay with it, but some people wouldn't understand.
444: 2012-11-25: On My Bucket List: Record every trivial detail of my personal life on social media, because I know people are dying to know.
445: 2012-11-17: People who have never travelled tend to vastly overestimate how a news event affects a local population.
446: 2012-11-15: RT @KilroyCafe: When you have a brilliant new idea, you can talk about it all you want, but ultimately you have to show people before th ...
447: 2012-11-12: Humanity may be getting dumber due to lack of natural selection, but smart people will still mate and produce islands of intellect.
448: 2012-11-12: Attention married people: Anyone who would have an affair with a married person is someone you don't want to have an affair with.
449: 2012-11-12: On My Bucket List: Come clean to the American people about my extramarital affair. (Related: Get married so I can have one.)
450: 2012-11-12: Some people are onions. Peel back each layer and you find more and more depth. Others are shriveled little nuts: two layers, max.
451: 2012-11-11: People's ability to promise things usually far exceeds their ability to deliver.
452: 2012-11-10: Asking a question does not imply one is prepared for an answer. Usually people just want affirmation for their existing investments.
453: 2012-11-09: When young people "rebel" they usually do it by buying the symbols of rebellion from others.
454: 2012-11-09: The trouble with being a god is people expect you to solve all their problems. That's why gods like to keep a low profile.
455: 2012-11-08: Slap a "Premium" label on anything and people with the means will happily pay more for it—"Because I'm worth it!"
456: 2012-11-08: I got a lot of sympathy for stupid people. They got a hard life. I just don't want their stupidity to spill into my world.
457: 2012-11-07: Is happiness worth the cost? The risk when people become happy is they fall into comfortable routines and never do a damn thing again.
458: 2012-11-05: I have met many wealthy people but do not envy any of them. Most use their money only to acquire "assets" that reduce their freedom.
459: 2012-11-05: You know your position is strong if you can walk into a room of people who are hostile to it and calmly respond to all their objections.
460: 2012-11-05: RT @HLMenckenBot: There are people who read too much: the #bibliobibuli. Some are constantly drunk on books, as other men are drunk on w ...
461: 2012-11-05: "You want to think about that word, 'belong.' People should think about that: it means they own you." ~ George Carlin
462: 2012-11-04: Parenthood turns little people into gods.
463: 2012-11-04: The main error of the narcissist is misjudging the value of your own product, that people should rush to buy it just because you made it.
464: 2012-11-03: A god says something off-the-cuff. Doesn't mean a lot by it. But the people take it as a divine message. God goes "Oops!"
465: 2012-11-02: Wear your HazMat suit when handling hazardous waste or dysfunctional people. Maintain secure barriers so they don't pollute your own system.
466: 2012-10-30: Weight loss products and diet foods are what fat people buy so they can continue eating without guilt.
467: 2012-10-29: Polls show that people responding to polls have nothing better to do with their lives than respond to polls.
468: 2012-10-29: @DSLikesIt People explode in a vacuum only in the movies.
469: 2012-10-29: My thoughts and prayers are with the people of ________ during their terrible [hurricane/media event/presidential election]. #modeltweet
470: 2012-10-28: A hospital is one-stop shopping for the most virulent forms of all the diseases other people have brought there.
471: 2012-10-28: Hypothesis: People who are the most germophobic get sick more often and more severely because their immune system gets less practice.
472: 2012-10-27: Note to Rescuers: When people are trapped in a train, break a window and get them out. (Must it be a special one?)
473: 2012-10-26: This town is some kind of Steven King freak zone. Everyone is under 25. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH THE OLD PEOPLE???
474: 2012-10-24: It is sad to see homeless people on the street. Society did this to them, but that doesn't mean society can save them.
475: 2012-10-24: Zero unemployment is unrealistic and a bit scary. Businesses need to find workers and some dysfunctional people are unemployable.
476: 2012-10-20: Offer a "premium" version of any product and people with the means will buy it. Doesn't matter how trivial the benefit; they want it.
477: 2012-10-20: Some people should never be allowed to have credit cards: Greece, Italy, Spain, U.S. Congress.
478: 2012-10-17: It must be satisfying being a Facebook engineer. When you break something you break it for a billion people.
479: 2012-10-17: The role of government is to enforce business rules, assure public safety and protect communal resources. It can't solve people's problems.
480: 2012-10-16: This is how they educate young people in South Carolina: Kids, the way to get ahead is buying a lottery ticket.
481: 2012-10-14: RT @KilroyCafe: People are judged by others based on criteria they create themselves.
482: 2012-10-13: No government program can give people initiative. The best it can do is offer opportunities for those who already have it.
483: 2012-10-13: People with low initiative don't want solutions. Offer them ideas to improve their lives and they'll give you 1000 reasons it can't be done.
484: 2012-10-13: "Self starters"—people who initiate their own actions—are far outnumbered by "passives" who only respond to the stimuli presented to them.
485: 2012-10-13: The main problem of poverty in the USA is not lack of opportunity but people refusing to take the logical steps to help themselves.
486: 2012-10-12: Driving your Prius to Whole Foods. So conscientious and environmentally aware. Just don't let the poor people know the money you're blowing.
487: 2012-10-11: The first rule of human diplomacy is to keep quiet about what you know if it is only going to upset people and not accomplish anything.
488: 2012-10-09: RT @KilroyCafe: You don't help people with big, flashy gifts. You help them with quiet and consistent compassion you probably won't be t ...
489: 2012-10-06: October is "Life Sucks For Most People So Don't Be An Ass With The Resources You Have" Awareness Month.
490: 2012-10-05: People have limited attention, so if you "raise awareness" about one illness or social issue, aren't you lowering it for all the others?
491: 2012-10-03: Judge people first by their self-consistency. Do they do what they say they will? Do they move toward what they claim to want?
492: 2012-09-28: If a million people play the lottery and one guy wins, that guy thinks, "I did it! I must be special!"
493: 2012-09-25: RT @KilroyCafe: Elvis died of a broken heart. He was famous only for mouthing other people's words, not his own. He was a washed up fake ...
494: 2012-09-25: Now four years on the road (since airline layoff). Can't imagine living in a fixed residence. How do you people do it?
495: 2012-09-24: Business tip: There's a huge market in helping rich people waste their money. Don't bother with the value consumer. Go after the fat cats!
496: 2012-09-21: People at war with themselves are ones to stay clear of. Get too close and you'll be caught in the crossfire.
497: 2012-09-18: Given excess resources, people will usually take on more obligations, eliminating the advantage of those resources.
498: 2012-09-17: Most people don't accomplish anything because they don't see a reason for it. They are defeated by nihilism before they begin.
499: 2012-09-17: RT @badbanana: I know making good time is important, but if Indiana Jones is beating people up on your vehicle, I say slow down and pull ...
500: 2012-09-13: The Village People in Helsinki (today)
501: 2012-09-10: College professors are rarely true explorers but the curators and priests of other people's knowledge.
502: 2012-09-10: RT @KilroyCafe: If something makes you feel good now, repeating it 10x won't make you 10x happier, yet people make permanent plans based ...
503: 2012-09-09: People think they are being prudent by consulting an oracle before major decisions but fail to evaluate the oracle's accuracy.
504: 2012-09-08: Essential human truth: People want predictions but don't really care if they are accurate.
505: 2012-09-04: RT @HumanBeam: Some people are more work than they're worth. Don't be those people.
506: 2012-08-31: You can't tell people how to change. You can only enforce your own rules and boundaries and let them adapt as they will.
507: 2012-08-30: Death spiral: As fatal diseases are cured, people absorb ever-greater medical services over their lifetime, until no society can support it.
508: 2012-08-29: I am one of the few people on the planet who have traveled the full length of Bucksnort Road.
509: 2012-08-29: RT @KilroyCafe: Before the GPS, people navigated by the stars, compass, paper maps, road signs and the nagging complaints of the person ...
510: 2012-08-29: People build their own Hell by committing to more than they're capable of.
511: 2012-08-28: RT @rockerayanne: @BadDalaiLama Lol! My former neighbor is that woman. She took other peoples cats when she moved.
512: 2012-08-27: The hardest part about being God must be listening to all those prayers. I mean, Jesus Christ, can't these people take care of themselves?
513: 2012-08-25: Ironic that fat people should complain about being cold. They have the most insulation—but also the lowest tolerance for discomfort.
514: 2012-08-25: A hidden culprit in obesity: central heating! When people are always cozy, their bodies don't need to work to stay warm. #revelincold
515: 2012-08-23: Aggressive "helping" doesn't help ==> RT @PsyPost: Close contact with young people at risk of suicide has no effect
516: 2012-08-22: @noahWG Only Very Smart People know who is conscious and who isn't because, you know, diplomas and shit.
517: 2012-08-22: You have little control over people paying you for your art. You have great control over practicing your art in the meantime.
518: 2012-08-21: People defeat themselves in their own goals by refusing to give up things that are fundamentally incompatible with those goals.
519: 2012-08-20: To move ahead with your life, you have to leave behind people who aren't helping you.
520: 2012-08-17: On My Bucket List: Go to law school so I can help injured people by fighting for the maximum compensation they're entitled to.
521: 2012-08-17: @laurenahayes Your photos of places are cool! Now you need to add people. (You may need something faster than your iPhone.)
522: 2012-08-16: Don't get entangled with dysfunctional people, even if family. Maintain your firewalls, or their dysfunction will become yours.
523: 2012-08-16: "Get your freak on" is the wrong advice for some people. They already got their freak on and need to freakin' turn it off!
524: 2012-08-16: The most important responsibility of gods and aliens is to not give people false hope.
525: 2012-08-13: Most people won't make hard decisions until forced to. Give them too much protection and those decisions will never be made.
526: 2012-08-12: People who get angry at traffic jams, delayed flights an inanimate objects are ones you don't need in your life. Quietly purge them.
527: 2012-08-11: In art, social media and life, most people are like Frida Kahlo: only one subject. Few are like Leonardo, seeing the world for what it is.
528: 2012-08-11: Massachusetts General Hospital is conducting a study of people who would rather participate in studies than get cured.
529: 2012-08-10: RT @KilroyCafe: The main thing people are hiding when they jealously guard their privacy is just how boring their lives really are.
530: 2012-08-09: Actors are people who want to be famous but who expect someone else to provide the script.
531: 2012-08-04: RT @WSJ: Most people believe they're more attractive, intelligent than they are - but that isn't always a bad thing.
532: 2012-07-27: Morning People And Night Owls Show Different Brain Function <== Just the tip of the iceberg. They're different species!
533: 2012-07-27: Morning people rule! Evening people suck. Any questions?
534: 2012-07-24: Find a cheap airfare, book it and go. Simple! Why do people have to make travel so complicated?
535: 2012-07-24: People who live on islands keep long grudges.
536: 2012-07-23: Some people never graduated from high school. This is a website for them.
537: 2012-07-20: My thoughts and prayers are with the people of ____ during their terrible ____. (I hope this tweet doesn't sound shallow and trivial.)
538: 2012-07-20: Consider a rewarding career in the adult entertainment industry. Helping people help themselves!
539: 2012-07-18: .@crushjunky Makeup has failed if people know you are wearing makeup.
540: 2012-07-18: Most people are not suited to freedom. It only helps them self-destruct. They need some form of prison to survive.
541: 2012-07-18: Young people think freedom is just choosing what train to get on. True freedom is making your own tracks.
542: 2012-07-18: Most people praise freedom in the abstract, but in practice they usually act quickly to neutralize it.
543: 2012-07-17: @Klayoven No, but people who give endlessly without asking anything in return set themselves up for dysfunction.
544: 2012-07-17: RT @KilroyCafe: Failed romances are one of life's great classrooms. You learn how people really work and how fantasy differs from fact.
545: 2012-07-15: RT @KilroyCafe: Words alone can't power their way through blocks in people's perception. Only actions make a difference.
546: 2012-07-10: There are plenty of people with artistic talent but only a few who can see through the fog of their own ego.
547: 2012-07-09: The destiny of a god or superhero is to be cursed by the people who worship him when he fails to live up to their impossible expectations.
548: 2012-07-09: When people are gods to us, it usually means we don't understand them.
549: 2012-07-09: RT @TheLastVirgo: We appreciate people better,
550: 2012-07-08: People become trapped in self-destructive lifestyles when their ego prevents them from acknowledging their past mistakes.
551: 2012-07-07: RT @Andreaof9: @BadDalaiLama This isn't limited to stupid people. Emotionally immature people do this as well.
552: 2012-07-07: Stupid people are not harmless. When they run up against something frustrating they don't understand, they often turn mean.
553: 2012-07-06: Too many people are back seat drivers, complaining bitterly about where their life is going but refusing to take the wheel.
554: 2012-07-06: People deal with intolerable truths by compartmentalizing them and trying to keep the compartments separate in their brain.
555: 2012-07-06: The Red Pill is damned unpleasant when it reveals the mistakes you have made. That's why people choose the Blue Pill.
556: 2012-07-06: Most people experience life like passengers on a cruise ship: engaged in onboard activities but clueless about where their ship is going.
557: 2012-07-06: The real psychos are people who can't process shame or acknowledge error, who must project their own flaws onto others. Watch out!
558: 2012-07-06: Some people were meant to live on farms with simple routines and no choice. Put them in the city with unlimited choices, they self-destruct.
559: 2012-07-05: For most people, there is a huge gulf between recognizing you should change and actually changing.
560: 2012-07-05: People with high initiative will organize their free time into meaningful projects. Those with low initiative watch a lot of television.
561: 2012-07-05: We admire people who take initiative to improve their own lives or resolve potential problems before they become crises.
562: 2012-07-05: Shit Old People Say: "I'm too old to change now."
563: 2012-07-05: So sad to watch people sabotage themselves. You want to say, "Stop it!" but that only makes them angry.
564: 2012-07-05: RT @mntstguy: @BadDalaiLama Technically the cost increase isn't science itself fault,it's greed of people behind the discoveries,semanti ...
565: 2012-07-05: Each new improvement in cancer treatment saves lives... and increases the cost of medical care so fewer people have access to it.
566: 2012-07-03: There are many people you want to help but can't. Their problems are self-created and can only be solved from within.
567: 2012-07-02: The first place international terrorists will strike is the Maine wood products industry (think people in the Maine wood products industry).
568: 2012-07-02: If you let too many people into your lifeboat, it will sink and no one will be saved.
569: 2012-07-01: Medical science is always coming up with clever new ways to keep people alive at huge cost. At some point, no economy can support it.
570: 2012-07-01: Whenever you offer people a "safety net" you are giving them permission to use it routinely rather than protecting themselves.
571: 2012-07-01: If you tell people, "We will give you unlimited free medical care for being poor," you have given them a powerful incentive to remain poor.
572: 2012-06-30: The main purpose of alcohol is to help people rationalize the stupid decisions they've made. It smooths over the inconsistencies.
573: 2012-06-30: People invent their own cocaine.
574: 2012-06-30: Age gives you more data points for understanding human behavior, whereas in youth you can only speculate on how people should behave.
575: 2012-06-30: Wealth, for most people, is a handicap, allowing them to indulge their addictions while delaying the consequences.
576: 2012-06-29: RT @TheEconomist: Shoppers prefer getting something extra free to getting something cheaper because most people are useless at fractions ...
577: 2012-06-29: RT @KilroyCafe: Most people can't handle freedom. Without the enforced structure of debts, obligations and a job, they would self-destruct.
578: 2012-06-29: My new philosophy essay: "Black-and-White People" "Some people can see things only in black and white..."
579: 2012-06-29: Black-and-white people see things as all good or all bad. If you suggest otherwise, prepare for their anger.
580: 2012-06-28: RT @KilroyCafe: In any field, most people see only the skin of things. They can't comprehend the skeleton — the underlying structure tha ...
581: 2012-06-27: In the end, most people will choose a bland and known path with the illusion of safety and little risk to their ego.
582: 2012-06-27: In automated America, some people may not grasp this concept.
583: 2012-06-26: RT @KilroyCafe: The great irony of offering advice is that the people most in need of it are those least capable of accepting it.
584: 2012-06-25: Europe has a lot of nasty history where people died for their political beliefs. The worst America had was McCarthyism and the Bush era.
585: 2012-06-18: I'm not ashamed of my race, but historically my people rarely see the sun. Exposed to it nonstop, we White folk prune up real fast.
586: 2012-06-17: People don't really want the best for themselves. They want what doesn't upset their system.
587: 2012-06-15: RT @KilroyCafe: People are limited by the breadth of their own vision. If you think small, you're going to live small.
588: 2012-06-14: Only in romance are people expecting someone else to save them from themselves.
589: 2012-06-14: RT @KilroyCafe: academia—n. a community of educated people united by their lack of experience in the real world.
590: 2012-06-13: Life is like traveling on an ocean liner. Most people are preoccupied with the intrigues aboard ship. Few care where the ship is going.
591: 2012-06-12: The age-old problem of running a bar is how to sell people alcohol without drunks trashing the place.
592: 2012-06-11: Have compassion for dysfunctional people, but keep them at arm's length. Don't let them intrude into your own productivity.
593: 2012-06-10: RT @BrianCrouch Most people double down when they should cut losses.
594: 2012-06-10: "I want a romantic partner who will support my addictions and not question my assumptions." — Not what people say but what they expect.
595: 2012-06-08: To get a dog to obey you, you must know what you want from him and be consistent in your messages. Same with people.
596: 2012-06-08: Social media will falter when more people realize the awful truth: "Hey, no one is looking at my page!"
597: 2012-06-08: There are smart people and dumb people. Every person is valuable, but only a few are worth investing your time in.
598: 2012-06-07: Make a mistake and life slaps you for it. Smart people learn from the experience. Dumb people come back for more.
599: 2012-06-07: With age comes wisdom and experience but also inertia and entrenchment, so it's a wash for most people.
600: 2012-06-07: Pit bulls are the most gentle, caring animals once you get to know them. They only maul people who don't understand them.
601: 2012-06-06: People point to the amenities around them—the expensive car, the spacious home, the priceless art—and say, "See? I'm not a prisoner!"
602: 2012-06-05: People don't like to hear unpleasant news, like "Your ship is sinking!" So they blow it off and their ship sinks. C'est la vie!
603: 2012-06-05: RT @DalyaElMaghraby: Help people when they're in need and they'll remember you forever. When they need something again, that is.
604: 2012-06-05: There are two kinds of stupid people: those who believe in impossible dreams and the predators who sell those dreams to them.
605: 2012-06-05: Often you do people a disservice when you protect them from the consequences of their own actions.
606: 2012-06-05: "Trust your feelings" is pretty much the definition of stupidity. Stupid people allow feelings to overrule facts.
607: 2012-06-05: RT @noemiruth: @BadDalaiLama or people who can’t stop yapping about the same thing over and over.
608: 2012-06-05: White Anglos have been oppressed, too! I still haven't forgiven the French for what they did to my people in 1066.
609: 2012-06-04: People carry their own theatre with them. Wherever they go—new place, new people—they reconstruct the same dramas they left behind.
610: 2012-06-04: People obsess over a zombie apocalypse without preparing for an ordinary apocalypse. Zombies get all the press.
611: 2012-06-03: People get angry at criticism mainly when it is accurate.
612: 2012-06-02: I travel the world, use public restrooms, germs galore—sick about once a year. People who stay home, use hand sanatizer—sick every month.
613: 2012-06-02: It seems that the people who are most paranoid about germs are sick the most. Their immune system is weak because it gets little exercise.
614: 2012-06-02: The cornerstone of the American economy is selling people shit they don't need. To fuel the recovery, the idiots need to start buying again.
615: 2012-06-01: You can't give dysfunctional people too much power, even out of generosity, because they will use it to hurt themselves and sabotage others.
616: 2012-06-01: Getting people to give you accurate information about yourself depends on you not reacting badly when they say something you don't like.
617: 2012-06-01: Most people, when given freedom, will only use it to build their own prison.
618: 2012-05-30: Most people with behavioral addictions don't know they have them because they have arranged their whole worldview around those behaviors.
619: 2012-05-29: RT @ShitYoungPplSay: My thoughts and prayers are with the people of _____ during their terrible _____.
620: 2012-05-28: The main challenge of charity is how to help people out of their problems without encouraging dependence or enabling further dysfunction.
621: 2012-05-28: People always have explanations for their own behavior, those are not usually the real reasons.
622: 2012-05-27: Entertainment obesity is the same as food obesity: Bathed in an endless supply of the stuff, people don't know when to stop.
623: 2012-05-27: Surface dwelling is taking people at their word. Diving is exploring their hidden motivations.
624: 2012-05-27: RT @bybeautydamned: The reason megachurches were invented was to make room for all the gigantic fat people.
625: 2012-05-26: Whenever you give people a crutch, there's a risk they will use it to avoid standing on their own.
626: 2012-05-25: RT @LIFECOACHERS: Always be willing to find the ray of sunshine on a cloudy day because people really hate it when you do that.
627: 2012-05-25: People aren't driven to suicide. They drive themselves there.
628: 2012-05-24: Every workplace favors certain personality traits. If people weren't like that, they wouldn't be working there.
629: 2012-05-24: Stupid people can't make up for it by seeking advice, because they often choose bad advisors or give them poor information.
630: 2012-05-24: Scatology 101: You may catch diseases from other people's shit but not your own. You already have all those germs.
631: 2012-05-24: Family members are wonderful people to visit, but you wouldn't want to live with them.
632: 2012-05-24: RT @KilroyCafe: Family members are wonderful people to visit, but you wouldn't want to live with them.
633: 2012-05-24: There is little reward in telling people unpleasant truths about themselves. They will probably attack you for trying.
634: 2012-05-24: Young people can be brilliant at running races, not so bright at deciding what races to run.
635: 2012-05-23: RT @KilroyCafe: Bad things happen when you insulate people from the effects of their own actions.
636: 2012-05-22: Some places of your youth you can come back to years later and nothing has changed. So sad. Those people must really like repetition.
637: 2012-05-21: RT @KilroyCafe: The biggest mistake people make is treating time as a renewable resource, when in fact it's rapidly running out.
638: 2012-05-19: What would you do with your life if you knew you had only 5-10 years to live? Welcome to the world of old people!
639: 2012-05-18: The main reason people shop at Target is it's not Walmart.
640: 2012-05-15: catastrophology — n. the study of how human systems collapse and the stupid things people do to hasten it.
641: 2012-05-15: RT @falafail: People only go to weddings because of the food. If your wedding doesn't have good food, spare us and just live together ou ...
642: 2012-05-15: Boredom is a disease of boring people.
643: 2012-05-15: I wish I could passive aggressively FF all the people I follow for occasional insight but whose addiction frightens me, @lexxieviolin
644: 2012-05-14: RT @DalyaElMaghraby: Observant people who notice small details > anyone else.
645: 2012-05-13: "I'll let you go." — What you say to people when you're talking on the phone and they won't shut up.
646: 2012-05-13: People predict the future by taking the current trend and extrapolating it in a straight line. Alas, history rarely turns out that way.
647: 2012-05-12: Social Work 101: What seems like a dysfunctional relationship to you may be, for these people, the best option realistically possible.
648: 2012-05-12: Living on this planet, you see some of the amazing ways people screw up their own lives. The main thing, though, is that you don't.
649: 2012-05-12: There are two kinds of people: those with the courage to taste the milk to see if it's bad and the wusses who can't.
650: 2012-05-10: "Fool me once, that’s your fault. Fool me twice, that’s my fault. Fool me 17 times, that’s the fault of the people who raised me wrong."
651: 2012-05-09: Whenever you provide people with a "safety net" they inevitably start to rely on it instead of helping themselves.
652: 2012-05-09: As science comes up with ever more expensive ways to keep people alive, the cost to treat everyone becomes unsupportable by any society.
653: 2012-05-09: The role of government is to provide regulation (boundaries on behavior). It fails when it tries to find solutions to people's problems.
654: 2012-05-09: The paradox of prosperity: In modern times, it is the poor people who are fattest and have the most children.
655: 2012-05-07: It's downright creepy how so many married couples look genetically alike. There must be a certain comfort level most people go for.
656: 2012-05-07: RT @SRQ2U: Some people you can't wait to get out of your house, others leave and then you can't get them out of your mind.
657: 2012-05-07: Darwinian future: Stupid people will continue to mate and propagate uncontrollably, while smart people become more insular. Duel societies!
658: 2012-05-07: The Veblen principle: If you charge more for something people will think it is more valuable and will want it more.
659: 2012-05-07: People use "cover stories" to hide the real reasons for their behavior. These stories sound plausible but were invented after the fact.
660: 2012-05-07: Loneliness is different than being alone. It has more to do with a lack of direction than a lack of people.
661: 2012-05-06: .@piratehook3r Drugs SHOULD scare people because they mess with your brain. Your most valuable instrument and you're throwing sand in it.
662: 2012-05-06: The paradox of personality: People can change, but you can't change them.
663: 2012-05-06: People want to accomplish great things, but they aren't willing to give up any of their prior investments, so those things never happen.
664: 2012-05-05: Alcohol, drugs and impulsive behavior are the ways people punish themselves for the guilt they can't openly acknowledge.
665: 2012-05-05: Nice people are those you can speak freely to without fear of retribution. Mean people you have to tiptoe around so you don't set them off.
666: 2012-05-05: People build their own Invisible Fence around their yard. When they reach the perimeter, a jolt of anxiety keeps them from going farther.
667: 2012-05-05: Should society go easier on people who kill for non-racial reasons?
668: 2012-05-05: News media have to fill their channel every day, so when there's no news they take non-news and pretend it's real news, and people buy it.
669: 2012-05-04: The sort of people who buy lottery tickets are exactly the kind who will squander the money if they win.
670: 2012-05-04: Economic policy makers cannot afford to ignore the core foundation of our economy: selling people shit they don't need.
671: 2012-05-03: People blame "the media" for dysfunctional human behavior. The media, in turn, say they're only giving people what they're eager to buy.
672: 2012-05-01: The place for people who really love fire. (@ Fire Science Academy)
673: 2012-05-01: People carry their own enemies inside them and project them onto the world as needed.
674: 2012-05-01: People like to say "Someday I'm going to..." but they impose so many conditions that someday never happens.
675: 2012-04-30: People talk about out-of-body experiences like they're something unusual, but I have yet to have an in-body experience.
676: 2012-04-30: When people suffer bad all their lives and stumble into something good, they often turn it into bad because good causes too much anxiety.
677: 2012-04-28: To see what people believe, observe how they live.
678: 2012-04-27: Become part of a clinical study of people who respond to ads for clinical studies.
679: 2012-04-27: People die pretty much as they lived. They're not usually filled with insight at the last minute.
680: 2012-04-27: The dumbest people are the most emotionally driven, unable to separate feeling from fact.
681: 2012-04-26: People obsess over minor risks while the big ones walk in the front door.
682: 2012-04-26: It is okay to help dysfunctional people so long as there is a firewall between you and them so they don't corrupt your world.
683: 2012-04-25: Most people say they want the Red Pill, but when the risk to their investments becomes apparent they quickly go back to the Blue Pill.
684: 2012-04-25: RT @DalyaElMaghraby: Hold on forever to the people who aren't afraid to tell you that you look like shit when you do.
685: 2012-04-20: Does playing team sports build character? Or does it just make it difficult for people to function outside a team?
686: 2012-04-20: People perform best when they have clear goals set in front of them. They fall apart mainly when they have to decide their goals themselves.
687: 2012-04-17: Positive: Legendary Japanese courtesy and deference. Negative: It can be very difficult to deduce what people really think and feel.
688: 2012-04-17: Positive: The Japanese are the cleanest people on Earth. Negative: A nation of germophobes.
689: 2012-04-17: Shopping/people watching in Tokyo: Ginza = boring. Ueno = practical. Shibuya = cookin'!
690: 2012-04-17: Imagine a world without alcohol. How would people socialize? How could love possibly happen?
691: 2012-04-17: In the spirit of cultural tolerance, I believe we should respect other people's bonehead religions. — Bad Dalai Lama
692: 2012-04-15: Non-caffeine users must get used to the bafflement and blank stares when people ask how you take your coffee and you say, "None, thank you."
693: 2012-04-14: It's the people paranoid about germs who are usually the biggest slobs.
694: 2012-04-13: RT @AynRandBK: People need to stop having babies just for the cute outfits. A parasite leech-pod in a onesie is STILL a parasite leech-pod.
695: 2012-04-12: People believe what they need to believe to protect the emotional investments they have already made.
696: 2012-04-12: Catch-22: People who have made absurd investments won't accept criticism from you unless you have made the same absurd investments.
697: 2012-04-12: People who have invested their lives in dubious belief systems will always say, "Don't criticize what you don't understand."
698: 2012-04-12: Abusive people never see themselves as abusive but merely as defending their rights.
699: 2012-04-11: Court ordered rehab has zero effectiveness in getting people off drugs. People get off drugs only when THEY choose to do it.
700: 2012-04-11: Dear old people: You can't stop the clock, but you can clip your nose and ear hair. Just one little thing that cries "old".
701: 2012-04-11: I don't distrust God, just the people He hangs out with.
702: 2012-04-10: Modern medicine can only be done one way: the perfect and expensive way. That means fewer people are served and more lives are lost. #triage
703: 2012-04-10: Good people often make bad choices then spend the rest of their lives justifying them.
704: 2012-04-09: "In blind taste tests, people can't reliably tell bottled water from tap water." Main difference: Bottled water is usually served colder.
705: 2012-04-09: People think they are SO clever when drunk, but in the morning whatever they produced just looks stupid.
706: 2012-04-08: What do people talk about when guaranteed anonymity? Twitter answers that. Sex and alcohol mainly.
707: 2012-04-08: Any "safety net" shouldn't be too pleasant or people will be tempted to stay there.
708: 2012-04-07: You have achieved prima donna status when you can spew venom at people and they don't walk out on you.
709: 2012-04-06: MRT @YourAuntLola: %99 of your physical flaws are invisible to everyone but you and people who work on beauty counters
710: 2012-04-05: People are getting older faster. The old farts now gripe about the "new" Facebook and how things were so much better in the old days.
711: 2012-04-05: There are people you can speak your mind to and others you have to tiptoe around. Those tiptoe people are the ones you don't need.
712: 2012-04-05: People who need alcohol to have fun are conventional and restricted. They need it to release themselves from themselves.
713: 2012-04-05: The thing that bugs me most about religious people is their absolute certainty. They know what the truth is and need no further inquiry.
714: 2012-04-04: People are suckers for sizzle over substance.
715: 2012-04-04: The main danger of marriage—or any reliable human relationship—is that it gives people a crutch to avoid dealing with their own problems.
716: 2012-04-04: For a relationship to be sustainable, people must not just be compatible; they must have a common mission.
717: 2012-04-04: .@jimmychanclas Religion, for example. No matter how bizarre the belief, people pass it to their children, who usually accept it.
718: 2012-04-03: Most people need a certain level of misery in their lives to protect them from even more dangerous euphoria.
719: 2012-04-03: In the midst of a crisis, people often find God. This God may not be real, but the soothing effects are.
720: 2012-04-03: Don't deny people their apophenia if it helps them survive an otherwise intolerable situation.
721: 2012-04-03: Depressed people see imaginary patterns working against them. Euphoric people see patterns in their favor. Both are deluded.
722: 2012-03-31: People handicap themselves by taking on new obligations.
723: 2012-03-30: If I were God and people prayed to me for stuff, I'd be like, "I may be omnipotent, but I'm not going to walk into THAT quagmire!"
724: 2012-03-29: Most investing consists of people running en masse to the slot machine where the last big payout was given.
725: 2012-03-29: People claim to not believe in magic but still want magical solutions to their problems.
726: 2012-03-29: Curious how people want to know who stars in a movie but not who wrote or directed it. This illustrates a key human perceptual flaw.
727: 2012-03-27: Rich people's church. A little closer to God than the rest of us will ever get. (@ Bethesda-By-The-Sea Church) [pic]:
728: 2012-03-26: There is no training program to help people deal with either poverty or wealth. Both can be debilitating.
729: 2012-03-24: W.F.—The perfect marketing machine—suckering people in tony neighborhoods into paying twice as much for groceries.
730: 2012-03-23: "If life's a game, money is how you keep score.” <== for people who let society establish the scoring system for them. cc @wiselqvist
731: 2012-03-22: We can only abuse the people who love us because no one else lets us get close enough.
732: 2012-03-22: Offering an honest opinion about something should not be construed as "telling people what to do".
733: 2012-03-22: @the_anastasia It's called "feedback", which some people want and some people don't. Some people LIKE being miserable.
734: 2012-03-22: Decent, responsible people are fading from the gene pool due to the overwhelming human sexual preference for flashy jackasses.
735: 2012-03-21: If people have limited attention, doesn't raising awareness about one social issue effectively lower awareness of all the other issues?
736: 2012-03-20: Music is a language, a means of communication. It is not a end in itself, not a savior, merely a channel between people.
737: 2012-03-20: Technology provides more data, but it does not make people smarter or bring them more wisdom.
738: 2012-03-20: We might consider people a century ago to be hopelessly naive, but they might consider us the same.
739: 2012-03-19: As you might suspect, BDL's intensity often freaks people out in Real Life.
740: 2012-03-18: If you must get drunk, at least do it only in the company of people you know and trust. Else you're in for a rolling!
741: 2012-03-17: Fortunately for me, plastered people usually make good photo subjects.
742: 2012-03-17: @cottonmouth1 @letsgo2thebeach @xtinewu Never been goosed. I guess people find evil warlords unapproachable. Try me!
743: 2012-03-17: Barcelona Spain, May 2008: People Watching on La Rambla (newly uploaded hi-res photos) Sample:
744: 2012-03-15: Some people eat only seafood. If they "see food" they eat it.
745: 2012-03-15: Attention married people hitting on unmarried ones: Being a hypocrite is a major turn off.
746: 2012-03-15: You've heard of sexism, racism and ageism. What's the "ism" for discriminating against single people and pressuring them to get married?
747: 2012-03-13: Chance that people are out to get you: extremely low. Chance that people don't give a shit about you: extremely high.
748: 2012-03-13: Life insurance is wise for the people who depend on you, but how much is too much? Are you helping them cope or keeping them tied to you?
749: 2012-03-13: Most of "investing" is just people running to the slot machine where the jackpot last hit.
750: 2012-03-12: It's a miracle how Jesus comes when summoned, helping people through dark times. I'm not saying He's real, just that He appears when needed.
751: 2012-03-11: People become the roles they play.
752: 2012-03-09: .@MinnieGupta If you think a lot, it causes less inflammation. It's mainly the people with flabby brains who are at risk.
753: 2012-03-09: In Athens, I stayed at hostels for $10-20/nt. Loved the price, but that meant the people working there made a pittance. I could feel it.
754: 2012-03-08: People say they want to quit bad habit X, but they refuse to give up Y which is reinforcing X so the quitting never lasts long.
755: 2012-03-08: RT @JennyKens: @BadDalaiLama Sometimes we just have to let people be angry and hurt at how we have wronged them. No defense, no justific ...
756: 2012-03-07: Feeding hungry people right now is not as important as reducing hunger in the future.
757: 2012-03-07: A meaningful mission does not have to help people immediately. You can work on systems that you think will help later.
758: 2012-03-07: People think they can make up for a hedonistic life by giving money to charity. It all balances out, right?
759: 2012-03-07: Most people prefer living inside the Matrix. They have a nice little niche here. The Red Pill doesn't tempt them.
760: 2012-03-07: The court system attracts people who prefer stability, not crazy adventurers. The sameness here is both reassuring and frustrating.
761: 2012-03-06: "Don't trust people you meet on the internet," says your mom, but you often have far better information on them than "real life" people.
762: 2012-03-06: People complain about mediocrity but they usually choose it because it is safe and known.
763: 2012-03-06: @TrekkieGirls It's those "real life" people you need to worry about!
764: 2012-03-06: According to Zuckerberg, you're only supposed to friend people you know in "real life". That would have eliminated some of my best friends.
765: 2012-03-06: Most people would rather accept a bland future that seems secure than an exciting one that carries some risk.
766: 2012-03-06: Truth, for you, has nothing to do with what other people are doing.
767: 2012-03-05: Angry people have the same poor judgment as drunk ones.
768: 2012-03-05: Angry people can't think straight, and mobs of angry people even more so.
769: 2012-03-05: .@trevlutz Public anger by mobs of people has sparked social change, but not always in the right direction.
770: 2012-03-05: The anger bomb is rarely dropped on the people who caused the original frustration. Collateral damage is usually high.
771: 2012-03-05: The main drudgery of Customer Service is dealing with angry people. They don't get better service and you don't go out of your way for them.
772: 2012-03-05: The only people who will respond to your anger are those who are trapped in a cage with you.
773: 2012-03-05: The people who usually bear the brunt of anger are the loved ones who can't escape.
774: 2012-03-05: Anger is rarely effective in accomplishing anything except making people want to escape from you.
775: 2012-03-05: Some people can't exercise unless they know their EXACT HEARTRATE at all times. (@ 24 Hour Fitness w/ 5 others) [pic]:
776: 2012-03-05: Only the "little people" use parking meters (but in L.A. all the meters take credit cards). #LAparkingculture
777: 2012-03-05: If you give people the chance to evade their most difficult and painful responsibilities, they'll probably use it.
778: 2012-03-05: Every kind of safety net runs the risk of enabling. People rely on the net instead of helping themselves.
779: 2012-03-05: People behave emotionally, not rationally. Reason doesn't usually kick in until they are hit with hard consequences.
780: 2012-03-05: Rescuing people from sinking ships is not necessarily enabling them—unless you find them coming back for seconds.
781: 2012-03-05: The risk in being a superhero is that the people you rescue come to expect it and lose the incentive to rescue themselves.
782: 2012-03-03: Kinda cool to hang out for free where people spend huge sums to live. (@ Channel Islands Harbor) [pic]:
783: 2012-03-03: Photography is a delicate balance between getting the best shots and respecting people's privacy.
784: 2012-03-03: The first purpose of music is to get people to listen. If you can't do that, nothing else you do matters.
785: 2012-02-27: Irvine is the perfect Stepford community. Nothing ever goes wrong here thanks to AUTOMATION. (That and keeping the poor people out.)
786: 2012-02-26: In love, people don't usually choose the "best" partner but the one who is the least threat to their ego.
787: 2012-02-26: Initiative and inertia have little to do with how busy people are. Many active looking people take no real initiative in their lives.
788: 2012-02-26: Initiative seems to arise from a certain part of the brain. If it is damaged, people can respond to events but they can't start anything.
789: 2012-02-26: "Initiative" is the neurological ability to initiate actions and deviate from ones own previous patterns. Very few people have it.
790: 2012-02-25: The weight loss conspiracy: There's no profit in thin people, only in promising fat people impossible things.
791: 2012-02-25: There is nothing less fun than people deliberating trying to have fun.
792: 2012-02-25: RT @fujiwiryani: @BadDalaiLama when people falling in love, it's like they use drugs in high dosage. Careless about many things.
793: 2012-02-24: An actor tries to gain love and attention by pretending to be other people. His main problem is being himself.
794: 2012-02-20: If you think you have a brilliant idea, don't expect the world to embrace it, because most people are already invested in the old ideas.
795: 2012-02-20: RT @GreatestQuotes: "Let your workings remain a mystery. Just show people the results." - Lao-tzu
796: 2012-02-19: Music can be a religion like any other. People believe in it without asking, "Why?"
797: 2012-02-08: Public opinion polls are very good at measuring the options of people who have nothing to do but respond to public options polls.
798: 2012-02-07: The exit canyon is complete! Amazing that some people do this on a regular basis—like Canadians!
799: 2012-02-06: The trouble with being a god or superhero is that people will eventually expect more of you than even you are capable of.
800: 2012-02-06: The trouble with superheroes in real life is they fly into a problem expecting to save people but end up becoming part of the problem.
801: 2012-02-06: Super Bowl Sunday is a humble time to reflect on the vast wasted human potential of the millions of people watching it.
802: 2012-02-01: "Value investing" is common sense in any field, from stocks to relationships. Amazing how few people get it. Most are emotional investors.
803: 2012-02-01: A stock bubble is a game of musical chairs where a lot of people money while the music is playing. When the music stops, everyone loses.
804: 2012-02-01: A buffet is the house of worship of the Fat People.
805: 2012-02-01: A necessary condition of both freedom and responsibility is that you will have to make decisions that hurt people.
806: 2012-01-31: Geo Fact: There are a LOT of dead people in New England and they take up a LOT of space—whole big fields of 'em, each with his own plot.
807: 2012-01-29: You know a boom is on the verge of bust when ordinary people at cocktail parties are talking about how to get in on the action. #FacebookIPO
808: 2012-01-29: You may hurt people when you tell them "No" but you hurt them even more if you don't say "No" when you should.
809: 2012-01-28: Most people should be living on farms. Stick them in the city with a million choices and they only self-destruct.
810: 2012-01-27: RT @The_Symposium26: When the #FacebookIPO is unleaded people would do good to remember #Tulipmania. How much is Facebook really worth, ...
811: 2012-01-27: Life is a struggle between hosts and parasites—people who produce things and vampires who suck off them.
812: 2012-01-26: Crashes are all the same. In the midst of a boom, people start believing in anti-gravity, but real gravity always wins in the end.
813: 2012-01-25: The advance of medical technology has the perverse effect of making medical care available to fewer people as costs rise.
814: 2012-01-24: People who are terrified of abandonment tend to do things that bring about abandonment.
815: 2012-01-23: Popular music is the soundtrack of people's lives.
816: 2012-01-22: RT @sue2point0: @BadDalaiLama I despise buffets,mostly cause people are gross,but this looks weirdly delish.
817: 2012-01-22: RT @TheEconomist: Most trending: Just why exercise is so good for people is, at last, being understood
818: 2012-01-20: I wonder how many health fads recommended by experts end up shortening people's lives. 40 years later: "Oops, sorry!"
819: 2012-01-19: @xtinewu Some people like to knock themselves down just for the thrill of picking themselves up. Es ist eine persönliche Entscheidung.
820: 2012-01-19: .@TheLastVirgo Cupid shoots arrows of love into people's hearts. But then he usually tasers them — ZAPPP! — out of love!
821: 2012-01-17: The world is an entertainment wasteland where people seek mainly to occupy time while expending as little creativity as possible.
822: 2012-01-16: I don't object to eating healthy. I object to people buying any product touted as healthy. (@ Whole Foods)
823: 2012-01-16: I feel no great need to photograph my nude beach. Google "Haulover Beach nude" subtracting all the beautiful people.
824: 2012-01-16: NUDE, NUDE, NUDE! It's a lot easier to ogle nude people when you're nude yourself.
825: 2012-01-16: People who hate themselves do things that are worthy of hate, so the cycle continues.
826: 2012-01-14: There is a huge industry in honoring people who failed to get out of the way of projectiles hurled against them.
827: 2012-01-14: A shared language between two people, based on common experience, lets them communicate more deeply and subtly than strangers can.
828: 2012-01-14: The Dark Matter of the Twitter universe is people who read and appreciate but don't favorite, retweet or reply.
829: 2012-01-13: Emphasizing this to the DMV people: My address and appearance have changed, NOT my gender.
830: 2012-01-13: What people say and how they really feel are two different things. Part of an intimate relationship is being able to read both.
831: 2012-01-12: Old people like to play games, the same ones over and over. It means they've blocked themselves in and run out of ideas.
832: 2012-01-10: In a dispute, weak people usually side with the person who is right in front of them, because that's the only story they're getting.
833: 2012-01-08: People will make any deal with the devil to try to save a dying relationship. Trouble is when it doesn't work you got the devil to pay.
834: 2012-01-08: Most people say "I really should..." but they never do.
835: 2012-01-07: In America, we don't imprison people in bad neighborhoods. They stay there of their own accord.
836: 2012-01-07: To improve your life, you have to be willing to make sacrifices and hard choices, which most people aren't willing to do.
837: 2012-01-07: Freedom is the ability to improve your life. Its presence doesn't mean most people will use it.
838: 2012-01-06: Surfing is 99% waiting for the right wave, then when it happens it must be like sex because people spend so much of their lives on it.
839: 2011-12-31: Sometimes you have to remind people of the old technology.
840: 2011-12-29: Is there a self-help book to cure people of self-help book addiction?
841: 2011-12-29: @xtinewu OMG! That's scarier than playing the violin in front of 10 million people! Pray for no wardrobe malfunction!
842: 2011-12-29: RT @kfan People who start projects and never finish them are cooler than people who never start <== But not as cool as those who finish them
843: 2011-12-27: .@joyfulpath "I am your pee consultant: drink water until your pee is light yellow" <== Okay, but what did people do before pee consultants?
844: 2011-12-27: Don't let dysfunctional people into your castle. Defend your moat. You can send care packages out but don't let them in.
845: 2011-12-27: Good people have a conscience. The problem for them is learning how to turn it off.
846: 2011-12-27: The prison for good people is when a few compassionate decisions lead to huge obligations that absorb everything you have.
847: 2011-12-27: The greatest danger to good people is getting swallowed up in the needs of others.
848: 2011-12-26: The essence of music is people making noise and figuring out what sounds good.
849: 2011-12-25: Becoming an actor is so appealing to young people because you don't have to have anything to say. Others will write lines for you.
850: 2011-12-25: RT @Toledowni: @BadDalaiLama Couldn`t agree more. Specially when people get carried away over china. I rather look at "not growing" coun ...
851: 2011-12-25: The key to success is practice, we are told, but some people practice for years and never improve. The real key is getting better.
852: 2011-12-23: Luxury Marketing Ploy #4: Beautiful and famous people are using it, so it must be good.
853: 2011-12-23: People praise the singer for what the songwriter did and treat the actor like he made the movie. The real creator usually goes unnoticed.
854: 2011-12-23: Your purchase of SmartWater only proves the opposite. Sucker! Everyone knows smart people get their water from Fiji.
855: 2011-12-22: People find it easy to burn money—or time—when there seems to be a lot of it lying around, but there's never as much as you think.
856: 2011-12-21: Advertising preys upon people's basic insecurity about making decisions on their own.
857: 2011-12-21: Trapped in line in the Walmart from Hell, White Plains. Watching poor people buy shit. Tons and tons of advertised shit for Xmas. So sad.
858: 2011-12-18: The future of nostalgia, for better or worse, is people filling in their Facebook Timeline.
859: 2011-12-18: People are defeated in life mainly because they can't let go of things that are no longer useful to them.
860: 2011-12-16: Check out Favstar for the Bad Dalai Lama's Greatest Hits and our current tweets people like
861: 2011-12-15: Good things cause anxiety in people who are used to bad things. Often it seems easier to sabotage the good thing and relieve the pressure.
862: 2011-12-15: Give people a choice between a good thing and a bad thing and it's amazing how often they choose the bad.
863: 2011-12-15: People talk about creativity, but in practice it requires you to go your own way and make your own judgments, which most are loath to do.
864: 2011-12-15: Pro Tip: When people ask, "How are you?" they don't really mean it. If you can't be positive, no one wants to hear it.
865: 2011-12-14: People, on the whole, are reactive—responding to outside events but not initiating them.
866: 2011-12-14: It is a blessed relief that most people don't "get" Twitter. It means we can tweet with impunity, without fear of offending the sensitive.
867: 2011-12-13: Every dog has his unique personality, his own operating style, just like people. You can't assume anything until you test him.
868: 2011-12-13: Much of what I know about people I learned from dogs. Take away symbolic language and we're basically the same creatures.
869: 2011-12-13: Given freedom, most people will move to quickly neutralize it, preferring lives of dull repetition to the anxiety of ongoing choice.
870: 2011-12-12: The trouble with current music, in any era, is it's selected mainly by young people, whose tastes favor the loud, sappy or obnoxious.
871: 2011-12-12: Even superheroes have to stop and do their laundry. People are going to die, but you can't be flying around in a soiled supersuit.
872: 2011-12-12: The risk of exploration is that it will reveal flaws in our existing investments. That's why most people rarely leave home.
873: 2011-12-10: Here's a crazy idea: Let's give guns to all the dysfunctional people and see what happens. Oh wait, that's America!
874: 2011-12-10: RT @BrunoG_: @BadDalaiLama Agnostics are just pussys who are afraid of offending people with different convictions.
875: 2011-12-10: People follow the Good @DalaiLama because he doesn't tweet much, he offends no one, and people can say, "I follow the Dalai Lama!"
876: 2011-12-09: .@xtinewu Television production seems quite ordinary til someone says, "6 million watched the show" and you wonder, "Who are these people?"
877: 2011-12-09: When dealing with dysfunctional people, the most important thing is to maintain a firewall between you and them to protect your own life.
878: 2011-12-09: RT @Erekosse: @BadDalaiLama Or: A) people can't change but B) I can change them!!
879: 2011-12-09: When life gets too easy, people instinctively create barriers for themselves to give it the illusion of substance.
880: 2011-12-09: People become the roles they play.
881: 2011-12-09: The Personality Paradox: (A) Yes, people can change, but (B) No, you can't change them.
882: 2011-12-09: You can judge people in Israel by their funny hats. The funnier the hat, the loonier the tune.
883: 2011-12-07: People choose beliefs that support their existing investments. Evidence is then selected to support those beliefs.
884: 2011-12-07: People who say "You should write a book," are still trapped in the 20th Century.
885: 2011-12-06: People diss Kim Jung (oppressing his people, yada, yada) but as a FB friend, he's the balls!
886: 2011-12-06: "I follow you more that anyone else on FB, I'm tired of seeing people complaining. You on the other hand, intrigue me."
887: 2011-12-06: How many starving people were on Earth in 1900? How many today? On the whole, has science really improved anything?
888: 2011-12-05: Dear old people: There are many aspects of aging you have little control over, but you can clip your nose and ear hair, dammit!
889: 2011-12-05: Hang out with dumb people and you'll be drawn down to their level. Even worse if you marry them.
890: 2011-12-04: Most people who attempt suicide refuse to consider life changes short of it. They're driven to despair by their own inability to compromise.
891: 2011-12-03: The problem with being sexy is people automatically downgrade your intelligence because of it.
892: 2011-12-03: Inertia: a body in motion stays in motion. Applies to people, too. They continue their trajectory until interrupted—usually by misfortune.
893: 2011-12-02: Once upon a time, people went places and did things. They learned directly from reality, not electronic simulations. They had a life!
894: 2011-12-02: People love sports because they are ritualized and not very threatening. You can "challenge yourself" but only within very narrow bounds.
895: 2011-12-01: With showbiz people, you always got to ask: Do they really love the art or just covet the applause?
896: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: Make enough information about you public that when you friend people they can make an informed choice.
897: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: You can accept friend requests from people you don't know, but only if seem to add value to the conversation on your page.
898: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: You can't both friend hundreds of people and give them free reign on your page. Set "Who can post on your Wall?" to "Only Me".
899: 2011-12-01: After age 70, people stay alive mainly through medical science—at huge cost. Everyone deserves to live, but who is going to pay for it?
900: 2011-11-30: Given a credit card, most people will use it to delay painful but inevitable life changes. Change will still happen but now you're indebted.
901: 2011-11-30: "Object constancy" is knowing that people have their own lives apart from your needs. Children learn it gradually, but some adults never do.
902: 2011-11-30: Unbuffered democracy—where the people vote directly for laws—is as much a tyranny as any dictatorship. (See California.)
903: 2011-11-30: @xtinewu "Really FB: People you may know-Kim Jung Il" <== That's cuz he's a friend of mine! Don't pre-judge. He's cool!
904: 2011-11-29: New England is full of historic birthplaces of once-famous dead people who no one today has ever heard of.
905: 2011-11-29: Obvious neediness has the paradoxical effect of pushing people away. They are afraid of drowning in your concerns.
906: 2011-11-29: RT @ExpertPrimate: The only thing that scares me about getting old is old people. Have you ever tried listening to one? So full of shit.
907: 2011-11-28: Some of the most crippled people are those who have never had a real disaster in their life, never had a forest fire to clear the brush.
908: 2011-11-28: People buy real estate in a scenic location to try to expropriate its identity to bolster their own.
909: 2011-11-27: After Thanksgiving, people start driving around with big green corpses lashed to the top of their cars. Some sort of Pagan ritual.
910: 2011-11-27: People have their comfort zone, their home base, their touchstone. For me it is... Walmart! #seriously #youthinkimcrazy #travelinglife
911: 2011-11-27: The purpose of slogans is to give people the illusion they are addressing a complex problem without any costs and risks.
912: 2011-11-27: People like to invent restrictions for themselves—lists of things they won't do—because it helps them avoid making real decisions.
913: 2011-11-26: Writing and recording a song is a creative process. Performing it live is a religious one. People are worshipping the gods who made it.
914: 2011-11-25: The invisible "dark matter" of the Twitter universe is people who read and appreciate but don't star or retweet.
915: 2011-11-25: RT @Olivia_Sarai: RT @BadDalaiLama: People say about love, "Now I have security. Now I can relax." That's the beginning of disaster. // ...
916: 2011-11-25: People say about love, "Now I have security. Now I can relax." That's the beginning of disaster.
917: 2011-11-23: Eat, go for a walk, smell things, pee on things, poop, chase things but rarely catch them, make noise, crave attention—dogs or people?
918: 2011-11-23: People treat time as an infinitely renewable resource. It's not. It's the most scarce and precious resource we have.
919: 2011-11-21: When hubris leads to a crash, it is hard to not feel some schadenfreude, except that innocent people also get injured.
920: 2011-11-20: "Practice makes perfect" isn't the whole story. Plenty of people practice a musical instrument without improving. What are they missing?
921: 2011-11-19: People can lie to get ahead but not so much as they lie to protect their ego and addictions.
922: 2011-11-19: Most dishonesty arises from some form of addiction—obsessions if not drugs. People lie and steal to hide or fund their habit.
923: 2011-11-18: RT @persdevquotes: It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste. ~ Henry Ford ...
924: 2011-11-17: "Hydroponic Gardening Superstore" — What are people in South Florida growing hydroponicly that they need a superstore?... Wait, never mind!
925: 2011-11-16: People take tours of Florida and Disney World because I guess something like that is just too complicated to do on your own.
926: 2011-11-15: Life with the "common people" is no paradise, but you should be able to handle it without artificial isolation.
927: 2011-11-12: No statistic about what other people are doing can justify your own actions.
928: 2011-11-11: Tweet stealing is a crime punishable by people not believing your best tweets are really yours.
929: 2011-11-11: People are defined by their addictions.
930: 2011-11-11: Hangin' with the real people, enjoyin' the Early Bird Special. (@ Country Folks Restaurant)
931: 2011-11-09: You hear people cry about injustice mainly when it affects them personally and then the definition of "injustice" gets pretty broad.
932: 2011-11-08: There are objects you buy for vanity and others for provable utility. Most people can't tell the difference but usually claim the latter.
933: 2011-11-06: L.A. Is a land of unreturned phone calls to people who say, "Call me!"
934: 2011-11-06: The main disease of nice people is getting overcommitted to the needs of others, which turns out not so nice in the long run.
935: 2011-11-06: New York or Los Angeles? In LA I'm like, "Wow, center of the universe!" In NY I'm like, "Wow, I can't believe people live like this!"
936: 2011-11-05: RT @trevlutz: One could say the same thing about people who travel the world. Do what is "important" instead of traipsing around. <== +1!
937: 2011-11-05: .@trevlutz "That's a big "if" for more than a billion people." <== They are not gourmets or connoisseurs.
938: 2011-10-31: So happy to be able to shoot people again!
939: 2011-10-30: People are the architects of their own unhappiness.
940: 2011-10-29: People in love build a mythology about their early days that involves some selective memory loss. When love ends, full memory comes back.
941: 2011-10-28: The main effect of marriage is to tie people together by shared financial obligations. This is different than being tied together by love.
942: 2011-10-28: How about we invite those Occupy people to a rally on the same day as the Tea Party. They'd annihilate each other and we'd be free!
943: 2011-10-27: As a groupie, you get a front row seat on just how vapid and depraved these people really are.
944: 2011-10-25: People believe what they need to believe to justify the investments they have already made.
945: 2011-10-25: As a field guide to the humans, pick up the DSM. Understand the personality disorders and you'll know a lot about how people work.
946: 2011-10-25: Most people will never know what it's like to have their life turned into a movie starring Julia Roberts. I am one of those people.
947: 2011-10-25: @xtinewu LOL! I see. Walmart people.
948: 2011-10-24: Most people are determined to be bland. If they do something creative and inspired, they back up, erase it and go back to bland again.
949: 2011-10-24: The Gold Rush was a bridge that brought people to California. Most did not find what they were seeking, but they found other opportunities.
950: 2011-10-24: People suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder when they discover, sometime after college, that life isn't even remotely fair.
951: 2011-10-23: People confuse technical virtuosity with creativity. It's amazing how he tickles the keyboard, but that doesn't make him creative.
952: 2011-10-23: Most Pop icons of recent years (Britney, Whitney, etc) are "re-performers" of other people's work. Not a creative bone in their body.
953: 2011-10-23: People stop growing when the weight of their own investments catches up with them.
954: 2011-10-23: My new DSLR means I can start shooting people again, not just static scenes. (For 6 months I had only my iPhone's camera.)
955: 2011-10-20: People, like dogs, are happiest when they have a mission and are surrounded by a structured environment that tells then how to pursue it.
956: 2011-10-20: Faith in God is really just faith that other people know more about God than you do.
957: 2011-10-17: It takes a while to get to know some people, but others you can size up in an instant. You say: "I'm not going to take his checks."
958: 2011-10-17: When old people talk about how the world has gone to hell, it's a reflection not of a changing world but the delusions of youth and old age.
959: 2011-10-16: Most people can't handle freedom. Without the enforced structure of debts, obligations and a job, they would self-destruct.
960: 2011-10-16: People praise freedom in the abstract, but in practice they're terrified of it and will usually act quickly to eliminate it.
961: 2011-10-14: People shouldn't be judged for the circumstances of their birth, but their habitual adult behavior cannot be overlooked.
962: 2011-10-13: Serendipity isn't fair. Some people get more of it than others because they are willing and able to change.
963: 2011-10-12: With friendly people on Friend Street. (@ Friend Street Hostel)
964: 2011-10-12: My 2008 blog entry on "The Air of Baggage Handling" - How people like me abuse you luggage.
965: 2011-10-09: People tend to follow the ruts they have already made and are loath to depart from then.
966: 2011-10-09: Drug addicts and fat people share a common thread of fatalism. They say, "This is what my body wants, and I am powerless to stop it."
967: 2011-10-09: Every morning, in cafes and parks around the world, millions of old people gather to play games and talk about empty things. What a waste!
968: 2011-10-09: Young people say, "I've got plenty of time. I'll change later." Old people say, "It's too late for me. I can't change now." So when?"
969: 2011-10-08: The "lure of the open road" neglects the fact that people need a mission and the road alone can't give you that.
970: 2011-10-08: St. Robert, Missouri — Walmart provides free scooters to fat people so they can buy more food.
971: 2011-10-08: I think it's adorable when people put on matching uniforms and jog or bike together. Happens mainly in Canada.
972: 2011-10-08: Automatic light switches and toilet flushers are devices designed to train people not to turn off lights or flush toilets.
973: 2011-10-08: "People don’t really want to be cured. They want is relief. A cure is painful.” — @inquestioner
974: 2011-10-07: Everyone makes mistakes the first time they try something. What distinguishes people is how quickly they learn from them.
975: 2011-10-06: When people argue with each other, the subject of the argument is usually quite irrelevant.
976: 2011-10-04: RT @the_anastasia: With all my education in psychology I'll still never know what goes through the minds of people who buy $3 water.
977: 2011-10-04: Law prides itself on being rational, but because it comes ultimately from the people, it is often just institutionalized witch burning.
978: 2011-10-03: Most good works are the equivalent of bailing with a spoon during a tsunami. They make people feel good but accomplish little.
979: 2011-10-01: Some people want to fill the world with silly acoustic products with reproductive messages. What's wrong with that? I'd like to know.
980: 2011-10-01: The secret married people don't want you to know: Marriage makes the relationship harder.
981: 2011-09-29: Sex by itself is harmless (assuming contraception). The danger is the bad choices people make because of it.
982: 2011-09-29: Sex is an instrument of bonding, drawing people close enough so other neural pathways can knit them together.
983: 2011-09-29: It is remarkable how people will debase themselves for sex, making foolish life choices they wouldn't have made otherwise.
984: 2011-09-23: Do handicapped privileges (like special parking spaces) genuinely serve the disabled or encourage more people to be disabled?
985: 2011-09-22: The real drain on society is married people. Singles are more productive.
986: 2011-09-19: Mean people will steal your lunch money and tease you on the bus. Nice people make you feel comfortable and included.
987: 2011-09-19: Nice people are often the enablers of mean people, helping them to avoid responsibility for their meanness.
988: 2011-09-19: Mean people are chronically paranoid. They see threats where they don't exist, which helps justify their meanness.
989: 2011-09-19: Nice people may become too focused on making people happy in the present without grasping the complex requirements of long-term niceness.
990: 2011-09-19: The main disease of nice people is an overactive conscience that makes them accept blame for things that aren't their responsibility.
991: 2011-09-19: Nice people can do mean things during little bouts of paranoia, but it usually passes quickly and they deeply regret it.
992: 2011-09-19: Mean people do mean things to avoid dealing with their own flaws and weaknesses.
993: 2011-09-19: Nice people you can speak freely to without fear of retribution. Mean people you have to tiptoe around so you don't set them off.
994: 2011-09-19: Mean people always have an excuse, and nice people are often making excuses for them. That's one flaw of nice people.
995: 2011-09-19: Nice people couldn't be mean if they tried.
996: 2011-09-19: Mean people can pretend to be nice, but it doesn't hold up in the long run. Their meanness eventually shows through.
997: 2011-09-19: I have decided to start evaluating people on a simple kindergarten scale of "nice" to "mean". Cuts through the red tape.
998: 2011-09-18: "Old" is a state of entrapment, not necessarily a physical age. When people dress old, act old and believe old things, this they become.
999: 2011-09-17: Imagine a world without credit, where people bought things only as they had the cash. Is this a bad thing?
1000: 2011-09-17: Young people are obsessed with the breaks and connections they think will make them famous, often neglecting the quality of their product.
1001: 2011-09-17: A look at movie offerings shows that people would rather be scared than enlightened.
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