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1: 2018-06-21: My Marvel superhero name should be Plotmaster. My superpower is being able to tell what is going to happen in future Marvel movies based only on past Marvel movies. My famous quote: “Why do I need to see the new Avengers movie when I know exactly what will happen?”
2: 2018-03-19: “Is he crazy like a fox or just crazy? Let’s bring in our panel of experts.“ — every news show for the past two years (except Fox News 🦊)
3: 2017-04-03: I don't care about your past. I care about you not being a dick in the present. But sometimes the past can make it inevitable.
4: 2016-12-26: Getting too sentimental about your past can stand in the way of your future.
5: 2016-12-19: On My Bucket List: Change the world by signing an online petition or by cutting and pasting a message into my Facebook status.
6: 2016-12-18: One of the biggest disappointments about dreaming is that the images and stories I experience cannot be copied and pasted into Instagram.
7: 2016-07-31: .@TrumpInsulter says: "Glenn Campbell is a dummy. Just look at Glenn Campbell's past."
8: 2016-07-02: On three different flights over the past month, I've watched the same movie, "Hail Caesar!" I could watch it ten times more!
9: 2016-03-04: Education can only teach you the skills of the past. If you want to learn the skills of the present and future, you have to teach yourself.
10: 2016-02-22: I'm doing 80 mph in the fast lane in a 65 mph zone. Cop comes up behind me, flashes lights. I move. Cops speeds past. Love the #NJTurnpike!
11: 2015-12-14: You go to school to learn the skills of the past generation. To learn the skills of today, you have to teach yourself.
12: 2015-12-08: If someone has a troubled background, you cannot help them from within a romantic relationship. They will reproduce the past with you.
13: 2015-10-30: Getting too attached to your past creative work only gets in the way of new creative work.
14: 2015-07-22: I believe children are our future. And dead people are our past. And crippled people are pretty lame.
15: 2015-07-19: No one can live a healthy life in a museum. You have to break the exhibits and let go of the past if you expect to get anything done.
16: 2015-05-25: It is the nature of the future that the future of the past was a straight extrapolation of the things that didn't last.
17: 2015-03-12: If you are truly growing and you look back at your past, you see your own mental illness.
18: 2015-02-12: RT @Peripatetia: Cuisine in Italy consists of pizza dough or pasta dressed up with fat-based flavorings. It's just as vapid as American bur…
19: 2015-02-12: For the past 30 years, I have been running into old people—hobbled, fatalistic and given up on change—who were born after I was. So sad!
20: 2014-10-25: Col. Sanders sued KFC, and they sued him after he called their gravy "wallpaper paste". #truefact #googleit
21: 2014-06-24: RT @earldvoss: @BadDalaiLama @tugbrown I just read Limbo over this past weekend. WOW, what a unique novel. well done BDL! I just recommende…
22: 2014-06-14: RT @AlanWattsDaily: Just as the wake doesn't move the ship, the past does not move the present.
23: 2014-05-26: 29 of the past 30 mass murders were committed by men. Solution: education. Girls must be taught to be more aggressive. Re: @feministabulous
24: 2014-05-07: Wisdom is being fully conscious of your own past mistakes and correcting for them.
25: 2014-05-01: Don't get nostalgic for an earlier era or dwell on injustices of the past. As a rule, history sucked for just about everybody.
26: 2014-04-14: New article on my misadventures this past weekend: "My Strange Norwegian Epic My Tiny Little War with UWCRCN"
27: 2014-03-20: Drug abuse is a battle with shame. Once shame about past behavior takes someone over, the drugs win.
28: 2014-03-17: Everyone is walking on eggshells through their own life, trying to not to offend the ego or devalue past investments.
29: 2014-03-16: The past you is a different person. You don't have to defend them. You only have to accept them.
30: 2014-03-08: All my past tweets to the beginning of time, easily perused in this permanent archive:
31: 2014-03-04: .@PepGarcia "It depends on the magnitude of your loss" <= That's the Sunk Cost Fallacy. Size of past loss is irrelevant to future prospects.
32: 2014-01-31: All my past tweets preserved in amber for the ages
33: 2014-01-10: @K8Silver Try da frozen pasties. Ya won't see many old folks tho. Da Yoopers freeze em in da fall and thaw em out in da spring.
34: 2013-12-31: People can change, but the best predictor of their future behavior is still their past behavior.
35: 2013-12-31: For a limited time only. Price and participation may vary. Void where prohibited. Past performance is no guarantee of future return.
36: 2013-11-29: The past is a mental illness we wouldn't want to repeat.
37: 2013-11-26: "I believe children are our future in the same way I believe dead people are our past."
38: 2013-11-09: Reading is overrated as a pastime. Doing is usually better.
39: 2013-10-08: Browse all my past tweets in this handy-dandy archive or enter my whole unverse at
40: 2013-09-25: People can change. It sometimes happens. But if you must wager your own life on one outcome, expect past behavior to continue.
41: 2013-09-25: The best predictor of someone's future behavior is their past behavior.
42: 2013-09-17: Enjoy all of my past tweets in convenient browsable form: - Back to the Beginning of Time!
43: 2013-09-17: Teenagers - all my past tweets on those shifty buggers:
44: 2013-09-17: All of human culture is skeuomorphic — reproducing useless features to maintain continuity with the past.
45: 2013-09-13: Past mistakes are irrelevant now except to help you understand and change ongoing dysfunction.
46: 2013-09-11: People should be growing and getting more productive their entire lives, but most don't, because they get trapped in their past investments.
47: 2013-08-26: Humans and animals try to obtain quality by looking for signals that were associated with it in the past.
48: 2013-08-19: Someone's personal "credit rating" is whether, in the past, they have done what they say they're going to do, reliably and on time.
49: 2013-08-16: You have to be at peace with your past to move on honestly with your future.
50: 2013-08-15: Every Napoleon has his Waterloo, the point where his past successes make him fatally self-confident.
51: 2013-07-23: Dear Eliot: You could have just faded away, but no, you had to get back into politics. That means your past is open game! Re @nypost
52: 2013-07-22: Live-tweeting some past tours and events: Kosovo, Cairo, Balkans, Istanbul Protests, Santorini, etc. Facebook album:
53: 2013-07-19: We have just updated our permanent tweet archive and implemented a ***NEW*** quick-search facility for past tweets.
54: 2013-07-13: The main thing the past teaches us is how poorly we predict the future.
55: 2013-07-10: My rambles around the neighborhood over the past 12 months.
56: 2013-07-09: Alaska Highway - photos shot over the past week
57: 2013-06-30: RT @TheEconomist: Over the past few weeks, in one country after another, protesters have risen up with bewildering speed…
58: 2013-06-27: Alaska Highway: a new index of past albums:
59: 2013-06-16: Teargas in the air. It is starting again! Riot police rush past the hostel.
60: 2013-05-18: "Clashes between Muslims and Christians leave dozens injured" — anywhere in the Middle East anytime in the past 1000 years. @TelegraphWorld
61: 2013-05-04: With time, past mistakes and traumas fade to neutrality and begin to look like any other piece of history—just something that happened.
62: 2013-04-21: The past tense of "teach" is not "teached" but "taught". The crazy Krauts taught us that.
63: 2013-04-21: Most of humanity is living in the empty shell of past dreams, committed to a future that no longer works.
64: 2013-04-20: RT @Avestriel: the past, the present, and the future walked into a bar... it was tense
65: 2013-04-07: Created yet another BDL retweet account: @BadLamaTravel - Just photos and travel tweets, past & present.
66: 2013-04-02: Our past history is filled with absurd things marketing told us and we believed.
67: 2013-03-18: @hysell Yes, a bucolic, pastoral scene. Got it?
68: 2013-03-09: iPhone Separation Anxiety (ISA) is greatly reduced when your older iPhone is past its discount upgrade date. Go ahead, punk, get lost!
69: 2013-03-04: My Best Art Photos - photos that look like paintings, taken over past 4 years
70: 2013-03-02: Burning ones past is not the same as making peace with it.
71: 2013-02-15: "Airports I Have Known" - my photos from airports around North America over past 5 years:
72: 2013-01-27: Check out my new Lite™ feed on creativity and art: @BadLamaArt - Retweets from both past and present on the creative process.
73: 2013-01-18: The easiest way to justify ones past mistakes is repeat them more flamboyantly.
74: 2013-01-18: There are two ways you can respond to your problems: the way your past has programmed you or the way that really works.
75: 2013-01-17: Most are trapped in their own museum, clinging to the past so unable to move into the future.
76: 2013-01-10: My past self may have known a thing or two about a thing or two, but generally speaking: clueless!
77: 2012-12-15: FYI: Every tweet on this stream is our own original work (unless you see "RT" or quotes). We steal tweets only rarely from our own past.
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79: 2012-12-08: People can change, but the best predictor of their future actions is still their past actions.
80: 2012-11-25: One thing I am hiding from my personal timeline is my stripper past. I am okay with it, but some people wouldn't understand.
81: 2012-11-18: I don't see why everyone is worked up about Hamas. It is merely a paste of chickpeas, although apparently not Kosher.
82: 2012-11-17: Jerusalem - new hi-res photos from past visits Sample:
83: 2012-11-02: When we fully process the traumas of the past, they fade to insignificance. If the same thing happened again, we know how to deal with it.
84: 2012-10-29: A cow can regurgitate her last meal and chew it some more. Humans do the same with memories, recalling past events and reprocessing them.
85: 2012-09-12: Past performance is, of course, no guarantee for future returns.
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87: 2012-08-16: The Sacred Archive of Ancient Wisdom, our searchable archive of past tweets, has been updated: -
88: 2012-07-27: Follow @BadLamaWisdom for random retweets of our past wisdom, five per day. Now into Year 4 of our Twitterdom! 17000+ premium tweets!
89: 2012-07-21: My home page has been updated with highlights of my past work (1993 to 2010). (scroll down)
90: 2012-07-08: The flaw of every character—real or fictional—is his pattern of past behavior. To become a hero, he has to change it.
91: 2012-07-08: People become trapped in self-destructive lifestyles when their ego prevents them from acknowledging their past mistakes.
92: 2012-07-07: Acknowledging ones past sin doesn't necessarily mean it can be repaired. Sometimes you just have to move on.
93: 2012-07-05: The opposite of initiative is passivity. That's when you respond to your environment and repeat past behaviors but don't start anything new.
94: 2012-06-30: Orange County — Of all the cultures I've visited in the past 3 weeks, this is the most insane. Suburbia totally cut off from the real world.
95: 2012-06-09: See FavStar for our All-Time Greatest Hits as judged by our readers Also see our past account
96: 2012-06-09: Follow @BadLamaWisdom for our timeless retweeted wisdom from the past (no photos or links).
97: 2012-05-28: Passing through Green River, Utah, a debunked "Area 51". My past photos:
98: 2012-05-28: Courage is drinking milk that's past its expiration date because you've tasted it yourself and it seems fine.
99: 2012-05-23: @OneFaithLove When something exists without any cause or reason, it may be a relic from the past that entropy hasn't caught up with yet.
100: 2012-05-18: What you did in the past doesn't matter. How defensive you are about it does.
101: 2012-05-17: @LadyFriday Actually, anyone holding past Monday is the sucker. #FacebookIPO
102: 2012-05-14: "Abandoned Places" - My new index album of all my past ghost investigations
103: 2012-05-09: .@Kyoks1 Liberal delusion: more government regulation can make health care more efficient. It has never happened in the past.
104: 2012-05-06: The most valuable lesson from the past is how inept we are at predicting the future.
105: 2012-05-01: Past photos from Bonneville Salt Flats
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109: 2012-04-15: RT @SteveSeaquist: @BadDalaiLama Well for weirdness you would want to go to Harajuku. It's past Chiyoda to Shibuya, on the southeast sid ...
110: 2012-04-10: Passing close to Walden Pond. My past photos:
111: 2012-04-09: They are still talking about me on cellphones 30 min after the encounter began. Seem to have no clue about my past tho.
112: 2012-04-06: Follow @BadLamaWisdom (in addition to this account) for a random selection of our past wisdom (max 4 per day).
113: 2012-04-01: Anyone can say, "I was a fool," about their past. The challenge is saying it in the present tense and actually changing.
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115: 2012-03-29: One of our best albums from the past two weeks: Salem, Massachusetts - Witch City Sample:
116: 2012-03-23: If you aren't embarrassed by some of your past decisions then you haven't grown.
117: 2012-03-21: Once you start cataloging and chronicling the past you become trapped by it.
118: 2012-03-14: Past, present, future - it all comes together right here.
119: 2012-03-07: "Atonement" is accepting pain or discomfort to compensate for ones past sins.
120: 2012-03-07: It is amusing to revisit a community you have known in years past. Almost everyone has gained weight!
121: 2012-03-04: Facebook Timeline is addictive. I could spend YEARS fine-tuning my past, so you see just what I want you to.
122: 2012-03-03: Good music, comedy and movies are so rare that they only seem to come from past decades.
123: 2012-02-24: The skills and habits that sustained you in the past are not necessarily the ones you need in the future.
124: 2012-01-25: Every fallen empire of the past has said: "We are totally different. The old rules don't apply to us." But time always proves them wrong.
125: 2012-01-25: @princeboucher LOL! That's what every fallen empire of the past has said: "We are totally different. The old rules don't apply to us."
126: 2012-01-16: Note: The Bad Dalai Lama often plagiarizes his own past tweets without attribution. So sue me!
127: 2012-01-13: Emotional blocks are when we become invested in our past mistakes and can't move beyond them.
128: 2012-01-10: You can't solve the problems of the present if you refuse to let go of the past.
129: 2012-01-10: There are many kinds of relationships, but all have the same core: a common language based on shared past experiences.
130: 2012-01-04: Of course you know supercontinents of the past—Pangaea, Gondwana, Laurasia, Pannotia—but what will be the next? Pangaea Ultima? Amasia?
131: 2011-12-28: RT @xtinewu: Damn its true!! RT @Danni_G Of course someone will preach "leave the past in the past" if they're the one who fucked up....
132: 2011-12-27: Most of the BDL's wisdom is the product of whatever past trauma he is processing. He reaches into chaos and tries to pull out meaning.
133: 2011-12-22: Our permanent tweet archive has just been updated at - All the past wisdom of His Badliness in searchable form
134: 2011-12-16: Timeless Wisdom of the BDL is retweeted by @BadLamaWisdom - All of these gems are own original work! (We plagiarize only our own past feed.)
135: 2011-12-01: New convention here, starting now: If a tweet is posted on the hour, it is recycled from the past. Any other time, it's baked fresh today!
136: 2011-11-24: Creativity is looking past conventions and preconceptions to what really works.
137: 2011-11-23: Numbers don't lie! Over the past 31 days, we cranked out an average of 24 tweets a day. For a lower volume feed, follow @BadLamaWisdom
138: 2011-11-19: My best relationship photos from the past five years.
139: 2011-11-19: My best news photos from the past five years:
140: 2011-11-16: All our past tweets on Addiction:
141: 2011-11-15: Our past wisdom on "Luxury":
142: 2011-11-13: Looking back on my past life, I find 99% of it to be in vain. The remaining 1% I seek now to distill and replicate.
143: 2011-11-13: Curiosity is when you see something unusual on the side of the road and you turn back to investigate instead of blasting past.
144: 2011-11-12: "Viva la Vida" (2008) — An exception to my earlier claim, "No memorable song has been released in the past 4 years,"
145: 2011-11-11: All our twitter favorites for the past year are now available at - A neat utility from @Favorious
146: 2011-11-06: Has the music died? Is there even one song released in the past four years that they'll still be playing 20 years from now? Name it!
147: 2011-11-05: In any investment decision, monetary or otherwise, what matters is ongoing value, not past cost.
148: 2011-11-04: The Sunk-Cost Fallacy: Just because you have made a huge past investment in something doesn't make it the right thing to continue doing.
149: 2011-11-03: Check out our Google+ for a "best of" selection of photos, videos and philosophical works, current and past:
150: 2011-11-01: My ghoulish photos from the past: NYC Halloween Winnipeg Zombies Transylvania
151: 2011-10-24: I have no clue why talent shows like X Factor exist (and haven't actually watched it). I only know that I would never get past Round One.
152: 2011-09-20: Never trust a town with the name "Eureka". The Eureka part is usually long past.
153: 2011-09-05: The best strategy for dealing with another person is to assume that their personality, as presented in the past, will not change.
154: 2011-09-04: Lies and promises should both be avoided because they require you to remember what you said in the past.
155: 2011-08-21: Our Venice FB albums (past & present): Land Water Lido Mainland
156: 2011-08-12: Our best tourist photos from around the world. - Most taken within the past five years.
157: 2011-08-01: "Old" is the state of being so trapped in your past emotional investments that you can no longer significantly change.
158: 2011-07-24: The news will give you the most lurid and photogenic events of the past 24 hours. It won't tell you what is relevant to your own life.
159: 2011-07-16: You can never erase a past decision. No apology or penance will change it. You can only work with what it has given you.
160: 2011-07-16: Most of the decisions of our past life were based on delusions. Nonetheless, those decisions moved us forward and are part of us now.
161: 2011-07-16: We may be able to see the delusions of our past. It's the delusions of the present that are hard to discern.
162: 2011-07-13: In the past, some hoarding seemed justified, because albums and keepsakes took up physical space. Now most albums are virtual.
163: 2011-07-10: You can't expect to move toward new goals without giving up some of your past investments.
164: 2011-07-10: Wile E. Coyote is trapped in the Sunk Cost Fallacy. The more he fails, the more he is compelled to press on, to justify his past investment.
165: 2011-07-05: Did you know that pasta, hamburger meat, dry pet foods, most juvenile breakfast cereals and foamy snacks are extruded? That's right!
166: 2011-06-28: Accurate assessment of our past self: so smart about some things, so dumb about others.
167: 2011-05-25: To grow, you always have to give something up. That's the hardest part: letting go of your past investments.
168: 2011-05-12: Look at all the past stars of pop music? How many are still producing? Paul Simon. That's it! The others are merely resting on their past.
169: 2011-05-12: Most human behavior is either repetition of a past pattern or reaction to events of the outside world. Initiative is extremely rare.
170: 2011-05-06: He who has not been humbled by failure in the past believes himself charmed and thus will court it in the future.
171: 2011-05-05: With all the situations I've dealt with in the past, I really need a Situation Room. How do I get one of those?
172: 2011-04-20: It's done! The best TV series proposal ever created! Filmed in Jerusalem and Palestine over the past few days.
173: 2011-04-18: The measure of "old" is the extent to which you are dwelling on the past instead of the future.
174: 2011-04-14: Humans are overwhelming religious because it must have had some survival benefit in our past.
175: 2011-04-12: RT @trevlutz: @BadDalaiLama @DeepThroat would have been on #Twitter. Don't romanticize the past. How many stories DIDN'T get covered by ...
176: 2011-04-08: "Past performance is no guaranty of future returns." — Believe it! (But few people do.)
177: 2011-04-08: Sometimes, the only difference between success and failure is letting go of some piece of the past that no longer works.
178: 2011-04-05: Hebrew is an ancient language resurrected within the past century. It's like Europe deciding to speak Latin again.
179: 2011-04-02: People believe what they have to believe to justify their past investments. Logic is filled in only later to rationalize the belief.
180: 2011-03-30: Children are less effected by the sunk cost fallacy because they live for the moment and have invested little in their past decisions.
181: 2011-03-11: The chief benefit of age is a larger inventory of past mistakes.
182: 2011-03-03: There are two ways to respond to the world: the way your past has set you up for, and the way that really works.
183: 2011-03-03: What stands between us and our success is our past—or more precisely, the defective assumptions created by our past.
184: 2011-03-03: Whenever you create an account on any social network, people start to have expectations of you based on your past behavior.
185: 2011-03-02: Under cover of darkness, you can camp almost anywhere without people. Sleeping past dawn requires more subterfuge (hiding in tall grass).
186: 2011-02-27: All our best tourist photos from the past four years, spanning half the globe from Jerusalem to Hawaii.
187: 2011-02-17: If you have a gluten intolerance, stay out of Italy. Pizza, pasta, bread... It's a gluten-based economy!
188: 2011-01-30: Photos of past events can jog ones memory, but they also shape it. Over time, the photo becomes the memory.
189: 2011-01-26: .@auren "If you are under-40 today, healthy and relatively wealthy, there is a good chance of living past 140" <== "Wealthy" being the key.
190: 2011-01-18: Never underestimate the ability of people in misery to endure even greater misery to avoid acknowledging their past mistakes.
191: 2011-01-14: The most hideous form of junk food is the Pringle: reconstituted potato paste in a variety of chemical flavors.
192: 2011-01-11: The best gauge of future performance is past performance—except in investing where the market already factors that assumption in.
193: 2011-01-01: The Score: @BadDalaiLama 817, Good @DalaiLama 1,188,856. Growth in past 15 days: +18% (Bad) vs +4% (Good). Who's laughing now, Buddha?
194: 2011-01-01: These are all places His Holiness has taken his ministry in the past year. Kind of mind numbing, isn't it?
195: 2010-12-17: Dogs live in a perpetual "now". Humans live in the past or future but hardly ever in the now.
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198: 2010-11-23: Creativity is looking past conventions and preconceptions to what really works.
199: 2010-11-04: Share the love! Retweet @BadDalaiLama's past tweets and you will be rewarded in Heaven!* Archive: (*if there is one)
200: 2010-10-30: The best predictor of someone's future behavior is their past behavior.
201: 2010-10-21: Every plot of land, sometime in history, was stolen from its rightful owner. We cannot correct every past wrong without upending society.
202: 2010-09-23: To master your future you must make peace with your past.
203: 2010-09-19: Thanks to technology, there are far more suffering people in the world than there ever were in the past.
204: KilroyCafe: 2010-12-06: For a low-volume version of @BadDalaiLama (my other acct), follow @BadLamaDaily! One retweet per day of his past Holy Wisdom.
205: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-15: I am now retweeting the best of my past philosophical wisdom as @BadDalaiLama ... Bad, BAD Dalai Lama!
206: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-02: Our greatest adversary is that guy who made our past decisions.
207: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-13: Most of life is spent either waiting for things to happen or coping with the mistakes of the past. Peak performance in the present is rare.
208: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-12: Adults are trapped by past investments to which they are emotionally committed. This restricts their vision and their freedom to explore.
209: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: Most of humanity is living in the decrepit shell of past dreams.
210: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: Amazing there can be so much oil pooled underground that it flows out like this. Surely, this must have happened naturally in the past. #BP
211: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-15: The fundamental challenge of life is overcoming your past to master your own future.
212: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-10: History will remember the great retail holocausts of the past two decades: the rise of Wal-Mart and Amazon and the death of Mom and Pop.
213: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-02: "Chance favors the prepared mind." —Louis Pasteur
214: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-14: Of all the snack food products, the most disgusting is the Pringle, processed potato paste sold in a tennis ball can to those with no taste.
215: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-01: One of the worst investments of the past decade was the stock market. LA Times: - I ask: Is this the end of capital?
216: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-29: The best predictor of someone's future behavior is their past behavior.
217: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-09: This past Labor Day weekend, I stayed on my own private island in Maine for $15/day. My report:
218: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-28: People who are already trapped usually want you to join their prison because it helps justify their own past decisions.
219: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-14: I have written my own software to archive and search my past tweets in interesting ways.
220: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-14: Who needs local TV news? You could randomly rerun past stories (crimes, car crashes, etc) and most viewers would never know!
221: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-05: I have now arranged my past tweets in a convenient paged archive:
222: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-04: "Old" is the state of being so trapped in your past emotional investments that you can no longer significantly change.
223: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-22: Real estate is so 20th Century. It just isn't relevant to the 21st. Those who are invested in real estate are entrenched in the past.
224: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-01: Some of my best photos from the past four years are found in GLENN'S BEST TOURIST PHOTOS - Now combined in one album.
225: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-22: How much does new technology actually improve our lives vs just complicating things or undoing the damage of past technology?
226: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-09: Old age is not a physical problem but existential one. People get so trapped by their past investments that they can't change.
227: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-08: Government is a world of inflexible rules where lives in the present are held hostage to the hysterias of the past.
228: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-04: We tend to view the past in two opposite ways: Either our ancestors were incredibly wise or incredibly backward. They were jerks like us!
229: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: Airline lingo: "arrival pastry" - a cellophane-packaged pastry served to overseas air passengers about an hour before arrival. A good sign!
230: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-18: The past is irrelevant except for what it teaches us about the future.
231: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-07: Just released a new Kilroy essay "The Fallacy of Justice" (Kilroy Cafe #46) Justice can't repair the past, only you can.
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