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1: 2017-01-24: BREAKING: I have just increased my number of countries visited from 73 to 74 by granting full statehood to Palestine
2: 2015-12-24: My photos from Christmas Eve 2010 in Bethlehem, Palestine
3: 2013-07-25: RT @MarkABentley: Turkey drops to 154th in World Press Freedom Index from 148th in 2012. Below Iraq, Bangladesh, Palestine & Cambodia
4: 2013-03-12: Israel, Palestine, Egypt - new index of my albums from four visits in 2009-10:
5: 2012-12-24: Two years ago, I spent Christmas in the most Christmasy place on Earth: Bethlehem, Palestine! My photos and videos:
6: 2012-12-24: Most of the Christmas you see in Bethlehem, Palestine, is icons and rituals imported from America.
7: 2012-11-10: I lose followers and FB friends every time I visit Israel. I get no credit, apparently, for visiting Palestine, too.
8: 2012-06-09: I have covered BOTH SIDES of the Arab-Israeli divide: Israel and Palestine:
9: 2012-06-09: Bethlehem, Palestine. Christmas Eve 2010. Photo:
10: 2011-11-12: Been to Palestine. Crossed the Sinai by bus from Israel to Cairo. Even crossed the Berlin Wall. But this border here I'm not messing with.
11: 2011-04-22: RT @washingtonpost: Israeli intellectuals back Palestinian state #Israel #Palestine
12: 2011-04-20: It's done! The best TV series proposal ever created! Filmed in Jerusalem and Palestine over the past few days.
13: 2011-04-15: Local politics. Just outside the walls of Old Jerusalem: "Free Palestine"
14: 2011-03-21: Bethlehem, Palestine, Christmas Eve.
15: 2011-01-29: I won't go to Egypt if the State Dept. advises against it. - Palestine is one thing. An active civil war is another.
16: 2011-01-04: New photos added to album: "Christmas in Bethlehem" (Palestine)
17: 2010-12-30: @GisforGangstaa Sometimes inner peace is more important. Israel & Palestine last week. Internal digestion is backlogged.
18: 2010-12-30: REPOST: Our inspirational Christmas message from Bethlehem, Palestine: GET OFF THE DAMN INTERNET! (Video #24)
19: 2010-12-26: .@rejecter "Israel doesn't need a PR department now that they have the Bad Dalai Lama." <== Also equal PR for Bethlehem, Palestine.
20: 2010-12-25: BETHLEHEM — Santas in Palestine tend to run on the scrawny side. - More Bethlehem photos:
21: 2010-12-24: BETHLEHEM — First album from the Scouts Parade. Some of my best photos yet! Shot today (Christmas Eve) in Palestine.
22: 2010-12-24: BETHLEHEM, PALESTINE — My favorite photo from today. More coming soon! (Christmas Eve in Bethlehem!)
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