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1: 2018-11-17: Life on the Texas Panhandle has never been easy... but we do have grillin’ (my 2010 video reposted today to Instagram)
2: 2018-10-18: RT @AdviceToWriters: My teacher told me that the secret subject of any story worth telling is time, but you can never say its name.
3: 2018-09-30: Acid and Alkaline are equal on the pH scale, but Acid gets the blame for everything. He's always corroding, burning and turning stomachs sour, while Alkaline acts all innocent. He says, "Not me. I would never."
4: 2018-05-12: This is the traumatic time of year when TV shows I’ve never heard of are either canceled or renewed for another season. Don’t know whether to 😂 or 😭.
5: 2018-04-07: As a Campbell, I will never forgive the MacDonalds for inviting us into their home so we could slaughter them. They sullied my family’s reputation for generations. #GlencoeMassacre
6: 2017-12-01: Poor Jared. He should never have married Ivanka or given up his gig with Subway.
7: 2017-11-25: Never attribute to conspiracy that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.
8: 2017-11-11: Tonight's SNL sketch has just been written. Putin assures Trump: "No, Donald, I would never meddle in elections." (evil smirk)
9: 2017-08-30: Trump in Texas: This is an incredible storm. The biggest in history. Obama never had a storm like this.
10: 2017-08-21: The most graceful exit is rejection. If you are fired or never hired, you face no moral dilemmas in removing yourself.
11: 2017-08-13: There's never been a better time to be a doomsday prepper.
12: 2017-07-27: Paranoia means you'll never get better than what you secretly think you deserve, because if it happens you'll suspect it and shoot it down.
13: 2017-07-26: It may mean the end of the world, but the Trump administration is riveting theater. I've never followed a news story or TV show so closely.
14: 2017-07-22: Don't expect a rational long-term strategy. This animal has never displayed that. Expect rage and a messy showdown.
15: 2017-05-18: Sending out thoughts and prayers for the tragic death of the music icon I had never heard of before. 💐🎵😢 He lived hard, died harder.
16: 2017-04-21: I've never seen the point of horror movies. Why would you pay to be scared when life gives you plenty of that for free?
17: 2017-03-29: The most far-fetched thing about The X-Files. Mulder & Scully travel the country as FBI agents yet NEVER HAVE TO FILL OUT EXPENSE REPORTS.
18: 2017-03-19: An unwritten rule of manhood: In a bank of urinals, never take one next to another man if it can be avoided. #manrules
19: 2017-03-18: Here is someone who can never apologize or admit fault, who is incapable of being gracious or conciliatory. How will he self-destruct?
20: 2017-03-17: If anyone knew the sheer terror of parenthood, they'd never do it. Sensible people take the plunge only because they're drunk on love.
21: 2017-03-12: Every religion needs persecution to sustain itself. Christians were thrown to the lions 2000 years ago, and they'll never let you forget it.
22: 2017-03-06: "I'll never lie to you," said the liar.
23: 2017-01-17: Paranoia assures you're never going to experience anything better than what you secretly think you deserve.
24: 2016-12-23: My spirit plant is the palm tree 🌴 because if there's one nearby you know it's never going to snow.
25: 2016-12-22: Martini, gin and tonic, Screwdriver, Bloody Mary, Rum and Coke, Highball, Manhattan, White Russian, Tom Collins... drugs I've never had.
26: 2016-12-01: A world of possibilities always ends in one reality which is never quite what the fantasies predicted.
27: 2016-11-12: Never underestimate the ability of stupid people to vote against their own best interests.
28: 2016-11-09: RT @RosieGray: No matter what happens tonight the world will never be the same. Strength of populist nationalism in the West is reaching a…
29: 2016-11-06: Following your heart is never a good option if your brain isn't in the driver's seat to make the most important decisions.
30: 2016-10-20: I never touched Mona Lisa. Believe me, she would not be my first choice. Don't know what da Vinci saw in her. Stupid smile. #trumpbookreport
31: 2016-09-16: RT @MooseAllain: Poor old Escher, he never quite reached the top of his profession.
32: 2016-08-09: Life is fragile. Things may seem easy right now, but you're never far from an abyss.
33: 2016-08-07: RT @TIME: "Why I’ll never get married again"
34: 2016-07-20: RT @HLMenckenBot: Some go to college and eventually succeed in getting out. Others go to college and never succeed in getting out. They're…
35: 2016-05-18: Sin if you must, but never wait in line or jump through hoops for the privilege of doing it.
36: 2016-04-19: When one sperm gets through, the wall of the egg changes so no others can penetrate. Kind of sad. She'll never know what might have been.
37: 2016-03-14: Saturday morning lesson learned: Never split up. And if you do split up, never put Shaggy and Scooby on the same team.
38: 2016-01-05: No cosmetology is more cosmic than postmortem cosmetology. The final makeover. Clients sit still and never question your work.
39: 2015-12-27: Holding you close. Never letting you go. #ilovemyiphone
40: 2015-12-05: If Jesus had carried a concealed weapon, he never would have been crucified, say pro-gun Christians.
41: 2015-11-20: Mean people never see themselves as mean. They think they are defending themselves or the rigid morals they believe in.
42: 2015-11-11: The key thing about intelligence that stupid people never get: it's all about managing your emotions and separating them from the facts.
43: 2015-10-16: Never underestimate your own capacity for self-deception regarding members of the opposite sex.
44: 2015-09-25: Etiquette for the groom: Never call the bride and her mother an "axis of evil" before the ceremony. Wait until after the honeymoon.
45: 2015-08-20: In retrospect, I was never as smart as I thought I was.
46: 2015-07-22: Accomplish nothing you will if a fuck never you give.
47: 2015-07-22: Anything accomplish you can if up never you give and in yourself you believe.
48: 2015-07-01: @BadDalaiLama And the ladies would say, "I'll never marry you as long as I live!" And I'd say, "As you wish, my dear."
49: 2015-06-29: Linguistic confession: I often say "See you later!" to people even when I know I never will.
50: 2015-05-24: Teenage crush on an inaccessible celebrity. Evidence now destroyed. Never happened.
51: 2015-05-12: True fact about aliens: They would never abduct any of those people who claim to have been abducted. They have higher standards than that.
52: 2015-05-06: No thought never entered her head that she didn't immediately spit out through her mouth.
53: 2015-04-07: I drink my moonshine from a mason jar. When I drink moonshine. Which is never.
54: 2015-03-27: Never underestimate the ability of paranoia to transform something good into something bad.
55: 2015-03-25: Paranoia assures that we will never get more than what we secretly think we deserve. If better things find us, we will kill them.
56: 2015-02-11: There are no atheist terrorists. Okay, a few atheist murderers, but they don't kill many. Except Stalin. Oh, never mind.
57: 2015-02-07: When having a nightmare, pull up the system console and type RESET to stop it. Warning: Never type PURGE MEMORY or you'll lose everything.
58: 2014-12-22: Too bad Edgar Allan Poe never received an Edgar Allan Poe Award.
59: 2014-12-16: Semicolons should never be used in tweets; use periods instead. #fumblerules
60: 2014-12-13: Never fall in love without consulting the DSM and doing a full MMPI.
61: 2014-11-21: Nursery rhyme fraud! Jack and Jill would never go up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Real wells are close to the water table, not on hills.
62: 2014-11-03: Never accept an opinion on foreign affairs from someone who doesn't have a passport.
63: 2014-10-22: The first time is usually awkward. You make a fool of yourself. But if you don't get over that hump, you'll never do anything at all.
64: 2014-09-01: RT @ShitYoungPplSay: Never give up.
65: 2014-08-29: Everything I know about physics I learned from Wile E. Coyote and the Acme products he used. Fact: Anvils may hurt but they're never fatal.
66: 2014-08-29: All online data takes up physical space on a storage device. That real estate costs money, and if you never delete data, the rent will grow.
67: 2014-08-24: It is an impoverished life indeed to have never peed where there is no potty.
68: 2014-08-23: Never leave kids or pets in a hot car. Always look before locking, even if you don't have a kid or pet, or a car. #youcanneverbetoosafe
69: 2014-08-16: @KelleyLPhoto Emma will never lack photos of her childhood.
70: 2014-07-26: The worst thing about marriage is the moral compromises—the things you're forced to do to keep the peace that you would never do otherwise.
71: 2014-07-02: Sin if you must, but never wait in line or take out a loan to do it.
72: 2014-06-25: I think everyone should manage their attractants! Tip: What you attract will never rise above the bait you are using.
73: 2014-06-19: @earldvoss @tugbrown I didn't read ZAMM but I did read Pirsig's "Lila". I love the concept of ZAMM even if I never read the thing.
74: 2014-06-08: Columbus never really crossed the Atlantic. It was all faked on a soundstage in Lisbon.
75: 2014-06-07: Early photos of reclusive copper heiress who bought extravagant homes she never occupied.
76: 2014-06-04: RT @AdviceToWriters: Never make the mistake of assuming the audience is any less intelligent than you are.
77: 2014-05-30: @Happenstance5 I'm never where I was, only where Ii am. Are you in Rio?
78: 2014-05-13: Paranoia is the enforcer, making sure you never rise above your own insecurities.
79: 2014-05-10: I look back on my caffeine addiction as years of shame. I did things then I could never imagine now. Restroom every hour. No self-esteem.
80: 2014-05-09: I like my bacon double-fried, dipped in batter and wrapped in bacon, because you can never have enough of a good thing.
81: 2014-05-08: There are many things I never thought of doing until somebody told me I shouldn't.
82: 2014-05-08: There are many things I never thought of doing until somebody told me I shouldn't do it.
83: 2014-04-30: Every country has its conservatives, demanding a return to traditional values that never really existed while invoking God in their support.
84: 2014-04-27: You can never reproduce your first experience with something. No matter how magical that moment may have been, you can't bring it back.
85: 2014-04-26: Give in to temptation if you must, but never wait in line for something that's not good for you.
86: 2014-04-16: Etiquette tip for Americans in France: Never drink wine directly from the bottle. Always use a straw.
87: 2014-04-11: The Groucho Phenomenon — "I would never belong to a club that would have me as a member." — Unsolicited invitations are seen as suspect.
88: 2014-04-10: A relationship never rises above the lies told at the time of its creation.
89: 2014-03-24: Youthful "rebellion" in most cases consists of doing a lot of stupid things to yourself that the future you would never approve of.
90: 2014-03-20: Angry denial of an accusation never made is powerful evidence that the accusation, if made, would be true.
91: 2014-02-26: A Utopian future society is always at least two decades away, never any closer. There are always a few kinks to work out. re @paleofuture
92: 2014-02-19: Trusting in Jesus, the poor sap never saw the truck that hit him. #religionexplained
93: 2014-02-18: Fact of Life: Snacks out of the giant economy bag never taste as good as the same from an individual serving bag with no more available.
94: 2014-02-14: Call me a hopeless romantic, but Valentine's Day never meant as much to me as February 15 — 50-75% Off All Valentine's Candy Day
95: 2014-02-09: RT @kittybrucknell: The funniest book never finished. I DARE you not to laugh uncontrollably. My friend @BadDalaiLama wrote it...
96: 2014-02-06: I would never eat at this place. I hear it's just awful. (today in Georgia)
97: 2014-01-25: Everything in her life keeps going bad, but it is never her fault, which is probably why things keep going bad.
98: 2014-01-24: If we all work together, believe in ourselves and never give up, we can change the world through sarcasm.
99: 2014-01-08: Dastardly black-clad villain with curlicue moustache tying heroine to railroad tracks: "I would never hurt you explicitly."
100: 2014-01-07: The fact that you are waiting for the New Year to implement your resolution is proof you will never keep it.
101: 2014-01-05: Never underestimate the ability of individuals to screw up their own lives regardless of the resources available to them.
102: 2013-12-31: RT @DSLikesIt: @BadDalaiLama And their kids never have a chance.
103: 2013-12-22: A stop sign is male. Stop means stop. A yield sign is female, with a variable meaning you can never know in advance.
104: 2013-12-19: RT @TheTweetOfGod: Never confuse a stroke of good fortune with Me caring about you.
105: 2013-12-14: I would never lie. I merely Photoshop reality.
106: 2013-12-13: RT @Telegraph: You probably never thought salt could be this beautiful – see the theme park built underground inside a salt mine: http://t.…
107: 2013-12-12: RT @nitemareniccole: @BadDalaiLama I don't mean to be a rag, but this is a never ending cycle.
108: 2013-12-11: Drinking bottled water from an exotic sounding foreign location is proof you will never go there.
109: 2013-12-02: The ultimate tragedy of the actor's death is that most had never heard of him until he died.
110: 2013-12-02: Since I visited Sweden, IKEA looks so different. So cheap! You could never buy this shit in Sweden at these low prices. @ IKEA Seattle
111: 2013-11-24: Never leave your house on your bicycle!
112: 2013-11-12: In the never-ending office, the phone rings. I answer it. Someone is speaking German...
113: 2013-10-22: Poor girl. With breath like that she'll never be married.
114: 2013-10-22: "Often a bridesmaid but never a bride." The tragedy of halitosis. Even your best friend won't tell you.
115: 2013-10-22: US Airways — often a bridesmaid, never a bride. Maybe it's the halitosis.
116: 2013-10-07: @HumanBeam Ha! You Mexicans have never even SEEN ice. When you're surrounded by ice, breaking is the only way to do it.
117: 2013-10-07: Never argue with an idiot. One way or another, you are going to lose.
118: 2013-09-25: @PraveenSawh @PramathMalik My sadness at being unfollowed by someone I never heard of for reasons I cannot fathom is inconsolable.
119: 2013-09-18: When offered two hypotheses, you can choose the truer one based on available data, but you can never claim it will always be the truest.
120: 2013-09-17: In your dreams, you can never evade a pursuer. He is always one step behind. All you can do is give up, let him catch you, and he goes away.
121: 2013-09-10: Your relative gets in trouble again and again, but it's not their fault. It's never their fault and you believe them because they're family.
122: 2013-08-29: Paranormal TV shows avoid skeptics and will never give them a fair hearing. It only hurts ratings.
123: 2013-08-27: @LadyFriday Oh, never mind.
124: 2013-08-27: Safety is a sort of casino game where you never know exactly what the results will be. You can only stack the odds in your favor.
125: 2013-08-25: If you obey all the experts about what you should and should not do, you will never accomplish anything.
126: 2013-08-22: Never give up! If you think you can fly, keep jumping off buildings until it works.
127: 2013-08-21: The relatives who are unhappy with your current lifestyle are not going to be happy even when you change it to suit them. It never ends!
128: 2013-08-20: "Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right." ~ Isaac Asimov via @spyropapaspyrou
129: 2013-08-16: Things I would never do today: Crossing the Sinai Visiting Cairo
130: 2013-08-16: RT @DailyMailUK: Never-before-seen mug shots of Victorian women criminals
131: 2013-08-13: You were never as smart as you thought you were.
132: 2013-08-11: I would never belong to a club that would have these people as members. Via; @MailOnline
133: 2013-08-08: Guys, a word of helpful career advice: Never photograph your own penis. Doesn't look good on the resume. Keep those privates private!
134: 2013-08-06: Never did find the bucket Nan tuck. @BadDalaiLama
135: 2013-07-22: I have never had caviar, but I question: Do people value it because it tastes good or merely because it is expensive and hard to get?
136: 2013-07-13: Never the Twain shall I meet ($20 + No Photos = No Thanks!) @ The Mark Twain House & Museum
137: 2013-07-13: Experience may be a key to success, but many practice and never get better.
138: 2013-07-11: My only acting gig (playing myself in a movie filmed in 2009) may never see the light of day according to this rumor:
139: 2013-07-06: Never stop looking for a better way to do things.
140: 2013-06-30: Choices you never knew you needed.
141: 2013-06-29: RT @RobbyGreer: The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us. – Bill Wat…
142: 2013-06-27: Never argue with an idiot. One way or another, you are going to lose.
143: 2013-06-23: New York City has ten million unwritten rules you'll never learn on the Internet. Prepare to be humiliated for not knowing them.
144: 2013-06-20: Polysyndeton is a word you will probably never need but I could be wrong so here it is anyway and I hope I haven't annoyed you too much.
145: 2013-06-10: Photography Rule #534: Never stand still!
146: 2013-06-08: RT @WSJ: Survey: More than half of the protesters in Turkey have never taken part in a mass demonstration before.
147: 2013-05-26: "It's never too early to start planning for your child's college education." —abortion providers
148: 2013-05-23: Sophrosyne, Continetia and Sobrietas — three ladies I have never met.
149: 2013-05-21: The Earl of Sandwich never anticipated the hegemony of his device, how it would come to encompass all manner of bread-encased contrivances.
150: 2013-05-20: I never lived through war, but I am old enough to remember the Rural Purge of 1970-71. Those were not happy times.
151: 2013-05-19: Never Forget. (via @LaurynPsquared)
152: 2013-05-11: Never underestimate the individual's ability to defend and rationalize his own dysfunction. That is why it persists.
153: 2013-05-07: My age and infirmity will never be so advanced that I ask for the Senior Discount.
154: 2013-05-06: You never hear about gender issues in aerospace engineering because, you know, either the plane flies or it doesn't. cc: @katebolick :p
155: 2013-05-06: RT @NIETZSCHESOURCE: Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction. ~Blaise Pascal
156: 2013-04-30: Never live near a wind farm. The turbines are harmless, but dang it's windy here!
157: 2013-04-28: The best quotes attributed to the Good @DalaiLama are things he never said. Here's the test: If it's useful to your life, he didn't say it.
158: 2013-04-28: Never try to deceive Google. Google sees all and knows all and will cut you off from the world if it catches you cheating.
159: 2013-04-23: "I never heard of the Cinnamon Challenge until I learned in the news how dangerous it was. Now I think I'll try it!" —Typical Teenager
160: 2013-04-17: "If it's in the news, don't worry about it. By definition, news is something that almost never happens."
161: 2013-04-13: If your romantic partner doesn't love to play with babies, dump them! Even if you never have any, this is an essential emotional skill.
162: 2013-04-07: Never sleep with the enemy. It's not sex that's dangerous but actual sleep, where you lose consciousness and they could do anything.
163: 2013-03-16: She was trapped on an Escher stairway, always climbing but never getting anywhere.
164: 2013-03-14: Tell me if you like my cake. I want to know what's right and wrong about it. But don't tell me how to bake a cake if you've never done it.
165: 2013-03-06: Weird! You never see this in Washington at a weekday rush hour (5pm). Green = no traffic. Why? Government shut down!
166: 2013-03-03: RT @HLMenckenBot: Some go to college and eventually succeed in getting out. Others go to college and never succeed in getting out. They' ...
167: 2013-03-01: And they all lived happily never after. (How most fairytales end in real life.)
168: 2013-02-27: Never fall in love with anyone without consulting the DSM and doing a full MMPI.
169: 2013-02-19: If you never leave home, it is easy to think you know the solutions to all the world's problems.
170: 2013-02-12: Everyone wants followers but not fake ones. If they unfollow you as soon as you unfollow them, they never cared what you said anyway.
171: 2013-01-30: My book was mentioned today on Turkish television! (Bet that's never happened to YOU!)
172: 2013-01-30: Never trust with your life anyone without the maturity and good credit to rent a car.
173: 2013-01-27: RT @KilroyCafe: There is no safe harbor. You can never go home. You can only sail onward. Forever alone.
174: 2013-01-21: Success never tastes as sweet as you thought it would.
175: 2013-01-21: My only co-worker at the office. Easy to work with because I never see him. (re @BadDalaiLama)
176: 2013-01-17: The Superhero's Conundrum: The needs of the world are so vast that no matter how great your superpowers they will never be enough.
177: 2013-01-15: Whatever happens, never lose your heads. - re @latimes
178: 2013-01-15: RT @KilroyCafe: Nothing is as alluring as the unobtainable. It never disappoints!
179: 2013-01-12: RT @bybeautydamned: A person who hates himself will never be able to respect the person who loves him.
180: 2013-01-12: There are a million things you can do that you never thought you could. You just haven't been motivated to try.
181: 2013-01-10: The pre-Walmart mom-and-pop stores of small town America weren't all that great when Mom and Pop had a monopoly. Never Low Prices.
182: 2013-01-10: Attn superheroes: Never hold your supervillain in a glass cell because he can always hack into the mainframe to get out. Steel never fails!
183: 2013-01-08: Maybe you love me, but you'll never know me like Google does.
184: 2013-01-07: Negotiating with your future self is tricky. You never know exactly what that guy is going to want.
185: 2013-01-05: No cosmetology is more cosmic than postmortem cosmetology. The final makeover. Clients sit still and never object. Good luck, @crushjunky!
186: 2013-01-05: Rare sighting of a @crushjunky in the wild. These shy creatures are seldom seen and never heard.
187: 2013-01-03: RT @KilroyCafe: You never know what a person is really like until after the honeymoon.
188: 2013-01-02: 48-hour guest of PHL. Arrived by plane and never left security. See Tom Hanks in The Terminal. Thanks, PHL!
189: 2013-01-01: Never confuse a "Duh!" with a "D'oh!"
190: 2012-12-31: Detecting when discretion is needed is a never-ending social challenge, especially among people you don't know very well.
191: 2012-12-31: I could never be anyone in Hollywood because I don't use a Mac or drive a Prius.
192: 2012-12-28: One who urges "Support Small Business" has never been ripped off by a local auto mechanic. Big Business at least means reliable rules.
193: 2012-12-23: Sleighbells ringing, chestnuts roasting... Christmas carol imagery is stuck in a Middle Earth era of history that never actually existed.
194: 2012-12-13: Most artists with great technique will never be great artists because they cannot think backwards.
195: 2012-12-10: One lesson of leaving home is learning all the opportunities you had at home but never used.
196: 2012-12-10: I am never more at home than when I am lost.
197: 2012-12-09: RT @KilroyCafe: The American West is exactly as you see it in Roadrunner cartoons, except those Acme products that never work are now su ...
198: 2012-11-29: .@BadDalaiLama Turns out the Good @DalaiLama never actually wrote those "Instructions for Life." It was a hoax!
199: 2012-11-29: The main human defect: claiming to want something but consistently taking actions that assure it will never happen.
200: 2012-11-28: The most embarrassing thing about travel is the clueless, narcissistic Americans you run into. Some people should never leave the country.
201: 2012-11-17: People who have never travelled tend to vastly overestimate how a news event affects a local population.
202: 2012-11-12: "Work hard and never give up!"—the mantra of many a fool. Works hard instead of making hard choices.
203: 2012-11-12: "Work hard and never give up!"—as much a recipe for failure as success. A better method is wise exploitation of your opportunities.
204: 2012-11-12: Twitter: my personal guarantee that I will never hold public office.
205: 2012-11-10: The Innocence of Retailers #1: Whole Foods sells organic food, prominently labels it as such, but never directly claims organic is better.
206: 2012-11-07: RT @SRQ2U: Darwin never anticipated a plethora of interventionist measures to keep the stupid ones alive.
207: 2012-11-07: I will never eat phở because I just can't handle the diacriticism.
208: 2012-11-07: Never have to make your bed again! - Use a sleeping bag. (Seriously. And when it's dirty, throw it out and buy another.) #lifehacks
209: 2012-11-07: Is happiness worth the cost? The risk when people become happy is they fall into comfortable routines and never do a damn thing again.
210: 2012-11-05: @Darth_oz Maybe, but he has never had a chance to prove himself in a domestic relationship.
211: 2012-11-05: Every lottery winner will say you just have to "believe in yourself" and "never give up". #badadvice #selectionbias
212: 2012-11-03: A job you hate may suck, but a job you like can be even worse. It can lull you into never leaving and never achieving your true potential.
213: 2012-10-27: RT @MailOnline: Target London: Soviet nuclear missile base in Germany that spy planes never saw
214: 2012-10-24: Getting lost, ripped off and delayed is all part of the experience of travel. If you can't handle it with grace you should never leave home.
215: 2012-10-20: Some people should never be allowed to have credit cards: Greece, Italy, Spain, U.S. Congress.
216: 2012-10-17: RT @ScottSaab: @BadDalaiLama Men chase women for exactly the same reasons. And like dogs, they never know what to do with them once they ...
217: 2012-10-15: Humiliation I never thought I would ever suffer: waiting for Disney's Magical Express. [pic]:
218: 2012-10-09: Every place is exotic if you have never lived there.
219: 2012-10-06: Life Rule #243: Never be afraid of your own shit. It's your shit. You made it. The only thing that can hurt you is denying it's yours.
220: 2012-10-02: Never shoot heroin. You have to have someone for the hero to rescue.
221: 2012-09-29: .@MinnieGupta found it intolerable, so I had to see it for myself. I'll never doubt you again, Your Minniness. YOU are The Master!
222: 2012-09-20: Happiness is a moving target. One thing might make you happy for a while but never permanently.
223: 2012-09-17: Why you should never listen to "experts" ==> American Academy of Pediatrics reverses recommendations on circumcision
224: 2012-09-14: Life keeps handing you surprising things you never would have predicted based on theory alone. You have to live it to know.
225: 2012-09-11: RT @HLMenckenBot: A man full of faith is one who has lost (or never had) the capacity for clear, realistic thought. He is not a mere ass ...
226: 2012-09-11: RT @aristosophy: Never mistake your heart's desires for your own.
227: 2012-09-09: RT @KilroyCafe: Social "progress" is an illusion. There is no progress and never has been. There has only been change, with both winners ...
228: 2012-09-08: RT @washingtonpost: Myth #3 about the euro crisis: German taxpayers will never bail out Greek pensioners. #5myths
229: 2012-09-08: Girl from Ipanema: psycho bitch! You don't know that because you've never even talked to her.
230: 2012-09-07: True fact: Estonia was named after the Rolling Stones. Tragically, the group snubbed the honor and never performed here.
231: 2012-09-06: "The snow never melts in the ears of trolls that have turned to stone at dawn in the moors." (Keflavik Airport)
232: 2012-09-05: I'll never own a home unless it has a moat, a drawbridge and hot oil to dump on invaders. Otherwise, what's the point?
233: 2012-09-04: RT @LIFECOACHERS Never underestimate the power of banal platitudes to make idiots believe you are offering sage advice. <== Attn: @DalaiLama
234: 2012-09-02: For those who need fame there can never be enough.
235: 2012-09-01: RT @lawnrocket: Never underestimate the power of simplicity.
236: 2012-08-28: Let us never forget the Battle of Kringen, how peace-loving Scots were slaughtered by Norwegian hordes. Now is not too late for vengeance.
237: 2012-08-22: Science says you'll never see a full moon and crescent moon on the same night UNLESS YOU'RE ON ANOTHER PLANET—OMG, NO!... wait, streetlight.
238: 2012-08-21: I am distressed that I am distraught over the suicide of director Tony Scott when I had never heard of him before yesterday.
239: 2012-08-20: Ego is an infinite need that can never be satiated.
240: 2012-08-18: Little dogs are the creation of man for his own vanity. They could never survive on their own. No wonder they're neurotic!
241: 2012-08-17: In the amazing world of the future, many of our dreams will come true, but those dreams may have a cost we never anticipated.
242: 2012-08-16: On My Bucket List: Become the iconic star of a popular TV sitcom, and when the series ends never find work again.
243: 2012-08-14: RT @laurenahayes: Never underestimate the power of disposable earplugs.
244: 2012-08-13: RT @mellimelle: I never burn bridges in case I ever need to cross them to blow up the whole town on the other side while they sleep. 
245: 2012-08-13: "Never give up on your dreams" is stupid advice. Most dreams are egotistical and should be given up to make way for better goals.
246: 2012-08-13: Most people won't make hard decisions until forced to. Give them too much protection and those decisions will never be made.
247: 2012-08-09: RT @lawnrocket: Envisioning an image and then trying to draw it, I have always found this to be unbelievably frustrating. Never matches ...
248: 2012-08-05: RT @KilroyCafe: Lawmaking is a neverending arms race against the pernicious effects of previous laws.
249: 2012-07-31: RT @domesticH: if you’ve never yelled “I’M NOT YOUR PERSONAL GOOGLE SEARCH!” you probably don’t have kids.
250: 2012-07-27: Never underestimate an individual's ability to erect barriers between himself and his own stated goals.
251: 2012-07-26: Everyone needs some trauma to get them moving. Otherwise you fall into lazy habits and never leave your comfort zone.
252: 2012-07-24: The lady in the GPS may disagree with me ("Make a U-turn now.") but she never goes psycho bitch wacko about it. I admire that in a woman.
253: 2012-07-23: Some people never graduated from high school. This is a website for them.
254: 2012-07-21: Humans are natural hoarders, saving up resources for lean times that never come. The best way to defeat it is have no space to hoard in.
255: 2012-07-17: RT @KilroyCafe: If you set your standards too high, the thing that the standards apply to will never get done.
256: 2012-07-16: If your romantic partner never lets you win an argument, you're doomed. Get out fast!
257: 2012-07-16: Never get in an argument with someone who doesn't respect the rules of argument. You'll lose!
258: 2012-07-15: @Andreaof9 Actually, it was Superman who never learned. He got himself sucked into a high-dependency relationship.
259: 2012-07-15: RT @Andreaof9: @BadDalaiLama Lois Lane needed rescuing all the time. She never learned.
260: 2012-07-12: Long ago, when I couldn't travel much, I was a collector of tourist guidebooks. Now I never use them. Just go and you'll figure it out.
261: 2012-07-07: Never let a tweaker/manic work on your car, because (a) he'll try to "fix" things that aren't broken, and (b) he won't finish the job.
262: 2012-07-07: It was tough growing up as a mixed race child in a multi-ethnic household. I never knew if I was Scotch American or English American.
263: 2012-07-03: Some walls that prevent you from doing things are solid, but most exist only in your mind because you've never bothered to test them.
264: 2012-06-27: Scrotum, Pennsylvania. (I'm sure the residents have never heard that one.)
265: 2012-06-26: RT @piratehook3r @kneedull you know you never really hear about dinosaur sex <== Must have happened, but how?
266: 2012-06-17: For the record, I may visit places that sound dangerous, but I never visit real war zones or take chances with my safety.
267: 2012-06-14: Checking into my hostel in a Greek city you never heard of. The view from my balcony. (@ Little Big House) [pic]:
268: 2012-06-10: The greatest burden to the fast food industry is the "Senior Coffee". The old farts buy the coffee, sit in a booth and never leave.
269: 2012-06-08: My ears are deaf to your cries of "Injustice!" if you have merely lost a privilege you never earned.
270: 2012-06-05: Don't get angry with someone for not doing what they have never been capable of. Expectations must match the person, not your needs.
271: 2012-06-02: RT @ShitYoungPplSay: I wish I'd never been born.
272: 2012-06-02: RT @ShitYoungPplSay: Trust your instincts. They're never wrong.
273: 2012-05-31: Television documentaries would never lie to you, just fail to report any information that contradicts the premise of the show. #UFOs #ghosts
274: 2012-05-29: RT @DalyaElMaghraby: This is exactly why I should never be a mother.
275: 2012-05-29: RT @dannysainsbury: @BadDalaiLama You are a never-ending fountain of wisdom, dude.
276: 2012-05-26: Never get in an argument with an idiot. You are going to lose.
277: 2012-05-26: Advice from a former baggage handler: Never attach anything to the zipper tabs of your luggage or they'll be torn off.
278: 2012-05-22: Elephants never forget a grudge. Anything you ever said or did can be recalled and used against you. This makes them assholes sometimes.
279: 2012-05-22: Charming sign from the last glacial epoch. There will never again be ice skating in Virginia.
281: 2012-05-21: In fairness to Zuck, he never said $FB was worth 100x earnings. The market said that. He just wants to build his new toy.
282: 2012-05-21: Never underestimate an individual's ability to change when forced to—and his resistance to it otherwise.
283: 2012-05-16: Never underestimate an individual's ability to create unnecessary obstacles between himself and whatever he claims to want.
284: 2012-05-12: An ancient Twentieth Century stripper pole! I've read about these things but never actually seen one before.
285: 2012-05-12: RT @KilroyCafe: When the Edmund Fitzgerald set sail, the crew could never have imagined their journey would result in one of the longest ...
286: 2012-05-12: There's never an excuse for a temper tantrum. At best you'll get fearful compliance but at the cost of loyalty and goodwill.
287: 2012-05-09: .@Kyoks1 Liberal delusion: more government regulation can make health care more efficient. It has never happened in the past.
288: 2012-05-08: RT @TheEconomist: Even the most sophisticated economic models rarely account for politics, and almost never account for ideology http:// ...
289: 2012-05-06: People want to accomplish great things, but they aren't willing to give up any of their prior investments, so those things never happen.
290: 2012-05-06: Some take preemptive action at the earliest hint of a problem. Others must experience extraordinary pain first. Still others never change.
291: 2012-05-05: "There is no such thing as truth in photography. It never existed—it doesn’t exist—it can’t exist." via @KelleyLPhoto
292: 2012-05-03: RT @GreatestQuotes: "Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it's enough." - Robert Heller
293: 2012-05-02: Bugs Bunny is the best adjusted cartoon character. Calm, unflappable, defends his rights when necessary but never loses his sense of humor.
294: 2012-05-01: We never see ourselves as delusional at the time. It is only in retrospect that we figure it out.
295: 2012-05-01: Nevada calls itself "Battle Born" but never actually experienced any battles, only an endless series of booms and busts.
296: 2012-05-01: People like to say "Someday I'm going to..." but they impose so many conditions that someday never happens.
297: 2012-04-26: Never visit a place where the underclass will kill you if you wander into the wrong neighborhood.
298: 2012-04-23: .@TrekkieGirls You should never deny your own emotions, but just because you feel it doesn't mean you should express it.
299: 2012-04-20: Never question someone's religion (or religiously held beliefs). They cannot tolerate doubt and will act to eliminate you if you persist.
300: 2012-04-19: Whatever you do, never think you have landed, that you have reached your destination, because that's when entropy begins.
301: 2012-04-18: There are no obese Japanese. Also no "mega-sizes" of anything. Even fast food restaurants have small and medium, never large.
302: 2012-04-18: Your perception when you first arrive in a new place is unique. You see things that you will never see again.
303: 2012-04-15: Teenagers are always right and will never concede in an argument. The most you can hope for is behavioral change.
304: 2012-04-12: Wile E. Coyote is just like the rest of us! One Acme device backfires so he tries another and another, never rethinking his deluded mission.
305: 2012-04-12: @SteveSeaquist Since when has a recording company purchased an ad for a song or album? I've never seen any. Must be stealth advertising.
306: 2012-04-12: Abusive people never see themselves as abusive but merely as defending their rights.
307: 2012-04-12: RT @nofence420 A self absorbed cunt would never need a tampon right?
308: 2012-04-08: Never decide something now when there is no substantial benefit in it. Keep your options open for as long as possible.
309: 2012-04-04: If you're considering becoming a parent and think you're committed to "only" 18-21 years, think again! This thing never really ends.
310: 2012-04-04: When eating bacon it is important to respect the pig and consume it reverently, never flippantly.
311: 2012-04-02: If you want to quit a bad habit, you either do it now or never. If you put it off, then it's not going to happen.
312: 2012-04-01: NEVER interrupt me when I am making travel arrangements. It is an intense, all-consuming activity, similar to juggling or making love.
313: 2012-03-30: MRT @ddianapril I would never ever bite the hand that feeds me.... because apparently that's my hand.
314: 2012-03-26: Greyhounds chase a mechanical rabbit around the racetrack but never catch it, just as we follow our desires.
315: 2012-03-26: The nature of desire is that it can never truly be fulfilled, only forgotten.
316: 2012-03-23: If you accept depression as a disease you have no control over, then you're never going to get out of it.
317: 2012-03-22: RT @aedison: "You'll never get away with this, Heisenberg!" "I wouldn't be so certain."
318: 2012-03-22: "Someday" usually never happens.
319: 2012-03-21: RT @domesticH: the biggest flaw in my plan is that young, stubborn me will never listen to time traveler me.
320: 2012-03-18: The most effective form of ego protection is to never ask a question you don't already have the answer to.
321: 2012-03-17: @cottonmouth1 @letsgo2thebeach @xtinewu Never been goosed. I guess people find evil warlords unapproachable. Try me!
322: 2012-03-14: For the record, there never were any witches in Salem, only witch trials and shops selling witch shyte. [pic]:
323: 2012-03-13: My lifetime goal is to never put myself in a position where I have to make a bed or distinguish good china from regular dinnerware.
324: 2012-03-11: I've never done meth or heroin, but quitting caffeine has been trial enough. Every day it calls to me.
325: 2012-03-08: People say they want to quit bad habit X, but they refuse to give up Y which is reinforcing X so the quitting never lasts long.
326: 2012-03-08: If you want to quit TV, get rid of the set. To cut down on junk food, make sure it never enters your house.
327: 2012-03-07: Las Vegas Family Court is reassuring to me because it never changes. I can come back after years and know exactly what is happening.
328: 2012-03-06: @Andreaof9 I've made a dozen journeys here, often with journalists. Never been caught! Completely overlooked by security.
329: 2012-03-06: Paranoia assures that your personal life choices will never exceed your inner self-esteem.
330: 2012-03-05: The best response you can expect for your anger is appeasement. You'll never gain loyalty or honesty with it.
331: 2012-03-05: @LetsGo2TheBeach Tweets must never exceed...
332: 2012-03-03: My new nephew was born on February 29, so he's never going to get old.
333: 2012-03-03: @nainysahani Thanks for #SterlingArcher! It's fun to Wikipedia a TV show I've never heard of before.
334: 2012-03-02: My main disability on the internet is that I've never read the book.
335: 2012-02-28: The giant sea cow dwarfed a man but probably never would have hurt one. OH, THE HUGE MANATEE! #manateemonday
336: 2012-02-26: If you expect to do things, you have to initiate them right now. At least set the wheels in motion, or those things will never happen.
337: 2012-02-26: When you delay solving your problems, you are giving in to inertia and the problems will probably never be solved.
338: 2012-02-24: @xtinewu Those cute little Girl Scouts outside Walmart lured me lured me into a product I would never have bought inside. #soashamed
339: 2012-02-16: Never wear a T-shirt bearing a message you don't fully understand.
340: 2012-02-14: The best songs are little riddles you feel compelled to try to figure out, but you can never quite do it.
341: 2012-02-08: @Blam8o I'm trying to get out of it as quickly as I can. Never been here in Feb, so I assumed this was normal.
342: 2012-02-02: Driving south from Vermont in February, stunned by the lack of snow and the countless small ski slopes that may never operate again.
343: 2012-01-29: Taking a $1 bus ride from Santa Monica to LAX. Trip is disrupted by a bunch of boarding Santa Monicans who HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A BUS BEFORE.
344: 2012-01-26: An astute pornographer, he was often charged but never convicted, thanks to his well-paid lawyers and their prowess in jury selection.
345: 2012-01-25: Facebook/YouTube time bomb: collecting huge photo/video files that never go away, eating storage faster than technology advances.
346: 2012-01-25: Never underestimate the power of one creative person to cut through the bullshit that defeats whole armies. #jobs #zuck cc @laurenahayes
347: 2012-01-24: Once homeless on the streets of Vienna, he believed in himself and never gave up. #perseverance #courage #hitler
348: 2012-01-23: Obey every recommendation, follow every expert's advice, respect every law and you'll never leave home or get anything done.
349: 2012-01-22: Funny, I never thought of Correctional Officer as a "make-a-difference" sort of field.
350: 2012-01-20: If you have been dreaming of a Carnival cruise, now is the time. Rates may never be this low again!
351: 2012-01-17: A day after visiting a nude beach in Florida, I am sunburned in places I have never been before. #nudeskincancer #firstworldproblems
352: 2012-01-17: You gotta admire the aliens for their light touch. They're intervening in Earth affairs only when they have to, which is apparently never.
353: 2012-01-16: Never mind! The sun came back! Still nude!
354: 2012-01-16: I never had a previous interest in getting an all-over tan, but now seems like the right time. Hang out for an hour or so, see what happens.
355: 2012-01-16: Mistakes are the most awesome learning devices! Like sticking your finger in a candle flame, you never forget the lesson.
356: 2012-01-14: You never fully graduate from childhood. It is a lifelong therapeutic process to deal with all its implications.
357: 2012-01-11: Life is all about time—using it judiciously, parceling it out carefully, never wasting it.
358: 2012-01-11: Tragedy is never very far away.
359: 2012-01-10: RT @JennyKens: @BadDalaiLama its more painful than loneliness. Or we would never leave. Doesn't mean the loneliness ain't a bitch tho.
360: 2012-01-09: Taoism may be one reason the Chinese invented gunpowder but never thought of guns and had sailing ships but never bothered to explore.
361: 2012-01-09: A TV viewer is the ultimate Taoist. He allows the programming to flow through him while never being motivated to leave his couch.
362: 2012-01-09: @xtinewu Please have modest expectations of me. I'll never dance on my toes!
363: 2012-01-08: Most people say "I really should..." but they never do.
364: 2011-12-31: Something the rich never get: It's not the opulence of the surroundings that makes the party but the quality of the interaction.
365: 2011-12-30: We're back on track. Never mind!
366: 2011-12-30: .@ziggzagzac There are actually two drivers. Apparently both have never driven this route before.
367: 2011-12-29: RT @kfan People who start projects and never finish them are cooler than people who never start <== But not as cool as those who finish them
368: 2011-12-27: Many artists have great skills but nothing to say. BDL has plenty to say but never enough skills to do it.
369: 2011-12-26: I may not agree with what you do, but I'll defend to the death your right to do it. On second thought, never mind. You're on your own.
370: 2011-12-25: Travel is always teaching you humility and that you're never as smart as you think you are.
371: 2011-12-25: The key to success is practice, we are told, but some people practice for years and never improve. The real key is getting better.
372: 2011-12-22: People find it easy to burn money—or time—when there seems to be a lot of it lying around, but there's never as much as you think.
373: 2011-12-18: eduegotism — n. the sense of entitlement and superiority expressed by college professors who have never experienced the real world directly.
374: 2011-12-17: "Sooner or later you will realize it's not about you. It never was." —@nainysahani
375: 2011-12-14: @nilayasabnis Most honorable sensai @xtinewu but never play tennis with her (#buttkicked) or openly acknowledge her greatness (#upperhand).
376: 2011-12-13: Never trust a country music singer who tells you how faithful he's going to be. Them good 'ole boys got a poor track record.
377: 2011-12-11: No matter how well you think you have planned your life, it will change in ways you never expected.
378: 2011-12-10: Never knew insurance could be so exciting! (@ Insurance World Of Delray)
379: 2011-12-09: Never give up on your dreams—unless they're narcissistic, unobtainable dreams ignoring the opportunities around you.
380: 2011-12-09: Never give up, never surrender... but don't rule out a radical course change.
381: 2011-12-09: You never sausage a place! (@ South Of The Border)
382: 2011-12-06: A truly committed artist never retires but remains productive until his dying breath.
383: 2011-12-06: Flat screen TVs in motel rooms are great! They take up no table space, so you never even notice the thing.
384: 2011-12-01: It is better to make mistakes and learn from them then never try and learn nothing.
385: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: Never friend anyone you wouldn't want to meet in real life.
386: 2011-11-30: "Object constancy" is knowing that people have their own lives apart from your needs. Children learn it gradually, but some adults never do.
387: 2011-11-28: Some of the most crippled people are those who have never had a real disaster in their life, never had a forest fire to clear the brush.
388: 2011-11-28: No matter how thrilling something was the first time, you can never go back. You can repeat the outer motions but not the inner feeling.
389: 2011-11-27: Paranoia is a mechanism that assures your success in life never exceeds your inner self-esteem.
390: 2011-11-26: Needles, California, should never be pronounced "Needless" although I always do.
391: 2011-11-26: Real estate advice: Never buy property in a desert development with "Paradise" in the name.
392: 2011-11-23: @xtinewu So what is the meaning of "home" if you are never there?
393: 2011-11-22: "Unpredictable rewards keep us guessing, so we'll keep checking long after we're rewarded because 'you never know.'" via @laurenahayes
394: 2011-11-22: Most Utopias end up only half-built, never achieving the dream but entombing their creators.
395: 2011-11-21: Cats or dogs? Cats are more cuddly, but dogs are true companions—and much more responsibility. They're children who never grow up.
396: 2011-11-19: Is Google+ dead? - No, but it will never compete directly with Facebook. We use it as a showcase:
397: 2011-11-17: "Hydroponic Gardening Superstore" — What are people in South Florida growing hydroponicly that they need a superstore?... Wait, never mind!
398: 2011-11-14: I tried the McRib once. Never tasted anything so McGross in my McLife.
399: 2011-11-10: Many have vowed, "I'll never fly this airline again!" Ah, but how much are you willing to pay for that "never"?
400: 2011-11-09: In retrospect, I was never as smart as I thought I was.
401: 2011-11-07: Groupthink doesn't work! You're never going to get creativity out of a meeting. via @brainpicker
402: 2011-10-29: My favorite song you've probably never heard: "Houdini's Box" by Jill Sobule. Simple and haunting.
403: 2011-10-25: Most people will never know what it's like to have their life turned into a movie starring Julia Roberts. I am one of those people.
404: 2011-10-24: I have no clue why talent shows like X Factor exist (and haven't actually watched it). I only know that I would never get past Round One.
405: 2011-10-22: What you're doing may be stupid and self-destructive, but I defend your right to do it. On second thought, never mind, you're on your own.
406: 2011-10-19: Science is a Pandora's Box. Once you learn something, you can never put things back the way they were.
407: 2011-10-17: RT @wrongologist: Simple fixes. I can't believe I never thought of this: RT@DwightGarner Turn toaster sideways, get grilled cheese. http ...
408: 2011-10-16: Protests are good for tearing things down. A protest never built anything.
409: 2011-10-15: The risk of starring in a hit movie or TV show is you are typecast by it and never work again.
410: 2011-10-11: Never underestimate the power of love to turn the functional into the dysfunctional.
411: 2011-10-09: Every hero's journey involves overcoming his own fatalism. To defeat the enemy, he must find control where never thought he had it.
412: 2011-10-04: RT @the_anastasia: With all my education in psychology I'll still never know what goes through the minds of people who buy $3 water.
413: 2011-09-25: You never really know someone until you see them crack under stress. Then the mask comes off and the underlying animal shows through.
414: 2011-09-24: Home in the Mojave... or is it Senoran? Never can tell. (@ Wiley's Well Rest Stop)
415: 2011-09-20: Hardware may come and go but Unix never changes.
416: 2011-09-20: Never trust a town with the name "Eureka". The Eureka part is usually long past.
417: 2011-09-16: "Never give up on your dreams!" — deluded thinking that traps people in futile pursuits, blocking sight of real opportunities around them.
418: 2011-09-09: We must never forget the Rural Purge of 1971. They killed everything with a tree in it.
419: 2011-09-07: Much as we may cherish the ways of our ancestors, there has never been a culture where people didn't have to change with the times.
420: 2011-08-22: Verona's main claim to fame is a plug from a dead British guy who never actually visited.
421: 2011-08-14: Passing Coyote Springs, the community that never was and that probably will never be. My photos from 2007:
422: 2011-08-13: "Generalized wisdom" is a set of judgmental skills that apply to all circumstances, even those you have never experienced before.
423: 2011-08-13: We shall never overcome the curse of the parents we were born to.
424: 2011-08-12: If you listened to all the advice of experts, you'd never dare leave home.
425: 2011-08-12: For the best chance of a smooth voyage, never let someone else make your travel arrangements.
426: 2011-08-11: @xtinewu A zebra never changes its spots.
427: 2011-08-05: Taste is an illusion. It is the promise of something that can never really be achieved.
428: 2011-08-04: Eating after taste has faded is a form of compulsive hoarding. You're trying to sock it away for lean times that will never come.
429: 2011-08-04: Compulsive eating is equivalent to an addict's attempt to regain an earlier high. You keep upping the dose but the feeling never comes back.
430: 2011-08-04: All tastes fade with repetition. You can eat the same thing in the same way, but you'll never regain the same high as the first time.
431: 2011-08-04: People evaluate taste based partly on appearance and cost—things that never directly strike the taste buds.
432: 2011-08-03: Never trust any success you don't fully understand. It could fall out from under you at any time.
433: 2011-08-01: To answer an obvious question: No, the @BadDalaiLama never stops moving. As with the sharks, it's either swim or die.
434: 2011-07-30: Our long-lost photos from Belgrade, Serbia (1 year ago) Never published until now! FB album:
435: 2011-07-27: You can read books, look at photos and study maps of a place, but you can never really know it until you go there.
436: 2011-07-25: Checked into my favorite hostel in Miami Beach ($29/nt). Never expected to be here, but them's the breaks.
437: 2011-07-25: Never underestimate the ability of the British to do things a certain way just because that's how they've always been done. #anglophobia
438: 2011-07-17: On My Bucket List: Own the pony I never had as a child (and never really wanted).
439: 2011-07-16: You can never erase a past decision. No apology or penance will change it. You can only work with what it has given you.
440: 2011-07-13: The mantra of the hoarder is, "You never know when you might need it."
441: 2011-07-13: Humans are generically programmed hoarders, like a squirrel saving nuts for a winter that never comes.
442: 2011-07-12: Local residents of my hometown. They have never set foot outside it.
443: 2011-07-10: Many work hard toward their goals and never achieve them. The problem is not lack of will but refusal to adjust ones goals.
444: 2011-07-10: Problem: Coyote needs to eat. His solution: hunt Roadrunner. Trouble is, no matter how bad things go, he never considers any other game.
445: 2011-07-10: Wile E. Coyote has plenty of will and perseverance. He works hard, believes in himself and never gives up, so why can't he succeed?
446: 2011-07-10: Wile E. Coyote is so like the rest of us! One Acme device backfires so he tries another, never rethinking his deluded mission.
447: 2011-07-08: Thanks to social media, similar people can now find each other to an extent never before possible. Hence, more precise genetic selection.
448: 2011-07-05: @xtinewu Do we never consult the brain? Conduct a complex cognitive analysis? Or do ones entrails tell all? "Trust the Force, Luke!"
449: 2011-07-04: Your body and brain can adapt to all sorts of conditions you never thought possible, but you have to be willing to give them the chance.
450: 2011-07-02: You never really know someone until they feel secure in your presence and their REAL self emerges.
451: 2011-07-02: However good a novel may be, you're trapped in a simulation—a virtual reality—that is never going to exceed the experience of the author.
452: 2011-07-01: RT @avphibes: @BadDalaiLama clearly you've never been insane before.
453: 2011-06-30: Never underestimate the ability of music to encourage foolish lifestyle choices.
454: 2011-06-29: Each of us is a nest of invented restrictions: "I can't do ___ because I'm ___." Fact is, we've never really pushed ourselves.
455: 2011-06-27: A baby is a lot like an iPhone, requiring constant attention and you never want to drop it or leave it behind in airport security.
456: 2011-06-25: I've never visited a place with more scams and hustles than Egypt. I got cheated every day, but it was still worth it.
457: 2011-06-22: Never get too close to dysfunctional people. Maintain a firewall between you and them so their dysfunction doesn't become yours.
458: 2011-06-10: A bizarre sight I've never seen before: a $1 soft drink vending machine—at an airport! (Memphis International)
459: 2011-06-07: 13-second test of chromakey. I'm actually in a motel room in Texas. Now you'll never know what's real!
460: 2011-05-25: Television always takes you to the epicenter of the worst devastation. It never shows you what is normal and functioning.
461: 2011-05-25: If you experience the world only through television, the thing you'll never get is perspective. You can't tell a big threat from a tiny one.
462: 2011-05-20: I deeply appreciate the education we are all getting on the International Monetary Fund. Never knew economics could be so interesting! #DSK
463: 2011-05-17: "Real estate is the one investment that always appreciates, never depreciates." — One of our friends during the housing boom.
464: 2011-05-12: A college town (like Madison) is a society that never grows up, never has to deal with reality. Especially the adults.
465: 2011-05-12: Thank God for catastrophe! Without it, most people would never leave their safe zone.
466: 2011-05-12: RT @FlyoverJoel: I keep licking frogs, but I never seem to get high. I do have a surplus of princes though if anyone needs one.
467: 2011-05-10: "You never sausage a place. You're always a wiener at Pedro's!"
468: 2011-05-06: Never trust anyone under 30. Idealistic, yes, but also narcissistic.
469: 2011-05-06: Sept. 28, 1066—a day that will live in infamy! My people will never forgive or forget until we receive an apology. #whiteoppression
470: 2011-05-05: Cognitive discipline is to check into a hotel room and never even think to turn on the TV.
471: 2011-05-01: Never underestimate the ability of the addict to sabotage any good thing that happens to him.
472: 2011-04-27: In France, stop signs say "STOP". In Quebec, they say "ARRET". Because you can never be too French!
473: 2011-04-25: Lessons of Childhood #3: Gilligan is never going to get off the island.
474: 2011-04-16: Hostels separate relaxed, flexible people from the uptight and inflexible. The latter belong at the Hilton or should never leave home.
475: 2011-04-10: I'm an ethnic Episcopalian. My people have never been repressed. Kinda disappointed in that.
476: 2011-04-06: You can collect a lot of nice data about a place you've never been, but you can only really know it by going there.
477: 2011-04-05: Freedom is your ability and willingness to adapt to circumstances you never anticipated.
478: 2011-04-03: Meta-skills involve understanding how reality works, even if it is a reality you have never encountered before.
479: 2011-04-03: Once you know some essential things about people, you can step into cultures you have never visited before and know your skills will apply.
480: 2011-04-03: Once you learn a meta-skill, you can use it in situations you have never encountered before.
481: 2011-04-02: Many animals can learn, but only humans can be coaxed into believing in something they've never seen based on words alone.
482: 2011-03-30: Pop psychology focuses on pursuing your dreams and never giving up. Little attention is paid to quitting and cutting your losses.
483: 2011-03-29: The wisdom of the old is matched by their inertia—their addiction to repetition—so they may never have a chance to exercise that wisdom.
484: 2011-03-28: The chief effect of data overload is people become passive. They consume media in huge quantities, but they never actually DO anything.
485: 2011-03-28: "The emperor has no clothes!" cried the boy, at which point the secret police took him away and he was never heard from again.
486: 2011-03-23: For some reason, Pringles' new Hoppin' Horseradish flavor never took off. Now remaindered at 99 Cents Only.
487: 2011-03-19: The burdens of 100% humidity: Nothing wet ever dries. Mold and rot get into everything. Mosquitoes. You never feel clean.
488: 2011-03-15: Most of what consumers buy could never be justified on a cost-benefit basis. It is mainly vanity, serving only the impulse to buy.
489: 2011-03-14: @lolahayes "information overload is stronger than ever." <== Because humans get addicted to info, like cocaine. You can never get enough!
490: 2011-03-12: Never argue with a British person about whether an organization is singular or plural. They'll burn out their logic circuits!
491: 2011-03-11: Life is like a box of chocolates metaphor. You never know what you might use it for. (cc: @speakinggump)
492: 2011-03-08: Some people practice all their lives at something and never get better at it. Repetition may be useful, but it isn't what moves you ahead.
493: 2011-03-06: To avoid the discomfort of saying "No" to those in need, people create artificial habitats so they are never asked. (e.g. suburbia)
494: 2011-03-06: "Resolve never to quit, never to give up, no matter what the situation."—Jack Nicklaus <== Advice for idiots!
495: 2011-03-05: Not keeping a promise is far worse than never having made it at all.
496: 2011-03-04: I've never found a #ted talk that grabbed me. Just academics talking. Help me out here. Show me one I can use. #imtrying
497: 2011-03-03: The greatest joy of reality is the surprises! Things can come together in ways you'd never expect yet make perfect sense in the end.
498: 2011-03-03: The risk of those with the "perfect" childhood is that they never leave it. They opt for suburban protection and never step beyond it.
499: 2011-03-02: Video Postcard from Florida: "RV Madness" (40 seconds) — Because you can never have too much shit!
500: 2011-03-01: Consciousness is fundamentally unexplainable. You can experience it and find its neurological boundaries, but you can never know what it is.
501: 2011-02-27: Gravity is such a drag. No, wait, that's friction! Gravity just keeps you down. Never underestimate the gravity of gravity.
502: 2011-02-23: Whatever dreaming is, it is not fatiguing. In a dream, you never say, "My God, I'm so tired!" You have the energy to do whatever you want!
503: 2011-02-23: Reality is full of surprises—things you never would have expected from afar. Only direct experience will show you these things.
504: 2011-02-22: Being a surviving Beatle means you can never go anywhere without hearing your own songs, usually turned into hideous elevator music.
505: 2011-02-19: Most people are happy enough just to find a parking spot. Once they have one they never leave.
506: 2011-02-12: The highest standard of freedom is to imagine doing something then promptly do it. The lowest is to imagine but never do.
507: 2011-02-02: Life comes in layers. The first is what you learned as a child. Then you find more layers you never suspected. You've only just begun!
508: 2011-02-02: Even if paranormal phenomena are real, they should never be used as the basis for decision making. They are too easily corrupted by feeling.
509: 2011-02-01: 99 out of 100 never turn their words into action. It's all "gonna do" and "wish I could".
510: 2011-01-27: @lolahayes HHBDL has never advocated passivity, only working with the tools you have. Right now you have no tools to address homelessness.
511: 2011-01-26: Down at the Roadkill Cafe, it's all fresh, never frozen!
512: 2011-01-23: His Holiness has superhuman powers: He can drive coast-to-coast and never turn on the radio, check into a motel and never turn on the TV.
513: 2011-01-22: A bikini is sexier than nudity, a wink more alluring than a kiss. Sexy is the promise of something that can never be attained.
514: 2011-01-18: Never underestimate the ability of people in misery to endure even greater misery to avoid acknowledging their past mistakes.
515: 2011-01-18: To a dog, every car ride is a Magical Mystery Tour. You never know where you'll end up!
516: 2011-01-18: The most insecure people are those who owe their whole identity to their birth circumstances. They can never say, "I did this myself!"
517: 2011-01-18: On My Bucket List: Own a number of expensive homes around the world and never stay in any of them.
518: 2011-01-17: A major concern of cyborg technology is that some dictators might live forever and never give up power. Robo-Castro, Cyber-Stalin—not good!
519: 2011-01-17: There is no machine on Earth—and probably never will be—that can effectively deal with problems outside of its programmed function.
520: 2011-01-12: You can glorify the ironworker for building a bridge but ultimate success depends on an invisible designer who never touches the metal.
521: 2011-01-11: Never forget: It was "analysts" and "experts" who sold us real estate, based on "trends" they saw in the "data".
522: 2011-01-10: Most of those who hold forth endlessly with their opinions would never actually visit a legislature to see how it works.
523: 2011-01-09: So, yeah. Bet YOU have never been investigated by Homeland Security! It takes a special breed of iPhone user!
524: 2011-01-08: Imagine a world without entertainment, where you never sat and watched, only went and did.
525: 2011-01-04: RT @AddamBONGG Most "wisdom" is actually foolishness written by those who have never set foot beyond their safe haven.
526: 2011-01-04: The detachment of the internet means you can blow someone off or run them over and never feel it yourself. It's only electrons!
527: 2011-01-03: Sleep is the wisest guru. If you listen, you never know what it might teach you.
528: 2011-01-01: Mistakes are the most awesome learning devices! Like sticking your finger in a candle flame, you never forget the lesson.
529: 2010-12-30: For every successful viral marketing campaign (Old Spice Man), there are probably 1,000 failures you never heard of. Reproducible or fluke?
530: 2010-12-30: I am the internet user from Hell! I enjoy those wonderful free services but never click on ads or sponsored links. I am the future. Bite me!
531: 2010-12-26: Charity must never seem like charity. For the gift to be effective, the recipient must work for it.
532: 2010-12-22: Charity must never seem like charity. For the gift to be effective, the recipient must work for it.
533: 2010-12-22: Probably the best song you've never heard: "Houdini's Box" by Jill Sobule. Check it out!
534: 2010-12-21: You can never really know another person's thoughts, because the act of reporting the thoughts destroys them—like Heisenberg.
535: 2010-12-19: History has never known an anarchist who actually improved the world. They're only remembered for starting wars and blowing things up.
536: 2010-12-18: Why did the tortoise cross the road? I'm afraid we'll never know. R.I.P.
537: 2010-12-14: It is a form of child abuse to raise a child in conditions of wealth and privilege he can never reasonably attain himself.
538: 2010-12-13: Never trust a country music singer who tells you how faithful he's going to be. Them good 'ole boys got a poor track record.
539: 2010-12-11: The risk of exploration is that it will reveal flaws in our existing investments. That's why most people never leave home.
540: 2010-12-09: Never decide today what you can put off 'til tomorrow (if there is no benefit in deciding now). It's good to preserve your options.
541: 2010-12-09: No matter how well you think you have planned your life, it will change in ways you never expected.
542: 2010-12-07: Never give up on your dreams—unless they're narcissistic, unobtainable dreams ignoring the opportunities around you.
543: 2010-12-07: Many talk about social media, but few will use it for anything meaningful—like talking about the road but never traveling it.
544: 2010-12-02: Charlie the Tuna never figured it out: You can't buy good taste.
545: 2010-12-02: Kodachrome: Real life is never as good as the pictures or our nostalgic memories. (MRT Paul Simon)
546: 2010-11-30: "Object constancy" is knowing that people have their own lives apart from your needs. Children learn it gradually, but some adults never do.
547: 2010-11-29: No matter how thrilling something was the first time, you can never go back. You can repeat the outer motions but not the inner feeling.
548: 2010-11-27: Full speed ahead, take no prisoners, never apologize, never look back, never stop believing in yourself... Sarah Palin!
549: 2010-11-27: Paranoia is a mechanism that assures your success in life never exceeds your inner self-esteem.
550: 2010-11-25: Creativity is when you grab something from your environment and use it for a purpose it was never intended for.
551: 2010-11-22: You'll never really know who you married until the honeymoon is over.
552: 2010-11-19: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. [It] is an opportunity to do things you didn’t think you could do before." —Rahm Emanuel
553: 2010-11-18: It is okay to be polite to stupid people, but keep them at arm's length and never let them have any power over you.
554: 2010-11-06: There are a million things you can do that you never thought you could. You just haven't been motivated to try.
555: 2010-11-06: RT @GreatestQuotes: "It's never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot
556: 2010-11-05: Every attempt to do good also has the potential for causing harm, possibly worse than if you had never intervened.
557: 2010-11-04: It is a form of child abuse to raise a child in wealth and priviledge he can never hope to attain on his own.
558: 2010-11-04: “You can never get enough of what you don’t really need." —Eric Hoffe
559: 2010-10-25: The competence of a professional will never exceed the instructions of the person who hires him.
560: 2010-10-23: To get along comfortably with others, you must never discuss the obvious delusions that afflict them.
561: 2010-10-18: All religions require an enemy to keep faith alive. Muslims and Jews need each other, and Christians never forget being thrown to the lions.
562: 2010-10-15: There has never been a time when advertisers haven't said, "There's never been a better time!" to buy whatever they're selling.
563: 2010-10-09: In the battle for respect from your elders, you'll probably never win, so just do what's right for you.
564: 2010-10-06: Romance involves the acceptance of creeping change, often leading to conditions you never would have agreed to in the beginning.
565: 2010-10-03: In a great work of art, most of what you see in it was never put there by the artist.
566: 2010-10-03: You never know what a person is really like until after the honeymoon.
567: 2010-10-02: Government is usually built upon the crackpot theories of people who have never had to run a government.
568: 2010-09-30: Experience is the best teacher. When it slaps you hard across the face, you never forget the lesson!
569: 2010-09-30: When people say on their wedding day, "I'll never be lonely again," they don't understand: You can be married and still be lonely.
570: 2010-09-28: The only thing certain about life is uncertainty. Your best laid plans will never turn out quite as expected.
571: 2010-09-24: It's okay to be nice to stupid people, but never grant them any power over you.
572: 2010-09-23: Charity must never seem like charity. The recipient must pay a price for it, or the gift will be taken for granted.
573: 2010-09-22: Never mistake success for quality.
574: 2010-09-19: You will never know your true limits until you are pushed against them.
575: KilroyCafe: 2010-12-06: I can drive 2000 miles and never turn on the radio. If I want a song, I play it in my head, nearly the same as an iPod. Is this normal?
576: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-02: Never say "fat" when you can say "morbidly obese".
577: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-26: A "craft fair" should never be mispronounced "crap fair," although the impulse may be irresistable.
578: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-21: RT @TheBosha: Hey France! They've raised our retirement age here in the United States also, to NEVER.
579: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-19: RT @BadDalaiLama: You will never know your true limits until you are pushed against them.
580: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-10: There is no safe harbor. You can never go home. You can only sail onward. Forever alone.
581: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-09: Always act cool, confident. Never let them see your desperation.
582: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-09: Lawmaking is a never-ending arms race against the destructive effects of previous laws.
583: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-31: Seriously, never mess with a Recycling Nazi. Sometimes you have to smuggle things out just to throw them away.
584: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-28: If you never tweet, I'll follow you forever. The more you tweet the more I am forced to decide whether your wisdom is worth the cost.
585: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: He who attends management seminars doesn't get it and probably never will.
586: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-20: The only thing certain about life is uncertainty. Your best laid plans wil never turn out quite as expected.
587: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-17: If you set your standards too high, the thing that the standards apply to will never get done.
588: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-15: There will always be a difference between theory and reality. Plans never turn out quite as expected. The wise can adjust. The unwise can't.
589: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-09: Whether you have a hundred fans, a thousand or a million, it can never fill the personal void of needing fans at all.
590: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-31: If you did everything the travel guides told you to, you'd spend a week in every town and never get anywhere.
591: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-19: Lawmaking is a neverending arms race against the pernicious effects of previous laws.
592: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-18: The lesson of the Ruby Slippers is that you had the power to save yourself all along. You never needed Oz or anyone else.
593: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-13: Money is valuable only when you lack it, becoming worthless when you have an excess. The same is not true of time, which is never in excess.
594: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-08: In Hell, they make you ride a jam-packed city bus across Queens—forever! They promise to get you to LaGuardia Airport, but it never happens.
595: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-02: Never buy any product with "smart" in the title (e.g. SmartWater). Falling for that ploy just proves you're not.
596: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-22: Nothing is as alluring as the unobtainable. It never disappoints!
597: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-21: Never mistake success for quality.
598: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: @isparklefairy I regret never having attended a "Dubai shopping festival". Air conditioned I assume. Native products from local malls?
599: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-02: Metal buildings are never silent. They wail in the wind and pop in the sun. They're dissatisfied and histrionic. Gender: female.
600: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-25: As the brain deteriorates, humans revert into packrats, saving juice containers and bits of string for future use that never comes.
601: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-20: Never attempt to explain by earthly means that which can be accounted for by divine intervention.
602: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-19: Never attempt to explain by terrestrial means that which can be accounted for by extraterrestrial intervention.
603: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-13: In truth, you can never really "own" anything. You can only "rent".
604: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-28: On my bucket list: Own a horse. Never ride it.
605: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-26: In food, sex, travel, drugs or any other stimulation, you'll never get the same high again. The thrill always fades with repetition.
606: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-09: "Old" is the state of having already given up on life. For some, it happens at an early age; others never get there.
607: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-09: What a loser you are! It's like I've got the Trix, and you're that silly rabbit who never figures out that TRIX ARE FOR KIDS!
608: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-23: Health care emotions: No one should suffer from a treatable disease. The reality: There will never be enough resources to treat everyone.
609: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-20: There has never been a time when merchants haven't said "There's never been a better time!" to buy whatever they're selling.
610: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: It's okay to be nice to stupid people, but you never want to be in a position where they have power over you.
611: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: Part of our cultural heritage is vanishing: the cathode ray television. We may never again see Gilligan's Island as it was intended.
612: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: The American West is exactly as you see it in Roadrunner cartoons, except those Acme products that never work are now supplied by Wal-Mart.
613: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: Most celebrities on Twitter reveal themselves for who they are: narcissistic nobodys you'd never want to follow if they weren't famous.
614: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: Give a cretin anonymity and sledgehammer and he'll smash up the world. So never him these things!
615: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: Social "progress" is an illusion. There is no progress and never has been. There has only been change, with both winners and losers.
616: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: There are a million things you can do that you never though you could. You just haven't been motivated to try.
617: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-07: On my bucket list: Custom-build an expensive vacation home in a prime scenic area then never go there.
618: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-04: For neverending drama on television, try The Weather Channel. Their motto should be: "It's always something!"
619: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-04: The competence of a professional will never exceed the instructions of the person who hires him.
620: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-28: You never want to marry someone who worships you as a god, because your powers of rescue will never match their expectations of it.
621: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-26: On my bucket list: Move to L.A. to pursue my dream of acting. Land a role as "Beamer" on a TV sitcom. Become typecast and never work again.
622: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-24: Experience is the best teacher. When it slaps you hard across the face, you never forget the lesson.
623: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-17: Government is built on the crackpot theories of people who have never had to run a government.
624: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-17: The essence of old age is saving old knick-knacks because no matter how close to death you may be you never know when you might need them.
625: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-15: When people say on their wedding day, "I'll never be lonely again," they don't get it: You can be married and still be lonely.
626: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-14: "Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be." - Daniel J. Boorstin via @davidvgoliath
627: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-13: Marriage involves the acceptance of creeping change, usually leading to conditions you never would have agreed to in the beginning.
628: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: No need to remind me! My mistakes are written on the inside of my skull - tattoos that will never come off.
629: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: The aliens are playing with us, giving us tantilizing evidence but never enough and leaving us hanging in the end. Sort of like #Lost.
630: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: "You never sausage a place! (You're always a weiner at Pedro's!)" - Billboard on I-95 approaching South of the Border, SC.
631: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-09: Red pill or blue pill? Once you take the red one, you can never go back, because delusions, once shattered, can never be put back together.
632: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-04: Sarah Palin will never go away! She is too narcissistic, too wounded, to ever give up the limelight.
633: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-04: In a great work of art, most of what you see in it was never put there by the artist.
634: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-04: "If you do not add value to the community, social media will never work for you." MRT @linkibol - i.e. In your tweets you must educate us!
635: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-03: You never know what a person is really like until after the honeymoon.
636: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-23: "Never underestimate the importance of free speech. It would be much harder to spot the stupid among us without it." @DwainHenry
637: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-22: Law is an attempt to solve social problems by a system of written rules. The rules, alas, never quite work as intended.
638: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-15: "Living in a world where children are told they are unique individuals is never a good thing." @aubynr - Right! Kids shouldn't run the show.
639: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-13: Many of the world's walking wounded are those raised in priviledge who can never achieve the same level of success on their own.
640: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-12: Most online relationships were never meant to be non-virtual. Reality adds a new level of complication and not necessarily any benefit.
641: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-11: Nudity in the flesh is never as exciting as nudity in the mind.
642: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-11: Paranoia is a self-leveling mechanism which assures that your quality of life will never rise above the level of your inner self-esteem.
643: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-26: The artistic world is filled with well-meaning fakers who slavishly learn a technical skill but never grasp how it should be used.
644: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-20: In the battle for respect from your elders, you're probably never going to win, so forget about it. Just do what's right for you!
645: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-09: Raising children is challenging, but at least they grow up. Your partner will never grow up, only becoming more dependent with time.
646: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-07: Children have a way of confounding the plans of their parents. They almost never turn out as they are supposed to.
647: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-05: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (Add to your spell check exceptions. Never know when you might need it!)
648: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-01: The Jewish Mother Syndrome (Greek, Italian, etc.) is part of a pan-cultural disorder: Mothers Who Will Never Be Happy No Matter What You Do.
649: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-15: There's never been a time when advertisers haven't said "There's never been a better time!" to buy whatever they're selling.
650: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-04: Two all beef patties special sauce cheese lettuce pickles onions on a sesame seed bun -- NEVER AGAIN!
651: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-29: Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. No, wait... We're STILL in Kansas? Never mind!
652: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-29: To get along comfortably with others you must never discuss the obvious delusions that afflict them.
653: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-28: Another provincial pleasure in Iowa: odeur de manure from a massive cattle feeding operation. The Bourgeoisie never get to experience this!
654: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-25: All religions require an enemy to keep faith alive. Muslims and Jews need each other, and Christians never forget being thrown to the lions.
655: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-13: What was never explained in James Bond movies was how the evil genius got all his minions to work together.
656: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-13: What was never explained in James Bond movies was how the evil genius got all his minions to work together. Fear and greed aren't enough.
657: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-07: Your television addiction has been licked if you check into a hotel and never even think about turning it on.
658: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-04: I'm never going to eat ground beef again! NY Times: "Trail of E. Coli Shows Flaws in Inspection of Ground Beef"
659: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-29: Never trust any foodstuff with a "y" at the end: "buttery", "chocolatey", etc. It's a product of chemical engineering!
660: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-26: There is no natural "right to health care" because health care is infinitely expensive and there will never be enough of it to go around.
661: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-26: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Never too early to flog my "Wal-Mart Christmas Carol"
662: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-15: Good luck can easily become a curse and bad luck a blessing. You never can tell until time and free will have acted upon them.
663: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-05: A "craft fair" should never be mispronounced "crap fair," but I keep doing it. Look at all this crap! Future garage sale material.
664: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-30: You are never going to know your own limits until you are pushed up against them.
665: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-26: Glenn is Gordon Lightfooting along the shores of Gitchee Goomie, knowing that the gales of November never come THIS early. #fb
666: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-26: When the Edmund Fitzgerald set sail, the crew could never have imagined their journey would result in one of the longest songs on Earth.
667: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-23: If you must buy junk food, never buy the industrial-size package. You'll eat it all! Buy the smallest size available so that's all you eat.
668: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-23: You can glorify the ironworker for building a bridge but ultimate success depends on an invisible designer who never touches the metal.
669: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-22: Air traveler advice: NEVER put any personal belonging in the seat-back pocket. You'll forget it!
670: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-21: I never would have imagined in my youth that Playboy (viewed in utmost secrecy) would someday be seen as quaint and old-fashioned.
671: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-19: Most of the people who would work out in a gym would never engage in useful physical labor to burn the same calories.
672: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-14: Who needs local TV news? You could randomly rerun past stories (crimes, car crashes, etc) and most viewers would never know!
673: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-14: In food, sex and all other passions, the greatest pleasure is in the first bite. It is a moment that can never be regained.
674: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-10: I'm still angry about how the actors in Gilligan's Island and other shows I once watched never made a cent for re-runs.
675: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-09: Freedom is never given. It is strategically won.
676: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-04: "Taste Inflation: Why We Can Never Have Enough" (Kilroy Cafe #36, April 09)
677: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-01: Most people were never meant to be self-employed. Without a structure provided by others, they self-destruct.
678: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-31: "I asked myself, 'Where would people never notice a town full of robots?'... Connecticut!" -- The Stepford Wives
679: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-29: Seen along a highway in Texas: "Make a Difference... Be A Corrections Officer". Photo: - Never thought of it that way.
680: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-27: Charity must never seem like charity. For the gift to be effective, the recipient must work for it.
681: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-18: Most people spend most of their lives positioning themselves for a life that never happens. Then they die.
682: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-09: Let's look into reopening Neverland! It could be the new Graceland, the new Liberace Museum. The sky's the limit!
683: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-05: Never underestimate the destructive power of money - how having too much of it can destroy your foundations.
684: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-05: Never trust Mapquest or Google Maps to tell you where to go in rural areas. They often ignore local roads that get you there faster.
685: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-01: Q: What two U.S. states have never had temperatures above 100 degrees F?
686: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-29: The Onion: "King of Pop Dead at 12" - Exactly! He never advanced beyond 12!
687: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-20: I still haven't forgiven those French bastards for what they did to MY PEOPLE back in 1066. An act of pure aggression we shall never forget!
688: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-16: It is a form of child abuse to raise a child in conditions of wealth and privilege he can never reasonably attain himself.
689: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-15: Your body has amazing heating and cooling capabilities, but if you live in climate-controlled comfort these systems will never activate.
690: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-14: Unless it's your job, you should never install or "fix" anything on someone else's computer, even if they ask you to. It's a boundary issue.
691: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-14: Let us never forget those millions of men and women who gave their lives, at starvation wages, to defend our Always Low Prices.
692: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: Never trust a country music singer who tells you how faithful he's going to be. Them good 'ole boys got a poor track record.
693: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-04: Most people obsessed with fantasy adventures - scifi, video games, etc - would never consider real ones, like travel.
694: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-23: It's easy to say, "I love my town/career/spouse," if you never experience any other. All is fine when you stay within your comfort zone.
695: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: Thanks in part to YouTube, most public discourse on the internet is little more than a never-ending episode of "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!"
696: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: The choice of a romantic partner should never be made out of sympathy.
697: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: My favorite song you've probably never heard: "Houdini's Box" by Jill Sobule - Simple and haunting.
698: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-20: If you never get to the end of your To-Do list, then you have accumulated too many commitments. Some of them have to go!
699: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-19: Never get angry. It is a universally destructive emotion. It eats you up inside while getting poor results outside.
700: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-18: A Coca-Cola executive can say, "I never actually killed anyone." Yeah, but you were a parasite on society, stealing from the poor.
701: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-10: BTW: I have never seen "Lost".
702: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-09: Star Trek updated for the Y2Ks: Kirk and Spock gay-marry. They get divorced five years later and never speak to each other again.
703: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-06: Some drugs make you violent, but pot just robs you of initiative. The pothead would never hurt you but he rarely leaves the couch.
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