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1: 2017-02-03: Forget Trump. I want to understand Sean Spicer. What internal convolution of neurons has let him here? Are they holding his family hostage?
2: 2013-12-18: RT @Neuro_Skeptic: Cold but good beats warmly evil: people value moral character over "warmth" when evaluating others
3: 2013-03-04: Mirror neurons: critters in the brain that help you track the thoughts and feelings of others. Some people have 'em, some don't.
4: 2013-02-13: Duh! ==> "Religious skeptics, compared to believers, are both more reflective and effective in logical reasoning tasks." See @Neuro_Skeptic
5: 2013-01-17: Charlie Kaufman ("Being John Malkovich") on screenwriting & life. Neurotic, meta & inspirational. via @lawnrocket
6: 2012-12-21: Without mirror neurons, there could be no porn.
7: 2012-12-19: Brain time is the most precious resource of all. If you waste neurons on one thing, you can't use them for anything else.
8: 2012-12-15: RT @Neuro_Skeptic: Would Tarzan believe in God? "Many scholars would say yes: cognitive biases generate religious i ...
9: 2012-11-12: Romantic attachment is a neurochemical process nearly identical to an infant's bonding to mother. You expect care and undivided attention.
10: 2012-08-18: Little dogs are the creation of man for his own vanity. They could never survive on their own. No wonder they're neurotic!
11: 2012-04-13: RT @Neuro_Skeptic: Canadian antidepressant use fell when drug patents expired even though this made pills cheaper S ...
12: 2012-02-26: "Initiative" is the neurological ability to initiate actions and deviate from ones own previous patterns. Very few people have it.
13: 2012-02-04: Music is a psychology experiment: How do you tickle the neurons of the listener in such a way as to bring them back for more?
14: 2011-11-30: RT @bprabawabr: Just like "love" RT @BadDalaiLama Taste is a neurological mechanism to guide us to the foods our body needs. It is not a ...
15: 2011-11-30: Taste is a neurological mechanism to guide us to the foods our body needs. It is not an end in itself.
16: 2011-05-06: Neurotic people can't stand happiness. Whenever it intrudes into their life they find some way to sabotage it.
17: 2011-05-05: RT @Olivia_Sarai: @BadDalaiLama Processing scientific data!! my neuronal network is working hard, so hard!
18: 2011-05-05: How has your mind been occupied today? Is it meaningful stuff or just neurological junk food?
19: 2011-04-29: We use only a tiny portion of our creative ability, not for any neurological reason, but because of emotional blocks standing in our way.
20: 2011-03-10: Two people can despise each other, be totally incompatible and still be neurologically attached and unable to pull away.
21: 2011-03-10: At the base of romantic love is attachment—a primitive neurological bond like that between mother and child, designed for species survival.
22: 2011-03-01: Consciousness is fundamentally unexplainable. You can experience it and find its neurological boundaries, but you can never know what it is.
23: 2011-02-23: Taste is not constant! The same food (or other stimulation) tastes different to you depending on your needs and neurology at the moment.
24: 2011-01-17: The core of romantic love is attachment—a primitive neurological bond. The problem lies in reconciling this with the higher brain.
25: 2010-12-15: Best way to deal with a neurotic (borderline) spouse? Leave. Seriously, it's best for both of you.
26: 2010-12-15: "neurotic — those who tend to view life as a state invented so that bad things could happen to them." Sounds borderline.
27: 2010-11-29: Taste is a neurological mechanism to guide us to the foods our body needs, not an end in itself.
28: 2010-11-21: Divorces are so nasty because the primitive neurological bond remains. Bonded people are still drawn together, if not by love then by hate.
29: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-04: There is no neurological "free energy" - from caffeine, drugs, etc. Any temporary lift you get is paid for later.
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