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1: 2014-04-28: After Switzerland, all mountains in America look pathetic. Sorry, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, you just can't compete.
2: 2014-04-22: Search for the Matterhorn! A 17-minute iPhone video of the train to Zermatt and finding the mountain. (2 days ago)
3: 2014-04-20: The main attraction in Switzerland is not the mountains but all the ingenious ways people deal with the mountains.
4: 2014-02-20: Pompeii Spoiler Alert: Mountain's gonna blow. Good guys gonna escape. Bad guys get incinerated. #justahunch #trailersaysitall
5: 2013-07-22: Trivia: What is Nevada's time zone? Pacific *and* Mountain (West Wendover only) — slavishly following their primary casino clientele.
6: 2013-02-14: I have climbed all the mountains, skied all the slopes, scaled all the cliffs and run all the rapids of Florida. What is there left?
7: 2013-01-14: Naïveté is trying to go over the mountain that stands in your way instead of around it.
8: 2012-12-16: You want to get someplace so you plot a straight line there, going over the mountain the hard way instead of gracefully around it.
9: 2012-12-14: The Lonely Mountain... sequel in sight!
10: 2012-08-25: Mountain climbers seem to be able to handle any temperature with just the clothing and sleeping bag they carry.
11: 2012-05-24: Granny Puckett's place, Blue Ridge Mountains
12: 2012-05-13: The romance of travel in the Great Smoky Mountains. (@ Greyhound Bus Station) [pic]:
13: 2012-04-18: Changing trains in the mountains, to a little two-car private railroad. (@ 大月駅 (Ōtsuki Sta.) w/ 2 others) [pic]:
14: 2012-04-18: At last, at Takao, the city abates and I begin to see hints of mountains. (@ 高尾駅 (Takao Sta.)) [pic]:
15: 2012-03-09: Traveling the byways of America, you are in awe of the mountains, forests, canyons and seashores our fast-food restaurants are nestled into.
16: 2012-03-06: Hunkered down in a mountaintop bamboo forest. I had to scale cliffs and bushwhack through the jungle to get here.
17: 2012-02-10: RT @notatooter: #FF @BadDalaiLama ...Somewhere on a mountaintop: Worth a visit if you haven't yet traveled that way.
18: 2012-01-26: RT @MailOnline: 'Native Americans' actually came from a tiny mountain region in Russia, DNA research reveals
19: 2012-01-01: 2011 Photo Highlights: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (July)
20: 2011-12-03: What good is a house on the seashore or in the mountains? As soon as you move in, you stop looking out the window.
21: 2011-11-09: There is something poetic about navigating through Mountain View using Google Maps on my iPhone.
22: 2011-10-31: One of the burdens of marriage is the mountain of junk the couple collects around them. (Photo from Junk Museum in FL)
23: 2011-07-16: All of today's photos from Rocky Mountain National Park. FB album:
24: 2011-07-16: "On the rocks." (Rocky Mountain National Park)
25: 2011-07-16: An adorable family at Rocky Mountain National Park.
26: 2011-04-21: On the Red Sea... a sea of bodies! Mountains in the background are Jordan.
27: 2011-03-19: The REAL Hawaiian adventure is to go flume riding through this irrigation tunnel, which passes through a mountain.
28: 2011-03-17: Dateline: Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Intermittent rain but no snow, even in the mountains. Welcome to the Motor City!
29: 2010-12-02: What good is a house on the seashore or in the mountains? As soon as you move in, you stop looking out the window.
30: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: Whenever you seek wisdom from a guru on a mountaintop, the lesson lies in getting there and discovering that he knows little more than you.
31: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-23: Tedious displays of nature: mountains, canyons, waterfalls, coastlines, cliffs, islands. Exciting at first, boring when repeated.
32: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-13: If you like mountains, cool breezes, crisp air, babbling brooks and charming local culture... Florida ain't the place.
33: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-02: When climbing a mountain in Nevada, encountered an empty water bottle from Fiji. How much energy was wasted on that journey?
34: KilroyCafe: 2009-04-28: "Chinooks" are winds descending from mountains, making places like Denver warmer than they have a right to be.
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