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1: 2017-06-18: Do some missionary work in North Korea. Emigrate to an ISIS stronghold. Bathe in sulfuric acid. Take a job with the Trump Administration.
2: 2015-11-23: 3 cannibals & 3 missionaries crossing a river in boat holding only 2. How do you keep the missionaries from sexually abusing the cannibals?
3: 2014-08-16: It's fun to toy with Mormon missionaries, corner them with arguments they just can't win, but the only humane response is, "No thank you."
4: 2014-05-09: Cannibalism would be much more refined if the French did it—not just throw 'em in a pot and boil 'em but fine missionary cuisine.
5: 2013-09-26: The #1 mission of Area 51 revealed at last: Safety! The #2 mission: Customer Service. The #3 mission: Innovative products and services.
6: 2013-09-26: The primary mission of parents is to prepare children for the time when they will no longer be the center of the universe.
7: 2013-05-14: In traditional cannibal cuisine, missionaries are stewed in a big metal pot. They always say something funny to each other while simmering.
8: 2012-12-10: The curse of success: It deluges you with temptations that draw you away from your original mission.
9: 2012-11-23: I was on an anthropological mission on a primitive planet, but my cloaking device failed and I was forced to assimilate. Very traumatic.
10: 2012-05-09: There is no love without music, but music alone cannot sustain love. There also has to be a common mission.
11: 2012-05-02: There's some Wile E. Coyote in all of us, constructing ever more elaborate schemes to perpetuate a flawed mission.
12: 2012-04-30: The mission of the remainder of my life is to spew out the wisdom I have learned along the way until death turns off the spigot.
13: 2012-04-12: Wile E. Coyote is just like the rest of us! One Acme device backfires so he tries another and another, never rethinking his deluded mission.
14: 2012-04-04: Couples without a common mission usually make one up, such as raising children or pets or interior decoration.
15: 2012-04-04: For a relationship to be sustainable, people must not just be compatible; they must have a common mission.
16: 2012-04-03: I'm on an anthropological mission to this M-class planet. As long as my cloaking device is operational, I have no right to intervene.
17: 2012-03-31: No relationship can be sustained without a common mission.
18: 2012-03-13: It is unreasonable to expect love to sustain itself on its own merits. For a relationship to last, there must be a common mission.
19: 2012-03-07: (Shifting topics. Done with "Hedonism and Mission". Onward to "Atonement".)
20: 2012-03-07: A low-level mission serves an acute need. A high-level one can be quite complex and may address a now-invisible future need.
21: 2012-03-07: Hollywood stars serving meals at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving: productive mission or publicity stunt? "Look how caring I am!"
22: 2012-03-07: Just because you are acting compassionately does not mean your mission is productive.
23: 2012-03-07: A meaningful mission does not have to help people immediately. You can work on systems that you think will help later.
24: 2012-03-07: If don't care about others, no meaningful mission is possible. If you care even a little, a mission will eventually emerge.
25: 2012-03-07: When you have experienced trauma, a mission often arises from it. You want to help others who face the same crisis. That is meaningful!
26: 2012-03-07: One mission is to develop useful skills. You don't have to know yet what you'll use them for.
27: 2012-03-07: A mission does not have to be a destination. It can simply be a direction.
28: 2012-03-07: If you have no mission, then your mission is to explore the world to find one.
29: 2012-03-07: Many missions are delusional but not all. The more you live, the more missions you see in front of you.
30: 2012-03-07: The hedonist says, "There's no point in any mission. They're all lame!"
31: 2012-03-07: The opposite of hedonism is "mission", where you set aside sensory gratification for a long-term goal you believe is meaningful.
32: 2012-03-07: The only sustainable meaning in life comes from a humanitarian mission.
33: 2012-03-07: In whatever work you do, good partners and a meaningful mission are far more important than the money you make.
34: 2012-01-01: @xtinewu Mission abgeschlossen! (Ist das Wu auf dem Cover?.)
35: 2011-12-27: BDL's mission is to broadcast as much of his hard-earned wisdom as possible so others don't make the same mistakes he has.
36: 2011-12-08: Satisfaction in life comes not from having fun but from pursuing a meaningful mission—which can be fun but that's not the goal.
37: 2011-12-01: Home acquisition, decoration and maintenance give a mission to those without any.
38: 2011-11-30: The best guarantee that your love will collapse is not having a mission of your own outside of it.
39: 2011-11-27: How do you get 3 cannibals and 3 missionaries across a river in a boat that carries only 2? Not a problem—IF YOU'RE A CANNIBAL!
40: 2011-11-24: Love cannot last without content. You can't just "have a relationship". You have to have a common mission.
41: 2011-10-20: People, like dogs, are happiest when they have a mission and are surrounded by a structured environment that tells then how to pursue it.
42: 2011-10-08: The "lure of the open road" neglects the fact that people need a mission and the road alone can't give you that.
43: 2011-09-30: Not sure who is more zealous: Mormon missionaries, or college sophomore tour guides trying to sell their school to high school seniors.
44: 2011-09-30: Everyone is suffering from some form of addiction. The question is whether they can get beyond it to accomplish the current mission.
45: 2011-07-10: Wile E. Coyote is so like the rest of us! One Acme device backfires so he tries another, never rethinking his deluded mission.
46: 2011-07-03: The only clear and stable pleasure comes from fulfilling a meaningful mission.
47: 2011-06-02: The primary mission of the American college student visiting Europe is the consumption of alcohol.
48: 2011-04-08: The best place for your money is missions that are personally meaningful to you, in fields you know, where profit isn't everything.
49: 2011-03-24: On My Bucket List: Become a Mormon, persuaded by the arguments of two young missionaries who come to my door.
50: 2011-03-19: Modern hedonism says the goal of travel is sensation and experience. Wrong! The goal is learning new skills to apply to future missions.
51: 2011-03-19: When I travel today, my mission is usually to capture something on film. The experience of travel is secondary to what I record for others.
52: 2011-03-19: In my early days of travel, I had a simple mission: collect bumper stickers for my car. It was a silly goal, but it gave me structure.
53: 2011-03-19: Always travel with a mission—some specific goal you want to achieve. Adventures can be found along the way, but the goal keeps you focussed.
54: 2011-02-20: Hardship is much easier to endure when you are engaged in a mission rather than stuck in a loop.
55: 2011-01-29: MISSION ABORTED! Not going to Cairo right now. This WAS my intended bus route on Feb. 10 but there are too many risks.
56: 2010-12-20: An honorable mission is to explore the world, learn how it works, make some mistakes, assemble some wisdom and convey it to others.
57: 2010-11-28: Owning a house is fine—if that's all you want to do. Home acquisition, decoration and maintenance give a mission to those without any.
58: 2010-11-22: Love is a condiment of life, not a main course. It can't give you a meaningful mission any more than ketchup is a food group.
59: 2010-10-10: No one can give you a meaningful mission in life. You have to find it on your own.
60: 2010-10-03: Perceived loneliness is usually a mask for other things. What makes us lonely is not a lack of people but a defect in our mission.
61: 2010-09-25: You need food, a safe place to sleep, medical care, community with others and a meaningful mission. Every other "need" is negotiable.
62: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-20: If you don't know what to do with your life, then your mission is to explore. You want to collect experiences but not commitments.
63: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-14: You need: food, medical care, a safe place to sleep, community with others and a meaningful mission. Almost every other "need" is imaginary.
64: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-27: No one can give you a meaningful mission in life. You have to find it on your own.
65: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-03: I love being cornered by Mormon missionaries or Jehovah's Witnesses. I start preaching to them, and soon THEY'RE squirming to get away!
66: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: Loneliness is an absence of contact with others, but it's compounded by a lack of mission, which others can't really provide.
67: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: What seems to be loneliness is often just the pressures of not knowing what to do with yourself. With a mission, loneliness fades.
68: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-16: I have revised the mission statement in my "Homeless by Choice" blog: - I'm just a dude....
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