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1: 2018-12-19: In trouble with the law? Call Giuliani & Associates. Our team of media lawyers will go on TV to say you weren’t there, and if you were there, you didn’t do it, and even if you did it, it doesn’t matter, because the law is completely irrelevant.
2: 2018-12-19: In trouble with the law? Call Giuliani & Associates. Our team of media lawyers will go on TV to say you weren’t there, and if you were there, you didn’t do it, and even if you did it, it doesn’t matter, because the law is completely irrelevant here.
3: 2018-11-16: Many have loudly announced on Twitter or Facebook that they are quitting social media. This is like phoning all your friends to tell them you will no longer be taking phone calls. They should just send letters.
4: 2018-05-26: Elon Musk is no longer a Renaissance man. He’s just a slightly more refined version of Donald Trump, selling impossible promises and lashing out at the media for calling him out.
5: 2018-01-31: On My Bucket List: Buy fake social media followers.
6: 2018-01-24: Man dies in GoPro incident. Women perishes taking waterfall selfie. Murderer implicates self in Facebook post. Social media can kill!
7: 2017-09-02: On My Bucket List: Blame the media for my mistakes.
8: 2017-07-16: As US media attention turns to Russian money laundering, this may be a good time for Mr. Putin to create a new distraction. Watch for it!
9: 2017-01-26: On My Bucket List: Become press secretary for President Trump so I can correct the inaccuracies and falsehoods of the lying media.
10: 2017-01-25: Boy Who Cried Wolf. Total travesty. Wolf attacks and they won't listen. Lying media. #alternativefacts #trumpfairytale
11: 2017-01-07: My new 4-minute overview of my social media activity.
12: 2016-08-11: On My Bucket List: Have my words distorted and taken out of context by a biased liberal media.
13: 2016-02-06: "I'm going to flout the boundaries of social media convention and use a black square for my profile pic," said...
14: 2016-02-06: "I'm going to flout the boundaries of social media convention and use a black square for my profile pic," said the artist with no followers.
15: 2015-11-22: Attn would-be suicide terrorists: There is a punishment worse than death. We can expose your entire social media history to public ridicule.
16: 2015-04-07: This lady needs to revise her social media image. Anarchism should be lively and fun, not dour and dull. #emmagoldman
17: 2015-02-12: Selfie Quotient — ratio of selfies to other content in a social media stream. Tracks closely with narcissism.
18: 2014-10-19: On social media, we build the fictional identity we choose to convey to the world.
19: 2014-08-29: Humanity is adding data to its social media streams faster than technology is reducing the cost. The result: an eventual storage crisis.
20: 2014-07-21: 20 years ago today: Groom Lake Desert Rat #13: ~ Media Communications 102
21: 2014-07-15: “Sexy on social media equals incompetence on the job.” @latimes
22: 2014-05-19: Great-Grandpa's advice on social media: "I don't need no goddamn telephone! If I want to talk to someone I just go over and talk to 'em!"
23: 2014-04-07: I've had several media requests lately for my Gezi Park protest videos from last June. A remarkable experience!
24: 2014-03-21: Phelps had a symbiotic relationship with the media. They gave him what he wanted—attention—and he gave them what they wanted—lurid news.
25: 2014-02-19: How To Win In Media: Local community has a stray dog problem = "Rogue Chihuahuas Terrorize Arizona Town" — re @TIME
26: 2014-02-14: It isn't hard to be trending on social media. The hard part is doing it without being dead or arrested.
27: 2014-01-19: Postcards were the social media of an earlier era.
28: 2014-01-12: In the spotlight of media attention, everywhere you look there is scandal and disaster. Makes you think that's all there is in the world.
29: 2014-01-06: Language Police: Don't call them "books". That makes them sound dusty, irrelevant and wasteful of trees. Use "legacy media".
30: 2013-12-22: Like Putin, my political hegemony is reinforced by control of the news media. Nothing happens on my Facebook or Twitter without my approval.
31: 2013-12-21: Dishonesty conveys itself across multiple media. Even over the internet, you can smell the Something Not Right About This.
32: 2013-11-12: On My Bucket List: Update my social media status to thank all the veterans who have served our country.
33: 2013-10-06: Couples so close to each other they wear matching outfits and share email and social media accounts. Charming or creepy?
34: 2013-09-16: Bored? Life going nowhere? Solution: Monitor the news for natural disasters and mass shootings and post your condolences on social media.
35: 2013-08-21: Voodoo, witchdoctor, clairvoyance, palmistry, faith healing, fortuneteller, social media expert, search engine optimization.
36: 2013-06-26: Declaring your sexual preference on your social media profile is a good indication you have nothing else to talk about.
37: 2013-06-08: RT @nytimes: The Turkish government blames Twitter while many Turks point their fingers at a cowed news media
38: 2013-06-08: RT @TIME: As Turkey’s protests continue, attention falls on failures of the nation’s media | (via @TIMEWorld)
39: 2013-06-08: RT @TIME: Penguins trump protests in Turkish media | (via @TIME_World)
40: 2013-05-24: Social media advice: Be who you are. Just don't expect everyone else to be as fascinated by your activities and opinions as you are.
41: 2013-04-19: Great art starts with media, not message. First you see what your medium can do, then you figure out what to say with it.
42: 2013-04-11: Ghosts, lurkers, peacocks, informers and ultras. We know them all! What kind of social media user are you?
43: 2013-04-11: Social media gives everyone a chance to say something, but not many have something to say.
44: 2013-02-25: Perhaps you can tell the nature of a romantic relationship by how well the social media accounts of the parties track each other.
45: 2013-01-30: Social media tip: No one wants to hear about your medical conditions (unless they are colorful and you have pictures).
46: 2013-01-09: In the Amazing World of Tomorrow, everyone will be the star of their own embarrassing reality TV show, broadcast on social media.
47: 2013-01-08: RT @WSJ: Some create "social media wills," some leave password lists. What to do online when a loved one dies:
48: 2013-01-03: When celebrities abandon social media, it is usually because they have been caught in a lie.
49: 2013-01-03: Presenting yourself on social media is not just exhibitionism. You are assembling yourself in the process.
50: 2012-12-30: On My Bucket List: Monetize my social media streams.
51: 2012-12-24: RT @TheEconomist: The media narrative is shaping up to pin the full blame for sending America over the fiscal cliff on the Republicans h ...
52: 2012-12-15: Today is a good one to cull redundant, conventional accounts from your social media streams. Just search for "thoughts and prayers".
53: 2012-12-05: Rules of my Facebook Page My social media policy for Facebook.
54: 2012-11-30: RT @KilroyCafe: You have matured in social media when you accept an essential truth: No one really wants to know what you are doing. The ...
55: 2012-11-25: On My Bucket List: Record every trivial detail of my personal life on social media, because I know people are dying to know.
56: 2012-11-10: CEO of pneumatic valve company says, "We need to be on social media. Get on it, Jenson!" Then everyone forgets that Jenson exists.
57: 2012-11-10: Thinking of changing my career to some unverifiable paranormal field, like Psychic Advisor, Natural Healer or Social Media Expert.
58: 2012-10-29: My thoughts and prayers are with the people of ________ during their terrible [hurricane/media event/presidential election]. #modeltweet
59: 2012-09-24: Did you know Howard Stern is STILL King of All Media? It says so right here on Twitter.
60: 2012-09-22: All that has changed in ufology in 20 years is that this fringe topic has become a mainstream one, aggressively promoted by the media.
61: 2012-08-11: In art, social media and life, most people are like Frida Kahlo: only one subject. Few are like Leonardo, seeing the world for what it is.
62: 2012-06-08: Social media will falter when more people realize the awful truth: "Hey, no one is looking at my page!"
63: 2012-06-08: Social media is going the same way as the rest of the world: 1% of the population controls 99% of the resources.
64: 2012-05-30: RT @ShitYoungPplSay: The real problem is gender stereotypes perpetuated by the mainstream media.
65: 2012-05-05: News media have to fill their channel every day, so when there's no news they take non-news and pretend it's real news, and people buy it.
66: 2012-05-03: Blaming "the media" or "society" for human behavior is no more effective than cursing Zeus for the weather.
67: 2012-05-03: People blame "the media" for dysfunctional human behavior. The media, in turn, say they're only giving people what they're eager to buy.
68: 2012-03-12: Media circus at O.J. Simpson arraignment, Las Vegas, Sept 2007 (photos just uploaded) Sample:
69: 2012-02-03: Facebook's huge anticipated valuation doesn't factor in Social Media Fatigue, which is due to hit the general population just about... NOW!
70: 2012-01-24: I have updated my personal Social Media Policy - How all my accounts fit together.
71: 2011-12-14: Social media, without an anchor in the real world, is just another addiction.
72: 2011-12-04: Delusions of grandeur don't thrive well on social media, since you can see who's following you, and it ain't many.
73: 2011-11-11: I have updated my own personal Social Media Policy.
74: 2011-10-02: I have updated my own personal Social Media Policy at - defining the difference between Twitter, Facebook and Google+
75: 2011-07-28: I think I've worked out how Google+ fits into my personal social media plan. G+ essay:
76: 2011-07-14: On My Bucket List: Become a social media expert, terrorism expert, UFO expert or some other expert where no one can question my skills.
77: 2011-07-08: Thanks to social media, similar people can now find each other to an extent never before possible. Hence, more precise genetic selection.
78: 2011-07-07: RT @quippdPsych: Beauty is in the medial orbito-frontal cortex of the beholder, study finds
79: 2011-05-26: My 1994 report on the media and how it works, including my first introduction to "infotainment" television. Desert Rat
80: 2011-04-02: On My Bucket List: Become heir to the British throne, pressured to choose a wife and make the marriage work under continuous media coverage.
81: 2011-03-28: The chief effect of data overload is people become passive. They consume media in huge quantities, but they never actually DO anything.
82: 2011-03-25: The definition of "news" changes on a daily basis, expanding or contracting to fill the media space available. (See previous.)
83: 2011-03-24: Creating a new social media site is like building a new city in the desert: No one wants to be the first to move there.
84: 2011-03-10: Media (social or otherwise) is a phenomenon of the moment. It doesn't last. Only content lasts.
85: 2011-03-03: On My Bucket List: Have every detail of my love life reported in the tabloid media.
86: 2011-03-02: The luxury market is a huge portion of the economy. Healthy profit margins drive big ad budgets, supporting media of all kinds.
87: 2011-02-13: Honesty may be better than lying, but holding ones tongue is a valuable median solution.
88: 2011-02-01: The orchestra is media. The symphony is content. Orchestras die away. Only the symphony remains.
89: 2011-02-01: Media vs. Content — Media is how you convey it. Content is what you say. Media has a short lifespan. In the end, only content matters.
90: 2011-01-23: NPR rots your brain! Do you need to be spoon-fed the news? Turn the damn thing off! JUST SAY NO TO PROCESSED MEDIA!
91: 2011-01-21: What you present on public media can be "you" but a carefully packaged subset of you. It's a refined product, not a guileless sharing.
92: 2011-01-14: In the World of Tomorrow, every form of "new media" will quickly turn into "old media", fighting for survival.
93: 2011-01-14: @lolahayes In the World of Tomorrow, "relationships" will be replaced by social media transaction units, incentivized by partner ratings.
94: 2011-01-08: Life is content, not media.
95: 2011-01-08: Social media may be faster, but the main problem is the same as it was with the printing press: how to produce meaningful content.
96: 2010-12-13: Social media, without an anchor in the real world, is merely addiction.
97: 2010-12-07: Many talk about social media, but few will use it for anything meaningful—like talking about the road but never traveling it.
98: 2010-12-01: Social media may actually restrain narcissism, because pure narcissists* don't get followed. [*except celebrities]
99: 2010-12-01: Delusions of grandeur don't thrive well on social media, since you can see who's following you, and it ain't many.
100: KilroyCafe: 2011-02-22: Thinking of starting a mail-order university to certify psychics, ghost hunters and UFO researchers. Also social media experts.
101: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: You have matured in social media when you accept an essential truth: No one really wants to know what you are doing. They want content.
102: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: In social media, as in life, your challenge is discovering your own style and purpose. What is your function here?
103: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-04: "If you do not add value to the community, social media will never work for you." MRT @linkibol - i.e. In your tweets you must educate us!
104: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-04: The new face of news media? The "backpack journalist": (via @wordymouth)
105: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-02: You CAN get swine flu from social media! It has totally infected Twitter.
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