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1: 2017-01-17: The pathological risk-taking of youth is matched only by the pathological risk aversion of old age.
2: 2013-12-16: The most important thing to know about someone: Do their predictions about their own behavior match their actual behavior?
3: 2013-10-06: Couples so close to each other they wear matching outfits and share email and social media accounts. Charming or creepy?
4: 2013-01-20: In real life, as in the movies, the hero and villain are evenly matched because if they weren't there wouldn't be a conflict.
5: 2013-01-16: The greatest tragedy of a relationship is having to suppress you own abilities to match those of your less talented partner.
6: 2013-01-16: A delusion is a belief that serves an emotional purpose in the believer but does not match the data provided by reality. @BadDalaiLama
7: 2012-11-20: If a remarkable opportunity walks in the door, most won't accept it because it doesn't match the mediocre plan they're already committed to.
8: 2012-10-16: JetBlue has a pretty decent fare sale if you book TODAY - Other airlines might match the fares.
9: 2012-08-09: RT @lawnrocket: Envisioning an image and then trying to draw it, I have always found this to be unbelievably frustrating. Never matches ...
10: 2012-07-12: The reality doesn't quite match the satellite image, but this will do for the night. Morning swim?
11: 2012-06-14: Few external enemies can match the destructive power of your own conundrums.
12: 2012-06-05: Don't get angry with someone for not doing what they have never been capable of. Expectations must match the person, not your needs.
13: 2012-04-15: RT @Andreaof9: I hate it when the actual voice doesn't match the one I gave it in my head. @BadDalaiLama But I'll keep following you...
14: 2012-04-09: .@CGarison Illegal drugs crop up in anonymity, but none can match the tweet-generating power of alcohol.
15: 2012-04-05: Letting someone else handle your travel arrangements is like putting them in charge of your love life. You can't expect a good match.
16: 2012-01-17: Yarmouth, Maine. (Pretty, but doesn't match my new nudist lifestyle.)
17: 2011-12-29: On My Bucket List: Matching designer luggage.
18: 2011-11-21: Movies and TV shows may be influential, but for viral infection of the human soul, nothing matches a song.
19: 2011-10-29: .@MinnieGupta “Having my nails painted to match my costume by doppelganger of Kim Jong Il" <== Will you be going as a SEXY Kim Jong Il?
20: 2011-10-08: I think it's adorable when people put on matching uniforms and jog or bike together. Happens mainly in Canada.
21: 2011-09-15: Russia may be biggest. And nicer isles in Greece. But America's still the fattest. No one matches our obese!
22: 2011-07-16: When results don't match the theory, it's time to question the theory.
23: 2011-07-16: You could say that every human belief is a delusion. Perhaps, but some delusions match the data better than others.
24: 2011-07-16: A delusion is a belief that serves our emotional needs but does not match the real-world data.
25: 2011-05-13: Success is usually rejected if it doesn't match ones preconceptions of what success should be.
26: 2011-05-12: Of all the ambivalent forms of love, none can match the fierce loyalty and supreme mutual annoyance of siblings.
27: 2011-05-06: There are no perfect opportunities. Each requires compromises. You must adjust your own goals to match what the world is offering.
28: 2011-04-14: Just discovered @kellyoxford, although apparently I'm not the first. Rare case of quality matched by number of followers.
29: 2011-03-29: The wisdom of the old is matched by their inertia—their addiction to repetition—so they may never have a chance to exercise that wisdom.
30: 2011-03-10: Attachment is a poor matchmaker, setting us up with people who aren't appropriate for us. We can't neglect the advice of intellect.
31: 2010-12-19: Paranoia, once it reaches a certain level, is self-sustaining, creating new enemies to match those imagined.
32: 2010-12-03: Monty Python's Philosophers' Football Match (video) and new essay by HHBDL: "Just Hit the Ball!" (blog) So few will do it
33: 2010-11-16: Marriage is most destructive when you have to mute your own growth to match that of your jealous and less competent partner.
34: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-05: The most destructive effect of marriage is the necessity to mute your own growth to match that of your jealous and less talented partner.
35: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-09: I think I may need Trilipix™. No idea what it does, but judging from the ads, it seems to match my active lifestyle.
36: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-28: You never want to marry someone who worships you as a god, because your powers of rescue will never match their expectations of it.
37: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-27: No arrogance can match that of bringing a new child into the world.
38: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-18: Existentialism is illustrated in Monty Python's Philosophers' Football Match, when Archimedes shouts "Eureka" and HITS THE DAMN BALL!
39: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-13: No porno mag can match the exploitation, superficiality and naked voyeurism of any issue of People Magazine.
40: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: "Bad faith" is when your actions don't match your words. You know something is wrong but you do it anyway.
41: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-14: No First Class seat can match the comfort of 2 or 3 seats to yourself in coach.
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