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1: 2018-11-04: I can't stop thinking about Freddie Mercury and Rami Malek. That's the power of saturation advertising.
2: 2017-02-28: I was born male but I identify as not really identifying with anything. My body was just the luck of the draw.
3: 2016-12-13: On My Bucket List: Establish a career in a traditionally male dominated profession.
4: 2016-10-20: The key to winning elections is not just appealing to stupid white males but to a broad spectrum of stupid people. #trumplessons
5: 2016-09-05: I object to the denigration of feminine hygiene products by continued application of "douchebag" to narcissistic male vulgarians.
6: 2015-07-20: If the best-qualified job candidate happens to be a white male, it is discrimination to give the job to anyone else.
7: 2015-05-01: @ThatsWright It didn’t it didn’t really pass the anti-Bechdel test either (two males talking about something other than a woman).
8: 2015-02-22: One adult male produces enough sperm to inseminate every woman on Earth. Good to know in case of an apocalyptic male shortage.
9: 2014-08-21: As a middle-aged white male, I have felt the sting of discrimination, being blamed for everything that ever went wrong with the planet.
10: 2014-07-17: We need to get back to the traditional values of our ancestors: The male who inseminates the most females wins!
11: 2014-05-07: Language Police: Say "women and men" not "men and women", to make up for centuries of male-dominated discrimination. #affirmativeaction
12: 2014-04-18: Male pigeon, strutting his stuff, trying his best to impress a lady. She'll have none of it. @
13: 2013-12-22: A stop sign is male. Stop means stop. A yield sign is female, with a variable meaning you can never know in advance.
14: 2013-12-12: @hysell What you say does not compute. The male is always rational.
15: 2013-11-28: RT @MailOnline: Males take double the number of selfies as women
16: 2013-09-25: She's a sociopathic bitch but "she's always a woman to me." ~ male masochists
17: 2013-05-06: RT @brainpicker: “No male writer is likely to be asked to sit on a panel addressing itself to the special problems of a male writer.” http:…
18: 2013-02-10: @lawnrocket That's freaky. I guess video games have potential, but the core young male audience just wants to KILL ALIENS.
19: 2013-01-18: If I had a baby I would not breastfeed it, because I'm male and can't but also the huge inconvenience. Parenthood is compromises.
20: 2012-12-28: @laurenahayes Which only proves the superior management skills of the male.
21: 2012-10-03: My Super Spam Attractor: weight loss fat vitamin supplement nutrition loan buy gold male enhancement investment foreclosure plastic surgery!
22: 2012-06-27: Jet-lagged and delirious, wandering the chips aisle of an American supermarket, giggling about the Cheese Balls. A terrible male affliction?
23: 2012-05-29: Secrets of monogamy revealed: You don't have to be the alpha male to get the girl!
24: 2012-04-29: Difference between a bachelorette party, a baby shower and a funeral? Duh! Male strippers.
25: 2012-03-16: boobs—n. (1) female breasts (2) males obsessed with female breasts
26: 2012-01-31: A single human male produces enough sperm to inseminate every human female on Earth. (Collecting child support is a different matter.)
27: 2012-01-31: Males produce millions of sperm a day—but not if we zap 'em!
28: 2012-01-21: Reasons I prefer being male: ease of urination in the field, no restroom lines, minimal genital maintenance. It's win, win, win!
29: 2012-01-17: As a concerned male, I must voice my concern about the thong bikini bottom. That's gone too far! The traditional 1960s cut is preferred.
30: 2012-01-16: Fairly attractive couple just put down a blanket near me. She adds a little spice to the mainly male wasteland.
31: 2012-01-16: The only trouble with this nude beach: 90% male. Ewwww!
32: 2012-01-10: Stupid male obsessions: sports, war, sex with mannequins.
33: 2012-01-08: I'm sure there's no "male only" policy in this skate park, but of the 30 skaters here, 100% are of that gender.
34: 2011-12-17: Who's standing up for the rights of the white, male, non-gay, non-disabled citizen? By God, I am!
35: 2011-12-03: On My Bucket List: Become the hot male model on the cover of romance novels. (I'm feeling sweaty. Must take off shirt!)
36: 2011-07-23: MRT @maleger: You can only deny reality for so long until it bites you in the ass.
37: 2011-07-08: Ladies, please understand that autism in the male isn't a matter of "yes or no", but "to what degree?"
38: 2011-06-25: @dunebat Can I plan a trip or can I plan a trip? <== Another tragic case of MDCS—Male Data Collection Syndrome.
39: 2011-06-25: RT @maleger: Lawyers have feelings too. Allegedly.
40: 2011-05-26: @literarybabe "How true! Especially after a stressful day. How would you know?" <== Males deal with their own construction, below the belt.
41: 2011-05-06: It's not just the White Christian Anglo-Saxon males who are discriminated against, but especially the bald ones!
42: 2011-05-06: Whenever there's a war, who is going to fight and die? The male! We are the cannon fodder of history.
43: 2011-05-06: The male throughout history has been oppressed by the female, who demands that he support her while she stays home and cooks supper.
44: 2011-05-06: AD 1969—NBC cancels Star Trek after only three seasons. Ethnic discrimination against the White male? #whiteoppression
45: 2011-05-06: White Christian Anglo-Saxon males—an abused minority ignored by history.
46: 2011-03-12: Exhibit A: Testosterone increases male dominance behaviors. Also: Women fall for that shit. Study: via @sciencedaily
47: 2011-03-04: Jerks are predominantly male, but some lady jerks can compete with the best of them!
48: 2011-02-04: Dieting products, hair-loss treatment, male enhancement, consumer-marketed prescription medicines — the snake oil of our age!
49: 2011-01-25: Male Data Collection Syndrome [MDCS] — a common disorder where the male obsessively collects useless info and statistics: sport scores, etc.
50: 2011-01-25: Why does your typical male have to turn every problem into a technical issue? If I want data, I can go to the internet.
51: 2011-01-16: topless—n. the unshielded display of female mammaries for the purpose of tanning or the extraction of money from gullible male alcoholics.
52: 2011-01-12: It disgusts me when straight males call each other "gay" to imply weakness or cowardice. Grow up guys! The proper term is "pussy".
53: 2011-01-09: Women's Studies are a crock! Doesn't it just say, "We need to be treated differently"? How about Men's Studies for prissy male academics?
54: 2010-12-04: Male pattern autism: mindless babble about sports, preoccupation with all things technical, total inability to relate to others.
55: 2010-10-23: A common affliction of humans (especially the male) is to dwell on technical minutia while completely missing the big picture.
56: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-24: Human breasts are far larger than necessary to give milk. They're a signal to the male: "I got the goods!" Poor saps fall for it.
57: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: "I feel gay. And male." @rejecter (a female) - Who's going to pay for the therapy?
58: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-08: One advantage of the New York subway is that it gives autistic males something complex to study and memorize.
59: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-30: Gadgetitus is an affliction, chiefly of the human male, involving the acquisition and maintenance of too many gadgets and devices.
60: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-19: "When a male's emotional growth is stunted, he'll sometimes compensate by using his vehicle to prove his masculinity" - OTS via @nictate
61: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-13: GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS! Look at some of the fine offers coming my way on Facebook by virtue of my being male and single.
62: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-10: I am disgusted when straight males call each other "gay" like it's the worst insult in the world. Grow up guys! The proper term is "pussy".
63: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-04: For the autistic male, weather, sports and transportation provide endless facts and statistics to be collected and regurgitated.
64: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-29: A common affliction of the human male is to dwell on technical minutia while completely missing the big picture.
65: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-10: Don't ask me to explain the human male. I'm a member by gender but not by culture.
66: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: Pity the autistic male whose only knowledge of human culture is related to the following of sports teams. Also pity his wife.
67: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: My old essay on the tragedy of "Male Sports Addiction" (Kilroy Cafe #10, June 08)
68: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-22: If my "gaydar" is working correctly, male flight attendants are overwhelmingly gay. Deceptively simple question: Why?
69: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-06: Just republished a classic Kilroy essay from a year ago: "Male Sports Addiction: A Clinical Profile" - Is there hope?
70: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-04: Male Data Collection Syndrome (MDCS) is the propensity of the human male to collect useless info and statistics: sports scores, etc.
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