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1: 2018-07-22: LIVING IN THE LAP OF LUXURY. After 10 years in the hospital, I'm living a downright luxurious lifestyle. Facebook note:
2: 2017-03-17: Many a scientist, lawyer and journalist, using their brain for a living, checks it at the door when they go home to their private life.
3: 2016-11-09: America is not just one election. It is a multi-dimensional living creature. The key thing now is how all those other dimensions will react.
4: 2015-12-20: The function of art is to do something for you, to give you a tool for living. Anyone can call anything art but not all of it works.
5: 2015-08-27: When you're watching the news, it almost seems like you're participating in life, actually living it, instead off just rotting on the couch.
6: 2015-07-20: She's still living in the Dewey Decimal System. #librarianinsults
7: 2015-07-20: RT @GenerationBleh: If you aren't living in an existential crisis you ain't livin'
8: 2015-03-25: "To be a living Buddha in China these days, you need a 'living Buddha permit' from the government." re @DalaiLama
9: 2015-03-14: Russians have been living in a world of lies for so long that hardly anyone knows what truth is.
10: 2014-11-03: Sanctions on Russian may not matter. The people are living in Soviet conditions anyway.
11: 2014-10-22: The secret to a long marriage: living in the same place doing the same things over and over.
12: 2014-08-28: Most people belong on a farm, living life the way their parents did. Take them off the farm and they only self-destruct.
13: 2014-04-12: Currently conducting a longitudinal study on living, with myself as the subject.
14: 2014-03-30: Train cargo you don't see every day @ Livingston, MT
15: 2013-12-29: Love is when I say: "Brains! I need living human brains!"
16: 2013-11-01: Living the life of a college student but with wisdom I didn't have back then.
17: 2013-09-29: After living in Las Vegas for 13 years, my favorite thing to do there is drive through without stopping.
18: 2013-09-23: Sept. 8 was my five-year anniversary of living on the road. 1826 nights with no fixed abode. Greater wealth than money can buy!
19: 2013-09-17: RT @impropaganda: Jesus Christ. RT @Earth_Pics The coconut crab is the largest living arthropod in the world.
20: 2013-08-11: Elysium: Boring as hell. Not the movie but the space station. Nothing to do but garden parties and living forever. Earth looks way more fun!
21: 2013-08-05: Planning ahead may not be as much fun as living in the moment but it usually yields better long-term results.
22: 2013-07-18: Homeless living is easy as long as you have a modest income and keep moving. It gets more complicated when you stay in one place.
23: 2013-06-08: There are actually a few Greeks living in the Greek Islands, but they are overwhelmed by English speaking tourists.
24: 2013-05-24: Is it really worth living to 114 if all you're do is watch Wheel of Fortune?
25: 2013-04-22: Buy my new book to contribute to a good cause: helping me avoid working for a living.
26: 2013-04-21: Most of humanity is living in the empty shell of past dreams, committed to a future that no longer works.
27: 2013-04-14: RT @AngryDalaiLama: If you have love and compassion towards all living beings, you're going to get fucking killed out there.
28: 2013-03-31: The benefit of living in a small town: Everyone knows everyone. The curse of living in a small town: Everyone knows everyone.
29: 2013-03-16: Imagine you're a character in a Raymond Chandler novel, living in a two-bit hotel in the Tenderloin. [pic]:
30: 2013-02-26: Small is beautiful—as long as you like living in the Stone Age. Nearly all the technology you depend on came from corporate bigness.
31: 2013-02-10: Healthy, employed, living within ones means, addictions under control, not in a dysfunctional relationship — superpowers few possess.
32: 2013-02-06: @laurenahayes Wow! A living Barbie! Watch out or Mattel will be after you for copyright violation.
33: 2013-01-20: Are you living your life or merely curating it?
34: 2012-12-31: One young man living the dream. (Orlando Airport)
35: 2012-12-18: Coming out of the closet! I'm tired of living a lie. I have a Khrushchev crush! (It used to be J. Edgar, but I've gotten over him.)
36: 2012-10-28: Where is the line between dangerous sanitation (swimming in sewage) and living in a sanitized bubble where you build no immune defenses?
37: 2012-09-25: Now four years on the road (since airline layoff). Can't imagine living in a fixed residence. How do you people do it?
38: 2012-09-08: Keeping off drugs is twice as hard if there's another addict living in the same house. Their weakness becomes yours.
39: 2012-07-16: "The average American watches almost five hours of video daily." <== I can't imagine this. When is there time for living?
40: 2012-07-14: The basic existential storyline is this: The whole life you have been living so far has been a lie. Now what are you going to do?
41: 2012-07-12: In the rainforest, every living thing has its parasites. Even the parasites have parasites. Nobody gets a free ride.
42: 2012-07-10: The benefit of germs! ==> RT @WSJ Infants living in homes with dogs were healthier than those without a dog.
43: 2012-06-09: You can't rush maturity. You need a certain amount of living and a large number of mistakes to attain it.
44: 2012-05-28: In small towns where the cost of living is low, Walmart jobs can be highly respected, far better than what came before.
45: 2012-05-12: Living on this planet, you see some of the amazing ways people screw up their own lives. The main thing, though, is that you don't.
46: 2012-04-12: Living with an abusive person, you delude yourself into thinking you can predict and control the abuse cycle through diplomacy. You can't.
47: 2012-04-08: RT @RowdyPrimate: Living with a teenager is a lot like owning a parrot that hates you.
48: 2012-03-19: Call me a troll, but I like living under bridges, where it is shaded and cool. This bridge crosses the Shenandoah.
49: 2012-03-11: Healthy living is different from germophobia, which hurts your health by coddling your immune system.
50: 2012-03-07: Most people prefer living inside the Matrix. They have a nice little niche here. The Red Pill doesn't tempt them.
51: 2012-03-03: RT @willwork4food: @BadDalaiLama ...unless you dismantle live bombs for a living. :)
52: 2012-01-29: RT @MichaelNagib: To those valuing #Facebook at $100bn , do you know that we only have 7bn living humans on the whole earth ?? #FacebookIPO
53: 2012-01-28: Most people should be living on farms. Stick them in the city with a million choices and they only self-destruct.
54: 2012-01-08: Living in my vehicle in Santa Barbara, I am joining a vast horde of compadres, mostly living in vintage VW buses.
55: 2011-12-28: Impressions of Cairo (six months ago): Everyone living on the edge, hustling to survive. Our archived tweets:
56: 2011-12-07: I'm homeless, living out of a suitcase, and you're living in a comfortable house in the suburbs. I feel so sad for you!
57: 2011-12-05: The main idea of suburban living is: "Let's see how many unnecessary systems we can pile on top of life."
58: 2011-12-01: Productive living is a process of "outsourcing", where you develop systems, test them, then pass them on to others.
59: 2011-11-12: I'm living with a bear!
60: 2011-10-30: Madonna has a homeless alcoholic brother living under a bridge in Michigan. Daily Mail:
61: 2011-10-28: Couples already living together wouldn't get married if they didn't think it will somehow improve their relationship. It doesn't.
62: 2011-09-30: "Everybody has been living beyond their means for nearly the last decade, so the adjustment will be painful and long."
63: 2011-08-25: The worst hell is to be without a goal. Then you are merely existing, not truly living.
64: 2011-07-24: You will always be living in two worlds: the things you know to be true and the simpler position you can realistically express to others.
65: 2011-07-13: The most effective way to prevent physical hoarding is to simply not have any storage space. Living on the road, hoarding is impossible.
66: 2011-07-12: It is fine to deal with dysfunction for a living (as a social worker, etc.) but don't accept it in your personal life.
67: 2011-07-08: Healthy living can help you reach age 70. After that, all your systems start failing at once. No matter what you do, time is gonna get you!
68: 2011-07-07: "Document everything!" the lawyers say. If you did that you wouldn't have any time left for living.
69: 2011-06-30: If you aren't flirting with depression then you aren't really living. Finding strategies to deal with it is one of life's great challenges.
70: 2011-06-29: You can have a better quality of life living at Motel 6 than in a home you own but have to maintain.
71: 2011-05-11: Lots of living creatures love shit. There's good nutrition there! But urine is poisonous to everyone.
72: 2011-04-06: The life of the lower classes is centered around television. Often there is a big screen TV in the living room and no food in the kitchen.
73: 2011-03-21: RT @mostlegendary: @BadDalaiLama living your life and experiences through other people? You're nearly as bad as me, phototweeting everyt ...
74: 2011-03-20: Just by virtue of living, you find problems standing in front of you. You earn satisfaction and relief from pain in solving them well.
75: 2011-03-20: RT @garamiredux: @BadDalaiLama is living la vida loca like we all should do. #inspirational
76: 2011-03-17: The only trouble with living on an island is you're trapped on an island.
77: 2011-03-15: "I make my living fooling your perceptions, but nothing gets me madder than all those paranormal fakers."—magician hypocrisy
78: 2011-03-15: "She's leaving home after living alone for so many years." #existentialsonglyrics
79: 2011-03-11: One advantage of living in motels is you rarely lose things or forget to pack them. Your possessions are all right in front of you.
80: 2011-03-05: @lolahayes "Taken in my living room with my phone <== Please, think of the children! Those stamen stains!
81: 2011-01-27: This is Pepper, living beside the Los Angeles River. He let me take his photo for a $5 "donation" (2006).
82: 2011-01-26: .@auren "If you are under-40 today, healthy and relatively wealthy, there is a good chance of living past 140" <== "Wealthy" being the key.
83: 2011-01-17: .@Zylaw Indeed, in real life, the Prime Directive is unworkable. You violate it just by living.
84: 2011-01-16: A home is an exercise in self-hagiography—a temple to the self. Only a small portion of it is used for actual living.
85: 2011-01-15: Get this straight: RVing is not "camping". It is more like "mobile apartment living". Camping is where you actually touch the environment.
86: 2011-01-06: Living in exile can be expensive! That's why His Holiness stays at Simple, consistent quality. No mint on pillow, but FTS.
87: 2011-01-04: Pickled people, living in suburban isolation, preserved in a state of suspendered animation.
88: 2010-12-26: The difference between studying history and living it is that when you live it you don't know how it will turn out.
89: 2010-12-18: Progressive levels of senior care: In Home, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Care, Nursing Home, Hospice Care, Funeral Home.
90: 2010-12-11: RT @AngryDalaiLama: If you have love and compassion towards all living beings, you're going to get fucking killed out there.
91: 2010-12-03: Attention magicians: You can't create illusions for a living and then complain about people believing in the paranormal. What do you expect?
92: 2010-11-29: Productive living is a process of "outsourcing", where you develop systems, test them out, then pass them on to others.
93: 2010-11-27: You can devote your whole life to healthy living, resulting in a slight increase in your otherwise meaningless lifespan.
94: 2010-10-31: RT @AngryDalaiLama: If you have love and compassion towards all living beings, you're going to get fucking killed out there.
95: 2010-10-12: No matter what exotic destination you visit, you will find people living there who think it's the most boring place in the world.
96: 2010-10-01: Most people are like aquarium fish, living the life of the fishbowl without caring to know about the world beyond it.
97: 2010-09-22: If your life today is exactly as you predicted it ten years ago, you're probably living in captivity.
98: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-24: New photo album: Winnipeg Zombie Walk 2010: - Zombies roam the streets of downtown in search of living brains!
99: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-10: The. bigger the living space you have, the more unnecessary clutter you'll collect around you.
100: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-05: Entertainment is not a substitute for living.
101: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-30: If you ever have time to sit down and write your memoirs, you've pretty much stopped living.
102: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-07: Life may have no inherent meaning, but that doesn't prevent you from living yours as though it does.
103: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-08: Latest news flash from Hollywood is that the people who make their living pretending to be other people are emotionally screwed up. Duh!
104: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-30: Someone whose home is a museum is not really living life, merely curating it.
105: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: Most of humanity is living in the decrepit shell of past dreams.
106: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-17: If your life right now is exactly as you predicted it ten years ago, you're either incredibly dull or living in captivity.
107: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-27: Living on next to nothing is easy. The problem is living with all the obligations you accumulated when you thought you had more.
108: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-25: Living on next to nothing is easy. The problem is living with all the obligations you accumulated when you thought you had more.
109: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: Reporting from Aspen: So many glass houses with glass people living in them. Tiptoe here carefully!
110: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-07: One advantage of living in a society of relative wealth is that you don't have to be wealthy to be comfortable.
111: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-25: If you see a defect in yourself or the life you are living, there's no courage in making jokes about it. The courage lies in changing.
112: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-14: Seagulls are the new pigeons, living off of man in any environment, often far from the sea. Gotta admire their adaptibility.
113: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: "Persistent vegetative state" - That describes quite a few of the living, doesn't it? They're watching American Idol.
114: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-08: Most people are like aquarium fish, living the life of the fishbowl without caring to know about the world beyond it.
115: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-06: How much living space do you need? An 8-foot cube is enough. Anything larger is only needed to store your weaknesses and absurdities.
116: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-27: Living in the cold means no survival without technology. Only in the warm can you afford to directly experience the environment.
117: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-15: "Living in a world where children are told they are unique individuals is never a good thing." @aubynr - Right! Kids shouldn't run the show.
118: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-07: The trouble with hallowed traditions that have gone on for centuries is they displace actual productive living in the present day.
119: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-01: No matter what exotic destination you go to, there are people living there who think it's the most boring place in the world!
120: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-28: "People Living in Drains Below Las Vegas". UK Sun:
121: KilroyCafe: 2009-09-02: "We are more different genetically from people living 5000 years ago than they were from Neanderthals." Daily Galaxy:
122: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-26: Stopping for fast food in Duluth, Glenn feels like he is totally living in the movie "Fargo" -- Don't ya know!
123: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-22: Another take on sleeping in airports: Workers at LAX living in a makeshift RV park. LA Times:
124: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-10: The difference between studying history and living it is that when you live it you don't know how it will turn out.
125: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-03: This homeless community has rules to live by. NY Times: "Living in Tents, and by the Rules, Under a Bridge" (7/30)
126: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-02: Got to admit New Yorkers are a proud people. They don't even know they're living in depravity and squalor.
127: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: Living well and happily has little to do with what you own. It has everything to do with how well you spend your time.
128: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-10: "Paranoia" is a strategy of defending the self by inventing outside threats. They may be scary, but not as scary as living without them.
129: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-03: Marriage was living with the Thought Police. I got in trouble for what I said, what I thought and what I might say or think in the future.
130: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-28: Attention magicians: You can't create illusions for a living and then complain about people believing in the paranormal.
131: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-21: Someone living in bad faith survives only by becoming more and more isolated from the world around him. Then he retires to Florida.
132: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-10: We are all aliens here. One morning we woke up on this strange planet, in a body we didn't choose, living with a really bizarre family.
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