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1: 2018-11-17: Life on the Texas Panhandle has never been easy... but we do have grillin’ (my 2010 video reposted today to Instagram)
2: 2018-09-22: 9 Ways Being Single Can Improve Your Life - TIME
3: 2018-08-10: The official theme song for my new anxiety-free life. "All of the bad feelings have disappeared." (For real!)
4: 2018-07-22: LIVING IN THE LAP OF LUXURY. After 10 years in the hospital, I'm living a downright luxurious lifestyle. Facebook note:
5: 2018-06-01: The child-free life: Why so many American women are deciding not to have kids | Wash Post
6: 2018-01-16: The bank robber, caught with the cash in his hands, told police, “Believe me, I am the least criminal person you have ever met in your entire life.“
7: 2017-08-20: Tomorrow's eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but so is just about everything else. It's not a useful or life-changing experience.
8: 2017-07-15: Schadenfreude is what you try not to feel when someone who voted for Trump has their life destroyed by Trump's policies.
9: 2017-07-09: Stop being so amatonormative. A monogamous relationship doesn't necessarily improve your life, only changes it.
10: 2017-06-08: Life is full of "Duh!" moments when you discover you've been doing something the hard way all these years.
11: 2017-06-07: Traveling in Africa teaches you that whatever trauma or misfortune you may have experienced in your own life, it ain't nothing.
12: 2017-04-21: I've never seen the point of horror movies. Why would you pay to be scared when life gives you plenty of that for free?
13: 2017-04-14: If only life were like Instagram. Everything is wonderful. Everyone has great friends. Every event is a triumph. No one makes any mistakes.
14: 2017-04-04: Childhood forms you, giving the tools for processing the world, then you spend the rest of your life trying to undo its misconceptions.
15: 2017-03-18: The life of a Bond Girl has always been short and brutal. You get a Playboy spread and a couple of acting gigs and then you vanish.
16: 2017-03-17: Many a scientist, lawyer and journalist, using their brain for a living, checks it at the door when they go home to their private life.
17: 2017-03-08: Life has too many no-do-overs.
18: 2017-01-07: Optimism and attitude are important in life, but so are gravity and economics. Especially gravity. Optimism won't make you fly.
19: 2016-10-28: I wish life would give me credit for "seemed like a good idea at the time".
20: 2016-10-27: RT @Peripatetia: One of life's lessons learned.
21: 2016-10-22: Our ship is sinking. But don't worry about it because there's little you can do. Just go about your life as though it weren't. 🛳⬇️🆘🙏
22: 2016-10-10: I don't drink, don't smoke, don't consume caffeine, sports or television, drinking a bland shake for food. What joy can I have in life?
23: 2016-08-09: Life is fragile. Things may seem easy right now, but you're never far from an abyss.
24: 2016-08-06: RT @cracked: It’s fun playing practical jokes on your future self, like by making poor choices and sabotaging your love life.
25: 2016-07-26: That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger – or just cripples you for life.
26: 2016-05-02: "Can I just fix my life in post?" @ThatsWright - That's called "religion".
27: 2016-05-02: RT @ThatsWright: Can I just fix my life in post?
28: 2016-04-29: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger unless it cripples you for life.
29: 2016-04-09: On My Bucket List: Buy life insurance.
30: 2016-02-19: Possible outcome of SETI research: extraterrestrial life exists, but it doesn't care about us, and we're still alone.
31: 2016-02-06: If you want to move on to the next phase of your life, you have to be willing to let go of the last.
32: 2016-02-04: Many of life's tragedies could be avoided if there was a tape delay between brain and mouth.
33: 2015-11-30: "Introduction to Triagism - A New Philosophy of Life" - My new 15-minute video, released today.
34: 2015-10-16: RT @Peripatetia: Many things are important in life, but in Great Britain and Ireland the most importantest is remembering which side of the…
35: 2015-09-19: RT @Xbr0kenbabyd0ll: Reading about @BadDalaiLama life, he's so fascinating! What a lucky man.
36: 2015-08-27: When you're watching the news, it almost seems like you're participating in life, actually living it, instead off just rotting on the couch.
37: 2015-08-06: Your time is too short on this planet to worry about life on other ones.
38: 2015-07-19: No one can live a healthy life in a museum. You have to break the exhibits and let go of the past if you expect to get anything done.
39: 2015-05-28: I have no need for horror movies. Real life offers nightmares enough.
40: 2015-05-24: Before you rally against something, be sure you understand what you are going to replace it with and how it will work in real life.
41: 2015-05-24: Reality TV is like Schrödinger's cat: The act of broadcasting real life on television destroys it.
42: 2015-05-11: The paradox of the suicidal: willing to kill themselves but not willing to make life changes short of that.
43: 2015-04-14: Don't expect religion to bless your avant-garde lifestyle. That's the opposite of what religion is.
44: 2015-04-14: Life is the only product with a 100% risk of injury or death.
45: 2015-04-14: Why should a gap year be only a year? Why can't it be a whole lifetime?
46: 2015-04-04: RT @BadLamaArt: Life Magazine on the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968:
47: 2015-03-27: California cycle of life: The rains come and the hills bloom with fuel for the fires that make the mudslides when the the rains come again.
48: 2015-03-19: The Deadening: How Life Sucks the Life Out of You and How to Stop It (proposed book title)
49: 2015-03-18: "I've lived in this town my entire life," people say, as though it were something to be proud of.
50: 2015-03-11: Plan your life as though you had only a year left to live, because it might be true. Do the important stuff now, not later.
51: 2015-03-08: The world is awash with mean, insecure people who would suck every ounce of joy out of your life if they could.
52: 2015-03-04: RT @HLMenckenBot: College teachers are commonly second-raters, for a man who really knows a subject is seldom content to spend his lifetime…
53: 2015-02-28: Spock has died and come back to life before. The same will probably happen again this time.
54: 2015-02-04: RT @guardian: Believing that life is fair makes you a terrible person | Oliver Burkeman
55: 2014-12-31: Life is riding a slow roller coaster backwards. You see the slope behind you and think it goes on forever. You can't grasp the twists ahead.
56: 2014-12-29: Germans refuse to borrow money to support a lifestyle they can't afford. The rest of Europe demands an end to such irresponsible behavior.
57: 2014-12-18: Doing the same thing for 20 years may get you an award from management, but it doesn't imply that you've lived your life to the fullest.
58: 2014-12-16: Searching the galaxy for alien life, the worst thing may be finding it. Proudly presenting ourselves, it may swat us like a fly.
59: 2014-12-16: The universe may be teeming with life. Aliens may even have visited Earth. But that is irrelevant to my own life at present.
60: 2014-12-10: You can spend your life complaining about the Man and how he keeps you down, or you can find a way around him and get what you want.
61: 2014-12-07: Life seems more real when we have a witness: someone to see what we are doing and acknowledge it.
62: 2014-11-25: It is silly to criticize movies for being factually inaccurate. All fiction, by definition, is something that couldn't happen in real life.
63: 2014-11-04: An honest and honorable life has to be lived on the margins of society, because society is inherently neither.
64: 2014-10-05: Europe's sales pitch to Ukraine: Join us for a better life. Russia's sales pitch: Join us or we'll break your knuckles.
65: 2014-09-20: Life is a Ponzi scheme.
66: 2014-09-17: Life sucks unless you find a ladder—some way to climb to the next level.
67: 2014-09-10: RT @TheTweetOfGod: Life is sexually transmitted.
68: 2014-09-10: No matter how bad your life is going or how bad you feel, when someone asks "How are you today?" You're supposed to reply, "Fine."
69: 2014-09-08: Loss of libido is only a problem if you're trapped in a relationship or lifestyle that requires it.
70: 2014-09-08: You don't need to know whether there is life after death. All you have to accept is that the rest of the world will continue without you.
71: 2014-09-07: RT @MailOnline: For a long life, your waistline should be half your height
72: 2014-09-05: RT @cracked: Most of the detainees are smart and educated. The 5 Most Unexpected Things About Life at Guantanamo Bay -…
73: 2014-09-03: You may be able to improve your life through meditation and freeing your mind, but freeing your life of assholes is even more valuable.
74: 2014-08-28: Most people belong on a farm, living life the way their parents did. Take them off the farm and they only self-destruct.
75: 2014-08-24: It is an impoverished life indeed to have never peed where there is no potty.
76: 2014-08-16: Every individual has the basic human right to arrange their life to be free of assholes.
77: 2014-08-11: What people seem to really want from life is to be trapped, which is why they do it to themselves all the time.
78: 2014-08-11: RT @BadLamaArt: If you expect to be a writer, you have to carve out time in your life to actually do it, which is probably harder than writ…
79: 2014-08-06: "Young" is the state of not having screwed up your life yet. "Old" is being already trapped. Years have little to do with it.
80: 2014-07-22: The Casino of Life glorifies the winners and ignores the losers, making the suckers think they're going to win.
81: 2014-07-17: Ah, the decadent life of a vine! All the pleasures and benefits of a wooden trunk without having to pay for it.
82: 2014-07-17: All the inconsistencies in your life, all the hypocrisies and self-deceptions – religion can help you smooth those things over.
83: 2014-07-03: Life is grand out here in the outliers of the Bell Curve. Plenty of space. Lots of freedom. I just wish the internet access was better.
84: 2014-06-29: The surest way to screw up your life is to take advice from popular music. And country music will probably kill you!
85: 2014-06-22: Yogi, had he been a real bear, would have been put down long ago. In real life, being "smarter than your average bear" just gets you killed.
86: 2014-06-11: RT @MailOnline: The remains of real life 'Dracula,' Vlad the Impaler, may have been found in Italy
87: 2014-06-10: "Maybe they didn't die of old age," said the space detective. "Maybe they had the life force drained out of them."
88: 2014-05-30: Art studies life through exaggeration.
89: 2014-05-28: News, by definition, is something unusual. If you base your life on what you see in the news, you are planning for the wrong things.
90: 2014-05-21: "Men who endorse hostile sexism suffer a damaged romantic life, study finds." (Via @PsyPost) #youdontsay #clearlymoreresearchisneeded
91: 2014-05-19: Public Health Warning: Every minute you live shortens your life by 60 seconds.
92: 2014-05-19: Wrong! What matters most in life is commenting on quotes about quotes about what life is all about. Via @TrekkieGirls
93: 2014-05-18: Some of the best developments in your life could not have happened without a disaster clearing the way.
94: 2014-05-12: Thinking of starting a Kickstarter to fund my life. The whole "work" thing is a drag on my productivity.
95: 2014-05-06: Disease of Success: people fighting for the life they want, getting it, not being happy but not changing because of all they have invested.
96: 2014-05-03: "Old" isn't an age but an attitude toward life. As soon as you say, "I'm too old to change now," you're it.
97: 2014-04-30: "Each hour people spent sitting and watching TV after age 25 deducted 22 minutes from their overall life expectancy." @TIME
98: 2014-04-30: RT @TIME: 9 science-backed secrets for a longer life
99: 2014-04-28: Life has a web browser history you can't erase.
100: 2014-04-27: @ThatsWright You are the Grumps Goddess, the source of all life and meaning in the universe.
101: 2014-04-12: All my life I've suffered mysterious blackouts. I lose consciousness and regain it hours later, remembering little. They happen every night.
102: 2014-03-31: Some people you just can't talk to or they'll tell you their whole life story. #garrulous #stfu
103: 2014-03-23: RT @FamousWomen: May your life preach more loudly than your lips.
104: 2014-03-20: College is that little period of early adulthood when life seems fair and we still think we'll get ahead by virtue of being virtuous.
105: 2014-03-20: The more you know about life, the more you see it is booby-trapped, ready to take down the unsuspecting with false promises.
106: 2014-03-19: RT @TheTweetOfGod: Any similarity between life and fairness is purely accidental.
107: 2014-03-17: Everyone is walking on eggshells through their own life, trying to not to offend the ego or devalue past investments.
108: 2014-03-16: Modern life gives you options. Great for some, bad for most, who only use their choice to hurt themselves.
109: 2014-03-15: Life includes the tragedy of watching friends sabotage their own lives. The only reward in it is not repeating the same mistakes yourself.
110: 2014-03-12: One of the main dilemmas of life: How do you help others without enabling further dysfunction?
111: 2014-03-08: Addiction is waking up in a moment of clarity, realizing how badly you have screwed up your life, then going back to drugs in despair.
112: 2014-03-02: Now a lifetime member! (I only wish I were younger so I could get more out of it.) @ Casey Jones Home
113: 2014-02-28: Don't commit your life permanently for a temporary sensation.
114: 2014-02-28: The Statute of Limitations on personal life mistakes is 5 years, unless they involve procreation in which case your liability is unlimited.
115: 2014-02-26: Life is like battling a thermostat. You're cold so you turn it up, then you're boiling so you turn it down. Wisdom is finding the middle.
116: 2014-02-21: When your muse kicks in, will you be free to follow it, or will you be trapped in your previous life?
117: 2014-02-18: If you think your life is all washed up in your late 20s, you're right, but not because of age, only because you're dumbass.
118: 2014-02-18: Fact of Life: Snacks out of the giant economy bag never taste as good as the same from an individual serving bag with no more available.
119: 2014-02-04: He spent his early life amassing wealth, property, power and the requisite hubris for a disastrous midlife crash.
120: 2014-02-04: "Better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life," said every criminal ever born.
121: 2014-02-01: Medical studies confirm football damages the brain, deadens the senses and shortens the lifespan of millions of people watching it on TV.
122: 2014-01-31: All your favorite storybook characters come to life… in storybooks! #fuckdisney
123: 2014-01-31: He joined the Witness Protection Program. He got a new name and new life. Then he reproduced his sleazy old life all over again.
124: 2014-01-25: Everything in her life keeps going bad, but it is never her fault, which is probably why things keep going bad.
125: 2014-01-22: Life's most decadent luxury: getting a good night's sleep.
126: 2014-01-17: PTSD — post-traumatic stress disorder. Synonym: "life"
127: 2014-01-17: People build their own cages, place themselves inside, lock the door and throw away the key then complain about their lot in life.
128: 2014-01-11: You teach your children, devote your life to them, then they turn on you, spitting back exactly what you taught them.
129: 2014-01-08: She was a black hole, sucking the life out of everything she touched, giving nothing in return.
130: 2014-01-05: A sad fact of life is that people have to fail, painfully and catastrophically, or there is no incentive to succeed or protect oneself.
131: 2014-01-04: The main challenge of life is finding a way to live it honestly.
132: 2013-12-25: You spend your life struggling for resources only to discover you're running out of the most precious one of all: time.
133: 2013-12-24: Her life was a disaster in waiting, like a Dodge Dart running on four bubble spares.
134: 2013-12-19: If I were God I'd say: "Don't worship me; just be good. If you have a problem, work it out. I create universes not micromanage your life."
135: 2013-12-08: Experience is knowing the case law of life, not just the statutes.
136: 2013-12-07: Lesson from Kubrick: Reshoot every major scene in your life 127 times until you really are that psycho you are supposed be portraying.
137: 2013-12-07: On My Bucket List: Promote my product with stock images of happy people enjoying the good life.
138: 2013-11-25: Calculate your life expectancy
139: 2013-11-25: RT @KimKierkegaard: Can't wait for you to try my new fragrance. It reeks of modern life's nauseating air.
140: 2013-11-24: The first rule of getting what you want from life is: Don’t alienate your service providers!
141: 2013-11-23: "The Meaning of Life" - my latest revision of the 3-page preface (pdf):
142: 2013-11-16: I want answers about life, but Siri keeps giving me the runaround.
143: 2013-11-14: Facebook is about me, me, me—which is fine. It's a chronicle of your own life. Twitter is about things you want to say about life.
144: 2013-11-12: Contemplating the futility of life at the Kafka Museum in Prague.
145: 2013-11-03: The cycle of life: success leads to euphoria leads to overcommitment leads to a crash.
146: 2013-11-01: Living the life of a college student but with wisdom I didn't have back then.
147: 2013-10-20: How friendships end: One of you makes bad life choices and starts defending them. You run out of things you can talk about. You drift apart.
148: 2013-10-19: "Social Needs" - my new chapter in The Meaning of Life - 3-page PDF: - People are like dogs.
149: 2013-10-18: I am the showrunner of my own life.
150: 2013-10-17: Your family is like HAL 9000. You need them for life support, but you have to disable the crazy parts so they don't kill you.
151: 2013-10-13: Children deserve moderate poverty, enough that they have to work for what they want. Too much wealth can screw them up for life.
152: 2013-10-05: The first rule of getting what you want from life: Don’t alienate your service providers!
153: 2013-10-05: "Selfishness vs. Narcissism - my new chapter from The Meaning of Life. 3-page PDF:
154: 2013-10-05: "Parental Control" - new chapter from The Meaning of Life - Who can resist the treats on their desk?
155: 2013-10-01: "Pleasure and Pain" - sample chapter from The Meaning of Life, my book under construction. (9 pages)
156: 2013-09-30: "What is Reality?" - sample chapter from The Meaning of Life, my book under construction.
157: 2013-09-29: The simplest fact of life is often the hardest to accept: Reality won’t adapt to us; we have to adapt to it.
158: 2013-09-28: Paranoia can give you a face-saving explanation for any personal mistake you have made. You didn't sabotage your life; someone else did.
159: 2013-09-25: People can change. It sometimes happens. But if you must wager your own life on one outcome, expect past behavior to continue.
160: 2013-09-24: A jerk in real life is usually a jerk online too. Their bits and bytes just cry out, "Jerk!"
161: 2013-09-24: "When are you going to set down roots?" - as if you're a potted plant destined to live out your life on a window sill.
162: 2013-09-20: Life Magazine. @ Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum
163: 2013-09-16: Bored? Life going nowhere? Solution: Monitor the news for natural disasters and mass shootings and post your condolences on social media.
164: 2013-09-13: RT @LuhShellllll: What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.
165: 2013-09-11: @laurenahayes This is a "bromide". Could be written about any unhappy event. Live life to the fullest. Hug your loved ones. Gimme a break!
166: 2013-09-07: Before your "come out" about your secret life, ask yourself, "Does anybody really need to know?"
167: 2013-08-26: "Quality vs Crap: The Enduring Struggle of Life"
168: 2013-08-23: It is nice to respect every viewpoint, but your own life is short. You can't afford to be distracted by the bullshit of others.
169: 2013-08-22: On My Bucket List: Dedicate the remainder of my life to the arduous process of changing my gender.
170: 2013-08-21: When relatives pressure you to live your life as they do, you can say anything they want you to say, just don't do what they want you to do.
171: 2013-08-21: The relatives who are unhappy with your current lifestyle are not going to be happy even when you change it to suit them. It never ends!
172: 2013-08-19: Life is a series of blunders interspersed with catastrophes and a few isolated stretches when we didn't screw up too badly.
173: 2013-08-18: "What is Reality? - sample chapter from The Meaning of Life (my book under construction)
174: 2013-08-16: RT @TheEconomist: As it turns out, high-functioning sociopaths are full of handy lifestyle tips…
175: 2013-08-14: Catch-22: If you need a romantic relationship to give your life meaning, no relationship is sufficient to fill the void within you.
176: 2013-08-13: Life is inherently dangerous. You don't necessarily make it less so by binding together with others. Cc @katebolick
177: 2013-08-12: The meaning of life? There isn't any! You create meaning by gracefully solving the practical problems life has placed in front of you.
178: 2013-08-12: Life on Elysium ain't all it's cracked up to be. Just because the residents have resources does not mean they have escaped dysfunction.
179: 2013-08-12: The simplest fact of life is often the hardest to accept: Reality won’t adapt to us; we have to adapt to it.
180: 2013-08-12: You can't tell people how to live their lives. You can only control the boundary where their lifestyle impinges on yours.
181: 2013-08-10: On My Bucket List: Use the rest of my life to listen to every episode of Prairie Home Companion that I have missed.
182: 2013-08-09: On My Bucket List: Crowdfund my chosen lifestyle by selling assembled sequential collections of words, images or musical notes.
183: 2013-08-02: "The Childfree Life" - This week's Time magazine cover. Bravo! re @TIME
184: 2013-08-01: Life is full of mysteries. Until you solve them, you must base your life on what you know for sure.
185: 2013-07-29: Life is like sailing. You can only go where the winds take you, but you control the sails.
186: 2013-07-27: A fact of life, kids: Whatever you are today, you will be embarrassed about it 20 years from now. "How was I so naïve?" You will say.
187: 2013-07-26: A gift is a solution for your own life designed by someone else. If you must accept it, thank them profusely then quietly set it aside.
188: 2013-07-21: The Meaning of Life, Assumption #9: "I care what other people think of me." (1-page pdf)
189: 2013-07-21: Life is by nature traumatic. If one tragedy doesn't "steal your innocence", something else will.
190: 2013-07-16: "The Meaning of Life" (my book under construction) - tightening up the first 4 chapters (19-page PDF)
191: 2013-07-16: Life's biggest questions are unsolvable. We peel back layers of the onion but are still left with an onion.
192: 2013-07-12: Life can be glorious in the lens of the camera but intolerable just out of view.
193: 2013-07-04: The main existential challenge of life is the transition from protected childhood to the indifferent real world.
194: 2013-06-30: Life is too short for crossword puzzles.
195: 2013-06-29: RT @RobbyGreer: The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us. – Bill Wat…
196: 2013-06-29: @BadDalaiLama Five bucks (and the free Kindle app) could save five years or more of your life.
197: 2013-06-28: You are responsible for every disaster in your life. You may not have caused it, but you are responsible for the outcome.
198: 2013-06-28: Young people making impulsive choices and paying for it with a lifetime of grief — the story of humanity.
199: 2013-06-27: DISCLAIMER: My photos are usually *better* than real life thanks to selective vision and liberal Photoshopping.
200: 2013-06-23: Appropriate punishment for Snowdon: banned for life from USA and every country friendly to it. (re @latimes) Bet he ends up in Quito!
201: 2013-06-19: RT @mindcoach: "Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result." - Winston Churchill
202: 2013-06-18: Buridan's ass = standard human behavior, wanting more from life but unable to take the initiative to decide.
203: 2013-06-08: Backpacking is stupid. Not the lifestyle but the luggage. A rolling suitcase is much easier.
204: 2013-05-30: If life didn't hammer you for your errors, you would probably persist in them.
205: 2013-05-28: People who have already invested in a certain lifestyle want you to join them, because it helps relieve doubts about their own choice.
206: 2013-05-28: If I devoted my life to classifying customer complaints, discerning fine gradations between them, you could call me a whine connoisseur.
207: 2013-05-26: "All of our products come with a lifetime warranty." —casket company
208: 2013-05-20: I took this photo myself in the heat of battle, putting my own life at risk. ... More:
209: 2013-05-16: A healthy emotional life involves not just empathy and compassion, but also firewalls and circuit breakers.
210: 2013-05-10: "The Nature of Reality" - my new book chapter in The Meaning of Life, completed today.
211: 2013-05-10: In life we can have a skeleton plan, but there is no sense in adding the flesh of detail until the time arises.
212: 2013-05-10: Life is all about bandwidth and what you use it for.
213: 2013-05-10: You know at least this about life: Some things are more important than others, and you shouldn't waste bandwidth on the unimportant.
214: 2013-05-08: "The Spark of Life: What Makes a Great Work of Art?" - my new essay on creativity: -
215: 2013-05-07: Manic-depressive cycle of life: exuberance leading to a debilitating crash. Every person and generation must experience it for themselves.
216: 2013-05-02: "Every life is worth saving no matter what the cost." — If you think like that, there is no way you could run a government.
217: 2013-05-02: The most glorious benefit of city life is not knowing your neighbors and your neighbors not knowing you.
218: 2013-05-02: The main feature of rural life is "caring" neighbors sensitive to any change in their environment. For less privacy, move to the country.
219: 2013-05-01: Science is useless if you don't also apply it to yourself and your own life.
220: 2013-04-28: The best quotes attributed to the Good @DalaiLama are things he never said. Here's the test: If it's useful to your life, he didn't say it.
221: 2013-04-24: "Predictive Hedonism" - New chapter in our book-in-progress 'The Meaning of Life':
222: 2013-04-23: RT @TIME: Study: Being famous may shorten your life | (via @TIMENewsfeed)
223: 2013-04-20: Life of Pi — the poignant story of a young man's relationship with a digitally generated tiger on a green-screen soundstage.
224: 2013-04-19: We are all the products of breeders. There is no point in questioning their wisdom. We can only choose what is best for our own life.
225: 2013-04-17: You can't rid the world of insanity. You can only purge it from your own life.
226: 2013-04-16: Everyone loves a cute little puppy. No one thinks about the $10,000, labor and lost freedom it will cost over its lifetime.
227: 2013-04-15: The most effective form of birth control: imagining your life for the next 20 years.
228: 2013-04-13: @thexdoctorx I believe aliens are completely irrelevant to our life on Earth and are not the best use of my own limited time.
229: 2013-04-07: You are the victim, villain or hero of your life. It's entirely your choice.
230: 2013-04-05: Modern autism: spending your life reviewing products and businesses you have used, revising Wikipedia and correcting errors on Google Maps.
231: 2013-04-04: Transgender surgery? Gimme a break! We are ALL trapped in alien bodies. Don't waste half a lifetime trying to fix yours.
232: 2013-04-04: In the future, everything in life will be in 3-D!
233: 2013-04-03: "The Meaning of Life" - First 21 pages of my book in progress (PDF).
234: 2013-03-29: There is no life without trauma.
235: 2013-03-29: Get used to trauma. Learn to deal with it, because one way or another, sometime in your life, it will happen to you.
236: 2013-03-29: A philosophical dilemma of life: when to trust your GPS and when to just wing it.
237: 2013-03-28: RT @MailOnline: Walkies totalling 7,000 miles and £12,000: What a dog will cost you over its lifetime
238: 2013-03-23: RT @MailOnline: Griffiths lottery win: How winning 1.8m can wreck your life
239: 2013-03-22: When people ask, “What is the meaning of life?” what they really want to know is, “Who am I, and where should I be heading?”
240: 2013-03-22: The Meaning of Life: Introduction (2nd chapter of a book in progress)
241: 2013-03-22: RT @MailOnline: Think variety if the spice of life? Think again: Humans prefer to stick with things we know
242: 2013-03-19: The meaning of life cannot be separated from your body, your position on the planet and the practical problems of your existence.
243: 2013-03-19: Until you stumble upon some cosmic Meaning of Life, you have to settle for just-getting-to-a-better-place meaning.
244: 2013-03-19: Life is an exploration of the unknown. You are sailing your ship into uncharted waters using skills you acquired earlier in your journey.
245: 2013-03-19: The meaning of life is operational. It is what you do. It is how you navigate.
246: 2013-03-19: The Meaning of Life in 3 pages! (written this morning)
247: 2013-03-19: View from my current position as I contemplate The Meaning Life.
248: 2013-03-18: "What is the meaning of life?" is a trick question. Meaning is a structure you create, not something handed to you by the universe.
249: 2013-03-14: Serendipity can't be planned or predicted, but you can arrange your life to be ready to change course when it happens.
250: 2013-03-14: Simple life advice from a Canadian astronaut via @UKanadian86
251: 2013-03-14: Whatever good fortune befalls someone, they will build their life upon it, setting the stage for catastrophe when the gift is withdrawn.
252: 2013-03-13: Texas loves the Precambrian lifeforms of Permian Basin. They ooze refinement!
253: 2013-03-04: @BadDalaiLama Choose your friends from the pool of modelers for a happier life experience.
254: 2013-03-03: To all the other deadly dangers of life, you can now add "being swallowed by a giant sinkhole as you sleep."
255: 2013-03-01: And they all lived happily never after. (How most fairytales end in real life.)
256: 2013-02-26: First rule of alcoholism: Any life event, no matter how small, is either a cause for celebration or an excuse to drown your worries.
257: 2013-02-23: Paranoia may protect you from some dangers but it also blocks personal growth, so the life you're protecting isn't worth much.
258: 2013-02-21: @HumanBeam Meh! The photos are usually better than what you see in real life. (I know cuz I take the photos.)
259: 2013-02-17: Every lifeboat has a limited capacity. If you exceed it, the boat will sink and no one will be saved.
260: 2013-02-17: A superpower is not just the power to do good but the ability to screw up your own life and the lives of others in much bigger ways.
261: 2013-02-16: Much of what we call romance is the attempt to outsource responsibility for our own life.
262: 2013-02-14: For a life of international intrigue, join Mossad! Now accepting applications online.
263: 2013-02-13: "There is no moment, no aspect, no facet of life that cannot be improved with pizza." (Alexandria, VA, today)
264: 2013-02-10: Movies, novels and songs can sometimes teach you about life, but has anyone ever learned anything from a video game?
265: 2013-02-10: If life is a movie, stop wasting film.
266: 2013-02-04: Many of life's tragedies could be avoided if there was tape delay between brain and mouth.
267: 2013-01-31: Buying a product to fix a problem usually seems easier than actually changing ones life, which involves far more anxiety.
268: 2013-01-31: A bridge is a remarkable engineering triumph when first unveiled and an ordinary fixture of life thereafter.
269: 2013-01-30: Never trust with your life anyone without the maturity and good credit to rent a car.
270: 2013-01-29: Having a lot of money will give you more things you can do with your life without accomplishing anything.
271: 2013-01-27: Misplacing your iPhone makes you recognize the fragility of life.
272: 2013-01-24: "The Meaning of Life" - 1-page sample from the final chapter of The Case Against Marriage. Putting 'er to bed!
273: 2013-01-24: Art must convey an important lesson about life. Otherwise, it is just a pretty picture, a garage sale item.
274: 2013-01-23: Life hangs by such a fragile thread. Don't test it!
275: 2013-01-22: Intelligence is a choice. Some adults are smart and others stupid mainly because they choose to be and arrange their life that way.
276: 2013-01-21: "The Credit Card of Life" - a new 1-page sample from our forthcoming book, The Case Against Marriage
277: 2013-01-21: The great thing about surfing is all the waves are free. You're only spending your life trying to catch them.
278: 2013-01-20: RT @NIETZSCHESOURCE: If we have our own "why" in life, we shall get along with almost any "how" #NIETZSCHE
279: 2013-01-20: Life is full of activities but you only remember the ones where the outcome was uncertain.
280: 2013-01-20: In real life, as in the movies, the hero and villain are evenly matched because if they weren't there wouldn't be a conflict.
281: 2013-01-20: Are you living your life or merely curating it?
282: 2013-01-19: Perseverance without intellect is the strategy of fools. Life doesn't owe you success just because you pursued the same unwavering course.
283: 2013-01-18: I am beginning to suspect that life is in 3-D but I don't have the glasses.
284: 2013-01-18: Your life is in the here-and-now not in the what-might-be.
285: 2013-01-17: You will get ahead in life only when you make the hard choice to jettison things you are emotionally attached to but don't really need.
286: 2013-01-17: Charlie Kaufman ("Being John Malkovich") on screenwriting & life. Neurotic, meta & inspirational. via @lawnrocket
287: 2013-01-16: Life is fragile and treacherous, like a small animal on the curb trying to cross a busy road.
288: 2013-01-15: Life extension is the business of creating increasingly expensive technologies to keep the body going for those who can afford to pay.
289: 2013-01-15: If life gives you lemons make lemonade, but when it offers something better don't be trapped in a lemonade stand.
290: 2013-01-13: The problem with any safety net: If you offer it to people they will probably use it, but not for the life-and-death safety you envisioned.
291: 2013-01-13: Negotiation requires that you have one foot firmly planted outside the relationship in an independent life where you don’t need them at all.
292: 2013-01-13: Divorce proves that nothing is free in life, even if love seems to offer it.
293: 2013-01-13: Planning your life does not mean drawing a line on a map. It is equipping yourself with the best set of tools for whatever comes up.
294: 2013-01-11: Nature's way, as humans experienced it for most of their history, is a short and painful life.
295: 2013-01-10: A busy life should not be confused with a meaningful one.
296: 2013-01-10: People tend to confuse having a lot of obligations with having a meaningful life, so they pile on the obligations.
297: 2013-01-08: You shouldn't pledge yourself to a romantic partner "forever" any more than you would offer them lifetime employment, for the same reasons.
298: 2013-01-08: RT @HLMenckenBot: College teachers are commonly second-raters, for a man who really knows a subject is seldom content to spend his lifet ...
299: 2013-01-05: If you expect to keep growing your entire life, you need to avoid investments that hold you down.
300: 2013-01-03: Given the credit card of life, most spend it to the max as soon as they can, laboring the rest of their lives to pay the interest.
301: 2013-01-03: The more preconditions you place on life, the harder it will be to solve your problems.
302: 2013-01-01: Spectator sports: proof that your life has no meaning.
303: 2012-12-27: There are some questions from my previous life that I still have no answers to.
304: 2012-12-26: People in love are not sane. They are the worst people to be making fateful choices about lifetime commitments. @BadDalaiLama
305: 2012-12-23: Life in Middle Earth would be a whole lot different if the wizards who had fireworks also invented gunpowder.
306: 2012-12-23: "Clever" can be a foolish way to spend your life.
307: 2012-12-21: RT @KilroyCafe: Life is full of "Duh!" moments when you realize, "Things would have been so much easier had I only known that before!"
308: 2012-12-21: Wide-eyed with wonder! A once-in-a-lifetime experience!
309: 2012-12-18: A lifetime of writing has finally paid off! I am now a published author - in Turkish!
310: 2012-12-18: You look at your romantic partner and say to yourself, "If only they were Nikita Khrushchev my life wouldn't be so boring."
311: 2012-12-16: The more ineffectual a person is in their own life, the more time they spend arguing about national politics.
312: 2012-12-15: West Virginians — A proud people! Larger than life. Testing how much adipose tissue can be attached to the human frame.
313: 2012-12-14: Only Bilbo himself has a spark of life, and it has nothing to do with the special effects.
314: 2012-12-14: The hardest decision in life is whether you leave or try harder. — MRT @syanthy
315: 2012-12-13: God is irrelevant to my life. I can make good decisions without Him. Whether He exists is irrelevant too. Why should we care? #agnostic
316: 2012-12-12: A child raised on expensive gifts expects that unearned entitlement for the rest of his life.
317: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: The payoff of every film is a lesson learned by both the hero and the audience (although they may be different lessons).
318: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: Any detail that bleeds off the edge of the screen will be interpreted by the viewer as continuing infinitely beyond it.
319: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: In every frame, the human eye is drawn to one part of the screen. Know where that place is and do your best work there.
320: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: Aggressively remove distractions.
321: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: Unless you have a reason otherwise, a hand-held camera is better than fixed. It is more authentic to the audience.
322: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: Obscure everything on the screen you don't need.
323: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: God gave man 24fps. Don't incur His wrath by messing with it.
324: 2012-12-10: Film Facts of Life: High def on the screen will be translated into low def in the brain, so don't waste your time on high def.
325: 2012-12-08: RT @KilroyCafe: If your life is simple, you can master it and make few mistakes. If your life is complex, you'll always be stumbling.
326: 2012-12-05: "The 6 Essential Communication Skills of Modern Life" This article of mine from Jan. seems to be popular right now.
327: 2012-12-04: "Quality vs. Crap: The Enduring Struggle of Life" - My classic one-page essay from 2009.
328: 2012-11-30: On the merry-go-round of life, countless opportunities pass within reach. The problem is, will you reach out and grab them?
329: 2012-11-29: .@BadDalaiLama Turns out the Good @DalaiLama never actually wrote those "Instructions for Life." It was a hoax!
330: 2012-11-25: Think of yourself as a manufacturer, taking all the trivial details of your life and turning them into packaged products useful to others.
331: 2012-11-25: On My Bucket List: Record every trivial detail of my personal life on social media, because I know people are dying to know.
332: 2012-11-20: Ameliorate the guilt of your wealth with ostentatious displays of economy, liberalism and compassion for the lower classes. #lifehacks
333: 2012-11-18: The human lifespan? This neat image comes from a business article but has wider applications.
334: 2012-11-18: RT @KilroyCafe: The news is a convenient addiction to distract you from how little is happening in your own life.
335: 2012-11-15: Life is like riding a roller coaster backwards. You see the trend behind you—up or down—but not the dips and curves ahead.
336: 2012-11-12: If you already have your life planned out and committed, there is no opportunity for good fortune to step in and take you elsewhere.
337: 2012-11-12: Stupidity of youth: Young man hitchhikes across the Sahara with little preparation (This American Life, 1999, audio)
338: 2012-11-11: You can't tell a self-saboteur that he is hurting himself. While he may agree in principle that his life is a mess, he resists specifics.
339: 2012-11-10: The danger in letting trivial risks rule your life is they distract you from the big risks that are far more likely to kill you.
340: 2012-11-08: I got a lot of sympathy for stupid people. They got a hard life. I just don't want their stupidity to spill into my world.
341: 2012-11-07: Never have to make your bed again! - Use a sleeping bag. (Seriously. And when it's dirty, throw it out and buy another.) #lifehacks
342: 2012-10-29: RT @aristosophy: Life is what doesn't happen to you while you're busy making tweets.
343: 2012-10-28: There is rarely much satisfaction in winning a court case. You have already wasted a significant part of your life and a lot of money.
344: 2012-10-27: It was hard enough choosing between Franken Berry and Count Chocula, then they came out with Boo Berry and life got really complicated.
345: 2012-10-24: A rare and critical life skill is giving clear directions. It requires stepping out of your own shoes and into those of someone else.
346: 2012-10-22: Greeley Model Railroad - new photo album shot yesterday. American life in miniature.
347: 2012-10-22: You can't tell a fool how foolish they're being. Only life can teach that lesson.
348: 2012-10-19: Periodically, life hands you bitter lessons. You either learn them now or repeat them until you learn them.
349: 2012-10-15: I remember this TV show where the Jackson Five met the Osmond Brothers at Disneyland and each sang their hit songs. Changed my life forever.
350: 2012-10-15: i just added two new paragraphs to the end of last night's Akrasia essay. "Life is the process of trying...."
351: 2012-10-14: The best things in life are free, but they have no marketing budget, so the inferior but profitable options get all the attention.
352: 2012-10-12: RT @aristosophy: Create perverse incentives for God #lifehacks
353: 2012-10-06: October is "Life Sucks For Most People So Don't Be An Ass With The Resources You Have" Awareness Month.
354: 2012-10-06: Life Rule #243: Never be afraid of your own shit. It's your shit. You made it. The only thing that can hurt you is denying it's yours.
355: 2012-10-02: Without sphincters, life would be a lot smellier.
356: 2012-09-30: A life experience doesn't have to be pleasant to be useful.
357: 2012-09-30: The Master was awful, but had enough intriguing elements to keep me thinking long after. I guess I'm glad I went. Call it "life experience".
358: 2012-09-28: RT @LIFECOACHERS: The power to change the world lies within your capacity for self-delusion.
359: 2012-09-26: In travel as in life, don't overplan. You need a skeleton structure, but there are many things you can't know until you get there.
360: 2012-09-25: I don't understand these devices. Why are they necessary? Just their existence implies a sedentary lifestyle.
361: 2012-09-18: All meaning in life derives from the fact that you are you and the world is what it is and you must integrate the two.
362: 2012-09-14: Life keeps handing you surprising things you never would have predicted based on theory alone. You have to live it to know.
363: 2012-09-08: RT @aristosophy: Refrain from doing things because there's still plenty of time and also it's already too late anyway #lifehacks
364: 2012-09-04: RT @LIFECOACHERS Never underestimate the power of banal platitudes to make idiots believe you are offering sage advice. <== Attn: @DalaiLama
365: 2012-09-03: RT @KilroyCafe: Each person has built his life on a platform of delusion. It is not your role to pull it out from under him.
366: 2012-09-01: Religion is a way to give your ordinary life an epic-seeming greatness without you having to do anything special.
367: 2012-08-30: Death spiral: As fatal diseases are cured, people absorb ever-greater medical services over their lifetime, until no society can support it.
368: 2012-08-29: Obesity bad, but starvation not helpful ==> Low-Calorie Diet Doesn’t Prolong Life, Study of Monkeys Finds Munch on!
369: 2012-08-25: The meaning of your life derives from "proactive hedonism"—planning ahead for the complex sensations that really make you happy over time.
370: 2012-08-25: Frostbite can take your limbs or your life, but you can't get it if the ambient temperature is above freezing.
371: 2012-08-20: To move ahead with your life, you have to leave behind people who aren't helping you.
372: 2012-08-20: Every adult has to experience deep catastrophe before they start taking responsibility for their own life.
373: 2012-08-12: RT @LIFECOACHERS: Feeling restless and uncertain about the future? Feel like you're all alone with your concerns? Like no one will care? ...
374: 2012-08-12: People who get angry at traffic jams, delayed flights an inanimate objects are ones you don't need in your life. Quietly purge them.
375: 2012-08-11: In art, social media and life, most people are like Frida Kahlo: only one subject. Few are like Leonardo, seeing the world for what it is.
376: 2012-08-08: RT @LIFECOACHERS: Self-administered orgasms are a wise choice for the budget conscious person.
377: 2012-08-06: Life is the process of planning your own death and what you leave behind.
378: 2012-07-27: RT @KilroyCafe: We are all operating under a number of delusions, and when life finally bludgeons us with them, we'll have to admit we k ...
379: 2012-07-26: RT @LIFECOACHERS: The etymology of "children" is "chil" and "dren" which comes from the old Norse and means "Killers of Dreams."
380: 2012-07-25: single — n. the state of being able to do whatever you want with your life without having to negotiate with anyone.
381: 2012-07-23: Brilliant theories often turn into bad life choices because we cheat on the testing phase before full implementation.
382: 2012-07-23: There's a door to a better life. You pass it every day but refuse to see it because if it were there it would prove you've been wrong.
383: 2012-07-22: RT @KilroyCafe: If you met your lost identical twin, you would find them fascinating at first. In the end, though, your life experience ...
384: 2012-07-22: The best lifestyle choice is one you keep coming back to, quietly, because it works. You don't need any grand words of passion to defend it.
385: 2012-07-19: RT @KilroyCafe: Instead of laughing at the absurdities of your life, maybe you should fix them.
386: 2012-07-17: You admire a young person with a disability who still lives a full life. They don't just give up. Why should an aging body be any different?
387: 2012-07-17: RT @KilroyCafe: Failed romances are one of life's great classrooms. You learn how people really work and how fantasy differs from fact.
388: 2012-07-17: On My Bucket List: Share intimate details of my personal life with dozens of strangers who don't really care.
389: 2012-07-16: "I really need a baby to make my life whole." — Not the purest of motivations, but it got you here didn't it?
390: 2012-07-16: Life is a story of addiction and recovery.
391: 2012-07-14: The basic existential storyline is this: The whole life you have been living so far has been a lie. Now what are you going to do?
392: 2012-07-13: The early Tarzan movies realistically portray life in the jungle, with vines you can swing on and a chimp who won't eat your face off.
393: 2012-07-09: The challenge of Twitter—and any other art form—is to take your own life experience and turn it into something useful to others.
394: 2012-07-08: People become trapped in self-destructive lifestyles when their ego prevents them from acknowledging their past mistakes.
395: 2012-07-08: The object of life is not to make everyone love you but to accomplish the goals you feel are important.
396: 2012-07-07: Life is an exploration, not an itinerary. The farther ahead you look, the less you can predict where you will be and when.
397: 2012-07-06: Too many people are back seat drivers, complaining bitterly about where their life is going but refusing to take the wheel.
398: 2012-07-06: Most people experience life like passengers on a cruise ship: engaged in onboard activities but clueless about where their ship is going.
399: 2012-07-06: Science can give you only microscopic answers to specific questions. Integrating all the factors in your life is an art not a science.
400: 2012-07-05: The fact that your life is very busy does not mean you are taking initiative. Passivity can lead to busyness as well.
401: 2012-07-05: The most important element in intelligence is a willingness to take control of your own life.
402: 2012-07-05: .@Sthetica Let me rephrase the question: Name one scientific discovery that has improved life on Earth.
403: 2012-07-05: Extraterrestrial life probably exists, but it isn't clear that finding it will help our planet. It could destroy it! So why rush?
404: 2012-07-03: RT @LIFECOACHERS: Be safe celebrating American Independence tomorrow! Southern clients: no, we will not hold your beer and "watch this." ...
405: 2012-07-02: RT @LIFECOACHERS: You don't have to have a dick to be a dick.
406: 2012-07-02: If you let too many people into your lifeboat, it will sink and no one will be saved.
407: 2012-07-02: Unfortunately, "1% of the ____ control 99% of the ____" applies to just about everything in life, including talent and common sense.
408: 2012-06-30: If your life seems perfect right now, you lack ambition. "Perfect" usually just means "anesthetized".
409: 2012-06-30: Buying a product that claims to fix your problems is usually just a convenient distraction from actually changing your life.
410: 2012-06-30: You should listen to your emotions but you can't let them control your life any more than you would let a child drive your car.
411: 2012-06-28: "Better to be a lion for one day than a sheep your whole life." (Berlin, 2 days ago)
412: 2012-06-27: Life is more often a tragedy of squandered opportunities than a lack of them.
413: 2012-06-27: You can totally mess up a firefly's love life by flashing a flashlight at him, but what kind of pervert are you?
414: 2012-06-22: Still life in my shared hostel bathroom.
415: 2012-06-18: Your upbringing is what forms you—and what you're struggling to overcome for the rest of your life.
416: 2012-06-17: Everything is transitional. If you act like something in your life is permanent, you've probably made a big mistake.
417: 2012-06-15: It's not just a soft drink. It's a lifestyle choice.
418: 2012-06-14: A "drug" is defined not by its chemical composition but by the way you abuse it to avoid any real change in your life.
419: 2012-06-13: Life is like traveling on an ocean liner. Most people are preoccupied with the intrigues aboard ship. Few care where the ship is going.
420: 2012-06-13: The story of my life.
421: 2012-06-13: You can concoct a justification for any hobby. The real question, though, is whether this is the best thing you can do with your life.
422: 2012-06-11: A Day in the Life of Tokyo - April 17, 2012. My completed album from a single day.
423: 2012-06-11: RT @LIFECOACHERS: Write a poem. Sing songs. Dance in the rain. Whatever you do, make it authentically yours, dipshit poem-writing, rain- ...
424: 2012-06-10: RT @KilroyCafe: In life, as in Las Vegas, only the winners get publicity. The losers follow them, make unwise gambles and continue to fail.
425: 2012-06-09: Left to his own devices, the human will engage in repetitive, non-productive activities that give his life an illusion of substance.
426: 2012-06-08: The internet can give you the rules. Only real life can teach you how the rules are applied.
427: 2012-06-08: The premise of many a Hitchcockian thriller—and countless real-life ones—is how your partner changes after you are married.
428: 2012-06-08: No matter how much you think you know, life hands you unexpected lessons. Much depends on how quickly you learn them.
429: 2012-06-08: When you look back on your own life, the thing that hurts the most is all the wasted time.
430: 2012-06-07: RT @enkrates: @BadDalaiLama For some folks, a slap from life is the only attention they ever learned how to get.
431: 2012-06-07: Make a mistake and life slaps you for it. Smart people learn from the experience. Dumb people come back for more.
432: 2012-06-06: Celebrities can get away with narcissistic tweets because it makes followers feel they are sharing the celebrity's life (and fame).
433: 2012-06-06: RT @LIFECOACHERS: The journey of 1000 miles begins with shutting the fuck up.
434: 2012-06-05: Saying, "I am responsible for fucking up my own life," then taking another drink, is different than saying it then doing something about it.
435: 2012-06-05: Many students travel the world before settling into a normal life of career and family. Why can't they tell a good thing when they have it?
436: 2012-06-05: One of the duties of friendship is to object when you see your friend making a bad life choice, even if your voice has little effect.
437: 2012-06-04: RT @ShitYoungPplSay What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. <== What doesn't kill you can still cripple you for the rest of your life.
438: 2012-06-02: "Old" is a state of giving up on life and just waiting it out.
439: 2012-06-02: Luxury costs more than just money. It isolates you from the rest of humanity, and it usually makes life more complicated, not easier.
440: 2012-06-02: WARNING: Death Or Serious Injury Can Occur — This always cracks me up. Isn't it actually "WILL occur"? That's life!
441: 2012-06-01: Twitter narcissism: Does this person tweet like a reality star, with useless details of their life, or do they curate useful content?
442: 2012-05-30: RT @ShitYoungPplSay: I've given it a lot of thought and I'm positive this is what I want to do with my life.
443: 2012-05-29: RT @Maxine12339: @BadDalaiLama only other delusion I had was nothing bad will happen in my life. Everything will be taken care of by pa ...
444: 2012-05-28: Life presents you with problems. You didn't ask for most of them; nonetheless they are yours. You find meaning in solving them elegantly.
445: 2012-05-28: Meaning in life comes first from how you solve your own problems and then, based on that experience, how you help others solve theirs.
446: 2012-05-28: To find meaning in life, a good first step is to solve the practical problems now in front of you.
447: 2012-05-28: The best therapy for addiction is life slamming you hard for it. A slap on the face is worth more than 10,000 words.
448: 2012-05-27: Art is not necessarily entertainment. It can be a medium to convey information about life that can't be expressed otherwise.
449: 2012-05-27: A life of entertainment is a life hardly lived at all.
450: 2012-05-26: An accomplishment isn't so impressive if you had to sacrifice the rest of your life to attain it.
451: 2012-05-25: RT @LIFECOACHERS: Always be willing to find the ray of sunshine on a cloudy day because people really hate it when you do that.
452: 2012-05-25: If you define yourself by what you did twenty years ago, it looks like you've given up on life.
453: 2012-05-25: "Isn't It Ironic" is a song for alcoholics. It expresses their general philosophy: "Life sucks, so I have a right to abuse myself."
454: 2012-05-24: RT @KilroyCafe: You don't need a grand plan to live a meaningful life. After a few traumas, a plan will emerge and you'll know what to do.
455: 2012-05-22: Spice up your life! Replace your depression with a general malaise dusted with a light patina of self-defeating ennui!
456: 2012-05-22: RT @KilroyCafe: There's a difference between freely believing something and believing it because you have set up your life so you now ha ...
457: 2012-05-20: Walmart may have decimated small town merchants, but in countless ways it has IMPROVED the quality of rural life.
458: 2012-05-20: Life's greatest tragedy and hypocrisy: "I know it's not good for me, but I can't stop."
459: 2012-05-20: Intelligence is a philosophy and a lifestyle choice. It is not something you are born with but something you choose to be.
460: 2012-05-19: RT @AncientProverbs: Beware the barrenness of a busy life. -Socrates
461: 2012-05-19: What would you do with your life if you knew you had only 5-10 years to live? Welcome to the world of old people!
462: 2012-05-18: RT @HumanBeam: "My life is better than yours."
463: 2012-05-17: RT @nainysahani: "Life is pain, your highness. Anyone who says differently is trying to sell something". - Princess Bride, 1987
464: 2012-05-17: RT @KilroyCafe: Under existentialism, there's no giving up. Fortune or misfortune, you soldier on, because life is all you've got, and y ...
465: 2012-05-17: RT @KilroyCafe: You could argue the life is an illusion. Existentialism says, "So what?" It's the best illusion we have, so we have to r ...
466: 2012-05-16: RT @KilroyCafe: The art of photography (and the art of life) lies in seeing what is actually there in front of you, not what you want to ...
467: 2012-05-14: Life is like riding a roller coaster backwards. You see a trend behind you—up or down—but you can't anticipate the twists ahead.
468: 2012-05-13: Someone sticks a bowl of tasty but unhealthy snacks in front of you. Can you resist? That is one of the major recurring challenges of life.
469: 2012-05-13: RT @DeanNoblett: There will always be a "lie" in believe, "over" in lover, "end" in friends, "us" in trust, & "if" in life. - Unknown
470: 2012-05-12: The role of the social worker is to provide options and enforce specific mandates. You can't tell the client how to lead his life.
471: 2012-05-12: Retire at 65, enjoy a leisurely lifestyle and unlimited medical care until 95 — You can't expect the rest of us to support that shit!
472: 2012-05-12: My spirit animal is the mammal, because they're all adorable at birth with mothers who truly care for them. Then life gets harder.
473: 2012-05-10: Life should be a long-term simplification project, where you get rid of all the useless shit and find the essence.
474: 2012-05-08: Don't let your life become a bunch of "It seemed like a good idea at that time" strung together. (MRT @DalyaElMaghraby)
475: 2012-05-07: A house consists of systems built upon systems. Owning and maintaining one can get so complex that it consumes ones entire life.
476: 2012-05-07: Humor is damaging if you're laughing at dysfunctional aspects of your life instead of changing them.
477: 2012-05-06: RT @latimes: How a wild ride ended for American Airlines lifetime pass holders <== Like my ride for 3 years!
478: 2012-05-05: Most "news" is disposable filler that doesn't affect your life and that wouldn't be a loss if you didn't hear it.
479: 2012-05-05: For $397 and 16 hours of training, you can become a Life Coach! Aren't we setting the bar a bit too high?
480: 2012-04-30: The mission of the remainder of my life is to spew out the wisdom I have learned along the way until death turns off the spigot.
481: 2012-04-27: Real life is a dance with depression, anxiety, addiction and post traumatic stress. Live with it!
482: 2012-04-26: RT @Andreaof9: Emotional Vampires will suck your life away slowly without you knowing it.
483: 2012-04-26: Dysfunction persists in your life when you refuse to take responsibility for it.
484: 2012-04-25: Sure, I may be wasting my life on a delusion, a mere video game, but I've got Credits. I've achieved the Tenth Level. I can't leave now!
485: 2012-04-25: RT @Kyoks1: "The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away."
486: 2012-04-12: Owning a house is fine — if the main thing you plan to do with you life is fund, maintain and protect it.
487: 2012-04-10: The only thing constant in my life is recognizing my own incredible naïveté just a few years before.
488: 2012-04-09: @xtinewu It is ESSENTIAL to judge others, to draw lessons from them to apply to your own life.
489: 2012-04-09: If aliens visiting Earth are a superior race, they will reveal themselves when they choose to. Until then, relax. Focus on earthly life.
490: 2012-04-08: I don't believe in God but still have the conviction that He gave me this life to do something with.
491: 2012-04-07: She enjoyed a pimp-free lifestyle, marketing herself on the Internet. Still, filtering the clientele was the problem. These guys were slobs.
492: 2012-04-06: The most common mistakes of life planning are attempts to take a temporary sensation and make it permanent.
493: 2012-04-05: RT @RowdyPrimate: The upside of having made so many bad choices in my life is that I'm not burdened with a whole lot of choices anymore.
494: 2012-04-05: @RhodiHawk A fleeting sign of life on the Hawk account?
495: 2012-04-05: Letting someone else handle your travel arrangements is like putting them in charge of your love life. You can't expect a good match.
496: 2012-04-03: Chaos is given structure and meaning by the forces of life. When life withdraws, entropy begins.
497: 2012-04-03: Healthy apophenia is recognizing the randomness of life while also looking for patterns that can be helpful.
498: 2012-04-03: To get through hardship, it is useful to treat it as a meaningful life lesson, not a random insult.
499: 2012-04-01: Whatever the purpose of your life may be, it is not to knit yourself into a cocoon for most of it.
500: 2012-03-29: In the casino of life, winners are celebrated, losers are forgotten, and suckers try to follow winners after the opportunity has passed.
501: 2012-03-29: Belief can't change the facts of life, but it can radically change the environment in which they operate.
502: 2012-03-29: Humans make bad life choices mainly because they can't draw their eyes from appearances to what lies underneath.
503: 2012-03-28: Art is not merely entertainment if it helps you resolve the problems of your life.
504: 2012-03-27: @Schmoodles A breath of life?
505: 2012-03-27: BDL disses on Kermit the Frog™ and the Foundation for a Better Life Photo and commentary.
506: 2012-03-26: There are a lot of intriguing paranormal mysteries but none worth pursuing. Your life is in the here-and-now, not in the what-might-be.
507: 2012-03-25: How you wake up in the morning says something about your attitude toward life. Do you do it with enthusiasm or is it a painful chore?
508: 2012-03-24: RT @philosophytweet: Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. - George Bernard Shaw
509: 2012-03-24: @TheBosha That was almost as cool as "Space: 1999". Can you imagine what life will be like in the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY?!
510: 2012-03-24: You know you're getting old when objects from within your own lifetime turn into "antiques".
511: 2012-03-24: Nightmares can be useful life experience. You should analyze what you did wrong in the dream and how you could have handled it better.
512: 2012-03-23: Moods are a normal part of life. Live with it. You shouldn't have to address every twinge with a chemical substance.
513: 2012-03-23: "If life's a game, money is how you keep score.” <== for people who let society establish the scoring system for them. cc @wiselqvist
514: 2012-03-19: As you might suspect, BDL's intensity often freaks people out in Real Life.
515: 2012-03-19: .@LadyFriday Dear Lady, we bilk Life for our wisdom! BDL's bon mots are 100% original unless you see quotation marks.
516: 2012-03-18: Adults like to think they've made the right life choices, and to protect that position they stop exploring and asking questions.
517: 2012-03-18: The pathetic hedonist spends most of his life trying desperately to regain earlier pleasures, not realizing it was a one-shot deal.
518: 2012-03-17: Real life is conducted in the gaps between the rules.
519: 2012-03-15: RT @persdevquotes: It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project. ~ Napoleon Hill
520: 2012-03-15: First you get a job, any job. Then you begin the lifelong journey of finding a better one.
521: 2012-03-15: RT @ExpertPrimate: I would take back every thing I've said out of anger in my entire life.
522: 2012-03-14: Don't fight the currents of life, but don't go passive either. Sail with the winds while maintaining control of the rudder.
523: 2012-03-13: Life insurance is wise for the people who depend on you, but how much is too much? Are you helping them cope or keeping them tied to you?
524: 2012-03-13: My lifetime goal is to never put myself in a position where I have to make a bed or distinguish good china from regular dinnerware.
525: 2012-03-13: Pro forma creativity is when you go through all the motions of creating something new but it doesn't have the spark of life.
526: 2012-03-08: "High maintenance" is a sort of vampire personality who will suck all life from you if you give them the chance.
527: 2012-03-08: Doing the right thing for your own health is not so much a matter of willpower but arranging your life so the right thing is easy.
528: 2012-03-08: One of the pleasures of the exiled lama lifestyle: always-new underwear! (Use it once, throw it out!)
529: 2012-03-08: RT @cottonmouth1: @BadDalaiLama doesn't that kinda make u my unofficial Coach in Life and Love???
530: 2012-03-08: My first and last advice if I were your Personal Life Coach: YOUR LIFE IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY, DICKHEAD!!! (Here's my bill.)
531: 2012-03-08: My main barrier to becoming your Personal Life Coach is I think you're a dork for hiring a Personal Life Coach.
532: 2012-03-08: On My Bucket List: Become a Relationship Coach and Personal Life Coach because I've reached perfection myself and want to help you.
533: 2012-03-07: RT @JennyKens: @BadDalaiLama watching someone close to you waste their life on it can make that clear as well.
534: 2012-03-07: People think they can make up for a hedonistic life by giving money to charity. It all balances out, right?
535: 2012-03-07: You only discover that hedonism doesn't work after you've wasted most of your life on it.
536: 2012-03-07: "Good faith" means you are conducting your life consistent with your own principles. "Bad faith" is when your own motives conflict.
537: 2012-03-07: If more money isn't the goal of life, then what is?
538: 2012-03-07: The only sustainable meaning in life comes from a humanitarian mission.
539: 2012-03-07: The poor hedonist spends most of his life trying desperately to regain previous pleasures.
540: 2012-03-07: Hedonists insist the sole purpose of life is pleasure. Trouble is, all pleasures fade with repetition. Anhedonia sets in.
541: 2012-03-06: Family Court in Las Vegas consists of divorce, child welfare and juvenile delinquency - all the traumas of life under one roof!
542: 2012-03-06: You don't really understand life until you understand the mechanisms and psychology of Family Court.
543: 2012-03-06: "Don't trust people you meet on the internet," says your mom, but you often have far better information on them than "real life" people.
544: 2012-03-06: Paranoia assures that your personal life choices will never exceed your inner self-esteem.
545: 2012-03-06: @TrekkieGirls It's those "real life" people you need to worry about!
546: 2012-03-06: According to Zuckerberg, you're only supposed to friend people you know in "real life". That would have eliminated some of my best friends.
547: 2012-03-06: @Nooora91 "tweet of all my life in twitter. Well said sir !" <== Thx! The mojo comes and goes.
548: 2012-03-06: Life is a combination of taking control and letting things happen. Wisdom lies in deciding which one is appropriate now.
549: 2012-03-05: If anger influences your behavior in any way, you have abandoned reason and probably made a bad life choice.
550: 2012-03-04: "Choosing what we pay attention to is the first step towards choosing our unique life paths." via @laurenahayes
551: 2012-03-02: Religion helps you cope with a life of deep regrets and little personal growth.
552: 2012-02-29: The American Dream: a lifetime of acquisition followed by a big yard sale at the end.
553: 2012-02-26: Life is not a destination but a direction.
554: 2012-02-26: When you see a problem in your life, you should address it RIGHT NOW. You may not solve the whole problem now, but at least move that way.
555: 2012-02-25: The greatest eulogy that can be paid to your life is: "This was time well spent."
556: 2012-02-24: If the fuel gauge in your car reads nearly empty, it does not improve your life to break the glass and force the needle to "Full".
557: 2012-02-24: If there was a chemical potion that made you happy regardless of your life circumstances, would you take it? Why or why not?
558: 2012-02-24: .@xtinewu Life is not all chemistry. There are External problems bearing down on us and satisfaction comes in solving them.
559: 2012-02-24: Music is a stimulation of the nervous system, like drugs. You wouldn't expect it to give your life meaning any more than drugs do.
560: 2012-02-24: Fearless adventurer! Not afraid to paddle 3mph on flat water with calm winds while wearing a lifejacket.
561: 2012-02-22: There are two ways to screw up your life. One is exerting no force on it at all. The other is to over-plan and lose flexibility.
562: 2012-02-20: Drugs and alcohol assume that life is inherently miserable and can only be made tolerable by chemical stimulation.
563: 2012-02-19: Anyone who tells you music gives meaning to his life is probably making boring music.
564: 2012-02-19: You are unlikely to change someone who is already entrenched in their lifestyle and commitments. You can only tip-toe around them.
565: 2012-02-17: RT @washingtonpost: "Our culture has come to view death as a medical failure rather than life's natural conclusion."
566: 2012-02-17: Life is like riding a roller coaster backwards. You see the trend behind you but not the twists and turns ahead.
567: 2012-02-06: The trouble with superheroes in real life is they fly into a problem expecting to save people but end up becoming part of the problem.
568: 2012-02-05: The main challenge in life is avoiding the trivia and focussing on what is important.
569: 2012-02-05: You want the propertied life but you also want your freedom. Sorry, incompatible.
570: 2012-02-02: Technically, life may indeed charge you for additional sauces, but most of the time it doesn't even bother.
571: 2012-02-02: Jesus will give your life meaning when reality is too hard to accept.
572: 2012-01-27: Life is a struggle between hosts and parasites—people who produce things and vampires who suck off them.
573: 2012-01-27: Her natural beauty scarred her for life.
574: 2012-01-25: Even a "successful" marriage runs the risk of freezing your life in place and bringing an end to creative growth.
575: 2012-01-25: A healthy creative life must return periodically to a state of zero commitments, where you are free to go in any direction.
576: 2012-01-25: The greatest challenge in life is changing your own pattern of behavior.
577: 2012-01-24: One of life's most destructive mistakes is making permanent decisions based on temporary sensations.
578: 2012-01-23: Life isn't a matter of obeying the rules. It's deciding which rules to obey when they conflict with each other.
579: 2012-01-17: Yarmouth, Maine. (Pretty, but doesn't match my new nudist lifestyle.)
580: 2012-01-16: Better yet, the Riviera! I could live by the maxim that the best nude beach is the one I haven't visited and search my whole life for it.
581: 2012-01-16: Nudity is always sexier in the imagination than in real life. That's why bikinis are better than nothing at all.
582: 2012-01-14: You never fully graduate from childhood. It is a lifelong therapeutic process to deal with all its implications.
583: 2012-01-14: RT @notatooter: @BadDalaiLama He who binds to himself a joyDoth the winged life destroy.He who kisses the joy as it flies,Lives in etern ...
584: 2012-01-13: A pragmatic vegetarian won't throw away soup with a trace of meat. An intolerant one will. Too much life is wasted on such perfection.
585: 2012-01-11: Life is all about time—using it judiciously, parceling it out carefully, never wasting it.
586: 2012-01-08: Life is not a straight-line path. You have to listen to the winds and use them, even if they send you in a direction you weren't expecting.
587: 2012-01-07: To improve your life, you have to be willing to make sacrifices and hard choices, which most people aren't willing to do.
588: 2012-01-07: Freedom is the ability to improve your life. Its presence doesn't mean most people will use it.
589: 2012-01-07: Life™—innovative educational program taking students out of the classroom and placing them in real situations where they learn on their own.
590: 2012-01-07: Each of us has patterns of behavior that stand in our way. Life's greatest challenge is overcoming them to find new productivity.
591: 2012-01-04: Life just beyond the fairytale is often brutal.
592: 2011-12-25: The key to great photography—and success in life—is seeing what is actually in the viewfinder, not what you want to be there.
593: 2011-12-25: If you're worried about any of the problems listed at @FirstWorldPains, your life is on a crash course with oblivion.
594: 2011-12-22: Life is an ongoing struggle to focus on what is most important and purge what is getting in the way.
595: 2011-12-22: A healthy life can be lived only in the peripheral vision of the law, not under its direct gaze.
596: 2011-12-18: edutopia — n. a well-funded institution of higher learning, pleasant to attend but completely detached from real life.
597: 2011-12-18: People are defeated in life mainly because they can't let go of things that are no longer useful to them.
598: 2011-12-17: "Existential" is when you are sentenced to life in prison for a crime you DID commit.
599: 2011-12-16: RT @MysteryGuru: Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood: Ralph Waldo Emerson
600: 2011-12-16: RT @sparklekaz: If you haven’t the strength to impose your own terms upon life, then you must accept the terms it offers you.T.S. Eliot
601: 2011-12-16: One of life's great accomplishments is saying: "This thing feels good but isn't good for me, so I'm not going to do it."
602: 2011-12-12: "Life is Logarithmic, Not Linear" - Our 1-page essay from Feb. 2010
603: 2011-12-12: RT @DoruTARITA: There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.
604: 2011-12-11: Parents: Treating your kid like the center of the universe is breeding a future jerk. Don't give him expectations life can't sustain.
605: 2011-12-11: The beach is fun for an hour, but spend a whole day here? Vapid and lifeless.
606: 2011-12-11: No matter how well you think you have planned your life, it will change in ways you never expected.
607: 2011-12-11: Life planning is a balance between the commitments necessary to get things done and the preservation of future discretion.
608: 2011-12-11: Many of life's tragedies could be avoided if only there was an enforced waiting period between brain and mouth.
609: 2011-12-11: To find meaning in life, you need only avoid pain with as much foresight as possible.
610: 2011-12-09: One can't merely "follow" His Badliness. It's a lifestyle commitment. For a lower volume feed (and less real-world noise) try @BadLamaWisdom
611: 2011-12-09: When dealing with dysfunctional people, the most important thing is to maintain a firewall between you and them to protect your own life.
612: 2011-12-09: Your choice: engage in the core business of life or enslave yourself to its peripheral infrastructure.
613: 2011-12-09: When life gets too easy, people instinctively create barriers for themselves to give it the illusion of substance.
614: 2011-12-08: Satisfaction in life comes not from having fun but from pursuing a meaningful mission—which can be fun but that's not the goal.
615: 2011-12-08: What sucks up your life is "infrastructure maintenance"—cleaning, walking the dog, etc. Reduce these things and you'll have more life left.
616: 2011-12-06: The main fallacy of romance is thinking someone else can give your life meaning when you can't find it yourself.
617: 2011-12-06: RT @TheLastVirgo: In real life, the greatest deeds mainly come from small, often-forgotten favors.
618: 2011-12-05: "Execute every act of thy life as though it were thy last." ~ Marcus Aurelius <== If we lived by that, no one would invest in the future.
619: 2011-12-05: The main idea of suburban living is: "Let's see how many unnecessary systems we can pile on top of life."
620: 2011-12-05: Life gives you too many problems and not enough resources. Your challenge is to choose the right problems to solve.
621: 2011-12-04: Sad Darwinian fact of rural life: The smart and ambitious move to the city. The dim and feckless stay behind. Then those suckers breed.
622: 2011-12-04: Most people who attempt suicide refuse to consider life changes short of it. They're driven to despair by their own inability to compromise.
623: 2011-12-04: Life is a desperate struggle for most, and the rest of us need to be reminded of that on a regular basis.
624: 2011-12-02: Once upon a time, people went places and did things. They learned directly from reality, not electronic simulations. They had a life!
625: 2011-12-02: In lieu of sports, you could build life skills by throwing yourself into chaotic situations and finding your way out.
626: 2011-12-02: Unlike the rest of life, sports obey a well-defined system of rules, so they don't teach you much about creativity in real-world chaos.
627: 2011-12-02: Believing in a divine plan is a useful fiction to guide you through life. Whatever happens, good or bad, you ask, "What's the plan here?"
628: 2011-12-01: Facebook Tip: Never friend anyone you wouldn't want to meet in real life.
629: 2011-12-01: A life dedicated to online data and virtual worlds is ultimately no more satisfying than a diet of zero-calorie soft drinks.
630: 2011-12-01: In all things, you should to be dealing with the guts of life, not its skin.
631: 2011-12-01: Life is easy: Find a mate, get married, buy a house, have children, go into debt, work hard, retire. Voila, life over!
632: 2011-12-01: True art acknowledges the complexities of life.
633: 2011-11-30: Given a credit card, most people will use it to delay painful but inevitable life changes. Change will still happen but now you're indebted.
634: 2011-11-30: Sometimes your best move is just cop an Alford plea and move on with your life.
635: 2011-11-30: Life is the process of reducing the infinite possibilities in front of you to the few things you can afford to do.
636: 2011-11-29: If there were no limit on the human lifespan, power would become entrenched and we would be even more wasteful of time than we already are.
637: 2011-11-28: Some of the most crippled people are those who have never had a real disaster in their life, never had a forest fire to clear the brush.
638: 2011-11-28: Whenever I see a new movie with a fresh child star, I think: "There's another life ruined!" My sadness for them overpowers the movie itself.
639: 2011-11-27: Those without a grasp of irony will be trampled to death by life.
640: 2011-11-27: RT @persdevquotes: You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. ~ W. Churchill ...
641: 2011-11-27: Paranoia is a mechanism that assures your success in life never exceeds your inner self-esteem.
642: 2011-11-27: Life throws obstructions in your path, but they are usually minor compared to the barriers you create for yourself.
643: 2011-11-27: The jilted lover took his own life rather than live without his one true love, proving how wise she was to leave him.
644: 2011-11-26: If someone freaks out over life's minor frustrations (traffic jams, lost luggage), you definitely don't want them around for the big crises.
645: 2011-11-25: RT @MailOnline: 'A very compelling case for life': Scientists in a frenzy after discovery of planet just like Earth
646: 2011-11-25: RT @cottonmouth1: On My Bucket List: …spending a Day in The Life of @BadDalaiLama......
647: 2011-11-24: The main satisfaction in life is not achieving specific goals but using your resources in the best way possible.
648: 2011-11-23: .@xtinewuLife is too short NOT to bake cookies!” <== Problem is not the cookies, per se, but the "opportunity cost" (Google it!)
649: 2011-11-23: Life is too short to bake cookies.
650: 2011-11-19: RT @TheLastVirgo: Random observation: How can anyone who feels Life is just an illusion be so disillusioned?
651: 2011-11-18: "It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project." ~ Napoleon Hill via @persdevquotes
652: 2011-11-18: If you're not focussed on a goal and ruthless in pursuing it, your life will quickly be overwhelmed by distractions.
653: 2011-11-16: Life is landmarked by experiences where we look back later and say "What was I thinking?"
654: 2011-11-16: Cats, dogs and children—don't let them run your life! You tell them what to do, not the other way around.
655: 2011-11-15: Sometimes life gets too noisy and you want to isolate yourself so you can get things done. This doesn't usually require much money though.
656: 2011-11-15: Life with the "common people" is no paradise, but you should be able to handle it without artificial isolation.
657: 2011-11-13: A busy, obligated or materially successful life should not be confused with a meaningful one?
658: 2011-11-13: Looking back on my past life, I find 99% of it to be in vain. The remaining 1% I seek now to distill and replicate.
659: 2011-11-13: Wherever meaning in life may reside, it is not in poop jokes.
660: 2011-11-13: Don't expect absolute meaning in life. Choose relative meaning from among the activities currently available to you.
661: 2011-11-13: Every morning, find something in your life that is time consuming but meaningless. Discard it. Replace it with something more meaningful.
662: 2011-11-13: Life is a blank sheet of paper and an assignment: "Do something with this!"
663: 2011-11-13: RT @TheLastVirgo: Belief is the steam iron that smoothens the creases of uncertainty from the fabric of Life.
664: 2011-11-12: Chaos is an essential part of the creative process. You can't just sit in your room and create. Life has to throw stuff at you.
665: 2011-11-11: "A once-in-a-lifetime time and date: 11:11:11 on 11/11/11" <== But aren't they ALL once-in-a-lifetime time and dates?
666: 2011-11-10: "The Meaning of Life Explained At Last!" - Our 2010 essay offers a pretty good synopsis of existentialism.
667: 2011-11-10: Under existentialism, there is no giving up. Fortune or misfortune, you soldier on, because life is all you've got and you have to use it.
668: 2011-11-10: You could argue that life is an illusion. Existentialism says, "So what?" It's the best illusion we have, so we have to respect its rules.
669: 2011-11-10: Existentialism isn't an atheist philosophy but an agnostic one. We don't know what lies beyond this life. All we know is our current world.
670: 2011-11-10: To figure out how life works, you conduct experiments and try to deduce the underlying mechanisms. What works? What doesn't? You decide.
671: 2011-11-10: Existentialism says everything you need to know about life is right in front of you. Life itself provides the data. You just need to see it.
672: 2011-11-10: Cops write you tickets for speeding. Life hands you tickets for other mistakes, and the penalty could far exceed the offense.
673: 2011-11-09: Existentialism says that you can lead a meaningful life just by studying the world around you and your own body's reactions to it.
674: 2011-11-07: "The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet." - And I believe them!
675: 2011-11-06: LA cycle of life: The rains come making the grass grow feeding the wildfires that denude the hillsides that collapse in the next earthquake.
676: 2011-11-05: Life is too short to be a gourmet or connoisseur. Whatever you focus on is going to take you away from what's really important.
677: 2011-11-03: Thinking of becoming a Life Coach but don't know how? Turns out there's a Life Coach to help you with that!
678: 2011-11-02: Now playing in my head: "Back in the High Life" by Steve Winwood.
679: 2011-11-01: It takes supreme arrogance to become a Life Coach. "I already have my shit together. Now I'm going to help you with yours."
680: 2011-11-01: The cycle of life.
681: 2011-10-26: In a sense, we are all "narcissists", but the dysfunctional ones expect life to treat them specially. #charliesheen
682: 2011-10-26: Spotsylvania has a lifestyle map? Who knew? (FB photo)
683: 2011-10-26: "Paranoia and its Uses" - Paranoids live a frightening life of imaginary threats because it is useful to them.
684: 2011-10-25: Most people will never know what it's like to have their life turned into a movie starring Julia Roberts. I am one of those people.
685: 2011-10-24: One of life's lessons learned - if you're a dog! (photo by my cousin)
686: 2011-10-24: People suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder when they discover, sometime after college, that life isn't even remotely fair.
687: 2011-10-23: The homeless life is expensive! I spend $2/day on socks and underwear alone, another $15 on food. It all adds up... to way less than rent!
688: 2011-10-23: Elton John is the epitome of old school has-been. Hasn't written a good song in years. Lavish lifestyle, touring often enough to support it.
689: 2011-10-23: The life of your standard Rock legend is lazy luxury punctuated by occasional tours to re-milk their old songs.
690: 2011-10-19: We shouldn't be in any rush to discover extraterrestrial life, because we don't what fate it will hold for us.
691: 2011-10-16: Before you tell me how you are going to change society, show me how you have changed your own life.
692: 2011-10-16: Technology may have exploded in our lifetime, but human politics and behavior have not changed since Roman times.
693: 2011-10-16: .@Harrington_Knox "It's a hell of a lot better than sitting at home..." <== But not as good as taking responsibility for your own life.
694: 2011-10-13: To the autodidact, every circumstance life hands you is a lesson.
695: 2011-10-13: From time to time, life gives you wake-up calls—little disasters that may help you avoid bigger ones... if you listen!
696: 2011-10-11: RT @MailOnline: Monty Python star Terry Jones: Life of Brian 'couldn't be made today' because of political correctness and relig... http ...
697: 2011-10-09: @the_anastasia Dour! This is your "psychotic spinster" persona. A little more life affirmation, please—or at least life observation.
698: 2011-10-09: Life is a personal struggle with fatalism.
699: 2011-10-07: Humility can be as pathological as egotism if it suggests a lack of pride in ones own life.
700: 2011-10-05: RT @xtinewu: The most important thing- Tell your own truth in everything you do. #film #music #art #life
701: 2011-10-05: My one-page 2009 essay on "Triage", one of the most important concepts in life.
702: 2011-10-01: "True or false, I feel the Lazar story has enriched my life in many interesting ways." —Glenn Campbell
703: 2011-09-29: It is remarkable how people will debase themselves for sex, making foolish life choices they wouldn't have made otherwise.
704: 2011-09-22: Childhood is the set-up, the whole system by which we process the rest of life.
705: 2011-09-17: The brands upon which my lifestyle depends: Walmart, Motel 6, Golden Corral, Dollar Tree, Verizon, Apple, US Interstate Highway System.
706: 2011-09-17: In music, as in life, most are mere performers, repeating the work of others. Few are composers and fewer still are good at it.
707: 2011-09-04: Young people: Join AARP for $16 at and get the OLD PEOPLE DISCOUNTS! Don't renew but keep the discount card for life!
708: 2011-09-04: RT @MailOnline: The hangover of Ireland's property boom: Abandoned ghost estates and lifeless houses stripped of their worth ...
709: 2011-09-01: The paradox of good parenting is it protects kids from the harsher realities of life, thus increasing their trauma when facing them later.
710: 2011-08-31: If you are preoccupied with your own personal comfort and taste then your life on the whole is probably going nowhere.
711: 2011-08-13: Your parents have given you certain advantages and disadvantages, but your life is still your own responsibility.
712: 2011-08-09: Life is like air travel. Just because you've paid your fare doesn't mean the weather won't change your plans.
713: 2011-08-06: Being a Born-Again Christian allows you to feel confident and superior even when your life is obviously going nowhere.
714: 2011-08-05: The more beautiful and appealing a photo is, the more detached it usually is from real life.
715: 2011-08-05: Well-composed photos always look better than real life.
716: 2011-07-26: Face-to-face is essential for some things, but it's overrated for the routine transactions of life.
717: 2011-07-24: "You can't live in a comfortable suburban neighborhood and get your education from movies and television and have any perspective on life."
718: 2011-07-24: The only true "news" is that which is relevant to your own life or that you can reasonably do something about. All the rest is voyeurism.
719: 2011-07-24: BDL Psychic Prediction: A prominent politician will be found to have been leading a secret life at odds with his rhetoric. #duh
720: 2011-07-24: The news will give you the most lurid and photogenic events of the past 24 hours. It won't tell you what is relevant to your own life.
721: 2011-07-24: Personality disorders cannot be treated. (At least YOU cannot treat them.) All you can do is quietly move these people out of your life.
722: 2011-07-17: All things in life can be viewed either at the level of display (taste and sensation) or function (nutrition and purpose). You choose.
723: 2011-07-17: If you are going to dedicate your life to Christ, it seems to me the first thing you'd do is visit the Holy Land and see where He hung out.
724: 2011-07-17: Anyone who claims to be a gourmet has made a lifestyle choice to not inquire too deeply into the world.
725: 2011-07-16: Life can be seen as the refinement of ones delusions. We start with the absurd and naive, but move toward the more useful and consistent.
726: 2011-07-16: Most of the decisions of our past life were based on delusions. Nonetheless, those decisions moved us forward and are part of us now.
727: 2011-07-13: On My Bucket List: Dedicate my life to a certain breed of dangerous pet.
728: 2011-07-12: It is fine to deal with dysfunction for a living (as a social worker, etc.) but don't accept it in your personal life.
729: 2011-07-10: Maybe the Coyote unconsciously WANTS to fail, because in catching the Roadrunner he would have to acknowledge how empty his life really is.
730: 2011-07-10: Behind your specific goals are meta-goals—the things you really want from life. Obsessing over one goal, you may miss your real calling.
731: 2011-07-10: State of the art: 3 terabytes for $160. That would hold my life's work to date, including video.
732: 2011-07-07: RT @badbanana: "He died doing what he loved, which was clinging to life and trying not to die, which he was very good at until recently."
733: 2011-07-07: RT @sbellelauren: i wish there was an app to alert me when only 20% battery life was left in my relationship i would probs still just hi ...
734: 2011-07-04: RT @GreatestQuotes: "Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify." - Henry David Thoreau
735: 2011-07-04: "You bring meaning to my life," is a good start for a relationship destined to fail.
736: 2011-07-03: Jerks can be technically competent and rise high in organizations, where they make life hell for everyone around them.
737: 2011-07-02: If my life had an Unrated Director's Cut, it would be pretty much the same as the one in theaters.
738: 2011-07-02: When you say that a book changed your life, you don't usually mean the whole book but certain memorable parts of it—not the whole 20 hours.
739: 2011-07-02: You can't force creativity, but you can arrange your life so you are free to follow new ideas when they happen.
740: 2011-07-01: There's no greater honor in Oklahoma than death by rodeo—except maybe maimed for life.
741: 2011-07-01: .@avphibes "...often your emotions do not reflect your life situation." <== So taking drugs to "fix" the problem, how do you get off them?
742: 2011-07-01: Given a choice between changing ones life and taking a drug to alleviate the symptoms of bad decisions, most prefer the drug.
743: 2011-07-01: The solution to depression—the only one that really works over time—is YOU taking control of your own life.
744: 2011-06-30: Depression tells you, "Your life's fucked up, Dude!" Thing is, depression is often right. So who is going to unfuck it for you?
745: 2011-06-30: If you aren't flirting with depression then you aren't really living. Finding strategies to deal with it is one of life's great challenges.
746: 2011-06-30: Never underestimate the ability of music to encourage foolish lifestyle choices.
747: 2011-06-29: You can have a better quality of life living at Motel 6 than in a home you own but have to maintain.
748: 2011-06-27: The main journey of life is escape from narcissism and recognition of your own value beyond it.
749: 2011-06-24: The usual penalty for mistakes in life is some form of imprisonment.
750: 2011-06-23: RT @xtinewu: Life Advice RT @runnersworld "In the first half of the race, don't be an idiot. In the second half, don't be a wimp." http: ...
751: 2011-06-22: RT @CrankyPappy: Even when life hands you lemons, you have to actually get off your ass and make the lemonade, knucklehead.
752: 2011-06-12: Much of what we call romance is the attempt to outsource responsibility for our own life. Someone else will save us.
753: 2011-06-11: RT @laurenahayes: "Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you ...
754: 2011-06-07: The central trauma of life is the transition from protected childhood to unprotected adulthood.
755: 2011-06-01: Power over your own life should be relinquished only with extreme caution, because once you give it up it is hard to take it back.
756: 2011-05-17: Maybe marriage wasn't the thing? We were amused by the Wikipedia entry on actress Sarah Polley. (See "Personal Life")
757: 2011-05-12: Initiative is the pro-active step of solving problems in your life before they become problems.
758: 2011-05-08: If you can outwit the monsters in your nightmares you'll be better equipped to deal with them in real life.
759: 2011-05-08: The gap between rules and their enforcement is where most of life is lived.
760: 2011-05-08: The law tells you the speed limit. It doesn't tell you the speed where officers write tickets. That gap is where most of life is lived.
761: 2011-05-06: Life is like a railway network without a schedule. Sooner or later a train will pass by going in your direction, but you have to jump on!
762: 2011-05-06: Neurotic people can't stand happiness. Whenever it intrudes into their life they find some way to sabotage it.
763: 2011-05-05: He who wastes cognitive resources is essentially wasting his life.
764: 2011-05-05: To some, a long journey by plane or car is an arduous task disrupting their life. To others, it is a pleasure, a precious chance to think.
765: 2011-05-05: Simply planning your future life is a meaningful project. Some do it continuously; others refuse to do it at all.
766: 2011-05-05: RT @brainpicker: "Sleep is the most important behavior in your life to get right and the first one we get wrong." @tonyschwartz #99conf
767: 2011-05-05: On My Bucket List: Experience life as a British soccer hooligan.
768: 2011-05-04: RT @DalaiLama: The ultimate source of a happy life is the attention we pay to our inner values.
769: 2011-05-04: The meaning of life is to make babies and spend the rest of your life raising them. Amazing how many people fall for that.
770: 2011-05-03: RT @GreatestQuotes: "The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it." - W.M. Lewis
771: 2011-04-30: Many theories of parenting and social service fall flat in real life. Theory is trumped by what actually works.
772: 2011-04-29: There are no "ordinary" days in the life of a superhero, and there shouldn't be in your life either.
773: 2011-04-29: The fog of ego stands between us and getting the most out of life.
774: 2011-04-28: On My Bucket List: Learn how to golf, ski, surf, sky dive, hang glide and otherwise waste precious hours of life.
775: 2011-04-28: The aim of the game of life is "self-realization"—accomplishing all you are capable of.
776: 2011-04-28: If you want to move ahead in your life, you have to be prepared to give up things you have already invested in.
777: 2011-04-26: Much of our logical reasoning about life turns out to be dead wrong, because it is based on flawed assumptions.
778: 2011-04-22: RT @DalaiLama: Monks in traditional dress with HHDL during a long life ceremony held in Dharamsala, India, on April 22nd, 2011. http:/ ...
779: 2011-04-22: RT @DalaiLama Monks in traditional dress with HHDL during a long life ceremony... <== I need one of these outfits!
780: 2011-04-19: Jerusalem is the quintessential medieval city. In spite of the tourist trappings, you can't get closer to what life was like 1000 years ago.
781: 2011-04-19: The exact sites of Jesus' birth, life and death seem speculative, since he was gone for centuries before anyone tried to pin them down.
782: 2011-04-16: If you are religious, then no matter how mundane and restricted your life may be, you can feel superior, because God knows you personally.
783: 2011-04-14: The greatest trauma of life is the transition from protected childhood to unprotected adulthood.
784: 2011-04-13: Use it or lose it! ==> Those with constricted "Life Space" twice as likely to get Alzheimer's via @SocialPsych
785: 2011-04-12: @JonnyNotion "you move ridiculously fast from place to place." <== Just another day in the life of a long-distance driver.
786: 2011-04-12: .@rossmerriam Quality content: This American Life <== The exception that proves the rule, supported entirely by charitable contributions.
787: 2011-04-11: The internet has changed life on Earth. Not improved it, only changed it. Just don't believe it is the solution to any of our problems.
788: 2011-04-09: A busy life should not be confused with a meaningful one.
789: 2011-04-08: There are a lot more important things in life than money. To be happy, you need "enough" money, but being rich won't make you any happier.
790: 2011-04-08: Investors are the poor saps who fund the lavish lifestyles of corporate executives.
791: 2011-04-07: Childhood gave us a set of assumptions about what is required for a happy life—most of which turn out to be bullshit!
792: 2011-04-07: The life of an exiled spiritual leader: Rarely two nights in the same place. Few possessions. New environment every day. Heaven or Hell?
793: 2011-04-06: The life of the lower classes is centered around television. Often there is a big screen TV in the living room and no food in the kitchen.
794: 2011-04-05: A "bridge" is a job or relationship that helps you transition between two phases in your life—even if it doesn't work in itself.
795: 2011-04-05: Life is a credit card that most people spend to the limit early on, then struggle the rest of their days to pay off.
796: 2011-04-04: RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: How complicated and unpredictable the machinery of life really is.
797: 2011-04-01: RT @trevlutz: @BadDalaiLama "I can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life devoted entirely to pleasure." - Prince Charles.
798: 2011-04-01: RT @WWIIHeadsOState: @BadDalaiLama What is your life dedicated to? Boredom? You could go for world domination if you had real sociopath ...
799: 2011-04-01: There is nothing so pathetic as a life dedicated to entertainment.
800: 2011-04-01: True dehydration is a serious threat to one's life and health. However, few of us ever get close to that point. We're overhydrated!
801: 2011-04-01: Should you be peeing three times a day or twenty? Your life is so much freer if you can do it less. You're not tethered to a bathroom!
802: 2011-04-01: Peeing too much is medically harmless but a personall inconvenience. You're pissing away your life with all those bathroom breaks!
803: 2011-03-31: Life in prison for rape? Sounds good, except aren't you just encouraging the offender to kill his witness?
804: 2011-03-30: The creative life is a process of continuous refinement and revision.
805: 2011-03-30: It is emotionally unacceptable to think your life has been wasted, so you rearrange the evidence to make it not so.
806: 2011-03-30: Regret is so powerful because it's your own life you are questioning—the most valuable asset you have!
807: 2011-03-30: Misplacing your iPhone makes you recognize the fragility of life and how death stalks us all.
808: 2011-03-29: On My Bucket List: Become a celebrity chef, because there's nothing more important in life than food... and my ego!
809: 2011-03-29: pathological stuff addiction (PSA) — dysfunctional attachment to ones possessions, to the point of crippling ones life.
810: 2011-03-28: As more resources are absorbed by technology, is quality of life improving? Or is technology just a parasite draining our resources?
811: 2011-03-27: Self-motivated learning, tested by real life, usually does a better job than any education program.
812: 2011-03-27: Creativity isn't what you do with paints or clay but what you do with opportunities and details of your own life.
813: 2011-03-27: Don't expect useful advice on creativity from someone who doesn't display any in their own life.
814: 2011-03-27: Many talk about creativity, but when the opportunity for it arises in real life, most will fall back on convention.
815: 2011-03-26: If I ever have a child, I'm going to name him Firstname Middleinitial Lastname, just to make his life interesting.
816: 2011-03-26: The good of society is not just saving lives but preserving the quality of life for everyone. Sometimes those goals are incompatible.
817: 2011-03-25: Childhood gives us the framework by which we process the rest of life. We can't erase it, but we can adjust for its weaknesses.
818: 2011-03-24: Thanks to technology, economic productivity is constantly improving, but that doesn't mean the quality of life on Earth is improving.
819: 2011-03-24: Two words of advice for the new Graduate: "Regulatory Compliance". Guaranteed employment for the rest of your life!
820: 2011-03-23: Our 2010 essay: "Life is Logarithmic... Not Linear!" - An oddity of statistics may help you make better decisions.
821: 2011-03-22: The most important thing you learn from travel is what is the same everywhere. These are the true cornerstones of life.
822: 2011-03-22: Each of us is born into a set of assumptions about what in life is necessary. Travel crushes some of them, leaving only what is real.
823: 2011-03-22: Even in one place, life is a journey. By learning to travel outwardly—to disorienting places—you are gaining skills for your other journeys.
824: 2011-03-22: Travel is life.
825: 2011-03-22: The first half of life is spent accumulating stuff—physical stuff, emotional stuff. The second half is trying to get rid of it.
826: 2011-03-21: RT @Stonerpreneur: @baddalailama Life is too rich and nuanced for it to be worthwhile to judge value in such a black and white way. I s ...
827: 2011-03-21: RT @mostlegendary: @BadDalaiLama living your life and experiences through other people? You're nearly as bad as me, phototweeting everyt ...
828: 2011-03-20: RT @garamiredux: @BadDalaiLama Solve problems in life for what? Be satisfied with ourselves?That is in the end,a sensation. Purpose is g ...
829: 2011-03-20: Life has no meaning, but it has purpose: to solve the problems in front of you with the most foresight and intelligence possible.
830: 2011-03-20: Sensation can't give your life meaning; only purpose can.
831: 2011-03-20: Meaningful: art that teaches you something about life. Meaningless: art that is merely "pretty" and teaches you nothing.
832: 2011-03-20: Meaningful: a song that captures something important about life. Meaningless: a symphony with no words.
833: 2011-03-20: .@MotherCatt "Appreciation of music, art, serenity, food should not be sought?" <== Correct! They are meaningless in isolation from life.
834: 2011-03-20: RT @ziggzagzac: I'm stuck in a cubicle while @BadDalaiLama is taking a hike on Waialeale in Hawaii. #lifeisntfair
835: 2011-03-19: We are all creatures of habit. The main challenge of life is breaking out of those habits to better address changes in the world.
836: 2011-03-18: Traditional island life in Hawai'i revolves around three sacred sites: Walmart, Costco and Mcdonalds—the only places you can get a bargain!
837: 2011-03-18: What is the meaning of life? There isn't any! Life is what you choose to make of it.
838: 2011-03-17: .@garamiredux "The illusion of control is more dangerous than the lack of it." <== Not always. The illusion gives one's life structure.
839: 2011-03-17: RT @Cinnapuff: @BadDalaiLama You live such an interesting life! Oh, and btw... your old website was the 1st site I ever saw in the inter ...
840: 2011-03-16: Narcissism on Twitter (and real life): "My opinion is important just because it's mine."
841: 2011-03-16: RT @garamiredux: Life without romance, is like a movie without a soundtrack. It turns into a documentary.
842: 2011-03-15: Facebook is the place for happy thoughts and non-controversial postings—obviously because everyone you know in real life is on it.
843: 2011-03-15: The main challenge of life is triage—deciding how to ration out your limited resources for the greatest long-term good.
844: 2011-03-14: "Oh yeah life goes on, long after the thrill of livin is gone." #existentialsonglyrics
845: 2011-03-13: If we discovered life on other planets, we could monitor their natural disasters, too! (How much is too much?)
846: 2011-03-13: In place of delusion is a life tied to reality. You seek out accurate feedback and modify your goals and action steps accordingly.
847: 2011-03-13: Someone's "base delusion" is the main one that drives their life. (e.g. seeking fame) It is usually immune to any rational discussion.
848: 2011-03-13: Insanity is more than what's in the DSM. It's insane to follow a delusion that damages your life, but that's not a mental disorder.
849: 2011-03-13: Even on twitter, we can see someone's life go awry. We DM them and get only anger and defensiveness. That's all you can do in RL, too!
850: 2011-03-13: Where there is life, there are typos.
851: 2011-03-13: "To change one's life; Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions." —William James
852: 2011-03-12: Love can't give your life meaning. The most it can give you is obligations and the enforced structure that comes with them.
853: 2011-03-12: There are many friends you are fond of but only a few who actually contribute something to your life. Sooner or later, you have to choose.
854: 2011-03-12: Someday, my life will come out in 3-D, and you'll say, "He had depth!"
855: 2011-03-11: Life is like a box of chocolates metaphor. You never know what you might use it for. (cc: @speakinggump)
856: 2011-03-11: The truth about life on Earth: It's all disaster, all the time!
857: 2011-03-10: You know that scene in 2001 where Dave is trying to disconnect Hal's higher functions while preserving life support? Divorce with children.
858: 2011-03-09: Choose one: (a) The best things in life are free, or (b) You get what you pay for. Justify your answer.
859: 2011-03-09: The main thing keeping you from a new and better life is your own refusal to give up investments in your old life.
860: 2011-03-09: One of life's burdens is seeing plainly how someone is sabotaging themselves and not being able to tell them, knowing they'll only get mad.
861: 2011-03-09: Most personal decisions seem to be based on the assumption that one's lifespan is unlimited.
862: 2011-03-08: Stuff is the stuff that burdens our life and keeps us from doing more meaningful stuff.
863: 2011-03-08: Sure, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade, but if life later offers something sweeter, don't be trapped in a lemonade stand!
864: 2011-03-08: Life bludgeons us with our own delusions.
865: 2011-03-08: One of life's surprises is how quickly something you think is heaven can turn into hell.
866: 2011-03-07: One benefit of extended travel is that your whole life has to fit into limited luggage. You're forced to purge the unnecessary every day.
867: 2011-03-07: If a little voice whispers something in your ear, listen to it! Why not? Don't change your life based on it, just listen and investigate.
868: 2011-03-07: Life is 50% controlling your own future and 50% taking advantage of the things that happen to you that you have no control over.
869: 2011-03-07: The fundamental conflict of fiction—and life—is a character learning to leave his comfort zone. He must overcome barriers within himself.
870: 2011-03-05: Deception is the way of the universe, and detection of it is the primary challenge of life.
871: 2011-03-04: You can't let a jerk get under your skin. It's one of the routine hazards of life. Just resolve his customer service issue, then let it go!
872: 2011-03-04: We have known jerks. We've worked with them. Some of us have even lived with them. They're everywhere, in all walks of life.
873: 2011-03-04: Best things to share online: your creative discoveries. Worst things: details of your day-to-day life when there's no creativity involved.
874: 2011-03-03: Trauma may come early in life or later. The only thing certain is that it will come.
875: 2011-03-03: The fundamental conflict of life is moving from protected childhood to unprotected adulthood.
876: 2011-03-03: The trouble with an online identity is that it becomes binding over time, just like a real-life one.
877: 2011-03-03: On My Bucket List: Have every detail of my love life reported in the tabloid media.
878: 2011-03-02: "Buying something always seems easier than actually changing one's life, which involves far more anxiety." —Glenn Campbell
879: 2011-03-02: Much of life is a desperate effort to sustain the unsustainable.
880: 2011-02-28: Our essay from 2009: "Quality vs Crap: The Enduring Struggle of Life"
881: 2011-02-27: Borderline is the most enlightening mental disorder. You need some maturity to understand it and see its effects in your own life.
882: 2011-02-27: Everything I know about life I learned from Wile E. Coyote. The falling anvils, the backfiring missiles... It's all Karma, man!
883: 2011-02-26: Just drove a Jaguar for a man with two personal jets. Don't envy him in the slightest. Such a complicated life!
884: 2011-02-26: Entertainment displaces life.
885: 2011-02-26: Alien life might not be so different. They will know pi, physics, death, the struggle of individual vs society and the fragility of life.
886: 2011-02-25: The object of life is not to live forever but to accomplish the most you can with your time on Earth.
887: 2011-02-24: The desire for health and longevity must be balanced with how much of your life you must pay for it.
888: 2011-02-23: The dark side of love is loss of control over your own life.
889: 2011-02-22: If cigarette packs have warning labels, why not love? WARNING: COULD BE THE DEEPEST SHIT OF YOUR LIFE. (Have a mint!)
890: 2011-02-22: If anything in the news is truly important, you can read up on it on Wikipedia when it becomes relevant to your own life.
891: 2011-02-21: The worst addiction: a life of comfortable routine.
892: 2011-02-20: RT @GreatestQuotes: "There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way." - Christopher Morley
893: 2011-02-20: The fundamental struggle of life is against your own fatalism and inertia.
894: 2011-02-20: A visit to the frigid continent of Antarctica (today!). In these inhospitable conditions, how can life survive?
895: 2011-02-20: "Trust the Force" may have worked for Luke Skywalker but in real life that kind of passivity usually just gets you into deeper shit.
896: 2011-02-17: Babies are fun—to borrow and return! They're also a resource sink that will absorb and constrain the rest of your life.
897: 2011-02-16: @angusbatey "Pizza... Da Michele, Via Sersale 13. Only 2 items on menu, but will be among best meals of yr life." <== As you wish, sir!
898: 2011-02-14: RT @GreatestQuotes: "Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." - John W. Gardner
899: 2011-02-08: RT @AncientProverbs: Beware the barrenness of a busy life. -Socrates
900: 2011-02-06: It isn't hard to excel in any field, if that's all you want to do with your life. What is hard is maintaining a balance.
901: 2011-02-06: You want to screw up a kid for life? Make him a child star. Very few recover from that abuse.
902: 2011-02-06: Life is too short for perfection. "Good enough" will have to do.
903: 2011-02-06: RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: Like so many Americans, she was trying to construct a life that made sense from things she found in gift shops.
904: 2011-02-06: Life is a series of imperfect solutions, improvised on the fly.
905: 2011-02-05: life hacker — one who aggressively probes the world, like an internet hacker, using their skills to find hidden opportunities in life.
906: 2011-02-04: On My Bucket List: Dedicate my life to science... or medicine, or music, or animals, or God, or the Amazon rainforest... or SOMETHING!
907: 2011-02-04: Childhood is the yardstick by which everything later in life is measured.
908: 2011-02-02: Life comes in layers. The first is what you learned as a child. Then you find more layers you never suspected. You've only just begun!
909: 2011-02-02: Many barriers in theory turn out to not be problems in real life. You have to actually test reality to find out.
910: 2011-02-01: Media vs. Content — Media is how you convey it. Content is what you say. Media has a short lifespan. In the end, only content matters.
911: 2011-01-31: RT @TheBosha: Somebody ever gives you a "Lifetime Achievement Award" clear your browser history and kiss your ass goodbye.
912: 2011-01-31: Facebook is just like real life. You've friended everyone you know, so now you can't do anything without upsetting someone.
913: 2011-01-29: Your physical resources are obvious things like money and time. Your emotional resources are hidden skills that help you deal with life.
914: 2011-01-28: No matter what your income may be, the "necessities" of life tend to expand to consume it.
915: 2011-01-27: Flight for Life near Barstow. (Our first directly uploaded video.) 0:19
916: 2011-01-26: You can live a life full of applause and still not be fulfilled. Fulfillment is doing all that you know you are capable of.
917: 2011-01-26: A life without entertainment doesn't mean a life without fun. It means having fun doing real things instead of pseudo-fun doing fake things.
918: 2011-01-23: RT @AClkwrkStarfish: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Also the last day if you don't stop quoting affirmation bullshit a ...
919: 2011-01-23: Although a milkshake may bring all the boys to the yard, not all the boys will get the milkshake. Them's just the sad facts of life!
920: 2011-01-22: The half-life of beauty is very short—more like Cesium-134 than Plutonium-241.
921: 2011-01-21: You should keep most details of your life private not because they are sensitive but because they are boring. #facebook #twitter
922: 2011-01-20: For once in my life, I'm legit! I have a photography permit at the US Capitol! (Scene of an upcoming video.)
923: 2011-01-19: Everyone has a pattern of behavior they are loathe to leave, even when they know it's not working. Life's greatest challenge is changing it.
924: 2011-01-18: Value investing—seeing the underlying value of a stock—also applies to the rest of life. Ignore the fundamentals and they'll bite you!
925: 2011-01-17: .@Zylaw Indeed, in real life, the Prime Directive is unworkable. You violate it just by living.
926: 2011-01-17: @mostlegendary "I don't understand why you would block @gandalfphoto" <== His life priorities upset me. Husband, father, but MJ is #1.
927: 2011-01-17: To understand someone, first listen to what he says about himself. It may not be true, but it tells you what he thinks is important in life.
928: 2011-01-15: When you gamble at a casino, the most you can lose is the money you put on the table. When you gamble with life, you risk paying forever.
929: 2011-01-14: One of the world's oldest lifeforms... dead!
930: 2011-01-14: RT @GreatestQuotes: "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw
931: 2011-01-13: Euphoria is when you overestimate your abilities and overcommit your resources, charging it all to the credit card of life.
932: 2011-01-12: Life is traumatic by its nature. No matter who you are or what your resources, you can't pass through it unscarred.
933: 2011-01-12: College is a halfway house between home and real life. It keeps students occupied while they grow their final layer of brain cells.
934: 2011-01-12: Humor is an essential lubricant of life, but it can't be an end in itself. Humor without meaning is just another drug.
935: 2011-01-12: .@The_Scrutiniser "What makes you think 'real thoughts' are so valuable?" <== Is your life worth doing something with?
936: 2011-01-11: When you see a friend make a bad life choice, it hurts. Even though it's not your choice, you still feel somehow responsible.
937: 2011-01-10: It is fine to own a house—if your main goal in life is to support and maintain a house.
938: 2011-01-10: Changing your gender is a giant placebo pill. After you have invested so much in the change, you have to believe it made your life better.
939: 2011-01-09: The most damaging moral position is the double life, when you present one face to the world but do the opposite in private.
940: 2011-01-09: A life rich with success leaves little time for thought or growth.
941: 2011-01-08: Life is content, not media.
942: 2011-01-08: Life is full of "Duh!" moments when you realize the solution was right in front of you all along. Only your own blindness kept it from you.
943: 2011-01-07: A meaningful life is not just keeping occupied but doing the most important thing you can at any particular moment.
944: 2011-01-07: Much about life is decided in an instant. A momentary indiscretion, a wrong move and—WHAM!—nothing is the same again.
945: 2011-01-06: Predictions for 2011: You or someone you know will suffer from a serious disease or life-threatening accident.
946: 2011-01-06: HD Delusion #7: In video, as in real life, the brain retains only what happened, not the details of the scene, so HD is forgotten instantly.
947: 2011-01-05: Your life's work consists of the systems and structures you leave behind.
948: 2011-01-05: The infrastructure of modern life is paid for by the gullible saps who buy the products advertised. Where would we be without those suckers?
949: 2011-01-04: Most of life is governed by unwritten rules that can't be defined precisely in words and can only be learned by doing.
950: 2011-01-04: The "fundamentals" of life, love and money are like the San Andreas Fault: You know it's going to break; you just don't know when.
951: 2011-01-04: Old people. In their final months of life, obsessed with the most trivial things. Saving money. Repeating daily procedures. What a waste!
952: 2011-01-03: "RT FTFY! Would you willingly take part in an activity with a 100% risk of serious lifelong disability? That's childrearing!" @mostlegendary
953: 2011-01-03: In law, as in life, the main problem isn't obeying the rules; it's knowing what to do when the rules conflict.
954: 2011-01-03: RT @mostlegendary: RT FTFY! @BadDalaiLama: Would you willingly take part in an activity with a 100% risk of serious lifelong disability? ...
955: 2011-01-03: Would you willingly take part in an activity with a 5% risk of serious lifelong disability? That's childbearing.
956: 2011-01-02: It is the nature of youth to experiment with excess. If life doesn't kill them for it, they'll learn moderation with time.
957: 2011-01-02: On My Bucket List: Become a celebrity chef, devoting my life to food, because art people eat is better than art they have to think about.
958: 2011-01-02: We buy crappy products (and make crappy life choices) because we mistake the superficial symbols of quality for the real thing.
959: 2011-01-01: OUR NEW ESSAY: "The 6 Essential Communication Skills of Modern Life" What the enlightened communicator needs to know.
960: 2011-01-01: RT @princeboucher: No resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is consi ...
961: 2010-12-30: Any art that doesn't teach you something about life isn't worth the effort to take in.
962: 2010-12-29: Life is a struggle against passivity and inertia. The first step to solving any problem is to take control and stop being a victim.
963: 2010-12-28: Life is a negotiation with reality. You arrive on this strange planet with its own rules and start bargaining to fulfill your needs.
964: 2010-12-27: There is nothing sadder than a suburban life dedicated to recycling.
965: 2010-12-24: The most common and disastrous mistake of life is to assume the trend of the moment is a permanent state of affairs.
966: 2010-12-21: People usually choose their lifestyle based on how it looks in the brochure, not on how they actually experience it.
967: 2010-12-21: Half the battle of life is learning to see what's actually in front of you instead of what you want to be there.
968: 2010-12-20: Most of life's hardest falls stem from foolish decisions we made during moments of success.
969: 2010-12-20: Nirvana, on Earth, is being able to live your life as you know it should be lived, where your wishes and actions coincide.
970: 2010-12-19: Each individual has built his life on a platform of delusion. It is not usually our role to pull it out from under him.
971: 2010-12-18: Society allows young people a reasonable period of creativity and freedom before settling into a normal adult life of debt and servitude.
972: 2010-12-16: The usual penalty for mistakes in life is some form of imprisonment.
973: 2010-12-15: "neurotic — those who tend to view life as a state invented so that bad things could happen to them." Sounds borderline.
974: 2010-12-14: No one cries for the "poor little rich kids" but their adjustment to adult life can be difficult and traumatic as anyone else's.
975: 2010-12-12: Half of life is knowing the rules. The other half is knowing when to break them.
976: 2010-12-12: A healthy life can be lived only in the peripheral vision of the law, not under its direct gaze.
977: 2010-12-10: People with money can pay others to solve their problems. Without it, we are forced to deal with life more honestly and efficiently.
978: 2010-12-10: It used to be steak on payday and beans the rest of the week. With credit, it's now steak for a few years then beans the rest of your life.
979: 2010-12-09: To find meaning in life, you need only avoid pain with as much foresight as possible.
980: 2010-12-09: Existential regret is being sentenced to life in prison for a crime you DID commit.
981: 2010-12-09: Existential regret is the recognition that one has made a profound error in ones own life.
982: 2010-12-09: Many of life's tragedies could be avoided if only there was an enforced waiting period between brain and mouth.
983: 2010-12-09: No matter how well you think you have planned your life, it will change in ways you never expected.
984: 2010-12-09: Life planning is a balance between the commitments necessary to get things done and the preservation of future discretion.
985: 2010-12-08: It's your choice: engage in the core business of life or enslave yourself to its peripheral infrastructure.
986: 2010-12-08: When life gets too easy, people instinctively create barriers for themselves to give it the illusion of substance.
987: 2010-12-07: What sucks up your life is "infrastructure maintenance"—cleaning, walking the dog, etc. Reduce these things and you'll have more life left.
988: 2010-12-06: The main fallacy of romance is thinking someone else can give your life meaning when you can't find it yourself.
989: 2010-12-05: Life gives you too many problems and not enough resources. Your challenge is to choose the right problems to solve.
990: 2010-12-03: RT @designersays: My dream in life is to start a band with the Dalai Lama and a bunch of girls from the 80’s just so I can call it The D ...
991: 2010-12-02: Kodachrome: Real life is never as good as the pictures or our nostalgic memories. (MRT Paul Simon)
992: 2010-12-01: Once upon a time, people went places and did things. They learned directly from reality, not electronic simulations. They had a life!
993: 2010-11-30: Life is the process of reducing the infinite possibilities in front of you to the few things you can afford to do.
994: 2010-11-30: In all things, you should to be dealing with the guts of life, not its skin.
995: 2010-11-30: "You can have it all.” @laurenahayes — Nope! Life is a series of brutal choices to reduce the "all" to the few things you can afford to do.
996: 2010-11-30: Sometimes your best move is just cop an Alford plea and move on with your life.
997: 2010-11-30: Life is easy: Find a mate, get married, buy a house, have children, work hard, retire. Voilà, life over!
998: 2010-11-29: If there were no limit on the human lifespan, power would become entrenched and we would be even more wasteful of time than we already are.
999: 2010-11-28: The bigger the home you live in, the more possessions and obligations you accumulate in it and the more burdened your life becomes.
1000: 2010-11-28: A life dedicated to online data and virtual worlds is ultimately no more satisfying than a diet of zero-calorie soft drinks.
1001: 2010-11-27: "We don't go about life as scientists, but as talk radio hosts, concocting arguments that feel persuasive."
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