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1: 2018-05-08: On My Bucket List: Shake up my legal team.
2: 2017-12-20: Trump’s legal “dream team“ is composed of the finest lawyers money can buy who agree with him 100 percent. #idiots #stooges #buffoons
3: 2017-07-25: Legal Q: When someone gets ill, everyone sends their thoughts and prayers, but if you don't send them and that person dies, is it murder?
4: 2017-05-16: Legal Term of the Day: obstruction of justice
5: 2014-03-22: Frat boys at Gettysburg College (this morning). Since the legal drinking age is 21, those must be energy drinks.
6: 2014-02-28: RT @latimes: It's legal to look at a map on your phone while driving, court rules
7: 2014-02-24: Flash Gordon was ahead of his time, promoting marijuana legalization in the 1930s.
8: 2013-05-21: The thing you can't legally do at this I-84 rest area, which I just did anyway. — More Signs:
9: 2012-12-22: .@Andreaof9 You can believe in love without necessarily believing in the legal institution of marriage.
10: 2012-12-09: Personal Ethics 101: Just because something is legal doesn't make it prudent, moral or wise.
11: 2012-11-09: The case against legalizing pot: Drug abusers are excellent con artists. via @hysell
12: 2012-09-17: RT @LadyFriday: Kate Middleton gets garland from topless tribeswoman as couple takes legal action over photos
13: 2012-08-31: This time of year, you can drive Kent TX to San Simon AZ (352 mi) leaving 8am and arriving by 10:45am—legally. How?
14: 2012-07-19: This is entirely legal in West Texas, and I'm doing it!
15: 2012-07-05: If you know a pothead, you probably know him as someone who lacks initiative (except to legalize pot).
16: 2012-05-09: You probably won't grasp the legal definition of marriage until you get divorced. Then you may discover that it's something quite scary.
17: 2012-05-09: Most of the legal benefits conferred by marriage can be obtained by other means. Those that can't are usually dubious anyway.
18: 2012-05-07: If you're married and you give your love an expensive gift, legally it's coming out of a common pot and they're paying half. #somegift
19: 2012-03-23: RT @TelegraphNews: Lavish spending of America's first family of televangelism revealed in bitter legal feud
20: 2012-02-29: Legalizing pot may or may not be the best social policy, but don't expect me to rally to the cause or sign your petition. Stupid pothead!
21: 2011-12-09: That an action is legal does not imply that it is moral.
22: 2011-10-28: The legal process of divorce is the separation of finances that were merged during marriage.
23: 2011-10-22: @kathrynschulz Branding is what it's all about! Why not your social security number? How many you follow are using their full legal names?
24: 2011-10-22: Twitter is about branding and creating a unique online identity. If you're using your full legal name then you're missing the point.
25: 2011-10-15: "In one quarter mile, make a legal U-turn. Make a U-turn ahead. Make a U-turn NOW! In one half mile, make a legal U-turn...." (GPS bitching)
26: 2011-08-03: Advertising is fraud that happens to be legal because the lies are only implied not explicitly stated.
27: 2011-07-14: I'm taking up a collection for Rup's legal defense fund. Give whatever you can afford—a nickel, a dime. No gum wrappers, please!
28: 2011-07-01: Tell me who would manufacturer the drugs, and I'll show you the Achilles' Heel of your drug legalization plan.
29: 2011-07-01: #### End. Live essay: "Legalizing Drugs"
30: 2011-07-01: What could possibly go wrong in this Utopian plan to legalize all drugs for everyone?
31: 2011-07-01: Think it through: If drugs were legal across the board, where would they come from and who would profit? Where would incentives lie?
32: 2011-07-01: If both drug use AND distribution were legal, who would be the supplier? Philip Morris? Or would the Government have it's own meth labs?
33: 2011-07-01: If drug use is legal but wholesale distribution is illegal (as in Portugal), then you would STILL have drug wars along the Mexican border.
34: 2011-07-01: I acknowledge losing the main argument: Legalizing hard drug use would not necessarily create a Zombie Apocalypse. It didn't in Portugal.
35: 2011-07-01: Answer this question: If you legalized hard drug possession and use, who would supply the drugs? Describe the supply chain.
36: 2011-07-01: If the U.S. legalized meth use, would it also legalize massive cross-border shipments? Would Wal-Mart sell it? Ads for it on Super Bowl?
37: 2011-07-01: You want a Zombie Apocalypse? Legalize hard drugs and see what happens.
38: 2011-06-30: There's one little problem with treating depression with drugs—legal or otherwise: How do you get off the drugs?
39: 2011-04-12: The delusion of lawyers: If it is legal then it must be right.
40: 2011-01-15: When you think about it, every product is "Real". So "Real Cola Taste, Zero Calories" is perfectly legal.
41: 2010-12-30: Show me a pot legalization advocate and I'll show you someone trying to justify his own use. Concern for humanity has little to do with it.
42: 2010-12-29: If you cherish your brain, why would you do any drug, legal or not? It's like throwing dirt in the engine of a high-performance sports car.
43: 2010-12-29: That an activity is legal doesn't make it wise. It only means the government isn't interfering in your Right to Stupidity.
44: 2010-12-29: Dear pot legalization advocates: You seem to be getting your way these days, but honestly, is that the best social cause you can think of?
45: 2010-12-28: Flooding the internet with free porn is like legalizing drugs. It's still not healthy but it cuts out the criminal middle man.
46: 2010-12-10: Legalized gambling boosts the local economy only in the same sense that methamphetamine gives you energy.
47: 2010-10-13: Legality and morality are two different things. One does not imply the other.
48: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: The only difference between luxury marketing and con artistry is legality. If done right, the mark doesn't even know he's been taken.
49: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-29: "Morality" and "legality" are two different things. One does not necessarily imply the other.
50: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-16: My new Kilroy philosophy essay: "Puffery! The Legal Way to Lie!" (Kilroy Cafe #55)
51: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-14: Implied in every law is "may" -- that is, the option not to enforce it. Without this "implied may" our legal system would collapse.
52: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-14: Flooding the internet with porn is like legalizing drugs. It's still not healthy but it cuts out the criminal middle man.
53: KilroyCafe: 2009-07-24: The trouble with public advice of any kind (health, travel, legal, etc.) is that it has to be addressed to the dumbest person out there.
54: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-05: Legalized gambling boosts the local economy only in the same sense that methamphetamine gives you energy. There's always a price to pay.
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