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1: 2018-01-31: I have a sixth sense that allows me to go to a foreign country, listen to people talk to each other and without knowing a word of the language identify who is being a jerk.
2: 2017-09-03: Lessons of travel: Speaking many languages or visiting many countries does not prove that someone is wise.
3: 2017-03-18: Language Police: It's time for Playboy to end its sexism. It should change its name to Playperson and cater to all genders. ♂♀⚥⚦⚧⚲⚤⚣⚢☿
4: 2017-03-05: Language Police: "crocodile tears" is discriminatory and prejudicial, not only to crocodiles but all reptiles. Use "Bogorad's syndrome".
5: 2015-10-16: Humans are unique among the animals in their language skills, as well as their gullibility in believing what they are told. #propagandaworks
6: 2015-04-30: An effective leader speaks the language of his people while at the same time recognizing that most of them are idiots.
7: 2014-09-10: RT @Peripatetia: George is trying to tell me something but I don't speak his language (15 sec video)
8: 2014-05-31: Body language expert does not trust Snowden.
9: 2014-05-07: Language Police: Say "women and men" not "men and women", to make up for centuries of male-dominated discrimination. #affirmativeaction
10: 2014-04-26: A jerk is a jerk in any language. Sometimes you don't even need to know the language to know he's a jerk.
11: 2014-04-23: Just because you speak multiple languages doesn't mean you're smart. Europe has plenty of polyglot idiots.
12: 2014-04-16: Germans who have been away for a while need to be reminded what their native language is. @
13: 2014-03-02: RT @webmonkees: @BadDalaiLama This language map explains Europeans better than many others. Source:…
14: 2014-03-02: This language map of Ukraine explains Russian intervention better than any other. Source:
15: 2014-01-06: Language Police: Don't call them "books". That makes them sound dusty, irrelevant and wasteful of trees. Use "legacy media".
16: 2013-12-11: The most interesting experience in foreign travel is being able to size people up without knowing their language. Nonverbal cues are enough.
17: 2013-12-05: You get a far better selection of English-language music on European radio stations then you will ever find on any American station. #iTuner
18: 2013-10-13: Language Police: Stores don't hold "sales" anymore. They have "savings events".
19: 2013-09-10: Language Police: Don't call them "poor". They are "coping with an inadequate revenue stream".
20: 2013-08-28: Language Police:
21: 2013-08-14: Language Police: Don't call them "idiots". That's derogatory. They are Persons Of Limited Intellectual Capacity Exercised (POLICE).
22: 2013-08-12: Language Police: Don't call someone "dead". This is insensitive to religions that believe in an afterlife. Use "not currently interactive".
23: 2013-07-13: My first philosophy book, The Case Against Marriage, is now available in an English-language paperback via Amazon.
24: 2013-06-23: Turkey protests — an English-language feed of current news.
25: 2013-06-12: Languages and flavors may differ around the world, but human needs and weaknesses are the same everywhere.
26: 2013-01-24: Gender neutral language: Use he/him where no one would be offended. Use they/their when gender bias might be inferred. Avoid she/her.
27: 2013-01-11: If you know only a little of a language, it is unwise to try to speak it. When you say "Hello" people think you know their whole language.
28: 2012-12-26: @Quicksilwr It is the language of world commerce and culture. If you want entry to the world beyond your village, you must make the effort.
29: 2012-12-26: Not a language snob, but if you don't speak English, you can't claim to be worldly.
30: 2012-11-05: @lawnrocket Keep it real, Lawnie. There are better things to do with the time (and more useful languages).
31: 2012-09-11: Sitting in Vilnius, Lithuania, writing a one-page autobiography for the Turkish language edition of my collected essays. #notjoking
32: 2012-06-21: The world is a place of diverse cultures, languages and beliefs united by the consumption of Coca-Cola products.
33: 2012-05-28: Language is handy for conveying concrete facts but virtually useless for changing someone's habits or beliefs.
34: 2012-05-11: Speaking a lot of languages doesn't make you a great storyteller. Technical skills are not the same as holistic ones.
35: 2012-04-15: English is a prestige language in Japan, sort of like French to Americans. Used in advertising to give Veblen products more cachet.
36: 2012-03-20: Music is a language, a means of communication. It is not a end in itself, not a savior, merely a channel between people.
37: 2012-03-15: "Language isn't about information transmission. You speak a language to join the group that speaks that language."
38: 2012-01-26: Language Police: "skunk" is derogatory and odorist. The preferred term is "polecat" (and they're good eatin' if you fix 'em right).
39: 2012-01-14: A shared language between two people, based on common experience, lets them communicate more deeply and subtly than strangers can.
40: 2012-01-10: There are many kinds of relationships, but all have the same core: a common language based on shared past experiences.
41: 2011-12-16: Music is the subcarrier of language. Before an infant knows any words, he learns the song of his parents speaking.
42: 2011-12-13: Much of what I know about people I learned from dogs. Take away symbolic language and we're basically the same creatures.
43: 2011-12-01: Language Police: Don't call it "retreat". It's "strategic regressive reposturing".
44: 2011-11-04: Language Police: The terms "cowboy" and "cowgirl" are sexist and belittling. Use "cowperson" or "cattle management professional".
45: 2011-07-17: Language Police: The feminine form of "douche bag" is "douche baguette", not "slut". Douchebagism does not necessarily imply sluttiness.
46: 2011-07-04: Don't call it "moronic self-debasing voyeurism". Use "adult entertainment". #languagepolice
47: 2011-07-04: Don't call it "booze" or "alcohol". Both have implications of inebriation. Use "adult beverage". #languagepolice
48: 2011-06-27: Music is language without the meaning, conveying only the emotional component of what is being said.
49: 2011-06-27: Music evolved as a system of language learning. Humans basically sing to each other when they speak.
50: 2011-06-26: "Cowboy" and "cowgirl" are sexist and diminutive. Use "cattleperson" or "cattle management professional". #languagepolice
51: 2011-06-26: "Boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are sexist, diminutive and pry into sexual orientation. Use "personfriend". #languagepolice
52: 2011-06-22: It is refreshing to find an English language menu in Cairo, but two of the items are a little disturbing.
53: 2011-05-01: Computers can process natural language only to the extent that autistics can: literally and without insight.
54: 2011-04-22: Americans find it hard to understand: speaking many languages does not imply intelligence or wisdom. There plenty of idiot polyglots!
55: 2011-04-05: Hebrew is an ancient language resurrected within the past century. It's like Europe deciding to speak Latin again.
56: 2011-04-05: To the tourist, Israel is safe, fascinating and cheap. Hebrew is the language but English is widely spoken.
57: 2011-04-03: Someone can speak a dozen languages and still not have a clue about people. They have technical skills but not meta-skills.
58: 2011-04-02: Language Police: "cowboy" is sexist to both human and animal. Use "cattleperson" or "cattle management professional".
59: 2011-03-24: @francispedraza @lolahayes: "my kids will learn HTML, not French" <== Continuing the tradition of teaching archaic, dying languages.
60: 2011-03-20: Music without words is a refined product, like high fructose corn syrup. It gives us all the emotions of language without any content.
61: 2011-03-20: Music is the subcarrier of language, essential to its transfer. Before a baby knows any words he knows the music of them
62: 2011-03-10: The most vapid and inane form of the English language is that employed by television sportscasters.
63: 2011-03-10: Language Police: You don't call them "fatties" anymore. That's derogatory. They're Obese Americans. {1/29}
64: 2011-02-20: @Pokersoul By all means, tweet in one of your other languages (just to show us).
65: 2011-02-10: It's fun to read relationships when you don't know a word of the language. Body language and tone of voice tell you everything.
66: 2010-12-23: There's a certain freedom in not speaking a word of the local language. You can claim ignorance of local politics.
67: 2010-12-20: Language Police: They aren't "Gypsies" anymore. They're "Romani people". Also: "Bohemians" are now "employment challenged".
68: 2010-12-19: Language Police: "topless" has risqué and pornographic connotations. Use "topfree".
69: 2010-12-18: Language Police: "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are sexist and belittling. Use "personfriend". Thank you for your cooperation.
70: 2010-12-17: Language Police: "smart" has connotations of elitism and superiority. Use "idiocy challenged".
71: 2010-12-16: Language Police: "dinosaur" is derogatory, implying something inefficient, overgrown and destined for oblivion. Use "jurassic reptile".
72: 2010-12-15: In Ireland, most language on the street that you think is Gaelic is really just English, all slurred up by a few too many!
73: 2010-12-15: Music is the subcarrier of language. Before an infant knows any words, he learns the song of his language.
74: 2010-12-15: Language Police: "cowboy" and "cowgirl" are sexist and belittling. From now on: "cowperson". Thank you for your cooperation.
75: 2010-11-10: Language - Meaning = Music
76: 2010-11-10: Music is the subcarrier of language. Infants instinctively follow the tones and rhythms of words, only later learning their meaning.
77: 2010-10-19: A relationship is a shared history. It means that when you talk to someone you already have a language in common.
78: 2010-09-28: Speaking many languages does not imply one is skilled at communication.
79: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-19: The most vapid and inane form of the English language is that employed by television sportscasters.
80: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-10: The official language of the Greek Islands is English. You better learn it if you expect to get by. (Greek alone won't get you very far!)
81: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-12: Language Police: "dinosaur" is a derogatory term implying something inefficient, overgrown and destined for oblivion. Use "Jurassic reptile"
82: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-06: Language Police: They aren't "Gypsies" anymore. They're "Roman Peoples".
83: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-12: Language Police: "cowboy" and "cowgirl" are sexist and discriminatory. From now on: "cowperson". Thank you for your cooperation.
84: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-12: Language Police: "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are sexist and discriminatory. Use "personfriend". Thank you for your cooperation.
85: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-08: A language is more than words. It's also our shared experience: Super Bowl, Octomom, etc. To speak it well you need to know popular culture.
86: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-02: You can grasp a song without hearing it, a movie without seeing it and a language without speaking it, if you understand it's structure.
87: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-31: A "relationship" is a shared history. It means that when you interact with someone, you already speak some of their unique language.
88: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-03: In Ireland, most language on the street that you think is Irish Gaelic is really just English, all slurred up by a few too many!
89: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-20: On the bus system in Broward County, Florida, stops are announced in two languages: English and... Haitian Creole!
90: KilroyCafe: 2009-11-08: Music, at its base, is a mimicry of language. It fools the brain into thinking it is listening to words.
91: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-14: Most of my website programming is done in Perl, a fast and easy language available on most Unix-based servers. My host:
92: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-18: English is ubiquitous in Athens. It is the second language on most public signs, and most company names are in the roman alphabet.
93: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-03: Music is the subcarrier of language. Before an infant knows any words, he learns the song of his language. Music is a side effect.
94: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-16: My new blog entry on budget travel: "Speaking the Local Language: Not Required" - Just speak English, slowly, clearly.
95: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-14: The key to language survival in Europe: Speak English! Be clear and simple. Trying to speak their language only leads to confusion.
96: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-09: Star Trek movie fact checking: In the 23rd Century no educated human will speak English as a second language, let alone Russian as a first.
97: KilroyCafe: 2009-05-03: I love watching TV in a language I don't understand. It's the same crap as in America, so I know what's being said almost telepathically!
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