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1: 2014-11-05: A Kubrick mystery: After "Singing in the Rain" in A Clockwork Orange, how was he able to license the Mickey Mouse Club Song for FMJ?
2: 2014-05-04: Kubrick = control freak
3: 2014-04-29: RT @brainpicker: A rare recording of Kubrick's most revealing interview
4: 2013-12-07: Lesson from Kubrick: Reshoot every major scene in your life 127 times until you really are that psycho you are supposed be portraying.
5: 2013-12-07: Other kids played with dolls or toy cars. I played Fix The Endings In Kubrick's Movies.
6: 2013-04-26: Stanley Kubrick's photos of New York in the 1940s. The guy had some talent!
7: 2013-04-02: Stanley Kubrick on mortality and his fear of flying — an exquisite melange of 20% insight, 80% utter bullshit.
8: 2012-08-09: Movie mysteries: After Kubrick deflowered "Singing in the Rain" in CO, how did he obtain the rights to the Mickey Mouse Club song in FMJ?
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