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1: 2016-01-10: RT @Peripatetia: Your future self recommends #Karmaflu for all your Karma-related symptoms. Use Only As Dir… https:…
2: 2016-01-06: Your future self recommends Karmaflu™ for all your Karma-related symptoms. Use Only As Directed.
3: 2016-01-05: I recommend Karmaflu for all your karma-related symptoms. Karmaflu— when you know darn well you did it to yourself. Use Only As Directed.
4: 2015-02-28: The day when Karma comes around and bites you in the ass, you'll be like, "What? Huh? Did I deserve that? I guess I did."
5: 2014-07-04: RT @bybeautydamned: When fate, or karma, or god, or whatever you call it, doesn't give you what you want or gives you pain instead, assume …
6: 2014-03-20: Misfortune is not "ironic" if you set yourself up for it. It's more like karma.
7: 2013-12-18: RT @aMrazing: How karma works:
8: 2013-09-21: Karma is engaging in a death-defying sport and actually dying.
9: 2013-09-18: There is nothing mystical about Karma. When you lie to yourself, you make bad decisions, and your lies get thrown back at you.
10: 2013-03-24: Maintain a positive balance with Karma to avoid a date with Schadenfreude.
11: 2013-03-24: @RandomRomanov Oh, you think you have a positive balance with Karma?
12: 2012-05-25: RT @xtinewu: Karma is a bitch, a diva even-she shows up when she's good and ready, not moment before. But she'll definitely be there.... ...
13: 2012-05-05: "The karma of fucking over a good girl is the bitch you end up with." <== "guy" too! via @torieannesalt
14: 2011-11-26: Karma won't pay the bills, but it can greatly reduce them.
15: 2011-11-25: Karma won't pay the bills, but it greatly reduces them. (cc: @Olivia_Sarai)
16: 2011-11-24: @xtinewu For reasons of Karma, if nothing else. The Un-Honeymoon is over!
17: 2011-10-17: It is hard the grieve for someone who dies while engaged in a death-defying sport. Can't get more Karma than that!
18: 2011-07-16: Carmageddon could also be spelled "Karma-geddon" — meaning LA is only getting what it deserves.
19: 2011-07-05: There's nothing mysterious about Karma. The guilty know they are guilty and usually sabotage themselves through their own paranoia. (See OJ)
20: 2011-03-09: RT @Kyoks1: @BadDalaiLama (b) it's just one more expression of the law of karma. option (a) is only an ilussion. sorry.
21: 2011-03-09: .@Kyoks1 (b) is just one more expression of the law of karma. (a) an illusion <== The Luxury Goods Manufacturer's Association applauds you!
22: 2011-02-27: Everything I know about life I learned from Wile E. Coyote. The falling anvils, the backfiring missiles... It's all Karma, man!
23: KilroyCafe: 2010-07-11: When are you going to cash in your Karma Credits? Time is running out!
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