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1: 2018-01-31: I have a sixth sense that allows me to go to a foreign country, listen to people talk to each other and without knowing a word of the language identify who is being a jerk.
2: 2014-09-06: He was too simple a character for Machiavellian intent. He was just a jerk.
3: 2014-04-26: A jerk is a jerk in any language. Sometimes you don't even need to know the language to know he's a jerk.
4: 2014-01-12: jerkology — the study of jerks across all cultures and socioeconomic classes, finding they are the same the world over.
5: 2013-12-31: When a jerk marries a jerk, you get a double-jerk, secure and self-reinforced in their jerkitude.
6: 2013-12-29: He was fondly remembered by everyone at the funeral in spite of being a jerk in his final years. This was their event, not his.
7: 2013-09-24: A jerk in real life is usually a jerk online too. Their bits and bytes just cry out, "Jerk!"
8: 2013-08-19: The Freshness Pak in this processed beef jerky says "Do Not Eat", but it cannot taste worse than the product itself, so I'm tempted.
9: 2013-07-07: Scientists claiming to be scientific, journalists claiming to be fair, lawyers upholding the law... are some of the biggest jerks around!
10: 2012-10-30: The romantic lure of the dashing foreigner, who turns out to be just another jerk with an accent.
11: 2012-06-08: A jerk is someone with low self-confidence pretending he has high self-confidence.
12: 2012-06-08: Real self-confidence is different than a theatrical show of self-confidence, which usually makes you look like a jerk.
13: 2012-06-05: (I can just tell by eating this jerky that these were happy cows.)
14: 2012-06-05: Jerky capital of the universe. (@ Robertson's Hams & Beef Jerky) [pic]:
15: 2012-05-26: If you're biking in spandex, you're either a professional athlete or a jerk.
16: 2012-05-24: Most realistic crime show ever: "Jerk Detective". Cop is brilliant at solving crimes but his ego alienates everyone. New partner every week.
17: 2012-05-21: RT @TIME: Does organic food turn you into a jerk? | (via @TIMENewsFeed)
18: 2012-05-19: The key to dealing with jerks is early jerk detection then not dealing with them at all.
19: 2012-05-06: Ideally we should realize what a jerk we have been before we burn all our bridges. Alas, burning our bridges is usually part of the process.
20: 2012-04-21: I am very forgiving of the jerk I once was. I hope I won't have to forgive the current me.
21: 2012-04-01: Four bucks for beef jerky is kinda frivolous and not terribly healthy, but it's not as bad as this.
22: 2012-01-27: Buffoon, jerk, asshole and sadist are different degrees of mean on the continuum of assholiness.
23: 2012-01-14: An advantage of cyberspace over RL is a long response cycle. You have more time to reflect and analyse instead of just a knee-jerk reaction.
24: 2012-01-14: On advantage of cyberspace over RL is a long response cycle. You have more time to reflect and analyse instead of just a knee-jerk reaction.
25: 2011-12-11: Parents: Treating your kid like the center of the universe is breeding a future jerk. Don't give him expectations life can't sustain.
26: 2011-11-12: The will is strong but the flesh is weak. Genuine Robertson's jerky at Love's truck stops.
27: 2011-10-24: Once a Marine, always a Marine*. [*pompous jerk about it]
28: 2011-08-25: "Jerk" is pretty much synonymous with the 20s. If you survive to 30, you'll be thinking, "God, what an idiot I was!"
29: 2011-08-19: Alien Fresh Jerky, Baker, California.
30: 2011-08-03: Fashion, fine food, luxury goods, entertainment... fields where function is irrelevant and jerks reign supreme.
31: 2011-07-17: A "jerk" is a sociopath with lower entry requirements.
32: 2011-07-15: If someone is being a jerk, there is nothing you can say to change them. Just let them have the last word then withdraw.
33: 2011-07-03: Also see our earlier tweeted essay on Jerks: (March 2011)
34: 2011-07-03: #### End. 1-hour essay: "Jerks"
35: 2011-07-03: The non-jerk just wants to get the job done with the minimum of conflict.
36: 2011-07-03: The opposite of a jerk is someone with "no ego" who acknowledges the needs of others and doesn't bulldoze over them.
37: 2011-07-03: Avoid being generous to a jerk. Don't give him more than you have to—especially information—because it could be used against you.
38: 2011-07-03: There is no treatment for jerks, at least from the outside. You can only get away from them or manage them cautiously like wild animals.
39: 2011-07-03: Jerks are easy to understand because we have all been one: aggressively self-confident on the outside, insecure on the inside.
40: 2011-07-03: Give a jerk any sort of power and he will use it to abuse others.
41: 2011-07-03: Some jerks seem perfectly nice on first meeting. They reveal themselves only (a) when under stress or (b) when given power.
42: 2011-07-03: Some jerks are know-it-alls who have the solution to everything even if you didn't ask for it.
43: 2011-07-03: Some jerks will talk your ear off, filling the air with words without detecting your waning interest. Try to pull away and they talk louder.
44: 2011-07-03: "Paranoid" and "jerk" go together. Most abusive jerk-like behavior arises from the perception of an imaginary threat.
45: 2011-07-03: A jerk is highly narcissistic. He can't see beyond the fog of his own needs to the needs of others.
46: 2011-07-03: A jerk can be comical to watch from a distance but hell to deal with up close, especially if he has any sort of power over you.
47: 2011-07-03: Deputy Barney Fife of Mayberry is a classic jerk—pompous, full of himself, abusive of those weaker than him, yet deeply insecure.
48: 2011-07-03: Jerks can be technically competent and rise high in organizations, where they make life hell for everyone around them.
49: 2011-07-03: When a passenger berates an airline gate agent for a delay the agent obviously has no control over, we say, "What a jerk!"
50: 2011-07-03: A jerk is one who aggressively imposes his ego upon others with little regard for their feelings or needs.
51: 2011-05-01: The early 20s are the "jerk" years. Don't you remember? You were one of them!
52: 2011-03-04: #### End. This has been a one-hour live essay by the Bad Dalai Lama: Jerks!
53: 2011-03-04: As for the jerk inside you? Yup, you were one once! Just let that go, too, and remain vigilant in the future.
54: 2011-03-04: You can't let a jerk get under your skin. It's one of the routine hazards of life. Just resolve his customer service issue, then let it go!
55: 2011-03-04: The customer service agents in every field deal with jerks every day. You say the right words to placate them, then move them along.
56: 2011-03-04: When you encounter a jerk, you manage him like you would a wild animal, then do what you can to get away.
57: 2011-03-04: Are you a jerk? We all show the signs from time to time. We may feign excess self-confidence when we're insecure inside.
58: 2011-03-04: You can't fix a jerk. He may change over time, but you can't change him. All you can do is get away.
59: 2011-03-04: Marriages to jerks are usually short-lived. When they do persist, it is because a masochistic spouse thinks she can change him.
60: 2011-03-04: Working for a jerk is the worst hell! You can't just get the job done; you have to cater to the ever-shifting needs of his ego.
61: 2011-03-04: Jerks are predominantly male, but some lady jerks can compete with the best of them!
62: 2011-03-04: A jerk wants to dominate any social venue he appears in. Often, you can't shut him up!
63: 2011-03-04: A jerk is a milder form of sociopath. He probably won't kill you, but he'll plough over your feelings.
64: 2011-03-04: The jerk is unable to tolerate depression—i.e. recognition of his own failings. Jerkness is a last-ditch effort to ward it off.
65: 2011-03-04: Jerkness is a defense mechanism. The more the jerk loathes himself inside, the more aggressively he must assert superiority on the outside.
66: 2011-03-04: The relentless message of a jerk is, "I am better than you." This is ironic, because he usually has very little to back it up.
67: 2011-03-04: When you withdraw from a jerk, he detects that you are abandoning him, and it makes him even more jerk-like.
68: 2011-03-04: After a short time with a jerk, you just want to get away. He creates a noxious environment around him.
69: 2011-03-04: We have known jerks. We've worked with them. Some of us have even lived with them. They're everywhere, in all walks of life.
70: 2011-03-04: A jerk is distinguished from a mere idiot by his aggressive self-confidence. He isn't just stupid but actively imposes it on others.
71: 2011-03-04: jerk — n. one who actively and transparently asserts his superiority over others.
72: 2011-03-02: First Class is Jerk Class. People willing to pay twice as much for free drinks and a 3" wider seat. The message: "I'm better than you."
73: 2011-02-12: It's easy enough to detect the jerks and douche bags of your own gender. It's only with the opposite gender that your vision gets clouded.
74: 2010-11-16: Whenever anyone tempts you to "Be your own boss!" just remember what a jerk that guy can be.
75: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-25: Seminole, Oklahoma: home of the finest beef jerky in all the land. Photo: - Related: My jaw hurts!
76: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-24: Power turns little people into assholes. Those with the lowest self-esteem become the biggest jerks as soon as they gain power over others.
77: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-08: A "jerk" is not merely an idiot but a vain and humorless idiot who blames others for his own defects.
78: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-02: Forget Mars and Venus. You just married a jerk.
79: KilroyCafe: 2010-04-16: Whenever anyone tempts you to "Be your own boss!" just remember what a jerk that guy can be.
80: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-25: The world's worst jerks, thugs and assholes are those who follow a nice-sounding theory without any room for negotiation.
81: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-10: In the pantheon of fools, the Jerk is the most difficult. Inflated self-importance and low self-esteem are combined in one sublime package.
82: KilroyCafe: 2009-12-29: Her mother-in-law was supportive through the whole divorce. "He's a jerk," she said.
83: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-04: We tend to view the past in two opposite ways: Either our ancestors were incredibly wise or incredibly backward. They were jerks like us!
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