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1: 2017-06-15: Does anybody know the time? Here in Ethiopia it can be really confusing. 8 AM on my iPhone is 2 o'clock to them.
2: 2017-06-13: A boy and his mom torment a giant tortoise in Addis Ababa - 3-min iphone video shot today
3: 2017-03-19: I'm very sad when my iPhone has to go through the x-ray machine at the airport. We shouldn't have to be separated for so long. 😥
4: 2015-05-22: Holding my iPhone in my hand, I desperately search the car for my iPhone. It must be around here somewhere!
5: 2015-04-16: Heard about a protest at Harvard, so I stopped to check it out. Cool video shot with my iPhone.
6: 2015-03-30: RT @Peripatetia: My first to #slowmotion #video with #iPhone6: A guy doing backflips on a street corner in…
7: 2014-11-05: iPhone to be banned in Russia
8: 2014-11-04: I guess, since #TimCook came out, every Russian with an iPhone must trash it. And any form of technology. The Stone Age wasn't gay, was it?
9: 2014-10-08: RT @Peripatetia: Chernobyl tour in Hyperlapse - 6-minute video shot & edited on iPhone today.
10: 2014-08-14: Apple tech took my iPhone. Said 30 minutes to change the battery. I walked out into the mall then realized I HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG THAT IS!
11: 2014-04-27: Underground rest area in a tunnel in Norway - 360° iPhone panorama. - Very "blue"
12: 2014-04-22: Search for the Matterhorn! A 17-minute iPhone video of the train to Zermatt and finding the mountain. (2 days ago)
13: 2014-02-27: Flying over Queens on an Amtrak train. New iPhone video (2 days ago)
14: 2014-02-11: She was found frozen to death in the mall parking lot, still clutching her iPhone. Police checked it for her last text and final selfie.
15: 2013-11-10: New video from Prague: Climbing to the top of the Town Hall Clock Tower (8-minute iPhone video)
16: 2013-09-19: Transatlantic Airfare Tips - my first blog entry dictated to my iPhone
17: 2013-09-07: My iPhone panoramas from around the world: Venice, Iceland, London, Tokyo, Kosovo...
18: 2013-08-18: RT @MailOnline: Your iPhone uses MORE energy than your refrigerator
19: 2013-08-10: Little Rock, Arkansas - 360° iPhone panorama
20: 2013-08-02: "The Case Against Marriage" now available on iTunes! (See the iBooks app on your iPhone/iPad.)
21: 2013-05-25: Black motorcycle at the Bowlerama (this morning, iphone photo)
22: 2013-05-20: National Museum of the Marine Corps - 360° iPhone panorama
23: 2013-05-16: @BadDalaiLama Also, your iPhone would die in 7 hours so you'd have nothing to show them but a shiny little box.
24: 2013-04-26: Lake Isabella, California - 360° iPhone panorama
25: 2013-03-29: Now I know the capacity of iPhone voice recognition.
26: 2013-03-09: iPhone Separation Anxiety (ISA) is greatly reduced when your older iPhone is past its discount upgrade date. Go ahead, punk, get lost!
27: 2013-02-24: "Pickpocket Mind Games in Las Vegas" - my new blog entry. I "lose" my precious iPhone.
28: 2013-01-27: Misplacing your iPhone makes you recognize the fragility of life.
29: 2013-01-06: @BadDalaiLama Seriously, they gave him a number and made him live in this quaint village where his iPhone didn't work at all. Surreal!
30: 2013-01-03: Paper Camera for iPhone is awesome!
31: 2012-12-13: The atheist would claim every iPhone app is useless based on his experience with five of them.
32: 2012-12-13: Your belief system is like a mapping app for your iPhone. You choose the one that makes the most reliable predictions and ignore the rest.
33: 2012-11-16: RT @washingtonpost: Good news for #iPhone users who don't like #AppleMaps?
34: 2012-11-15: @laurenahayes We should all do this. Move to a remote Greek island. Eat olives. Give up our iPhones. You'd survive about two weeks.
35: 2012-11-10: *LOVE* the wildcard feature in Apple's new Maps for iPhone! Plug in a destination and see where you end up! Great for unplanned sightseeing!
36: 2012-11-10: Apple's new Maps app for the iPhone is great*! (*as long as you verify every result with Google Maps)
37: 2012-11-08: Robot Adventures! - Shatner and I created this work of art with the Shatoetry iPhone app!
38: 2012-11-04: iPhone users (IOS 6): Get Google Maps back by going to and choosing "Add to Home Screen".
39: 2012-10-31: Automated Beverage System, McDonalds, 3am. 30-second iPhone video: Am I the only one who finds this fascinating?
40: 2012-10-28: If you have an iPhone, today is the day to download the free NOAA Hi-Def Radar App. Watch the storm in real time!
41: 2012-10-22: Iceland Coast (Oct. 16) - 360° iPhone panorama
42: 2012-08-17: @laurenahayes Your photos of places are cool! Now you need to add people. (You may need something faster than your iPhone.)
43: 2012-08-16: RT @TIME: These photos by Michael Christopher Brown were taken on an iPhone for this week's issue — pretty remarkable, huh? | http://t.c ...
44: 2012-08-16: When the new iPhone 5 comes out, we should all donate our old iPhone 4's to the underprivileged children who don't have them. So sad!
45: 2012-07-20: RT @jonathan_katz: I would like to live in the 1870's as long as I could have my iPhone4s and really good cell service.
46: 2012-05-31: Perfect New York moment. (right here, right now, iPhone photo)
47: 2012-05-07: Niagara Falls glamor shot. (Taken just now with ProHDR on iPhone.)
48: 2012-04-28: This tiny wide-angle lens for the iPhone was well worth the $60 price. Tokyo tested! #ottoclip
49: 2012-04-21: A walk down Electric Avenue (Akihabara, Tokyo) - 6-minute iPhone video
50: 2012-04-21: Tsukiji Outer Market, Tokyo - wandering through the marketplace (9-minute iPhone video from yesterday)
51: 2012-04-21: Running, running, but not getting anywhere. (30-second iPhone video)
52: 2012-04-20: Video postcard: By train to Mt. Fuji. 19 minute unedited iPhone video from the front cab of a narrow gauge rail car.
53: 2012-04-18: .@anakron I still have my iPhone, which takes pretty good photos, just not active human shots. 2 hours til reception opens.
54: 2012-04-16: Tokyo video postcard: Monster Koi at a Shinto shrine (iPhone video, 1:14)
55: 2012-04-16: Japanese culture is a lot different than American culture. For example, you see a lot more white iPhones on the street than black ones.
56: 2012-04-15: Tokyo Video Postcard: Moving Noodles and Running Man 28-second iPhone video of no great significance.
57: 2012-04-12: This little lens attachment for the iPhone set me back 60 bucks but may be worth it. (normal, wide, fisheye)
58: 2012-04-07: B+W iPhone self-portrait in a motel room. Better than my current avi?
59: 2012-04-01: RT @WSJ: Is the iPhone the only camera u need? With the right photo apps, editing tricks & shooting know-how, it just might be. http://t ...
60: 2012-03-08: Still haven't answered the question: If you have a laptop and an iPhone, you need an iPad because _________.
61: 2012-02-20: No, I don't care to WIN A FREE iPAD. Until I figure out what it's good for, you can't even force one into my hands. Just an unwieldy iPhone!
62: 2012-02-20: Where McDonalds gets their french fry oil. (10-second iPhone video)
63: 2012-02-19: In the crosshairs! (Testing out the Theodolite app for iPhone.)
64: 2012-01-30: iPhone users: Crop your photos before tweeting with an editing app like Photogene. Quick and easy and often makes a world of difference.
65: 2012-01-20: BDL's first recorded vocal rendition of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" (28 seconds). An important work, recorded on iPhone.
66: 2011-12-30: Oops! Bus went in the wrong direction! Heading back to Orlando now. (I offered the driver my iPhone.)
67: 2011-12-22: Have iPhone? Get Dr. Steven Greer's E.T. Contact Tool. Price a bit steep but—Christ!—it detects ETs! v@spyropapaspyrou
68: 2011-12-01: @xtinewu Pirouettes — iPhone video or it didn't happen.
69: 2011-11-29: Hitchcock-shaped vicar using an iPhone at Newark Airport.
70: 2011-11-18: An icon of America! Philo Farnesworth holding the world's first iPhone.
71: 2011-11-15: My iPhone has way more computing power than this clunky old thing. (Photo - Stennis Space Flight Center)
72: 2011-11-10: A man is nothing without power... for his iPhone.
73: 2011-11-09: “@SkyeTedesco8728: You Are on Your Way to Claiming a iPhone! ..” <== Furthermore...
74: 2011-11-09: There is something poetic about navigating through Mountain View using Google Maps on my iPhone.
75: 2011-11-04: Forget PTSD. The real terror is when you break into a panic 2-3 times a day: "OMG! Where's my iPhone?!?!"
76: 2011-11-03: GIANT TEXAS CHICKEN caught on iPhone video. Worldwide exclusive, shot two hours ago!
77: 2011-11-03: BUT WAIT! I was walking thru the woods when I saw this ENORMOUS TEXAS CHICKEN! The thing was Huge! Caught it on iPhone video. Uploading now.
78: 2011-11-02: A great filmmaker can make a compelling film with an iPhone. A great photographer can work with any camera. A songwriter needs only a voice.
79: 2011-10-23: My new DSLR means I can start shooting people again, not just static scenes. (For 6 months I had only my iPhone's camera.)
80: 2011-10-06: (What? You don't expect me to be maudlin do you? Sent from my iPhone.)
81: 2011-09-08: Video Postcard: Passing Freight Train in New Mexico. - Local color, shot this morning iwith my iPhone.
82: 2011-08-21: Video Postcard: St. Marks Square, Venice from a passing Vaparetto. Today! 1 min. Awesome video from my iPhone!
83: 2011-08-07: @Cassilda9 Moments ago! With the 360Panorama iPhone app.
84: 2011-07-26: On the prowl with new iPhone.
85: 2011-07-26: I'm back in business with a new Verizon iPhone ($212 out of pocket). Almost EIGHT HOURS without one! It was Hell!
86: 2011-07-26: The temporary loss of my iPhone has reintroduced me to an ancient artform: the etching of characters on paper with a pen. Imagine!
87: 2011-07-26: Had a nice swim before dawn on Miami Beach. Perfect bath temp, but a costly outing: my iPhone, with my clothes on the beach, gone!
88: 2011-07-26: Just had my iPhone stolen on Miami Beach. Going through the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and Apple Store.
89: 2011-07-17: Nearly all of my twitpic photos are taken with my iPhone, often using the proHDR app.
90: 2011-07-03: When your iPhone goes down, all the other organs start to fail as well—liver, kidneys, heart, brain. Not a pleasant way to go.
91: 2011-06-27: A baby is a lot like an iPhone, requiring constant attention and you never want to drop it or leave it behind in airport security.
92: 2011-06-22: New AssSaver™ iPhone app warns you "Don't post that, dummy!" at appropriate times.
93: 2011-06-19: About two hours from the southern tip of Israel. iPhone map:
94: 2011-04-22: Jaffa at dusk. An amazing iPhone photo taken a few hours ago!
95: 2011-04-21: Video Postcard: Eilat, Israel. The most densely packed beach I have ever visited! 1-minute iPhone video.
96: 2011-04-03: @trevlutz "Great shot!" <== Yeah! That's an iPhone photo, where it's hard to control focus, but this was perfect.
97: 2011-03-30: Misplacing your iPhone makes you recognize the fragility of life and how death stalks us all.
98: 2011-03-29: The Bad Dalai Lama is ISO 9001 compliant. Quality everywhere along the supply chain—from our brain to our iPhone to you!
99: 2011-03-27: Video Postcard: Rice fields near Sacramento, seen from the air. 30-second iPhone video. Landing at SMF.
100: 2011-03-18: Video Postcard: supermarket produce dept. in Houston (3 days ago) 40-second iPhone video. Pretty colors!
101: 2011-03-12: New edited video: "My Ikea Adventure in Cincinnati" An editing exercise. Shot last night with my iPhone.
102: 2011-02-27: Landing on Washington, D.C. (minutes ago!). Hi-def iPhone video.
103: 2011-01-29: - On the Florida Keys, going where no iPhone has gone before! — A journey into another dimension!
104: 2011-01-23: iPhone fixed. Compare this photo to the previous one. Cataracts removed! (a common iPhone disorder)
105: 2011-01-23: His Holiness is visiting a SHOPPING MALL to get his iPhone fixed. Silly place filled with things you don't need.
106: 2011-01-19: AT&T iPhone domestic data overage charge: $10 per 10 Gb. AT&T international data roaming charge: $15.36 per Mb, or 10 Gb for... $153,600!
107: 2011-01-11: .@lolahayes "An analyst expects Verizon to sign up 9.6m iPhone users..." <== How can any "analyst" know what human behavior will be?
108: 2011-01-09: So, yeah. Bet YOU have never been investigated by Homeland Security! It takes a special breed of iPhone user!
109: 2011-01-09: ***BREAKING NEWS!*** We are Investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security for Suspicious iPhone Photography! TRUE STORY!
110: 2011-01-08: I can totally identify with Smeagol and his "My Precious" obsession. When you lose your iPhone you get like that.
111: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-16: HDR photography gives new depth to cloudy days. See last photos in this album: - proHDR for iPhone
112: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-13: New photos from the Las Vegas Strip: (end of album) Just discovered the proHDR app for iPhone!
113: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-08: New photos: Miami Beach: + Bonus iPhone Video snapshot: Hi-Tech Beachcomber:
114: KilroyCafe: 2010-09-03: iPhone - the perfect lover. So responsive and yet so undemanding.
115: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-30: Okay, so I'm an iPhony now. Photo: (my very first iPhone photo -- disrupting the fabric of space-time)
116: KilroyCafe: 2010-08-30: Facebook Places on the iPhone: You can check in but you can't check out! You got it — just like Hotel California or the Roach Motel!
117: KilroyCafe: 2010-02-02: Blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, any kind of berry, iPhone, uPhone, red phone, blue phone, any kind of phone, must be turned off now!
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