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1: 2018-02-17: The artificially intelligent advertising algorithms of Facebook and Google are extremely effective in offering me products I have already purchased. #dontneeditnomore #artificialdimwits
2: 2016-11-12: Election reveals there are two Americas that aren't talking to each other: Intelligent America and Moron America.
3: 2015-11-11: The key thing about intelligence that stupid people never get: it's all about managing your emotions and separating them from the facts.
4: 2015-05-01: The curse of the intelligent is seeing the train wreck coming without being able to stop it.
5: 2015-03-07: Higher intelligence doesn't necessarily imply greater wisdom. Sometimes it just means more sophisticated rationalizations.
6: 2014-12-11: Intelligence doesn't go viral. It has to take the long road.
7: 2014-12-01: The intelligence of an enterprise is inversely related to the number of people involved in it.
8: 2014-11-25: Maybe they should just have a book called Intelligence For Dummies™. Then they wouldn't need all those other For Dummies™ books.
9: 2014-11-24: Intelligence is a deliberate decision to aggressively explore the world, learn from your mistakes and limit your exposure to stupid people.
10: 2014-11-22: To call humans "intelligent" is a form of racism. You've got some smart ones but also some real idiots. It is biased to lump them together.
11: 2014-11-07: posterity – the super-intelligent reader you write for when no one else is reading your stuff.
12: 2014-06-30: Virtue discrimination: the bias against intelligence, competence and responsibility. Those without these things are always out to get you.
13: 2014-06-29: Advanced degrees are no proof of intelligence. They only indicate a high tolerance for education and a lack of imagination.
14: 2014-06-04: RT @AdviceToWriters: Never make the mistake of assuming the audience is any less intelligent than you are.
15: 2014-05-26: Following the news doesn't make you more cultured, worldly or intelligent. It just distracts your brain from more important things.
16: 2014-05-24: RT @NIETZSCHESOURCE: As far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence #BertrandRussell #NIETZSCHE
17: 2014-05-04: Sexism, racism and homophobia are bad but not nearly as insulting to intelligence as pundits and university wonks talking about them.
18: 2014-03-29: Technology brings liberation for the elite and intelligent but even greater misery for the mass of mankind.
19: 2013-12-18: Intelligence has little to do with education or the accumulation of facts. It is more a matter of having disciplined emotions.
20: 2013-11-22: RT @HumanBeam: Be glad you weren't born beautiful. The kind of beauty won thru talent, intelligence, willpower & kindness is far more compe…
21: 2013-08-16: There are no absolute moral rules on anything—like the Ten Commandments. There is only an intelligent balance between competing concerns.
22: 2013-07-12: A complex and convoluted plot should not be mistaken for intelligence.
23: 2013-06-29: RT @RobbyGreer: The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us. – Bill Wat…
24: 2013-05-14: The latest Star Trek movies are action packed, but there's something missing… an alien quality the TV series' had: intelligence!
25: 2013-05-02: Searching for terrestrial intelligence. Who built these monuments and why? [pic]:
26: 2013-04-05: Warning to the aliens: Don't expect intelligence in the first human you meet. You'll have to run through quite a few.
27: 2013-03-04: Emotional intelligence: (a) accurately predicting the behavior of others, and (b) accurately predicting your own behavior.
28: 2013-02-27: RT @RandomRomanov Intelligent people don't volunteer as much.
29: 2013-02-15: Finally... an intelligent choice in shapewear.
30: 2013-02-14: MOSSAD: Unlike some OTHER intelligence agencies, we actually do get out of the office. @BadDalaiLama
31: 2013-01-31: Intelligence is separating emotions from facts.
32: 2013-01-30: @theslowcentury An interview is only as intelligent as the person doing the interviewing.
33: 2013-01-22: Intelligence is a choice. Some adults are smart and others stupid mainly because they choose to be and arrange their life that way.
34: 2012-12-09: "Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently." via @WilliamVacalid1
35: 2012-11-11: Intelligence is the Red Pill. The more of it you have, the more you see behind society's facades and the more unsettling the view becomes.
36: 2012-11-11: Intelligence can be defined as the number of moves one sees ahead—as in chess. Fools see only the next move. Masters see deep into the game.
37: 2012-11-04: She was intelligent, educated, loyal to the company. Her career path was thwarted only by her lack of shut-the-fuck-up-and-listen skills.
38: 2012-08-31: Intelligence is compassionate but firm parenting of your own emotions.
39: 2012-08-06: One can have high academic achievement and low emotional intelligence. They're not at all the same.
40: 2012-08-04: RT @WSJ: Most people believe they're more attractive, intelligent than they are - but that isn't always a bad thing.
41: 2012-07-05: The most important element in intelligence is a willingness to take control of your own life.
42: 2012-07-05: In the end, the only person you can depend on to use their intelligence is you.
43: 2012-07-03: You can't make intelligent choices until you understand how something "good" on the surface can turn out bad in the long run.
44: 2012-05-31: Self-discipline can itself be an addiction if it takes the place of intelligent thought.
45: 2012-05-20: Intelligence is a philosophy and a lifestyle choice. It is not something you are born with but something you choose to be.
46: 2012-05-16: Stupid often goes viral. Intelligence rarely does.
47: 2012-05-05: Stupidity is assuming the world exists for your benefit. Intelligence is recognizing the world's indifference.
48: 2012-05-04: Emotional intelligence usually boils down to one question: How much are you willing to pay in the long term for an emotional sensation now?
49: 2012-04-30: Intelligence isn't handed to you at birth. You earn it by making hard choices to discipline your emotions.
50: 2012-04-27: Human intelligence has little to do with computational capacity. It is more how one manages ones emotions.
51: 2012-04-25: RT @afoolswisdom: Intelligence is the art of getting unstuck.
52: 2012-04-23: Emotional intelligence mainly involves recognizing your own emotions and where they come from.
53: 2012-04-13: Intelligence is the ability to separate emotions from facts.
54: 2012-04-09: Hey, NSA! Can't you figure out that I had my film confiscated here IN ALMOST THE SAME PLACE 18 years ago?!?! So much for "intelligence"!
55: 2012-04-05: Everything has a good side and a bad side, and you need to understand both to make an intelligent choice.
56: 2011-12-03: The problem with being sexy is people automatically downgrade your intelligence because of it.
57: 2011-11-03: Intelligence is a product of nature and nurture but becomes your own responsibility as soon as you are aware of it.
58: 2011-10-23: Intelligence in humans doesn't just spring from the genome. It has to be nurtured by a ridiculously long childhood.
59: 2011-10-06: ...humans have been enslaved to computer intelligence, it will be found, in the heart of the universal memory core...
60: 2011-08-10: An advanced degree does not prove you are intelligent or wise, only that you have a high tolerance for schooling.
61: 2011-08-10: Education can teach technical procedures and standardized bodies of knowledge. It cannot teach creativity, intelligence or wisdom.
62: 2011-08-10: Creativity and intelligence are the product of choices you make not courses you take.
63: 2011-07-08: Race is no longer a barrier to human breeding, but intelligence still is. We are still conscious of "marrying below ones station" in skills.
64: 2011-07-01: RT @ReverendReve: @BadDalaiLama and what to do if one isnt strong or intelligent enough to fight/figure out the 'deamons'?
65: 2011-07-01: .@ReverendReve "and what to do if one isn't strong or intelligent enough to fight/figure out the 'demons'?" <== Drugs of course! :)
66: 2011-06-16: A test of emotional intelligence is whether you can manage a room thermostat—not turning it to the extreme setting when you're cold or hot.
67: 2011-04-22: Americans find it hard to understand: speaking many languages does not imply intelligence or wisdom. There plenty of idiot polyglots!
68: 2011-04-17: That a computer can win Jeopardy suggests that Jeopardy represents a dumb kind of intelligence any automaton can master.
69: 2011-04-07: Pretty faces are common. Faces animated by intelligence are quite rare.
70: 2011-03-20: Life has no meaning, but it has purpose: to solve the problems in front of you with the most foresight and intelligence possible.
71: 2011-03-18: RT @msmugler: Uh oh. Im fucked! RT @BadDalaiLama Intelligence can usually be measured inversely to the relative density of "fuck" in one ...
72: 2011-03-18: Intelligence can usually be measured inversely to the relative density of "fuck" in ones natural speech.
73: 2011-03-08: The natural behavior of intelligence is to pack more and more information into an ever-smaller package.
74: 2011-03-08: @lolahayes "Nature favors mechanisms that advance higher intelligence quickly." <== intelligence is doomed! Nature favors those who BREED'
75: 2011-03-03: RT @GreatestQuotes: "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to chang ...
76: 2011-03-02: Intelligence is taking control of your own information stream.
77: 2011-02-28: The root of intelligence is a conscious decision to be intelligent. It's a self-fulfilling prophesy!
78: 2011-02-04: RT @lolahayes: I love you for your artificial intelligence and your sincerity simulator
79: 2011-01-17: Cyborgs may take over the world, but that's not machine intelligence, only a human brain with more peripherals.
80: 2011-01-17: Just because we can fit ever more circuits on the head of pin doesn't mean we are any closer to machine consciousness or true intelligence.
81: 2010-12-18: "Emotional intelligence peaks in our 60s." <== Does that mean we become more childish in our 70s and 80s?
82: 2010-12-17: Statistically, income rises with intelligence, but only up to a point, then it starts falling. Why would that be?
83: 2010-12-16: Hard work and perseverance have their virtues, but intelligence and wise decision making are more valuable.
84: 2010-12-14: "Intelligent people live longer—the correlation is as strong as that between smoking and premature death." Sci American
85: 2010-11-24: The first step toward intelligence is when you're afraid of something, you turn toward it instead of away.
86: 2010-11-18: The current trend of human evolution favors those of low intelligence and poor impulse control who procreate irresponsibly.
87: 2010-11-11: Intelligence is not a quality of the brain but a personal decision to follow reason over convenience.
88: 2010-11-03: Intelligence begins with skepticism—the willingness to question the assumptions you were born into.
89: 2010-10-18: Intelligence is a test of how well you can separate logic from emotion in the decisions that matter most.
90: 2010-09-25: Intelligence is not a talent but a choice.
91: KilroyCafe: 2010-11-11: RT @BadDalaiLama: Intelligence is not a quality of the brain but a personal decision to follow reason over convenience.
92: KilroyCafe: 2010-10-31: If brain size bears no relation to intelligence, then why did evolution favor man with a bigger brain than his predecessors?
93: KilroyCafe: 2010-06-19: Intelligent life anywhere in the universe will face similar conflicts: individual vs society, defending one's ego, dealing with death.
94: KilroyCafe: 2010-05-29: New video: "Searching for Intelligent Life at Vasquez Rocks" - Star Trek parody filmed yesterday.
95: KilroyCafe: 2010-03-13: Intelligence is not a talent but a choice.
96: KilroyCafe: 2010-01-31: There's a lot you can tell about a person online: their intelligence, their degree of narcissism, their respect for boundaries, their humor.
97: KilroyCafe: 2009-10-23: Intelligence is a test of how well you can separate logic from emotion in the decisions that matter most.
98: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-08: Intelligence or stupidity is almost always a matter of controlling or not controlling your emotions.
99: KilroyCafe: 2009-08-08: Intelligence is not a talent but a choice.
100: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-11: The hallmark of intelligence is curiosity.
101: KilroyCafe: 2009-06-03: Intelligence is not a gift but a choice.
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